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I Formally Resign My Position as Pontifex Maximus of the Church of Creativity


Be it known: As of the end of this year's Festum Album, I, Reverend Cailen Cambeul of the Church of Creativity South Australia resign my position as Pontifex Maximus of the Creativity Alliance.

I have held the position of PM for seven years now, and before that, I did the same job without the title of PM for six years before that. And to be honest, in all likelihood, I expect I'll have to continue in the job for some time still until someone both competent and willing steps forth to take on the all-important position of the Pontifex Maximus of the Church of Creativity. Therefore, for however long it is required of me, I will continue my administrative duties at the head of the Church without fail and I accept the title of Church Administrator.

There are some of you who are in the know that have already made it clear that Church Administrator is not a worthy title for the head of the Church and that I should accept another traditional title sometimes given to leaders in our Church, such as Imperator. If that's what you want, it's fine with me; although I am perfectly happy with the simple, job description of Church Administrator - which itself is of Latin, if not imperial origin.

And again, I am perfectly happy with Reverend Cambeul - whether or not I am addressed as Pontifex Maximus Emeritus (PME) is up to you.

Authority - Church Administrator vs Pontifex Maximus

As PM, I answered to the Guardians of the Faith Committee. Every decision I made other than general administrative duties had to be justified to the GFC. A majority vote of the GFC can overturn a decision by the PM. As Church Administrator, I do not answer to the GFC. It is my task to make those unilateral decisions that benefit the Church. The PM must always put on a (figurative) smile, listen to and tolerate the most asinine advice from all sides, and always respond in a way that is positive and boosts morale, keeping a happy balance amongst Church Members come what may. It's the job of a politician. As Church Administrator I don't give a damn for playing politics. If you are incompetent or show disrespect for Church Leaders or I perceive there to be any lack of Loyalty for the Church, I will fire you from your position in the Church with barely a moment's notice, if that's what I feel is best for the Church. On the other hand, I will reward excellence when I see it; let the better man win.

If you think that is the talk of a dictator, then you are right. By ancient Roman definition, the dictator was a chief magistrate with absolute power, appointed in an emergency. As long as the Church does not have a Pontifex Maximus, it is an emergency. I will continue consider the Guardians of the Faith Committee to be ... somewhat lacking in their efforts as the Leaders of the Church. When the GFC are able to nominate a competent candidate as PM, I will gladly step down and assist with returning absolute control of the Church to the GFC and assist with the appointment of the new PM. Until I the day I retire as Church Administrator, I will retain the right to veto any and all decisions made by the GFC.

For anyone who thinks that I am being decidedly unfriendly, I remind you that I am not here to be your friend. I am here to do a job - and so are you. Anyone who does not like that should pull their thumb out of their arse and begin arrangements for the appointment of a new PM or get the hell out. Creators are doers; not whining bitches.


Do not send me any donations. For tax purposes, any money sent to me will be considered a personal gift. The cost for purchase of membership packages, flags and such ... remains unchanged. I pay for the manufacture and delivery of items and am entitled to be financially reimbursed. If you really want to make a donation, purchase something from Creativity Storefront I get one or two dollars per item sold there and it costs me $10 per month to keep it running. I would greatly appreciate your purchase/donation.

Church Recruitment

Nothing changes. Six months mandatory Church Prospective status for all newcomers. Twelve months if their personal history shows previous conflict with the Church.

That's it for now. If I have anything to add I will update this post. So I'll leave you with a warning: No matter the position or title I currently hold, from this moment forth, I will be working under the new rules. I am not Ben Klassen seeking a successor and I am not dying. It is you, the Church Member, that needs to succeed me.



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