Racial News to Use - 2021 September

From Racial Loyalty News - Headlines

Canadian Military Used Pandemic to Test Propaganda on Own Citizens
UK Cut Migration Enforcement Spending by £40m as Crisis Escalated
FBI: Over 2x More Killed with Knives than with Shotguns, Rifles Combined
Barack Obama: Open Borders 'Unsustainable' for the United States
Migrant Intentionally Started California Wildfire near Border, Say Feds
1-in-5 Border Crossers Arrive to U.S. Sick with Illnesses
Border Patrol Breaks All-Time Migrant Apprehension Record in 2021
Biden Booed at Congressional Baseball Game Before Critical Vote
Watch: Rocker Aaron Lewis Leads Concert Crowd in 'F**K Joe Biden' Chant
Andy Serkis Says 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' Is a Gay Romance with 'Coming Out Party'
Netflix's 'My Little Pony' Gets Political with a 'Team of Progressive Ponies' Taking on Prejudice and Fascism
John Leguizamo Rips 'All White' Voice Cast for 'Super Mario Bros.' Reboot
Showtime's 'L Word' Pushes Idea of Giving Puberty Blockers to Children Without Parental Consent
South Australian Police - Africoon sought over bus assault
Pelosi Accidentally REVEALS Who's Pulling Biden's Strings - YouTube
Black student admits to writing racist graffiti in Parkway Central bathrooms
'This Is Our Space! You're White!' Black Activists Order White Students to Leave 'Multicultural' Center at ASU
SAPOL - Sexual assault by Nig-Nog in Adelaide
Australian Government Attempts to Shut Net Down as Melbourne Protestors Stand Their Ground
Members of Melbourne band The Spazzys panic over ex-drummer accused of posting “neo-Nazi propaganda”
Fossils: Terrifying eagle with a 6-inch foot span roamed Australia 25 million years ago
Dog Gets New Home: Adelaide family convicted of animal cruelty after RSPCA seizes 14 dogs from their home
South Korea's President Moon suggests nation-wide ban on eating dog meat
Gook Takes Dog to Lunch at Beach: Blah Blah "RACIST!"
China accuses Britain of 'harbouring evil intentions'
Traitor Elon Musk Praises Communist China, Plans Tesla Expansion Throughout Country
Taliban Puts Corpses on Public Display to ‘Alert Criminals They Are Not Safe’
Coast Guard Commandant: Illegal Migration at Sea Has Increased - Biden Has Invited Them
Poll: Majority Oppose Biden's $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill
Rich woman warns Australia will end up impoverished like Sri Lanka or Argentina
Washington teacher forced to REMOVE pro-police flag because 'too political' - Black Supremacist Flags stay
American Taxpayers to Fund Housing for Afghans
We need an urgent vaccine to save us from the Duke and Duchess of Polluting Hypocrisy
Leunig: Controversial artist is slammed over Tiananmen Square vaccines post
Radio Host John Gibson Destroys Left-Wing Media’s ‘Missing White Girl Syndrome’ Petito Narrative
Sheriff Describes Murderer as a Rabid Animal - Asks Citizens to Kill on Site ... That's OK, because he's not Black
A New York BLM Leader Ripped de Blasio over 'Racist' Vaccine Mandate
Melbourne Muslim: Father in ICU with 'three days to live' was vaccine hesitant
Jew Scammer who Conned Women Out of Life Savings to become Netflix Hero
Spain: Nigger 'bites off and eats her flatmate's fingers and tries to disembowel her'
Paki, 17, who was arrested over rape of 15-year-old girl at beach is released without charge
Tunstall Square shopping centre attempted abduction: Mum describes how an Arab tried to grab her son
Pack rapist Mohammed Skaf had sperm secretly frozen behind bars at taxpayers' expense
R Kelly is found GUILTY of all nine counts of racketeering and sex trafficking
Britain’s food, fuel shortage sparks chaos and panic: Shortfall of truck drivers, Covid woes
Black Google employee reported to security at California headquarters
Mohammed Skaf: Can gang rapist adjust to life in the suburbs?
R. Kelly found guilty on all counts in sex-trafficking trial
Foreign ownership investigation of A-League soccer teams reveals human rights concerns, match-fixing links
Black Supremacists at Arizona State University chase out White Students
Leftist ASU Groups Voice Support for Forcing White Students Out of 'Multicultural Center'
Biden administration has removed just 2K of 30,000 migrants who surged border in Del Rio
Post Term Abortion: Louisiana Nigress Threw Two Small Children From Bridge
Comedian Russell Brand: 'Trump Was Right About Hillary and Russia'
'War Criminal!' – Crowds Heckle Hillary Clinton in Northern Ireland
Jews & Philo-Semites Turn on AOC Her Iron Dome Vote
Trump Slams Biden's Border Crisis: 'This Is an Invasion'
TX Gov. Promises to Hire Border Patrol Agents Punished by Biden Administration
Jew Mayorkas is Pleased: Approximately 12,000 Haitian Migrants Released into U.S. -- 'Could Be Even Higher'
Horrors of Child Trafficking, Exploitation Exposed at Texas Border Rally
Smugglers Move Migrants into Heart of Texas Border City
Meghan wears $4,500 designer dress while preaching about vaccine equity
Anorexia survivor slams east London café over 'disgusting' note
Leftard Jew Bill Maher slams Black Supremacist Whoopi Goldberg's claim we need a Black National Anthem
Tories Demand Apology for Being Labelled Racist, Homophobic, Scum - Left-Wing Laugh
Children as young as two forced to be injected with experimental Covid vaccine in Australia
Harry the Parasite Prince's Wife: Meghan the Hypocrite
Fulton County, GA 2020 Election Had $2 million Agreement with the SPLC to Put in Place Drop Boxes
Arizona Senate Audit: Dominion Machines Contained Non-Maricopa County Data from SC & WA
Iran Vows to 'Eliminate' Zionism at U.N. 'Anti-Racism' Conference
UN | 20th anniversary of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action Against WHITE RACISTS
SC Supreme Court: State Law to Preserve Historical Monuments Legal
Nolte: All the Things That Won't Get You Fired at CNNLOL
Ex-Islamic Radical Says Extremists Are Present in Every Swedish Mosque
Joe Biden Tells Indian Prime Minister Not to Answer Questions from U.S. Press
GOP Rep. Herrell: Dems 'Demonize' Border Patrol While Ignoring 'Biden's Humanitarian Disaster'
Male Afghan Refugees Assault Female Soldier at Ft. Bliss
Afghan Allegedly Molested 12-Year-Old, 14-Year-Old Boys at Fort McCoy
Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Woman Who Reported Him for Abuse
Adam Schiff: Select Committee to Enforce Subpoenas with 'Criminal Contempt'
Illegal Alien Sentenced for Suffocating Woman by Stuffing Her in Suitcase
Attacking Border Patrol over 'Lies' Is the only Accountability Biden Wants on Border
Biden Reversing Trump Rules on Immigration Was 'Open Door Signal' - He Was Warned It Was Dangerous
EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 200 Central American Migrants Show Texas Border is Not Closed
CNN's Flores: Border Patrol's Horse Patrol 'Used to Save the Lives of Migrants' a Lot of the Time
AZ Senate Audit of Maricopa County Election: 49,000 Questionable Votes
Threaten to Take Away their Football & They Riot: "Life is not about sport"
