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British Parliament debates Brexit (with Monty Python)

Marina Yordanova 6 days ago
This is english humour we Germans understand very well...besides the ministry of sillywalks and as long as you don't mention the war, folks!

I searched for some pictures to match some stolen text from a random comment I read on the Breitbart ...

The Golliwog's Fox Hunt

This reminds me of a story that went round a few years ago about a man named Derek Laud who became Britain's first black Master of Foxhounds (i.e. the leader of a hunting group).

In this role one day he was challenged by a hunt saboteur, a left-wing middle-class university student type, whose mind was completely blown by seeing a black man riding a horse in the full traditional fox-hunting costume. "Don't you realize that three hundred years ago most of these other wealthy aristocratic fox-murderers around you would probably have enslaved your ancestors?"

"So what?" Laud answered. "Three hundred years ago my ancestors would probably have eaten your ancestors..."

Click for More Golliwog Fox Hunt Pictures


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