Racial News to Use - 2021 October

From Racial Loyalty News - Headlines

Joe Biden 'needs a nursing home and a bowl of soup' - YouTube
Joe Biden Pooped Himself At Vatican Meeting - YouTube
Tucker Carlson’s “Lets Go Brandon” Segment That Will Leave You In Tears - YouTube
Target Shopper Tricks Store Into Announcing "Let's Go Brandon" Over PA System [VIDEO]
Target Shopper Tricks Store Into Announcing "Let's Go Brandon" Over PA System | Red Voice Media
Could Wisconsin Be The FIRST State To DECERTIFY The Fraudulent 2020 Election
Pope Pleased with the Browning of America - Biden a ‘Good Catholic’ Who Ought To Take Communion
Nazi flag spotted in building next to Brisbane Synagogue as Jewish community wants everything banned
LOL! @ Pittsburg Boys Re-Enact George Floyd Death in Concord, Student Shows up with KKK Costume
Biden Regime to Flood America with End of 'Remain in Mexico' Policy
Brooklyn Bites Jew Hand that Feeds It - Arson at a Jewish School
NIGGER Punches WHITE Woman Who Told Him to Take ‘Chill Pill’ on Subway - No Charge for Civil Wrongs
Charlottesville Trial: Christopher Cantwell Watched Tucker Carlson
Statues of Historical Figures Who OPPOSED Slavery Now Face Removal
Doritos Ad for Halloween Pushes Faggotry on Kids
Twix's Tranny 'Princess Boy' Halloween Ad Pushes Hateful Message: 'Handle Intolerance with Violence'
‘Guys No Longer Needed?’: Biden’s Build Back Better Slideshow Dystopian Display of Relying on Govt
Nigger New Jersey Professor on White people: 'I want to say ... we got to take these motherf---kers out'
It's That Nigger Again: The Root Institute 2021: The Attacks on Critical Race Theory
Condemned Oklahoma Nigger convulsed, vomited before dying, witness says
Caravan of mostly Central American migrants advance slowly across Mexico
Biden administration debates paying 'hundreds of millions' to families separated at the border
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot drowned out by boos at union fundraiser
Hospital Exec Who Said He Was Fired for Being a White Man Awarded $10M by Jury: Company Bitches
AT&T Employee Training Program Says, ‘White People, You are the Problem’
Attorneys In “Unite The Right” White Supremacist Trial Argue Over Antifa
Niggers Fake Hate Crime: Chicago music venue vandalized with white supremacist, anti-vax messages
Dylann Roof: Families Of Charleston Shooting Victims Reach $88 Million Settlement With Justice Dept
Race Traitor! UFC Sean Strickland's 'White Supremacist' Past - Kicked Out of School for Hate Crimes
FBI Setup: Manitoba ex-Soldier Patrik Mathews Sentenced to 9 Years for Role in FBI/White Supremacist Plot
FBI Setup: Judge considering addition of 'terrorism enhancement' to two white supremacists' prison terms
Dogs tilt their heads to help them hear and process their owner's requests more easily, study finds 
RSPCA Charges LEFTY Rioter with Animal Cruelty After He's 'filmed kicking a dog' at Melbourne rally
Caravan of Illegal Aliens Swells to 5,000 in Southern Mexico - Covered in Disease & Ready for the USA
Buzz Lightyear Voice Actor Tim Allen Axed for Refusing to Vote Democrat
Rapper Bryson Gray's anti-Biden song Let's Go Brandon knocks Adele off top of iTunes chart
Three Islamist terrorists who plotted to behead a soldier and bomb shopping a centre could walk free
Vatican Cancels Live Broadcast of Stumble-Bum Dementia Joe Biden Greeting Pope
Maskless Niggress Racially Abuses Taxi Driver 'A 'F*****ing Paki' & Kicks Car
Turkish Tycoon Buys English Football Team for £30m - Vows to Make it 100% Non-White
India ARRESTS Muslims for cheering on Pakistani cricket team during World Cup victory
Sand-Nigger Satanist who murdered Nigga sisters, 46 and 27, in Wembley park jailed for at least 35 years
Ave Mussolini! Mussolini's Monument to Fascism Hosts G20 Summit Where Joe Biden will Cower to World Leaders
Actor Charged with Vandalizing George Floyd Statue in New York City
Biden Gives Illegal Aliens 'Protected Areas' Where They Can Evade Arrest
Texas 'Catch & Jail' Program Collars 7000 Migrants
Garbage from Migrants Fill Texas Ranchlands near Border
Bruce Springsteen Smear - Hates White Fans - Labels ALL as RACISTS
Report: Biden Releases More than Half a Million Border Crossers into U.S.
Kentucky Mayor Gets Lap Dance from Male High School Student
Ilhan Omar Blames Minneapolis Crime Spike on 'Dysfunctional' Police
House Intelligence Committee Calls for the Arrest of Dr Fauci
Josh Hawley Tells Merrick Garland to Resign for 'Weaponizing' DOJ
Tom Cotton Blasts AG Garland over Labeling Parents Terrorists, FBI Probe
Nunes Blasts NSA Director over Political Targeting of Ex-NSA Trump Employee
'Raises legitimate concern': Federal judge demands answers about defamation lawsuit filed by Nunes’ family
Joe Biden Spits On A Woman At Rally & Probably Gives Her AIDS - YouTube
Biden Regime - ID's Were Not Invented for Voting & Other Questions
96 Year Old German Granny Latest Victim of HOLOHOAX Witch Hunt
Facebook accused of being 'drunk on power' after they tried to censor support for Kyle Rittenhouse
Australians to Show ID Before Voting - Libtards Declare "THAT'S RACIST!"
