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White British boy beats plagiarist Jew Einstein with 162 IQ is invited to join Mensa after sky-high score
If the British Empire was so evil, why did so many countries apply to join? Cambridge historian ROBERT TOMBS challenges those who say we should be ashamed of it
Oregon middle school refuses to say if hulking bully filmed pulverizing much smaller girl to floor on hallway is transgender, after sickening clip triggered bomb threat
I was an awkward tomboy when I was young. What I needed was someone to say it was okay to be a girl... but the trans community insisted I was a MAN: A heartbreaking story of detransition
The cities where house prices are set to soar due to record-high immigration - as finance guru Mark Bouris sensationally backflips on grim prediction
Moment groups of migrants creep through unguarded barbed wire at Eagle Pass under cover of darkness, skip the processing area and disappear into the woods
North Melbourne machete attack: Boy undergoes surgery to save his hand after he was ambushed by a gang in late night confrontation
Open Borders Boondoggle: Biden Sends Millions to NGOs Aiding Illegals
'Hamilton’s' Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants $2.5 Billion Taxpayer Bailout for Failing Theaters
Docs: DOJ Investigators Ordered to 'Remove Any Reference' to Joe Biden
Outrage in Germany after video shows revellers 'performing the Nazi salute while listening to song linked to Third Reich' at Oktoberfest event
Plus-size Philadelphia influencer 'Meatball' begs for CASH after being released from jail for looting
Wild West Stockholm: Gangland violence grips Swedish capital as rapper, 18, is executed on a sports field, a second man is shot dead and bomb blast kills innocent woman, 25, in her home within 12 hours
Chester Hill shooting: Man shot and woman bashed with a baseball bat by armed gang in horror Sydney home invasion
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is accused of using offensive antisemitic terms including the 'K word' - and saying 'what's with the Jew food?' when presented with vegetarian dishes
Ngoc Thanh Vo charged after allegedly crashing into two kids playing soccer in Braybrook, Melbourne
Canadian police launch probe into adverts for 'whites only moms and tots' sessions for parents who want to 'escape forced diversity and join other proud parents of European children'
American soldier Travis King is 'in good health and spirits' in US custody and on a plane out of China after North Korea expelled him two months following his 'defection'
17 Hells Angels members indicted in racist attack on three young black men in San Diego
Abos Force Old Aged into Protective Prison: Alice Springs: Single picture of a razor wire fence exposes sad truth about Aussie town
Germany dismantles 'deeply racist and anti-Semitic' cult that planned to indoctrinate children with Nazi ideology as cops launch raids across the country
Germany warns Schengen Zone will be 'in danger' if the EU cannot protect its external frontiers as Berlin imposes new border controls with Poland and Czech Republic after migrant influx
Philly cops brawl with masked looters after they ransacked Footlocker, Apple and Lululemon before making TWENTY arrests - as one raider is apprehended after LIVESTREAMING herself stealing from smashed up stores
Shocking video shows the moment a Houston Jack in the Box drive-thru worker opens fire on a family in dispute over french fries
Hercules star Kevin Sorbo, 65, brands Hollywood men 'bumbling idiots' and claims feminists are forcing males to be 'wussies': 'We normalise androgyny and misunderstand masculinity
'Wonder' Covid drug can cause virus to mutate uncontrollably amid fears that it could spawn new variant
Abo passenger who smashed plane window on flight to Groote Eylandt is jailed
Archbishop Viganò pushes conspiracy theories about Ukraine and Russia in 10,000-word letter | America Magazine
'The migrant crisis will destroy my city', New York Mayor Eric Adams declares as the city battles to cope with the influx of thousands drawn there by Joe Biden's open-door policy, TOM LEONARD writes
War-hero Army doctor disciplined for agreeing that men can't be women is cleared of wrong-doing by an official inquiry
Zyahna Bryant's cousin launches GOFUNDME to help BLM activist and Dove influencer who ruined white student's life to feel 'safe'
'It's the new Ellis Island': Hundreds of migrants flood into NYC's Roosevelt Hotel as Big Apple becomes epicenter of the border crisis - and Mayor Eric Adams says he'll ask judge to SUSPEND right-to-shelter rules
Horrifying moment suspect hits his own MOTHER with his car and sends her flying into the air while trying to flee cops
Disturbing moment Yes supporters call No campaigners a 'racist dogs' and 'w*nkers' as rally turns ugly
Sam Newman calls out Welcome to Country again with fresh attacks on AFL legends Adam Goodes
Darren West accuses Aussies of 'voting with neo-Nazis' if they vote No in the Indigenous Voice referendum
Voice referendum: Read the confronting letter a Yes supporter with a sign in her front yard found in her letterbox from a neighbour | Go To China - Communist!
Kerry White: Indigenous No campaigner describes the Stolen Generation as a 'mistruth'
Sam Newman asks Aussies to boo Welcome to Country at AFL Grand Final: AFL Finals 2023, news | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
Plaques explaining slave trade links will be added to Guildhall statues of William Beckford and Sir John Cass: Theologian descended from one of their slaves slams 'moral failure' of not removing monument
Stonehenge was built when Britain was a 'black country', new children's book claims
New York City threatens statues of Washington, Columbus and Jefferson over slavery links and mulls reparations task force as monumental budget cuts hit police, firefighters in the wake of the migrant crisis
Murderer Billy Chemirmir - who was suspected of killing DOZENS of elderly women - is killed in Texas prison by his cellmate
Group wearing Nazi SS uniforms clash with furious locals at World War II-themed festival in Norfolk town as crowds turn on them over their 'deeply offensive' dress
Merewether, Newcastle home invasion stabbing: Daniel Lowe fighting for life in coma after being stabbed in a home invasion at exclusive beachside suburb while protecting his elderly mother from teens who allegedly broke in
Samsonite boss's shocking racist Whatsapp texts and tweets about 'holding her nose' near Indian people and what she really thought about Chinese job applicants are leaked: 'Beijing papa'
Guards armed with ASSAULT RIFLES are hired to protect Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurant as violence spikes in the Dem-led city
Black Crime + Hate Crime: Washington gas station cashier is brutally attacked as five others rob her store of cigarettes and cash: Cops hunt for six teen suspects who were driving stolen Kia and Hyundai cars
Black Crime: Shocking moment brazen thieves ransack Chanel store in the Bay Area - as it's revealed rise of 'flash rob' mobs will cost California $19 billion this year
How Australians are forced to live in Chinese-style high rise apartment towers because of record immigration surge
Loony! Delphi murders twist: Suspect Richard Allen's lawyers claim teen victims Liberty German and Abigail Williams were 'ritualistically sacrificed' by members of pagan religion and white nationalist group called 'Odinism'
Uncontrolled migration is putting the future of Europe at stake, Italy warns as the number of people arriving illegally returns to crisis levels of 2015
Doctors admit they can't tell Covid apart from allergies or the common cold anymore - highlighting how mild virus has become
Footage shows migrants cheering, hanging off sides of packed train as it rolls toward US-Mexico border as crisis grows
Chinese Communists forced me to remove a live patient's kidneys: Surgeon's horrifying claim as ex-prisoner reveals how she came close to having her organs harvested to be sold on black market
2018 Bourke Street attack: Victims sue Victorian Government
Comedian Hasan Minhaj admits to making up stories of racial discrimination for Netflix special - including daughter's exposure to a 'white powder'
EXCLUSIVE: Wild rise of the 'flash rob mobs' making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of designer goods in under 60 seconds: Crimewave will cost California $19BILLION-a-year - as state sets up task force to tackle brazen thieves
George Soros gives at least $300K to network of TikTok activists to praise Joe Biden and push ultra-left ideas on young voters
Shocking video shows hundreds of migrants being let go from buses to roam the streets of Democratic-run San Diego as Gavin Newsom's California is overrun by border crisis
Hey, Dove. Your cynical boardroom witches hired a BLM bully to promote 'fat liberation' and 'freedom'. But what about the woman whose life she destroyed? You can take your soap… and shove it!
