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As Pontifex Maximus, I have had to live with police or other government agents encouraging antis, non-Whites and general neighbours to do their utmost in their efforts to attain a reward for my arrest. As a consequence, I have had to live with numerous physical attacks in the vicinity of my home, my car torched, guns planted outside my home, an attempt to blow up my home with a barbecue gas bottle and an hour ago, there was a further attempt to burn my home and car.


Reverend Cailen Cambeul,
Pontifex Maximus - Alive and Well.

It shows what ZOG will do when faced by a man willing to take on the large task of leading Creativity. It shows how desperate they are to stop this man. Our PM a man of honor and the courage. The man who has sacrificed everything and still does. All for his Race and Church. The biggest threat there ever has been to ZOGs power. They will not win when we have true men like Rev Cambeul Standing in the front line, taking the fight to them.

When we look at our life. struggling to make ends meet, paying  the bills and juggling everyday life. Think what our leader has to deal with. I am sure lots of us have had problems here and there with ZOG. And with bitches in the so called left. But hands on heart - how many of us has to deal with this type of thing.
I am sure I speak for all in the church and supporters. When I say thank you Rev. Cambeul for being man enough to stand where you do at the head of our great Church. Having to deal with everyday life and running the risks you do every single day. Simply because you are willing to stand up for your people. THANK YOU.

You know what they say, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger; but I don't believe that. What I believe is that it's family, brotherhood and loyal comrades that makes me stronger. Annoying crap that doesn't kill me, just makes me angrier. It is thanks to you Reverend Paul - and many other loyal Church Members and Supporters, Brothers and Sisters ... far too many to list here, that I remain strong and continue the fight for the survival of our race in this Racial Holy War. RaHoWa!


Please don't go nuts and start stalking your town armed to the teeth.

 Contact your local police department and ask them to put a surveillance camera in view of your house.  Maybe you can be used as bait to put disgruntled muds in jail. 

If they won't do it, maybe you can. Since security camera evidence can be fouled up by poor video quality, I suggest a cheap, HD, wifi, home security system and see if you can get anyone for any more property damage... or theft.

Haha, find a free TV laying in the street, slap a "For sale $500.00, Call me!" sticker on it, get it on camera, and wait for someone to take it and charge them with theft.



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