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Our Sites are Going Secure - HTTPS SSL


Notice the padlock on some of our sites? It means those sites or pages are now secure. But what does secure really mean? It means your personal data has another layer of protection. It's one of the basic necessities of the modern web.

I know a number of you have previously asked me to implement HTTPS security and each time I've told you that it was not possible at that particular moment ... and probably where to stick your computer illiterate paranoia too; but times have changed and we've entered the era where HTTPS security is now a basic necessity, and so we've moved with the times.

Over time the rest of the sites will be secured - that's time consuming but no real problem. The only problem I've come across so far is embedding some video and images from other sites on RL News Forum. If you want to watch videos on the forum, you'll just have to accept that some embedded videos and pictures are not secure and agree to unblock insecure content for the forum. The option is in your web browser. If you don't want to or don't know how to do that, then you'll just have to follow the insecure video links to their source and watch them there. YouTube videos are all secure and work perfectly ... after about 8 hours of fiddling.

You'll have to manually edit the YouTube and image links in your profile from HTTP to HTTPS if you want them to show up.

There's nothing I can do about other insecure websites. So in the meantime, put up with it and be satisfied that the rest is now secure.



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