Racial News to Use - 2021 November

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Twitter CEO Monkey Man: 'Why Should I Distinguish Between White People and Racists?'
Twitter CEO Monkey Man: 'Our Role Is Not to Be Bound by the First Amendment'
SHIT HIS PANTS! WH Cancels Scheduled Joe Biden Speech 15 Minutes Before It Starts
Democrats 'Fabricated' Claims in January 6 Subpoena
Detroit School Superintendent: ‘Our Curriculum Is Deeply Using Critical Race Theory’
Bowing to Beijing? Barbados Drops British Queen as Head of State
France: UK is Too ‘Economically Attractive for Illegal Migrants
EU to 'Help' Stop Channel Migrants... by Deploying Plane to Look at Them
21-Year-Old Kansas House Democrat Arrested for 2nd Time in a Month
DHS: Sanctuary Orders Ensure 'Majority' of Illegals Are Not Deported
'Simpsons' Episode with Tiananmen Massacre Joke Disappears from Disney+ Hong Kong
Democrats Across U.S. Take Biden's Lead, Seek to Ban 'Illegal Alien' Term
NY Defund Police Gubernatorial Gorilla has NYPD Protective Detail
Prosecutor: Jussie Smollett Orchestrated 'Fake Hate Crime' to Look Like Attack by MAGA
Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Goes to Trial Years After Soros-Backed D.A. Kim Foxx Dropped Charges
Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Trial: Brothers to Testify Disgraced Actor Paid Them to Pose as His Attackers
NYC Nig Arrested 3 Times in 36 Hours Brags of Release Due to Cash Bail
LOL @ Boebert: Omar Hung Up on Me when I Asked for Apology for Antisemitism
Fauci Should 'Put His Ego Away,' 'Shut the F*** Up'
LOL @ Black South Africans Outraged Omicron Coronavirus Variant Tied to Them
China’s hypersonic superweapons put US under threat
China army: World on notice after military hits scary new milestone
Looters Ransack Stores Across Country Throughout Thanksgiving Week
Levi Strauss Hosts ‘Racial Trauma Specialist’ over Rittenhouse Verdict
UK Bureaucrats Ban Word ‘Christmas’ for Fear It Will Offend Minorities
Half of French Believe in Demographic Shift 'Great Replacement' Theory
Lukashenko Using Migrants as 'Siege' Weapons, Says Lithuanian MP
How Germany is waving migrants to a new life in UK: No border checks, free to leave camps...
Italian coastguard clutches newborn baby as boat carrying 41 children and 203 adults is rescued
Abo Greens Senator KICKED OUT of Federal Parliament for stripping off her top
South African medics urge the world not to panic over new Covid variant Omicron
Professor Paul Kelly explains why Omicron could be GOOD for Australia
Prince Charles questioned complexion of Harry and Meghan’s baby, book claims
Cairns quarantine hotel fire: Abo charged with arson after blaze at Pacific Hotel
Australia national anthem lyrics change: Push to Make it an Abo Song
Australia republic: Barbados ditches monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II to become independent
Omicron Covid variant: Doctor shares the ‘unusual but mild symptoms’
Covid-19: No evidence Omicron strain more severe
Omicron Covid-19 variant: Experts blame vaccine RACISM
Omicron: Why the WHO didn’t use Nu or Xi for new Covid variant
The pandemic is over and the government can't bare to let it go - YouTube
Terrifying moment rival gangs blast each other across the street in broad daylight in Birmingham
Three men shot dead, four injured, including 13-year-old, during shootout inside Nashville apartment
Terrified shoppers run for their lives after gunfire breaks out at a mall in Washington State
Baby-faced Samuel Willmott shows off Rebels MC tattoo reserved for patched members beside 'wifey'
School CANCELS event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad saying visit would be offensive to Muslims
Joe Biden's election was meant to launch a decade of liberal rule, ANDREW NEIL despairs at president
Pfizer, Moderna say they can quickly update COVID-19 vaccines 'if they need to'
How Beijing is using its billions to buy up the Commonwealth
SAGE scientist says Omicron variant is 'NOT a disaster'
White House says Biden briefed on Omicron as fears rise variant could undo progress against virus
Was new variant named Omicron to avoid angering China?
Race against time to tweak vaccines against Covid variant
Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Andrew Barr calls for more migrants than before pandemic
Peter Dutton asked whether defence families should 'fight and die' in Taiwan in China speech
Jewish Privilege: Seth Rogan Wants Whites To Stop Complaining About Rampant Crime Surge - YouTube
Seth Rogen is slammed for 'privileged' response after shrugging off Los Angeles crime
Lefties Plan On Calling The FBI on Family Members During Thanksgiving - YouTube
Proof: Beachy Head Lady Was White European
Wearing Black Face - 2000 Year Old Beachy Head Lady Lies
Jealous of Biden: Australian Politicians Using Pandemic as Excuse for Immigration Explosion
MORE PROOF: Biden Filled Kabul Planes With Unvetted Afghans - Lied About It - And Left as Many as 14,000 Americans and Green Card Holders in the Country
Thieves nab $20,000 of merch from California Apple store in BROAD DAYLIGHT looting
San Francisco: The Latest'Racist' Word is "Looting"
Boris is aiding and abetting the migrant murderers and will pay the price with his job 
Seth Rogen Responds to LA Black Crime Wave with Typical Jewish Privilege
WHO calls new Covid strain Omicron: UN health chiefs label super-mutant a 'variant of concern'
Botswana Covid variant has twice as many mutations as Delta - what we know so far
From discovery to global panic in 48 hours: How super-mutant variant sparked worldwide travel ban
New Covid variant renamed Omicron, declared a ‘variant of concern’
Chinese spy ship spotted off Darwin coast as presence described as 'unusual'
Australia Intends for Aussies to Die for Taiwan
Australian peacekeepers restore order to the Solomon Islands after anti-China riots
Solomon Islands: Rivalry, supercharged by allegations of China bribe, erupts as Australian troops move in
Darrell Brooks' long life of crime before Waukesha Christmas parade attack
Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas parade attack: Inside Darrell Brooks’ life of crime
Iliad mosaic found in Rutland field is first of its kind in the UK
Neanderthal milk tooth shows primary teeth appeared four months sooner than what is seen in humans
Gary Sinise Gifts Thanksgiving Meals to Nebraska Veterans: 'It Means a Lot'
Florida students change minds on renaming Black Friday after learning it has nothing to do with race
Watch: University Students Learn Black Friday Has Nothing to Do with Race
Calls to Use Thanksgiving to ‘Report’ Conservative Relatives
Native Americans to Mourn on Thanksgiving: 'No Thanks, No Giving'
Left Attacking Thanksgiving: It's Important to Teach the 'True History'
Climate Change Activists: No Turkey, Crickets in the Pie Crust
Girls Deemed ‘Transgender’ for Not Liking 'Pink Ribbons and Dollies’
Woke Crime Experts: ‘Looting’ to Describe Group Burglary iI Racist
EU to ‘Blacklist’ Firms Involved with Transporting Migrants to Belarus
Parkland Victims’ Families Settle Lawsuit Against DOJ for FBI Failure to Stop Hispanic Shooter
Everyone Likes the Jury System, Except Joe Biden and the Left
Apple, Nordstrom Stores Hit by Smash-and-Grab Robbery in California
Biden: Guilty Verdicts in Ahmaud Arbery Case 'Not Enough'
Interfering: Ahmaud Arbery murder 'reminder' of US racial injustice says Joe Biden as killers found guilty
Neo-Nazi Terror Groups face government crackdown, but delay questioned by "Experts" in Universities
CNN's Up to Its Old Tricks... Lightens Skin Color of Waukesha BLM-Supporting Christmas Parade Killer
White Man Sent to Jail for Six Years for Defending Himself Against Gook Rapist
2nd Amendment - A Nig professor has finally found the killer blow: yep, it's ‘RACIST!’