NAB tells customer of 30 years the bank is closing his account - with no explanation why: He suspects cause was a common act
Elon Musk to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in California on Monday to discuss anti-Semitism on Twitter
My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart reveals she breastfed her own BROTHER at the request of her mom - as she compares her ultra-strict Jewish community to living in the 18th century: 'It was a real mindf***'
Sopranos star Drea de Matteo claims she only joined OnlyFans because her refusal to get COVID vaccine cost her acting gigs - as she slams backlash from fans
Hunter Biden INDICTED on three felony charges for lying about being on drugs when he bought a gun
Jewish students bullied at Melbourne's Brighton Secondary College win discrimination case - ABC News
Welcome to Country banned by Presbyterian Church of Australia
Tradie tackles knife-wielding man in Dubbo Centro shopping centre after he allegedly threatened to kill people
Marcia Langton tweet emerges where Voice architect tells Mark Latham he is a 'white supremacist, far right-wing arsehole' who 'deserves a slow, painful death' and a 'humiliating obituary'
Inside Sydney's house of horrors where 14 children were allegedly beaten, abused and locked in squalor - as details are revealed of the parents' backstories
PICTURED: Baby-faced 'racist,' John Sheeran, 14, charged with attempted murder 'after he tried to drown black teen in pond while calling victim George Floyd, before punching Asian child'
Fake letters telling homeowners land will be reclaimed by Indigenous Australians | It's What the Abos DEMAND
Poll: Nearly 80% of Ukrainians Hold Zelensky Responsible for Corruption
US-Mexico border is officially the DEADLIEST in the world: At least 686 deaths and multiple migrants going missing makes it the most dangerous crossing
Race row fury after white celebrity blacks up and says N-word while performing Kendrick Lamar hit on Polish karaoke TV show... and WINS the top prize
The suburbs Chinese buyers are flocking to and surprising properties they now prefer as immigration hits record high
Muslim Gang Rapist Mohammad Skaf's creepy sexts: Read the extraordinary messages from one of Australia's worst gang rapists to a woman he met on a beach - the same place where he once roamed for victims
PETA slammed for resurfaced tweet that said drinking cow's milk was a 'symbol of white supremacy'
Native title claim over Redlands coast in Brisbane casts doubt on ownership of urban public spaces and amenities across Australia
The 40 deadliest cities in the world: Locations with highest murder rates per population... with nine of the worst ten in Mexico, six of the list in the US, while Brazil and South Africa also dominate
The small towns in America that are DISBANDING their police forces amid staffing crisis - and blaming drop in morale after pandemic and George Floyd protests
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin pardons Scott Smith, father of a girl raped in unisex bathroom by a 'boy in a skirt' at Stone Bright High School after he was convicted for erupting in fury over cover-up at board meeting
Temporary visa holders puts squeeze on housing market in Australia
Muslims: Fourteen siblings rescued from 'house of horrors' in Sydney
Melbourne: Sand Nigger killer driver, 26, is charged with murder | Police emphasise NOT TERRORIST
Bourke Street, Melbourne: One person killed and five injured after car mows down crowd
Racist Uber driver calls black TikTok star Abby Nicole the n-word in a fight about turning down the AC: Company BANS worker from platform
Hunter Biden still denies infamous laptop is his but says he was 'embarrassed' by its photos of him using drugs and partying nude
Democratic party official Shivanthi Sathanandan is left bloodied in violent carjacking and now calls for tougher crime laws after once vowing to dismantle Minneapolis Police Department | Switches from Defunding Police to Enhancing Police
Ron DeSantis snaps at critic who blamed him for racist Jacksonville shooting and claimed his policies let guns 'fill the streets'
Charles Darwin University students told to 'reflect deeply' on their career choice if they oppose the Voice
Girl, 14, is gang-raped then burned alive inside a furnace before her horrified brother discovers her jewellery among charred remains in India
EXCLUSIVE: Trans teacher Kayla Lemieux dresses as a man to meet with officers ahead of the first day of school as officials go to great lengths to protect the educator
Homeland star David Harewood calls on Government to '100%' apologise for Britain's historical role in slavery after learning his ancestors were enslaved on sugar plantations in Barbados
Furious protesters surround ex-NYC Catholic school turned 300-bed migrant shelter demanding Mayor Eric Adams move them - as they threaten to SHUT DOWN the Verrazano Bridge and bring travel chaos to the Big Apple
How a record immigration surge with 350,000 new arrivals in one year is making the average Australian poorer but big banks richer - and disguising the fact we're already in recession
Top scientist Patrick Brown says he deliberately OMITTED key fact in climate change piece he's just had published in prestigious journal to ensure woke editors ran it - that 80% of wildfires are started by humans
Noel Pearson says Voice is just the 'first door' to a treaty in resurfaced video contradicting Anthony Albanese
Labor MP declares that a No victory in the Voice referendum will be a big win for 'hateful, racist' Australians
Pakis: Woman kept as slave in Melbourne to get payout
West Australian Nazi shooter Lachlan Bowles: How gun-obsessed paramedic who dreamed of joining the army but was knocked back after failing a psych test enjoyed a quiet lunch the day before going on a murderous rampage | A Psycho!
