Racial News to Use - 2021 July

From Racial Loyalty News - Headlines

Joe Biden EATS SHIT OFF HIS FACE - Eat Shit & Die! YouTube Video
Tokyo Olympics: Nigger Visibly Stunned After Being Beaten by White Australian
UK Vegans May Be Exempt from Compulsory Vaccines, Law Firm Claims
'Had any other nation unleashed Covid we would never hear the end of it. Instead, we've rolled over'
USA's Hebrew AG: 'Unlawful' for Americans to Stop Bussing of Illegal Aliens into U.S.
Whites Afraid of Being Called Racist Is 'Ultimate Example of White Privilege'
Americans Must Challenge PayPal's Assault on Civil Liberties
Study: Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as others - Breitbart
Coronavirus Australia: Top doctor calls for all restrictions on AstraZeneca vaccine to be scrapped
R. Kelly says prosecutors can't claim he molested a teenage boy because jurors may be anti-LGBTQ
Joe Rogan rants how gay and transgender people are the 'most vicious' champions of cancel culture
Latest GOP Debate Concludes With Candidates Wrestling Squealing Pig To Ground And Slaughtering It
UK Anti-Terror Prosecutor Concerned of Jihadists Among Illegal Migrant Wave
Trans Weightlifter Thanks Olympic Committee for Taking Sport Away from Women & Giving it to FAT MALE LOSERS Pretending to be Women
NYT: Allow Foreigners to Vote in U.S. Elections, a Boon for Dems
Biden to Allow Officials to Adjudicate Asylum Claims, Bypassing Courts
Trump urged Justice officials to declare election 'corrupt' - Breitbart
Knee-Taking British Olympic Team Knocked Out of Football Tournament
Minnesotans take critical race theory fight to court - YouTube
'Racist and divisive': Minnesotans take critical race theory fight to court - Alpha News
Minnesotans Take ‘Propaganda’ of Critical Race Theory to Court
Study: Discipline Only For Whites - Discipline of Children of Color Causes More Jail Time
Convicted Illegal Alien Rapist Accused of Impregnating 12 Year Old
CDC Blames White Southerners for Covid Rise - No Virus Coming From Southern Border
UK High Court quashes acquittal of man who filmed burning Grenfell effigy
Britain is 'a bi*ch asking for a beating' with its South China Sea warship challenge, Beijing warns 
Apollo 11 part that let Armstrong, Aldrin return safely from lunar surface may still orbit the moon
Victoria's Secret UK Goes Woke - Now Broke
Florida fag, 76, jailed for performing botched CASTRATION on a man he met on eunuch fetish website
San Diego court sentences El Chapo's drug tunnel architect to 10 years in prison
Nigerian influencer Hushpuppi pleads guilty to fraud
UK hotels used by the Home Office to house child migrants on the east coast are fully booked
Harvard evolutionary biology prof blasted by diversity chief for dismissing term 'pregnant people'
Staffer passes Biden note saying There's shit on your face
Wetback Murders White Americans at Screening of Forever Purge
Black Football Star Attempts Suicide - Blames Whitey
Scientists eradicate malaria-transmitting mosquitos using genetic engineering
Nancy Pelosi removes her face covering for photo op, violating her OWN mask policy
Covid: No proof that plastic screens stop coronavirus transmission in pubs or workplaces, SAGE says
UK Drew up Secret Plan to Allow Elderly Whites to Die During Pandemic
A dose of COVID reality: Only 6,587 out of 164M fully-vaxxed are serious 'breakthrough' cases
SAGE: Next Covid Variant Expected to Kill 1 in 3 people - Vaccines Make it Worse
Australia: Police Bend the Knee for BLM but ATTACK Peaceful Lockdown Protesters
Fucked Up! IOC Declares 'Tranny freaks are Women' as Kiwi Prepares for Weightlifting Debut
Chinese Paramilitary Trained Cuban 'Black Beret' Repressive Force
Congress Charges NBA Players with Profiting Off 'Slave Labor' in China
Michael Rapaport Rips Fauci over Vaccine Messaging: I Went from Vaccinated ‘Hero to Superspreader?’
Sharon Stone: If You Knowingly Give Someone a Deadly Disease 'It's a Felony' -- COVID Is a Deadly Disease
Vox Writer Ian Millhiser Calls for 99% Income Tax on Unvaccinated, Immediately Bashed as 'Racist'
Biden Aids and Abets the Spread of COVID
Biden to Appoint Antisemitism Envoy who Defended Comparing Trump to Hitler
Kamala's Fuck Up: Root-Causes-Strategy.pdf
Joe Biden Hides Kamala's 'Root Causes' Migration Report
Joe Biden: 'I Think We Should' Include Amnesty in Reconciliation Bill
Australian Abo gang film themselves assaulting innocent White man in Northern Territory
Tokyo Olympics 2020: “Get the camel drivers,” German director’s racist slur at African riders in cycling time trial
1.5 million prisoners received COVID stimulus checks
Biracial doctor 'demoted by hospital for opposing racially segregated care'
Norm Trolls the HoloHoaxers with Plausable Denial
Blaming Whitey: St Louis Asian health director says he was called a 'brown b*****d' after pushing for masks
People who test positive for COVID-19 report cognitive issues eight months later
AstraZeneca says it plans to seek full US approval of its COVID-19 vaccine in second half of 2021 
Two federal whistleblowers allege Dept HHS instructed them to downplay migrant coronavirus outbreak
Indiana Nig charged after White woman's decapitated body found
Subhuman Muds Are Cruel to Animals
Florida Nig, 36, pled not guilty of murder after daughters' bodies were found floating in canal
US-Mexico border: Caravan of 509 migrants from Central and South America stopped by Border Patrol
U.S. Border Patrol agents encounter 336 migrants crossing the border in Texas
New Jersey officials approved BLM mural and then painted over BLM-inspired fist with white box
Family of white combat veteran sue black prosecutor who accused him of being a racist
Restaurant owner fined for flying American flag - YouTube
Covid: NEANDERTHAL DNA stretch slashes risk of severe illness 22%
Neanderthals could SPEAK just like modern humans
President Biden draws derision after claiming he used to drive a massive truck
Just HALF a portion of grapefruits can slash the risk of mental decline by over a third, experts say
Fuck the Royals: Animated satire The Prince takes aim at the Royal Family in new trailer
Australia: Moment masked ARAB accented men surround a family home in Tarneit, Melbourne
Victoria Police launch Wild West-style manhunt for lockdown protesters but protect super spreader MUSLIMS
Fox blasts CNN over crime coverup - YouTube
Tucker: Covid Infected Illegals Invading the US Border
Joe Biden mocked for claiming he used to 'drive an 18-wheeler' - YouTube
Slow-moe Joe: Joe Biden stumbles again while speaking to union workers in Pennsylvania - YouTube
Harden the Fuck Up! Loneliness Epidemic: Third of UK Adults Haven't Hugged in Six Months
January 6: 'Do We Have Political Prisoners Here in America?'