Nigger's bizarre new song that slams Australians for being complacent hits number one on US charts
29p depression pill is found to slash unvaccinated patients' risk of hospitalisation
Unpaid Covid fines will be taken from bank accounts and seized homes in Queensland
Just 68% of US military is vaccinated with 468,000 members facing the ax
Biden bans China Telecom phone carrier SPYING while US offices PAX Chinese firm raided by the FBI
Eating MacDonald's Shrinks Testicles and Causes Infertility
Washington: Catholic Church Mob Brawl with Peaceful Man Praying at THEIR Alter
Freaky Kike 'Catman' murder trial halted - Defendant makes meowing sounds during Argentinian hearing
White Blaming - Family of violent Aboriginal mother JC shot dead by WA policeman slam not guilty verdict
Bruce Jenner says Dave Chappelle '100% right' to face down freaky tranny mob
Mostafa Baluch: Fugitive bragged about Taliban links as a teenager
Sister of fugitive 'drug kingpin' Mostafa Baluch believes he has been kidnapped
Delaware Audit Confirms Dead Voters From Nursing Homes In 2020 Election
It’s good MPs aren’t wearing masks, it's far easier to see that they’re laughing at us - YouTube
Veteran Hero Who Stopped Robbery Receives Award Wearing "Let's Go Brandon" T-Shirt and MAGA Hat
Alec Baldwin Was More Concerned With Coof Than Live Rounds on Set - YouTube
Colombia arrests most-wanted drug lord Otoniel in jungle raid involving 500 troops & 22 choppers
Biden approval ratings worse than every recent president -- except one -- at this stage of his presidency
Kansas resident's 'F*** Biden' flag can't stay in yard, town says - YouTube
LOL @ Synagogue’s online service interrupted by people displaying swastikas and shouting racist abuse
Trump Selling "Let's Go Brandon" Shirts
Get Yours Today: Trump is Selling "Let's Go Brandon!" T-Shirts Online
Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on 'cruel' puppy experiments
Facebook Suppressed Breitbart News Traffic by Twenty Percent
Hollywood Weapons Expert: Alec Baldwin Ignored the No. 1 Rule of Gun Safety
Halyna Hutchins Was Shot in Chest When Alec Baldwin Fired Prop Gun
Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty, Gets Life in Prison for Murdering 4 Americans
WaPo ‘Forced to Admit They Lied' After Covering Up FJB Chant
Jewish Supremacist ADL Threatens White Americans: Avoid Culturally Insensitive, Gender-conforming Halloween Costumes OR ELSE!
Barack Obama Calls Outcry over Loudoun County Rape Coverup 'Phony, Trumped-Up Culture War'
Jailed January 6 rioter, 32, says he's considering running for MAYOR of Las Vegas in 2024
Moment police find group of ILLEGALS huddled in back of a lorry at Heathrow Airport
Instead of removing Confederate statue, Tennessee town erects new one to black Union soldiers
CNN host Jake Tapper accuses GOP politicians of exploiting Alec Baldwin shooting tragedy
Inside Hunter Biden's controversial art show in SoHo: Exhibition opens with tight security
Islam in the UK: Drug-selling 'Albanian Blood' Instagram page had 1,000 followers
China's real life Squid Game: Doctor issues urgent warning for Chinese surgeons to be banned
ASIO annual report implies Chinese spies are threatening families of foreign nationals, seducing MPs
Cartoonist Leunig is AXED over cartoon comparing Dan Andrews' vaccine mandates to Tiananmen Square
New Zealand PM Admits to Treating Unvaxxed as Second-Class Citizens
Jews claim that boosters can avert a disaster
Covid-19 Australia: Victorians risk losing vaccinated privileges if skip booster shots
CDC's Walensky: Biden Administration Planning 'Education and Counseling' for Unvaccinated
'We're watching it very carefully': CDC head Dr Rochelle Walensky says US is monitoring Delta Plus
Report: Fauci's NIH Division Partially Funded Insects Eating Beagles Alive
Calls grow to oust Fauci over NIH funding of cruel experiments on beagles
Fauci under fire for 'puppy experiments' that utilized disease-causing parasites
Illinois high schoolers survey if 'queers' should use the bathroom with 'normal people'
Parents Slam Suspension of Black Students' Violent Reaction to Question Video Sent by White Classmate
Anti-White: Southern Illinois University System striving to become 'an anti-racist organization'
U.S. officials come across nearly 2 million unauthorized migrants in FY 2021 | KFOR.com Oklahoma City
Fauci under fire from lawmakers after US taxpayer money spent on cruel drug experiments on dogs
Russia and Israel are connected by ‘very deep bond’ & Putin is ‘close, true friend’ of the Jewish people, says Israeli PM Bennett — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
Illegal caravan breaks through Mexican police - Biden blasted for claiming he hasn’t had time to visit border
Dressing up for Halloween used to be fun... now it’s a minefield in the culture war
Retarded! 'Daydreaming about riding a pony': Joe Biden's fists gaffe at CNN town hall - YouTube
Greek island on front line of Europe's refugee route builds dedicated 'prison camp' with razor wire
Dog Adopted After Living Half Her Life in Shelter
LOL @ Baldwin Hounded for Anti-Gun Activism Tweet Asking 'How It Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone'
US Military 'Marginally Able' to Defend America's Vital Interests
Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Hinges on Kamala Harris
Biden Resettles 4K Afghans Across American Communities in One Week
Insecure Border Will Lead to Democrat Loss in Midterms
Texas National Guard Blocks Border Crossing as Wall Construction Continues
Streets 'Less Safe for Women than They Have Ever Been' in Yorkshire
Hawley Demands Garland's Resignation over Intimidating Parents with FBI
France Considers Mandating Third Jab Booster Shot for Vaccine Passport
Canada Requires 'Vaccine Passport' for Foreign and Domestic Travel
Austria Proposes Lockdowns for the Unvaccinated if ICU Numbers Rise
Politicians Like Masks, Mandates 'Because It Shows Control'
Farage Slams Vaccine Passports as 'Infringement on Our Liberties'
Joe Biden uses 'OK' gesture liberals denounce as white supremacist in CNN town hall - Washington Times
Charlottesville Trial To Open 4 Years After “Unite The Right” - Read the MSM Lies
Inexperienced Alt-Light Crippled by Charlottesville Lawsuit - By the Jews they Profess to Love!