White supremacists march on Orlando, waving swastika flags and raising Heil Hitler salutes - just days after racist Dollar General store attack in Jacksonville that left three dead
Horrified Florida residents wake up to anti-Semitic flyers in their driveways in latest vile incident in the Sunshine State after Nazi march
Married NYC rabbi Yosef Mordechai Paryzer is charged with 'rape by deception' and arrested in Jerusalem after 'duping 30 women' with fake Tinder profile pretending to be a secular bachelor
British tourist, 20, 'is gang-raped in Ayia Napa': Five Israeli men are arrested
I'm a theoretical physicist and here's why life after death is IMPOSSIBLE
Civil servants rush to freeze £2 MILLION grant handed to mosque that has decades-long history of alleged extremism and hate speech, including an imam who gave sermon on how to stone women 'correctly'
Report: Transgender Canadian Teacher Ditches Giant Breasts at School
Awkward moment Amanda Vanstone calls Indigenous educator and Young Australian of the Year nominee a 'f***wit' on an open phone line
Perth real estate agent Bronwyn Pollitt, Mavin Real Estate, loses her licence after 'racist' email to Indian tenants
Former Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs sobs during sentencing as he's given 17 YEARS in prison over January 6 after begging court not to separate him from his daughter and cancer-stricken mom
FBI Informant & Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is jailed for 22 years for commanding Capitol siege - longest Jan 6 sentence
Former Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs sobs during sentencing as he's given 17 YEARS in prison over January 6 after begging court not to separate him from his daughter and cancer-stricken mom
John Mellencamp: Only 1-2% of Black People in Modern America Have Better Lives than Slaves
Jon Voight Slams Biden Admin's ‘Disgusting Scheme’ Against Trump: ‘This Is a Civil War’
Texas National Guard 'SCRAPS intelligence wing after members infiltrated a private WhatsApp group to SPY on migrants'
Joshua Lucas: Australian 'who called Christchurch mosque massacre shooter Brenton Tarrant a hero' allegedly planned a terrorist attack on home soil
Nigger: Alabama 18-year-old Jakayla Ashanti Williams is charged with killing her newborn baby boy by throwing his body into a dumpster because 'it cost too much money'
Archaeologists unearth evidence of mass execution of German prisoners who were forced to dig their own graves before being shot dead by the French resistance after D-Day
She Turns Traitor: Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant who called herself 'Aryan Angel' and boasted she was 'white, pure-blooded female' is exposed by Nazi hunters as a 42-year-old mother from Oxford
Blaming Whitey for Abo Violence | Wilcannia mum’s body eaten by dogs in backyard | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
Federal Court: D.C. ‘Selectively’ Enforced Law to Arrest Pro-Lifers
German Populist Politician Brutally Beaten in Alleged Migrant Attack
Democrats Denied Election Results 150+ Times Before Trump Election Indictment
Historic William Crowther statue in Hobart is greenlit to be torn down by Tasmanian council after standing for more than 130 years
How an immigration surge is forcing more people into share house living
White Woman Killed by Wetback: Hannah Rachel Collins, 30, was found dead and wrapped up in plastic by mom inside her son's Los Angeles bedroom
North Korea confirms US soldier Travis King defected over 'racial discrimination' in Army and he is now seeking refugee status
Bradley Cooper sparks 'Jewface' controversy over prosthetic nose in Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro trailer: 'So many great Jewish actors out there'
How high immigration is stopping Australians from reaching their full potential
British family beat deportation from Australia: Nathan and Emma Mills are granted permanent residency
What is RICO? How Donald Trump found himself facing a criminal charge that was initially created to go after mobsters
Trump is indicted for the FOURTH time in Georgia for attempting to overturn the 2020 election
Paedophile Priest jailed for another year for abusing 13-year-old boy as paedophile priest is told he will likely die in jail
Government spent over $45,000 in 12 months on Welcome to Country ceremonies as debate erupts over the ritual
Welcome to Country should be scrutinised over costings and political pushes - YouTube
Brits are warned of possible terrorist attacks in Sweden following series of Koran burnings
Sydney Airport emergency: Malaysia Airlines flight is forced to turn back after passenger's crazed outburst - before he is arrested
My hell on MH122: Passengers on Malaysia Airlines plane forced to land in Sydney when crazed man burst into 'slaves of Allah' rant reveal what was found inside his bag after he threatened it was something 'dangerous'
UK hardware retailer B&Q withdraws advert that featured book on white supremacy | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
Second shocking clip emerges of gang of up to 50 looters armed with bear spray dashing out of LA Nordstrom with $100K of luxury goods - leaving mannequins scattered on the floor as helpless staff run for cover
BLACK US soldier, 21, accused of shooting dead his newlywed WHITE wife and stashing her body in a storm drain: Distraught mom says he helped search for her before cops 'found their mattress saturated with blood'
Barack Obama told ex in letter, ‘I make love to men daily
Disturbing details in Germany’s far-right conspiracy theory group Reichsbürger coup plot
UK: WHITE woman manages to ring 999 while being rapedby NIGGER
UK: PAKI police officer jailed for child sex crimes with 13-year-old WHITE GIRL
UK: White woman still has criminal record two decades after being raped and forced into crime at 14 by PAKIS
Police React: Niggers in UK Copying America Rioting & Raiding Shops
Race Brawl in Alabama: MSM & Twitter Convict Whites & Demand Single Black Charged to be Free
Nigger Six Year Old Boasts About Shooting His Teacher - "I Shot that B*tch Dead" - YouTube
Nigger Beats White Senior: Shocking video shows teen assaulting a Missouri Walgreens worker after group refused to pay for pair of sunglasses
Nigger Beats White Kid: Shocking video shows Texas school worker brutally beat teenage student who's in foster care on bus, leaving victim needing ER treatment
Nigger vs Jew: Disgraced Vermont DEI boss accuses mayor of WHITE SUPREMACY after report slammed her for wasting $132,000 of taxpayer cash while organizing Juneteenth event
Retired solicitor left at death's door when her surgery was cancelled because she dared to object to a trans woman nurse in her hospital room tells her FULL shocking story - vowing: 'You can't cancel me. I'm not scared to speak out'
Paki Quack: Massachusetts doctor Sudipta Mohanty, 33, is arrested for 'exposing himself and masturbating next to 14-year-old girl' on Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu to Boston
White supremacist arrested for threatening jurors during trial of Pittsburgh synagogue killer | World Israel News
World News: Jew Pretending to be a Macho Man Brags About His Chick With a Dick Girlfriend
Taliban Refugee Keeps Woman as a Sex Slave
Hardy Caroll Lloyd Threatens Jihad on Creators - Page 5 - Hate! Hate! Hate Mail! - Creator Forum - Racial Loyalty News Online
Feds: 'Reverend' of 'White Racial Religion of Creativity' arrested, charged with threatening jury in hate crime trial
Outrageous moment two men in blackface turn up to pub's 'black and white' competition
Indigenous man tries to block police from travelling down a public road through Aboriginal land
Merri-Bek City backs Indigenous Voice to Parliament: Melbourne council sets aside more than $20,000 for Yes campaign
Indigenous activists protesting Adani mine to charge massive sum of cash to stay at campsite riddled with piles of rubbish, rancid food, broken furniture and dirty bedding
Sydney Gook: ‘Habitual’ ibis butcher jailed for killing and trying to cook native bird
Australia-China trade war: Why ‘crawling back’ to Beijing is a bad idea | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
L.A. Times: Making NIGGERS Show Up to Work Exposes Them to Racism
Chinese-run biolab in California that was experimenting on deadly viruses was awarded over $500,000 in US TAXPAYER cash
Jewish Privilege: Family of prominent NYC restaurant owner who was 'attacked by son of ex-Israeli Cabinet Secretary with glass jug' - slam decision to let him out on $25k bond so he can return to Israel
Biden administration has given $2.35 BILLION to the Taliban since the withdrawal: Damning report reveals huge wastes in taxpayers funds after 20 years in Afghanistan
Shocking moment woman cries for help laying in San Diego street as man walks away after appearing to steal her pink bike - while no one comes to her rescue
Mexican authorities seize nearly 10 tonnes of liquid meth headed to Australia
A NIGGER Did It: Shocking new video shows Rand Paul's staffer being stabbed while walking down the street in Washington D.C.