Biden Sends Back 27 Cuban Rafters amid Deadly Communist Oppression
Blaming Whitey ... DOD Chief in Asia Calls Out Anti-Asian American Discrimination in U.S.
AOC, Cori Bush Launch Racial Attack on Bipartisan Deal: '#NegotiationsSoWhite'
CDC Mask Rules Based on a Vaccine Not Approved in America
Counties with Above-Average Vaccination Rates Reporting Higher Coronavirus Case Rates
Vaccines Forever: Pfizer Data Claims Third Jab 'Strongly Boosts' Protection Against Delta Variant
CDC's: 'Don't Have Any Evidence' Delta Variant Makes Kids Sicker
Data: Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Efficacy Drops to 84% After Six Months
China Reports Highest Daily Coronavirus Infections Since January
Cartoon Canceled After 25 Years: PBS Kids Show Recently Said ‘It’s Not Enough to Say, I’m Not Racist’
Actress Geena Davis Calls Out Woke Hollywood: Not Inclusive When It Comes to Roles for Older Women
Drone Follows Migrants Across U.S. Border River to Texas
Texas Border Town Police Find Migrants 'Sick with COVID' at Whataburger
Democrat Texas Border County Judge Calls Out Biden DHS for Releasing COVID-'Infected Migrants'
Texas Border Patrol Sector Apprehends Largest Migrant Group in 2021
Migrant Girl Saved from Registered Sex-Offender 'Sponsor,' Says Border Patrol
Illinois governor repeals HIV criminalization law and expands infertility coverage for same-sex couples - CNN
Minnesota fourth graders told to hide ‘equity survey’ questions from parents
Cyprus: Golden Dawn Inspired Nationalist Party Rises In Polls - National Justice
Cyprus: Golden Dawn Inspired Nationalist Party ELAM Rises in Polls
Racism is a public health crisis, Richmond City Council declares
NC dealership calls Black customer ‘Bon Quisha’ on Facebook
Australia will not follow US lead and allow private companies to mandate vaccine, PM rules
Blessed Health Care in Campsie charges $250 for Covid vaccine
Climate Scientist Warns ‘Next 20-30 Years Will Be Cold’
‘Extensive’ Gay Hookup App Usage Compromises Vatican Security
Watchdog Group Decries ‘Targeted Hate’ Against Christians in India
Woke Doctor Apologizes for Using Term ‘Pregnant Women’
HIV Transmission Decriminalized in Illinois
Woke ESPN Reporter Triggered by U.S. Flag at Olympics: 'Thinking of Capitol Riots'
People Smugglers Lead 57 To their Deaths as Migrant Boat Shipwrecks
Biden Blames Resurgent Coronavirus Pandemic on Unvaccinated Americans
Biden Admin. 'Trying to Restrict' Americans While Ignoring COVID Problems from Illegal Immigration
Twitter Suspends Election Audit Accounts as Dems Begin January 6 Hearings
Australia: Muslim coronavirus superspreader wake: 45 out of 50 attendees catch the virus
Tokyo Olympics: Hong Kong newspaper slammed for describing silver medalist as 'mixed-race mermaid' 
NYT reporter faces backlash for tweet urging Trump supporters be called 'enemies of the state'
Iran claims it has captured Israeli agents carrying weapons to be used in protests
Inside KKK murder plot: FBI informant infiltrated klan to foil murder of black man
Pictures taken after Ben Roberts-Smith killed a one-legged Afghan show Taliban tools of trade 
Racism scandal at the Olympics as commentator is sacked after table tennis coverage
PROVE IT - RELEASE THE VIDEO: Capitol Police Officer at Hearing Claims Trump Supporters in Unison Screamed at Him a "F**kin Ni***r" at Jan. 6 Protests
Twitter Becomes First American Platform to Lose its Coveted 'Legal Shield' in India
Andy Ngo blasts pro-Antifa accounts for being upset over mural vandalism
More Than 300 Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Arrested by ICE in Operation
‘Mossad cell’ arrested over plans to provoke violence during ongoing protests in Iran, Tehran claims
Semitic Opinion: Jews Don't Run Hollywood Because RETARDED JEWS CAN'T GET JOBS Running Empires
Marlon Brando on Jews in Hollywood | The Jewish Standard
Hollywood is “Run by Jews”—Gary Oldman Joins Marlon Brando in Naming Movie Industry Bosses
Brando Criticized for Saying Jews 'Own' Hollywood
The critic of Islam is now the 'villain' in 'much of the English-speaking world': Bolt - YouTube
Decolonise your desks, demands teaching union in ‘sinister’ new escalation of culture wars
UK Nutter: Dance and drama classes reflect 'white supremacy'
Portland mural honoring George Floyd & other Nigs defaced with white supremacist graffiti
BULLSHIT: What can law enforcement do to combat white supremacist flyers?
