Racial News to Use - 2021 December

From Racial Loyalty News - Headlines

Rise of social media has 'turned university students into snowflakes'
Louisiana judge resigns after video captured her shouting the n-word at a black robbery suspect 
Journalist deletes Twitter after jokes that Queen Elizabeth should have died instead of Betty White 
White people told not to bother trying to get monoclonal antibody treatment - Only Black Lives Matter
Covid Australia Dr Nick Coatsworth predicts Omicron miracle as 137,000 catch Covid just 135 in ICU 
New York smashes COVID record again with 76,500 cases - city warned of testing site closures 
New studies reveal why Omicron variant is less severe than Delta
China slams Mercedes-Benz for perpetuating Western beauty ideals
J.K. Rowling slams cops for letting rape suspects ID as women
Why isn’t JK Rowling in the Harry Potter reunion?
Prince Andrew sexual assault allegations: Lawyers say six witnesses can link the royal to his accuser
Former Soldier Felt 'Safer in Afghanistan' than Multicultural Manchester
New York Refuses Antiviral Pills for White People
Louisiana Judge Resigns over N-Word Home Video
In Memoriam: 25 Americans Allegedly Killed by Illegal Aliens in 2021
Biden, with Help from GOP, Resettles Over 52,000 Afghans in U.S. in 2021
Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born in 2021, Outpacing Births in 49 States
Nigger's Sentence Lowered from 110 Years to 10 in Deadly Crash
2021: 1.9M Migrants Apprehended Along Southwest Border, 500K 'Got Aways'
Republicans, Democrats Ask DHS Mayorkas to Import More Cheap Labor
Human Smuggler Crashes Plane near West Texas Airport
NIGGERS: Mall of America forced into lockdown after reports of active shooter (VIDEO) — RT World News
‘BLM and CRT Movements Comprise a Gigantic Step Backward’: Leftist Professor of Media Studies
DOJ's Two-Tiered Justice System at Work: Violent Trans Antifa Activist Has Federal Charges Dropped for Assaulting Portland Police and Trying to Blind Them
White Model, 24, is filmed calling an thieving Paki bastard bouncer 'a little Paki f**k'
Disturbing Christmas video in Australia shows young Darky 'smoking a bong' as adults watch on
Tom Cotton: War on Crime Must Begin with Recalling, Removing ‘Every Last Soros’ District Attorney
David Goldberg's Last Words (2019)
Impeachment! Nancy Pelosi Splurges Millions on Big Tech Stock Amid Insider Trading Allegations
Black Women Who Harassed White Male Students at ASU Multicultural Center Are Found Guilty - Now Claim They Are Being Persecuted
PART 1: EXCLUSIVE EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE TIES TO JAN 6: The Origin of the Russia Sham - Don Berlin's Original Russia Dossier
PART 2: EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE TIES TO JAN 6: Origin of the Russia Sham – Real Russian Collusion with Robert Eringer
PART 3: WE CAUGHT THEM: Deep State Operative Don Berlin Presented Bogus Election Dossier to President Trump Before 1-6, Jan 6 Committee Using Insurrection Claim Insurrection Take Down President Trump
PART 4: - It Was a Set-Up: As Soon as Jan 6 Committee Obtained Deep State Operative Don Berlin's Bogus Election Dossier Claims, They Were Leaked to the Mainstream Media to Claim 'Trump Insurrection'
PART 5: Deep State Operative Don Berlin Has History with Creepy George Conway from the Lincoln Project
Kamala Harris Touts "Seven Principles" of Kwanzaa - Says Her Favorite Principle is "Kujichagulia"
Moment NYC Nig-Nog 'knifeman' flees after slashing woman, 41, in stomach as she walked with her two kids
NYE Sydney Black Supremacists: ABC viewers slam ‘woke’ 9pm children’s fireworks show
Australia: Greens silent over Abo attempt to burn Old Parliament House tweet
Jews ... Ghislaine Maxwell guilty: Epstein’s accomplice could name names in attempt to reduce prison sentence
Ghislaine Maxwell verdict: BBC panned for interview with Jewish Paedophile Alan Dershowitz
Bombshell: New Zealand Pays $1000 to Doctors For Euthanizing COVID-19 Patients
'Disgraceful' scenes as Indigenous protesters set fire to historic front entrance of Old Parliament
Richard III may have been INNOCENT of 'Princes in the Tower' murders, study claims
Cats could be BANNED from going outside under new rules in Australia
Goat 'with the face of a human' seen as a 'warning from God' is born in India 
Ex-Marine accused of being 'FBI plant sent to incite Jan 6 riot' is pictured on his ranch
BOMBSHELL: Revolver Investigation Exposes Massive Web Of Unindicted Operatives Who Coordinated Alongside Ray Epps To Turn January 6th Into a Riot
Back on June 18 Gateway Pundit Was First to Report on Deep State Plant Ray Epps at the J-6 Protests -- Today the Ray Epps Story Finally Made the Mainstream Daily Mail
FBI 'invented conspiracy' to kidnap Michigan governor, lawyers for five men charged say
Video: Whites on 3 Continents agree: Jews HATE Whites, Whites must resist & fight JEWS!
Why ALL Whites must DIE! The INTENSE Jewish HATRED of the White Race: What Jews OPENLY SAY!
Did Joe Biden just end the pandemic?
Victor Davis Hanson: Elites Killing America with Globalism, Tribalism
Victor Davis Hanson: Media Lied About Rittenhouse Because They Must 'Create Fantasies'
VDH: Antifa Are Typical CRT Grads: Arrogant, Ignorant, and Poor
Morgan Wallen had the biggest selling album of 2021 after he was canceled for using N-word
EU admits its relationship with Switzerland could COLLAPSE over trade clashes
China replaces soldiers with machinegun-carrying robots in Tibet
Australia may NEVER get the Port of Darwin back from Beijing China after Defence report handed down
How China’s trade war with Australia backfired
Your $1.7 billion of gold is now ours, UK tells starving Venezuelans
Kamala Harris is an illegal alien – Patriots for Truth
Teachers Force Pupils to Listen to BLM Claim Black People Who Commit Crime Are Being ‘Enslaved
Changing slaveholder school names is a chance to confront history - Chicago Sun-Times
What About America? U.S. Helps Ukraine to Strengthen Its Border With Russia, Belarus
Official who resigned in protest of trans swimmer Lia Thomas says she's 'destroying' sport
US-chartered evacuation flights suspended over fears Taliban were using planes to raise cash abroad
Two Afghan brothers charged in Germany with murdering sister 'because of her Western way of life'
Australia: Cleo Smith's hometown Australia in 'crisis' amid rising ABO crime rates