EU ‘importing 70 million Africans’ by 2035, German MEP Beck, denouncing ‘disastrous’ new migration pact
Police search for Nig-con after 'accidental gun discharge' in Atlanta Airport
Ted Cruz blasts MSNBC for accusing white people of not accurately telling the story of Thanksgiving
Nigger gang of up to 40 illegal motorbike and ATV riders beat up 82-year-old Boston man
Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg needs close personal protection because he's Jewish, says Scott Morrison
Anti-China riots erupt in the Solomon Islands as Australia sends in TROOPS
Shocking moment 53 dogs discovered tied up in sacks in the back of an Indonesian meat trader truck
South Korea considers ban on eating dog meat as it launches taskforce
More Illegal Aliens cross the Channel today after 27 drowned
Artist faked Apache heritage to trick collectors into buying his work at inflated prices, say Feds
Award-winning Indiana teacher who exposed CRT being taught in schools put on paid leave
Ahmaud Arbery's killers will remain in county jail until sentencing
250kg of explosives and 40 guns: Inside stash police found at man's Kurrajong, NSW bush property
'More infectious and vaccine resistant' Botswana Covid variant is driving South African surge
The forgotten Covid jab that might have NO side effects on kids
EU approves Pfizer's Covid vaccine for five to 11-year-olds
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon issues two grovelling apologies for joking about China's Communist Party
Why these stickers referencing Hitler are causing OUTRAGE in Melbourne Australia
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon apologises for Chinese Communist Party joke
Melbourne protests: Fury over ‘White Rose’ stickers
Australian Prime Minister quotes Bible as he introduces new religious discrimination laws
New Botswana variant with 32 'horrific' mutations is the most evolved Covid strain EVER
White father and son are both found GUILTY of murder of Ahmaud Arbery
Shocking moment climate activist walks into the world's largest coal port and turns it all off
Covid Australia: Outbreak in Indigenous Northern Territory communities spark toughest lockdown
Professor's harrowing account of what it feels like to be targeted by a trans hate mob 
Dating app Muslim is mocked over his VERY strict requirements for potential matches
Ahmaud Arbery jury did not hear five key arguments
Chinese fashion photographer whose Dior pictures sparked fury apologises
Woke criminal experts mocked for telling public NOT to call large-scale thefts in Calif 'looting'
Boris Johnson calls on France to smash slave gangs after 27 migrants drown in the sea near Calais
Crime rings are paying low-level crooks to carry out 'smash and grab' raids on luxury stores
Semina Halliwell's mother recalls daughter 'breaking down' on BBC doc
Georgia refuses to rename any of its 75 buildings with ties to slavery or racial segregation
Acquittal of black man in self-defense case complicates liberal indictment of the US justice system
Black Santas are coming to Disney Parks for the first time
New York Moves to Allow 800,000 Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections - The New York Times
CBS Corrects False Claim Rittenhouse Crossed State Lines While Armed
Killing Whitey: Black Supremacist Waukesha Attacker Darrel Brooks’ RACIST Tweets! #shorts - YouTube
Poll finds most Australians want FEWER migrants as Morrison opens floodgates to 200,000 foreigners 
Kyle Rittenhouse says his fired lawyer John Pierce 'set him up' to pose with Proud Boys
Awkward moment Biden says 'end of quote' while reading his economics speech
Life on the Frontier after the Battle of the Alamo revealed in remarkable color photographs
Most Disturbing 'Killer Siblings' Murderers Of All Time
How to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud
Hezbollah and Neo-Nazi group The Base are branded terrorist organisations
Airbnb Christchurch shock with racist note requesting no Maori language
Australian politics: Scott Morrison’s religious freedom bill to protect gay students, staff from discrimination
Covid-19 Romania: Death toll surges with just 36 per cent of population vaccinated
Australians Protest in Massive Numbers Against COVID-19 Mandates in Major Cities
India Police Charge Amazon Execs in Alleged Marijuana Smuggling Case
India Police Charge Amazon Execs in Alleged Marijuana Smuggling Case
SPLC ties Rittenhouse acquittal to 'systemic racism,' claims it will embolden 'far-right extremists'
vehicle plowed through a holiday parade procession in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin, Sunday, killing multiple bystanders, including children at DuckDuckGo
Police 'some fatalities' after more than 60 were injured when Nig plowed through Wisconsin Christmas parade
Pictured: Driver Of SUV That Plowed Through Crowds At Waukesha Christmas Parade
SUV plows through Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade as children watch in horror
Anti-White Terror Attack: Black Career Criminal/BLM Supporter Out On $1K Bail Kills 5, Injures 40+ Driving SUV Into Christmas Parade In 90% White Wisconsin City
32 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING FIVE HOME INVASIONS: October 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America
Why Is Immigrant Mass Murderer Billy Chemirmir's Trial Getting So Much Less Coverage Than Kyle Rittenhouse's? | Blog Posts | VDARE.com
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were privately blessed
Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade attack: Suspect Darrell E Brooks faces homicide charges
China responds after Australia signs historic AUKUS deal
Germany Health Minister says citizens will be vaccinated, cured of dead from Covid by the end of winter
South Australia reopens border | Updates, latest news
Plant-based LIFE diet ‘eliminated’ man’s migraines, research claims
