Racial News to Use - 2021 August

From Racial Loyalty News - Headlines

British Animal Rescue Hero Escapes Kabul Afghanistan with 200 Rescue Dogs, Cats
RAT: Martinet Press - AtomWaffen: FBI Rat Paid $140,000+ as Informant | Daily Mail Online
RAT: Martinet Press - AtomWaffen: FBI Rat Paid $140,000+ as Informant | Epoch Times
New Zealand to Get Rid of All Whites
Stanford University's Professor Nig: Mask Opposition Connected to 'Whiteness'
Wall-Building Greek Govt Vows Country Will Not Be Gateway for Migrants
Afghanistan is a Fag Fantasy Land with the Taliban Raping Gay Men
Americans Oppose Biden Regime's Handling of Afghanistan, Immigration, Crime
Biden Regime Knew Kabul Terrorist Attack Was Coming
UK Border Force Admits Afghan Evacuees Have Forged Papers
Demilitarizing US Bases Isn’t so Easy: Afghanistan War Vet
Biden appears to check his WATCH during ceremony honoring the 13 US troops killed in Kabul attack
Biden's Agencies Bringing Afghans 'With No Documents' to U.S.
Biden Flies 14,000 Afghans into Dulles, Virginia, in 12 Days
Taliban Offered Biden Control of Kabul, but He Declined
Father of fallen Marine says chaotic Kabul airport withdrawal was not planned out
The look on the faces of US soldiers was seething humiliation, writes ITV correspondent JOHN IRVINE
UN warns up to 500,000 new refugees could be displaced in Asia after Afghanistan humanitarian crisis
U.S. Veterans Conduct Mission to Rescue Afghan Allies
'We Have Dead Servicemen' Because Biden Wanted 'a Photo op for September 11'
Time for the U.S. Government to Keep Faith with Those Who Do and Die
Barack Obama won Nobel Peace Prize for 'basically doing nothing' - Cut Off the JEW - YouTube
LOL @ Hollywood's Share of China Box Office Collapses, Now Less Than 10%
Cancel culture mob brands Paw Patrol of 'indoctrinating children into a pro-police stance'
Faggot Crimes’: Hideous crimes of Dean Corll who raped and killed 28 victims
UK Football: Second Nig arrested after Man City's rape case goes to trial
Nigger 'shoots at WHITE passerby in Miami before killing another WHITE man
Niggertown: At Least 10 Shot Friday, 8 Shot Thursday, in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago
Veritas Whistleblower: DHS Officials Given Bonuses for Importing Contract Workers
Ur Jaddou: A Closer Look at Biden’s Nominee for USCIS Director
Larry Elder responds to 'evil, racist' article about his run for governor - YouTube
Little girl sits in her handcuffed father's lap after he is arrested in Sydney Covid hotspot
People who rely on gut instinct most likely to believe misinformation about Covid-19
Pfizer less effective against Delta than natural immunity
'Most mutated Covid variant so far' may already be EXTINCT, scientist claims
Hedgehog encased in CLAY is rescued after falling into building site trench
Living in a greener neighbourhood reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, study says
Last remaining Roman chandelier reconstructed by Spanish archaeologists
Anti-Vaccine=White Supremacy? Thousands of Jews & Niggers flood NYC to protest vaccine mandate
Covid vaccine: US /Judge bans mum from seeing son until she gets vaccinated
MSM Demand Masculine Special Forces Soldiers Sacked & Replaced by Pregnant Woke Trannies
Former UK officer reacts in anger at police cars being repainted in support of the LGBT+ community - YouTube
Australia: Mohammad Skaf: Inside the Skaf gang that raped only WHITE girls - To be parolled
Australia: Muslim leader admits it's their own fault Covid ripped through immigrant families
Australia: Muslims transported to hospital from house where young mum died from Covid in Sydney
Why Nigger Lovin' Parasite Prince Harry’s a Huge Hypocrite
Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies Behind Biden's Back! - YouTube
"Wah! Wah! Wah!" Jewish Students Bitch - Life is Anti-Semitic!
UK: NIGGER drug dealers who 'lived like footballers' face jail after showing off ill-gotten gains online
Sand-Nigger RFK assassin wins parole with support of Libtard Kennedys
Marine commander relieved of duties for saying senior leaders need to admit 'we messed this up'
Will we learn that we cannot impose our WHITE values on SUBHUMANS?