Man, 40, stabbed to death at train station in outer Melbourne - police hunt for his African attacker 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Deletes Its Reports about ‘Potential Terrorist’ Arrest in Arizona
Moroccan Migrant Strips Naked and Threatens Italian Locals With Knife
Previously Deported Armed Man Caught Smuggling Migrants in Arizona
Promising Covid data reveals Omicron-infected people develop enhanced immunity against Delta strain
MP Emma Hurst uncovers investigation into animal cruelty at DPI, NSW universities
Accused cannibal, Mark Latunski charged with eating Grindr date’s genitals due in court
UK covid: Brits to be hit by tough new rules from Boxing Day
First symptom of Omicron: Patients report scratchy throat, husky voice
Retrofit boxing trainer reveals common boxing mistake and shares workouts we can all do at home
Metal detectorist finds 2,000-year-old loaded dice that Romans used to cheat when gambling
Morris dancers reluctantly ditch 500-year-old blackface tradition
China Defends Joe Biden from 'Morbid Abuse' of 'Let's Go, Brandon'
'Let's Go, Brandon' Dad Says Xmas Call Represented 'God-Given Right to Express My Frustration'
Oregon father who said Let's Go Brandon to Biden said he was voicing 'disapproval' of the president
MSNBC: Man Saying 'Let’s Go Brandon' to Biden Is the ‘Slow-Motion Insurrection'
'The War Isn't Over': Stu Scheller Announces Discharge from Marine Corps
Victor Davis Hanson: California Is a Confederate Society with 'Sick Fixation' on Race
Kamala Harris Touts 'Seven Principles' of Marxist-Rooted Kwanzaa
Senate Democrats Celebrate Kwanzaa: ‘Especially Meaningful This Year’
Ann Coulter: Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI
Woke Anti-White BBC Third on 'Most Antisemitic' List, After Only Iran and Hamas
Oxford Union is accused of gagging free speech for advance vetting of controversial speakers 
Gone Broke: BBC viewers fume at 'socially conscious' Around The World In 80 Days
Go Woke, Go Broke - Major Brands Threatened by the Woke Planning to Send Them Broke
Anti-White/White Guilt: Cynthia Nixon refused SATC reboot unless it had more diversity
Dame Joan Collins, 88, claims she is NOT worried about 'tragic' and 'boring' cancel culture
USA Swimming Official Quits Over Trans Swimmer Competing Against Women
How the Nazis burned the book behind Bambi- How a Jew Attacked Germany in a 1926 Kids' Book
Never Marry a Jewess: Australian is banned from leaving Israel until 9999 unless he pays £1.8million in child support 
India: Hindu Mobs Burn Santa Claus in Effigy, Desecrate Jesus Statue
Crossbow Man 'Revenge' Video Investigated After Arrest at Queen's Castle
First picture: Crossbow-wielding Windsor Castle PAKi who 'wanted to assassinate the Queen'
Muslim trio of human traffickers who made £1m from Channel migrant crossings 
Two out of three asylum seekers claimed to be under 18 but lied about their age, new data suggests 
Illegal Alien Teen Charged with Abducting, Kidnapping 17-Year-Old Girl
Indiana mom bashes woke bail funds after one helped freed cocaine NIGGER 'who murdered her WHITE SON, 24'
Muslim Bikie is BANNED from Australia and wearing bikie colours
Spic & White dressed as Klansmen are indicted for assaulting a black teenager with a stun gun 
Five Wetback kids, aged 7 to 16, found home alone on Christmas morning after dad kills mom then himself
California Wetback shoots dead his grandmother and his father's girlfriend in on Christmas Day
Coronavirus can spread to the heart and brain within days and survive in organs for MONTHS
Crews will open 'real' time capsule buried where Robert E Lee statue once stood Tuesday
Hospital admissions fall over 50% in a year, promising new figures on Omicron variant show
CDC halves COVID isolation to five days
The deadly fungus that preys on coronavirus patients and could have killed thousands
FNC's Dr. Makary: 'We've Never Seen This Level of Martial Law and Paternalism to Prevent Mild Infection'
1944: The Tale of a Finnish Hero of the War Against Soviet Russia
Arnold Schwarzenegger donates $250k for 25 new tiny homes to homeless veterans
Mysterious 'Elmswell Elf' who left out Christmas presents on doorsteps of 220 homes is outed
Dead NIG. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South African anti-apartheid leader, dies at 90
Dead Nigger: Desmond Tutu has died aged 90
WATCH: Security Roughs Up Reporter as Canada's Justin Trudeau Arrives at Event
Texas parents outraged after teacher read Dr. Seuss-style poem mocking 'evangelicals' and 'bigots'
BLM? ROTFLMWAO! At Least 18 Shot Christmas Eve into Sunday Morning in Lightfoot’s Chicago
Trudeau Wants Alliance Against China at DuckDuckGo
Texas high school shooting NIGGER granted bond arrested for violating terms of release
Hero serial killer Robert Maudsley will 'die in underground glass box' after losing appeal because he Killed Paedophiles
Grease was Racist - Snowflakes hit out at 'creepy, fat-shaming' Love Actually after it is shown on Xmas telly
She Went Black ... Australian footballer ex-wife sends a message to domestic abuse victims after she was awarded $500,000
Judges are told to say 'postal operative' instead of 'postman' in gender-neutral language guidelines
NYC Paki Hospital Boss 'Grilled White Surgeon on her Sex Life' After Saved a Rectal Patient 
Fully Vaccinated Holland America Cruise Ship Turned Away After COVID-19 Positive Tests Reported
Covid: "We're all going to get it" - State Govt Pleads with Australians to only get tested if they have symptoms
Unjabbed people who catch Covid are 60 TIMES more likely to end up in intensive care
Sydney hospital tells 400 people on Christmas Covid tests were negative when they were POSITIVE 
Students: Misogynist 'Frosty the Snowman' Is Not 'Gender Inclusive'
The Joe Biden Comedy Portal
Joe Biden Christmas Disaster: NORAD Santa Call Ends with President Agreeing with 'Let's Go, Brandon!'
LOL! WH Cuts Short Media Access to Military Christmas Call with Biden After ‘Let's Go, Brandon’ Mess
Joe Biden ambushed by ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ insult during Christmas Eve phone call
Biden Bring in White Nurses to Sing for White House Christmas Special - Put Masks on the NIGGERS!
Merry Xmas: Muslim Armed With Box Cutter Arrested After Threats in French -Church - But It's OK, He Was Nuts
Woke Pope Francis Hates Wiggers Too!