Taliban hang dead bodies of 'kidnappers' in four squares of Afghan city Herat, eyewitness says
Missing 5,000 migrants in Del Rio, Texas are fleeing south to Mexico to avoid deportation flight
Biden is slammed for saying the Indian press is 'much better behaved' than American press
China's dirtiest secret: 1,000 coal-fired power stations and climbing
China threatens Australia saying it will become US 'cannon fodder' as Scott Morrison joins Quad summit
Muslim Skaf gang went on month-long pack rape rampage across Sydney
Australian MSM Promoting Muslim Crime Gangs as Celebrities
Australian Muslim Crime Gang: Wild brawl erupts between Lebo crime family & police station in Sydney
Pennsylvania university threatens students with 'action' if they use wrong pronouns
Council which shot dead 15 rescue dogs and puppies in cruel is CLEARED of wrongdoing
White students ‘kicked out’ of multicultural space at Arizona State University
Must Watch: White Nationalists - Australia & UK - Dr Jim Saleam and Nick Griffin - YouTube
New BET movie ‘Karen’ is 2021’s most rabidly racist film, as it tries to make hating white women culturally cool
‘War criminal! Out!’ Protesters greet Hillary Clinton as she becomes chancellor of university in Northern Ireland
U.S. House approves $1 billion for Israel's 'Iron Dome' missile-defense system
Racializing Gabby Petito case is cynical attempt to use tragedy for political gains
Nazi-tattooed Italian boxer Broili BANNED after his ring appearance in livestreamed bout causes outrage
Carlos the Jackal's life sentence upheld over the leftist militant's 1974 attack on a Paris shop
Teenager, 17, arrested after girl, 15, was 'pulled into the sea and raped' at Bournemouth beach
Indian-Australians split from family slam Annastacia Palaszczuk's offensive Covid-19 border comment
Video shows Missouri cops allowing their police dog to maul a black man
Customer launches vile racist tirade at petrol station worker before smashing up the counter 
Husband found not guilty of murdering wife in brutal stabbing attack in Kippa Ring, Queensland
Australia's Black Privilege: Mud who stabbed and then bashed his wife to death not guilty - He was "Provoked"
China must be prepared to strike first using nukes, top diplomat says
Australia could become US ‘cannon fodder’, China’s Global Times says
China condemns Australia over refugee and Aboriginal treatment despite genocide accusations
DHS Secretary: We Did Not Test Haitian Migrants for Coronavirus
Makeshift camp in Texas CLEARED, leaving observers wondering where migrants went
Joe Biden Berates Mounted Border Officials: 'Those People Will Pay'
Biden blasts horseback Border Patrol, vows they ‘WILL PAY’ for trying to stop illegal migrants from crossing
NYC Democrats Seek to Give Voting Rights to Nearly 1M Non-Citizens
Derek Chauvin to Appeal Conviction in Death of George Floyd
Niggas shock onlookers with oral sex at Bronx Zoo: Video
‘We're Doomed!’ Young people’s climate change ‘distress’ proof that we’re enabling a generation of bedwetters
Swiss police use rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon to disperse Bern protest against Covid passports
US Treasury Department authorizes aid transactions with the Taliban
Never Before Seen Footage of the January 6th "Insurrection" That Almost "DESTROYED Democracy"
Those in Antifa are 'everything they claim not to be': Bernardi - YouTube
Federal Judge Strikes Down Portions of Florida Law Banning ‘Sanctuary Cities’ by 'Hate Groups'
Democrats Express Concern About Looming US Debt Default, Government Shutdown
George III is often portrayed as a wicked tyrant, but a historian insists the myths are wrong
UK: Modern White Slavery survivor reveals how she was sold to a Muslim criminal gang for sex
Australia: Muslim Gang Rapist Who Raped Only White Women - Mohammed Skaf to Be Released from Jail
Australian Jewish school principal ordered to stand trial on 70 child sexual abuse charges
Poofter Priest arrested for 'stealing more than £85,000 from church funds to buy drugs for sex parties' 
Hunter Biden asked for $2 million plus 'success fees' to help unfreeze Libyan assets, emails reveal
Border patrol agents find 16 illegal migrants in a hotel room after using storm drain to enter US
Inside refugee camps in Chile where thousands of Haitians lived before marching to US border
Haitian migrants flooded Del Rio because cartel let them cross for free 
Mexico president tells US 'time to act' on migrant crisis
11 Muslims who tortured and gang-raped a Moroccan teen for two months are jailed for 20 years
Sri Lankan shaman who claimed he could end the country's covid outbreak dies of coronavirus
Moderna vaccine more effective against COVID-19 infection at 96% compared to Pfizer shot at 89%
Paracetamol Harms the Development of Babies in the Womb
2022 NDAA Provision Can Restrain Troops from Owning Firearms
Biden Admin Opposes Honorable Discharges for Troops Refusing COVID Vaccine
Wuhan Lab Sought Funding to Create, Release ‘Enhanced’ Coronaviruses into Bats
FDA Approves Pfizer Booster Shots for Seniors, High Risk Patients
Moderna CEO Believes Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be over Next Year
Unlike BLM, Ibram X. Kendi Refuses to Declare Vaccine Mandates 'Racist'
Italy: Workers Without Covid Passport Will Be Withheld Pay But Not Fired
Illegal Boat Migrant Crossings Hit New Monthly Record of 3,872
Behar: Petito Coverage 'Racist' -- When People of Color Go Missing it's Ignored
Poll: Most Americans Blame China for Environmental Issues
Kerry: Protecting Planet 'First and Foremost' in Dealings with China, Not Human Rights, Life Is 'Full of Tough Choices'
Schweizer: Hunter Biden, Joe Biden Finances Are Illegally 'Intertwined'
Repubicans Slam House Democrats for Defunding Israel’s Iron Dome
Gop Jew: Dems Take a Stand on Funding Iron Dome, Not American Equipment Going to Taliban
Afghans Brought to U.S. Charged with Child Sex Crimes, Strangling Wife
Maxine Waters: Border Patrol Apprehending Haitian Migrants 'Worse Than What we Witnessed in Slavery'
Joe Biden Bans Officials from Using Horses to Secure the Border
Video: Protesters Shout Down Al Sharpton's Press Event at Texas Border Bridge Camp
DHS Reports Only 1400 Haitian Migrant Removals from U.S. This Week
South Texas Democrats Threatening to Leave Party over 'Open Borders'
Haitians Regroup in Texas Border Town After Release from Bridge Camp
White House Defends Catch-and-Release as 'Alternative to Detention'
Black ‘Extremist’ Group Appears at Texas Border Bridge Camp with Food for Migrants
Joe Biden Admits Border Is Not 'Under Control'
Joe Biden's Envoy to Haiti Resigns amid Migration Chaos
Dem TX Judge: Border 'Is Wide Open' and 'Biden Has Fomented This'
Social Media Giants Helping Lead Haitian Migrants to Texas
Nig-Nogs Bitch: Sexual racism on New Zealand's dating scene - and how apps are making it worse
Bill Gates Confronted About His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein: "He's Dead"
Roald Dahl Was an Anti-Semite: What will Harry and Meghan say about Netflix's £500m for Dahl Movie?