America's prayer? Not three more years of 'Sleepy' Joe Biden 
Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity claim Afghan refugees are coming into the U.S. unvetted
Australia: Bars and restaurants will be out of bounds for unvaccinated
Joe Biden Gives Taliban Hit List of Stranded Americans To Kill - YouTube
Gab Receives A Letter From Congress – Gab News
To Gab - Love from Congress: The Letter_August26.pdf
Biden Grovels to Israel After Afghanistan Terror Attacks - "White Supremacists ... You Know the Thing"
Healthy Whites Live Too Long - Italy Looking to Euthanise Old White Problem
Joy Reid accuses Gavin Newsom’s black Republican challenger of being a white supremacist
Black Capitol police officers sue Trump over Jan. 6 role, cite KKK Act violation
The Reds: Anti-Vaccination is White Supremacy
Aryan Brotherhood gang leader guilty of fatal stabbing after admitting on the stand he ordered murders in the past
Lyon College president on the hot seat for remarks about white supremacists, Trump - Arkansas Times
SNITCH! FBI Bankrolled Publisher of Occult Neo-Nazi Books, Feds Claim
RAT! FBI paid known white supremacist associated with neo-Nazi book publisher over $140,000 as informant
San Diego sailor sentenced to 23 months in prison for firearms, pushing 'WHITE' ideas
James Charles Hart court-martial: Sailor pleads guilty to 'WHITE doctrine'
Appeals Court Upholds Death Penalty For Dylann Roof In Charleston Church Shooting
LOL @ 'Bowl Gang' that celebrates Dylann Roof as a 'cult hero' as church shooter to be executed
231-million-year-old fossil discovered in Argentina is the ancestor to most reptiles 
UPS Nig 'pointed gun at baby and said it was "time to die" before killing his dad'
Surgery-obsessed Australian freak with E-cup chest says she wants BIGGER NIGGER breasts
Sky News reporter accuses UK military of covering up Kabul chaos as he is ejected on 'MoD orders'
Toxic battle of Noah's ark: The bizarre sideshow to the Afghan horror
Has China created a sonic supergun? US officials hit by a mystery sickness
'We knew Jimmy Savile was abusing girls': Hospital worker says 'it was obvious' DJ 'was into girls'
Apple's privacy disaster: Snowden blasts scheme to scan iCloud for child porn images
Egyptian NYC art dealer who 'sold phony ancient artifacts for decades' busted by prosecutors
Ashli Babbitt Shooter on January 6 Identified as That NIGGER
James Woods: Casualties in Afghanistan Consequence of Biden Concerned with Pronouns not National Security
Hollywood Celebrities Who Endorsed Biden Ignore Afghanistan Suicide Bombings that Killed 13 U.S. Soldiers
Progressives Want 1.2 Million Afghan Immigrants
United Nations: Fight Terrorism by Opening Borders to More Afghans
120 Migrants Apprehended After Crossing Border into Arizona
ISIS Has Been 'Waiting for a President Like Joe Biden'
Biden Admin ‘Back-to-School’ Transgender Message: ‘We Intend to Enforce Our Ideology’
China Credits Big U.S. Companies for Biden Cave to Huawei
Trump: Biden Afghanistan Failure Is ‘Single Most Embarrassing Moment in the History of Our Country’
Kabul Bombing Fatalities Rise to 100+ Dead Including 13 U.S. Troops
WSJ Warns of ‘Coming Afghan Migration Crisis’ for Europe
Biden: The Buck Stops with Me on Afghanistan but Actually with Trump
Biden Officials Gave Taliban List of Stranded Americans, Afghan Allies
Afghan Refugees Want to Return Home to Taliban ‘Stability’
Border Patrol in Texas find 68 illegal immigrants in railcars, some covered in ‘white powdery substance’
BLACK Florida caretaker on video abusing WHITE man, 88, in wheelchair gets probation, house arrest
Dutch Protest as Government Dumps 800 Afghan 'Refugees' in Small Village
NYC subway assault video shows hammer-wielding suspect attack victim, knock him onto train tracks
Woman is CARRIED out of Texas school board meeting for refusing to wear mask
Covid is FOUR TIMES more likely to cause heart inflammation than the Pfizer vaccine, study finds
Natural immunity from Covid infection stronger than vaccination. Israeli study suggests
Jordan Peterson claims Australians are forced to choose between Covid and a 'police state'
California siblings banned from school for refusing to wear masks
Pfizer's Covid jab only causes 'mild to moderate' side effects in vulnerable 12 to 15-year-olds 
Bio-Terrorist: Covid-positive Sydney Muslim accused of refusing to isolate and evading police is charged
Indian man dies after using glue instead of condom
Muslim Terrorist Spread Covid Through Sydney
Afghanistan Kabul Airport suicide bombings: US soldiers killed, death toll
Sick ISIS suicide bomber revealed: Kabul airport attacks in Afghanistan
Twin Bombs Go Off Killing US Soldiers & Biden Admin Goes Into Hiding - YouTube
Adelaide man facing fresh charges under counter-terrorism investigation
Piracy Threatens Hollywood Ticket Sales, Streaming Subscribers
David Spade Warns Wokeness Is Killing Comedy: ‘One Wrong Move and You're Canceled'
Rocker Michale Graves Says Venues Canceled His Shows over 'Sick, Brainwashed' Leftist Mobs' 'Lies'
Research Cited to Show California Math Is ‘Racist’ Often Bullshit
'Vaccine Injustice' -- W.H.O. Scolds Countries Offering Coronavirus Booster Shots
LOL@Mosque Bomber Asks Judge to Confirm He Is a 'Transgender' Woman
Poor Taliban: Afghanistan's Only Known Jew Makes Last-Minute Decision to Stay
Biden Plans to Bring 50K Afghans to U.S. Without Visas
U.S. Tells Stranded Americans in Afghanistan to Avoid Airport
Hundreds of Afghans Being Resettled in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania
Joe Biden Told Americans to 'Brave Taliban Checkpoints'
SCOTUS Denies Biden Plea to Halt Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Policy
Harry and Meghan: Accusing Royal Family of Being Racist is 'cathartic' and 'liberating'
WHITE Miami Beach tourist killed by NIGGER who danced over body, police, witness say
Blaming Whitey: City Worker's Removal Of Black Lives Matter Sign Shows Racism Is 'Alive And Kicking'
Kamala Harris poses with Communist icons in Vietnam, scene of America's military defeat