Global Warming Just Became Real: China Fires Pp ‘Artificial Sun’ That is SEVEN TIMES HOTTER Than Real Sun
NASA enlists 24 theologians to assess how the world would react to the discovery of alien life
Hollywood's Sinking Ship Sends Actors Flocking to Anti-American Chinese Propaganda Films
Poland's ruling party leader says Germany is trying to turn EU into 'German Fourth Reich'
Judge orders NYT to return documents to Project Veritas and remove story on reporters and lawyers 
Pedophile Christian boarding school doctor in Missouri charged with sodomy, sexually assaulting kids
Sanctuary Story: How the Man Behind 'A Christmas Story' Became Collateral Damage for Open Borders Agenda
Sweden Has Seen Over 80 Explosions and Bombings in 2021
UK Will Resettle up to 20,000 People Directly From Afghan From January
People Smuggler's Grim Death Toll Rises to with Capsized Migrant Boat
Texas - Photos: People Smugglers Don't Stop Work for Xmas
Census: 1% of California's Population Fled the State in 2021
Black Lives Matter Tell Students 'Crime Is Made Up'
BLM? Not When it's a Black Cop
NY Governor Hochul pardons nine illegal aliens and commutes one
Miami cops arrest Nig 'serial killer' estate agent, 25, for 'killing two men and shooting a third'
Four Nigs behind a spate of 'follow-home' robberies in Los Angeles arrested Jose Ruiz Gutierrez
She Went Black & Wont Be Back: PICTURED: Girlfriend, 29, killed after NFL Nig's 200mph car crash
San Francisco APPROVES new measure that will see notorious Tenderloin District flooded with cops
Far-Left Daily Beast Turns on Joe Biden: "Progressives, Moderates, Republicans—Nobody Trusts Joe Biden"
BRILLIANT: The 12 Months of Election Cover-Ups in Georgia - From Voter GA (VIDEO)
Hate group activity on Space Coast being monitored by ADL
Kentucky Man Finds His Cat Alive in Rubble 9 Days After Tornado
Sorry Santa, you're too white, straight and male, poll finds
Canadian Imam Compares Wishing Merry Christmas to Congratulating Murderers, Pedophiles
Wetback Opinion: Denver Elementary’s “PLAYGROUND NIGGER NIGHT” isn’t racist or segregation
Poll: 72% of Americans Say They Distrust Facebook with Their Data
Internal Amazon Documents Show Alexa Owners Aren't Using Devices
Report: Democrats to Recruit Campaign Staffers Based on Race, Sexuality
Biden is Proud: Cartels Succeed in Record Delivery of Illegal Youth, Child Migrants in 2021
Niggress armed with a PICKAXE seen casually shoplifting at a Rite Aid in crime-ridden Los Angeles
UK Illegal Entrants to be Electronically Tagged to Prevent Black Market Work
Agents Find 6-Year-Old Dirty Illegal Darky Caring for 1-Year-Old at Border
Refugee to Stand Trial in 2022 for Allegedly Killing 7 Americans
Second American Victim of Illegal Alien Killer Dies from His Injuries
New York Magazine Celebrates Female Sexual Self-Mutilation
Former Police Officer Kim Potter Found Guilty in Death of Daunte Wright
Michigan School District Pushes Students, Families to Join BLM Protests
MN School Board Votes for Extra Pay for Non-White Teachers
Alex Jones Files Lawsuit Against January 6 House Select Committee
"Gifts Being Delivered, Shelves Are Not Empty" - Biden Absurdly Claims Supply Chain Crisis "Didn't Occur"
24 States Sue Biden Admin Over COVID-19 Mandates for Children, Staff in ‘Head Start’ Education Program
Daunte Wright victims tell of his violent past
Kim Potter jurors reach 'trial outcome' on day four of deliberations 
Transgender paedophile, 60, jailed for 20 months for having sex with a dog is sent to a male prison
Trans Woman Jailed After Using Cocaine, Having Sex with Dog
Cocaine Addict Joe Biden Voter Identifying as Woman Rapes a Dog?!?! - YouTube
Man sacked from his job in South Australia after vaccination bungle
Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs sparked two YEARS of darkness on Earth, study reveals 
Former Australian Prime Minister Worried Health Bureaucrats Addicted to Abuse of Power
Inventor of the 'suicide pod' plans to create a lethal body implant
New Jersey to pay $53million to families of 119 residents at state veterans homes who died of COVID
South Africa STOPS contact tracing and quarantine: Asymptomatic Covid sufferers won't isolate
Covid-19 UK: Record 1.4MILLION people had Covid in UK last week
Omicron Covid IS MILDER, three major studies confirm: Research in England, Scotland and South Africa
Prime MInister Jacinda Ardern Abuses Another New Zealander During Chat About Covid
WHO tells wealthy nations 'you can't boost your way out of the pandemic'
Australians NEED to catch Covid-19 says Queensland's top doctor
Nasty backlash erupts after Dr Nick Coatsworth said Omicron WON'T be a disaster for Australia
Omicron sufferers are 40% less likely to be admitted to hospital than those with Delta
Christmas Covid crackdown sweeps Europe: Austria will make un-boosted British tourists quarantine
Don't Believe Asbestos Industry - Undisturbed Asbestos Causes Cancer - Doctor Dies After Giving Warning
The real climate change villain is CHINA
Dogs seem to know the basic way objects should behave, study claims 
Unexpected friendship between two Gold Coast staffies and magpie blossoms
Muslims Take Belgian Ritual Slaughter Ban To EU Human Rights Court
UK: Brother of Little White Girl Raped Murdered by Muslims, Eaten in Kebabs & Used for Tile Grout Dies
FBI rat wore a wire, risked his life to expose who was in the KKK
The Multi-National Corporations Sponsoring China's Genocide Olympics
33 Congressmen Sit on Advisory Board of Group with Ties to CCP
MI school district suggests joining BLM protests, warns calling US 'land of opportunity' is 'microaggression'
U. condemns racism as investigators review reports of KKK on campus, feces on student's door
Michigan public school district offers '21 day equity challenge' with 'white privilege checklist'
University of Utah investigates claims KKK group on campus has been trying to recruit students
Pope Francis: ‘No White Country Can Exempt Itself’ from Duty to Take in the Subhuman Mud Races
Foreign-Born Population in U.S. Projected to Hit Record 70M by 2060
Census: U.S. Population Hits 331.9M, Driven Mostly by Legal Immigration
Analysis: Biden on Pace to Bring 2M Illegal Aliens to U.S. by Year End
PBS Poll: Biden Approval Rating Lower with Hispanics than White People
Several illegal immigrant stash houses uncovered in one week in El Paso Sector
Sand Nigger Life: Murdering Their Own Families in Australia
Dead Whites: Cardashian demands court reconsider 110-year sentence for wetback in crash that killed four
Ann Coulter: The Daunte Wright NYT Readers Don’t Know!
Residents Demand DA Be Fired After Waukesha Parade Massacre
Terrifying rise of AI ‘slaughterbots’ could wipe out humanity
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Joe Biden Ignores Coronavirus Treatments and Therapeutics in Omicron Alarm Speech
Biden Warns People 'Peddling Lies' About Coronavirus Vaccines
US Army develops vaccine to fight all COVID variants
Pfizer pill becomes 1st US-authorized home COVID treatment - Breitbart
Omicron: Cases may have peaked, says top doctor, as studies show variant causing fewer hospitalisations
US health regulator authorizes Pfizer’s Covid pill
Pfizer’s ‘staggering’ breakthrough as world’s first Covid-19 pill approved
Biden Administration Offers Bonuses to Doctors Who Discriminate Against Whites
Harvard prof faces jail after lying about $50,000-a-month salary from Wuhan university
Army to announce it has developed a single vaccine that protects from ALL variants of COVID and SARS
Boris hits the brakes on Christmas lockdown as scientists give glimmer of hope
New vaccine coming to Australia: Health Minister says 51 million Novavax doses arriving next month
This is how you get an actual civil war, America — Blame Whitey for Everything
College Engineering Student Gets 30 Days In Jail For Entering Capitol Despite Having No Criminal Record
January 6 Rioter Sentenced to Four Years in Prison
Judge upholds felony obstruction charge against Oath Keepers in Jan. 6 Capitol riot
Court Fight in Michigan Over Dead People on Voter Lists Heats Up
Lefties Go Nuts: Email database leak reveals dozens of military members, government employees, and academic personnel are active members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
New Zealand: Ex skinhead 'white supremacist' in state house terrorising Christchurch neighbours
Australia lists neo-Nazi group The Base and Hezbollah as terrorist organisations
MSM Approve Australia Listing The Base as a Terrorist Group - Bitches About America Not Doing Enough
A Spaniard playing a Cuban! "THAT'S RACIST!" They’ll be letting Aussies play Americans next!
Math test for teachers ruled racist & unconstitutional — Because Niggers are DUMB
American Jews OK With Anti-Whiteness in Universities - But NOT Anti-Semitism
Here's why black and Asian Americans can't find solidarity — NIGGERS ARE RACIST!