Anonymous hackers dump 150 GIGABYTES of names, passwords and addresses of far-right website admins
Melbourne is littered with dozens of Nazi stickers following anti-vaxxer protest
Anti-viral drug remdesivir reduces risk of hospitalization in high-risk COVID-19 patients by 87%
Elvira actress details rape involving NBA NIGGER Wilt Chamberlain in new memoir
Asian attacked by three black women
Border Patrol agents in Del Rio sought extra resources in JUNE amid concern about rise in migrants
Shocking pictures show the squalid and fetid migrant camp under the Del Rio bridge
Thousands of Haitian migrants being FREED into the US and NOT deported as Biden administration said
Fake News Lies About Illegal Alien Haitians Being "Whipped" at Border - YouTube
White House reporters launch formal complaint after Biden refuses to take questions yet again - YouTube
Marxist: Uni Graduate Harrison McLean unveiled as key organiser behind anti-vax protests in Melbourne - Australia
Anti-vaxx tradies and cops set for massive showdown in Melbourne as Dan Andrews is slammed
Waleed Aly unleashes at 'White Privileged' tradies - Claims Nazis causing chaos in Melbourne anti-vaxx protests
"Neo-Nazis EVERYWHERE!" TV’s Waleed Aly slams tradies amid violent protests over lockdown
Marxist rioters stop to 'snort cocaine' mid-way through violent anti-vaxxers protests
"What Neo-Nazis?" Police prepare for more Marxist protests on Wednesday
Australian Marxist unionists protest over vaccine mandate a sign of things to come in war
Marxist anti-vax rioters kick dog - investigated by RSPCA Victoria
Australia's Marxist ‘freedom’ riots: Chaos erupts in CBD streets over construction sector shutdown
Marxist riots escalate with police, tradie showdown on Westgate Bridge Victoria - Australia
Australia - Violent Marxists/Unionists Rampage Against Vaccine - Cops Fire Rubber Bullets anti-lockdown riot
Haitian migrants wade BACK across the Rio Grande into Mexico to avoid US deportation flights 
Tucker Carlson rages at military vaccine mandate and says its an attempt to target 'freethinkers'
Left Over from US Regime - Three-tonnes of heroin from Afghanistan worth £2BILLION seized at Indian port
Biden delivers his first address as president before the United Nations General Assembly
New photo of Justin Trudeau in blackface at Arabian Nights party emerges
Boris Johnson tells Macron: Donnez-moi un break over new pact - BBC News
France & Germany Threatening EU Trade Deals with Australia Over Submarines
China's Got Australia's Big Banks Running Scared
True blue Aussie bushman is fined $100 for carrying a POCKET KNIFE on his belt Queensland
Australia: White Australian Goes to Jail for Shopping with Covid - Muslims Allowed to Spread Covid in Jihad
Scientists are working to develop plants that can deliver mRNA vaccine technology
Johnson brands China's threats to Australia over UK-US submarine contract 'ridiculous'
Chinese defector claims Wuhan Military Games was first Covid-19 superspreader event
Pfizer Pleads with Government to Force Injection of 5 Year Olds
Skaf: Brother of Muslim Gang Rapists Soon to be Free is Drug Dealer
Jews Eat Baby Served on a Silver Platter
Chinese academic threatens Australia will be a target for NUCLEAR WAR after AUSUK submarine deal
Border agents on horseback round up Haitian migrants after closing Rio Grande crossing
Only Arrest at Rally For Jan 6th Protesters Was an Undercover FBI Agent - YouTube
Nigel Farage: AUKUS deal would not have happened had it not been for Brexit. - YouTube
Fauci was ‘up to his neck’ funding coronavirus research in Wuhan - YouTube
Surplus value: AOC’s ‘Tax the Rich’ dress designer reportedly runs ‘sweatshop’ of unpaid interns, owes thousands in taxes
China Threatens Australia with Nuclear Strike after AUKUS Submarine Purchase
Australia Says France Knew of Its 'Grave Concerns' About French Subs
Jilted France Accuses Australia of 'Treason', Calls Britain a U.S. 'Vassal'
‘Justice for J6’: Protesters Call for Due Process for Capitol Attack Detainees
'Justice for J6' Co-Host: Pelosi Owes Apology to Me and Americans
'Slippery Slope': Joe Kent Decries Erosion of January 6 Protesters' Right to Due Process
Family of January 6 Protesters Claim Deplorable D.C. Jail Conditions
Rap Star Nicki Minaj Rebels Against Democrat Party Control of Black People
Nig Life: At least 43 people shot, 6 fatally, in violent Chicago weekend
Border Patrol in Texas discovers 49 undocumented migrants hidden in tractor-trailer
Biden's Confused Immigration Strategy Is 'We Welcome You' and 'No, Don't Come'
Mexican State Cops Stop Buses with Caribbean Migrants Headed for Border, They Kept Walking
TV Networks Spotlight Border Chaos . . . and DHS Changes Policy
Venezuelan, Colombian Migrants Cross Border Upstream from Del Rio Migrant Camp
More 'F*ck' Joe Biden Chants Rings Out at College Football Games
Most Americans Disapprove of Direction of the Country Under Biden
Texas Governor Sends Highway Patrol, National Guard to Block Migrants at Border
Haitian Camp Crisis Brings Chaos to Two Small Cities on Texas-Mexico Border
COVID-Infected Migrant-Camp Mom Delivers Baby at Texas Border Hospital
Doug Casey On The Next “Crisis” The Global Elite Have ‘Planned’
No Vaccine Rules for Big U.N. Meeting: Free Pass for World Leaders
Fauci: Biden Did Not Make a Mistake Announcing Boosters for Everyone
FDA Vaccines Advisory Committee Member: Biden Administration 'Marginalized' FDA and CDC on Boosters
CDC Study: Moderna Vaccine Most Effective at Preventing Coronavirus Hospitalization
Australian State Govts Promise Lockdown Will End - But You Are All Gonna Die!
