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We do not allow drug abusers or faggots of any kind in our Church. In fact, supporting fag marriage rights is enough reason to expel people from our Church and declare them to be Race-Traitors.

Regarding potential Skinhead Church Members vs Biker, Surfie, Mod, Metal or Wood (Woods are White Racialist Wiggers), there is a gulf of difference between Skins and the rest - especially in the history of Creativity. The fact is that Skins have tried to seize Creativity for their own on a number of occasions and expel all non-Skins. Then we had Matt Hale recruiting the leaders of the different Skinhead gangs, having them each proclaim to be Creators and that he - Hale - was their Reverend; which led to Hale declaring that those gangs now worked for him as part of his private army. The Skins involved soon woke up to the manipulation and plotting and denounced Hale and to this day - twelve years after Hale's incarceration by the JOG - their successors denounce Creativity without an inkling as to why they hate Creativity so much, other than they believe that Creativity is a threat to the survival of their gangs.

So, thanks to Hale and George Burdi's recruiting methods, we have a situation where Skinhead rejects have and still do try to take advantage of the amiability of Creativity to turn it into their own personal Skin Cult and boot the rest of us out; Meanwhile, the bulk of the rest of the Skins in the various WP gangs continue to see us as a threat and through the ideal of Skinhead unity, they are easily manipulated by Skin drama queens with personal grudges. Constant rumour-mongering is their weapon of choice. If a Skin that is a known vile stinking turd amongst his own points the finger at a Creator and spreads some of his * in the Creator's direction, the other Skinheads, being loyal to their Brother Skin, join in on the attack. Even those Skins that disagree will only whisper their dislike of the situation in a Creator's ear, while publicly, they'll go with the flow from the sewer mouth of their brother Skin. The fact is the difference between Skins and Bikers, Surfies and the rest is that Skins are typically loyal only to other Skins.

When a Skinhead joins the Church, they typically declare themselves to be a Proud Skinhead - Oi! (rarely is there any mention that they are White) ... and he does not get the welcome he wants, sulks and moves on. That and the above are the reasons we do not actively recruit Skins. As for the rest of the categories of White humanity, they are happy and honoured that they are accepted as a fellow White Racial Loyalist - a Brother or Sister of the Racial Holy War. It's not our fault that Skins expect Creativity to bend and adopt the Skinhead fad as our own; that's just the way most Skins are.

And that is why when Skins brush up against our Church, they either move on, or they bend and like all other categories, adopt Creativity as their own. Church of Creativity Members are first and foremost, CREATORS! As long as you dress reasonably, don't have stinking dreadlocks or sing along with Kill Whitey cRap, we wont don't give a damn about your current clothing and music fads.

Creativity is for life, and we know that whatever fad you follow today, you will change as you get older and Creativity takes more of a hold on your life.


Me in the mid to late 90's (age 25-29)

This year - 2015 (age 45)

This year again

O.K these are the rules, they are what they are. I have said my bit. I have a bit more of an understanding of your thoughts on this subject now and I agree.

I know what a true Creator is and I'm sick and *ing tired of NOONE willing to act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up people and see what's going on. Our world is diminishing by the second and you all just stand by idle watching playing on your computer s and phones and apps.  its already hit the fan and you don't even know.  how bout ya ask a nigger what their rent is and 9 outta 10 its section 8 and you *ing bought it for em.  its time TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother, don't ever expect anyone to stand up and join you. Do what you know needs done regardless of the inactivity - the cowardliness of others and be grateful when you gain allies for our cause.

When you have finally established yourself and are known to be a Creator that does not back down, you will be able to take that anger of yours - the same anger we all have - and use it wisely. Directed in the right way, you will cause others to wake up and through their own guilt, you will cause them to act and join us in the Racial Holy War. We do have some excellent activists with our Church, and we also have some lazy, useless bastards that are constantly outdone by the resourcefulness of our Official Supporters. Here in Creator Forum, it is better to concentrate on those you know to be activists - whether they are Church Members or Supporters - and show by your own activism that you are there in Texas, ready to support their activities no matter where they are in the world. And we in turn will do the same for you.

Brother, you are new to us and still building your spoke in the wheel of our world-wide network. Do what you know you need to do and be grateful when others recognise your strength and determination and join you, and hence join us in winning this Racial Holy War.




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