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Questions From a Student - Also Suitable for Reporters

1. As a leader of the Church of Creativity, what is your role amongst the community? (What services/ roles do you offer to your members?)

                        Our Church offers guidance and community in an increasingly anti-White society. Many of our people have been victims of non-White racist violence and can be severely traumatised. Often they become further traumatised as they appeal to the authorities and community in general and are rebuffed as “Racists” and “White Supremacists” for merely telling the truth. We offer guidance and hope in a society that no longer deems it fit for White people to survive in the face of multiculturalism.

                         My role in that as a Minister of Creativity and as Pontifex Maximus varies from personal guidance and local community activities to  global coordination of the Church.

2. Can you please inform me as to what doctrine system you follow (such as the Bible) and if there are any rituals/ symbolism implemented to support it?

            The Church of Creativity does not follow any of the Abrahamic nor any of the Pagan religions. We believe in neither spooks in the sky nor underground, faeries nor tree and water spooks. We Creators follow the Creed of the White Man’s Bible. The first book of the White Man’s Bible is Nature’s Eternal Religion, which describes the religion of Creativity as:

 ·  Dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.

 ·  Based on the Laws of Nature, on the Experience of History, on Logic and Common Sense.

 ·  Our Four Dimensional Program: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

 ·  Our Goal: Building a Whiter and Brighter World.

                         Creativity is similar to most religious and cultural groups in that it has several basic ceremonies related to life, such as recognition of birth, coming of age as a young adult, marriage and death. All ceremonies listed can be found in their entirety in the Little White Book, which can be found on our main website at

Our Church emblem is referred to variously as:
Signum Album: The White Emblem (literally, the White Sign)
Victoria Signum: The Symbol of Victory (literally, the Sign of Victory)
Divinum Signum Victorie: The Divine Symbol of Victory
The Emblem of our Church - The "W" in our insignia stands for the noble White Race. The crown represents our unconditional right to supremacy in Nature's realm. The halo signifies purity of blood, and that we jealously regard our blood lines as the sacred value on the face of the earth.

Creators learn and regularly recite the Five Fundamental Beliefs of Creativity:

I.  WE BELIEVE that our Race is our Religion.
II. WE BELIEVE that the White Race is Nature's Finest.
III. WE BELIEVE that racial loyalty is the greatest of all honors, and racial treason is the worst of all crimes.
IV. WE BELIEVE that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.
V. WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion - Creativity - is the only salvation for the White Race.

                         The Five Fundamental Beliefs are basically the essence of the Sixteen Commandments of Creativity, and are followed up by the Essence of a Creator and What a Creator is Not, all of which can also be found in the Little White Book.

3. What are the main beliefs/ values and mission(s) of the Church of Creativity?

See question 2.

4. Are there any rules/regulations in place for your congregation? For example, no alcohol or sex before marriage or any guidelines for specific genders?

                         Apart from a general rule of no sexual deviants, it is accepted that sex is meant to be pleasurable. Although there are no guidelines for specific genders within Creativity, Creators believe in the sanctity of the family unit and so are expected to do their utmost within the limits of the family unit to populate this planet for the further advancement of the White Race. Creators do not discriminate between the genders.

                         Regarding alcohol and tobacco, Creativity generally frowns upon both, as we do advocate a salubrious lifestyle of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

5. How can people join the Church of Creativity? Are there any requirements of individuals wishing to join?

                         Any White person of European origin can join the Church of Creativity, provided that they are heterosexual and not reliant on mind-bending drugs – legal or otherwise. Persons of mixed racial heritage, white skinned Jews and Arabs, and albino Africans or Indigenous Australians are not permitted.

                         Joining the Church is as simple as sending a request to your local Church Representative. There is a mandatory period of six months where all applicants are considered to be Prospective Church Members. We do this to ensure that we do not recruit into our Church anyone that is intellectually or socially undesirable. We also expect our Church Members to be activists in the fight for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Anyone that chooses to not partake in Church activities should become an Official Supporter, rather than a Church Member; but in the end, Creativity is a religion and it is up to the individual how much effort they put into it.

