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A Very Special Day

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Today is the birthday of one of the greatest men that had ever lived, our founder Ben Klassen. I believe every Creator should show some respect and take a few minutes of your day to reflect on all that he had accomplished in his life for us as a Race.
Also to make today even more special for me; Today I have officially become the elite of the elite, as a Reverend in our wonderful religion of Creativity. A title that I am truly honored to hold. RAHOWA!!!

Racial Greetings from Texas Reverend Dibbs! As you mentioned today is a very special day for the Glorious White Race...It marks the birthday of our beloved founding father, Ben Klassen, a man who the last 20 years of his life worked tirelessly on development of our religion and Holy Books that give each White man or woman a clear path to live by a plan that we can implement to making this world a Whiter and Brighter World! 23/23 RaHoWa!!

Let me first congratulate you, Rev. Dibbs, for your ordination to the ministry of the Church of Creativity. You have worked especially hard for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and for that, I can say you are a true Creator in every sense of the word. Enjoy this day brother.

To all brothers and sisters in Creativity, enjoy this 101st Klassen Day, and remember that the actions of one man can change the course of history:

Article I wrote last year on the Klassen Day Centenary:

It was an honour transcribing your article to the main website Rev. S. and of course sending you your new Ministerial Card design Rev. D. Simple things I know, but that's two things that will spread and last.

R! to my American brothers from the 21st of February Downunder on another very special day.

Happy Founding Day. Another special day, if not the most important day for Creativity and the White Race. RAHOWA!!!


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