Australia Lockdown Protests & Police Violence
Queen's Commonwealth Trust boss says appointing Nig-Nog Naomi Campbell will keep the institution relevant
Australia: Fraser Island will now be called by its Abo name
"A Dingo Ate My Nigglet." Once You Go Black, The Bullshit Flies
Rally In Support Of Capitol Attackers Draws A Small Crowd
US Capitol braces for 'Justice for J6' rally TODAY in support of rioters imprisoned
Shocking photos of NYC's Hooverville homeless encampments in Central Park during Great Depression
Joe goes MIA (again): Biden, 78, hits the beach amid multiple crises
Los Angeles classroom is decorated with Palestinian, BLM and Gay Pride flags together with posters
Sand Nigress 'told friends she'd never name fellow Brits who joined ISIS'
Study: habitual marijuana users - including teenagers - are being hit with 'uncontrollable vomiting'
Covid-19 Australia: Anti-lockdown protests erupt in Melbourne and Sydney
Post-menopausal mother, 57, claims she was left bleeding from her vagina after getting the Covid jab
Right-wing activist Laura Loomer has 'brutal' case of COVID-19 and begs people to 'pray' for her
Covid-19 Australia: Gigantic Signs owner bans vaccinated shoppers from his store
Moderna Covid vaccine is the most effective against hospitalization at 93%
Kevin Bloody Wilson makes rare public appearance with Shannon Noll
The old Australian comedy sketches that you would NEVER get away with today political correctness
‘Stabbed in the back’: France ‘regrets’ AUKUS nuclear submarine deal that scuttled its $Gorillion from Australia
‘Stab in the back’: French fury as Australia scraps submarine deal
France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia after Aukus pact
'No room for debate': Amazon reportedly blocks advertisement for book exposing BLM roots - YouTube
France RECALLS its ambassador to the US amid row over new US-UK-Australia pact
CNN’s Allison: Those Attending Saturday’s Rally Have 'Very Close Parallels to the Taliban'
Amnesty Bill to Spike Americans' Rents, Housing Costs
MA Principal Flaunts Sexuality, Race in Front of Children to Stump for BLM
Syrian Refugee Pleads Guilty to Supporting ISIS with Plot to Bomb Church
Outrage Builds as Biden Restricts Life-Saving Coronavirus Meds
Joe Biden Complains TX, FL Fighting 'Life-Saving' Vaccine Mandates
Biden Admin Send Less than Half the Antibody Treatment to Florida
‘Woke politics’ leading New Zealand towards ‘a form of apartheid’ - YouTube
Whales have five FINGERS hidden in their flippers that are a trait from their ancient ancestor
The Great Bronze Age ARYAN migration was fuelled by milk, study finds
Fencing goes up around Capitol ahead of Saturday's 'Justice for J6' rally - GOP Denounces Justice for J6
Virginia Tech professor slammed by students after 'apologizing' for being a white, straight female
Nigger hurls girl, 5, off Las Vegas balcony because she was 'full of bad spirits'
London: Paki Uber bastard refuses to let guide dog in his car
Black Bloodbath Birmingham: Horrifying moment machete thugs attack rival on busy road
Never Relax Around Blacks: Terrified Manhattan diners describe how armed robbers held up swanky restaurant
Australia: Fifteen Sikhs linked to violent 40-person Brisbane fight with swords arrested
Jews Did It: British teenager convicted of 'making up' gang rape ordeal in Cyprus launches appeal
Australia's Adass Jew School principal Malka Leifer Magistrates Court 74 sex abuse charges
UK NHS Admits Vax Pass is Sharing User Facial Recognition Data With Police
Doctor calls for more studies into whether COVID-19 vaccines can cause period changes
"White Supremacy": Anti-vaxxers calling themselves 'pure bloods' in a TikTok trend inspired by Harry Potter
Retarded family blames unvaccinated for the death of fully vaccinated Illinois woman in obituary
How Australia nearly ELIMINATED flu during Covid pandemic with no influenza deaths this year 
Trump: Only reason Biden won't fire Milley is because he knows 'dirty secrets' on Afghanistan crisis
Australia: Muslim TV Host Who Blames Whites for Islamic Terrorism Bitches About US Sub Deal
G7 meeting Cornwall lead to Scott Morrison pulling off nuclear submarine deal with Britain and US
How AUKUS nuclear submarine deal puts pressure on China
Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand ban any future Australian nuclear submarine
Migrant encounters over 200,000 again in August, as border surge continues
Black Caucus: Niggers Unsure of Whether to Share the Spoils of Whitey with Third World
Hollyweird Race Traitor Jeff Daniels: White Americans Suffering Blindness to Racism to Be Forcefully Educated
Daily Wire host says Barack Obama destroyed rock 'n roll because 'it was about white male angst'
CREATIVITY: A New South Carolina Anne Frank Center Aims to Holohoax American Kiddies
Somalian NIGGER Charged With Shooting Murder of WHITE North Dakota Mother
Minnesota Supreme Court overturns Mohamed Noor's murder conviction
Justine Ruszczyk Damond killer Mohamed Noor has conviction overturned in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Spanish Judge Opens Investigation Into Faked Homophobic Hate Crime
Australia: Abo POACHER Runs from Fisheries Officer Crying BLACK PRIVILEGE
US will mandate the COVID-19 vaccination of all new immigrants, but not illegal border crossers
Exempting Illegal Immigrants from Vax Mandate 'Clearly' Violates Equal Protection Clause
LOL at Dutch anti-lockdown protesters who dressed as Nazis and staged mock execution of a Jew
LA County to Require Proof of Vaccination for Bars, Nightclubs
Third Pfizer Covid vaccine produces 10 TIMES more antibodies than second jab, Israeli study finds
GPs hit out at restrictions on supposed Covid treatment Ivermectin
Covid US: BABIES could be given low-dose of Pfizer's jab this winter
VIDEO: Biden Detains 5K Migrants Under Texas Border Bridge amid Their Own Excrement
500 Migrants Apprehended After Illegally Crossing into Arizona Desert
14 Migrants Rescued in 110+ Degree Heat of California Border Mountains
Democrats Open Amnesty Plan to Illegal Gang Members, Sex Offenders
Shamima Begum begs for forgiveness and claims she 'didn't know' ISIS was a 'death cult'
Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam tells court it was 'nothing personal'
Larry Elder, 'Gracious in Defeat': 'We May Have Lost the Battle, but We Are Going to Win the War'
Trump predicts America will come to an end before the 2024 election 
'Milley Ought to Stop Bellowing and Honking on Like a Goose About White Rage'
Anti-White: 'White Rage' Made Mark Milley Choose China over His Own Country
DOD Confirms Milley Conversations with Chinese Counterpart, on Nukes
Former Acting SecDef: I Didn't Authorize Mark Milley's Calls to China, He Should Resign
Milley Told Military Officials Not to Take Orders After Capitol Riot
Jen Psaki Rewrites History to Defend Milley's China Calls
Joe Biden: 'I Have Great Confidence in General Milley'
White House defends General Mark Milley after he confirms phoning China behind Trump's back
Chinese defector Wei Jingsheng claims US was warned about Covid-19 months before pandemic declared
Joe Biden forgets Aussie PM Scott Morrison's name in awkward blunder - YouTube
Australia Goes Nuclear: Axes $90b French Submarine Contract in Favor of UK, U.S. Boats
Australia to build nuclear submarines in alliance with US and Britain to counter rise of China
Australia, US and UK to form AUUKUS under a new nuclear submarine defence pact
