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2021-03-30 “The Church of the Creator” Ben Klassen and Matthew Hale


Admin Note: We Creators are not trying to "ignite a racial holy war." On the contrary, We Believe ... We Expect ... We Know that a Bloody Racial War is coming. A war where the Colour of Your Skin is Your Uniform! We Whites will not start it - We did not start it. In fact, the Racial Holy War is already upon us, but as a form of Cold War combined with Anti-White Lawfare.

Prepare yourselves, because a global Bloody Racial War is coming - and with CREATIVITY at the forefront, the White Race shall Triumph over the inferior Mud Races, and we will win this Racial Holy War. RaHoWa!

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Part 1 After a short but controversial run in politics, Ben Klassen founded the Church of the Creator in 1973. The avowed white supremacist used this new venture to spout racist rhetoric, foster hate amongst his followers, and attempt what he never could in office: igniting a racial holy war.

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Part 2 When Ben Klassen died by suicide in 1993, Matthew Hale picked up his mantle as leader of the sputtering Church of the Creator. Hale was a young college student from Illinois, whose own plans to enact a racial holy war erupted in violence in 1999.

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Matt Hale lost us our name, CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. The official CHURCH OF CREATIVITY stance is that Hale did this deliberately, in order to turn CREATIVITY into yet another Big Tent Nazi Movement. Hale also had a history of attempting to have CREATORS murdered - by his FBI Rat.

Hale was convicted as a terrorist under retroactive laws that did not exist when he was arrested. He was sentenced to 40 years as a Domestic Terrorist on the "Hearsay" of the Rat. A wrongful sentence for many reasons; such as a Jew arranging for actual shots fired through a judge's window in a murder attempt only received five years. Still, Hale's actions are an eternal shame for the psychopath that claims to own CREATIVITY.

However, the CHURCH moved on ....

Be aware, that if you are a member of the CREATIVITY ALLIANCE, then Matt Hale hates you. If you are dumb enough to write to him, he will attempt to con you. The end result of one of Matt's successful cons is usually a few broken bones for his cons/his marks, care of our oh-so-studious WHITE RANGERS. FYI That's ANY CREATOR prepared knock heads when needed.

Where Matt Hale is involved - Where Matt Hale is allowed to talk, people are manipulated and murdered. Many CREATORS blame Matt for Brother Ben Smith's actions; and so do I.

What Brother Ben did was, and remains a tragedy for all. Your life was wasted for one man's ego.

Still, one cannot deny the man his bravery. Forget Matt; HAIL BEN AUGUST SMITH!



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