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Another Nail in the Coffin for "Out of Africa" Theory

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White People exist because Neanderthals lived ...

It is not important which theory are right. Klassen gave answers on that in NER and it is something like yes we and niggers are brothers as homo sapiens but its does not mean that are our brother our parent. Klassen also in his Klassen letters Vol1 gave answer about who is white and in Racial loyalty magazine.

He wrote something as yes it is hard to tell what is white race but as we know where are the borders of Atlantic sea se know where are the bottom line od the White race and we can recognize it  through what put race have done in hystory whate mean that we are the best kind of homo sapiens so do not waste a time on tests like Craig Cobb because we know who are the best on nature and Creators nor go in debate about theory because we know that race exist.

 Good books about that topic are March od the titans by Artur Kempf please forget od I wrong write his name,and by William Pierce Who se are. In March od the titans stay that are all civilization builded by whites including first civilization im Summeria and Jews copy all their myts and banking and book who speak about that is Summerian swindle.

Russian scientists kill the out of africa BS


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