LOL as Orthodox JEW struck in face in FOURTH 'hate-attack' in London by MUSLIM
This Big Clean Co: How a professional cleaner deep cleans her fridge
Mediterranean diet low in red meat can improve erectile dysfunction in men, study finds 
Ancient camp is discovered in Madrid where Neanderthals hosted 'hunting parties'
Construction site worker realized real identity of coworker Adolf Eichmann and tipped Mossad
Former Marine who set up animal rescue charity in Kabul fears he will be forced to take action
Joe Biden handed classified intelligence report saying COVID origins remain inconclusive
Covid NSW: Christ Embassy church in western Sydney forced to close as parishioners are fined again
Pfizer CEO says vaccine-resistant strain of COVID is 'likely' to emerge
Truck driver protest: Supermarkets react to planned Covid lockdown demonstrations across Australia
Nirvana and estate of Kurt Cobain are sued for exploitation claims over 1991 Nevermind album cover
Islamic Takeover: Racism row between enraged Australians and Muslims opening new Sydney mosque
Australian Immigrant Ghetto Towers: TWO huge apartment towers in Melbourne are exposed to Covid
Woman is sexually abused by HUNDREDS of men in Pakistan while making TikTok video in a park 
Afghanistan evacuation: Man beaten bloody by Taliban as airlift nears its end
Taliban sitting on untapped trove of minerals worth $1 trillion
How the Taliban’s economic engine fueled it to power
Woman Finds Injured Baby Sparrow on Street, Raises Him as Her Own, Credits Him for Saving Her Life
Taliban Hopes Beijing Can Contribute to the Rebuilding of Afghanistan, Spokesperson Says
BRUTAL TAKEDOWN! 'Rumors churn' over Biden's 'mental capacity' - Aussies Hit Hard
Texas alone: 236,000 illegals committed more than 577,000 crimes
NSW MP Victor Dominello diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy after Covid-19 press conference
Jabbed Australian Official Develops Bell's Palsy in Middle of CV Press Conference
Morale among Border Patrol agents PLUMMETS - Biden policies leave them unable to protect national security
Taliban send letters to Afghans sentencing them to death for helping allied forces
Taliban tells US it will not allow August 31 withdrawal deadline to be extended
CIA chief William Burns met with Taliban in Afghanistan as G7 meet on deadline
Trump Jr. on Biden: Terrorists Can Be Armed, Not Law-Abiding Citizens
Adam Schiff: Evacuations in Afghanistan Not Over by August 31
California Police Arrest Man in Car with 300 Unopened Recall Ballots
WATCH: Antifa, Proud Boys Clash on Portland Streets with Explosives, Weapons
Poll: Americans Oppose Mass Migration from Afghanistan
Exclusive – Kemp on Afghan Refugees: ‘We Need to Get Every American Out of There First’
Afghans Exempt from COVID Travel Rules that Americans Must Obey
Biden Increasing Afghan Inflow to U.S. Before All Americans Are Evacuated
Former U.S. Amb. to Afghanistan Rejects Biden's Claim Al Qaeda Is Gone
White House: Americans Are Not Stranded in Afghanistan
Cotton Aide: American Woman Stranded in Kabul, Beaten by Taliban
Biden to Parents: Make Children Wear Masks; Stay Away from Unvaccinated
Biden Ignores that Afghans are Processed in Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia
U.S. Capitol Police Clears Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt
VIDEO: Police Arrest Suspect in NYC Hammer Attack
WH Calls Fox Host 'Disgusting' After Saying Jill Biden 'Failed' the U.S.
Biden Walks Away from Questions on Americans Stranded in Afghanistan
EXCLUSIVE: Migrant Apprehensions Occur Daily, Says Texas Sheriff 200 Miles from Border
Mexican Cartel Smugglers Use Facebook Ads to Attract Pregnant Migrants
John Cleese, 81, blasts 'absurd' woke culture as he launches series examining political correctness
NYC man is hit with hammer after looking at Nig 'the wrong way'
Wetback sentenced to 12 years in prison after attempting to eat memory cards filled with child porn
Nigger 'Suitcase killer' Heather Mack, 25, will be released from Bali prison three years early
British explorer's images from 1955 Afghanistan trip show nation unchanged since time of Marco Polo
Sand-Nig on UK's 'no-fly' watchlist is airlifted from Kabul to Birmingham in apparent security breach
Meet Sleepy Joe and Kamala - the Lord and Lady Gaga of politics 
The Wiggles new cast members 2021: Woke move slammed
Cops hand out fines worth $305,000 to 69 JEWS who broke Melbourne's lockdown at St Kilda party
Melbourne lockdown protest: Greens MP Tim Read says Victoria Police like a ‘military force’
Israel’s airstrikes in Syria are not newsworthy, as a result status quo continues & civilians suffer
Auckland sand-nig on trial accused of possessing Isis material before buying hunting knife
NZ New Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill 29-1 (2021), Government Bill – New Zealand Legislation
'Rumours churn' over Biden's 'mental capacity' amid calls to invoke 25th amendment - YouTube
Afghanistan: Osama bin Laden warned US of Biden crisis in 2010 letter
China eyes Afghanistan’s rare earth minerals in Taliban takeover
Sydney and Melbourne anti-lockdown protests to be intercepted by thousands of police
White Victims of Black Crime - 0651 - Chelsie Lynn Kirschten - Paige is sentenced
SAPOL - Car torched by Niggers following pursuit
Super Nig Muhammad Ali's birthday is now a school holiday in Illinois
Carbondale shooting - Nigger wanted, considered armed, dangerous
The New York Times and ADL Lies Exposed By The FBI – Gab News
Doctors say they would be concerned about 'anyone' with Joe Biden's symptoms at age 78
History: Queen Cynethryth of Mercia's lost monastery FOUND after 1,200 years near Berkshire church
New book reveals the truth about what REALLY happened at church in Medieval England
Parents share VERY spooky times their toddlers told them about their 'past lives' 
EU condemns Belarus' as police are filmed illegally pushing migrants over its borders 
Victim of Nigger ATM hatchet attack breaks down as he relives horror attack 
