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Membership in our Forum is free of charge. We will take your donations should you care to offer, but our Forum is for Creators and Friends of Creativity alike, and will always remain free of charge. Our job is to fight Jewish Supremacy, not to emulate Jewish greed.

Membership in the Church of Creativity comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is contribution of Membership Fees on time and when they are due - which is every February. We do not spend your money on our websites; I pay the several hundred dollars each year in web expenses out of my own pocket. Your money is needed for the purchase of books, flags, patches and other needed items. Once we have the required items in stock, we can sell them directly to you and to the public. All profits are then put aside for the purchase of land, assistance for incapacitated Creators, contributions to legal funds, donations for poor White families in desperate need, community relations ... I am sure that you can add to that list. But, without your Membership Dues and Donations, we cannot function as an actual Church. All we would have is a website with a few friends and visitors. And frankly, that is not good enough for the Legacy of Ben Klassen. Therefore, payment of Membership Dues on time is a must for all Church Members.

That's the Long Version.

The Short Version is: If you want us to reprint the books, then join the Church and pay your Dues or Donate.
The Costs:

 * Initial Church Membership is $100, $50 or $25 (depending on the Membership Package ordered) which includes 6 months mandatory service as a Prospective Church Member. The annual Church Membership fee (to be paid each February after a full year of Church Membrship) is $25.

 * Church Members who are absent/out of contact for three months without making prior arrangements will be considered A.W.O.L.

 * Church Members who do not pay their Annual Church Membership Fee of $25 by the end of February will be fined a further $25 for every three months that they fail to renew their Church Membership.

Remember, paying Membership Fees is not the only Contribution that Church Members make. Your Dedication, your Activism and your hard Work as Creators is as important a contribution as is every dollar.

 Note: Church Members who are unable to contribute financially due to serious financial problems should contact their Church Representative A.S.A.P.

Optional Tithe

Any Church Member or Applicant that cannot pay the lump sum of the initial $100/$50/25 or the required $25 per following year is welcome to arrange to make their payments in instalments:

 * $2.50 per month minimum for the $25 Initial or Annual Membership Fee. Total = $30 Per Annum.
 * $5 per month minimum for the $50 Initial Membership Fee. Total = $60.
 * $10 per month minimum for the $100 Initial Membership Fee. Total = $120.
 * Donations are always welcome.

Payment Methods

 * If paying in Check/Cheque or Money Order, all Cheques and Money Orders must be cashable either in the United States or in Australia.

 * If paying in cash, Australian or US funds are fine. If paying in foreign currency, a bank/vendor conversion fee of $10 is required.

Electronic Payments

We have our own bank accounts that are accessible in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. You are welcome to transfer funds directly from your own bank account into the Creator bank account within your region. Another method is to use electronic payment systems such as Western Union or TransferWise You can use the websites or Smart Phone Apps are available:
 * Western Union App for Android

 * TransferWise App for Android

Regional Creator Bank Account Details for Bank Deposits

U.S.A. | Australia | N. Zealand | U.K. | Europe

If, for some reason, you choose to send money to a Creator Bank Account outside your region, then you must use an electronic payment system such as Western Union.

Australia Only: Payments sent from bank accounts within Australia may also transfer funds using my personal OSKO PayID It goes into a bank account that I set up in Australia for Creativity Only.

For the latest Church Contact Details, see

We also accept donations for PM Joe Esposito, who is currently in prison due to the state's refusal to release Creators and needs your support.

Church Dues @ $25 Per Annum are due every February.

Pay your local Church Leader - Not me.




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