Misinformation About Kyle Rittenhouse Case Floods Social Media, TV Networks
Fauci Responds to Changing Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’
California Nordstrom Ransacked by 80 Looters in Ski Masks With Crowbars: Witnesses
Rowdy Lets Go Brandon Chant Breaks Out At A Massive Music Festival In Florida
1619 Project book can still be in school libraries, despite states' critical race theory bans: expert
MSNBC host blasts GOP ‘White supremacists’ after Rittenhouse verdict: ‘I find these people disgusting’
Twitter reacts to Cody Durden’s racist comment at UFC Vegas 43 - MMAmania.com
More than 150 migrants from several countries bypass incomplete border wall, cross illegally into US
RACE TRAITOR: She Quit Identity Europa & Now Works as Anti-White Activist
Breaking RITTENHOUSE Headline Feed
'If that's not self-defense, nothing is!' Trump congratulates Kyle Rittenhouse
America's political left explodes after Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted
Distraught family of one of the two men shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse react to verdict
'All of us should be celebrating': Tucker Carlson says Rittenhouse's acquittal 'a wonderful moment'
DailyMail.com's top EXCLUSIVE stories that tell the story of Kenosha shooter case
Kyle Rittenhouse smiles as he's swept away after being found INNOCENT of all charges
Kyle Rittenhouse is found NOT GUILTY on all counts
NBC's Cevallos: Rittenhouse Prosecution Had 'Really Poor Facts'
Gun Owners 'May Feel Incentivized,' 'Emboldened' After Rittenhouse Verdict
Anti-Rittenhouse Protesters Charged with Resisting Police
NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace: Rittenhouse Would Have Got Life if He Were Black
Sharpton: Rittenhouse Verdict 'Puts All Americans' Protesting 'in Danger'
Jacob Blake’s Uncle: Rittenhouse Bail Was Raised by Nazis, KKK -- Trial Judge 'Racist as Hell'
Social Media Flooded with Memes Celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal
WATCH: Tempers Flare Outside Courthouse After Rittenhouse Verdict
Leftists Suffer Social Media Meltdown over Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict
Lawmakers Celebrate 'Justice' After Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict
Fact Check False: UK News Claims Rittenhouse Shot ‘Three Black Men’
The Left Melt After Rittenhouse Innocence: 'Good to Be a White Murderer'
Black Rifle Coffee Silent After Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict
DCCC Screws Up Response to Rittenhouse Acquittal, Issues Correction
World Reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict
Joe Biden 'Angry and Concerned' by Rittenhouse Jury Verdict, Calls for Peaceful Protests
FNC's Juan Williams: If Rittenhouse Were Black 'Laws Might Have Treated Him a Little Differently'
Colin Kaepernick Says Rittenhouse Verdict 'Validates the Terrorist Acts of a White Supremacist'
Verdict: Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Charges
Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict Breaks Hollywood: 'I Weep for This Country'
Kyle Rittenhouse Shakes Uncontrollably and Collapses After NOT GUILTY VERDICT (VIDEO)
Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Counts
Pollak: 10 Media Myths Exploded During the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial
No Verdict: Judge Retires Kyle Rittenhouse Jury After 8.5 Hours
Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Man with rifle approaches Kenosha courthous
Jonathan Turley: MSNBC 'Moronic' for Allegedly Following Rittenhouse Jury in 'City on the Edge'
WATCH: Rittenhouse Judge Kicks MSNBC Out of Trial After Alleged Jury Stalking Incident
WATCH: Arrests in Kenosha as BLM Clashes with Rittenhouse Supporters
Jury to Begin Third Day of Deliberations in Rittenhouse Trial
NBC Doesn't Deny 'Freelancer' Told to Follow Rittenhouse Trial Jury
FBI Threatens White Parents as Terrorists: AG Garland Coverup During Congressional Hearing
Delaware County Pennsylvania Lawsuit Is Going to Blow the Roof Off of the Democrat Voter Fraud in the State
Texas lawmaker uncovers secret operation to move migrants across the US, house them in abandoned hotels
Chinese Virus Causes Leisure, Hospitality Workers to Quit at Twice National Rate
Academics Speak Out for Old Dominion U. Tranny Prof Put on Leave After Promoting Pedophilia
NBA on TNT Seeks Black Applicants Only for Broadcast Role
'Muted, pathetic response to acts of terrorism is deeply worrying' - YouTube
Australia: White-Hating Ernie Dingo receives death threats from anti-vaxxers on social media
UK Declares Severe Terrorist Threat Alert After Arab Blows up Taxi in front of Liverpool Hospital
UK raises terror threat level to ‘severe’ — RT UK News
Kamala Harris blames Trump for the 'broken' immigration system with crossings at all-time high
Fox suggests Kamala Harris could be replaced as Vice President  
Stop Blaming Whitey: Australian Abo teens died from their own 'dangerous decision' while fleeing police
Once You Go Black: Former NFL Nig Zac Stacy beat his ex-girlfriend 
Freako Nig who killed university worker jailed for minimum of 21 years
"Negr": ‘Prettiest girl on TikTok’ accused of racist slur in Russian TV interview
Why Russian-Speakers Call Black People ‘Negry’ • The Dialogue
'Cause All Blacks Look the Same: Nig-Nog escapes execution by lethal injection
England cricket star Alex Hales DENIES calling his black dog 'Kevin'
'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley is sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in Capitol riots
Melbourne protester Imre Pelyva charged with inciting anti-vaccine rioters to execute Dan Andrews
Abo Covid Outbreak Worsens - Libtards Panicking
Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, first to call 911 after Halyna Hutchins was shot, files suit
Voters are split on whether Biden is mentally fit to be president
