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From Adam Hansen: The Long Deserved Apology

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Cailen Cambeul
This is a long overdue apology ,  I realize you can never forgive me and don't expect such .  You had tried to warn me about certain people of whom I chose to believe over you .  I have paid the price for it and realize that you Cailen are the true believer and the honest Creator .  I have been burned and damn near beaten by certain folks you warned me about . But I was consumed with power over true dedication to Ben Klassen's religion .  You were right , I betrayed you and for that I am most sorry .  I hope one day you can forgive me .  What I had done was wrong .  You can use this message in anyway you see fit ,  even if it is to crusify me and show your rightiousness as a true deciple of Klassen .  I know you can never trust me or accept me into your alliance ,  that is not my goal .  But to give you the apology you have so long deserved . 
Adam Hansen AKA James Halen

I have learned over the years. What you did is something that I traditionally could deal with myself, but too many Creators know you. If they do not make an effort to argue or decide, then I will regard you as another Brother ... albeit one that I need to see proof of RACIAL LOYALTY.

Well the road to redemption is not filled with any guarantees .  Loyalty is determined by actions not words .  One's actions are determine by their entire circle of life , not just the one displayed .  So it is not an over night thing , but a long endeavor .  We will both be observers in my road to redemption .  As all quests ,  nothing comes easy ,  if it did the fruits of our work would be sour .

I would be interested to know more about what happened here. I believe one of the big road blocks to Expand Creativity has been peoples egos getting in the way of things. Too many people take offence over slights, tiffs, disagreements that then spiral into outright hatred. I have been tempted that way myself. I think we all have to step back at times. Ask ourselves what is best for the White Race and Creativity and ask what would Ben Klassen want us to do. We have to knuckle down and work together and do what is best for our Religion.
Too many people have been driven out of Creativity we have to ask ourselves how likely these are people driven out by CIA/FBI schemings. Melody La Rue and Guy Lombardi spring to mind.
Cailen is a good man in my judgement because he is objective, tolerant, indefatigable and level headed.

I am sending you the details via private message .  As the details dont do any good publicly . You can share them with whom ever else wants or needs to know.


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