6. What is your personal opinion on the White Race in relation to religion/religious transcendence?

                         Religious transcendence presumably to converse with purely spiritual beings on a higher plain is a load of cod’s wallop! The White Race has been held back and dumbed down because of such primitive beliefs in the name of Jewish tribal idols. We Creators believe in the Here and Now! And yet, although Creativity has been accused of being totally materialistic, we Creators are spiritual people. The problem is that Christians and Pagans are unable to define what it means to be spiritual other than to have faith in the intangible and unobtainable. The faith of the Creed of Creativity is entirely tangible and obtainable, and has been defined in easy to understand terms at the following address:

7. Is your Church in any way associated with 'White supremacy'? If so, where did these beliefs originate (i.e. scripture, social influence, political movements)

                         The question that needs to be asked, what is White Supremacy? Or, What is a White Supremacist? The definition is two-fold in that genuine White Racial Loyalists are genuine Separatists who do not wish to live with nor dominate the lesser races. Creativity stands opposed to slavery and Creators do not advocate the extermination of other races. What Creativity and most genuine White Racial Loyalists demand for ourselves is exactly the same set of demands as Jews and Muslims, Africans and Indigenous Australians, et al demand for themselves. And yet, the double standards of society mean that any White person making even the slightest of demands for their rights to be recognised is able to be publicly declared to be a White Supremacist. And once declared a White Supremacist, it is open season on that person’s job, home, family and life. In Australian society, a declared White Supremacist murdered in his or her bed by an aggrieved Indigenous Australian is considered to be a just cause. Any ordinary White person defending their life or that of their loved ones from a murdering, racist Indigenous Australian can be deemed a White Supremacist – to merely call an Indigenous Australian a Racist or a Black Supremacist is the racist act of a White Supremacist. If I were to accuse a Jewish person of being a representative of a genocidal people murdering their racial enemies in the cradle, claiming to be the Chosen People of their tribal god they force the majority of the world to worship, and attempting to lord it over the entire world with a Jewish cabal of Jewish Supremacists, I risk five years prison under Australian hate-crime laws (that happened in WA – although not to a Creator). The reason? There is no such thing as a Jewish Supremacist; to say so is anti-Semitic. Society tells us that only White People can be Racist, hence there are no Black Supremacists, Jewish Supremacists, Muslim Supremacists or Asian Supremacists. Therefore, any White person that says “No” to a non-White is by the definition of modern Australian society, a White Supremacist.

                         Creators deny being White Supremacists, but we are the first to say “No” to any non-White that comes begging.

8. What is your/ the Church's view on extremist White supremacist/ racist groups such as Blood & Honour and the Reclaim Australia movement?

                         Blood & Honour is a social club for skinheads. Their goals, their hobbies and their activities are all music oriented. Their music is entertaining from my perspective, but it is no more racist than that of the average anti-White Hip Hop that pervades Australia’s airwaves. Depending on the people, Creators are typically friendly with Blood & Honour and other similar groups.

                         As for the Reclaim Australia movement, their leadership is made up of people that have embraced multiculturalism. Their wives, husbands and children are non-White. They are almost totally Christian, practically worship Indigenous Australians as sacred to this land, and they idolise Israel. They above all believe in equality between the races and a fair go for all. We Creators do not believe in equality. Creativity stands against multiculturalism and miscegenation. We do not approve of mind-bending Christianity. And if we had our way all Jews would be shipped back to the Middle East along with their Semitic brethren, the Muslims. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians and so forth – Europe, America and Australia for the White Race. The only others that have any moral right to remain are those that are indigenous to America and Australia – and they should not be the problem they are today. The Reclaim Australia movement stands opposed to just about everything that the Church of Creativity stands for; but what we can both agree on is the moral and social decline that has come about due to an acceptance of Muslim and other third world (read by Creators as non-White) aliens within our midst preying on the gullibility of White Australians to advance their own primitive beliefs, their own racial agendas, their own cultural supremacy over (White) Australia.

9. Do you have any additional statements you wish to provide?

                         Read the Little White Book and any further questions you may have about Creativity will be answered for you.


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