Gibraltar Covid-19: Country with 118 per cent vax rate records ‘drastic’ case numbers
Criminal Charges Filed Against Election Officials; 25K Suspected Dead Voters on Rolls
Salubrious Living Butcher, 25, reveals why she eats nothing but raw meat
Anti-vaxxer RFK Jr. says COVID vaccine looks to be 'killing more people than all vaccines combined'
Tranny university professor sparks fury after claiming sexual attraction to children isn't always immoral
New 10,000-strong migrant caravan would leave for U.S. the day North American leaders summit starts
One of world's largest investment firms will need permission to hire White men | Fox Business
Belarus border crisis: Polish cops unleash water cannons, tear gas and flash grenades on migrants
Iran are accused of playing a MAN as a goalkeeper for their women's national team by rivals Jordan
Islam: Christian pensioners who opened their house to Liverpool suicide bomber tell of their shock
Squalid lair of the Poppy Day suicide bomber in Liverpool
Poppy Day suicide bomber built 'Mother of Satan' explosive popular with ISIS militants
UK Football: Man City Nigger, 27, charged with two more rapes
UK Hospital Bombing Declared a Terror Attack, Video of Explosion Leaked
Poland Mulls Invoking NATO Article 4 Over Belarus Migrant Crisis
'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant Thunders Through Stadium During Indiana-Rutgers Game
Biden Does Not Mention Coronavirus in Opening Remarks with Xi Jinping
Rock group front NIGGA Sophia Urinista Pisses on a Fan's Face on Stage in Front of Shocked Audience
Niggresse Passenger Arrested After Punching Southwest Flight Attendant in the Head
Two Arkansas Men Confess to Raping, Trafficking Six-Year-Old Girl
Illegal Alien Accused of Trying to Murder Co-Worker with Box Cutter
Murder Trial Begins for Accused Illegal Alien Serial Killer with Survivor Detailing Attempted Murder
NYC Suspects Fatally Shoot Bronx Father, Wound His Friend in Mugging
Blacks: The Cost Is Too Great
Strange moments from closing arguments of Rittenhouse murder trial
Prosecutor Thomas Binger Attacks Kyle Rittenhouse for Getting Choked Up While Testifying
Prosecutor Argues for Vigilante Action -- Against Kyle Rittenhouse: Mob Had 'Right' to Chase Him
Prosecutor in Rittenhouse Case Praises Rioters; 'That Crowd Was Full of Heroes'
Rittenhouse's Mom: My Son Would be Dead 'If He Didn't Have That Gun'
Rittenhouse Prosecutor Titters, Mocks Concerns over Rioter Using 'N-Word'
August 2020: Attorney Said Rittenhouse Legally Possessed His Gun
Defense Closing Argument: No Evidence Rittenhouse a 'White Supremacist Looking for Trouble'
Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor Puts Finger on AR-15 in Courtroom
Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyer: 'I'm Glad' My Client Shot Joseph Rosenbaum
YouTube Censors Independent Streams of Rittenhouse Trial
Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Slams 'Silicon Valley Thugs' After Facebook Censors Rittenhouse Meme
Democrat-run Kenosha Prepares for Rittenhouse Riots
Jack Posobiec: Expect Riots After Rittenhouse Trial
Prosecution: Rittenhouse 'Too Cowardly to Use His Own Fists'
Prosecutor Says Rittenhouse Should Have Let Mob Attack Him - 'Everybody Takes a Beating Sometimes'
Hollywood Twat 'Gasland' Director Triggered by Kyle Rittenhouse's Face -- He 'Murdered My Brothers'
Judge Dismisses Weapons Charge Against Kyle Rittenhouse
White House Condemns 'Vigilantes' as Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Wraps Up
John Cusack Accuses Billionaire of Defending Rittenhouse to Avoid Taxes: 'Scumbag Criminal Hoarder'
Homo sapiens made several failed attempts to populate Europe before eventually settling
The U.S. has seen all the notable 'horsemen of the apocalypse' that historically herald revolution.
Alex Jones is found guilty by default in all four Sandy Hook Elementary School defamation cases
Chinese officials break into woman's home and beat her corgi to death while she was in quarantine
Chinese Next Bio Attack: The 'bird flu' is spreading across Europe from China
Islam: UK bombing: Cabbie is seen with his head in his hands
Islam: UK Police name suicide bomber who blew himself up in taxi outside Liverpool's Women's Hospital
New Zealand: Māori Tribe Only Invented the Haka in 1820
Australian schools scrap performance of Grease after students complained it was 'offensive'
Abos Develop Covid - Libtards Panic!
Skirt-wearing teen pleads no contest to sexually assaulting second girl at Loudon County school
GOOD NEWS! Decomposing Niggers Found in Bronx Apartment
Sole survivor of Kyle Rittenhouse is a career criminal and had charges dropped just before trial
Parasite Prince Harry Promotes Leftard Anti-White News
Gizzyinski (@Gizzyinski) / Gab Social
Old Fossils Waste Fuel: Bill Gates celebrated 66th birthday with Jeff Bezos at party in a secluded Turkish cove
Swastika painted on Queensland Labor MP's office window days after it was 'smashed by anti-vaxxer'
Black Pete Christmas appearance sparks antiracism protests in Netherlands | The Independent
Steve Bannon tears into Democrats as he is RELEASED without bail for defying his January 6 subpoena
Bannon appears in court after being charged with contempt of Congress
Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol encounter nearly 2,000 migrants in 24 hours, hundreds get past agents
Images reveal the squalid, rubbish-strewn shanty camp where migrants wait to flee France for Britain
Five NIGGERS - two of whom are accused murderers - escaped Georgia jail
Democrats: Bannon's indictment will sway other Trump aides to cooperate with 1/6 panel subpoenas
Poland is braced for major attack by 'WEAPONISED' SAND NIGGERS from Belarus TONIGHT
MSNBC Host Attacks 'Racist' Trucking Industry 'Populated by a Lot of White Men'
MSNBC host says she worries about her trucker brother because industry is populated by WHITE MEN!