The lawless city that epitomizes America’s urban decline
BLM will call you a racist for shopping at stores they have no problem taking money from
Border Patrol Agent: 'Utilize Your Second Amendment' for Safety
Calais: Lorry Driver Dies After Altercation With Stowaway Migrants
Report: Biden Administration Considers Releasing Money to Taliban
Census: Biden Drives Up Foreign-Born Population Across Swing States
American Pedophile Priest jailed for 12 years in East Timor for 'horrendous' child sex abuse at orphanage
Kentucky Sand Nigger 'who traveled to Syria to join ISIS' appears in federal court
Four Nigs deny conspiracy to murder 'Black Panther of Oxford' BLM activist Sasha Johnson
Confronting moment a vicious brawl breaks out between two groups of Sand Niggers outside Sydney pub
Military Begins Discharging Service Members over Coronavirus Vaccine
Austria hiring people-hunters to pursue and fine the unvaxxed
Unvaccinated people who caught Delta have virtually no protection against Omicron
New York State COVID-19 Law Is Moving in Direction of WWII Internment of Japanese Americans
Biden Lies: ‘almost all’ Covid victims in America were unvaccinated
Biden Plans to Deploy Military, Distribute 500 Million Tests Amid COVID-19 Omicron Wave
CNN Medical Analyst Wen: ‘Don’t Wear a Cloth Mask,' Non-Surgical Masks Are 'Facial Decorations'
Covid US: Fauci says Omicron spreads at 'unprecedented' speed and cases will DOUBLE every two days
Long-lost Temple of Hercules Gaditanus from the 9th century BC found off the coast of Spain 
Judging Whites Only: Pentagon finds highest number of active service members engaging in extremism ever
US confirms first Omicron death of unvaccinated Houston man in 50s who'd PREVIOUSLY been infected
5 most common omicron COVID symptoms now - al.com
First omicron symptoms you will feel in first 48 hours of catching it
Social media users share the most incredible shots of nature thinking outside the box 
Vikings: Blood Eagle ritual where a victim's lungs were pulled out of their back WAS feasible
Anti-Censorship Platform Gab.com Launches Payment Processing Service
Facebook failed to crack down on extremist content, report reveals 
Report: Facebook Failed to Stop Islamic Extremism from Going Viral
'It's nothing like blackface': West Wing creator defends casting Spanish star as a Cuban in new film
Pentagon records shows that a pattern of failures in airstrikes has killed thousands of civilians
DC teacher is put on leave after making class of kids aged 8 and 9 re-enact the HOLOCAUST
Editor of Swimming World says transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has advantages over competitors
Fox News Was The Most-Watched Cable Network Of 2021--Beating CNN And MSNBC
Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6
Florida man who sprayed cops with fire extinguisher jailed for 63 months for January 6 riot
'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland: 'It'd Be Nice to See Something Different' than White, Male Spider-Man
Jews Bitch: Spiderman Used To Be Jewish — But Not Anymore
Jewish Bette Midler Attacks White West Virginians as 'Poor, Illiterate and Strung Out'
Oxford University may make 'woke scores' part of the criteria when recruiting academics
Biden calls Kamala 'President Harris'
Biden to announce new Covid measures Tuesday as Omicron variant spikes across US
Four in 10 Covid cases are asymptomatic and pregnant women are most likely to be 'silent carriers'
New Zealand man, 26, died after Pfizer Covid vaccine 'probably' caused rare heart problem
Moderna says its booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine protects against fast-spreading Omicron
South Africa's daily Covid cases fall for the THIRD day in a row and hospital admissions drop 20%
Dr. Fauci Warns that Hospitals Could be "Overwhelmed" Within Weeks With Omicron Patients
Pfizer to test three doses of COVID vaccine in kids under five after finding two shots isn't enough
Michigan city gets ready to inaugurate all-Muslim government
Fallout continues for Lafayette judge that was caught on video calling a Nigger a Cockroach
Cancer Treatment Association Member Blasts Woke 'Political Nonsense' Invading Medical World
McDonald's To Pay Black Store Owner $33.5 Million To End Bias Suit | HuffPost Latest News
Portland has among highest percentage increase of homicides in US for two years in a row: Andy Ngo
Black SF Mayor FINALLY admits city is 'in crisis' and declares 'state of emergency' to combat streets
Special Prosecutor Releases Full Report on Investigation of Soros-Backed Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case
NYC: Stabbing Spree that Left Italian Ph.D Student Dead Believed to Be an Act of Black Terrorism
Black Australian Footballer on 88 Charges of Bashing his White Wife
Black American Footballer is a Pedophile
Nigger bouncer called N-word says 'it was worse than stab threats' as White woman jailed for rant
The worst November at the border in DHS history
More than 1,000 illegals tried to cross the Channel in four DAYS
1 Million Migrants Apprehended in Texas-Based Border Sectors Since Biden Inauguration
‘Terrorist’ from Saudi Arabia Found Crossing Border into Arizona, Say Feds
Covington Teen Nicholas Sandmann Settles $275 Million Lawsuit with NBC
Brexit Britain Signs Trade Deal with Australia, Righting 'Historic Wrong'
Asians Have Natural Resistance: China Made Covid to Kill WHITES & BLACKS in a Biological RACE WAR
Cornell U: 'Virtually Every Case' of Omicron in Fully Vaccinated Students
IRS Filing: Zuckerberg Grantee Spent $332 Million on 2020 Election
Zuckerberg's FWD.us Claims No Amnesty Ensures 2022 Democrat Defeat
Report: Leaked Documents Reveal Facebook's Research on Competitors to Crush
LOL @ Trump Criticizes American Jews over Lack of Support for Israel
Police: Woke Louisiana State U. Prof Arrested for Child Porn, Sexual Abuse of Animal
Police: Nigger Serial Killer in Virginia Responsible for Four Murders
Illegal Alien Wetback Arrested After Killing 26-Year-Old Corbin Wagner
6 Niggers Arrested After Committing 70 Crimes Targeting Asian Women
J.K. Rowling Blasts Scottish Police For Logging Male Rapists As ‘Women’
Sand-Nigger welcomed to Britain who stands accused of raping and murdering White girl, 13, in Vienna
Jews getting the Hose Again Precious - "I wish it was gas"
School owes tranny freak student $4 million in bathroom case
Enraged monkeys kill 250 DOGS by throwing them from heights in India
Heartwarming moment Kentucky tornado victim is reunited with her dog Nola
Happy 100th birthday to the Bloody Mary - the only hangover cure that works! 
Segregation in US schools is back and it's spreading, writes professor Wilfred Reilly
Haitian gang releases 12 remaining US and Canadian hostages after ransom demanded $1M per missionary
Man forced off United Airlines plane for wearing red women's underwear over his face as a mask
Proteins taken from SHARK immune systems can prevent COVID-19 and its new variants
CNN Hate's White People - Loves the Kiddies Another CNN Producer Asked Parent For Child Porn
Syrian air defenses respond to ‘Israeli aggression’ – state media
Mom reveals dog saved baby's life, breaks into nursery when she realized she'd stopped breathing
Democrats Changed American Elections by Refusing to Accept Republican Winners
Mia Farrow Shames Disney for 'Home Alone' Poster with 'White, Male Carrying Guns'
January 6 Committee Admits It Doctored Republican Text Message in Adam Schiff's Presentation
Obama's Ethics Director Attacks Pelosi for Supporting Stock Trading
Pelosi Defends Trading Stocks - Members of Congress Violated Law Designed to Stop Insider Trading
TX AG Paxton: Biden’s Open Border Policies Hurt Americans
France Closes Border to UK, Meanwhile Channel Migrant Crisis Rages On
Joe Biden Flying Illegal Aliens, Deported by Trump, Back to U.S.