ASIAN family harassed by three BLACKS on NYC Subway say they do NOT believe it was a racist because ONLY WHITES ARE RACIST
NYPD looking for NIGGERS in hate crime against Asian tourist family on F subway train
UNC admissions will bar consideration of race, including in essays, after Supreme Court ruling struck down school's affirmative action policy
Have scientists discovered a new species of HUMAN? Ancient skull belonging to a child with no chin who lived 300,000 years ago suggests our family tree 'needs another branch'
7-Eleven clerks who beat robber with stick under investigation | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
7-Eleven workers beat Cali thief for stealing shelves of tobacco
Alleged thief in viral 7-Eleven beatdown video stole 2 other times, workers probed for assault: cops
Voice: Struggling mortgage belt voters turning against Yes vote | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
Never Relax Around Blacks: Niggers Cause Race Riot on Alabama dock as dispute over boat parking leads to melee feature men, women and folding chairs
Only Whites Arrested: Alabama boat brawl: New footage shows black man smack white boater with a CHAIR during fight between Harriot II Riverboat crew and white pleasure craft owners in Montgomery
Anheuser-Busch heir says founders would be 'rolling over in their grave' over Tranny partnership that has cost the company $27BILLION in value
A 'Voice'... without 'Treaty' or 'Truth': Why Anthony Albanese isn't talking about what happens if 'Yes' wins the referendum
Sunrise host Natalie Barr's tough message to Anthony Albanese's government about The Voice 'Yes' campaign: 'Failing so badly'
Prosecutors Launch Campaign to Eliminate a Law Requiring Them to Do Their Jobs | The Gateway Pundit | by Guest Contributor
Disturbing: Audio of Canadian Anti-Racism Training Held Prior to Principal's Suicide | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin
PURE EVIL: Latest Media Attack Against "Sound of Freedom" Is Complete BS - Steve Bannon Responds, "It's Just a Bald-Faced Lie!" (Video) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft
Jamie Foxx apologises for ‘anti-Semitic’ post, Jennifer Aniston wades in | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
Recognition and Settlement Agreement-Redacted.pdf
Victorian councils blindsided by Andrews’ Aboriginal land deal with Barengi Gadjin Land Council | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
White mother stopped by cops at airport and accused of 'human trafficking her 10-year-old black daughter' while flying to family funeral SUES Southwest for 'blatant racism'
DC United 'to RELEASE Taxi Fountas amid allegations he directed a racial slur at black teammate during game'... just months after he was accused of calling an MLS opponent the N-word
NASCAR driver Noah Gragson suspended indefinitely for liking meme mocking George Floyd and admits: 'I messed up plain and simple'
Jamie Foxx apologizes for sharing alleged antisemitic remarks to social media... after Jennifer Aniston denounces hate and denied liking post
Adidas Brings in $437 Million from Leftover Yeezy Shoes — Will Donate to ADL & Other Jewish Supremacist Groups
Biden Keeps Migrants in CAGES in 113 degrees in Arizona as border crossings surge again
Never-before-seen footage reveals moment US troops saved thousands of Jews from Nazi death train bound for Theresienstadt concentration camp in dramatic eleventh-hour rescue
Indiana mom Ashley Summers, 35, dies from WATER toxicity - after guzzling four 16oz bottles in 20 minutes
Pensioner, 83, takes a swipe at Egyptian toyboy ex-lover as she insists her new cat is 'cleverer than any men she knows'
Woman in blackface terrorizes Target worker and demands to know where its Pride section is - before going on a rant in nearby Starbucks where she complained about being fired from her post office job
Don't get the Barbie film? You're dumped! Women's ultimatum to partners over movie's feminist message
Trump says he's being 'persecuted' for leading polls after pleading not guilty to January 6 charges: 'If you can't beat him, prosecute him'
69% of Republicans now believe Biden's 2020 win was illegitimate: New poll released before Trump's January 6 arraignment shows GOP supporters believe there WAS widespread fraud
TOM LEONARD: How the Left's obsession with wokery and race is turning New York into a crime-ravaged, drug-infested nightmare
Pictured: 'Truly depraved' Tube attacker who raped woman as she slept on Piccadilly Line in front of horrified passenger and young child as he faces years in jail
Australia: State of Victoria Given Away to Abos
Canadian restaurant receipt charging diners a 'land tax' sparks fears over Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum
NYC's Roosevelt Hotel becomes epicenter of city's 60,000-strong refugee crisis in shocking scenes from Manhattan
Eric Adams: Biden Must 'Control the Border,' 'No More Room' in NYC
Elon Musk Calls on South African President to Condemn Genocidal Chant
'Center for Countering Digital Hate' Targets Elon Musk's Twitter/X
Hundreds of Migrants Drown as Biden Dangles Open-Borders Welcome
Democrats Beg Biden to Declare Emergency as Migrants Fill NYC Streets
Unassuming warehouse in California turns out to be illegal Chinese-run virus laboratory that was genetically engineering mice and experimenting with HIV, herpes and malaria
Govt Created Migrant crisis NYC: Shocking photos show dozens of sleeping people lining streets of Midtown Manhattan as rooms in Roosevelt Hotel fill up
FNC's Homan: Mayorkas Is Touting Border Encounters Several Times what Obama Admin. Considered a Crisis
Nigel Farage Launches Campaign to Take on Big Banks
Zelensky The Jew Signs Law Rejecting Russian Orthodox Christmas - Becoming a Religious War
Niggers Fucked Up: Oakland NAACP: People Are Afraid to Walk to Mailboxes Due to Crime Spawned by Defunding Police, Lax Prosecution
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defends building floating border wall along Rio Grande to try and slow migrants from crossing border into US
Tranny freak who murdered lesbian couple and their 19-year-old son in hate crime - is 'preying on inmates' at women's prison in California
England: Police to arrest Headteacher 'used N-word to describe black pupils' at Catholic primary school
Protesters turn up at Melbourne neo-Nazi powerlifting event at Legacy Boxing Gym in Sunshine North
'CitiBike Karen' breaks her silence: Pregnant NYC hospital worker shamed and put on leave for taking rental e-bike black teen claimed was his slams his version of events - as top New York Times columnist backs her
EXCLUSIVE 'I wasn't even drunk!': Hairdresser insists she's NOT racist as she faces jail for booze-fuelled rant at her neighbour
Foul-mouthed hairdresser Katie Bradsell who launched racist abuse at her next door neighbour during ugly spat in village cul-de-sac is facing jail
Marcia Langton - a key architect of the Voice to Parliament - details plans to 'compensate' Aboriginal people and return 'stolen land'
Cooks' Cottage: House built by James Cook's parents and brought to Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens could be dismantled as anti-colonial sentiment grows
EXCLUSIVE New evidence of Beijing's Covid cover-up and possible Wuhan lab leak revealed: China's public health authorities cracked virus' genetic code five DAYS before the world knew about the disease, scientist claims
Exclusive -- Sen. Eric Schmitt: Military Diversity Initiatives 'Drives a Wedge' Between Servicemembers
GOP Rep. Burchett: Biden Requires Us to Report $600 Transactions While His Son Dodges Taxes
Historical Tour for Schools Brands Tennyson as Gay Without Evidence
Politicians Only Dream of Having Influence of Farage, Says German Paper
10K Migrants Apprehended in One Week in Arizona Border Sector
Exclusive—Brian Lonergan: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Villains Are Enabled by Biden’s Border Policies
Teen squeegee worker Tavon Scott is found guilty of manslaughter for shooting dead Timothy Reynolds, 48, after he charged at him with baseball bat when he tried to wash his car windows aged 14
Black White Supremacists Swarm & Kick The Hell Out of NYC Taxi Driver - YouTube
New York cab driver, 60, is beaten by group of FIVE attackers on busy Manhattan street
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville agrees to pay $80,000 to Christian student for slapping her with a 'no contact order' over her pro-police and pro-Kyle Rittenhouse views
Trans indigenous Canadian slams doctors for denying her euthanasia request, saying death would be better than her constant pain from a surgically-built vagina
The scandal engulfing Hunter Biden is now so grave even America's Left-wing media can't ignore it any longer as claims of $5million bribes, drugs and prostitutes surround the President's wayward son, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN
Mom, 35, is seen in harrowing video using her 14-year-old daughter as a HUMAN SHIELD as she shouts at cops 'shoot' after high-speed car chase
Abos "Have No History!" Sam Newman goes on a vile 10-minute tirade about Aboriginal people leaving Aussies disgusted
U-Penn women swimmers had to undress next to '6-foot-4 biological male' Lia Thomas '18 times a week' and were told to get 'reeducated' when they complained: Congress hears in bombshell testimony