Black Muslim London: Almost 10,000 are hospitalised with stab wounds in London in just nine years
Taxi driver 'who locked suicide bomber in his car' outside Liverpool hospital
Crime writer Patricia Cornwell reveals frustration at using politically-correct words while writing
Austria orders nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people
Africoon Sydney: 16 Armed Niggers in Home Invasion Destroy Home & Smash Bottle Over Woman's Head
Australia's Up Shit Creek - Cannot Defend itself in Any War
Aussies furious over 'trigger warning' device that sounds alarm when it detects offensive language
Australian Prime Minister backs probe into Anti-White, Taxpayer Funded ABC: 'They're not above scrutiny'
South Australia: Gook owner of Adelaide cockroach-ridden pizzeria escapes punishment
$4MILLION mansion home of Arabs keeping a SLAVE, in Sydney Australia
Swedish Health Authority Warns Public May Have to Cancel Christmas
EU's Latvia Bans Unvaccinated MPs From Voting in Parliament, Stops Pay
Biden's Banking Nominee Calls to Eliminate All 'Private Bank Accounts'
Black Americans Sue U.S. Farms for Replacing Them with Foreigners
Iraq Says E.U. Border with Belarus Is So Dangerous It Will Repatriate Its Refugees
Belarus Damaging Poland's Border Fence, Attacking Guards with Lasers
UK Soldiers sent to help Poland at border with Belarus
EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Travelers Kidnapped by Cartel Gunmen in Mexico near Texas
Twitter's Treatment of Project Veritas Reveals Double Standard on Leaked Materials
ICE Confirms They Allowed 78,000 Migrants to Enter the Country Illegally
Texas Police, National Guard Nab Teen Human Smuggler at Border
Illegal Alien Arrested for Violent Carjackings, Shooting 16-Year-Old Boy
14 ILLEGALS Found Locked in Tractor-Trailer at Immigration Checkpoint in Texas near Border
Ann Coulter on Rittenhouse: Left Wants Us to Stand There, Be Murdered
500 Wisconsin National Guard Troops on Standby for Rittenhouse Verdict
Hollywood Elites Attack Kyle Rittenhouse: 'F*ck That Kid,' 'Terrible F**king Actor'
Rittenhouse Trial Judge's 'Asian Food' Comments Sparks Cries of Racism
Defense Lawyer: Kyle Rittenhouse Suffers from PTSD, Is in Therapy
Gaige Grosskreutz's Contradicts Testimony on CNN: I Had My Arms Up
Closing arguments in Kenosha shooter case will begin Monday as judge finalizes charges
NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams DARES his fellow Democrats to condemn BLM activist Hawk Newsome
Washington Post columnist demands CNN retract 'corroboration' claim about Steele dossier
Darky Bitch Spreading Chinese Disease Across South Australia
World's Largest Interactive Fitness Platform Censors "LetsGoBrandon" - Allows "BLM" to Remain
Steve Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress after Ignoring Jan.6 Witch Hunt Committee Subpoena
American Gulag - Documenting government overreach following the Jan. 6 capitol protest
Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Removed from Their Cells on Stretchers after Horrific Attack by DC Prison Guards
Judicial Watch Releases New Footage of Ashli Babbitt Shooting -- Heavily Armed Police Behind the Door
The Jan. 6 Mystery Pipe Bombs: Why Were Trump Supporters' Vehicles Searched and Occupants Arrested and Detained but Antifa Operatives with Guns Allowed to Leave Town?
New Zealand government policies have created a tiny ‘Maori elite’ who rely on ‘victimhood’
Having been defeated by the Taliban, what happens now? | Sky News Australia
ROTFLMWAO! Why Alt-Light Nazis in Charlottesville are treating their trial like a joke.
RED TERROR: Charlottesville Victim Describes Terror In White Supremacists' Trial
Bogus Funeral Held for NIGGER Killed 123 Years Ago
Potential Witness Tampering as Gaige Grosskreutz, the Felon Who Aimed His Gun at Kyle Rittenhouse, Had Two Prior Charges Dismissed by Prosecutors Only Days Before Trial
Mainstream media ‘should be ashamed’ of how it treated Kyle Rittenhouse | Sky News Australia
'He did it for votes': Rittenhouse's mom says Biden defamed son by calling him a white supremacist
Kyle Rittenhouse's mom says Biden 'defamed' her son by suggesting he was a white supremacist
Hannity blasts Biden, Democrat leaders for prejudging Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse's Mom Blasts Biden for Defaming Son as 'White Supremacist'
No Evidence of 'White Supremacist' Leanings Presented in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial
Nearly 50,000 Afghan Refugees Are Living In Limbo On U.S. Military Bases | HuffPost Latest News
Mainly Muds - Full list of outlaw bikies busted by Operation Ironside using AN0M app
Former Hells Angels Chapter Boss is a Muslim Criminal Crying He Cannot Return to Lebanon
Swedish Health Authority Warns Public May Have to Cancel Christmas
EU's Latvia Bans Unvaccinated MPs From Voting in Parliament, Stops Pay
Biden's Banking Nominee Calls to Eliminate All 'Private Bank Accounts'
Black Americans Sue U.S. Farms for Replacing Them with Foreigners
Iraq Says E.U. Border with Belarus Is So Dangerous It Will Repatriate Its Refugees
Belarus Damaging Poland's Border Fence, Attacking Guards with Lasers
UK Soldiers sent to help Poland at border with Belarus
EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Travelers Kidnapped by Cartel Gunmen in Mexico near Texas
Twitter's Treatment of Project Veritas Reveals Double Standard on Leaked Materials
ICE Confirms They Allowed 78,000 Migrants to Enter the Country Illegally
Texas Police, National Guard Nab Teen Human Smuggler at Border
Illegal Alien Arrested for Violent Carjackings, Shooting 16-Year-Old Boy
14 Migrants Found Locked in Tractor-Trailer at Immigration Checkpoint in Texas near Border
Told You So Decades Ago - Ann Coulter on Rittenhouse: Left Wants Us to Stand There, Be Murdered
500 Wisconsin National Guard Troops on Standby for Rittenhouse Verdict
Hollywood Elites Attack Kyle Rittenhouse: 'F*ck That Kid,' 'Terrible F**king Actor'
Rittenhouse Trial Judge's 'Asian Food' Comments Sparks Cries of Racism
Defense Lawyer: Kyle Rittenhouse Suffers from PTSD, Is in Therapy
Gaige Grosskreutz's Contradicts Testimony on CNN: I Had My Arms Up
Closing arguments in Kenosha shooter case will begin Monday as judge finalizes charges
NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams DARES his fellow Democrats to condemn BLM activist Hawk Newsome
Washington Post columnist demands CNN retract 'corroboration' claim about Steele dossier
Thanking Adolf: Netflix Film Tells How Hitler Put a Man on the Moon
New colourised images give a glimpse of the camaraderie during some of WWI's bloodiest battles
Brave pets who mucked in to help out during the war brought to life in edited photographs
Woolly mammoths wouldn't be extinct without human intervention
Hating Whitey: Taxpayer-funded courses for Australian public servants on 'how to be woke' have been slammed
Racist abuse at family outside Sydney restaurant: 'White people don't belong here' 
Paki Perverts: Uber Australia almost ALL drivers accused of sexual misconduct by passengers KEEP jobs
How ‘The New York Times’ Helped Hide Stalin’s Mass Murders in Ukraine - Tablet Magazine
About 333,000 children were abused within France's Catholic Church, report finds
EPA pledges $630 million to prevent Mexican raw sewage from flowing into California
Lukashenko's 'weaponised migrants' cheer as they smash through Polish border fence
Polish-Belarusian border: UK should be concerned about migrant crisis, Mark White tells GB News - YouTube
Illegal 3rd World immigrant crisis on Belarus border could escalate into war, neighbouring countries warn
Dozens of illegal migrants have already frozen to death in woods along Belarus border, aid workers claim
Belarus accused of using migrants to flood Poland, EU
Lukashenko's migrant 'invasion' escalates with 1,000 people ready to cross from Belarus into Poland
Video: Polish servicemen try to deny migrants chanting 'Germany' entry
Thieving NIGGER - Ahmaud Arbery trial: Jury is shown videos of Arbery theiving from partly-constructed home five times
Arrests of Illegal Immigrants at US–Mexico Border Set New October Record
Rapist is among 67 migrants found hidden in a truck by U.S. Border Patrol in Texas
BLM activists threaten 'riots' and 'bloodshed' if Eric Adams reinstates NYPD's anti-crime units
Sounds Like Bullshit: Black cop whose White boss left a 'Ku Klux Klan' note on his desk files discrimination charge
US urges citizens to leave Haiti amid deepening turmoil
Racist Kamala mocked for putting on French accent during bizarre speech at COVID lab in Paris
Australian Students Have Latent Stupidity Foisted Upon them by Woke Curriculum
Cryptocurrency is forbidden for Muslims
18-year-old who fled extremist Jewish cult recounts horrific upbringing in the group
Race Traitor: Former South African President FW de Klerk apologises for apartheid from beyond the grave
FW de Klerk dead at 85: Former South African president who freed Nelson Mandela has died
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Is Mass Red Pilling Normies & Ardent Lefties - YouTube
Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial: Defendant sobs in court on stand
Kenosha shooter trial is back in session with the prospect of a mistrial and protests looming
Police forces prepare for unrest ahead of Kyle Rittenhouse verdict
Rittenhouse survivor said teen 'seemed like a child' and was 'more upset he was caught'
Kyle Rittenhouse Takes Stand: ‘I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong; I Defended Myself’
‘Constitutional Violation:’ Rittenhouse Trial Judge Admonishes Prosecutor
CCP Aims to Take Advantage of Climate Agenda, Experts Say
Biden Responds to Soaring Inflation, Orders Economic Council to ‘Reduce Energy Costs’
Obama - the Millionaire with many homes calls for you to make sacrifices to save the planet
French Women's Soccer Nig arrested for 'hiring two men to attack and injure a White club team-mate'
Alec Baldwin calls for COPS on sets after fatal 'Rust' shooting
Boston Police detain a demonstrator from a van after it drove through police barricades
Cleo Smith: Bombshell as missing Australian girl claims a woman looked after her in WA
Knifeman 'shouting religious slogans about the Prophet' is shot
Joe Biden fart Camilla Parker Bowles can’t stop talking about
Christchurch mosque shooter claims he pleaded guilty because of inhumane treatment in prison
Navy Launches USS Faggotry Named for Gay Wrongs Leader Harvey Milk - Village People Celebrate!
