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2008-09-15 Australia: Zoo Magazine - Ten Deadliest Cults



--- Quote from: Zoo Weekly ---Page 47, Zoo Weekly. Sep 15, 2008
 This American cult officially preaches non-violence, yet its white supremacist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay teachings have inspired some of its members to commit murder. In 1992, a minister in the TCM COTC was slapped with a life sentence after killing a black man in Florida. then in 1999, a senior TCM WORLD COTC member went on a shooting spree in the US Midwest, killing a black man and a Korean woman and wounding nine Jews.

 In 2005 2003, Matt Hale, the head of the TCM WCOTC, was jailed for 40 years for conspiracy to murder a judge who'd ruled against the cult two years earlier in a trademark infringement case. Hale is also believed to be involved in the murder of the judge's husband and mother in the same year. WCOTC is [NOT] an illegal organisation under US law, but that hasn't stopped the cult's numbers from doubling in the last two years.

Body count: Five

[Banner pasted over a photograph of PM Hale sitting at his desk] 200 NEW MEMBERS IN AUGUST!
[Text with main photo] Matt Hale was sentenced to 40 years in jail after trying to hire a police informer to kill a judge. Here, he sits in his office in 1999
--- End quote ---

I will be writing to the editors of this magazine aswell as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission about this matter.

If you wish to contact the magazine or its publishers, you may do so at the following:
Phone: (If you are in Australia) 0404 22 44 33
Phone: (If you are overseas) 61 404 22 44 33

ACP Magazines Ltd
54 Park Street
NSW, 2000

I've seen a variation of this article a hundred times at least. It goes to show how worthless most of these journalists are. Sales must have been down so grab something from the racist file!

I've read books about Creativity that weren't exactly favorable to us but at least the authors would attempt to get SOME facts together.

Regardless, the number of our bad apples over the past four decades is tiny compared to the bad apples of other religions in the same period. Some of these have been around a thousand years and they still haven't improved the lot of their followers.

We may just beginning but we have improved more lives per capita than any other religion. We must be doing something right, but the press will never show our good points - it would be too long for these lazy journalists to write!

Its F@cking ridiculous to pick on Creativity. How many people have the Jews killed with their conspiratorial wars? How many Palestinians do jews kill?  How many Iraqis were killed by sanctions? about a million, How many were killed during the occupation.. about another million. How many are going to get cancer from the depleted Uranium weapons they used? Creativity in comparison to Judeo/Christian-democracy is a paradisical Religion of Peace.

I had a look at their site, it is full of Jewish Brainwashing Trash.  ::)


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