Two Human Smugglers Sentenced in Drowning Death of Migrant on California Coast
Biden's Agencies Purge the Term 'Alien'
Pro-Migration Activists Accelerate 'Hate' Campaign Vs. Immigration Reformers
Man Punches Connecticut School Board Member Over 'Racially Insensitive' Mascot Debate
Brave Philadelphia boy, 14, shoots robber in the FACE for trying to raid his family's pizza shop
Two Top Real Estate Sites Remove 'Racist' Crime Data
NFL Giving Thousands to 'Defund the Police' Groups
Alabama Nigger 'child killer' accused of murdering girl, 5, had a history of child abuse charges
WETBACK Beaten to Death by NIGGERS in Chicago While Putting Up Christmas Lights
Thai model attacked by NIGGER on New York subway platform
NYC: Stabbing Spree That Left Italian Ph.D Student Dead Believed To Be An Act Of Black Terrorism
Davide Giri, il New York Times minimizza l'omicidio a opera di Vincent Pinkney- Corriere.it
Un bianco massacrato non fa notizia: così Davide è stato ucciso due volte - ilGiornale.it
Waukesha: Attacker Convicted Pedophile, Repeat Felon Self-Described Black Terrorist Who Preached Violence Against White People
Gypsy Dykes Murder Baby Because Authorities Feared Being Called RACIST HOMOPHOBIC
Covid cases are still FALLING in locked-down Austria, Belgium and Holland
Biden Spreads COVID Misinformation: Vaccinated 'Do Not Spread' Virus
Twitter Bans Claim that Vaccinated Can Spread Coronavirus
Is THIS why Omicron is spreading so rapidly?
Could it be Hillary vs Trump AGAIN? Former First Lady could run in 2024, politics insider warns
Louisiana judge asks Nigger burgler for 'forgiveness' after spewing racial slurs in video
Prevalence of the Omicron variant increased seven-fold in ONE WEEK
Moderna booster shot increases Omicron fighting antibodies 20-fold
Covid South Africa: Omicron infections FALL in Gauteng province despite huge testing increase
It's an Africoon! Australia Covid cluster 'patient zero' fined $10,000 after super spreader club party
Risk of DUAL infection from Omicron and Delta could create a new super-mutant variant
Omicron variant spreads faster but is less likely to cause severe infection, study finds
VACCINATED VARIANT: Only 20% Of Omicron Cases Found In Unvaccinated People, CDC Says
Expert reveals it's the vaccinated that are spreading the Omicron variant of Covid-19
Sand-Nigger Mafia Has Invaded Every Facet of Australian Life
Biden Releases 1,500 JFK Files, Still Over 10,000 Redacted Or Withheld 58 Years Later
Trashed UN Pamphlets Found In Mexico Tell Illegal Immigrants How To Get Refugee Status In America
Biden Says Nation Owes 'Black And Brown Communities' More Gun Control On Sandy Hook Anniversary
Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed From New York City Hall, Where It Stood For 187 Years
VIDEO: Elderly, Incoherent Jesse Jackson To Lead Protests After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
Catholic University of America Displays Painting of George Floyd Depicted as Jesus Christ
ESPN Airs Bubba Wallace Documentary On 'Anniversary' Of NASCAR Driver's Hate Hoax
Cut Immigration, Cut Unemployment to push Aussies into work amid Covid skills shortages
How to beat your Christmas party hangover for less than $2
Playboy: Holly Madison recalls life with perverted Hebe Hefner
Woke Salvation Army Asks Donors to Apologize for White Supremacy
Woke Salvation Army Struggles for Donations, Volunteers
Facebook Admits in Court That 'Fact Checks' Are Just Opinion
BUSTED: Adam Schiff Appears to Fake Evidence in Text Messages at January 6 Committee
Leaked Reports: Few Border Patrol Agents on Patrol in Arizona
NYT: China Uses Western YouTubers as Communist Propaganda Tools
Gov. DeSantis Goes on Offense Against CRT, Proposes Stop WOKE Act
Black Jussie Smollett Trial Juror Appalled He Put the 'Noose' Back On for Police: 'It Didn't Add Up
Biden Admin, California Lawmakers Move to Eliminate 'Racist' Highways
VIDEO: ESPN Repeats Lie That Someone Put a Noose in Bubba Wallace's Stall
Data indicate omicron is milder, better at evading vaccines
January 6 organizers SUE Verizon to stop them handing cell phone records
Australia's borders open to Muds
Female competitor speaks out saying it's 'IMPOSSIBLE' to beat UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas
Australian comedian Vince Sorrenti's Amore 2GB radio singalong sparks Maori row
Australian comedian Vince Sorrenti slammed for ‘unacceptable’ Maori joke
China says US military will face ‘justice’ over civilian deaths
Israel Boycott: South African Government Faces Call to Apologize to Miss South Africa After Top 3 Finish
MSNBC: Red States Are Going to Pass ‘Vigilantism Laws’ to Round Up People 'That Look Like Foreigners'
DeSantis: Bus Illegal Aliens Out of Florida to Delaware, Martha's Vineyard
Afghans Brought to U.S. Offered Free Housing, Food Stamps, $2K Checks
'So Easy I was Cruising': Tranny U. Penn Swimmer Bragged About Beating Female Opponents
BLM White-Owned Business Boycott -- 'Anti-American'
90 Migrants Found in Multiple Texas Stash Houses near Border
Family Claims Tranny Destroyed Elderly Couple's Instacart Grocery Order Because Of Pro-Police Lawn Sign
Party Of Hate: Polling Shows Democrats Despise, Discriminate Against Republican Peers
ADL Writes Letter Begging Fox News To Stop Tucker Carlson's January 6 Documentary Before It Airs
1/6 DC Jail Deputy Warden Deletes Twitter After Anti-Trump Tweets Exposed: 'F**k Everyone Who Supports Trump'
Jan 6 Prosecutors: Unindicted Co-Conspirators Not Credible, Except For When We Quote Them
VIDEO: Biden's Staff Scream At Him To Not Answer Questions, He Defies Them And Takes One Anyway
Lightfoot’s Chicago: Smash and Grab Thieves Steal $1 Million in Merchandise from Auto Gallery
FACT CHECK: Biden Claims Kentucky Tornado Linked to ‘Climate Change’
Vladirmir Putin says he drove taxi to make ends meet after Soviet union fall
Putin worked as a cab driver after the fall of the USSR to make ends meet
Rumble Claims to be Free Speech YouTube - Banned 'Hate Speech' & 'Anti-Semitism' on Trump's Order
Denmark's former immigration minister JAILED for ordering separation of some asylum seeking couples
Derek Chauvin set to plead GUILTY to federal civil rights charges over killing of George Floyd
Sharna Walker, 25, who shouted racist abuse and spat at Wetherspoons bouncer is jailed for 14 weeks
Army colonel who suggested overturning the election by declaring a national emergency met Meadows
'Real life Squid Game': How family of sadistic Korean man found living in Australia
Microplastics: Experts in Antarctica find that 89% of samples analysed came from THEIR SHIP 
Idaho church replaces stained glass window with image of first black female Methodist bishop
Oakland records its 131st murder of the year - the highest in nine years
Man confesses to murdering girlfriend on Facebook Live then kills wife and himself
Kamala Harris ridiculed for puff piece on her office decorations amid crisis at southern border
CNN producer boasted that he 'sexually trained' girls as young as seven, indictment claims
The Omicron Covid variant has now been confirmed over 150 times in 30 US states
Fury over lack of transparency on UK's first Omicron death, was victim fully-jabbed and vulnerable?
