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2006-01-31 Australia: White Supremacists Online in Adelaide


Note: The Creativity Alliance was formerly known as the White Crusaders of the RaHoWa

White supremacists online in Adelaide
January 31, 2006

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A white supremacist group, which targets Jews, African Americans and other minority groups as inferior, has based part of its activities in Adelaide.

The US established White Crusaders of the RaHoWa (racial holy war) have set up a local website which lists a contact address as a suburban Adelaide post office box and an Australian business number.

The website has been described as disgusting by South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson who has referred it to local police in a bid to have it shut down.

He says he will also raise his concerns with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and will write to the company hosting the site in a bid to have the content removed.

"I am disgusted by the blatant white supremacist comments on this website and will act swiftly to seek their removal," Mr Atkinson said.

"Our state has long embraced people from all nations and acts like this that seek to divide our society should not be tolerated."

According to the website, the White Crusaders base their philosophies on the writings of Ben Klassen who is described as the founder of the religion of creativity.

On its website the group declares the white race nature's finest.

It also calls on people to "remember that the inferior coloured races are our deadly enemies".

"And the most dangerous of all is the Jewish race," one of the group's commandments says.

"It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the White Race, and keep shrinking our enemies."

Supporters of the White Crusaders are urged to show preferential treatment to whites in business dealings and phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible.

"Do not employ niggers or other coloureds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family," the group says.

The website also has come to the attention of Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison who has asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate if any federal laws have been breached.



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