Utah chemistry teacher goes off in leftist rant and loses job at school in reverse 'cancel culture'
Black-Muslim Covid contract tracer impersonated health official and demanded sex from a woman
Islam: English Police gun down terrorist - as pensioner tries to cross road
Australia: More Chance of being Raped by a Paki in an Uber than a Taxi
Australia: Muslim pizza shop gang rapist abuses jury & teen victim in court
Seattle couple with young child in car attacked by mob at homeless camp before fatal hit and run
Afghan activist mocks Victoria Cross recipient Daniel Keighran's name after he voices security fears
Osama bin Laden predicted Joe Biden would be incompetent president and 'lead America into a crisis'
NATO begs Biden NOT to leave Kabul
Afghanistan: Taliban fighters 'set woman on fire for bad cooking'
$549M in planes sold as scrap and a $176M road to nowhere: How the US wasted billions in Afghanistan
ABC accused of Biden interview cover-up: President said son Beau served in Afghanistan and in Navy
Operation Swordfish: Home Affairs ex worker made $10,000 in Australian visa corruption
Afghanistan: People falling from plane in Kabul T-shirt made
Afghanistan: Joe Biden under fire again after claiming Americans are not having trouble reaching the airport
Joe Biden: Afghanistan & Covid Lies - MSM Hiding Biden & Regime BULLSHIT - YouTube
Afghanistan crisis: Abbots Barton Hotel in Canterbury to take in more than 100 Afghan refugees
Marvel Is Making 'Captain America 4' With Anthony Mackie As The Black Cap
President Biden Faces Down White Monster In Action-Packed Schedule - YouTube
CDC Data Shows 'Worrying Drop' in Vaccine Efficacy over Time
Twitter To Recruit Tattle Tale Army To Fight COVID 'Misinformation'
Health Officials Formally Recommend Booster Shots After 8 Months
Report: TV Networks Hide Joe Biden's Mass Migration
Judge: Prosecuting Previously Deported 'Latinx' Illegals Is Unconstitutional
Biden's Deputies Lure 'Transgender' Kids with Promises of Lawsuit
Stubborn Joe Biden Snaps, Falls Apart in Interview on Afghanistan Crisis
Biden Says Afghan Chaos Inevitable, Contradicts Statement from July
Chinese Firms Prepare to Cash In on Afghanistan
Taliban Killing People Found with Bibles on Their Phones
NZ Climate Change Group Ordered to Shut Down - Too White, Said Blacks
BLACK Vitiligo model, 30, has been 'rejected' by racist POC because she turned WHITE
Nigella Lawson's pal is accused of racist cooking over Asian recipes 
eBay exec who led team that stalked couple over poor reviews says he's an ex 'intelligence agent'
China vows to 'crush' any US troops on Taiwan 'by force' after Biden abandoned Afghanistan
Donald Trump would BEAT Biden in election today with increased black and female support, poll says
The Taliban special forces: Heavily armed fighters with American equipment
Hatchet-wielding NIGGER slashes SJW at ATM inside Manhattan bank
Manhattan Hatchet Attacks - It's Blacks - Never Relax - YouTube
Biden snaps at George Stephanopoulos for mentioning Afghans falling from planes in Kabul chaos
Not even CNN could 'cover up' for Joe Biden as Taliban beat Afghan army: Murray - YouTube
Partially mummified skeleton with white hair discovered in Pompeii
Black Australian Football Legend Busted Chowing Down on KFC After Nigger Home Invasion
UK: TV Show Countdown Scores with POOFTER - Fags Get Bitchin
Australian LEFTY Timothy Weeks, kidnapped by Taliban, supports takeover of Afghanistan
R Kelly, 54, goes on trial in Brooklyn on charges he was ringleader of under-age sex ring
The speech that shamed America: ANDREW NEIL asks - how can Joe Biden ever recover?
Taliban hits back at question on free speech and says Facebook censors multiple outlets in the US 
Rick Scott suggests REMOVING Biden from office over Afghanistan crisis
Vaccinated Aussies can get more than $17,000 in discounts on travel, bills and even beers
NZ has 1: Prime Monster Jacinda slams Sydney's Covid-19 fight as she shuts New Zealand for 1 infection
AstraZeneca Covid vaccine will change its name so Australians will accept the injection
Australian State Premier ORDERS Victorians to Drink Beer Through Mask - A Wet Mask is Useless!
Pictures show evacuation flight from Kabul taken by Australia
Afghanistan: Australian RAAF Plane Rescues 7 - USAF Plane Rescues 360
Afghanistan: Evil Taliban Plan to Stop Drug Smuggling & Opium Production
Afghanistan: Joe Biden was full of excuses for Taliban’s victory
Darlene McBride's Songs for Children - YouTube
'Black on Asian' crime is now a symptom of 'white supremacy' - YouTube
UK: Anti-Semitic blogger, 57, sent back to jail after losing appeal against sentence for telling the TRUTH
CNN reporter dons burka to report on Taliban fighters in Kabul and says they 'seem friendly'
Taliban commander who gave victory speech from presidential palace was released from Guantanamo Bay
Inbetweeners star is arrested for taking part in Capitol riots: Said Hey Nancy, go f*** yourself' 
Whiny AFL star Eddie Betts to retire from football claiming game is not safe for Aboriginal players
Black Only! Jewish Barbra Streisand SLAMS White remake of her 1976 movie A Star Is Born
Kim Cattrall sends fans wild with snide post about Jewish 'DOG' co-stars
Australia: How an ILLEGAL Covid-19 engagement made Jews the centre of attention as the ultimate VICTIMS
Melbourne Jewish couple forced to hire bodyguard after death threats
Jews Blame Whitey: Cancer specialist and psychologist attended children's Covid engagement party
Premier blasts 'evil' Melburnians blaming Jewish community for Covid super-spreader engagement party
WashPo's Jennifer Rubin: White Population Falling And Becoming a Minority is 'Fabulous News'
Tucker Carlson blasts CNN guests for cheering the 'extinction' of white Americans
The National Socialist Network: Inside Australia’s Neo-Nazi underbelly
Australia’s neo-Nazi network a ‘grave concern’ to ASIO, says chief
The Base: From One Nation to Nazism, how Australians are being drawn to extremism
What is a neo-Nazi? What do they believe?