England: Proposed Police Stop & Search Powers Declared Racist
People smugglers 'offer migrants £10,000 business class or £3,000 economy’ entry to UK - Mirror Online
Texas wetback is arrested for animal cruelty after video 'showed him abandoning dog on side of the road'
PayPal Working with ADL to Financially Blacklist and Spy on WHITE ACTIVISTS
Big Tech 'Counterterrorism' Org Shifts Focus from Islamic Extremism to 'Far Right'
Actor Danny Trejo: Movie Stars Are 'Entitled D**ks'
Only Jews & Niggers: The Communist Party USA and the new era of socialism
Blue States Spearhead Plan Giving Health Benefits to Illegal Alien Seniors
Border Patrol Opens Gates to Hundreds of Migrants near West Texas Town
Argentine College Students Protest 'Illustrious Citizen' Honor to Murderer Che Guevara
Critical Race Theory May Sway Independent Suburban Voters Away from Democrats
DOJ Drops Charges Against China Military Members Who Lied to Get Visas
Army Major General Asks Followers to 'Block and Report' Critics on Twitter
Group Tells Wealthy White Liberals: Give Up Spots in Ivy League Schools
UK Ethnic Minority Population Has Doubled to 13m, Over One-Fifth of Total
Another House Democrat Vows to Oppose Budget that Excludes Amnesty
ABC News Uses Data from Group Counting Self-Defense as Gun Violence
4th Graders Complete ‘Equity Survey,’ Told Not to Discuss with Parents
Democrat Mayors Hired Private Security After Defunding Police
CNN's Lemon: Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed in Supermarkets, Ball Games, Work
Cuomo: We Must 'Drive Them and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm'
White people have worst life expectancy than any other ethnic group
Afghan witness in Ben Roberts-Smith trial called Australian soldiers infidels
Son is forced to remove tribute to late father at German cemetery because it looks like Adolf Hitler
Australia's 'first' domestic violence shelter for men opens in Queensland
Health: Obese mums 60% more likely to have children who develop mental health conditions as adults
Teenagers expelled from Jewish College in Sydney for allegedly using drugs during online classes
Nepalese mother, 24, is spared jail for killing newborn by crushing her skull
China accuses U.S. of creating an 'imaginary enemy' and 'demonizing' Beijing in tense talks
Chinese diplomats slam Western media for trying to make its gold-winning weightlifter look 'ugly'
Former Major General says Australia-US have only slim chance against China
Minnesota woman has both her legs AMPUTATED after contracting COVID-19 days after receiving vaccine
Australia: Iraqi Covid Spreaders that Caused Millions in Damages Fined $200
Muhammad public masturbator who ejaculated on women at music festival walks free
Muhammad: Serial public masturbator sentenced for his crimes
Biden's Brain is Complete Mush (doctors & comedian K-von agree) - YouTube
There are 'more debates' about President Biden's 'mental acuity' following recent gaffes - YouTube
Democrats 'will be forced' to remove Joe Biden from office due to his 'mental decline' - YouTube
Media protection racket hides Joe Biden’s ‘comically bizarre gaffes’ at CNN town hall - YouTube
The Biden Regime Works for the Cartels
Bolt: You get the feeling President Biden is 'almost just holding on': Psychiatrist - YouTube
Sky News Australia: Biden’s ALIENS Town Hall was 'incoherent gibberish even by his low standards’
Joe Biden Promises Whites will soon be a Minority in US "And that's a Good Thing" - YouTube
Texas Christinsane freak burns down home, killing brother, hurting mom, because they didn't follow Bible
Phillip Daniel Mills at DuckDuckGo
Confederate Bust To Be Removed From Tennessee Capitol After Decadeslong Fight
U.S.-Mexico border crossings in El Paso higher by repeat attempts
Conservative publisher Brave Books launches with anti-trans kids book 'Elephants are Not Birds'
De-extinction: Could we bring back dinosaurs, mammoths and Tasmanian tigers?
‘Nanny state gone mad’: Residents call for ban on leaf blowers
Feminist Legal Clinic evicted for posting anti-trans website links
Liberal MPs want ‘Folau’s law’ removed from Religious Discrimination Bill
Mark Levin's Book 'American Marxism' #1 on NYT Best Seller List
Pinkerton: NYT Compares Biden’s Promised ‘Green Jobs’ to ‘Grueling’ Low-Wage Amazon and Uber Gigs
Cher Freaks: GOP Wants to Win by ‘White Dominance,' Trump Will Kill America if We Don't Vote in 2022
Report: Websites Flooded with Porn After Dead Video Hosting Site Was Purchased by Pornographers
Cleveland Indians Thoroughly Mocked for Changing Name to Guardians
Video: John Legend, Keith Urban Lead Singing of 'Imagine' at Olympics Opening Ceremony
Report: Harvard Distances Itself from 'BIPOC-Only' Music Program Following Title VI Complaint
Stefanik: Biden 'Complicit in Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Coverup'
'Looting Death Toll' from South Africa Riots Reaches 337
Seth Dillon: Self-Censorship Is 'Doing the Tyrant's Work for Him'
Mark Zuckerberg Believes Facebook Will Usher in the 'Metaverse'
Migrant Hiding on Texas Farm near Border Run Over, Killed by Tractor
CA Shoplifting Spree Sparks Backlash to Decriminalizing Petty Theft
Poll: Donald Trump More Popular with U.S. Voters than Joe Biden
Blue State Blues: What Larry Elder's Campaign Means for Conservatives
Report: 'Mostly' Single Male Border Crossers Bussed to Louisiana Cities
DHS Cancels 31 Miles of Border Wall Construction Funded by Trump
Charles Hurt -- Biden and CNN: Next Level Fake News
Cleveland Changes Name from Indians to Guardians
Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Tells Tucker Carlson He Is ‘Embarrassed’ by Site He Created
Illegal Protected by Sanctuary State Convicted of Sexually Abusing Kids
Women Prisoners Given Birth Control as Transgender Men Arrive
Former White House physician said he believes Biden will be forced to resign over fitness
First photographs of a droopy eyed Derek Chauvin are released since his sentencing
Man, 35, pleads guilty to strangling and stabbing to death Amish girl, 18
Local New York reporter keeps her composure as an obnoxious man harasses her while on camera
Teenager, 17, is charged with religiously aggravated public order offence
R. Kelly 'sexually abused a teenage boy he met at McDonald's in 2006', prosecutors allege
At least 147 unaccompanied children detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Arizona
Migrants in hotel in Kent all claim they're children to get better rooms and education
Prince Harry's old Eton and Army friends warn him not to reveal their secrets
Covid-19's new victims: Doctors warn un-jabbed people make up the bulk of fatalities
Sydney Covid lockdown protests: 21 men in court on Sunday for breaching public health orders
Research reveals Beijing's response to SARS created template for Covid deception, writes IAN BIRRELL
Moment vicious mob beats man walking his dog in Queens amid rising violent crime in the Big Apple 
'I was sexually assaulted in a women's prison by a fellow inmate with male genitalia'
High cholesterol in middle-age is linked with increased risk of dementia, research suggests
Glass of white wine a day can delay the menopause, study shows
Larry Elder leads field of contenders to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in recall election
Katie Hopkins to walk away with $200,000 Big Brother VIP fee
Big Brother star Katie Hopkins reportedly paid out $200,000 despite visa cancellation
SA Covid-19: Lockdown for entire state as fifth local case recorded
SA records two new Covid cases
Sharon Lopatka: How online Orthodox Jewish BDSM fantasy led to woman’s death by torture
Women-hating ‘incels’ in the United States are plotting terror
Pictures revealed of US-Australian Army base planned for the Northern Territory
BLM co-founder describes herself as 'trained Marxist'
Pentagon Tracking “Extremist” Web Searches Including “The Truth About Black Lives Matter”
Troops on Base Less Likely to Seek Extremist Content Than Americans in General, Study Finds - Defense One
15 year old Abigail the kangaroo hugs the wildlife workers who rescued her everyday at Alice Springs sanctuary
Mother elephant ends up stuck in the mud alongside her two children in Kenya - And rescued
KILL THAT CUNT! Man, 70, is charged with killing a stray cat after online post showing the animal drowning 
Archaeology: Roman road discovered submerged in the Venice lagoon
Italians will need Covid 'green passes' to leave home
Australia: Country Town Gets Revenge on Iraqi Chink Virus Spreaders
Australia: Sudo Refo Blames Addiction to Cannabis for Violent Crimes Against White Women
Just Wetbacks: Husband and father sentenced to life in prison for murdering and dismembering estranged wife
LOL Jigaboo was given 1% chance to live after BURN BABY BURN as a toddler - Becomes Tik Tok Star!