Daily Covid cases in Omicron ground zero South Africa surge 119% in week and admissions jump 141%
Mayor Declares State of Emergency in Arizona City Rocked by Illegal Immigration
Blaming Whitey: South Africa suffering from a “chronically failing education system”
Hillary Clinton Predicts Trump Running Again in 2024, Warns of 'Dire Consequences' (VIDEO)
Darky Holds Up Bananas - But Blame Whitey: 'These children should not be taught hatred.' Racist gesture caught on camera during Mepham, Elmont HS basketball game
'Humanitarian crisis': Yuma declares local emergency amid migrant surge at Mexico border
Covid-19 UK: 'You WILL come into contact with Omicron unless you're a hermit,' expert warns
White supremacists have made massive profits through bitcoin, new analysis suggests
Bitcoin surge was a windfall for white supremacists, research finds
Bitcoin surge a boon for white nationalists: study
Arrogant Jew Seth Rogen claims 'tens of thousands of white supremacists pissed off' by his 'Santa Inc.' series
Charlottesville will melt down controversial Robert E Lee statue at centre of 2017 hate rally
Marjorie Taylor Greene claims jailed Capitol riot suspects’ own public defenders call them ‘white supremacists’
Marjorie Taylor Greene claims jailed Capitol riot suspects’ own public defenders call them ‘white supremacists’
Argentine army lashed rocket launcher to a slide in futile bid to defeat British troops 
Serbs Threaten Secession from Muslim-Majority Bosnia - US Threatens White Serbia
New Zealand academic got CANCELLED after he condemned plan to teach Maori beliefs in science classes
Darky Holds Up Bananas - But Blame Whitey: 'These children should not be taught hatred.' Racist gesture caught on camera during Mepham, Elmont HS basketball game
Blaming Whitey: South Africa suffering from a “chronically failing education system”
Brick etched with ‘KKK’ removed from Orlando neighborhood street
MSNBC's Heilemann Claims '30 Million People Right Now' Ready to Take Up Arms for Trump
(((Reiner))): Trump Followers 'Are Not Hesitant to Use Guns' - Arrest Them All! 'We Have to Stop' the Coup Now
Hillary Clinton: If Trump Wins in 2024, It 'Could Be the End of Our World'
Hillary Clinton Predicts Trump Running Again in 2024, Warns of 'Dire Consequences'
Black Democrats Want to Give Illegal Aliens in GA the ‘Right to Vote’ No More Whitey!
LOL @ Jewess Sarah Silverman Dragged as Racist for Correcting Niggress Joy Reid
UK: Sand-Nigger Jailed for Blackmailing 2k Victims Into Paedophilia, Self-Harm
She went Black ... Human remains found in hunt for ex-NFL nigger's missing White girlfriend
Chicago niggers steal watches worth millions from luxury car dealership
California Wetback Charged with Raping Six Women
Jussie Smollett faces $130k lawsuit from City of Chicago and separate filing from Osundairo siblings
Jussie Smollett juror says they were convinced he lied about hate crime after he gave poor testimony
Convicted Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Has a jewish Father Who Would "Kill You if You Called Him White"
Annoying WNBL USA basketball nigger accuses Basketball Australia of racism over her braids
'Humanitarian crisis': Yuma declares local emergency amid migrant surge at Mexico border
Mayor Declares State of Emergency in Arizona City Rocked by Illegal Immigration
DeSantis Strikes Back: Emergency Florida Rule Bars Licenses To Facilities Housing Illegal Aliens
Biden’s dangerous deportation drop
Covid-19 UK: 'You WILL come into contact with Omicron unless you're a hermit,' expert warns
Fauci says he's continuing to evaluate whether booster is needed to be considered fully vaccinated
Covid chaos in South Africa as country finds 19,000 unrecorded cases and President tests positive
Three shots of Pfizer vaccine DOES protect against Omicron, Israeli study shows 
Man receives the Covid-19 vaccine ten times in one day after getting paid by anti-vaxxers
New Zealand fraudster charges more than $100 to get Covid vaccines on behalf of anti-vaxxers
Gold earring found in Denmark may have been gifted by the Emperor of Byzantium to a Viking chief
Archaeology: Ireland's oldest INK PEN that dates back some 1,000 years found in County Clare
Jewish Breitbart Pretend Jussie Smollett & Other Anti-Whiteness is Just Left vs MAGA
Boycott Kellogg's: Kellogg's Set to Replace White American Workers
LOL@Nigger Thief: Car Crushes Catalytic Converter Thief to Death, Sheriff's Office Says
WaPo Gook Accuses Math Curriculums of ‘Racism’
California Schools Drop ‘D’ and ‘F’ Grades
Jewish Fantasy - Sex & The City Chastised by Niggers for White Privilege - Old, Sexless & Woke in The City...
China Did It! Farmer reveals the 'absolutely terrifying' reality of Australia's urea shortage
South Africa: Stupid nigger drives along with his car balanced on a TROLLEY to replace his rear wheel
Hundreds of illegals traveling north through Mexico block highway, bring traffic to standstill
Australia: Paedophile Asian cops who filmed themselves with schoolgirl threatened in jail
UK: Muslim paedophile who blackmailed 2,000 women into sending him explicit videos is jailed for 32 years
Italian bishop apologises after telling children 'Santa Claus does not exist'
Six Egyptians are arrested for 'raping TEN underage girls daily at migrant centre in Sicily' 
Black Privilege: Meghan Markle Bullied Staff but Buckingham Palace Wont Rock the Meghan Too Boat
Omicron-hotspot London is suffering the FASTEST growth in cases of all England's regions
Austrians aged 14 and over who refuse Covid vaccines will be fined £1,000 per month
BLM backs shamed actor Jussie Smollett despite being a convicted liar
Australia: Watch How This Man Reportedly Handles A COVID Compliance Check
Good News! 53 die in horror crash of truck smuggling migrants in Mexico - NZ Herald
English Aristocrat Who Called “Activist Against Antisemitism” Jewish Scum Jailed
LOL! Colombia Police Cadets Dressed Up as National Socialists for a Cultural Event
WikiLeaks Anti-White Founder Julian Assange may be Extradited to the US
Crucifixion: 'World's best example' found in Cambridgeshire in form of slave with nail in his heel
Stunning Viking sword featuring an animal paw design on the buckle is discovered in Orkey
Pommie poofter says Australia exports in brunch and casual racism in climate change dig
China Did It! Australia has five weeks' supply of urea left for diesel engines
Mud Life in Australia: Afghani mum accused of selling daughter to an Uber driver who killer her to stand trial
Biden Reads 'End of Message' Off of His Notes During Bob Dole Eulogy
Rice-Nigger 'Arsonist' who torched Fox News's Christmas tree FREED less than 24 hours later
‘Justice for Jussie’: a Media Chronicle of a Hate Crime Hoax
NAACP Blamed Donald Trump for Fake Hate Crime Against Jussie Smollett
L.A. Black Lives Matter Calls Jussie Smollett Trial a 'White Supremacist Charade': 'Never Believe Police'
Biden and Harris redfaced after old tweets supporting Jussie Smollett resurface to light
Jussie Smollett's fall from grace: Hero victim to laughing stock
Jussie Smollett is convicted of five counts of disorderly conduct and faces 20 years in jail
Biden Plans Blood Transfusions from US Olympic Marathon Runners as Cure for Dementia
New Zealand: PM Jacinda Ardern's BAN on smoking will lead to Black Market Tobacco
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shuts down Facebook commenter during live video - NZ Herald
Naps TRIPLES your chances of solving complicated puzzles because it taps into 'creative sweet spot'
Australia's Latest Excuse to Import Millions of Muds to Replace WHITEY
European scam whistle-blower reveals how scammers get your phone number and how to avoid them
Nigger calmly shoots gas station clerk in the face at point blank range before punching him
Johnson and Johnson kept quiet on popular diabetes drug as red flags
Effectiveness of the vaccines at preventing hospitalization from Covid drops after 120 days