Joe Biden forgets Australian Prime Minister’s name in historic announcement
Trump Fans Heckle & Shout at Biden While He Tours Jersey Flood Damage - YouTube
California ski resort changes name to remove offensive word
NYC Brutal Racist Attacks by Gooks & Niggers
This year's Met Gala was openly anti-White and needs to be put out of its misery
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's biggest hypocrisies, controversies and allegations in fledgling career
AOC Hit with Ethics Complaint for Accepting $35K Ticket to Met Gala
New Zealand could change its NAME after Māori Party said it is 'sick to death' of the European title
Comedian Norm Macdonald - Famous for Jew & Nigger Jokes - Dies of Cancer Aged 61
NZ: All Blacks Good - All Whites Bad
Texas Border Wall Construction May Begin This Week
Migrants Found in Fake Gravel Trailer near Border in Texas
'TaliBAN:' Street Art Denouncing Twitter Censorship Covers San Francisco
Zuckerberg's Astroturf Empire: 'This Is the Year' for Amnesty
Facebook Commits $100 Million to Support Women and Minority-Owned Businesses
'1619 Project' Author Nikole Hannah-Jones to Launch 'Black History-Focused' Literacy Program
Washington School Banned 9/11 ‘Red, White, Blue’ Tribute as ‘Racially Insensitive’
Kids Wearing MAGA Hats Pose for Photo with Joe Biden
pennsylvania professor teaches white people committing suicide can be an ethical act at DuckDuckGo
CA Recall: Polling Center Tells Some Republicans They 'Already Voted'
Afghan Accused of Raping and Murdering Child Entered Britain on Boat
Transgender Fighter Beats the Crap Out of Female Opponent - YouTube
Biden Gets Trolled Hilariously by Pre-Teens Wearing Pro-Trump T-Shirts & Hats at 9/11 Photo Op
Italy: Somali Asylum Seeker Stabbing Spree Sees Child's Throat Slashed
Kids Wearing MAGA Gear Troll Demented Joe Biden In Awesome Picture - YouTube
Fmr CIA Director Morell: Biden Withdrawal ‘Absolutely Inspired Jihadists All Over the World’
Biden's approval ratings are falling because more people are ‘seeing him in action’ - YouTube
UK: White Males Only Demographic to Have Falling University Admissions
Marine Le Pen Vows to Crack Down on 'Talibanised Zones' in France
Tens of Thousands Could Lose Jobs Under Mandatory Vax Rules: Union
Biden's Hypocrisy, Exempting Congress from Vaccine Mandate
Biden Family Corruption: 'We’ve Got People' to Invest in Joe
Trump lashes out at Bush for his 9/11 speech: 'The World Trade Center came down during his watch' 
Australia: Far-right extremist allegedly found with 3D blueprint to manufacture guns in NSW home
NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team charge Orange man with firearms offence
Australia - Find Anti-Racist & Kick His Arse! Moron destroys 'racist' sign saying Covid is 'made in China
Australia: WHITE HATING Kamahl Not invited to Hey Hey It's Saturday 50th Reunion After Accusing TV Show of RACISM
Nigger Pants: Balenciaga is accused of cultural appropriation over its $1,190 luxury sweatpants
Calling women at work 'hun' is demeaning but using 'mate' or 'lad' for men is acceptable, says judge
It's time to stop this trans sport insanity before women start being killed
The Taliban ARE carrying out reprisal attacks in Afghanistan, UN is told
Could BOTOX protect people from getting Covid?
Father of Virginia Roberts calls for Prince Andrew to go to jail 'for a little while'
Indiana 9/11 parade float featuring Twin Towers and billowing smoke sparks backlash  
Syracuse professor says 9/11 was an attack on heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems
Vaccine Passports for West Australia: No Vaccine Means You Stay at Home in Quarantine
‘An eye for an eye’: The post-war Jewish avengers who plotted to murder 6mil Germans by poison
NGO Documents 180 Rapes of U.S.-Bound Migrants Transiting Panama
‘F Biden’ trends after US president moans about protesters with profane signs
"COVID Zero" New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into A Full-Blown Police State
MSM Says Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s Comments About Illiterate Refugees RACIST!
Calls for Australia to take 20,000 MORE Afghanistan refugees
Biden doesn't require migrants at border to get vaccinated despite mandate on Americans
Pfizer sets race-based hiring goals in the name of fighting 'systemic racism,' 'gender equity challenges'
Queen's representative says the royals support BLM movement
Outrage over George W Bush 9/11 Speech Attacking White Americans as ‘Extremists’
Sweden To Compensate Those Injured By Coronavirus Vaccine
Pope Francis Approves Jewish Control in Hungary - Then Demands Whites Replaced with Muslims
Jerusalem Post Smears Black Republican Vernon Jones with Flaming Swastika - UPDATE: Removed
College Football Fans Keep Chanting 'F*ck Joe Biden'
Family of Murdered Trump Supporter Sues Portland, Mayor, District Attorney
LA Times: Larry Elder's 'White Supremacist' World View Is a 'Very Real Threat to Communities of Color'
FBI release first secret 9/11 files: Anonymous Saudi embassy staffer 'helped two hijackers in LA'
Washington University student senator filmed throwing away 2,977 American flags from a 9/11 memorial
Villagers campaigning against gay sex parties accused of 'hate crimes' against transgender owner 
Transgender MMA fighter who used to be in US Army special forces wins debut
Pope Francis ordersHungarians to open their borders and submit to Third World takeover
Pfizer REJECTED the offer to develop Covid vaccine in January 2020
Fact-checker back-pedals after ‘spreading misinformation’ on Joe Biden's watch check - YouTube
George Bush Attacks WHITE Americans on 20th Anniversary of 9/11 - YouTube
Over 2,000 British soldiers and veterans killed themselves since 2001 Afghan invasion
UK: Rufus Hound grovels after being accused of 'yellowface' in Aladdin poster in race row number 2
Social media giants making millions from sick animal abuse videos
White Hating BLM Niggress Miss England winner bitches about racist abuse after winning title
Grieving mum’s plea to find NIGGER suspected of slapping her retarded son on night he died
Scottish pipe band plays for parents of Abo assault victim while they wait in Perth hotel quarantine
Abos Did It: Perth soccer player Danny Hodgson's parents secure flights from UK after son hurt in attack
SA's COVID-19 home quarantine trial has been described as 'Orwellian' — but is Big Brother watching?
Why viral infections are so hard to cure, and how antivirals like COVID-19 drug remdesivir work
ProtonMail disappointed users by revealing the IP address of a young activist who took part in the protests
Flight 93 Responders Recall a Time When 9/11 Attack Unified America
Only Go After Whites: Many Unvaccinated Biden Declared War on Are Non-White - 'Going to Lose Their Jobs?'
NYT: Biden Droned Innocent Family in Kabul; Possible War Crime
Florida Students: Teachers Should 'Avoid Placing Blame' for 9/11, and 'Focus on America's Faults'
CNN's Cuomo: ‘We Are Not Who We Were After 9/11' -- Unvaccinated 'Are Weak People'
Previously Deported Convicted Felon Afghans Brought to U.S. by Biden
Elderly Texas Border Resident Claims Migrants Sexually Assaulted Her at Home
Biden's DHS Gives Work Permits to Afghans Before Vetting Them
WaPo: Biden Imports Afghans 'Flagged for Suspected Associations with Terrorists'
Biden Conceals How Many Afghans on 'No Fly List' Sought Entry to U.S.