Hillsong Porch Monkey who tweeted about not having vaccine dies of COVID
Australia: Mourning Abo uncle targets White house in violent home invasion after death of his niece
What do YOUR eyes say about your health?
Dead Ugly Talentless Jew Amy Winehouse - MSM Still Fauns Over That Kike
Illinois Born Viscountess of Sandwich Says Meghan Markle Couldn't Let Go of Nigger Dreams
Adelaide - South Australia: Woolworths runs out of toilet paper - Hoodie wearing Wigger cracks the shit
DRUG DEALERS MUST DIE: Adelaide - South Australian drug dealer who was missing since January may have been tortured for a week before murder
Australia: Bruce Jenner should be deported flicking its cigarette off a balcony while in hotel quarantine in Sydney
When Critical Race Theory Led to Murder – DailyVeracity
The Government is Using Far-Left Activists for Door-to-Door Vaccinations – DailyVeracity
Black Lives Matter: A Tool of the Corporate System that Owns Them – DailyVeracity
Gang Members Now Outnumber Police in Chicago - Counsellors Sent Out on 911 Calls Instead of Cops
Israel Caught Hacking the Phones of Thousands of Americans – DailyVeracity
Creativity Sticker: Haverhill man arrested for hate crimes
Dumb Aussie bitch had a stroke after COVID-19 jab, thinks AstraZeneca is the Final Solution to Chinky Virus
Rice-Nigger News: Bitcoin miner electrocuted by computer
Aussie wine exports flow to Hong Kong after China tariffs
Australian man dies after receiving first dose of AstraZeneca
Joe Biden 'has to be taken out of circulation' after 'rambling about men on the moon' - YouTube
Is Russia helping American extremist groups, or just benefitting from their actions? | Raleigh News & Observer
Free Soup! Montana Gathering of 20 Hobos: 'Better Together" seeks equality, inclusion
China-Australia trade war: Japanese ambassador Shingo Yamagami voices support
China using social media trolls to push US covid conspiracy
UK: What is Hate Speech? YouTube
Australia: Indians with slave jailed
New evidence of Viking life in America? - BBC News
Do Not Play the Part of a “Supremacist” — Leave That to the “Chosen Ones”
Glasgow Jews Shocked by Golf Course National Socialist Graffiti
South Africa: White and South Asian Militias Fight Back as Nation Speeds Towards Civil War and Famine
Irishman with huge haul of guns and samurai swords is arrested in Germany
Skeletal remains of 'Cursed Soldiers' who fought Stalin are unearthed in Poland
Hunter Biden was planning for Joe to quit politics to start DC 'swamp' consultancy firm together
Backlash against Anti-White Ben & Jerry's over 'anti-Semitic' boycott of Israeli settlements
At least 200 Americans have been affected by 'Havana Syndrome' 
AOC calls for 'wartime' effort to defeat climate change, pushes for taxpayer-funded 'climate corps'
China denies responsibility for huge Microsoft hack
Incoming freshman loses scholarship after refusing to get covid vaccine due to medical conditions
Pelosi staffer and White House staffer test positive for COVID after meeting with Texas Democrats
Whistleblower claims Hasbro's CRT training teaches that babies can be racist from three months old
Biden White House will send thousands of Niggers back to prison after COVID state of emergency ends
Video shows hundreds of migrants pushing into the United States at the Del Rio crossing in Texas
Florida governor DeSantis claims 70% of migrants crossing in to Texas are heading to his state
Tucson police identify Nig gunman, 35, after deadly house fire and shooting rampage that left two dead
Moment five of Crapper 6ix9ine's bodyguards break fan's phone
Nig shot in leg as he tries to flee from gunman on Queens street
Texas cops nab Wetback 'smugglers' after they struck woman in a parking lot for failing to pay $6,000 ransom
Katie Hopkins lands in UK after being booted out of Australia after Govt says she's RIGHT-WING
Arrogant Nigger Gets in the Way of Whites on Miami Flight
Paradise resorts in Whitsundays, Queensland, are left to crumble by ASIAN investors
Socialism Gaining Support Among Millionaire Hollywood Elites
Hispanics, Blacks Least Vaccinated After Joe Biden’s Anti-Vaxx Comments
Sixth Democrat Lawmaker Who Fled Texas Tests Positive for Coronavirus
Republicans in Infrastructure Talks 'Complicit' in Leftist Agenda
Tucker gives 'surprising' update on report military is transporting migrants - YouTube
Campus Crazies: English is the 'Language of the Coloniser'
Cuban-Born Actress Maria Conchita Alonso: Biden Administration Deserting Cubans
VP Team Spreads Misinformation About Kamala Harris Coronavirus Test
TX COVID Rates Rising Due in Significant Part to Illegal Aliens
Biden: Facebook Isn't 'Killing People', Just '12 People' on Facebook Are
Disarming Americans is the Best Way to Enslave Them
China Defends Afghan Taliban, Insists It Is Not a Terrorist Group
790K Migrants Apprehended Since Biden's Changes in Border Policies
State Troopers Hold Back Migrant Border Rush in Texas
Maxine Waters: NY, GA AGs Must 'Go After' Trump -- 'We Must Not Allow Trump to Win'
Gov. Kristi Noem: Critical Race Theory ‘All About Power'
Ocasio-Cortez: Critical Race Theory Is GOP Using 'White Supremacist Core Logic' to Reanimate Fear
Georgia Hearing on Monday Contesting the Fraudulent Results of the Georgia Senate Election
SA covid-19: Adelaide struggling to keep up with hospitals overcrowded
Katie Hopkins speaks out after being deported from Australia
Microsoft Exchange hack: Australia, US and allies blame China, condemn cyberattacks
McEnany: ‘My mouth dropped open’ when Psaki said this - YouTube
Fully Vaxxed Democrats Who Fled Texas Catch COVID! - YouTube
Johnson & Johnson 'looks at moving asbestos lawsuits to new company which will file for bankruptcy'
Grattan Institute think tank wants new petrol and diesel cars in Australia banned by 2035
JK Rowling calls out troll who tweeted death threat at her - Challenges them to kill her
Coronavirus Australia: Islamic Sydney anti-lockdown protest parade through streets
Coronavirus Australia: Gook sailors 'heavily infected' with Covid could go to WA hospital
UK journalist Katie Hopkins is DEPORTED from Australia after telling a joke and being RIGHT WING"
Coronavirus Australia: Iraqi south-west Sydney home where infected removalists mum died of Covid
Number of attempted crossings at southern U.S. border hits 21-year high
Federal Judge Rules Obama's DACA Program Illegal, Blocks New Enrollments
President Trump WRECKS FOX News - AZ Audit Findings Enough Already to Change Outcome of Election
Fulton County Commissioners Chairman Calls for ALL Georgia Counties to Have Forensic Audit of Ballots
US Attorney in Delaware Kept Hunter Biden Investigation Secret During 2020 Campaign
Shark attacks rebranded as ‘negative encounters’ or ‘interactions’
Dave Portnoy fiercely defends this controversial topic on 'Tucker' - YouTube
China threatens to nuke Japan if country intervenes in Taiwan conflict
Australia’s Talisman Sabre continues as Chinese spy ships sail off QLD
UK Journalist Katie Hopkins deported from Australia for being "right-wing"
Covid-19 NSW: Iraqi removalists’ mother becomes fifth coronavirus death
Ben Carson: Critical Race Theory Is About Creating Division and Strife
GOP Rep. Malliotakis Slams 'Communist Sympathizer' AOC -- 'Wants to Bring Socialism' to America
Cuba Protesters Warn Americans Who Like Che Guevara: 'He Was a F*cking Terrorist'
UFC’s Jorge Masvidal Slams 'Coward' Colin Kaepernick for Wearing Fidel Castro T-Shirt
American Booksellers Association 'Protects' Twitter Account After Censorship Backlash
Report: Pence, Netanyahu Urged Trump to Attack Iran Following Election Loss
Cuba Protester: 'You Don't See Americans Going to Cuba on a Raft!'
