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Author Topic: Port Augusta Mayor's outburst 'incites reds'

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Port Augusta Mayor's outburst 'incites reds'
« on: 04 April 2011 at 23:01 »
Port Augusta Mayor's outburst 'incites violence'

Political Reporter Daniel Wills From:The Advertiser April 05, 2011

ABORIGINAL Affairs Minister Grace Portolesi says Port Augusta Mayor Joy Baluch will incite violence by pledging to release dogs on Aborigines.

The Advertiser yesterday reported Ms Baluch's vow to "arrange merry hell" and direct police and dogs to clear groups from Port Augusta public spaces if they migrated from the Northern Territory to Port Augusta. [These are the type of wild muds that openly defecate in the streets ~ Cailen.]

Ms Portolesi said the State Government was preparing to use transitional housing as a contingency should groups fleeing the NT arrive in South Australia.

Ms Portolesi said Ms Baluch's comments set all their work back.

"Apart from the fact the comments are deeply offensive, they're deeply unhelpful," she said yesterday.

"When you have a mayor saying: `We're going to set the dogs on you', what kind of reputation does that give our state? A very bad one."

A transitional accommodation centre in Port Augusta was readied to accept residents should there be demand, she said.

"If people decided to come to SA, which they're perfectly entitled to do because this isn't South Africa [that's because they are not entitled to chop up White farmers with their machetes and seize the land here yet ~ Cailen], there is a transitional accommodation centre there," Ms Portolesi said.

"We're talking about a situation which hasn't even occurred yet. We have a response ready to go."

Original Story:
Most of the comments for Adelaide are positive.

Joy Baluch of Port Augusta Posted at 2:50 PM April 04, 2011

Reply to Neil Gillsepie....You know full well from our long standing working relationship that the comment was as usual taken out of context to sell papers.

Neil E Gillespie of Adelaide Posted at 12:27 PM April 04, 2011

It is disappointing that a community leader such as the Mayor of Port Augusta would make such inflammatory and inappropriate comments. Ms Baluch making such public comments only reinforces the worsening international reputation of Australia. Ms Baluch should be discussing her concerns with the State and Territory Govts instead of pursuing attention. Her approach is clearly contrary to our international obligations as provided by various international declarations and covenants. This is what is wrong with Australia; ill-advised community leaders making rash and inappropriate comment.
Most of the comments for Brisbane are negative, but there are still a few positive comments sneaking through.

Paul of Brisbane Posted at 8:59 AM Today

Fair enough.... they're vagrants. I guarantee the people harping on about human rights, racism and other rubbish would not want these freeloaders camping on their nature strip.

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Re: Port Augusta Mayor's outburst 'incites reds'
« Reply #1 on: 05 April 2011 at 14:36 »
there was a recent programme on the ABC-tv abt Alice Springs.....they reckon boongs literally run AMOK in the fkn streets there and the cops stand around like tits on a Mallee bull....totally bloody use-less...or too scared of being accused of "racism" to do EFF all!

"the Alice" might just die off....because it relies wholly & solely on the tourist trade to the nearby Ayer's Rock (i'm not gunna give creedence to the new boong "name" for it!)...and the antics of these Abbos are scaring off the Japs.....the main "tourist trade"!

but....i gotta better idea than "attack dogs"......well....a supplement, really.....

OK......issue all the Aussies with trained, killer attack dogs (Dobermann/Alsation X-s are the best) and one Mossberg 12g pump-action shottie and a coupla hundred rounds of 3"-mgnm "double-ought" buck-shot (and, say, fifty 12g "solid slugs")....then....let the cops all "take a holiday" for a month or six weeks.....when they come back....problem solved! fact: disposed of!


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Abbo kills his drinking buddy over a goon bag or Port.

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