‘That's Correct’ — WH Confirms Biden Hypocrisy on Unvaccinated People Crossing Border
MSNBC: Americans Are 'Sick' of 'Unvaccinated Bogarting our Spaces and Keeping the Pandemic Going'
Biden Marks 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Criticizing Anti-Islam Anger
Biden's Claim Unvaccinated Endanger Vaccinated Isn't True, Undercuts Message That Vaccines Are Effective
Trudeau Stresses 'Islamophobia', Impact on Muslims of 9/11
Biden Uses 9/11 Atrocity to Demand Uniform Support for Diversity
George W. Bush Equates ‘Violent Extremists at Home' to 9/11 Terrorists
Bush uses his 9/11 speech in Shanksville to condemn White 'violent extremists at home'
9/11 ceremonies Used as Opportunity to Attack Independent White Thinkers "Domestic Extremists"
'Hasidic' hitman's victim had $10K in his pocket when shot dead in Queens 
Convicted murderer shot dead by hitman 'dressed as Hasidic Jew' lived in fear
London mosque van Hero Darren Osborne could lose his sight and need glass eye after prison assault
Veteran cop COLIN SUTTON reveals how he caught serial rapist Delroy Nigger
Jews Did It: British teen who was jailed in Cyprus for 'crying rape' aged 18 reveals nightmares she still suffers
New £200million Border Force armada will patrol Britain's coastline to stop migrants
COVID-19 infections spread through gorillas at Atlanta zoo
TV binges really do shrink your brain
26 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from Chinese lab have links to Wuhan
Biden is firing Trump appointees from military boards so he can inject far-left ideology
Cat in Asian Restaurant: Georgia Love pulled from on-air role with Channel 7 after post
Biden Whispers to Union Members -Then Says: "I'm Supposed to Stop and Walk Out of the Room" (VIDEO)
California Memorial for 13 Servicemembers Killed in Afghanistan Has Been Vandalized
This is What You Get When You Accept Unvetted “Refugees”: Afghan Slashes Berlin Woman’s Throat for Gardening - Survival Magazine - Bushcraft Prepper Offgrid SHTF Blog & Conservative News
City Council resolution to declare racism a public health threat
Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia, taken down, cut into pieces
Shocking video footage captures autistic Michigan teen being beat up by high school NIGGERS
Sydney gang rapist Mohammed Skaf should never be let out of jail, says Judge Michael Finnane
Coyotes flood US border with Ecuadorians
Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes
Evacuated Afghan girls tell US officials they were raped, forced to marry to escape Taliban: Report
Taliban fighters beat female protesters and open fire to disperse them as the Islamists ban rallies
White supremacy, with a tan - CNN
Biden will force ALL federal workers to be vaccinated with NO testing options
Capital letters are now 'officially racist' - YouTube
Google staff are undergoing controversial 'antiracism training'
The woke destruction of a great educator should terrify every one of us
Support for professor who resigned in protest at the university's 'intolerance of divergent beliefs'
Missouri high school teacher, 22, resigns after he is told to remove pride flag from his classroom
Covid-19 Australia: NSW businesses will face big fines for unvaccinated customers and employees
Covid Expert: If You Nearly Die Due to Vaccine Side Effects, Just Try a Different Vaccine Next
Covid-19 Australia: Experts - Government Chose to Kill Australians Because AZ Cheaper than Pfizer
COVID Australia: Anti-vaxxers refuse jab even if they may lose jobs and won't be allowed into pubs
Coronavirus Australia: Frustrated business owners vow to rebel against vaccine passports in NSW
Motion for Reduction of POC Proud Boys Leader’s Sentence, Political Judge Acted Inappropriately
Results of Canvassing in Arizona Released - ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED
LOL "RACIST!" China Mulling Ban on Marvel Superhero Film 'Shang-Chi'
Study: Trump Shapes Republican Party into 2022 Workers Party - Dems for Rich Elites
Capitol Fence Going Up Again Before Rally for Jailed Jan. 6 Protesters
Gavin Newsom Silent as Larry Elder Hits Back Against Racist Egg Attack
Larry Elder Supports Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools
Angry Activists Throw Eggs at Larry Elder in Los Angeles
Taliban Paints over George Floyd Mural in Kabul with 'Victory Slogans'
Antony Blinken 'Concerned' Taliban's Interim Govt Not 'Inclusive'
I Pulled My Sons from School After They Were Asked Weekly If They’re 'Still Sure' They're Boys
Teacher Resigns After Instructed to Remove LGBTQ Flag
Biden Promotes Amnesty for Illegals During Event Celebrating Unions
Palin Rips 'Fake Feminist' AOC for 'Menstruating People' Remarks -- 'I'm Embarrassed for Her'
Biden Plan Gives 'Unlimited Green Cards' to Unvetted Afghans
Biden Ousts Trump-Appointees to U.S. Military Academy Boards
Jimmy Kimmel: Unvaccinated People Who've Taken Ivermectin Don't Deserve Medical Care
CNNLOL Ignores Bombshell Report About Lab Funding in Interview with Anthony Fauci
Bail Group Backed by V.P. Harris Releases Man now Charged with Murder
Feds Identify Phoenix as Best City for Afghan Refugees | Jew World Order
Fat assed ugly Nigress claims she's too attractive to have female friends
Neighbours pay legal fees of Russian father facing murder charges for killing local 'paedophile'
Tanzania: White Bank Executives Labelled RACIST
MasterChef: Gook Bitches About RACIST VIDEO of Cat in Asian Restaurant
Dogs really ARE man's best friend! Pups have a special attachment to their owner's VOICE
Diaries of a 'Bitcoin Babe': Cryptocurrency guru claims 91 banks refuse to work with her
Men following a plant-based diet fart more and have larger stools
Covid cases in Israel fall sharply amid mass booster vaccine rollout
Australia: Residents living among Melbourne suburbs crawling with Covid infected MUSLIMS fear going outside
Joe Rogan rails critics who slammed him for taking anti-parasite drug Ivermectin to treat COVID-19
"God Hates Fags" and Mixed Race family found dead in California may have been struck by lightning
Fed-up residents locked down in a Sydney tower block have BOOZE rations imposed by cops Australia
Crowds in Stadiums Across America Are Chanting F-CK Joe Biden - YouTube
Afghaniscam - by John C Dvorak - The Oasis
Biden is not fit for office, but he’ll never resign because his handlers won’t allow it
Australia: Muslim Covid Infected Family Spreading VIrus via Jihad
Police respond to alleged Rosh Hashana lockdown breach at Ripponlea synagogue
Army tank driver sues MoD for £160,000 over Afghanistan hearing loss
Covid-19 Australia: Jews Attack Police in Jewish New Year Riot
Mu variant detected in every U.S. state except Nebraska
Black Privilege in the UK: Deliveroo NIGGER Sacked for Calling Customer a 'STUPID WHITE BASTARD' and stealing Delivery - Police Don't Give a Toss
Just Reminding You That Bill Cosby is a RAPIST!