'I Will Not Be Taking the Knee!' – Farage Gets Show on GB News
LGBT Activist Convicted of Raping Migrants Gets Sentence Reduced
Report: German Catholic Church Continues Hemorrhaging Members
National Border Patrol Council Calls Out Biden's Border Policies as Inhumane
Kamala Harris Will Not Quarantine After Meeting Texas Democrats Infected with Coronavirus
Latino Rifle Association Founder: San Jose Gun Control Hurts Minorities
Gun Control Fail: Three Shot Outside Nationals' Park
Cuba Protesters Stage Die-In Outside White House
Rep. Ashley Hinson: Iowans 'Are Sick' of Biden's 'Leftist Agenda'
McWhorter: Many Pretending to Agree' with Opinions on Race So They Don't Get Embarrassed on Twitter
Report: Prosecutor Delayed Hunter Probe Until After Joe Biden Won Election
Carlson: Hunter Biden 'Can Do Literally Whatever He Wants -- As We've Seen, He Definitely Has'
Video Shows Democrat Claiming He Was Stopped for 'Driving While Black'
Israeli spyware is found on cellphones of journalists
Not eating oily fish regularly can shorten life expectancy more than smoking, study reveals 
Woman, 96, to stand trial in Germany over claims she helped in wartime massacre of 11,000 prioners
Danish cartoonist whose image of the Prophet Mohammed sparked outrage dies aged 86
Jewffrey Epstein 'befriended' first victim, 13, at Michigan arts camp, book claims
Jimmy Carr claims a 'dodgy joke' he has already told will spell the end of his career in comedy
Florida: 'Take your f***ing China flu and shove it up your a**!' If they were BLACK it wouldn't be News
Katie Hopkins deported: Far-right British commentator has visa cancelled for 'joking' about breaking quarantine
Covid Australia: Infected Iraqi removalists spread virus around Australia
Australian University demands proof from students claiming to be Aboriginal
Asian Australian ABC journalist slams diversity target as former chairman hits out at hiring policy
Was Flight 149 allowed to land in a war zone because it was carrying a secret forces squad?
LAPD orders crowd to disperse during protests over transgender rights at Koreatown spa 
Guardian's report claiming Putin plotted to aid Trump a Libtard fantasy
Row as 143-year-old Queensbury Tunnel is threatened by Highways England 'cultural vandals'
Nig Queens kidnapper was with his dad when he snatched boy, 5, from a street in broad daylight
Three people shot outside of Washington Nationals stadium during game
Nigger who fired four shots in NYC's Times Square during road rage incident was out on bail
Black Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and her husband are hit with firearms charges and endangering a child
Law & Order Nigger is charged with murder for 'shooting man 10 times in a daylight execution in NYC' 
Two dozen US diplomats stationed in Vienna report symptoms of 'Havana Syndrome'
Facebook slams Joe Biden after he claimed they were 'killing people' with COVID-19 misinformation
Coronavirus Australia: Muslim Sydney anti-lockdown protest clashes with cops
Coronavirus: Fully vaccinated could be locked out of Europe when borders reopen
Covid-19 Australians who refuse the jab be banned from public life
Everything is Antisemitic! Conspiracies About COVID-19
Tucker reveals new information on why Hunter Biden's case was buried - YouTube
neo-nazi News and latest stories | The Jerusalem Post
White Australian woman with no Aboriginal ancestry claims to be Indigenous because White Guilt
UK: Muslims Jailed for Gang Rape of 12 Year Old White Girl
Likely NYC councilwoman wants to slash NYPD funding to $0
Fat Nigger Murderer Comments on Own "Most Wanted" Page - Wants Reward for Own Capture
Peaceful Protestor: Capitol "rioter" with ties to White supremacist gang pleads guilty and is sentenced to 6 months in jail with credit for time served - CNNPolitics
Tennis: Rice-Nigger Naomi Osaka Says "African Isn't the Only Black"
Former FBI agent: After members of white supremacist gang indicted, more charges likely
16 FL White Supremacist Gang Members Indicted For Racketeering
White supremacists were rewarded for violence | National | poststar.com
The Royal Family is RACIST. Black Meghan is the Ultimate Victim. Blah blah blah ..
Biden Admin Admits They Tell Facebook to Remove Conservative Content - YouTube
Sydney: Health tells TikTok comedian to stop posting videos guessing daily positive Covid-19 cases
'Nobody should trust Wikipedia,' co-founder Larry Sanger warns
The out of focus but still amazing outtakes NASA didn't want you to see from Apollo 11 moon landing
Denmark set for trial plans to send refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to African offshore hubs
Window cleaner who posted racist slur about black England footballers complains HE is getting abuse
Fact: Mud Towns Have Wild Dog Packs: Navajo girl, 13, killed by a pack of dogs
Moment 'drunk' NFL Nig Richard Sherman rams his father-in-law's door after NFL pro tried to break in
Armed commando springs local cartel leader from Mexican jail
Taliban demand the release of SEVEN THOUSAND prisoners in return for THREE-MONTH ceasefire
Pakistan 'are providing AIR SUPPORT' for the Taliban, Afghanistan's vice-president claims
Angelina Jolie's adoption of STOLEN GOOK SON Maddox to be explored in new documentary
Australia: Fake Abo Bruce Pascoe comes under fire for his involvement in a new beer
Nig Life: Video shows baby-faced man killing 21-year-old cyclist in broad day-light in Brooklyn
Whiny wife of Muslim footy loser, blames RACIST police for Sydney lockdown
Olympics Liz The Nig Cambage basketball could miss Tokyo after fighting and partying in Las Vegas  
A Sydney Nig has been jailed for 21 years for stabbing mate six times in defence of girlfriend
Australian: Africoon brawl with 15 apes at a Woolworths leaves a 16-year-old porch monkey fighting for his life
LOL @ Gook suffers permanently disfigured penis after getting it stuck in a padlock for TWO WEEKS
Jew pervert Ghislaine Maxwell court documents unsealed by federal court
Freaky Fag Australia: Man with no medical qualifications has been convicted after performing castration services
Poll: Over 7 Million Americans Turned Down Jobs Due to UI Benefits
Unexpected Drop in Manufacturing Output Points to More Inflation Ahead
Video: Cuban Protesters Fight Police Gunfire with Rocks
Biden, Blinken 'Sticking a Kick Me Sign on Uncle Sam's Back' by Accepting United Nations Probe of U.S.