Hoax Alert: Attention Seeking Gook Calls For Anti-Racist Action After Noose Found Hanging From Her Tree
NZ Racism in schools: Dumb Blacks vs Smart Whites
Georgia couple linked to far-right militia leader claim FBI raided their home
More than 2,000 migrants have crossed Channel since the start of this month
Serial kidnapper says he 'enjoys his job' and 'loves' torturing his victims in shocking documentary
Taliban commander gives press conference INSIDE Kabul's Presidential Palace
Media in America and Britain react to Afghanistan crisis
Veteran Heston Russell disgusted over Australia's Afghanistan withdrawal
Ben Roberts-Smith reveals his devastation as the Taliban takes Afghanistan
Lefty fears grow as majority of new cases in Dubbo are young Indigenous people - Abos a Protected Species
British Police Want to Trawl Gun Owners' Social Media for Wrongthink
Biden Blames Trump for Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan
Martha's Vineyard Hit with Coronavirus Spike After Obama Party
NYT columnist Maureen Dowd blasts Barack Obama for choosing A-list birthday guests over old pals
Prince Andrew's lawyers 'will say he has diplomatic immunity over sex abuse lawsuit'
Epstein's telecoms specialist will swear on oath he saw parasite Prince Andrew groping Virginia Giuffre 
Dad refuses to go into Covid quarantine because it will breach his parole
Former commander of US forces in Afghanistan says withdrawal is 'catastrophic for the US'
US has just two weeks to rescue 30,000 people from Afghanistan before Biden's August 31 withdrawal
Escape from Kabul: Diplomats flee US Embassy in Chinook helicopters as Taliban fighters close in
LOL @ Anne Frank Covid Football Football Tribute
Paedophiles Jimmy Fallon & SNL Cast Member Caught "Messaging" Teenage Fan - YouTube
Gates, Bezos & Bloomberg make Greenland trend in US again as they seek to mine it for electric car materials
Minneapolis Democrat Official Says BLM Lighting Police Station on Fire Was 'Pure Righteousness'
NJ Nigger freed early due to COVID is charged with murder 2 days later
Tesla reportedly paid $1 million to former employee who said supervisors called him a racist slur - The Verge
Census shows US growth driven by minorities; white pop falls under 60 percent
US saw a two-decade high in border crossings in July - CNNPolitics
Border Patrol sees unprecedented number of Brazilians crossing US-Mexico border
Sky News Star Host Rita Panahi: Joe Biden So Clueless He Doesn't Know the Population of America (VIDEO)
The Negro Approach To Mathematics.mp4 | on-line video
Rockies: Fan Accused Of Shouting Racial Slur At Marlins Player Was Yelling At Mascot ‘Dinger
Tara Reade: If Andrew Cuomo has to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct, why not Joe Biden?
19 Republican Senators Join All Democrats to Pass $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
Oregon governor signs bill removing reading, writing, & math for school kids, to help ‘students of color’
Gen. Michael Flynn: "Something Is Going to Happen. They Must Create Noise Before the Arizona Audit. They're Going to Have to Do Something" (VIDEO)
Smugglers load more than 100 illegals into a tractor-trailer in Texas
Turned White: Indian teen with vitiligo is accused of 'cultural appropriation' when celebrating Hindu holidays
Nigs: Mom of two brothers charged in fatal shooting of Chicago cop Ella French is arrested
2-year-old North Carolina Nigglette shoots and kills father
Taliban are going door-to-door forcibly 'marrying' girls as young as TWELVE
Hundreds of women have been gang-raped and subjected to genital mutilation by Ethiopian soldiers
Video: Green Bay Packers' Nig uses racial slur against Gooks
Biden Blackmail: Unearthed video shows a naked Hunter Biden claiming Russian drug dealers stole his laptop
‘We know who he is’: Donald Trump targets BLACK officer who shot WHITE Ashli Babbitt
Trump rips Dems' budget as a 'Communist Plan' that will 'flood' cities with migrants and raise taxes
Australian Social Security threatened to withdraw 102-year-old’s pension
Biographer: Even the Obamas Hate Parasite Prince Harry & Meghan
Parasite Prince Andrew refuses to help US authorities, Virginia Robert’s lawsuit states
Prince Andrew's legal team 'stonewalled' Virginia Roberts' claims for 'five years'
Royals fear Prince Andrew Raping Little Girls Looks Bad for Them
LOL! US Comedian says Australians like lockdowns because they're lazy descendants of criminals'
Coronavirus Australia: Nig posing as officer checking on woman in quarantine demanded they have sex
China's Plans Revealed: Covid Survivors Live with Brain Fog
China INVENTED 'Swiss biologist' who 'said US pressured WHO over Wuhan Covid lab leak theory'
Only BLM: Lefties Whine About Covid Threats to Indigenous Australians
Killing Whitey OK - Australian Lefties Greatest Fear: Covid Getting into Abo Communities!