Nigger Family: Boy, 5, high on COCAINE fatally shoots his 16-month-old brother who was high on marijuana inside Indiana home: Parents are charged with neglect
Australia: ABC News ditches WHITE name of Wellington NZ in favour of description in MAORI
Moment NAKED NIGGER woman opens fire on drivers after police chase on San Francisco's Bay Bridge
Sweden is in a 'serious situation' with a 'heightened threat' of terror attacks after Koran burning stunt that enraged the Muslim world, says country's security service
22nd person from South Carolina arrested in Jan. 6 riots | The State
London: Young Man Sentenced for Sharing White Resistance Manual
IN DEPTH: Church of England Schools Teaching ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’ Theory
Church of England endorses 'Pyramid of White Supremacy' theory for children
Angican School CRT Demands
Black Forbes 30 under 30 media commentator Coleman Hughes slams Jason Aldean critics for hypocrisy and says his 'Try That in a Small Town' song has pro-gun lyrics - but admits Hip Hop lyrics are worse
Aussies unleash as councillor holds meeting entirely in Mandarin Chinese without any English translation
5,300 Migrants Apprehended in Four Days in Arizona Border Sector
Black Scholar Rejects Kamala Harris's Lies About Florida Slavery Curriculum
Woke Fail: Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Rockets to No. 2 on Charts
Stanford Study: Leftist Twitter Alternative Mastodon Has a Major Child Pornography Problem
White House slams Greg Gutfeld for 'dangerous and extreme Holocaust lie' after Fox host claimed some Jews survived Nazi camps by being 'useful'
Jacinta Price breaks down in tears as she reveals the sickening violence her family has suffered because of her opposition to The Voice
Las Vegas cops rescue six children, including two locked in a cage and 'on the brink of death' in 'worst case' of child abuse they have ever seen, disturbing bodycam footage shows
Biden sues Texas over floating border barriers designed to stop migrants crossing from Mexico - ABC News
Sydney Muslims - triple shooting: Three people rushed to hospital marks latest attack in southwest Sydney suburb terrorised by stabbings and kidnappings
Chilling moment brother carries his 18-year-old sister's severed head to a police station in a sack after decapitating her for trying to marry against her family's wishes in India
Illegal Alien Convicted of Beheading Girlfriend Found Not Guilty Due to Mental Illness
Watch -- Jason Aldean Slams ‘Bulls**t’ Criticism of His Anti-Crime Anthem: 'What I Am Is a Proud American'
Australian Border Force 'names and shames' businesses found to be exploiting migrant workers - including a Cheesecake Shop venue
Register of sanctioned sponsors
Elderly WHITE Lowe's Worker Fired After Getting Repeatedly Punched in the Face Trying to Stop BLACK Thieves | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila
Hunter Biden ETHICS complaint against MTG for showing his nude sex photos to Congress
GOOK! Boston investment banker Ivan Cheung accused of four 'stranger' rapes allowed to go crabbing on Cape Cod
Black Muslims Did It: Church in Shock After Wooden Cross Burnt in Graveyard, Threats Made
Investors: Biden's Mass Migration Inflates Americans' Housing Costs
Police: Transgender Democrat Conspired to Get Sexual Images of Children
Jason Aldean Defies Cancel Mob, Performs 'Try That in a Small Town' as Crowd Chants USA: I Want to See America Restored to What It Once Was
DC United fires trainer over 'white power hand gesture' in All-Star photo as two players are banned amid MLS probe
Feminist author accuses Biden's trans health secretary Dr Rachel Levine of supporting CHILD SACRIFICE because she backs sex changes for kids
First ever transgender lawmaker charged with horrific child porn offenses
Jason Aldean DOUBLES-DOWN on controversial 'anti-BLM' Try This in a Small Town video and slams 'bulls**t' he claims has ruined America
ReichMove! Owners takes semi-detached home off the market after potential buyers spot its NAZI surprise
School students in Florida will be taught that slavery gave black people 'skills' which in 'some instances' could be 'used for their personal benefit'
NIGGER: Decades-old cold case slaying of WHITE New Hampshire beauty school student, 23, who was sexually assaulted, tied up and beaten to death during break-in is solved as DNA analysis identifies killer as security officer who died in 2005
WETBACK: Have cops discovered ANOTHER serial killer in Dallas? Man, 25, is arrested for murders of three women, two of whom were sex workers
Jury finds RICH TEXAS NIGGER Timothy Simpkins, 19, GUILTY of attempted murder - two years after he shot 15-year-old classmate SEVEN TIMES and injured teacher after brawl at school
YouTube boxer has contract and fight cancelled after throwing 'hotdogs' at his Muslim opponent and saying 'you love pork' at chaotic press conference
Moment NIGRESS URINATES on floor of Spirit Airlines jet after complaining staff had prevented her from using bathroom for two hours
Shocking moment 63-year-old WHITE MAN is brutally attacked by a NIGGER inside Florida movie theater after asking couple to move out of his pre-booked VIP seat
Chinese buyers return and cause tension at auctions across Australia as they outbid locals, says real estate expert. Here's why they are buying up homes Down Under
Northwestern University academics accuse students of 'fascism' after they said they identified as 'Apache attack helicopters' on survey about engineering culture
Who is the Auckland shooter? New details emerge about Matu Tangi Matua Reid and his victims
Black Americans living in Minnesota and the Dakotas who are descendants of slaves can apply for $50,000 grant program - with 100 recipients to be selected by lottery
Country legends Travis Tritt and Pat Boone tell Jason Aldean to ignore critics of controversial 'Small Town' video: 'Damn the social media torpedoes'
Gun-control activist claims she got country star Jason Aldean's song  'Try That in a Small Town' pulled from CMT for being 'racist and violent'... as ABC refuses to pull record from CMA Fest
Black Portland woman, 23, 'with history of anti-Asian attacks' is arrested for shoving top Japanese diplomat to ground in crime-ridden city
Why did it take three YEARS to halt funding to Wuhan? Trump said he'd seen evidence COVID leaked from lab in April 2020 and FBI thinks a research accident is 'likely' - yet taxpayer dollars were STILL being sent until this week
Breakdown of the biggest bombshells in the IRS whistleblower hearing on Hunter Biden special treatment
Over $17MILLION has been funneled from foreign sources to the Biden family, confirms IRS whistleblower
The View NigNog Bitches About Jason Aldean's "Racist" Song
Buried News: MUSLIM who killed an elderly WHITE Australian couple before being shot by police was 'absolutely radicalised'
Staggering problem with the Australian economy is laid bare by Deloitte Access Economics report
X Factor star Lucy Spraggan's rapist deported to India after serving four years behind bars for sick 2012 attack when he was a London hotel porter
Australian Radio DJ Kyle Sandilands censored by KIIS FM bosses during emotional argument about the Voice to Parliament and 34 billions spent on Indigenous Australians
BLACK Shooting in Auckland: Two people killed by gunman who stormed CBD building site, shooter also dead, multiple injured
Auckland shooting: Australian witness details scene as three people including BLACK gunman are killed
New Zealand Auckland shooting: At least 3 dead, BLACK shooter killed at construction site | Stuff.co.nz
Brigitte Bardot, 88, suffers breathing issues as emergency services rush to her home
In Montana, You Can Stomp A Homeless Man To Death And A Judge Will Let A Neo-Nazi Bail You Out
Jason Aldean Sparks Controversy for His Take on Leftist Violence and Lawlessness in the Musical Warning 'Try That In a Small Town'
Anti-White Church of England Teaching CRT-Style Lessons to School Children
Anthony Albanese's university revolution: Jason Clare announces affirmative action plan for Indigenous Australians, help for failing students and push for more Aussies to get degrees
New Zealand political party announces radical election policy to return stolen land to Indigenous owners - including private property
EXCLUSIVE: Young North Carolina woman sues the doctors who put her on testosterone at age 17, saying she needed therapy, not a double mastectomy, in latest blockbuster 'detransition' lawsuit
'Sound of Freedom' Producer Hails Hit Movie 'Experts in Hollywood' Got Wrong: 'All Glory to God. This Is a Miracle'
Knife-Wielding Man Accused of Stalking in NYC Freed Without Bail
Report: Joe Biden's FTC Pressured 'Independent' Auditor to Punish Twitter
Appeals Court Halts Order Blocking Government's Censorship Collusion with Big Tech
Son of Canadian pastor slams PM Justin Trudeau for taking 'freedom and democracy' away from citizens
Ten squatters illegally take over $1M Florida home - leaving it infested with bugs and damaged
Gunman who killed four people in Georgia neighborhood is shot dead by cops
Dirty secret of electric vehicles: TIRES produce 20% more pollution than gas equivalents
The unlikely leaders behind ugly rise of Neo-Nazi propaganda
Perth tree planting event axed as Aboriginal corp demands $2.5M for approval
Former police volunteer claims to have revealed the identity of Jack the Ripper | It's a JEW!