Lefty Teacher Threatens Students Questioning Her Ideology & Gets Fired! - YouTube
SoCal: Woman Who Refused to Wear Mask in OC Grocery Store Convicted of Trespassing
Shoplifting Under $1,000 Will No Longer Be A Felony, Nig-Nog AG Says
The Problem With How Democrats Are Selling Their Agenda
Biden: I Haven't Had the Time to Visit the Border, 'I've Been There Before' and My Wife Has
IQ 152: Kate Beckinsale too Smart for Hollywood
Dog rescued from Atlantic Ocean after 'jumping off a boat' [Video]
Generation of woke young Australians will be unwilling to defend their country
Vladimir Putin slams 'monstrous' West for teaching children they can change their gender
Nigger: Horrifying moment NYC woman is yanked to the ground by her HAIR in random street attack
College accused of sexism for choosing two male captains based on MERIT
Why an 'assisted death' is almost certainly NOT what you think it is
FU: Alec Baldwin shoots and kills cinematographer with prop gun
'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant Drowns Out Fox ALCS Postgame Show Hosts
Biden: White Supremacy that Killed MLK Also Caused January 6 Protests
Districts with ‘Diversity Officers’ Are Expanding Achievement Gaps
Merrick Garland Did Not, Will Not Seek Ethics Review over Alleged Family Ties to Critical Race Theory
Federal Lawsuit Filed Against MA School District over 'Racial Segregation,' 'Speech Codes'
AG Took Word of National School Boards Assoc. to Target Parents
Mohamed Noor resentenced to 57 months in prison for killing Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk Damond
Victoria lockdown ends: All new Covid-19 rules
Conor McGregor is 'so heartbroken' after revealing that his beloved dog Hugo has died
Vienna museums join ONLYFANS to display nude artworks after they are 'blacklisted' on social media
Nig smash-and-grab thieves in San Francisco break car windows, steal bags from cars
Just an Ordinary Nigger: Bodycam footage captures 20-year-old black autistic man being tasered by police
How dare White House blame Americans for wanting goods in stores
Joe Biden tells false story about Amtrak conductor for the FOURTH time
Trump launches TRUTH Social, a new social media network he says will 'fight back against "Big Tech" 
Kanye West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, wears RACIST Caucasian mask
Conservative US commentator Candace Owens asks 'when do we INVADE Australia to spread democracy?'
Ultra-orthodox Melbourne Jewish school principal Malka Meifer to finally stand trial on 90 charges
Jew Condemned: Writes Poor (Meaning Goyim) People Lack Discipline & Behave Differently
Jews Bitch: "Vax Macht Frei卐" Seen in Australia
World's Most Covid Lockdown State: Official mandatory mask advice is labelled 'CRAP'
Muscle Muslim Spreads Chinese Virus - Australian MSM Treats Him as a Hero
BLACK UK Labour MP Diane Abbott Denies RACISM Against WHITE Finnish Nurses 😯 - YouTube
Scottish Police HIDE MUSLIM Rape Gangs - At Least 44 Girls Raped
Civilian Traffic Agents That Replaced New York Cops Get Beat the Hell Up - YouTube
MASSIVE CNN Protest in New York City! Great VIDEO of New Yorkers telling off CNN!