WGF! Anti-vaxxer drops Anti-Semitic letter to Sydneysiders comparing covid lockdown to Nazi occupation
Coronavirus Australia: 80% of NSW in lockdown after Covid escaped Sydney with police given new power
Tokyo Olympics: South Australia will force returning Australian Olympians to quarantine for 28 days
Tokyo Olympics: AOC slams SA government for returning Olympians, home quarantine
Curry is White Supremacist? Cancelling curry is 'based on ignorance' - YouTube
Curry boosts sex drive in women, study finds
Russian model claims billionaire Leon Black flew her to Jeffrey Epstein's mansion for sex attempt
Legal assistant sacked from firm which represented Jimmy Savile's victims after jokes his crimes
Mexican president will ask Harris to reopen border 'completely' and send 3.5 million vaccines
Man, 21, is charged with first-degree murder of Chicago cop Ella French who was shot dead
Rashida Tlaib is filmed dancing maskless at indoor wedding in 'substantial' transmission area
Judge demands to know why US Capitol rioters will only pay a total of $1.5 million restitution
NYC woman, 33, 'was hunted down and killed by gang after testifying against them for shooting her'
Judge in Danny Masterson rape trial rejects lawyers' subpoena of Leah Remini's TV outtakes
Fauci says 'hopefully' making children wear face masks will not have a 'lasting negative impact'
Pentagon will require ALL members of the U.S. military to get the COVID vaccine by September 15
Psaki uses 'Gen Z' TikTok influencer Benny Drama to push shots in arms
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem rides into Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as 700,000 attend
Covid US: 65% of Democrats believe proof of vaccination SHOULD be required to enterl indoor spaces
Lyft driver who 'dragged terrified country singer Clare Dunn out of his car' is identified
'Single mom of three' featured on heart-wrenching CNN story is actually just a babysitter
Women who shrink as they age are twice as likely to die from heart disease, researchers warn
Washington Post warns border chaos could hand Republicans Congress in 2022
Moment freelance photographer, 22, is beaten unconscious on the street and robbed
Democrats release $3.5TRILLION budget proposal they can pass without Republican support
Rockies backtrack after slamming fan for 'yelling N-word at Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson'
Victorian family targeted by a crossbow and survived a smash with a road train, Northern Territory
Map shows sacrifice of 41 Australian soldiers in Afghanistan was for nothing as Taliban take control
More international students could be allowed to stay in Australia to fill jobs
Doonside teen murder: Boyfriend of Kayla Dawson kisses the feet of threatening man in apology
Outrage after a green 'Black Lines Matter' sign is put up on a Melbourne Woolworths window
GPs refusing to give Australians under 60 AstraZeneca jab due to unclear indemnity scheme
Olympic marathon runner denies knocking over water bottles on purpose
New York: Woman Shoots Another Woman Point-Blank on Brooklyn Street
Calls Grow for Democrat Arizona State Senator to Step Down after Sexual Assault Charges with Children
‘It must be part of a master plan’: COVID drugs banned despite efficacy - YouTube
Migrant Mocks France by Refusing Covid Test to Stop Deportation
McAllen Mayor: We're 'Running Out of Money Quick' Dealing with Migrant Situation
Biden to Expand Visa Waivers Despite Warnings from 9/11 Commission
Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Indicted for Murders, Kidnappings
Zuckerberg-Funded Group Gave $11.8M to Democrat Firms for ‘Nonpartisan Voter Education’
Mud Life UK: Paki Dies After Being Found on Fire in the Street, Three Arrested & Bailed
Only One in Ten Illegals Were Deported from Italy in 2020
Sheriff: LA Officials Should ‘Check Their Woke Privilege,’ Fix Migrant Homelessness
TX 'Hypocrisy' Biden Pushes School Masks While Open Border Means More Minors in Schools
183-Foot Drug Smuggling Tunnel Found Under California-Mexico Border
Mexican Politician Behind Sinaloa Cartel in Border State
Left Hates Hungary as a Pro-Borders, Traditionalist Success Story: Orban
White House Refuses to Endorse Vaccine Mandate for Migrants Released into U.S.
US January 6: MSM Gloating Over First Convictions/Plea Deals ... Only BLM
US January 6 riots: Two Capitol rioters admit to attacking officers in plea deals
Resurgent Taliban kidnap and forcibly marry teenage girls as fighters recapture huge areas
Tranny freak gets into wild confrontation with Star Wars store owner over 'offensive' sign
UK: Muslim policewoman hailed a hero for confronting anti-lockdown protesters tweeted racist messages
Hundreds of illegals in Britain after crossing the English Channel go MISSING after absconding from hotels
Virginia Roberts could sue Parasite Prince Andrew in a New York court
Australia: Muslim café owners sentenced over rape of a mother in 2018, labelled 'weak' by WA Judge
Allie Beth Stuckey 12-hour Twitter suspension lifted after calling trans wrestler a 'man'
Runaway Texas Democrats file lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott for 'damaging their reputations'
Nig charged with scooter hit-and-run that killed Gone Girl actress Lisa Banes appears in court
Subway franchises want to DROP Megan Rapinoe ads because her woke politics are upsetting customers
DeSantis: 'I'm not surprised Biden doesn't remember me, question is what else has he forgotten?'
Cramped conditions in Texas migrant center with scores of migrants sleeping in cramped garage
Covid US: Nearly 100,000 cases a day recorded for first time since February
Australian Army hits the streets to enforce the world's strictest lockdown
Johnson & Johnson's Covid vaccine DOES work against the Indian 'Delta' variant
Katie Hopkins DENIES she breached hotel quarantine as she shows off her $1000 fine issued by police
Covid-19 UK: Wearing a face mask is now more of a political statement, says government scientist
Lawsuit filed against US State Dept for concealing ‘abusive’ anal-swab testing of American diplomats in China
The tragic case of Jeffrey Younger proves forcing transgenderism on kids is child abuse and needs to be banned
Family of slain Jan 6 protester Ashli Babbitt suing Capitol Police for $10mn over 'failure to warn' before shooting
Forget the glamour of Oxbridge, it’s time to accept the British education system is fundamentally broken