BLM Openly Supports Communism in Cuba, Slams U.S. Embargo
GOP Bashes Black Lives Matter for Supporting Cuban Dictatorship
Local Chinese Communist Officials Share Video on Nuking Japan
Palestinian Journalist Fired from BBC over ‘Hitler Was Right’ Tweet Blames ‘Pro-Israel Mob’
Poll: Swing State Democrats to Alienate Voters If They Back Amnesty Deal
West Virginia Legislators: Oppose Amnesty Deal to Prioritize American Workers Over Corporations
Texas Border City Struggles with COVID-19 Outbreak at Migrant Shelter
Lonergan: Cuban Protests Reveal Biden’s Border Hypocrisy
Watch: Allegations of Georgia Voter Fraud Highlighted by FNC's Tucker Carlson
'A Reichstag Moment': Gen. Milley Allegedly Had Fears of Trump Coup
Special Agent Speaks Out: Biden Nominee Was Coconspirator in Ecoterrorism Case
Honduran Migrant Steals Mexican Police Vehicle to Reach Texas Border
Exclusive: Indiana's GOP Governor Will Not Send Police to Border
53 Migrants Arrested in 3 Stash Texas Stash House Raids near Border
TX AG Paxton: TX Dems 'Suppressing the Vote' by Traveling to DC -- 'They're Just Delaying the Inevitable'
GOP Launches Investigation of Biden Family's Political Profiteering
Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden Using Military to Fly Illegal Aliens to U.S.
EXCLUSIVE: ICE Will Issue Cell Phones to Released Migrants
74 Migrants Found in 2 RV Trailers at Texas Border Immigration Checkpoint
Critical Race Theory Language Used in VA Vaccine Distribution
UK Lockdown Year One: 5 Times More Kids Died by Suicide Than of Covid
Report: Twitter Reports Surge in Government Demands to Censor the News
Nolte: DoorDash Driver Contaminates Cop’s Food in Social Media Video
Report: Documents Appear to Show Putin Ordered Effort to Support Trump in 2016
Chicago to Dispatch Mental Health Experts on 911 Calls Instead of Cops
W.H.O. Subsidiary Discourages Cuba Protests over Coronavirus
Venezuelan Socialist Leader: Cuba Protests Are Euro Cup Celebrations
Rubio: Biden Admin. Has More Passion for Attacking GOP Than Denouncing Tyranny in Cuba
Cruz: Cubans Are 'The Only Immigrants' Biden and Harris Don't Want to Come
'Religious Obligation' UK Mosque Leader Charged With Encouraging Terror
Ann Coulter: Critical Race Theory Is a Complex — Oh, Who Are We Kidding?
Charles Hurt: Trump Is Back, And He Ain't Backing Down
Sen. Tom Cotton Launches Bill to Defund Critical Race Theory
WH: Democrats Lack Votes for $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Proposal
Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 49 Percent
WATCH: Biden White House Refuses to Say Cubans Are Opposing Communism
Cuba: Video Shows Police Shoot Protester in Front of Toddlers
Rubio: Blinken Wants U.N. Probe on American 'Racism,' but Not Cuba
Rubio Calls Out Twitter -- 'Hypocrites' for Banning Trump but not Cuban Socialist Dictator
Irony Overload: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says 'Free and Open Internet' Under Attack
CDC: 93K Americans Died of Drug Overdoses in 2020, Most in U.S. History
U.S. Overdose Deaths Dwarf Fatalities from Global Jihadi Attacks
Los Angeles County Re-Instates Indoor Mask Mandate
Not Woke Enough: Four Years of Zero Transgender Characters in Major Hollywood Movies
Actress Megan Fox Slams 'Midevil, Burn-a-Witch-at-the-Stake' Cancel Culture over her Trump Comment
NBC Calls Off 'Law & Order' Spin-Off as Woke TV Shows Hit the Wall
Stephen WoKing: 'I Was Horrified by Trump as President for All Kinds of Reasons'
Convicted Ecoterrorist Claims Biden Nominee Was Accomplice in Terror Plot
Capitol Police to Use Same Surveillance Technology as Troops Overseas
MSNBC: Trump 'Was Edging Towards a Coup' Like 1930s Nazis
Conservative Consumer Group Releases Ads Targeting 'Woka-Cola'
Conservative Consumer Group Releases Ads Targeting 'Woka-Cola'
Coons: U.S. Sanctions Partially Created Conditions for Cuba Uprising
Lightfoot awards $10 million in Neighborhood Opportunity Fund grants to 27 entrepreneurs
Illinois becomes first state to require Asian American history to be taught in public schools - CNN
Cost to run San Francisco homeless camp is jaw-dropping: Nearly $60,000 per tent
As chaos continues in South Africa food is running low for citizens - YouTube
'It's insane': Civil unrest in South Africa - YouTube
To Kill a Mockingbird 'cancelled' over so-called 'racist white saviour narrative' - YouTube
Kamala Harris staffers allegedly 'terrified' she will become president - YouTube
BLM is a Ponzi scheme shaking down corporations: Sen. Marco Rubio - YouTube
Campaigners call for bird names with links to colonialism to be changed
Headteacher who appeared to blame Bangladeshi families for rising Covid cases to retire
Fashion CEO who quit her 'ultra-Orthodox' Jewish upbringing documents life in Netflix series
'It's fiction': Putin 'ordered spy plot to back "mentally unstable" Donald Trump in 2016 election, documents show
Philippine Snake expert who claimed he was immune to venom is killed when cobra bites him as he 'kisses it' 
'unpredictable and demeaning' VP Kamala Harris hosts Angela Merkel for breakfast
Mayfair casino allowed multi-millionaire clients racially abuse black croupiers, tribunal hears
Bill Clinton took TWO MORE trips with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
Up to a THIRD more Brits doubled jabbed with AstraZeneca could get Covid symptoms compared to Pfizer
Rare blood clots discovered in seven more Australians who've had the AstraZeneca Covid jab
South Australia imposes strict new restrictions despite recording no new community Covid cases
There are OVER 200 long-Covid symptoms and an average patient suffers from 56 of them, experts find
Vaccinated people now make up almost 47% of all new Covid cases, symptom-tracking app claims
Public masturbator who ejaculated on young revellers at Melbourne music festivals revealed as Muhammad
Muhammad admits repeated vile public sex acts on women
AstraZeneca: How to figure out whether you should get vaccinated
George Floyd Mural Destroyed After Being Struck By Lightning - YouTube
China spy ship spotted near Queensland as it sails into Australian waters
Chinese surveillance ship Tianwangxing one of many ways China ‘listening in’: Barnaby Joyce
Democrats who fled Texas could be arrested under state law: Cruz - YouTube
Robin DiAngelo, author of 'White Fragility,' takes on 'nice racism' - CNN
Fed-up Aussies share the commonly used phrases they can't STAND hearing 
Taliban fighters 'execute 22 Afghan commandos who were surrendering'
France fines Google £425million for failing to negotiate 'in good faith' with media companies
Shopkeepers fire on looters to protect their businesses as South Africa deploys troops to curb riots
TikToker slams Coon cheese name change to Cheer blaming cancel culture
Mel Gibson is seen SALUTING Donald Trump at UFC match
Mel Gibson salutes Donald Trump at Conor McGregor fight, trends on Twitter
LOL @ Prince William accused of Meghan hypocrisy after Euro 2020 racism statement
Australian Iron Ore price up despite China’s move to scrap imports
S.Africa's looters leave stripped shelves and the question: 'Why?'
