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Church Policy: Flags of the Formerly White Nations


As Creators, we avoid insulting flag-waving self-described Patriots and Nationalists because they are our recruiting pool. It is our job to make sure they understand that not only are they deluded victims, but why they have been deluded and turned into victims. And by whom and by what.

We may not wave their flag because we stand opposed to what it represents TODAY, but we will use it IF it will gain support for our Holy Cause.

Pissing on or burning national or state flags is just needless antagonism that sets us out as the enemy. By the same token, we are not the IRA: We do not seek out the enemy of our enemy. The IRA used the Germans against the English for a time - which amounted to nothing in the long term - but after the Germans, the IRA used the Marxists. And as a result, their once White Erin Isle is now rapidly turning BLACK. If we proclaim solidarity with the enemies of our our nations merely because their form of JOG is less oppressive than our own, then we mark ourselves out as the enemy of the very people we are trying to recruit and to save. And worse still, we run the risk of influences such as the IRA and their Marxist allies, and the anti-Zionist Christinsane that claim to have allied with Islam to fight their Jewish oppressors.

We are CREATORS. We do not delve into grey areas, hedge bets and seek out foreign allies (with their own agenda) just to make apparent our opposition to the current regime. We strive to educate the innocent and the naive. We stand opposed to all alien presence in our land. We seek to Destroy and banish all alien thought and influence from society. We work hard to bring about a White World as soon as possible.

{The same goes for all Creators around the world: Whether you are in America, Australia, Western or Eastern Europe, the JOG - everywhere - is the enemy, not the people.}

We may not agree 100% with the flag-wavers of today, but those flags they wave did once represent something important for our White Racial Nations. As CREATORS we respect the Racial History of all White Nations. Therefore, we have no choice other than to respect and defend the right of the self-declared Patriots and Nationalists to wave their national, state and cultural flags. For if we don't respect and defend the rights of Patriots and Nationalists, then we do not have a recruiting pool, and CREATIVITY dies.

In short, don't poison the well that the Church of Creativity drinks from.


I understand that the flags of White countries may not represent the original country that it was intended for and the country may not even mirror how it was in its beginnings.  But like Rev. Cambeul said, it still represents White culture and as Creators we should always respect and honor all White culture. Our ancestors, and their cultures, are our story of creation, just like our children are our eternal life.

Right on reverend. That's a thumbs up from me!

Really interesting topic,such question national or creator flag has been main reason why when I was a Nationalist I could not accept Creativity and I attacked Creators  with full force under nationalism. Creators then left topic and changed their views and became mugwumps ie. they were defeated by me as nationalists in discussion. They attacked Christianity but they always hidden attack on nationalism. They think that od they attack Christianity that will nationalists became Creators.

I knew that if I accept Creativity that I must finnished with nationalism and it was hard to me as European where exist strong nationalism without continental unity of whites as on continents outside Europe where live whites with mixed white nations and do not care about nationalism.

Let we know history of our race and first nations for understanding why Creativity and not nationalism. We have proto Europeans and indo Europeans and hystoricans try to find common language who they usred. Than indo Europeans came to the proto Europeans as Slavs,Germans,Celts,Hellens,Romans only Indo Aryans came on the East. Europeans have established their kingdoms. The Roman Empire Klassen used as Empire of white unity. After Romans falls,Slavs,Germans attacked them so than Christianity keep peace with the White nations on Roman hertiage where pontefix Maximus represented pope. White kings do not care about nation,upper class speak latin and had common marriage with other kings. It was Latin just for upper class. With French revolution we have rise of nationalism basically from Lower classes because upper class did not implement eugenic. If nationalists accept flag in Christian monarchy with Pope state today ,it also can accept Creativity but remember that we must be always honnest and say to Creators that we are foto white globlization. I speak with Creators on internet about that,and one of  them give Hood example of agreement.

White nationalism with Wotanism what mean Will of the Aryan nations for nationalists who celebrated their ancien hoda without white conflict,Cosmotheism for whites who are still spiritual but they do not know what is god and Creativity only for elite who have their priests,businessmans with enough capital for control and keep white order what mean that Creators must be over pagans,cosmotheists as agents who work in harmony with Creativity,if Romanchatolic states could work on that principle,Creators also can work on that.

