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Here is one chapter quoted from it and the link below to the entire PDF and The Colchester Collection:


--- Quote from: The Colchester Collection ---'GET': THE MAMMONIST MOTIVATION

Today's society is based upon money and its acquisition-money being a representation of human energy and being that which enables one to preserve his life in physical form without which he is cast into the pits to be replaced by those more useful to the J.O.G (jewish occupation government). Thus the main purpose of life is to pursue the almighty dollar to live in a mode of acquisitiveness, of 'get'.

One lives in the means and forsakes the end and in fact has no end save a low minded hedonism which is the fruit of his acquisitiveness and consummates so to speak his venture of acquisitiveness. In a circular hamster wheel rolling around from nine to five involved in a life of work slavery without end, all in the name of 'get'. Of course the white population has no choice but to work as they are the motor of the economy and are shackled to the J.O.G system as the white hamster running in the wheel of the 'demonic economy'. The jew is the driver of the J.O.G machine and uses it to demolish and destroy all of the natural beauty of the world-all ecosystems, all culture and civilization and it is the motor who receives the blame, while the jew hides beind the bullet proof shield of the machine and exposes the white man to the hostility of the savage hordes who lounge about on welfare and create their own problems as they are incompatible with civilized society.

All wish to 'get' and it is the white man who according to the logic of the J.O.G system, must give-allow himself to be bled white (pun intended) by the savage hordes and vampiric demons the jews. The white man is entitled to get his basic needs-but only if he throws himself into the machine as a slave in contradistinction to he non-white (the greedy unproductive dark races and the parasitical jew) who receive guarantees of free benefits for ever from the J.O.G in exchange for his leeching the blood from the white man and creating a perpetual low level criminality that justifies the jew in building their police state which serves to continue to perpetuate the enslavement of the white male at the point of a gun.

The white man of the upper class is entitled to 'get' to the extent the jew may use them and be able to control them as their donkey pulling the cart, their shabbos goyim (stupid animal) that they lounge around in and bask in the silken cushions while the mule strains against their bulk. Thus all are entitled, nay 'obligated' to 'get' in the J.O.G system, only what they get is both qualitatively and quantitatively distinct: the darks receiving the bare minimum to keep them from rioting and this matched to demands well beyond their basic needs yet sufficiently below that of the affluent to serve to entice them to threaten violence if more of their insatiable demands aren't met-which are artificially instigated and even created by the jew as mechanism of accelerationism, of speeding up their inevitable conflagration and systemic collapse along with the incitement of race riots for failure of the system to meet the impossible demands.

The jew fo course employing his typical legerdemain in the establishment of false charities and government programs (aka. non-white entitlement programs) siphons off the lion's share for himself in the form of exorbitant government salaries and administrative fees and taxes. The white man is portrayed as the greedy capitalist consumer mammon worshipper in the jew media and scapegoated before all, thrown as a christian to the lions to be rent apart by the savage hordes while the jew collects the loot he expropriated in the form of taxation and myriad other forms of theft in the form of tangible, moveable property and ships it towards his next destination as the riotous hordes close in on whitey.
Money is the universal value form, the universal lubricant which enables the gears of J.O.G to intermesh with apparanet seamlessness. It is that towards which, by virtue of its necessity, the thoughts of all trend and which becomes the receptacle-as did the archetype of jesus under the regime fo jewish created christianity-of the thought energy of the broad masses, thereby engineering a modification of the aeon initiated a new aeon governed by money and reduced to a states of materialism where everything becomes a commodity with a correlative price value in a system of exchange based relations which determine the elements (people; places; things) of that system in a 'consumer society' (as Baudrillard wrote of in his book of the same name).

Money becomes the abstract representation of that which is fought over by rival dogs ina society of liberal democratic possessive individualism which necessitates a fever pitch of competition for its acquisition-a dog eat dog world. The character of the jew is the character of the populace: a grasping materialist whose greed knows no bounds and whose every thought centers around profits as an in-itself and perhaps a welter of images and sensations of consumer products and thrills and amusements.

Such constitutes the fabric of the mass mind, a patchwork technicolor dream cloak of consumeristic sensa all held together in a vortex around the individual as an angel in a whirlwind of goods and services. Mammon becomes god and the goyim become the devotees of his cult paying homage via consumerism. The image of the x-mass tree serves to encapsulate the cult of mammon-a cornucopia of gifts sparkling with delightsome mystery surrounding a totem of materialism representative of gaia's bounty: "Behold the glory of Gaia o' goyim-partake and sell your souls to me the jewish merchant, that I may further enrich myself with your vital money energy".