BUMBLING BIDEN: US President delivers bizarre speech while spruiking infrastructure plan - YouTube
'He's not all there': Critics slam Biden's bumbling infrastructure speech - YouTube
Niggers ... Evander Kane Has Earned $49 Million in the NHL but Just Lost Everything
Evander Kane files for bankruptcy with $26.8 million of debt – The Athletic
Sharks And Evander Kane Sued By Centennial Bank - NHL Rumors - NHLTradeRumors.Me
Sabres' Evander Kane being sued over assault allegations - Sportsnet.ca
Top Berkeley physicist resigns as colleagues refused to invite another acclaimed scientist to speak
NHL Suspends Sharks' Evander Kane for 21 Games for Submitting Fake Covid Vaccine Card
White House: ‘No Surprise’ Biden Is Flying Migrants into States at Night
Indian immigrant Vishal Jood receives hero's welcome as he's deported home after stint in jail
Blaming Whitey: Racism declared a New York City public health crisis
DailyMail.com joins Haitian migrants on perilous 2,000-mile journey deep in the Panamanian jungle
Walmart Critical Race Theory Training Encourages Employees to Accept That ‘White Is Not Right’
Soldier, 29, 'fondled female comrade's breasts while she slept'
Is an even MORE infectious strain of Delta now taking off in Britain?
Teachers TAPING masks to kids faces in Colorado 
Restrictions in Moscow as Russia sees record 1,015 daily coronavirus deaths
UK's daily Covid deaths hit SEVEN-MONTH high of 223 while cases jump 13% in a week to 43,738
Covid vaccine protection wanes after six months
The likelihood of catching Covid-19 if you’re fully vaccinated
Dead Nigger! Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from Covid complications
Racist Kanye West emerges in WHITE FACE mask in Italy | Photos
Illinois Mom Accused of Shooting Dead Man Who Refused to Kiss Her
Jussie Smollett Will Face Trial After Judge Denies Dismissal Request
George Soros Drops $1M To Stop City of Austin Hiring Police to Combat Rising Crime
Brooklyn woman arrested in connection with suspected arson at a Jewish school - CNN
NYPD Shomrim Society (@NYPDSHOMRIMSOCI) / Twitter
Biden Goes CRAZY In ANGRY & UNHINGED Rant, Yelling At Audience [VIDEO]
BUSTED: Joe & Jill Biden Caught Breaking D.C. Mask Mandate At Posh Georgetown Restaurant [VIDEOS]
Blaming Whitey: Melbourne Park Hotel refugees: Man infected in CBD detention
Director David Zucker Blasts Cancel Culture: 'Airplane!' Could Be Made Today 'Just Without the Jokes'
PA School Group Breaks from National Org. Calling Anti-CRT Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’
Since When Does National School Boards Association Define ‘Domestic Terrorism’?
Watch: 'Let's Go Brandon!' Song Soars to #1 on iTunes
Trump Mocks Biden Corruption: ‘Hunter Has Inspired Me to Paint'
16K COVID-19 Positive Migrants Released into U.S. by ICE, Says Whistleblower
Biden's 'Outrageous' Immigration Policy 'Has Turned the Border Patrol into Border Processing'
‘This Is a Fundamentalist Islamist Terror Attack’ Says Farage
MP Slaying: UK Security Services Fear 'Rise of the Bedroom Radicals'
Priti Patel May End Online Anonymity in Wake of Politician Killing
UK PM vows democracy will triumph over evil after MP killing
Sex offenders and paedophiles will be deported from Australia more easily under new law
UK Tory MP David Amess dies after being stabbed multiple times by 'British man of Somali heritage'
'There could be a copycat-style attack': Tory MP doubles-down on call to pause face-to-face meetings
Islamic Terrorism: We must not confuse toxic discourse with this outrage
Defiant MPs keep their constituency surgeries open amid debate over police guards 
The life of Sir David Amess is proof it's wrong to link 'Right wing' with 'uncaring'
Gang behind kidnapping of 17 missionaries in Haiti 'will demand ransom of $1million per head'
It doesn't work if you carry it Joe! President Biden is filmed breaking DC's mask mandate
Fauci says J&J shot should have been a double dose from the start
Woke Virginia prosecutor wants to JAIL father of girl raped
Woman raped by NIGGER on train as bystanders did nothing, police complain
VP Kamala Harris has 'basically come out and said the United States is an illegitimate nation’ - YouTube
David Starkey: When history becomes propaganda you get bad history - YouTube
Ruth Bader Ginsburg comments ‘deceptively edited’ by US journalist - YouTube
Anthropology: Old faeces from an Austrian mine shows people had beer and blue cheese 2,700 years ago
Facebook Dangerous Individuals and Organizations List (Reproduced Snapshot) - The Intercept
Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous” Groups and People
Facebook's secret list of 'dangerous individuals and organizations' 
