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As Pontifex Maximus, I had a pair of body guards if you would like to call them that. They were friends and their orders were to take on physical problems while preventing me getting involved.

With PM Joe, it's much the same. We're hiring: Creators ONLY in Texas let Rev. Harold know.

Our Current PM is a bloke who can take care of himself. He lived amongst the myriad of gangs in NYC in the 70's, He was 81 IF you know what that means. And keep it to yourself. What you will see in pictures of Reverend Dr Joe Esposito, PM, is numerous tattoos. What you do not know is that there is a tattoo of Ben Klassen's grave on his back.

So some people don't like PM Joe being in prison?

So some people don't like PM Joe's Liaison formerly being in prison?

Those same people joined the CREATIVITY ALLIANCE while I was PM. And I was in prison.


Think about it.


Prison is never a bad thing unless you let it turn you into something bad. Brother Holbrook told me that.

Any new addresses to add to the prisoner list, let me know. No matter how we put it - Administrator, Webmaster, that bastard from Downunder that seems to run everything - I'm still the CREATOR web designer.


Racial greeting from Texas,

I am in contact with the current Pontifex Maximus on a regular basis, as I also am in contact with our Church Administrator on a regular basis. I personally have been a advocate for the White race since the late 60's and can say that I have never broke bread with a nigger or for that matter any other form of mud race people. The same goes for entering my home or watching the Jew tube (TV), I have strict policies and draw the lines deep. I have raised two White son's and have 4 White grandchildren that are all race consciousness... In my mind our  future to our survival of our race will be in the hands of our younger generation, and it needs to be every Creators task to spend time with the younger generations and teach them that "It is alright to be White and to have Strong Racial Values" Remember the Jews have destroyed civilizations with the niggers for thousands of years and they continue doing so even today... The other thing that I would like to do is to urge members of our church to set positive goals and lets grow our religion, we need members, people who understand the spook in the sky is a B/S deal a bunch of uneducated jews dreamed up to destroy the Roman Empire... It worked then, but anybody with a IQ over 47 knows it is all B/S and nothing about Christianity can be verified, where as our religion, Creativity , which follows the Laws of Nature, can be 100% verified and has factual information that can be laid right in front of your eyes... So lets everybody make a commitment and get off your tail and lets all work together and be dedicated towards developing the tremendous potential of Nature's Finest...The White Race! RaHoWa!!!

That's a beautiful job on raising a white racially conscious family Rev. Wilson. We definitely need more white people doing that. I also agree that our white people need to as much as possible to help preserve and advance our White Race. RAHOWA!


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