Scottish cultural establishment turns education into social engineering set to indoctrinate pupils with woke values
US states must protect female inmates from male predators who identify as women, activist tells RT
Trans YouTube star, arrested for allegedly raping his own mother, will be jailed with women inmates
Transgender YouTuber who 'raped her mom, 79,' interrupts court hearing to brag she's internet famous
HBO’s new Obama doc is race-obsessed meant to distract from the nefarious nature of American governance
Teen Vogue Urges Gen Z to Mobilize, Build ‘Socialist Future’
SA Police: Australian Native Mud Crime
SAPOL - Charges over Evanston assault
Nigger chokes woman unconscious, tries to rape her on NYC subway: NYPD
Family Runs Over Machete Wielding Homeless Attacking Their Car In Seattle - YouTube
State of Illinois to Celebrate Black Business Month in August | MyRadioLink.com
Australia: Adelaide's Taylor Walker cops six-match ban and $20,000 fine for racial slur regarding North Adelaide player Robbie Young
Australia Police - Man seriously assaulted at Wayville
For All Banned By Paypal For Their Politics An Alternative is Coming…. | Jew World Order
Biden Wants Half of All Vehicles Sold in US by 2030 to Be Zero Emission
Biden: Confederates Didn't Make It to the Capitol, but 1/6 Rioters Did
Rose McGowan Slams 'Lizard People' Joe Biden, Alyssa Milano, Andrew Cuomo: 'Your Time Is Up'
Lawmakers to Grill Sky News Australia as YouTube Lifts Suspension for 'Coronavirus Misinformation'
WaPo Fact-Checker Exposed Trying to Discredit Critical Race Theory Critic Rufo
Report: Google Fired Dozens of Employees for Misusing Private Data
Apple to Begin Scanning All iPhones for Images of Child Sexual Abuse
Twitter Suspends Conservative Pundit Allie Beth Stuckey for Calling Transgender Weightlifter a Man
Cindy McCain: 'Proud' I Helped Biden Win -- Couldn't Deal with Four More Years of Trump
Texas Border City Street Commandeered to Hold Migrants
Channel Migrant Crossings Hit 10,500 as Farage Predicts 30,000 in 2021
'We Are a Serious Country' – Hungary Tells Tucker Why It Stops Migrants
Migrant Mocks France by Refusing Covid Test to Stop Deportation
Next Chief of Border Patrol Warns Migrant Crisis is 'Unsustainable'
14 Migrants Found Packed in Produce Trailer at Texas Border Checkpoint
Trump's former border head shows overflowing porta-potty at Biden's Texas migrant holding area
EasyJet CABIN CREW thrown off flight to Malaga for calling police on Nigs
Financial advisor fired for allegedly saying she didn't want to interview black applicants 
Niggress bursts into tears as she is jailed for nine years
Just Nigs: Woman shoots dead victim at point blank range on streets of Brooklyn
Koon is jailed for more than 11 years for running over his girlfriend in a fit of rage
Muslim who injected White girlfriend hundreds of times in 'Islamic exorcism ritual' faces jail
Woman sues McDonald's after she saw an advert for cheeseburgers and broke her fast for Lent
Hezbollah fires 'dozens' of rockets into Israel from Lebanon in retaliation for Israeli air strikes 
LOL after Chinese Olympian is asked about her 'manly appearance' by state media 
Fully-vaccinated people who catch Delta Covid strain may be JUST as infectious as the unjabbed
Joe Biden Botches Vaccination Numbers Twice, Even After Looking at His Notes
Biden says 350M Americans have been vaccinated - more than the entire population
Biden Admin Mandates Coronavirus Vax for White House Visitors, Journalists
Russian TV attacks Tom Daley with homophobic insults
China threatens to 'nuke Japan off the face of the earth' if it 'stands up' for Taiwan - YouTube
It's Party Time! Watch: Happy Fun Rockets Fired from Lebanon into Northern Israel
LOL@10 Illegals Dead, 20 Injured in Smuggling Rollover Crash in Texas near Border
Casinos Failing? Infrastructure Bill: $216M to Move RED NIGGERS Hurt by Fake 'Climate Change'
Admiral Admits Removing Photos from Promotion Boards Prevents Incompetent Niggers Being Promoted
Lawsuit: Biden's DHS Hiding Crimes Committed by Released Illegal Aliens
Democrats to Put Amnesty in Infrastructure Bill
Jeb! Bush: More Niggers Means More Olympic Medals for USA
China Bitches Australian Olympic Athletes Drank Too Much Alcohol, Trashed Rooms & Ravaged Women
Washington Football Team Bans Warpaint, Native Headdresses at Games
Anthony Fauci Suggests Delta Variant Cases May Double
Biden Plans to Mandate Foreign Visitors to U.S. be Vaccinated - But NOT Illegals
Tara Reade Responds to Touchy Touchy Biden Dismissing Harassment Allegations
Cuomo: COVID 'Not about the Unvaccinated Undocumented, It's about the Unvaccinated White Supremacists'
Priest who stole money from N.J. Catholic church sentenced to 7 years in prison - nj.com
Jews Demand Land They Lost a Hundred Years Ago - Poland Says GTFO!
Pennsylvania election-audit subpoenas may be coming soon: Senator says 'Let the fun begin'
Missouri Governor Pardons Mark and Patricia McCloskey - Trump Would Have ... If they were Jewish
Australia: Fake Abo Stolen Generations - Fraudulant Victims to Each Get $82,000
Australia: Sand-Nigger charged with terrorism offences
Coronavirus Australia: Double-jabbed Aussies to be invited back to bars, pubs and clubs in new plan
Nigger Style: Police release eerie footage after a young puppy died in a suspicious house fire in Sydney's West
Diseases expert calls out Covid 'doomsday' scenario
Coronavirus Australia: Multi-Culties in a Sydney apartment block in lockdown due to Covid cases
Australian PM forges ahead with plans to make vaccine passport for overseas travel
Chink Virus Australia: White Regional Aussies' jabs cancelled and given to Sydney's Multi-Culti students
Inside Australia's Covid jab blitz with stadiums, carparks to be transformed into vaccine hubs
Coronavirus Australia - Police Brutality: Exempt Elderly Bashed & Heart Attack Arrested for not wearing Mask
Bird Brains: Early birds survived dinosaur-killing asteroid because they had big brains
'Central Park Karen' says BLACK bird watcher THREATENED her before she called police
Two Chinese athletes will be investigated by Olympic chiefs for wearing Chairman Mao pins
Nigger Crime: Daughter helps convict elderly father 46 years after he raped her mother at 13
Massive hoard of Roman weapons dating back to 100 BC found at an ancient settlement in Spain 
