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Hi from Australia - And an Apology


I am an ex-member of TCM. As many people on here are I believe. My reason for leaving is about the same as everybody elses: PATRICK. ::) Some of you probably know me as Smitty. Patrick is a complete liar and fed them to me for the past year and a half. Unfortunately I ate them up and said some things which I now know that Patty made up.

To anyone who I may of offended in the past I would like to apologize. It will not happen again. I would like to thank Rev. Sinn and Pontifex Cambeul for pointing me in the right direction.

Anyway, Hi to all Creators. I hope to prosper here! :)

RAHOWA! Smitty,

Welcome to Creator Forum. You were in the same boat of mistakes that many of us were once in, including myself. Ratprick O'Sullivan is just part of the learning process. That you chose to remain with Creativity instead of continuing to believe the bullshit about other Creators while learning to hate O'Sullivan shows independent thought rather than another follower of the mob of fools.


Welcome Smitty.

Welcome aboard, Smitty.  Enjoy your stay here.

I've found this board to be a lot more easy-going than TCM, as it were.


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