Pedophile Jew Ghislaine Maxwell Stinks Out Prison
Almost half of millennials think misgendering someone should be a CRIMINAL offense new survey finds
Black Rapist Footballers Allowed - But White terminally ill father-of-six facing deportation from Australia to UK after 50 years
The lie that men can be women leads to rapists being put in women's prisons, writes HELEN JOYCE 
Police Commander Targeted Reporter Who Exposed Political Pedophile Network, Say Mexican Investigators
Swedish Police Authorise Burning of Bible, Torah Outside Israeli Embassy
African Migrant Arrested After Woman Pushed in Front of Paris Train
German Swimming Baths Again Terrorised by 'Migrant Background' Men
Portland surgeon dubbed 'Dr Frankenstein' reveals drawbacks of his genital ops on trans adolescents
Shitskin and the Seven... Politically-Correct Companions? | A Wicked fJewess Stepmother!
Viliami Teukava Fakavamo Paki jailed for rape in Mackay District Court
Epstein Child Fucking Jewess Kiddy Procurer Ghislaine Maxwell Snitches on Butch Dyke Lesbo Prisoners - Going to Get Killed
The dark side of Dolce & Gabbana: Kardashians Love Racism & Faggots Raping Grasshoppers
Australia's ABC Goes After Soldiers With False Accusations of War Crime - Makes a Laughing Stock of It's Taxpayer Self
Bali Tourist Reveals the Place is a Turd World Republic Full of Slums Smog & Shit
Rolling Stone Trashes 'Sound of Freedom,' Mocks Viewers, Downplays Scale of Child Sex Trafficking Industry
Jim Caviezel Responds to Media Attacks on 'Sound of Freedom': 'They’re Scared. Quaking in Their Boots'
California Bill Would Let Judges 'Rectify Racial Bias' in Sentencing, for 'Reparations'
Top Tory Calls on Britons to Take Illegal Boat Migrants Into Their Homes
Populist Parties Rise as Migration Becomes a Top Concern of EU Citizens
Alabama Seeks Death Penalty for Illegal Accused of Murdering Young Mother and Her Son
Tennessee Soccer Coach Accused of Drugging, Raping Boys an Illegal Alien
Aboriginal man Dennis James Fisher loses age pension bid at Federal Court
WIGGER Loses Control After 2 Car Loads of NIGGERS Show Up Uninvited a Home Pool
NIGGER who killed top WHITE Memphis hand surgeon Benjamin Mauck identified as Larry Pickens
Wray insists agents will comply with ban on meeting social media execs
Fox News sued for defamation by Jan 6 protestor Ray Epps after being branded a federal agent
How Germany's open door to migrants and dash to Net Zero has sent it lurching to the Right
Joe Biden's Migrants Take Jobs, Americans Lose Jobs
Biden Admin Says It Opposes Using 'Merit' in Military Personnel Decisions
Exclusive—Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: An Historic Injunction as the Fight for Free Speech Continues
I'm a neuroscientist - here are my key dos and don'ts for napping
Republican Tommy Tuberville hits back after sparking fury with white nationalist comment
Chicago suburb to pay $25,000 each in reparations to 140 elderly black residents
New bill could see California judges consider a convicted criminal's RACE in sentencing
MSNBC op-ed is slammed online for claiming that working out is linked to far-right politics
Voice to Parliament advisor Teela Reid seeks 'radical Communism', 'rent, reparations'
Poolside Karen says SHE was the one attacked and is not a racist
Nazi claims over ABC Four Corners investigation into 'gender-affirming care'
Arizona senator could face REVENGE PORN charges for sharing X-rated Hunter Biden photos on Twitter
Woke Yale physician demands doctors be forced to wear BODYCAMS to catch racist staff
Afghanistan veteran slams Canada's push to euthanize soldiers with PTSD
Over 20 Police Officers Injured at Eritrean 'Cultural Event' in Germany
Girls 'as young as 13' are having their breasts surgically removed to become boys
Gary Foley NAIDOC Week: Indigenous activist uses 1970s buy beer poster to attack the Voice
Neo-Nazi podcasters who targeted Harry and Meghan's son Archie found guilty of terror crimes
Tucker Carlson tells Russell Brand January 6th was 'FILLED with federal agents'
Man arrested in TTC subway stabbing, accused of attempted murder | Toronto Sun
Horrifying moment subway rider is repeatedly stabbed on train in Toronto
MEGHAN MCCAIN: I'm horrified Biden's health chiefs say men can breastfeed, even at risk to infants
Tony Abbott unleashes about Anthony Albanese's Voice to Parliament: 'It reinforces the separatism'
After the Voice to Parliament comes Makarrata under Uluru Statement from the Heart
'Cannibal' Mexican husband 'killed his wife, ate her brains in tacos and used her skull as ashtray'
French police will be able to spy on suspects by activating their phones' camera, microphone and GPS
Biden admin increases number of migrants allowed into US via CBP One app
Baton-wielding gangs of teenagers in ski masks are attacking moms in wealthy San Fran area
Number fleeing California for Texas nearly doubled to 111,000-a-year in less than a decade
Wetback Rudy Farias' mom is spotted fleeing home after she was accused of keeping son as a sex slave
Adelaide bus signs reviewed over Nazi salute claims
Scientists know when we hit our physical AND mental prime and it's not always in our 20s and 30s
Today King Charles is crowned in Scotland. But if his namesake Bonnie Prince Charlie had WON
ABC Australia 'cultural guidance advisors' because WHITE PEOPLE are RACIST!
