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Announcement: You Cannot Burn Out Creativity

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--- Quote from: Br.Grimm on 17 December 2013 at 06:18 --- Contact your local police department and ask them to put a surveillance camera in view of your house.
--- End quote ---

No, Brother Grimm, I have my own surveillance system already set up. Contact the police? Police are only useful for immediate threats and insurance purposes. Speaking of which, I only had extended third party insurance at the time and that isn't of any use unless the damage is to do with a traffic accident.

And no, it's not the higher up coppers that ensure the charges are dropped whenever it's a Jigaboo vs WRL. The orders come from the Dept. of Public Prosecutions, Attorney General and Minister for Multicultural Affairs for all charges to be dropped. It doesn't matter what horrendous acts of criminal violence and destruction are committed - the JOG cannot allow a WRL to front court as the victim of a Hate Crime. It only takes a single one of us and we have not only exposed the mendacity of their black victim statistics, but we prove that Whites are more often than not, the intended targets and victims of Black vs White violence. After all, what WRL is going to pass up the opportunity to turn the tables on the Libtards, media and JOG?

Call the police? I'd rather call the White Rangers.


It is sad that the people allow the government to operate in such a way.... but it is everyone's government so I guess it is just a product of its population.

 The one bright side to this, even though it may not seem like it, is the fact that these attacks prove what a threat you are to the enemies of our people. It can never be said that you, unlike some here in the states, are propped up govt. informants. A leader is often known by his enemies and you sir are a true leader deserving of all honor and respect. RAHOWA

Matt Hale said, "I'm like the energizer bunny, I don't quit."
I think this perfectly describes Creators as well.


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