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Resources: DNA Evidence And Population Migration


( Notes:  I was on FB and ran into some folks touting the "Atlantis" and "Annunaki" and "Aryan" stuff so I felt the urge to chime in with some info of my own. I compiled the resources and commentary into a text file for future reference. I am positing it here to help other folks who would like to use the links informing new found racial loyalists. )


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 Allow me to resource... First.. the neandertal complexity:

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 Since we know "Neanderthals" came before the African fossils that are propping up the "out of Africa" argument, and the "Blacks as the oldest original human" argument.. we will see that, whites are much much older than even "homo-sapien" fossiles.. because it is in our DNA..

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 Also, I submit this fun thing for your viewing "Original Inhabitants of North America Were Caucasian, Science Says"

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 Also, in South America, it is believed that their dark skinned "original inhabitants" came to South America from Australia. But even they will say that they did not build those Temples, and the ones that they built were built on top of ones that were previously there. So who put it there? Well, let us see a description of their gods.. who apparently built these things: "Quetzalcoatl was also portrayed as a tall man with white skin, golden hair, golden beard and blue eyes. It was the Sumerian god Ningishzidda who was portrayed as Quetzalcoatl."

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I believe that the evidence is starting to paint a picture that whites built the first civilizations and then the rest of the races came to it from the jungle.

 "As a man, Kukulkan was about 6 feet tall with long white hair, blue eyes, white skin and a white beard."

 Here is a documentary about the "first people of the Americas".. who I just mentioned already said in their major religious writings that the "gods" built the temples before they even got there... and those "gods" were whites.

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