Australian misinformation law: Albanese government's proposed laws
LA, MO Officials Praise Order Blocking Admin from Meeting with Big Tech
Anthony Fauci STILL thinks Covid was natural origin - despite lab leak revelations
Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted a stranger at his Cotswolds home after drink driving, trial hears
Federal judge bans Biden administration from meeting with Big Tech
Cross-dressing gunman behind July 4 Philly bloodbath that left five dead is BLM supporter
California Reparations Task Force calls for elimination of child support debt for black residents
Rapist who broke woman's back during vicious sex attack jailed for 19 years
Democrat Gook Chu Blames Whitey for Years of Asian Hate - "Give Niggers Whatever They Want"
Watch: Rocker Morrissey Kisses Rosary, Sings Song Questioning Whether Arsonists Burned Down Notre Dame
How to keep your hormones in check... through what you EAT
White professor refuses to apologize after saying career would have been better if she was black
African Culture Comes to Australia: Horror in Brisbane as dog is killed, three men stabbed
Bizarre moment father SOBS as black man who brandished knife at his family is arrested
France Riots: 1,000 Buildings Burnt, 5,600 Cars Destroyed in First Week
Rioters ram French mayor's home with burning car 'in assassination attempt' that injures family
Paris protests spread to Switzerland and Belgium as Macron holds emergency meeting to contain riots
Special forces deployed as rioters rampage through Paris and Marseille
France on red alert: Macron faces calls to impose 'state of emergency'
Military readiness will continue to 'bleed and decay,' say unjustly fired service members
China been preparing for war with US for DECADES racing ahead while Army takes gender pronoun class
Australia - Black Attack - Brisbane Fortitude Valley stabbings: White Man rushed to hospital with knife still inside abdomen
I had trans surgery to become a woman at 19... four years later I'm back being a man
Some of the Royal Family refuse to take part in 'diversity and inclusivity' training
Biden plans to BLOCK sunlight from the Earth in bid to limit global warming 
US Supreme Court decision targets Faggotry & Black Privilege
Dutch king makes historic apology for slavery
Sth Australia: Adelaide Rundle Street Mall Strandbags teenage ABO throws bag at shopper filming her and a friend
Do ghosts really exist? 5 possible scientific explanations for paranormal activity REVEALED
Shelter dogs adopted together after video showed one jumping kennel to spend time with each other
'She'd never felt grass beneath her feet before': Rescued chimp Vanilla now thriving at new home
Four in TEN females under 21 are deficient in THIS nutrient - experts blame rise of vegetarianism
I'm a nutritionist - the foods that work just like miracle weight loss jab Ozempic
The Great Opioid Lie: Addictive painkillers do NOT reduce lower back or neck pain
Women really DO fancy rich men more - while blokes are more focused on looks
Three Wuhan lab scientists were FIRST to contract Covid, says report 
Attorney-General launches Federal Bill – The Australian Jewish News
As George Soros heir takes over $25B empire, here's what mainstream media won't say
Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg dead at 92 from pancreatic cancer
JPMorgan claims former First Lady of U.S. Virgin Islands helped Jeffrey Epstein traffic women
Jeffrey Epstein: US Virgin Islands' Former First Lady email revealed
JEW kiddy rapist tells court he can't raise his arms above head - despite doing so the day before
Donald and Melania Trump pose with granddaughter Arabella, 11, as she celebrates her Bat Mitzvah 
Bodycam footage shows shocking moment female ISIS supporter threatens to DECAPITATE Indiana cops
Elderly JEWISH woman, 84, who NYC Mayor Eric Adams compared to WHITE SLAVE HOLDING 'plantation owner' is a tenant advocate
JEW CRIME: Convicted murderer punches own attorney in court hours before judge was slated to announce sentence
When Jews Attack: Roger Waters says accusations he's 'glorifying Nazis' are 'deeply insulting and upsetting'
Pittsburgh synagogue gunman facing the death penalty
Residents gather at French playground where four children were stabbed - as Macron visits victims
France: Sand Nigger Stabs Six Kids all Aged 3
France: Syrian Migrant Held in Mass Stabbing Attack on Children in Park | The Gateway Pundit | by Kristinn Taylor
Syrian knifeman who stabbed children is taken to French court
Muslims Storm Swedish Embassy in Iraq
Iraqi man fills a Koran with bacon and burns it outside a Stockholm mosque
Queensland gender law: Birth certificates can be changed without parents' permission
The new face of extremism unmasked: The UN and Republicans are watching 'TRANTIFA'
Laurence Fox Will Not Face Hate Crime Charges for Burning Pride Flag
Gender studies professor BRAGS about failing students who offend her woke gender beliefs
Teacher faces remortgaging home after being suspended for not recognising transgender student
Teacher under fire for criticising a student who said a girl couldn't identify as a CAT
Oregon state university welcomed children to drag show featuring 'extreme' nudity
Tranny "man" cries because it's lonely being a man
High school volleyball players speaks on transgender athlete issue
'Evil child trader' is caught trying to take child out of Ukraine to 'sell for organ transplants'
Hollywood Child-Raping FAGGOT Kevin Spacey arrives at court this morning to face sex offences trial
Washington women's spa with compulsory nudity is ordered by JEWISH judge to start admitting trans women
Michigan residents could be charged with felony face up to five years prison using wrong pronouns
Nazi symbol ban in Australia: Residents face up to a year in jail for displaying symbols
Anglophobia Down Under: Whites Are Demonized In 90% White Australia, by Edward Dutton - The Unz Review
Anger of Winston Churchill's family as St Paul's Cathedral lambasts him as a 'white supremacist'
'Open the borders!' – To defeat the AfD party, Germany must bring in more migrants and give them immediate voting rights, claims founder of migrant rescue boat NGO
German government calls for tolerance after far-right...
Fox Desperate to Shut Down Tucker Carlson
Fox sends cease-and-desist letter to Tucker Carlson as he ramps up Twitter series
Tucker Carlson reveals the 'precise moment' Washington decided to send Donald Trump to prison
Veteran Fox News producer responsible for chyron calling Biden a 'wannabe dictator' resigns
Tucker Carlson slams Department of Justice over Hunter Biden plea deal
Carlson mocks 'world's foremost democracy advocate' Zelensky and attacks Biden's support for Ukraine
Tucker Carlson makes bizarre remark about Barack Obama's personal life in new Twitter show
Comer says Biden family could have accepted more than $40million from foreign nationals
Whistleblower's memo reveals FBI knew contents of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop for years
He Likes Whites — Rising Conservative Influencer Pedro Gonzalez Regularly Espoused Racist and Anti-Semitic Sentiments in Private Messages
RETARD ALERT! Nazi who built a submachine gun in his garage jailed for seven years
White Penn State professor sues college after claiming 'race discrimination'
New Hunter WhatsApp messages show him demanding $10M Chinese investment
A Lesson: When You Buy With Ripped off Money, Stick Within Your Accepted Means
The Mirror: The Heart of Britain
Urologists reveal 10 signs of low testosterone in men - and what it means
The spiritual father of trans movement Dr John Money and his twisted experiment
Ten men accused of being part of Rochdale grooming gang to go on trial next year
Elon Musk says the words 'cis' and 'cisgender' are no considered 'slurs' on Twitter
A nap a day keeps the memory loss at bay
Prosecutors could have charged Hunter Biden in 2019, law enforcement source reveals
Horrifying moment homeless robber throws grandmother and her granddaughter into the street
YouTube yanks Jordan Peterson's interview with RFK Jr. claiming it violates their vaccine policy
Starbucks manager who ran Philly store where two black men were refused access to bathroom gets $25M
Sick of Nigs: Australian landlords' vile eviction threat and racial slurs to pregnant couple and newborn baby 
NY official slams woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for indictment of ex-Marine Daniel Penny
Ex-Marine Daniel Penny is indicted over chokehold death of Jordan Neely
Florida woman who pepper sprayed Asian women in NYC while telling them to 'go home' appears in court
The shocking revelation of Ted Kaczynski's involvement in the CIA's sinister Project MK-Ultra
Kelly Osbourne brands Prince Harry 'a whining, whinging, complaining t**t' in a furious tirade 
Leader of white supremacist group is completely rehabilitated after taking a single MDMA pill
Georgia man sues Facebook after the platform 'blocked him' and denied him access to his account
British couple to be kicked out Australia for being 'too old' despite eight year stay
Starbucks Must Pay Former Manager $25M After Firing Her for Being White
U.N. Proposes 'Global Digital Compact' to Stop Online ‘Hate’
Disney heiress says her grandfather is 'spinning in his grave' after Nazi flags were waved
Lisa Wilkinson: Network Ten complaint to police over leaking of Brittany Higgins recording | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
Woke Virtue Signallers Busted Hanging Shit on Aborigines
Ukraine's propaganda machine is vital for Zelensky: Here is how it works — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
West planning ‘second Ukraine’ in East European state – Moscow — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
‘Establishment’ asked Facebook to ‘censor’ Covid posts – Zuckerberg — RT World News
Ricky Gervais to increase security as death threats spark concern - ahead of upcoming UK tour
FBI agents APOLOGIZED for the Trump-Russia probe, John Durham tells Congress
Former Top Department of Justice Official Blows Up Jack Smith's Case Against President Trump With One Tweet - Notices Key Item on Third Page of the Federal Indictment That Is "Grounds for Granting a Motion" to Dismiss | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger | 165
DAVID MARCUS: After THAT indictment, read jaw-dropping $10m Biden/Ukraine bribery claims
No one is above the law? Tell that to Hunter who just walked on tax and gun charges
Biden says he's 'proud' of Hunter after plea deal announcement
video emerges of architect of the Voice to Parliament saying it will allow Aboriginal Australians to direct funding and laws
Comer says he expects Biden bank records to show family accepted between $20-30 MILLION
Trump makes speech in Georgia as first public remarks since he was indicted
"We Had Witnesses" - UPDATE: Amistad Attorney Phill Kline Reacts to the USPS Investigation on Oct. 2020 Ballot Deliveries Vindicating Driver Jesse Morgan | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft | 2
Elon Musk suggests Trump's indictment is targeted - and warns justice system risks losing trust
White family told they must return to UK after 13 years in Sutherland shire caring for sick relative
49-Page Indictment of Donald Trump Unsealed
Special Counsel: 'We Have One Set of Laws in This Country' - Ignores Hillary & Biden's Document Mishandling?