South Africa's daily Covid cases soar to another five-month high
Pfizer's boss says FOURTH Covid jab will be needed next winter
Covid cases may be reaching a peak in Omicron epicentre in South Africa, expert claims
Fauci says its a matter of 'when, not if' the definition of 'fully vaccinated' will require booster
Circumcision warning after two-year-old dies and brother almost bleeds out in Western Australia
China warns UK, US and Australia will 'pay the price' for boycotting Winter Olympics
More Republicans Vow to Sue NYC over Voting Rights for Non-Citizens
IoT: Chinese smart technology poses security threat to Australia
Twitter Blacklists Account Providing Updates on Ghislaine Maxwell Trial
Newly-released pics show Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein cuddling in Queen’s cabin
Covid: Children aged 5 to 11 approved for Pfizer vaccine, rollout from January 10
China threatens Australia, US over Winter Olympics boycott, Beijing response
Toddler dies after allegedly botched circumcision at Perth medical clinic
Dozens of Camels Ejected from Saudi Beauty Contest over Botox
US Education Board Suggests Unvaccinated with Religious Exemptions Deserve to Die
Germany Sees 1,000-Officer Dawn Raid Against Human Trafficker Org
Scotland Replaces Word 'Addict' with 'Person with Problematic Drug Use'
Taliban Arrests Dozens for Selling Illegal Passports to Desperate Travelers
LOL @ American Islamic Official Declares U.S. Jewish Groups, Synagogues ‘Enemies’
ABC News Warns Murder Surging in 12 Cities, Omits They Are Run by Dems
Fox News Christmas Tree Catches Fire, Nigger Arrested
Deal with the Devil: Apple Signed $275 Billion Contract with China to Avoid Crackdown
Parents: LA Public Schools Vaccinated Children Without Parental Consent
Pro-Amnesty Democrats Threaten Senate Referee's Authority
‘Savage’ Crimes No Longer Have Consequences — Civilization ‘Breaking Down’ in ‘Slow-Motion’
Ukrainian Soldiers on Russia Invasion Threat: 'There Are a Lot of Lies'
Mark Meadows Sues Nancy Pelosi and Every Member of January 6 Committee: 'Unconstitutional'
UNREAL: Lori Lightfoot Blames Chicago Business Owners for Looting, Says Stores ‘Not Doing Enough’
Violent Sudanese Force Their Way Into Apartment In Minneapolis, Viciously Beat Teen and Her Mother
Covid-19 NZ: Traffic light system and vaccine passes - Your questions answered
Patriot Front Leaks: Rape Gangs Are Good if They Target White Girls & All Females Should be Property Under White Sharia
Convicted New Zealand sex worker killer from Africa loses legal action over access to Quran
Dogs understand 89 WORDS on average, study reveals 
Archaeology: Man with strong jawline buried in Scotland 1,600 years ago was NOT a local
Mothers-to-be who follow a Mediterranean diet 'may be less likely to have a baby born too small'
Santa Claus Photographed Getting Concealed Carry Permit in CO
Interesting Pictures/Desperate Propaganda: Warsaw Uprising - "Shabby" German Uniforms
HoloHoaxer, 86, addresses trial of 96-year-old Nazi 'secretary of evil'
Macron slams the EU's woke 'nonsense' after Eurocrats tried to ban the word 'Christmas'
Paris aristocrat demands return of historic estate in row over ancestor's will
Judge overseeing Wisconsin election probe accuses Mark Zuckerberg of election interference to defeat Trump
Scraped data of 1.5 BILLION Facebook users offered for sale on the dark web
Arizona to deploy National Guard after hundreds of migrants rush border at Yuma, surrender to Border Patrol
Australia on knife-edge as Chinese hackers plot to turn lights out after close call in Queensland
Chinese cyberattack almost shut off power for three million Australians
New Immigrants! Indian brother 'decapitates his pregnant sister, 19, then poses for a SELFIE with her head'
Taliban gunmen steal tonnes of Australian food sent to the poorest Afghanistan families
Sex-slave girls forced to 'marry' ISIS-linked militants in Mozambique after 600 people kidnapped
Jussie Smollett admits changing description of attackers from white to 'pale'
Paris: Christmas Market Set Up For Black Merchants Only Criticised
FNC's Carlson: Democrats Using January 6 Commission to 'Criminalize Political Dissent'
American Jew hits out at Australians: 'Racism is stitched into white people's lives here'
Judge overturns election due to 'illegal' votes - YouTube
CIA Caught Employees Molesting Children And Didn't Prosecute
Chicago, USA: All public schools ordered to make student toilets gender-neutral
Islam in Europe today. A Shocking Documentary.
81 Million Votes: Devastating Poll Shows Just 22% of Americans Want Joe Biden to Run Again
Joe Biden Abolishes 90 Percent of ICE's Deportations
Top American Scientists Voice ‘Alarm’ at Woke California Math Curriculum
Tory MP Accuses Own Govt of 'Waging' a Covid 'Propaganda War'
Bus Driver Beaten in Chicago; 21 Juveniles Arrested in Loop Chaos
Oregon Health Officials Drafting More 'Permanent' Mask Rules
Omicron Spreads to 17 States as Biden Fails to Shut Virus Down
Alec Baldwin DELETES Twitter account in wake of tearful ABC interview about his accidental shooting
Black California burglars pose as landscapers and target Asian-American homes in Los Angeles
Donald Trump brands journalists 'corrupt, crooked b*****ds'
Young people who suffer from myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination Should Get Over It!
LOL @ Twitter: "The Spanish newspaper that published this Omicron cartoon apologized, sort of. “Both Javi Salado and La @TribunaAlbacete would like to apologise to any readers who may have felt annoyed or offended by the aforementioned publication” https://t.co/EEDM1zgXFr" / Twitter
Fox Business anchor Liz Claman blasts her own colleague Lara Logan over Mengele remark
The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has spread to nearly one-third of U.S. states
South Africa's Covid cases rocket 289% compared to last Sunday with 11,125 new infections
Next pandemic will be 'more contagious' and 'more lethal' according to inventor of AZ vaccine
Italian anti-vaxxer who used a FAKE ARM to get his jab and avoid restrictions is 57-year-old dentist
Ernie Dingo blows up at WA Hedland crowd as he's paid to promote vaccine to Indigenous communities
AFL great on 'scariest' two weeks of his life in ICU with Covid after 'bad reaction' to Pfizer jab 
Chinese slush fund helps keep Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in power
The real cause of Australia's supply chain crisis as China bans fertiliser exports
China at Fault - Urea shortage: AdBlue crisis to affect cars, trucks, tractors and grocery supplies
Royal commission: Ryan Goodwin let down by Australian Defence Force
Omicron drama: Julia Gillard was sent to hotel quarantine in Adelaide
Covid-19: Anti-lockdown riot erupts in Belgium as protests sweep Europe
New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announces vaccine mandate for private sector workers
Merkel THREATENS E. Europe: Accept “Refugees”- Or Prepare for WAR! Stasi Roots Destroying Europe. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki | Adina Kutnicki
Angela Merkel under fire over Communist links as new image of her in uniform is released
Why Germany is set to be the new sick man of Europe... led by an anti-British Chancellor
'She’s F*cked': Kamala Harris Undergoes Frenzied Office Turnover
NYT: Biden's Refugee Camp 'Larger than Half the Towns in New Jersey'
60 Police Officers Shot, Killed this Year, Ambush Attacks Skyrocket
Pinkerton: Biden's Green New Deal = China First
'Penises cause climate change' cited by Malcolm Roberts - YouTube
Sugar addicted baker launches sugar-free, gluten-free cake mixes that actually taste good
Bullshit! Sydney - Marxist campaigner Paddy Gibson says his home was attacked by Nazi skinheads
Anti-White is Allowed - but criminal Antisemitism, racism and white supremacist material in podcasts on Spotify
Orthodox cleric shouts 'You are a HERETIC!' at Race Traitor Pope Francis as pontiff visits Greece