Mark Zuckerberg 'gave $419.5MILLION to nonprofits to help turn out likely Democratic voters'
Why Are Vaccinated People Getting Cancer After The Jab? | Alex Jones
Coronavirus Australia: Sydneysiders still wearing masks outdoors despite new freedoms
Coronavirus Australia: Northern Territory leader Michael Gunner announces Covid vaccine mandate
Victoria becomes first state to ban MPs from entering parliament if they refuse a Covid vaccine 
Joe Rogan argues with Dr. Sanjay Gupta after CNN host said he took 'horse dewormer' for COVID
How Covid-19 Delta variant snuck into Australia and infected Sydney limo driver
Queensland cops take police to court over Covid vaccine mandates
Maria Pau alleged to have issued fake Covid medical exemption certificates in the Gold Coast
Anti-vaxxers paying $500 for fake Australian Covid vaccine passports that work to enter venues
Colac, Victoria: Huge crowds queue up outside general practice to get exemption from the Covid jab
Video: Police officers in full retreat as Hungary fans advance on them
Mud Life: Twist in case of woman, 24, accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl as 39-year-old man charged
Nig Nike boss Larry Miller reveals he "White" murdered boy, 18, while in teen gang
Muslim had been flagged as radicalised before bow rampage in Norway
Gook Dyke NYPD officer, 31, 'waits at home of ex and opens fire when she returns with another woman'
Harry and Meghan-backed 'ethical' investment firm has ploughed millions into Facebook and Twitter
Film-maker's bid to dig up 'truth' about Lawrence of Arabia's death
How can it be TABOO to advise girls to plan to be mothers? From the head of a Cambridge college
Critics tear into 'anti-American' Harris for speech attacking the 'shame of the white explorers'
Victim uses MMA training to fight 3 carjackers who couldn't steal car due to its manual transmission
Wave of disgust forces Australian Muslim group to cancel a webinar with the Taliban
Israel's Netanyahu boasts of having Destroyed US 1st Amendment and Free Speech
Netanyahu Boasts He's Destroyed Free Speech in America - Europe Reloaded
California moves toward gender neutral retail under new law - Los Angeles Times
Facebook’s Secret Rules on Word “Zionist” Impede Criticism of Israel
New York: Shock moment homeless NIGGER tries to abduct WHITE girl
Islam: Norway bow and arrow attack: Man held after multiple killed
Big Brother VIP: Meghan Markle Shallow & Going to Dump Harry After Ruining His Life
Netflix staff plan walk out on October 20 over Dave Chappelle’s Tranny jokes
Superman actor Dean Cain slams decision to make the superhero bisexual as 'bandwagoning'
Furious bikie blasts new 'compulsory make-up rules' and compares WA with Nazi Germany 
Hells Angel Dayne Brajkovich has to wear make-up to cover his gang tattoos in WA
Australian council slaughters 15 dogs including newborn puppies in Covid blunder
Unvaccinated mom with COVID-19 is denied a lung transplant by Nevada Medicaid hours before procedure
American anti-vaxxers and faith groups are manipulating vulnerable Aussies to not get jabbed
News Corp's Andrew Bolt slams Rupert Murdoch newspapers' climate change campaign
Anthropology: Native Americans did NOT come from Japan but Siberia, 15,000-year-old TEETH indicate
'What happens in communist countries': Trump rips de Blasio for 'confiscating' Bronx golf course
Is wearing too much fake tan RACIST? Experts reveal
Rolling Stones drop hit song Brown Sugar from tour set list 'for now'
Two executives sacked over 'racist' trivia night skit where they 'dressed up as bats from Wuhan'
Covid-19 SA: QR code data stored beyond 28 days, report finds
Dick Smith blasts plan for two million migrant surge in NSW
Kamahl pens open letter to Daryl Somers about Hey, Hey It’s Saturday
‘Very real possibility’ Biden could decline quickly - YouTube
All we see out of this White House is ‘weakness and failure’ - YouTube
Hitler's British Family - YouTube
Dem Strategist Deletes Tweet With “Arrest Fauci” Infowars Sticker - YouTube
Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder: White Man Beats Nigger - Nigger Chimps Out
Florida: White Man Wrongfully Jailed for 37 Years is Free - And They Say it Only Happens to Niggers
Hey Hey It’s Saturday 50th Anniversary Special Smashes the Ratings - But Some Nigger Has to Bitch
Prince Charles - Soon to Be King is a Climate Change Freak Wanting to Turn Back Time to the Middle Ages
Singapore Covid-19 cases, deaths, restrictions: Infections soaring
Biden's Bullshit to Devient Faggots on National Butt Pirate Day: 'You are loved and accepted just the way you are'
Trump Iowa rally signals 2024 run, but will Americans give him another chance to clear out the ‘radical socialists’ destroying US?