Intents: US Stockpiling tens of thousands Afghans in Germany
Ex-FBI warns Whites Are a Danger When Allowed to Gather Together - 600 Charged Jan 6
U.S. Admits There's No Evidence for Anti-White Laws - But They're Gonna Do It Anyway
Marxist Jew: Whites to Blame for All Violence in US - Blacks NEVER Commit Race Related Crime
Jew Lovin' Alt-Light Richard Spencer: Punched in the face in viral attack is being refused service in restaurants
AP: Afghans Lying About Their Identities to Get Resettled in U.S.
Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt: Stop Biden's Afghan Resettlement
Gavin Newsom Wants to Spend $16.7M on 'Cash Assistance' for Afghans
TX: Border Situation ‘Out of Control’ – ‘Historic Numbers Month in and Month out’
Mother Furious After Teacher Tapes Mask onto Fourth-Graders' Faces
AP Falsely Claims 70% of Mississippi Poison Calls Due to Ivermectin
Hollywood Celebrities Ramp Up Attacks on Larry Elder Ahead of California Recall
Multiple Sex Offenders, Gang Members Arrested After Crossing Border from Mexico
Just Nigs: Multiple People Shot Outside Atlanta 'Black Pride' Party
Israeli warplanes bomb southern Gaza in nighttime airstrikes (VIDEO)
New Zealand mall terrorist attack: Timeline of attacker's time in New Zealand
Auckland mall terrorist attack: Surgeons recover knife tip from stabbing victim
New Zealand Plans to Harden its Anti-Terrorism/Anti-White Laws
NZ Stores Stop Selling Knives & Scissors
UN Sucks China's Dick - Orders Australia to Shut Down Coal Mining Industry
#TheKillList | UK Animal Cruelty Files
The Russian ballerina who danced to survive Stalin's Gulag
Archaeology Scotland: Polished stone balls thought to be 5,500 years old are discovered in Orkney tomb 
Larry Elder: Reparations are owed to slave OWNERS who had 'property stolen' after Civil War 
Coronavirus: Politician Admits Curfews Based on MSM Pressure - Not Health Advice
Good News Everybody! Another Dead Sand-Nigger: Female Hijab Wearing MMA Fighter Killed in Ring
Fat Stinking Half-Dressed Pig Kicked Off Plane - Cries RACIST!
Joe Biden Continues Obama Policy - Trying to Fuck Over UK
Doctor Reveals: Do Not Sleep Naked or You Will Fart & Shit the Bed
Islam: New Zealand supermarket terrorist BOASTED about using false documents to claim refugee status
UK PM Urges France to Stop Illegal Aliens Crossing Channel - 1000 a Day
Muslim fanatics behind Paris terror attack that killed 130 people abandoned similar plan for Britain
UK: Girl raped by Sand-Nigger in sea at Bournemouth speaks about horrific ordeal
Australia Covid-19: Home tests to be approved
Good News Everybody! Drug Overdose: Dead Niggers & Wiggers
‘Afghan terror’ at US-Mexico border: Devine
Many illegal border crossings not due to violence — but money
Border Patrol scrambles to fill gap in wall left by Biden admin
400-strong migrant caravan from Mexico headed for US border
Facebook Grovels Because of Black Men Video "Primates" Label
Horse Dewormer Overdoses Overwhelm Hospitals Was Fake News - YouTube
David Spade Rips Cancel Mob 'Digging Through' Someone’s Life 'to Take Them Down’
January 6 Rioter Returned to Jail After Listening to Mike Lindell Online
Jews Shocked! White House Admits Joe Biden Never Visited 'Tree of Life' Synagogue
Nearly Half of French Believe Islam Will Become Largest Religion
Germany: Afghan Knifes Woman for Working, Then Elderly Passerby
D.C. Law Firm Put 'Hundreds' of Unvetted Afghans into U.S. Airlift
Council of Europe Slams Greek Law Curbing Activity of Pro-Migrant NGOs
Pope Orders White Nations to ‘Welcome and Protect’ Afghan Refugees
Jewish Pornstar: 21 women reveal how Ron Jeremy would allegedly 15 year olds to rape
UK White Girl, 12, went to police to report rape by Pakis - Complaints about Minority crime is RACIST
Israel has warned citizens to be prepared for vaccinations or be locked out of public sites
More migrant caravans bound for U.S.-Mexico border, Baja California official says
Rep. Michael McCaul: Taliban stopping flights from leaving Afghanistan - Washington Times
Black Hampton Inn cleaner went 'unpunished after hurling racist slurs at white colleagues'
Black hotel housekeeper used racial insults, lawsuit says | Charlotte Observer
Hampton Inn Refuses to Punish Black Cleaner for Calling Co-Workers ‘White B*****S and White Trash'
UK Islam: Refugee who stabbed three people to death in terror attack cost £107,000 in legal aid 
White Supremacists??? Black Portland Proud Boy leader shot by Antifa during protest in Washington
Racist Democrats Desperately Try To Prevent Black Man From Becoming Governor Of California
Larry Elder with Epoch Times - YouTube
Creator Forum: Swastikas Banned in Australian State - Also Substitutes for the Swastika ... Runes Etc ...