 On Creator forum we must say openly that we are Creators and we are not loyal to national flag than only to race and instead of fighting with all good pro white activists we must know that just few people are awaken im all nations so awakened people instead of wasting time on nationalists can look quality whites on all nations and standard with Creativity because Creators will accept all remember quality whites does not matter about nation or past conflicts. It is better look on liberals where nation question do not exist than lover class of nationalists because upper whites do not care about nation or Christianity. Creativity is pro business,small government,peacfull living without wars after we clean all danger for our civilization,globalist white religion under they vam have liberal life than today where muds want to crush them what result with white flight and destruction of themselves.  Creators must give to the whites jobs,what mean became businessmans who will left as the best workers liberal multiracial firms govern by liberals and establish their own with pro white workers. Of course it mean that we must have interest free money without control of central bank what mean creator crypto money with Creativity flag.

The policy on national flags is in order that we as Creators be honest with ourselves.

Christinsanity should be put down repeatedly by Creators. The lies and superstition of the spooks in the sky forces the White Race to remain in the dark. To accept the hegemony of the alien Judaic order, and the barbarity of dark ages Islamic culture. Christinsanity means cultural and racial suicide for its followers. Turning the other cheek, keeping it meek and embracing other cultures was bad enough, but doing so today because the local Christinsane kiddy-fiddler priest orders it is reason enough alone that we should burn down every Christinsane house of worship. Wars for Israel countenanced because their fictitious Christ on a Crutch was a jew ... The endless murder over the millennia of innocents in the name of invisible friends  ... The refusal to take a stand for one's race, one's culture, one's family in case it ruin any chance of living forever on a cloud ... The inability to think straight due to a fear of frying forever ... The naivety of the sheep turning their life over to wolves that pay but mere lip-service to the shepherds with intent to rule, rob and the illogically innocent followers of Christinsanity ... Primitive superstition dictating individual, national and global policies ... I could go on, but in short, Christinsanity is mind-terrorism and has to go.

Nationalism and Flags? Lets be honest; Creators are typically ambivalent when it comes to Nationalism. According to our own Holy Books, American Nationalism was a good thing just as long as it was inward looking and not interfering with other nations. British Nationalism was good in that it built a united modern empire for the White Man the like of which had not been seen since Ancient Rome. German Nationalism ... French Nationalism ... Russian Nationalism ... Apartheid South Africa ... The American Confederacy anyone?: Every Creator is biased towards a form or era of White Nationalism that he or she either openly approves or is proud of, or at least has some form of teary eyed sentimentality for. And for everything Nationalist a Creator approves of, there's everything else Nationalist for which a Creator disapproves.

Does every Creator believe that Britain standing firm, with every Brit proudly waving the Union Jack while giving two fingers to the globalists of the European Union is a good thing?

Does every Creator believe that a future isolationist America with closed and heavily guarded borders along with the deportation of all illegal aliens and culturally undesirable would be reason to raise and salute the Star Spangled Banner?

The same deal for Australia, but we simply call it the White Australia Policy ... Which, if put in place, would it be reason enough to wave the Australian flag?

When we burn the national flags of formerly White Nations, we are not just burning our bridges both behind and in front of us, thereby making Creativity a lone island. We are creating an island that is prone to civil war because every Creator has their own personal and sentimental bias.

Why burn the flags of formerly White Nations and risk alienating ourselves from ourselves. Why risk alienating potential recruits, that with a little education will come to see things as Creators do?

Why is it that Creators are proud to say Church of Creativity North Carolina, Church of Creativity Texas, Church of Creativity Illinois, Church of Creativity Deutschland, Church of Creativity England, Church of Creativity South Australia ....

Creators are not completely opposed to Nationalism. And by the same token, Creators are not completely opposed to globalism either - just as long as both are under our own terms. Whether it's Nationalism, Globalism or Imperialism, everything is determined by the Golden Rule:

What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.
Creators, be honest with yourselves, and don't poison the well you drink from.



Can you imagine a Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the USA all adopting isolationist, closed border policies with deportation of all alien influences? Can you further imagine that with the common culture, laws, politics, language and historical unity between all, those countries choose monetary unity, a combined military and the freedom for citizens to move across borders at will?

Are we talking Globalism as we know it today, or are we talking White Empire - Perhaps a Creator Nations? The difference is that Creativity stands opposed to the former and promotes the latter.


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