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Got a Problem? Want to Quit the Church? Grow a Backbone and Get Over it!

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In the last three weeks, a few people have quit our Church. The reasons? They always come down to the standard two: It's either they weren't entertained enough by the truly dedicated Creators and got bored, or that they felt offended by the words or actions of another Creator. In both examples, I am almost always the protagonist and often denounced as the person that drove them to abandon Creativity. As the leader of the Church, it goes with the territory. I'm so used to it that my typical response is WGF?

So, based on my experiences, here's some advice for you potential quitters.

Life in the Church of Creativity getting you down? Refuse to post in Creator Forum because the forum is "dead" and you prefer your ten secret squirrel friends on Facebook? Bored because the antics of fellow Creators are not as exciting as you thought they would be when you joined the Church? Bored because there's not a fresh article on our website for you to read each morning with your cornflakes? Feeling lonely because life as a Creator hiding in the deepest and darkest shadows means rejecting all Contact Point requests for information as suspicious? Feeling dejected because you haven't been given that special task in the Church that only you can accomplish - that special task that you are not even sure exists but you expect Church leaders to recognise and honour you with?

Any of this ringing any bells? Then get with the programme! Post on Creator Forum; Obtain an email address and get to advertising yourself as a Contact Point; Get Active! Get out there with a fistful of flyers, stickers and cards and distribute and deposit them everywhere you go; Advertise the Church in every forum, as a comment on every news article, as a comment on every video; Use Twitter to message politicians, media personalities and live television programmes; Call into radio stations; Buy Church business cards from Creativity Storefront and fill your local library books with them. If you can do that, then good! Welcome to real life! ... But if you are incapable of doing any of that - of pulling your finger out of your lazy arse, then to be absolutely blunt about it, you are a f*ing loser! Resign from the Church, admit that you can only ever be a vague Church Supporter at best.

And for those that feel insulted in whatever way - whether by me or another Creator - and want to quit and go suck on their thumbs in tearful despair: Harden the f*k up!

How many Creators do you think have insulted me in some way or another over the years? Have I quit? Have I run away to sulk in obscurity? No, and neither should you! I don't even boot you people out of the Church when you personally insult me. Booting people out for differences of opinion and offending the PM in private was typical of the WCOTC - but in all of our twelve, near thirteen years of existence, we have not done that. If you insult me, I'll either insult you back and even give you a smack in the teeth for your troubles if I get my hands on you, or I will just cease to socialise with you. I will still maintain a working relationship with you with regards to our mutual duties as Creators, but I will not want to chat with you about your Leaky Gook Soup or whatever for this particular moment peaks your interest. Simply put, I am not your friend.

So you don't like me? You don't like other Creators? Grow a backbone! Get over it! Continue to do your sworn duties as a Creator and Save the White Race!

Creativity needs militant, dedicated activists - not do nothing hobbyists or thumb sucking children. When you sign up with the Church of Creativity, you do so as as an oath-bound militant White Racial Loyalist, so get out, get active and harden the f*k up!

Only losers quit the Church.


I don't know how others think about it, but for me are those "reasons" just excuses for laziness and personal weaknesses. It's quite simple, all or nothing! This is a big problem in modern times, and especially for the White Race, just sit around and complain, but do nothing about it. I've seen many people come and go over the years, my experiences are the same. Again and again any excuses, mother has forbidden me, i don't want trouble...etc. Are you kidding me?! Then draws you to a dress and crying in the corner. Life is not a walk in the park, so grow up. Yes, i'm not long in the church yet, i've maybe not the right to say that, you also can hate me for this, but for me they are...traitors. I'm sick of these "people". Nothing left to say...


--- Quote from: Br.Sven on 26 September 2015 at 06:16 --- i've maybe not the right to say that
--- End quote ---

You've definitely got the right to speak out, Brother Sven. I've given you a "Like" for your post.


Sad that within organizations many are quick to complain or point a finger, but won't do anything constructive.

Truly words of wisdom :)


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