WHITE Cop, 26, shot dead first day on job with armed NIGGER on the loose
Darkies Only: Indigenous Peoples' Day proclamation issued by Joe Biden, who is first US president to do so
California Wetback Christina Lopez paid $4.9 million after son's death, bought guns for other son's gang
California Wetback who received $4.9M after police killed her son arrested for buying guns for other son, gang
Biden Administration Cancels Remaining Contracts for Border Wall | National Review
Right Said Fred on speaking out over Covid-19, Drake and if they're stool 'Too Sexy' after 30 years - YouTube
'Even with the assistance of an autocue' Biden is 'utterly incoherent' - YouTube
Woke Raiders' coach Jon Gruden apologizes after racist comment surfaces about NFLPA head in emails
Push to Change Racist Name of Illinois Creek Gains Traction – NBC Chicago
Italian sailors 'knew about America 150 years BEFORE Christopher Columbus discovered the continent'
100-year-old becomes oldest German man put on trial for WWII crimes
Hundred-year-old Nazi SS death camp guard claims he is 'innocent' at trial
$240 million upfront payment the reason Australia 'snubbed up to 50 million Pfizer shots'
Fidel Castro believed the Mossad created ISIS - with help from John McCain - Americas - Haaretz.com
Lifeboat carries migrants including a 16-day-old baby girl ashore in Kent amid warm weather surge
Afghans refugees plead to be allowed back home
Muslim rapefugee who raped woman in Sydney laneway jailed
The land where raped women end up being at fault
Security guard at Apple Store in Manhattan is stabbed multiple times by NIGGER
Black female firefighter sues Florida city for $100,000 over mural that depicted her as white
BLM protest man who blared loud music with the N-word and monkey sounds to black neighbor
Teenager was gang-raped by Niggers on her 16th birthday after her drink was laced with cocaine
Texas: Black High School Shooter Released From Jail on Bond
"FAKE PRESIDENT" Trends on Twitter after Biden Again Uses the Fake White House Set Instead of White House
Fuck Taiwan: How Australia could be forced to go to WAR for Taiwan
President Xi Jinping says reunification with Taiwan 'must happen' as he addresses National Day
China’s cyber security attacks on Australia ‘relentless’ according to senator and intelligence expert
Aston University warns students against using sexist or prejudicial words
NYC ends its gifted student program because Niggers are retarded
Chinese developer behind defect plagued apartment project could collapse - leaving homeowners scared
Diversity Means No More Whites: Issa Rae was told to include a white character in TV shows
Queensland police: White girl brutally bashed by group of Blacks walking home from school
Victoria senior police officer exposes locked down Melbourne and quits force
Some TV tart is hospitalised following 'rare vaccine side effects'
Australian hospitality worker fined $500 for not wearing a mask inside her car with her boyfriend 
US hospital denies unvaccinated woman life-saving kidney transplant
Finland joins Sweden and Denmark in pausing use of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in young people
Anti-vax protesters swarm Melbourne shopping centres before police clamp down on demonstrations 
LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva REFUSES to force his staff to get vaccinated under strict mandate
As many as 50,000 home health care workers in NY may be fired over refusal to get the Covid vaccine
Trump says many Haitian migrants 'probably have AIDS' and accepting them is a 'death wish' to the US
Psaki blames COVID and 20% of Americans who are unvaccinated for Biden's approval cratering to 38% 
Professor and composer removed from teaching at Michigan University after showing 1965 film Othello
Mexican cartel fires machine gun into the US with the bullets zipping just above a National Guard
Marines claim Stuart Scheller was 'inciting a revolution' by criticizing Afghan withdrawal
Woman rants against Tide because they featured a lesbian couple and their black children in an ad
More than 650 US-bound migrants are found crammed into back of three cargo trucks in Mexico
Nigger at MD senior living facility shoots two staff members dead after verbal fight
Fecal matter in sediment suggests Norse discovered the Azores 700 years before the Portuguese
DNA from ancient Siberian dogs shows Arctic people traded with the outside world 7,000 years ago
China threatens ‘irreparable damage’ to Australia as Tony Abbott visits Taiwan
Victoria - Australia: Black Privilege as Abos Only Need 3.5% Home Deposit
Mohammed Skaf: Muslim Gang Rapist that Only Raped White Teens Out of Prison
Proof of Biological Warfare: China Released Covid onto World After Developing Vaccine
Enterprising Michigan Landowner Delivers a Warm Welcome to Joe Biden as He Flies Into Town (VIDEO)
Anti-White MSM Report: Tucker Carlson "Claims" There are 'No Organised White Surpremacist Forces' in America | News | Independent TV
College Adds 'Anti-Racist Studies' Major to Tackle Resistance to White Genocide
MSNBC panel claims public school protestors influenced by a 'White supremacist ideology'
Trial Postponed in Case of White Supremacist Army Reservist Charged in U.S. Capitol Breach
U.S. prosecutors seek 25-year sentence for former Manitoba reservist accused of white supremacist plot
UMass Amherst investigating if racist emails were part of ‘larger white supremacist campaign’ - masslive.com
White supremacist graffiti found painted throughout Bethesda
Investigation underway after white supremacist leaflets found in Carmichael neighborhood
Fliers Bearing Swastikas And Advertising White Supremacist Church Left At Carmichael Homes
Pfizer Admits People DO NOT NEED the Vaccine, 200 MILLION People are Naturally Immune
A History Teacher's Warning
Hope for dementia and Parkinson's as scientists find drive for diseases affecting brain function
'Conveyor belt' of rape and torture in Russia's prison system exposed
Pope Francis expresses his 'shame' at scale of French Catholic Church child abuse of 330,000 victims