Blaming Whitey: Thunberg Claims West Owes 'Colonised' Countries a 'Historical Debt'
No Whites Wanted: Global Investment Firm Refuses to Hire White Men
Witness: Man Shot by Rittenhouse Had Round Chambered in Handgun
UK Newspaper Attempts Media Lynching of White Men Accused of Murdering Black Thief
Victorian Traitor breaks ranks with the Australian federal government over China again
Trump boasts to Republican Jewish Coalition 'no president has ever been a better friend to Israel'
Royal Court theatre in London changes billionaire character's Jewish name
Rotherham grooming gangs: Patrick Christys says 'they are not a thing of the past' - YouTube
Belarus has flown in thousands of Muds from the Middle East & Africa to Dump in Europe
Illegal Migrants LOL @ US as Govt Sends Deportation Notices to 78,000 Migrants Who Were Not Processed
Biden Admin Detaining Migrants Outdoors Under Texas Border Bridge Again in Winter Weather
Lithuania Begins Wall Construction Along Belarus Border
Three Injured in Knife Attack on German Train, Suspect Allegedly Syrian
German Girl, 15, Raped by Nearly a Dozen Migration-Background Men
Teen Who Reported School Sexual Assault Suspended After Boy Charged
'Subverting Education' to Radical Views on Race Is 'Racist'
The Destructive Left-Wing Logic Behind Biden’s Embrace of $450K Reparations for Border Crossers
Republicans Help Democrats Pass Infrastructure with $0 for Border Wall
Anti-American Liz Cheney: 'Un-American' to Say January 6 Was a False Flag Operation
Push for schoolkids as young as five to sing Australian national anthem every day before class
Moment up to 24 Moroccan migrants escape plane and sprint across runway at Majorca's Palma airport
Bronx Beaner school teacher arrested after 'he sent lewd photos to students and forcibly touched a teen'
Commie Rag - The Guardian: Far-right figures in Charlottesville court over deadly violence of 2017
Online terrorism: Australian Federal Police say MUSLIM children are helping to plan attacks
100,450,000 People Not in Labor Force - No Job and Not Even Looking
$450K illegal immigrant payment by Biden admin
Nigger Crim Dies After Attacking Whites During Citizen's Arrest - Whites Blamed for "Racist" Death
New Jersey "Finds" 12k Ballots In Attempt To Screw Based Truck Driver - YouTube
Monty Python Star ‘Cancelled’ for Defending White Men - YouTube
Cleo Smith: Nigger Kidnapper Knew What He Was Doing - MSM Claims Intellectual Disability - It's Just Abo Culture to Hate Whitey
One Year Ago Today Gateway Pundit Reported on a Late Night Ballot Dump at TCF Center in Detroit - Liberal Media Said It Was Fake News - So We Proved it with Video
Honduran illegal immigrant charged with murder entered US falsely claiming to be unaccompanied minor
Book: Nature Reclaims WWI Ruins - See Photos
China Mocks Biden Apology for America - Says Trump will Apologise for Biden in 24
New York Times Thought Police Demand Classic/White Rock Songs Be Toppled Like Confederate Statues?
Just Say "Commie!" Right Wing Jews Rule Breitbart - If it's Not Neo-Nazis it's Woke Nazis & Islamo-Fascists
Leftard Hero Threatens Climate Change Will Lead to Mass Gang Rapes of White Women
Facebook Papers: Here Is Facebook's Internal Glossary of Terms
Fuck You Whitey! Democrats' Amnesty Invites Endless Cheap THIRD-WORLD Labor
War on Single White Family Homes Alive in US: Need Density, Diversity
MSNBC: Republicans Support Base Playing with 'Neo-Nazism'
MSM: White Women Are 'Handmaidens of White Supremacy'
Calais mayor condemns 'mad' decision to build new centre for migrants trying to reach Britain
Effectiveness of all three vaccines against infection fell to less than 50% on average by September
Professor Nigel Curtis Reveals He Will NOT Give Covid Vaccine to his Children
California city declares itself a 'constitutional republic' over 'barrage' of Covid mandates
Jewish cult leader linked to two horrific unsolved murders
Natalie Wood Raped as a Child by Hollywood Kike, Kirk Douglas
Nig Life: Florida child sex killer is appealing his death sentence over prosecutor's remarks
Race-Traitor Prince Albert of Monaco reveals he's Pissed Off with his Nigger
Parasite Prince Allows His Uppity Nigger to Interfere in DC Politics
White House, Media Hide 'Largest Update to Our Immigration System in 30 Years'
Moroccan Charged with Raping Woman on Steps of Copenhagen Court
Boat Migrants Reach Corsica, France for First Time Since 2010
African Illegal Electrocuted After Trying to Flee Cops via Train Roof
Migrant Arrests in Mexico Hit Unprecedented Levels
50K Migrants Elude Border Patrol in October
England: Sand-Nig banker Zahid Naseem lied about killing White escort in coke-fuelled rage
Nig Life: Shocking video shows NYC serial Nugger hold knife to the neck of a bodega worker
They'll Say Anything to Remove Whitey: Cricket Commentator 'Make racist comments', claims Pakistani player
Australia: Africoon Duldong Deng charged with murder after alleged beach stabbing in Melbourne
Friend of White Libtard Chicago socialite killed by its adopted Nigger daughter says grandchild should be in WITNESS PROTECTION
Trump Fucks with 'nutjob' Alec Baldwin - INTENTIONALLY shot Rust crewmember
Hollywood Whore Wonders: Did ‘Trumpers’ Give Alec Baldwin the Loaded Gun?
Brazilian tar-baby gets 12cm-long appendage chopped off
Cleo Smith 'could have been a living doll in the hands of Bratz collector of White Baby dolls
Cleo Smith: Terence Darrell Kelly moved from Carnarvon to Perth prison
Doctor confirms a man’s nose can reveal penis size
WATCH: Actor Gary Sinise Gifts Gravely Wounded Marine a New Home
Pentagon Report: China at War with Australia
ANOTHER HATE HOAX: Black Woman in Atlanta Accused of Pretending to be White Male Member of the Ku Klux Klan, Threatening Black Neighbors
Pennsylvania City Votes Against Removing English as Official Language
Hollywood Celebrities Panic After Republican Win: 'We R F**ked' 'Enjoy the Last Year of Democrat Control'
CRT Top Issue in Virginia Election, Democrats Insist It 'Isn't Real'
GOP: The Fight Against Critical Race Theory Has Only Just Begun
MSNBC: Glenn Youngkin's Victory 'Proves White Ignorance'
MSNBC: Democrat Virginia Loss Shows 'a Good Chunk of Voters' OK with 'White Supremacy'
VA Was 'About Parental Issues' and 'Racism Raised Its Ugly Head' - 'Not Going to Tie' Result 'to Democrats'
ABC's Hostin: White Women Who Voted for Youngkin Want to Pretend Slavery Didn't Happen
Jemele Hill Mocked for Saying Dems Lost Because of 'White Supremacy'