MSNBC: Trump Claim Indictment Is Unfair, Will Incite Violence
Biden 'Using the Justice System to Preemptively Steal the 2024 Election'
Trump faces 100 YEARS behind bars if convicted of historic federal charges - including espionage
Republicans rage at Trump indictment in documents probe
United States reacts as Donald Trump indicted over classified documents case | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site
'The lunch of suffering': Chinese social media users in hysterics over Western 'white people food'
Horrific Chinese dog-eating festival where pets are tortured as adrenalin 'makes the meat tastier'
China Passes Law to Enhance ‘Extraterritorial Application’ of Communist Law
Brawl in Japanese Parliament as Left-Wingers Use Violence to Block Immigration Bill
Uproar as Australian Prime Minister pledges $100million of taxpayer's money to Vietnam while the country falls apart
Voice to Parliament: Australia has 'never' gone to referendum with details, says Aunty Pat
Thomas Mayo's old tweets emerge about the Voice to Parliament
Pauline Hanson attacks Indigenous Voice and architect who said politicians should be 'punished'
Voice to Parliament architect addresses plan to 'Pay the Rent' to Indigenous people
Why Jacinta Nampijinpa Price fears traditional culture is at odds with the Voice
Downunder Niggers: Horrifying moment knife-wielding boy storms into a service station in Katherine, Northern Territory
Australia: Victorian 13-year-old 'wanna-be gangster' who stabbed a WHITE MAN in KFC is allowed to walk free because he's BLACK
West Australia: Abo Patrol Gives Black Kids Free Food Bribe to Prevent Crime
Australia: Abo Stabs Whites on Bus - Not a Hate Crime - No Rights for Whites
Nottingham rampage suspect, 31, accused of killing two students is from West Africa
It's a NIGGER: Man, 31, arrested on suspicion of murder after three people are found dead in Nottingham
Moment triple murder suspect 'tried to break into homeless hostel during Nottingham rampage
Ex-university student, 31, appears in court charged after Nottingham knife and van rampage 
Black Food factory worker loses race discrimination case over being given a smaller dollop of mayo
Paris riots: Fatal police shooting of SAND NIGGER driver causes carnage in French capital
Leftists Hate Diversity: New York City Venue Cancels Candace Owens' 'BLEXIT' Event
The Asian-American teen who could end affirmative action in Supreme Court case
Slavery Reparations Bill Passed by New York State Lawmakers
Reparations boss reveals CA plan's dark secret: '89% of black folks don't think it's gonna happen'
California reparations task force meeting fails to pinpoint number to pay black residents
Controversial California reparations task force hands over final report
Supreme Court outlaws RACE as a factor in college admissions in major affirmative action ruling
Biden slams Supreme Court for college affirmative action ruling 
RFK Jr.: Affirmative Action Undoes the ‘Effects of Racist Policies’
Justice Jackson's Dissent: 'Our Country Has Never Been Colorblind'
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson slams Supreme Court colleagues for 'let them eat cake obliviousness'
Nikole Hannah-Jones slams 'rich white people' after SCOTUS outlaws affirmative action
Senator says FUCK the WHITE SUBURBS during debate about crime
Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Foxx is accused of 'legitimizing vigilante justice'
California Advances Bill To Help Shoplifters Steal | ZeroHedge
AT&T becomes latest San Francisco casualty: Telecommunications giant shuts flagship store
WHITE Elementary teacher who was shot and injured by NIGGER first grader, 6, is FIRED by the school she is suing
WHITE Woman, 27, punched in the face on NYC subway platform by deranged NIGGER in unprovoked attack 
Juneteenth Celebrations Leave at Least 12 Dead, More Than 100 Injured - YouTube
15 Shot, 5 Dead on Juneteenth in Gun-Controlled NYC
At Least 21 Shot at Juneteenth Celebration in Gun-Controlled Illinois
WATCH: Six Injured at Juneteenth Shooting in Democrat-Run Milwaukee
Nigger Runs Black Market for Dead Bodies from Harvard Medical School Morgue
It's a Nigger: ‘Handcuffed man’ Louis De Zoysa shoots dead White Sergeant Matt Ratana in South London cell
Expelled Minnesota Democrat's son suspect in hit-and-run crash that killed 5 Muslim women 
Father who devoted life to finding his daughter's murderers dies without ever seeing them punished
Woman, 33, is found stabbed to death and stuffed in a duffel bag in Chicago as boyfriend arrested
Massachusetts triple murder suspect blogged about his 'manic and psychotic' episodes
Black college grad snatches mic from white administrator who wouldn't let her say her full name
Fight between girls at Milwaukee Juneteenth gathering ends when gunfire erupts and six teens shot
WETBACK in the back of Colorado trooper's car moves himself into the driver's seat and takes off
North Carolina NIGGER is arrested after 'eviscerating a WHITE WOMAN'S 11-month-old mixed breed dog'
Neighbors say Portland's new 'Safe Rest Village' for homeless has become hotbed of drug-dealing 
WETBACK! Terrifying bodycam footage shows cop shoot dead Nazi-inspired Texas mall gunman
Entitled Illegal Aliens Set Up an Occupy-Style Camp at Palais Royal in Paris with NGO Assistance Demanding Free Housing - Police Respond (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft | 120
Report: NYC Mayor Eric Adams to Cut Services for New Yorkers So Migrants Can Stay in Hotels for Free
Mexican President Calls Texas Governor 'Inhumane, Immoral' Over Border Controls
Truth Social Post Prompts Jack Smith to Ask Judge to Prevent Trump from Releasing Discovery Evidence
Not on Libtard MSM: Nigger Riots Erupt in NYC After Streamer Tells Millions of Followers to Meet Up
Professor Claims Jason Aldean's 'Try That in a Small Town' Promotes 'Anti-Blackness,' Even Though Lyrics Make No References to Race
Australia's Coon Festival: $5K Ticket Price to Listen to Abo Music in Northern Australia
WA set to dump controversial Aboriginal heritage laws weeks after they were introduced