PIERS MORGAN: Biden's attempt to criminalize parents is a shameful attempt to silence dissent
Covid vaccines 95% effective against infection and 91% against hospitalization among US veterans
Covid US: Experts advise the White House to ABANDON plan to provide booster shots to all
Trump says the election was the 'real insurrection and defends Capitol riot
Major analysis that sparked alcohol fears was flawed, experts insist
Texas high school shooter, 18, is taken into custody and charged
Mohammed Skaf spend first hours of freedom at home after 21 years in jail
Controversial troupe of Morris dancers who were thrown out of a national body dance again
Chinese spending on PCR tests rocketed months before coronavirus reported, Australian study finds
AUSTRALIA IS LOST: Government Launches Orwellian Selfie Check-In Program for Home Quarantine
It Begins: Federal Investigators Are Issuing Warrants for Google to Turn Over Anyone Using Google
"F**k Joe Biden!" Chants Hit New York Jets Game
Black Muslim Minneapolis cop who killed White Australian 911 caller resentenced on lesser charges
Black woman accused of posing as Ku Klux Klan member to threaten neighbours faces terrorist charges
Hate Crime Hoax: Black Woman Accused of Pretending to Be White KKK Member to Terrorize Neighbors
Cancellation of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown shows there is no room for smiles in the woke’s brand of killjoy politics
Black takeover day? UK broadcaster Channel 4 is campaigning against racism… by being racist
Black History Month website deletes article calling white people ‘genetically defective mutants’
School employee suspended for wearing blackface to protest district’s vaccine policies
Whites Only: Handmade Mens Jewelry – GTHIC.com
White Faces of the Indo-Europeans - YouTube
Whitescare: Zionist Groups Criminalize White Children, the Poor, and the Elderly
FBI and Jewish Organizations Invent Anti-White Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
Jews: National Guard must protect Jews from neo-Nazi coronavirus threat
Washington: Feds Drag Their Feet As Antifa Terrorists Emerge As Top Suspects In Train Derailment
Antifa: Former Washington state Democrat organizer federally convicted over terrorist attack on railroad
"Antifa" Supporter Provided Fake Tip to FBI and Ruined a Couple's Life - National Justice
Australia: Law Allows Feds To Hack And Control Online Accounts Of Political Dissidents Without a Warrant
America's Political Prisoners - National Justice
France: Academics and Macron Administration Attack American Anti-Racist Ideology As "Anti-White"
Charlottesville Political Prisoner James Fields Has Been Transported To A Medical Facility - National Justice
Inside the Internet Censorship Conspiracy - National Justice
Feds Arrest Man For Buying Legal Solvent Trap After Finding Books In His House They Believe Are "Racist"
Imperial man with ties to white supremacy movement faces domestic terror investigation, court documents
Global Warming Shock. Antarctica Posts Coldest Winter Since Records Began
America's Jewish AG Merrick Garland Sics FBI on White Anti-CRT Parents
MSNBC: Republican Party Becoming an 'Armed Insurgency' in the U.S.
Asylum Seeker Knifeman Shot Dead at German Asylum Home
NBC Reporter Stays Silent as World Mocks Obvious Coverup of 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant
George Soros-Linked Group Behind Public Harassment of Kyrsten Sinema
Report finds 216,000 children have been sexually abused by French Catholic Church clergy since 1950
Moment violent Aboriginal woman shot dead shown in West Australia police officer's murder trial
No Prison for Muslim sentenced for crashing car into Australian school classroom, killing two boys
Pandora Papers show mystery foreign investors making it harder for Australians to buy property - ABC News
‘Save Australia’ protest erupts in New York
'Modernity was invented in Britain' - David Starkey hits back at Greta Thunberg - YouTube
LOL! ‘Stop singing that word’: Gook-Man United tells fans to drop dog meat chant because - THAT'S RACIST!
American parents questioning masks, transgender, critical race theory in schools are ‘domestic terrorists’
RT appeals against YouTube deletion of German-language channels, as Moscow vows ‘zero tolerance’ stance to censorship by Big Tech — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
Estimates of 3,200 pedophile priests in French Catholic Church since 1950
The Sopranos Go BLM Woke: 'The Many Saints of Newark' Review: A Total Bada Bust
Polish Fans show what they think of kneeling players - YouTube
Poland Sends Thousands of Texts to Migrants Telling Them to Go Back
Ex-Italian Mayor Sentenced to 13 Years for Aiding Illegal Migration
Swedish cartoonist who became target for assassins after ridiculing Prophet Mohammed killed in car crash
Islamic Charity 'Inflamed Tensions' by Doxing Mohammed Cartoon Teacher
Blame Whitey: Top UK Uni Tells White Students to Accept ‘Personal Guilt’
NY Times CONFIRMS the FBI Staged the January 6th Riot | The Red Elephants
Minnesota middle school will eliminate 'F's to combat 'systemic racism'
DHS: Hundreds of Afghan evacuees are leaving military bases in the US without completing resettlement
Anti-Biden chanting erupts at NASCAR event - YouTube
‘Let’s go Brandon’? NBC reporter ‘mishears’ NASCAR fans chanting ‘F**K JOE BIDEN’
NASCAR Fans Break Out Into 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant During Live Interview at Talladega
WATCH: 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chants Ring Out at College Football Stadiums Across the Country
Tranny Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Named Sportswoman of the Year
Gook Tranny: Playboy Celebrates Celebrates First-Ever Male Cover Model
Playboy’s fag cover star is a sign the magazine should have died with dignity a long time ago
Fauci: We're Gonna Ban Xmas Because You Wont Get Vaxed - But Don't Blame Illegal Aliens
New Zealand to phase out ‘zero Covid’ strategy due to vaccination & difficulties with Delta variant