Pets: Dogs get humans in a way their relatives like wolves don't, study finds
Student charged with putting Hitler quote in school...
Childbirth campaigner 'cancelled' for saying violence during pregnancy was committed against women
Parents of kids at New England private schools fight 'indoctrination' of students with 'woke' ideas
New York cop is placed on leave after punching Nig bitch in the THROAT in self defense
Macron announces vaccination passes and warns the country's fourth wave has ALREADY begun 
JUst Nigs: Mom, 20, shot through the eye, stabbed, almost drowned in bleach after joining Bloods offshoot gang
Three Bronx teens shot dead as part of 'major gang war' as cops blast criminal justice system
Democrat NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams calls himself the 'Biden of Brooklyn' at White House visit
Hannity condemns U.S. Olympic Committee's proposal to redesign the flag on its logo
Oklahoma board approves rules banning certain race theories
Public defender claims she was forced from job at Legal Aid Society after 'McCarthy' style attack
Republicans mock State Department tweet trying COVID to Cuba protests
Police patrol Havana in large numbers after rare protests
ESPN Nigger issues groveling apology for criticizing Gook's use of interpreter
Abbott slams Texas Democrat 'hypocrite' runaways who fled on private jet to stop voting rights bills
Nigger arrested in San Diego and charged with murder over shooting of couple at Puerto Rican Day Parade
Spring Break NIGGERS could face homicide charges for 'raping White woman before leaving her to die'
Labour council hires actor in rainbow coloured monkey costume with fake penis for children's event
Good News! Taliban judge says gays will be killed by toppling a wall on them
Jamaica wants £7 BILLION compensation from UK over slave trade
'Woke Coke': Drug-dealers are targeting middle-class users with 'ethically sourced' cocaine
QLD Police private Facebook group under investigation for racist, sexist and homophobic posts
Scruffy NBA Nig Bitches About Discrimination at Upscale Atlanta Restaurant
Long-lost dog reunited with family after missing for 10 years following 1,600 mile rescue mission
U.N. Rights Chief Demands Reparations for Slavery, Colonial Rule, Racism
YouTube Temporarily Blacklists CPAC Channel, Deletes Video of Trump
U.S. Military, Which Jill Biden Will Lecture About Race, Is More Diverse than Federal Government
Dems Will Investigate If GOP Reps Helped Capitol Rioters, Could Refer Them to DOJ
VP Harris -- 'Looks Like a Fool More than a Vice President About Half the Time'
Harris: Voter ID Could Mean People Have to Copy ID and Send It In
Biden Administration Claims Cuban Anti-Communist Protests Are About 'Rising COVID Cases/Deaths'
Vigilantes Fire on Looters as Mob Violence Rocks South Africa: Reports
Looting in South Africa as Former President Begins 15-Month Sentence
Vandal Strikes Art Gallery Set to Feature Hunter Biden's Artwork
Charlottesville Tears Down Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea Statue
'Batman' Writer Says Marvel, DC Comics Promote an 'Obvious Political Agenda'
Kumail Nanjiani to Star in Series About Muslim Grievances After 9/11, Trump
LOL! Border Nigger Robs Alien Invaders at Gunpoint at Arizona Border
Texas's Most Remote Border Sector Will Break All-Time Migrant Apprehension Record
Cher America Hating Fake News Tirade About Voter Integrity Laws: 'I've Always Known - a Racist Country'
FDA to announce new warning on J&J Covid vaccine after reports of link to rare autoimmune disease 
Australian wool is the new iron ore as farmers experience huge demand from China
Why China has control of Darwin port during trade war with Australia
Families sue Universal Orlando for $30K claiming actor used white-power hand gesture in photos
Trump attacks Biden for 'bringing US to the brink of ruin' with border crisis in fiery CPAC speech
High potency weed causes surge in psychotic episodes and 'scromiting' illness in young users
Seven killed amid violent protests over jailing of ex-South African president Jacob Zuma
cRapper, 31, dies after being shot 64 times as he walked out of Chicago jail
NIGGER: Barkevious Mingo 'pulled at teenage boy's underwear before attempting to have sex with him'
Channel 7 is SLAMMED for 'racist' social media post about England players in the Euro 2020 final 
Racist morons bombard Saka, Rashford and Sancho with 'abhorrent' abuse after trio missed penalties
'It's not what we stand for': Gareth Southgate slams 'unforgivable' racist abuse
AIDS Reaper slams 'arm yourself' vaccine campaign but loves the graphic Sydney lockdown video
South Australian woman's death 'likely linked' to AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
Black riot at Sydney prison Parklea Correctional Centre as SMOKE pours from the roof and inmates out
Black NYC parks worker exposes himself at playground while high on PCP: NYPD
NYC school’s faculty files complaint against principal they say is racist against white teachers | Education News
NYC school's faculty files complaint against principal they say is racist against white teachers
Report NYC principal wanted to fire all the white teachers
Heavily armed militia group 'wreaks havoc' after highway standoff - YouTube
Onion Explains: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - YouTube
EDGE: How The Israeli Occupation Has Made It Impossible For Palestinians To Score Drugs - YouTube
Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations - YouTube
I, Despot: The Brutal Two-Year Reign Of An Undercover EDGE Reporter - YouTube
Biden continues to 'demonstrate his non-public dementia diagnosis' almost every day - YouTube
Mass killer Anders Breivik is trying to sell rights to film and book about his life for £7MILLION
Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano who said music kept her alive dies aged 96 
Asian mother says white woman punched her son, 6, while hurling racist slurs at Las Vegas mall
Statues of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson removed in Charlottesville
Can long Covid be cured by a monthly dose of the vaccine?