Solicitor, 61, who told Muslim colleague to go back to Afghanistan is struck off
Police struggle to arrest murderer after stabbing grandmother to death on he was freed from jail
Massachusetts couple who ran news website which criticized eBay share how staff then terrorized them
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women, AG investigation has found
Cuomo told accuser he wouldn't date Chelsea Handler because she is 'nuts' - AG report reveals
Australia Plans for Permanent Masks & Lockdown as Means of CONTROL
Covid vaccine: Prime Minister may still consider incentive payments for vaccinated Aussies
Maricopa County Refuses to Provide Information to AZ State Senate
West Texas Migrant Shelter Re-Opens Despite Executive Order from Governor
Israel PM Bennett: Israel Can 'Act Alone' Against Iran over Ship Attack
Cuba Threatens to Attack America: 'We Are Armed'
Pediatricians: No, ‘Everyone’ Does Not Agree 'Trans Women Are Women’
Evidence Points to COVID Lab Leak Occurring September 2019 Lab Took Genetic Database Offline
Report: Taliban 'Captured and Executed' Reuters Journalist
5 Migrants Arrested 70 Miles from Texas Border After Home Burglary
Chip Roy: Monthly Illegal Immigration Reached Highest Level Since 2000
DHS Mayorkas Blames Trump for Biden's Record 2021 Migration Wave
PayPal Co-Founder David Sacks Slams Company, Warns of Financial Blacklisting
Democrat Illinois Gov. Signs Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales
Caitlyn Jenner for Governor Campaign Now Broke
Ageing brain and blood vessels? Beetroot juice sorts out the bugs
Durban Jews move to Izinga - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post
Op-Ed: South Africa's Jewish "Oranias"
Jews are leaving South Africa once again — but don’t blame BDS - Haaretz.com
What's ripping families apart? Read bizarre responses from NYT
Australians Who Post Independent Media Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines
Tehran vows ‘strong’ response to any ‘adventure’ as UK summons Iranian ambassador over attack on tanker
USS Ronald Reagan on scene after fatal attack on ocean tanker, Iranian drone thought to be culprit
Teenage councillor apologises for wearing T-shirt emblazoned with Nazi swastika
Anger as American-based Brits banned from flying to and from UK while US citizens can
Streatham terrorist freed from prison despite fears he would launch attack, inquest told
Secrets from the lost world of 'Britain's Atlantis' features in exhibition after 10,000 years
DHS Secretary Mayorkas: ‘Domestic Violent Extremism Is the Greatest Terrorist Related Threat We Face’
Blake Masters: Big Tech ‘Counterterrorism’ Org Focus on ‘Far Right’ is 'Obvious Pretext to Suppress Dissent'
Black Leader: Left ‘Weaponizing' Black Youth to 'Undermine America'
Chaos on Capitol Hill: Camping Protesters and Arresting Democrat Reps.
Ed Markey and Squad Sing 'Communist' Song 'This Land Is Your Land'
Seth MacFarlane Upset with Tucker Carlson, Wants 'Family Guy' off Fox: ‘Wah! Wah! Wah!'
So-Called 'Infrastructure' Bill Includes Racial Quotas for Broadband
Senate's Infrastructure Bill Funds Welcome Centers for Migrants
NC Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate: I Will Not Take an 'Experimental Vaccine'
Woke American Medical Association: Nix Bio Sex from Birth Certificates
21K Migrants Apprehended in One Texas Border Sector Last Week
Up to 1K Migrants Held in Outdoor Processing Center Under Border Bridge in Texas
15K Migrant Children Released to U.S. Sponsors in July
Growing Migrant Wave from Outside Northern Triangle Flooding U.S.
ABC's Hostin: Criticism of Kamala Harris Is 'All About Race and Gender'
Telstra's network of 15,000 payphones will now be free to use for standard national calls and SMS
American news outlet trolled for ranking Olympic countries by total medals instead of golds
Sydney medical clinic that charged clients for Pfizer jab giving refunds following reports
Lockdowns may still be needed after 80% of Australians are vaccinated
Covid Australia: Delta cases linked to outbreak, 93 per cent were unvaccinate
Australia's draconian restrictions is mocked by Beijing after Sydney used police helicopters
Coronavirus Australia: Nurse loses job after giving leftover Pfizer doses to family
Christinsanity: Mother Teresa was a Thieving Fraud Bitch - Penn And Teller BS
German man forced to remove statue at grave of father over resemblance to Hitler | The Times of Israel
How China owns two of Australia's biggest electricity companies - sparking major security fears
Wetback who beheaded woman was released from jail earlier this year - YouTube
UK Paki Privilege: Cover-Up, Council House & NHS Treatment Welcome To UK 🇬🇧 2021 - YouTube
Racist receipt prompts public apology from Snellville company | News | cbs46.com
Steven Wayne Butler III, 14, July 29, 2021 5:10PM, Champaign has been found deceased.
Illinois: WHITE teen found beaten to death, 55-year-old NIGGER neighbor arrested
Border Patrol union official warns COVID-positive migrants being released into US ‘day in, day out’
Sky News is BANNED from YouTube for posting 'numerous' Covid-denying videos
Vegans Are Racists! Claim White Veganism is 'Cultural Appropriation'
Israel orders UK to respond to Iranian attack on tanker in gulf that killed British Army veteran
UK government will not stand in the way of second Scottish independence referendum
Was Battle of Britain hero Sir Douglas Bader almost killed by RAF?
Australian home where Indian couple kept slave for years
WHY NEGROES ARE HOPELESS: Police Arrest Woman After Finding 2 Dead Children ...
Police Arrest Woman After Finding 2 Dead Children Inside Car | Jew World Order
Ex-Cardinal McCarrick Charged With Sexually Assaulting Teen | HuffPost
Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is charged for alleged sex abuse of a minor nearly 50 years ago
Rental crisis hits pet owners hard, increasing homelessness and demand on animal shelters
Anti-White: Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft are cracking down on white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys and 3 Percenters
Woman, 49, charged with posting swastikas, flyers from alleged white supremacist group on S.I.
Marxist Bullshit: The influence of white supremacist ideology revealed in Jan. 6 investigation
3,462 Nigerian Christians ‘Hacked to Death’ by Jihadists in 200 Days
The Case for Getting Covid Reparations from Communist China