Swiss Guards resign Vatican orders vaccinations & introduces Covid-19 Green Passes for staff and visitors
Hate-Crime HOAX: Nigger 'posed as KKK member and posted threatening notes in Nog neighborhood'
Blaming Whitey: NZ Nigs Refusing Vaccine for Chinese Virus
Left-wing nutjob Michael Moore says US defense should focus on White supremacists
Alt-Lite Bullshite: How podcasts have become the backbone for white supremacist recruiting
County removes photo of LatinX man in White supremacist Peckerwood biker gang T-shirt from its website
University of St. Thomas vandalized with white supremacist/equal rights for Whites posters
San Antonio Hates Equal Rights for Whites
Sentence of so-called white supremacist told to read classics referred to court of appeal
White supremacist TikTok star sobs as judge hands down his sentence for firearms offenses - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
Poway synagogue attack: California man gets life sentence for shooting
Give Him a Medal! US white supremacist given life sentence for fatal synagogue attack
Charges dropped against a farmer who called a Worcestershire village a 'lawless, godforsaken place' 
He Wanted to Keep the Races Segregated: Muhammad Ali's birthday is now a school holiday in Illinois
Hackers expose 200 law enforcement officers who 'joined antigovernment group the Oath Keepers'
Canadian Sand-Nigger who U.S. alleges is behind ISIS propaganda videos is brought to Virginia for prosecution
BepiColombo's swoops within 125 miles of the surface of Mercury
One lucky Australian to win $1million for rolling up their sleeve to get vaccinated
Fascinating images reveal how dog breeds have changed over the years
Blaming Whitey When Doctors Are Darkies - Indian Parents of girl who died will SUE Australian government
FBI crime report shows homicides, violent Nigger crime up in Illinois
No Room for Whitey: WIU President Guiyou Huang: Latinx Heritage Month - Western Illinois University News
Mom Blames Black Student for Insanely Racist Homecoming Proposal
Panama official tells U.S. another 60,000 Haitians are on the way
Beethoven's 10th symphony is finished 194 years after his death by artificial intelligence
Skull of 14th-century Byzantine warrior with fractured jaw threaded with gold uncovered in Greece
Minnesota middle school removes F from its grading system and will allow students to retake tests 
Niggress Says Neighbor Blasts Racial Slurs, Monkey Sounds. Cops Say Shit Happens
Alex Jones will have to pay damages in Sandy Hook 'hoax' lawsuits
Steve Jobs' Widow: Facebook a 'hostile foreign power' 
Privacy Nightmare: Amazon's 'Astro' Robot Will Roam Your House with an AI-Powered Camera
Microsoft-Owned LinkedIn Censors on Behalf of Chinese Communists
Belt and Road Projects Make Money for China, Leave Third World Partners in Debt
MEGHAN MCCAIN Thinks Racial Problems for White Men are Gender Issues
U.S. Is in a 'Civil War' -- Republicans Are a 'Secessionist Movement'
More than HALF of Trump voters want red states to secede from the union
Poll: Majority of Trump Voters Want Red States to Secede from Blue States
Atlanta's richest suburb makes another push to divorce itself from the city as bill is introduced
US Military So Woke ... Ninja Terrorises USAF Base - Troops Hide
FNC's Logan: Lt. Col. Scheller Jailed 'For Speaking the Truth'
Fundraiser for Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller raises more than $2 million
Hero soldier-turned-Republican congressional candidate under fire over use of nonprofit funds
Politico reporter slammed for scolding family of Marine killed in Kabul bombing for not wearing mask
Donald Trump asks federal judge in Florida to force Twitter to reinstate his account
People not fully vaccinated against Covid are 57 TIMES more likely to die, Fauci says
Fauci Hints People Might Not Be 'Fully Vaxxed' Until Booster Shots
Airlines 'WON'T be lifting US travel ban for double jabbed British passengers until November 8'
Democrats Block COVID Testing Mandate for Illegals: ‘They Have Rights’
Covid: Doctors In Scotland Baffled By “Mysterious” Rise In Heart Attacks - YouTube
'Australia has turned into a Covid tyranny' - Brendan O'Neill - YouTube
Fox New host Tucker Carlson slams Australia’s Covid response
Havana Syndrome is a 'global experiment in mass suggestion' not a targeted attack on CIA officers
Frustrated Joe Biden Insists Multitrillion-Dollar Agenda Is Not Radical
Centrist Democrat lashes out against 'far-left faction' of Democratic Party risking 'civility'
Biden makes rare trip to Capitol to SAVE his multi-trillion agenda in meeting with warring Democrats
House Republicans launch investigation into DC Muriel Bowser and the local rise in violent crime
Cargo ships anchored off NY and LA face 4-WEEK wait to unload amid unprecedented supply chain crisis
Democrats’ Criminal-Leniency Policies Sparked an Undeniable Crime Wave
Moment police chase ends in wild shootout where armed Nig felon critically injures White cop
Nig intruder, 21, is MAULED to death by DOGS after trying to break into Georgia home
Nig nurse is fired after mocking newborn baby with a birth defect online
Nigger former student, 25, was arrested after 'opening fire at a TX school; injuring the principal'
South Australia Police - Africoon Theft at Nailsworth
We're Still Getting Large Numbers of Migrants 'Because They Feel That the Border's Open'
New Biden Administration Rules Would Limit Arrest, Deportation Of Migrants
US official in Haiti apologizes for treatment of migrants
Illegal Hatians are seen being detained by Border Patrol at remote Arizona crossing known as 'The Gap
Taco TikToker was smuggling illegal aliens during fatal crash during Texas police chase - Killed all
Afghan rapefugees are 'walking out' of US military bases before being resettled amid vetting questions
Australia: Asian owned restaurant criticised over naming burger item 'The Ching Chong'
Parasite Royals 'spending millions privately funding Prince Andrew's fight against sex assault lawsuit'
Canadian Military Used Pandemic to Test Propaganda on Own Citizens