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Author Topic: 2019-02-21 Illinois: Hate Groups Operating in Naperville

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Here Are The Hate Groups Operating In Naperville

The number of hate groups has skyrocketed in the last four years. See the groups operating in Naperville.

Lisa Marie Farver | Patch - Naperville, Illinois | 21 February 2019

Excerpt: NAPERVILLE, IL — A new interactive map shows there is one hate group operating in Naperville. The Southern Poverty Law Center released its new map this week. The updated version allows users to see more details, including which states have the most hate groups per capita and how the number of hate groups has changed over time at the state and national level.

The group identified 1,020 active hate groups operating in the country last year, a record high and a 30 percent increase over the last four years. Moreover, an estimated 40 people were killed in North America in radical right terrorist attacks last year and there were more than 1,200 incidents of hate groups passing out flyers.

Here are the 31 hate groups operating out of Illinois:

At Number 9 on the List is The Creativity Alliance, statewide

Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelligence Project, which publishes the award-winning Intelligence Report and the Hatewatch blog, said in a release it's become "critically important" that people understand what she called "the landscape of hate." The number of these groups is surging in the era of President Donald Trump, who has faced fierce criticism for his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

"We hope the new, interactive map helps people recognize and better understand the extremist activity occurring in their communities and how it's part of a larger movement," said Beirich.

The map allows users to filter by ideologies tracked by the organization. Some of the categories include anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-muslim, holocaust denial, Ku Klux Klan, male supremacy, Neo-Nazi, racist skinhead and white nationalist.
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