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Creativity: The One and Only True Religion

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As logical men and women, Creators one and all, we do not accept belief in mysterious, magical beings living in the sky, controlling our lives, and as such we do not approve of religions based on the primitive fantasies of the delusional. Therefore, as Pontifex Maximus in this, the third era of Creativity, I believe it is my duty to declare all so-called religions based on fantasy to be null and void. Amongst other religions, this includes that tripartite scourge on our White racial brethren across this wide blue planet of ours: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Brothers and Sisters, we must remember that these so-called religions are no more than cults where the adherents congregate to play out the occultic fantasies once accepted as reality by the hunter-gatherer ancestors of peoples and cultures not even remotely related to us. We can not even speak of a supposed Christian heritage of our own, because even that was an imposition from an insidious but nevertheless repressive alien culture.

It is time to cast out all doubt and accept once and for all, that for a religion to be accepted as such, it must be based in logic and reality. A religion should define reality, rather than defy reality. And above all, a religion should be beneficial not only for those that adhere to that religion, but also for those within the community that choose to remain apart from that religion.

Brothers and Sisters, for six thousand years of history, there has been nothing to meet the necessary requirements of a valid religion, until Ben Klassen gave us Creativity. And now that we have Creativity we have what is required to put the world in order. We have the will to clean up the environment, we have the will to understand and expand our genetic seed, we have the will to conquer the stars, and we shall succeed, for not only do we have Creativity, but we are the definition of Creativity in every sense of the word.

So cast out your doubts, Brothers and Sisters, for the Age of Creativity has come to pass. Take off the blindfold of false prophets. Remove the yoke of primitive and alien cults and stride forth in the arms of your White racial brethren, and together, in the embrace of the one and only religion, Creativity, we will realise that undiscovered country, a Whiter and Brighter world.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M. Creativity Alliance.


Would like to emphasize the phrase "3rd era of Creativity".  Through the efforts of Rev. Cambeul and others, we are now a part of the third era of Creativity.  With the help of all the rest of us, we can make the Creativity Alliance outshine the eras of the Church of the Creator and also the World Church of the Creator.

Both the COTC and WCOTC have done their parts in promoting Creativity, and it is only right to thank them for their efforts.  But if we truly wish to honor them, we can only do so by helping the third era to be our finest.

Time to throw off the Bronze Age  myths and visions of epileptics  !  Rahowa !

Creativity shall be the shining becon of hope the white man in his darkest times....


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