Anti-CRT Parents Win School Board Victories Throughout America
PragerU Documentary: Facebook Insider Was Labeled a 'Hate Monger' for Disagreeing with Leftist Censorship
McConnell: DHS Offer of $450,000 to Illegals Is Parody, Insult
Zero Boat Migrant Deportations This Year as 2021 Landings Pass 20,000
Afghan Migrant Crisis? Bulgarian Troops on Turkish Border to Stop Illegals
Italy: 880 Schools Have More Foreign-Born Pupils than Native Italians
Twelve Violent Transgender Inmates Moved Into Scottish Women's Prisons
LOL! White supremacist terror case sparks fear among Scots Muslims - BBC News
Mud Terrorist: Army veteran sentenced to 25 years for planning to bomb California white supremacist rally
Senteced to 40 Years for Membership of Aryan Brotherhood
Charlottesville Trial Part I: Concerns About Antifa Jury Intimidation Arise in Second Day of Jury Selection
Charlottesville Trial Part II: Plaintiffs Exclusively Striking White Jurors
Charlottesville Trial Part III: A Day of Highs and Lows With Plaintiffs’ and Defendants’ Opening Statements
Charlottesville Trial Part IV: Left Wing Activists – Offer Theatrical and Lurid Details
Charlottesville Trial Part V: Defense Rattles Plaintiffs; A Betrayer Takes the Stand
Charlottesville Trial Part VI: Plaintiffs’ Attorney Monopolizes Day Interrogating Defendant Heimbach
Last moments of mother-of-one, 76, before ending her life at Swiss clinic
Steve Buscemi Hands Out Halloween Candy Dressed as His ‘Fellow Kids' Meme
Archaeology: 3D reconstruction reveals how Scotland's largest Pictish settlement looked in 1000 AD
Picture of slave owner Sir Thomas Picton is removed from Welsh national museum 
San Francisco to force five-year-olds to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor venues
Fox News Australia known as Sky News Australia Goes Woke
Fox/Sky News Australia Sacks Alan Jones - Too Right Wing
NFL Raiders' Nig 'driving 156mph' before crashing his Corvette into SUV, killing WHITE woman & her dog
Home Invasion: Nigger Smashes its Way Into White Home & Kills Grandad
Australian Native Mud Crime - The Taking of a 4 Year Old White Girl
Abo Activists Hate Missing Little White Girl - ONLY Black Lives Matter
Cleo Smith Carnarvon abduction: Abo abductor had a White doll and little White girl obsession
Cleo Smith: Abo, 36, charged with kidnapping missing 4 year old WHITE girl in Western Australia
Cleo Smith Carnarvon kidnapping: Abo Kidnapper Beaten by White Prisoner
Cleo Smith Kidnapping: Abos Bitch about White Racism - Claim They Are the Victims
Taken by Abo - Cleo Smith found: Police Commissioner says officers had no idea what they would find in raid
Inside the miracle rescue of Cleo Smith as she is found alive in Abo Carnarvon, Australia
‘Not the Result We’d Hoped For’: McAuliffe Concedes Virginia Gubernatorial Race to Youngkin
Military police investigate dozens of complaints of racism in the Canadian Army - Anti-Whiteness Ignored
Putin ‘is right’ in claiming the West is destroying itself through woke politics - YouTube
Farage: Stop the Boats - Ship Them Back to France
The Plan to Ban Single Family Homes And Nice White Neighborhoods
"RaHoWa" Witness testimony continues with deposition from former member
Shot Criminal Jews - Not Innocent Whites: Rittenhouse Trial Begins
Canadian Indigenous health expert suspended from her job amid claims she has NO Indigenous heritage
Minneapolis REJECTS defund the police: Voters decide to keep their city police department
Trump wanted $10trillion in reparations from China for the damage they caused with COVID
Adopted Nigger Killed White Mother: Suitcase killer Heather Mack deported from Indonesia back to the US
Black croupier wins race discrimination case against Mayfair casino Aspinalls
Migrant caravan rejects visa offers from Mexican officials, keeps going toward US
Pastor: Do Champions of Socialism Realize That Karl Marx Held a Deep Belief in God?
10 Reasons You Should Turn In Your Guns - YouTube
Neil Oliver: We haven’t even got past Halloween but it’s already panto season at COP26 - YouTube
They're in Jail Being Tortured! MSNBC: January 6 'Terrorists' Treated with Kid Gloves Because They're White
Survey: Elite-Imposed Migration Is Transforming National Politics
Democrat Terry McAuliffe Suggests Virginia Has Too Many White Teachers
Xi Jinping Scolds World on Climate Change While China Keeps Polluting
EXCLUSIVE: 60K Migrants Released into U.S. in October
Mayor Stoney: 'Youngkin and His Supporters Don't Believe' Slavery, Holocaust Were Real
Report: Facebook Was Hiring Developers to Target Children as Young as Six
Jeff Bezos Takes Private Jet to COP26 for Climate Change Chat with Prince Charles
Rep. Greg Murphy: $450K for Migrants 'Is More than' Military Widows Get
VP Harris Headlines Electric Trucks Event as Border Encounters up 314%
Watch: Sleepy Joe Biden Struggles to Stay Awake During Climate Change Summit
Man Pummels Woman in 'Horrific,' 'Disturbing' Inter-Gender MMA Bout
75 Migrants, Including Small Child, Found Locked in Refrigerated Trailer near Border in Texas
Migrant Woman Delivers Baby Shortly After Crossing Border in Texas
UK Govt Admits to Losing Track of Over 900 Foreign Criminals
Prince Charles: 'Vast Military-Style Campaign' Needed in Climate Fight
New UK Laws Could Jail Trolls for 'Psychological Harm', Disinfo, Ratioing
German Police Apologise for Doing Push-Ups on Holocaust Memorial
NYT Reporter Asks for Raising Gas Prices on Middle Class
GOP Blasts Biden Plan Giving $450K to Illegals: 'Civilizational Homicide'
VIDEO: 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant Rocks Georgia-Florida Game
LOL @ Archbishop of Canterbury apologises for saying climate change worse than the NAZIS
White woman confronts Mud at gym who'd been 'harassing her for months'
Jew Pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell appears at pretrial hearing as judge REJECTS series of motions
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern storms out of a press conference over vaccine question
Climate Hoaxers: Facebook, Twitter launch crackdown on Climate Deniers
A ‘woke’ comic celebrated PewDiePie’s wife being robbed, the internet said enough is enough
Greta Thunberg drops F-bombs demanding more climate action as Biden FALLS ASLEEP at COP26
30% of Republicans say VIOLENCE may be the only way to save the US - MSM Don't Question Democrats
It’s World War III Already – And Humanity Is Losing
Girl Raped by Tranny Boy - Obama Calls it Fake Right Wing News
Joe Biden Pooped Himself At Vatican Meeting - YouTube