Thus begins the downgoing of the mammon worshipper who has forsaken his higher self for his lower self living to thrill himself and puff up his ego as a consumer of material value which he envisions is magically transferred to himself as its possessor or consumer wastrel-pacman figure who races around in the maze of J.O.G and gobbles up and excretes products.

The standards at least within the last few decades have oriented around qualitative and quantitative determinations of value latent within consumables as tangible signifiers of status (status objects) and the more one possesses or redistributes to the have nots of that which is of greatest quailtitative value the more valuable he is in terms of degrees of value, ie. social status, reputation (philanthropist; an altruistic humanitarian, etc.).

Thus money determines worth even in the case (and perhaps especially in the case) of those who portray themselves as selfless altruists: the more the merrier, the more one has the better he is especially in terms of the psychopathology of liberal and christian sin expiation and self-abasement which serves the libidinal economy of white egalitarian psychopathy (eg. a pleasure derived from self- abasement and self hate and the correlative sin expiation dopamine spikes through egocentric self- reflexivity, eg. Kurt Cobain: "I miss the comfort of being sad"; the bdsm, self-flagellation that the crypto-jew Kevin Macdonald affirms to be inherent in white genes but which largely derives itself from christian psychopathology and the innate sense of justice possessed by white people).

John Rawl's in his incarnation of theoretical mental illness called "A Theory of Justice" affirms implicitly that those who have the most must give the most, a purely materialistic, quantitative determination notion of 'justice' being based on an impossible and perverse attempt to equalize the unequal.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Br.Art on 30 December 2021 at 05:23 ---the bdsm, self-flagellation that the crypto-jew Kevin Macdonald affirms to be inherent in white genes but which largely derives itself from christian psychopathology and the innate sense of justice possessed by white people).
--- End quote ---

That fella uses the name JOG like we CREATORS, but he insults Kevin "Macdonald"? I haven't read enough - more than a single chapter on whether to judge the writer, but I have read Kevin MacDonald.

Refer to the source for argument - not me.

. . . .
Let's get this straight: I am sick of dealing with everyone calling themselves Loki. Loki means TRIKSTER in Norse and today with comics and such. It's like a White Racial Loyalist making use of the term, Satan - which is Hebrew for Opponent (close enough - don't argue). So Satanists are the Opposition to everything White? Lokists want to Oppose everything White?

You freaks want to play Devil? I don't have the time to play Devil's Advocate. The White Race needs Stand Up White Men now - not boys and their Jewish Marvel Comic inspired fantasies. Fuckthelotofyou!

I live in the real world. Creators Rule! RaHoWa!

23 Words
Get with Creativity, or Get Bent!


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 30 December 2021 at 14:30 ---Creators Rule! RaHoWa!

23 Words
Get with Creativity, or Get Bent!
--- End quote ---


I read many things and can find a little insight in most of them. The internet appears to me on one hand to be a slew of trash talk and lies, on the other it has also provided me with access to literature and information that I would have never otherwise been exposed to, it led me to Ben Klassen's books and the Creativity Alliance, for that I'm grateful.
For me it's been a challenge to find anyone to talk with in the REAL world about the survival of our race, I sometimes find myself sucked into this glowing computer screen while I could be out there attempting to connect with fellow whites.
I had a few close friends and they wrote me off when I became Loyal to my Race, My family is pretty well fed up with my talk about the survival of our race and the deadly parasitic enemies. I have practically given my life to Creativity, my mind and heart are dedicated to the survival of our race, I can hardly think about anything else.
I'm more certain of my purpose than I've ever been, in fact I don't know if I ever had one before I became racially aware, confusion and mental clutter were swept away and replaced with blazing fury for the enemy and a longing to create a future for the coming generations.
I've got a bad habit of posting whatever i'm currently viewing or reading onto the forum, i'll be more careful from now on.  I think I know the nature of the enemy and it's pets quite thoroughly, they're latest swindle, chimp out, politrick so on and so forth is beginning to seem like a complete waste of my mental capacity. I cannot be Creative and pre Occupied at the same time. Back to the drawing board.
Br. Art

The author of this text is currently behind bars for distributing anti-parasitic anti-jew literature in Canada. He had the courage to act on his belief and shine light on the parasite.  I don't care what he calls himself as long as he's exposing the blood sucker that is burrowed into the skin of our racial body. 

Marvel jew-comics hi jacked and twisted Northern Folklore in the same fashion the jew hi jacked and twisted the story of Adolf Hitler.  I don't understand the modern translation of our Northern Ancestry and Oral tradition, this does not take away the fact that it was created by our people for our people. Ben Klassen may have not agreed or believed in Northern Folklore, he did honor and respect those who study and practice Northern traditions, it is written in his letters.
Br. Art


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