Australian state Victoria to ban swastikas as anti-vilification laws strengthened
Islam: New Zealand knifeman who attacked seven before police shot him dead
Taliban kill 17 and injure 41 with celebratory gunfire
Taliban crush last pockets of resistance with US high-tech artillery in battle for the Panjshir Valley 
Nig who shot at cops during George Floyd protest acquitted of attempted murder charges
Apple employees rage against privacy intrusions and demand company fixes discrimination policies
Court orders prosecutors to disclose the identities of Jew Gislaine Maxwell's alleged co-conspirators
US will take in 50,000 Afghan refugees and spend up to $2,275 on EACH for housing, food, school
Race Traitor: Charles can't hide behind aides. His fingerprints are all over this mess
Race-Traitor Prince Charles' closest aide Michael Fawcett is forced to resign after damning cash for favours note
Proud Boys Member Shot at Washington Vaccine Mandate Protest, ANTIFA Claims Responsibility
17 Killed in Taliban’s Celebratory Gunfire in Kabul After ‘Panjshir Take-Over’
Governments Must Pay $800,000 in Legal Fees to Church for COVID-19 Overreach
Chappelle's Show Comes to Life: Media, Democrats Portray Larry Elder as a 'Black White Supremacist'
Parents Demand Action at Natomas Unified School Board Meeting Following Veritas BOMBSHELL
Joe Biden: 'My Mind Is Going Blank'
Australia Testing 'Orwellian' Facial Recognition Coronavirus Tracking App
Migrant Spits At Police Then Stabs Himself with Knife Hidden in His Anus
Six Stabbed by 'ISIS-Inspired' Migrant Terrorist in New Zealand
Chinese Colony Hollywood Erases Taiwan's Existence at Venice Film Festival
China Will Reverse-Engineer our Equipment
Biden Left Behind Majority of Deserving Afghans and Is Bringing in Tens of Thousands Who Can't Be Vetted
Britain's National Health Service Pushing DiAngelo, 'Whiteness' Ideology
Amazon Plans to Censor Pro-White Sites from Cloud Hosting
Amazon plans to REMOVE Pro-White sites using its cloud service
VIDEO: Paralysed cat uses homemade wheelchair to get around
Dogs can tell whether human actions are intentional, study finds
Rare albino dachshund Duke who struggled to find his forever home is now living his best life
Bold bear sends family fleeing from restaurant table and then settles down to eat their burger
Incredible moment a huge whale breaches INCHES from amazed Aussie boaties off the Whitsunday Islands
Study reveals the dog breed with the most genetic variants that cause disease
Secret plan for Queen's death revealed: Operation London Bridge leaked
Harry's Dream: Annoying Nig Meghan Markle 'lies dying' underneath an overturned car
Gutless Jay Leno says cancel culture is a fact of life and you 'have to change with the times or you die' 
He's a HERO! Russian father who killed 'paedophile' friend should not face murder charge, say locals 
NiggeR. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was FIFTEEN in a ceremony that lasted 10 minutes
Covid Jihad: Father of Australian Muslim Covid carrier who refused to isolate dies from the virus
New Zealand: Jihad in Supermarket
Islam: New Zealand supermarket stabbing: Muslim shot dead after Lynn Mall Countdown incident
Islam: One dead, six injured in New Zealand supermarket terror attack
Israel: Most vaccinated country fighting world record Covid-19 surge
Antifa Teacher on the Run Claims He Fears For His Safety - YouTube
Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One of the Most Vaccinated Nations
130 Retired Generals, Admirals Call for Biden Admin Resignations over Fatally Botched Afghanistan Exit
Former U.K. Commander in Afghanistan Says Biden ‘Self-Inflicted’ Exit Worse than ‘Surprise’ 9/11 Attacks
Biden Grovels to Jews: Post-Afghanistan Message to Jews on High Holidays: 'Never Again'
Migration Groups Want $8 Billion for Afghan Migrants
Report: Afghans Arriving at U.S. Military Bases to Get $1,250 Payments
Biden to Turn U.S. Military Bases into Refugee Camps for 50K Afghans
American Receives Threats, Family on Biden 'Kill List'
Study:Over Half of Migrants Are on U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Welfare
Mexican Efforts to Slow Migrant Caravans Draw Claims of Police Brutality
UK: Councils Reluctant to Host Afghans as ZERO Boat Migrants Deported
Poland Declares State of Emergency at Belarus Border Over Illegal Arrivals
UK: Anarchist Cookbook Available in Public Libraries - But Jail if You Read it
UK: Teen Convicted of Reading Pro-White Material Sentenced to Read Shakespeare
UK: Crime - Reading a Book - Police appeal White Supremacist's sentencing to read classic novels
How Larry Elder became the new 'black face' of white supremacy
Muslims Spread Covid Across Australia
South Australia Police: Abo arrested after police officers hit by car
Parents Attend School Board Where Radical Antifa Teacher is Set to be Fired After Project Veritas Exposé
Covid Vaccines Less Effective at Preventing Hospitalization, CDC Says
The Biden Effect: US Military Vehicles Left by Joe Biden and Captured by Taliban Spotted Inside Iran
Fast and Furious Scandal: New Details Emerge on How the U.S. Government Armed Mexican Drug Cartels
How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels
Refugees destroy Austrian town; women called ‘Christian whores,’ garbage and feces flood streets
Sebastian Kurz reelected to People’s Party leadership | Jew World Order
Now Dress Codes for Private Businesses are "RACIST!"
How to spot hidden cameras in your hotel room, 'ex-hacker' reveals
China bans 'sissy men' from TV and demands masculine role models as President Xi expands war on fame
The Taliban say they are 'angry' and feel 'betrayed' after US disabled helicopters and planes
'Woke' US Army dyke plans to shoot US citizens in TikTok video - YouTube
Demands White Over 60s Get AstraZeneca Vaccine - Pfizer is Only for the Black Privileged
Claim Vaccine Refusal is White Supremacy - But Australian Indigenous Communities Refusing Vaccination
Abo stabbed 65 year old woman so many times in Australia Day dispute that knife broke 
Biden's Jew Backers
Jews Boast: Biden Sold More of His Family to Jews than Trump
Teacher: ‘180 Days’ to Turn Students 'into Revolutionaries’
CA High School Teacher Admits Communist Indoctrination of Students: 'Turn Them into Revolutionaries’
Video: US High School Teacher: ‘180 Days’ to Turn Students ‘into Revolutionaries’
Animal Group Hits CDC for Hampering Efforts to Evacuate Dogs at Kabul
PETA: 60 Bomb-Sniffing Dogs May Be Among Abandoned in Afghanistan
Atlantic Magazine: 'Biden Deserves Credit' for Evacuation
Angry Joe Biden Refuses to Admit Mistakes or Accept Accountability in Disastrous Afghanistan Exit
Joe Biden is Proud of Stranding 10 Percent of Americans in Afghanistan
Republicans Press to Hold Biden Accountable for Afghan Withdrawal
U.S. Senators Urge Treasury to Withhold Funding from Taliban
Marine LtCol Stu Scheller Resigns Commission over Afghanistan Debacle
Sister of Fallen Marine: I Walked Away from Biden's 'Fake, Scripted' Apology
Mexican Border State Breaks Records for Migrant Drownings near Texas
Criminal Migrants, Gang Members Apprehended by Border Patrol Up 265 Percent
Texas Legislature Passes Election Integrity Legislation
Black Lives Matter Union Boss Dismisses Children Failing to Learn ‘Times Tables’
Squad Demands Powell Ouster in Favor Radical Fed Chief
Niggers Loot Liquor Store, ATMs in New Orleans After Hurricane Ida
Biden calls Black adviser 'boy' during FEMA briefing
Border Patrol reports four-fold increase in migrant stash houses
Doig His Job: Chicago agency probes WHITE officer's encounter with BLACK woman
Afghanistan: Taliban say West's retreat is 'a lesson for the world'
Even their soldiers have fallen off the back of a lorry! Taliban's 'elite forces' slip off vehicle
"Powerful Asian Business Woman" Hates White Men
Family Member Yelled 'I Hope You Burn in Hell!' to Biden at Dover
Antifa Get Beat Up (again) In California & Run To Cops For Help - YouTube
It's 'hard to exaggerate' how 'dangerously bad' US President Joe Biden is - YouTube
Judge Fines Amish Farmer $250K and Threatens Jail Time for Providing Club Members Food They Want
Amish Farm Fined $250K, Facing Jail Time for Humanely Raising and Selling Food to Willing Customers
RAT: Martinet Press - AtomWaffen: FBI Rat Paid $140,000+ as Informant | Daily Mail Online
RAT: Martinet Press - AtomWaffen: FBI Rat Paid $140,000+ as Informant | Epoch Times
New Zealand to Get Rid of All Whites