Race Traitor Pope Francis takes in refugees at the Vatican - Denounces 'indifference' of White Western nations
Pope Francis: Multilateralism Must Not Yield to ‘Nationalistic Demands’
Pope Francis: Barbed Wire Blocking Migrants Is a ‘Form of Hatred’
America Must Die – So That the People Can Live
Democrats: Let's Curb Inflation by Using Migrants to Cut American Wages
UK Govt Hides How Many Afghan Evacuees on Watch Lists, Ex-Deportees
Biden's Afghans Deliver 250 Kids in U.S., Securing Birthright Citizenship
Wetback creator of CRT says his family is inundated with death threats for controversial academic theory
Psychopath Trudeau Releases Video Telling 4-Year-Olds to Make Vax Appointment on Fifth Birthday
TGA gives provisional approval for Covid Pfizer vaccines for children aged 5-11 
WHO says no one has yet died from Omicron Covid variant
South Africa's Covid cases soar by a massive 408 per cent as deaths rise from eight to 21 
Omicron may spread more easily than other strains because it contains piece of common cold virus
Peta Credlin grovels to Australia's South Sudanese community after blaming them for Covid outbreak
White Marine sues DEA to get back his entire life savings of $87K that they confiscated - Because they can
Betrayl of Children - Law Criminalises Tough Questions Prior to Gender Mutilation
Texas nigger nanny sentenced to 30 years for child molestation
UK Ministers consider law for free speech after Sussex ruling
Newsom Vacations in Cabo San Lucas at a $29,000 Per Night Villa After Extending Covid State of Emergency in California (PHOTOS)
How China is colonising the Commonwealth
How billionaire George Soros has bankrolled woke DA's in Democrat cities with HIGHEST crime rates
LAPD Officers Arrest 14 Suspects in Connection with 'Smash-and-Grab' Robberies - But Release All of Them because of Zero Bail Policy
Illegal Migrant Accused of Luring French Police Into Violent Ambush
Blaming Whitey: Asian man, 84, kicked in the face by WETBACK while waiting for bus faces attacker in court
CNN's Up to Its Old Tricks... Lightens Skin Color of Waukesha BLM-Supporting Christmas Parade Killer
White Columbia University engineering graduate student, 30, is stabbed to death by NIGGER
PICTURED: Nigerian brother who Smollett claims is a homophobe dressed as Trojan warrior at Pride
Black looters in San Francisco Bay Area threaten the survival of cannabis shops
Black job applicant sues over hair discrimination, but the company says it was a 'miscommunication'
Australian Mud Crime: Arms dealer and drug kingpin nabbed by undercover cop over love of fast food
White Boy Ryan Rogers Murder: Florida Police Identify Nigger in Custody after Teen's 'Deliberate' Killing
Black Crime? Blame Whitey! Global superstar group BTS speaks out on anti-Asian hate
School apologises after video showing Muslim students praying outside in cold weather sparks outrage
Parasite Prince Andrew took at least FOUR flights on Pedophile Jew Jeffrey Epstein's plane, show flight logs
Biden is spotted maskless at DC restaurant after saying he caught a cold from his grandson Beau Jr.
Embattled anchor Chris Cuomo 'terminated' by CNN 'effective immediately'
Immigrating to Your Neighbourhood: Mob LYNCH Sri Lankan in Pakistan after he's accused of blasphemy
It Begins. Austria and Greece to Fine Citizens Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated
They're Destroying the Dollar, The Economy... the Illegitimate Regime that is Joe Biden
Cameras Caught Jussie Smollett in a "Dry Run" with Nigerian Brothers 2 Days Before the Hate Hoax Attack
New Biden strategy declares racism a systemic health threat | TheHill
Watch: 'Dukes of Hazzard' Star John Schneider Calls 'Bulls**t' on Alec Baldwin's Teary ABC Interview
Remains of three Denisovans and one Neanderthal are uncovered in a Siberian cave 
China Has Shut off World Supply of Diesel Additive - Meaning Global Trucking Crisis
Australian Trucking Industry Up Shit Creek Due to Reliance on China
Michigan school shooting: White parents charged with involuntary manslaughter | MSM play RACE CARD!
Biden's New HIV/AIDS Strategy: Racism Serious Public Health Crisis
Biden Released 5K Unaccompanied Migrant Children into U.S. in November
Democrats, Big Tech Billionaires Unite to Keep DACA Illegals in U.S. Jobs
Bernie Sanders Silent as Corporations Seek Limitless Immigration
Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’
Trump rips media for ignoring US surge in crime and Biden for 'knowingly destroying our country'
Biden officially RESTARTS Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy amid a surge in border crossings
Professor fired after incident in which he accidentally called two black students by wrong name
Gibson Donates Millions to Jews: Jewish Supremacist & Actor Joshua Malina Calls to 'Cancel Mel Gibson'
Alec Baldwin Claims a Single Action Revolver Went Off Without a Trigger Pull. Here's Why It's Bullshit
NYC mother of three 'feared for daughter's life' when she plowed into protesters last year
Facebook removes 500 accounts used by China to spread fake 'Swiss biologist' Covid claims
Twitter removes more than 3,000 accounts related to state-linked operations
Police release images of suspects who abused Jewish teens in anti-Semitic attack on Oxford Street
UPenn trans swimmer sparks outrage by SMASHING women's competition records after competing as a man
Jeffrey Epstein visited Bill Clinton at the White House at least 17 times, visitor logs reveal
Jussie's defense lawyer suggests one of two Nigerian brothers was having an intimate relationship
Pfizer Tried To Keep These Death Numbers Hidden For 55 Years - They Failed - YouTube
Omicron in children under 5: Kids disproportionately hospitalised by South African variant
Ten OMICRON “variant” predictions for 2022 and beyond… globalist authoritarian playbook stripped naked
Unvaccinated cancer patients 1.7 times as likely to contract Covid, 1.6 times higher risk of death
Omicron variant is 'at least 2.4x more likely to re-infect people'
Shocking graphic of Omicron's mutations reveals why scientists are worried
Hillsong singer compares mandatory vaccines to badges worn by Jews in Nazi Germany
AstraZeneca uncovers 'trigger' of blood clots after its jab
MS-13 gang member pleaded guilty to killing four alleged rivals in New York
Bodycam shows moment cop apprehends MSNBC journalist at Rittenhouse trial caught following JURORS
NYC Woman Who Was Attacked by BLM Drove Through Crowd - Demands Trial
Jussie Smollett was caught on cameras doing 'dry run' one day before his alleged hate crime attack
Jussie Smollett went to 'strip clubs and bathhouses' with one of Nigerian brothers 'hired' in attack
Jewish Pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell's 'life of luxury as Jeffrey Epstein's second in command' laid bare in images
Milo Yiannopoulo: MSM Mocks Jewish Faggot Turned Christinsane
Dumb Lefties Upset Proud Boys Marched In NY Promoting Anti Racism! - YouTube
What Biden said after Kabul ISIS-K suicide bomb blast that killed 13 service members
Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled at woke Arizona State University amid student protests
China wants Australia 'driven to its knees' warns US president's top Asia policy advisor 
Whinging politician lashes out at 'crazy leftie activists and 'Greta Thunbergs'
Donald Trump backs Lauren Boebert and says Ilhan Omar should apologize for 'marrying her brother'
Trump says Meghan 'disrespected' The Queen and used Prince Harry in new interview with Nigel Farage
Pregnant women with COVID-19 are 40 TIMES more likely to die in childbirth than those not infected
Officials say people who got second jab or booster in last 6 months are protected against Omicron
US Far Behind Mexico, Canada, and Europe in Election Safeguards - The Kick Them All Out Project
Twitter CEO Monkey Man: 'Why Should I Distinguish Between White People and Racists?'