Plans to scour employees’ internet history under Security Legislation Amendment Bill
March of Germany's Neo-Nazis: Shocking new evidence of how far-right troops are preparing for Day X
Covid lockdown Sydney: LOL moment a tradie uses a Ku Klux Klan headpiece as a face mask
"THAT'S RACIST!" Bug experts seeking new name for destructive GYPSY moths
Kirstie Alley Fat-Shamed by MSM After Calling Out Hollywood Pedophiles & Perverts on Twitter
"THAT'S RACIST!" Whitehall tells ministers to stop uttering 'it's coming home' song lyrics
BBC hit with nearly 500,000 complaints in a year - Denies Left-Wing Anti-British Anti-White Bias
Black Baltimore police officer 'hid body of his stepson, 15, in wall then tried to grab gun from cop'
Libtard Bitches About Leftist Book Banning
England: Squatter Destroys Old Jewish Woman's Home - So She Screams HOLOCAUST!
Sydney Australia: Police Dealing with Muslim Immigrants During Covid
One cup of coffee a day cuts the risk of falling ill with coronavirus by a tenth, study finds 
China Tortures & Murders its "WIGGERS" So Why Can't We do the Same?
Couple Married for 76 Years and Born Just a Day Apart Celebrated 100th Birthday Together
Couple Married for 76 Years and Born Just a Day Apart Celebrated 100th Birthday Together at DuckDuckGo
Iran hosts talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban in a bid for peace | Jew World Order
CNN's Cuomo: CRT Not Taught 'in Most K-12 Schools'
Veterans Win: U. of Rhode Island Will Not Destroy WWII Murals
Poll: 77 Percent of Americans Want Additional Police amid Crime Surge
Whistleblower: Albuquerque Recommends Books About Race, Queerness
Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter Deems American Flag 'Symbol of Hatred'
Reuters: Chinese Firm Used Pregnant Woman, Fetal DNA for Military Experiments
Chicago Schools to Provide Free Condoms to 5th Graders
Watch: Parents Stand Up to CRT Curriculum at Albemarle Co., VA, School Board Meeting
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Hides ‘We'll Convert Your Children' Video After Backlash
Exclusive—Brent Bozell: ‘American Marxism’ Is Mark Levin’s Most Important Book Ever
Ratings for Game 1 of the NBA Finals Crash 36% from 2019
Cori Bush: Minorities Will 'Lose' Ability to Vote for Change if Filibuster Stays
Ashton Kutcher Warns China Uses TikTok to Influence Minds of Americans and Push Anti-U.S. Propaganda
‘Taylor Swift Would Be the First Victim’ of ‘Marxism,’ ‘Socialistic Government’
Texas Sheriff 200 Miles from Border Sees Spike in Human Smuggler Car Chases
Two Large Migrant Groups Arrested After Crossing Border into Texas
Poll: Majority of Voters Support Voter ID and Reject 'Racism' as Reason for Election Integrity Laws
Poll: Majority of Voters Want Schools to Teach Traditional Western Values
Soros-Funded Bard College Course: ‘Abolishing Prisons and the Police’
Outrage over video game that lets players decide whether Adolf Hitler should go to heaven or hell
Woman who missed flight to NYC assaults Frontier Airlines staff at Orlando International Airport
Suspect, 16, who 'shot' Marine in Times Square is led to court
Man is arrested 'for shooting dead golf pro Gene Siller, 46, and two other men'
Father uses DUCT TAPE to restrain sex offender who broke into five-year-old daughter's bedroom
The truth about the murderous extremist Sadiq Khan wants to put on a pedestal
Washington Post calling foreign food 'exotic' reinforces racism
How Aussie schoolboys are painting their fingernails pink in 'nutty' toxic masculinity lessons
Conor McGregor to Fight Some Nigger
UK: Satanic Arabs Murder Nigresses - Family Blame White Police
Touching pictures show a man taking his dying pet dog up his favourite mountain in a wheelbarrow 
James Woods Rips Biden: 'As Long as Democrats Defund the Police, America's Streets Will Run with Blood'
Tarantino: 'I Would Far Rather People Watch Movies for Free on YouTube than Give a Dime to Amazon'
Whiny Jew Sean Penn Bemoans Cancel Culture as 'Ludicrous' After Calling for Pro-Trump Leaders 'Impeached'
GOP Sen. Johnson: Democrats Use 'Bullsh*t' Climate Change to Gain 'Control'
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Releases Special Session Agenda
Hillary Clinton: Election Integrity Bills Are 'White Supremacist Authoritarianism'
GOP Rep. Jackson Warns Biden's Cognitive Abilities Will Cause U.S. to 'Pay a Price'
Tech and Media Moguls Arrive at Sun Valley for 'Billionaire Summer Camp'
Biden Promotes Four More Years of Free Government Education
VA School Board Appeals Ruling to Reinstate Gym Coach Who Refused to Use Trans Pronouns
Watch: Democrat Rep. Horsford Applauds Use of Critical Race Theory
7 Things to Know About the 'Rise of the Moors' Militia Group
Gov. Tony Evers Vetoes Ban on Private Funding of Election Administration
Black Journalist Group Blasts ESPN over Taylor-Nichols Flap, Wants Meeting with Disney Execs
Fact Check: Biden Claims Diesel Buses 'Cause Kids to Miss School'
Kendi: ‘To Be Racist Is to Constantly, Consistently Deny … Like Trump'
Rashida Tlaib: ‘We Must Eliminate Funding for CBP, ICE,' and DHS
If America's Systemically Racist, We Should Have a Border Wall to Stop People Coming Into a Racist Country
Japan is 'digging its own grave' by offering to defend Taiwan from China alongside the US
Ex-Republican candidate for San Francisco mayor says city is run by 'far-left ideologues'
Trump says Hunter Biden is worse than Al Capone
Australian entertainer Sam Newman mocks tranny community in lewd LOL tirade
Australia Becomes Nigger Heaven as Cheap Hidden KFC Menu Revealed
Two separate drugs cut risk of death for severely ill COVID patients when coupled with steroids
Australia: Migrants & Foreign Students Allowed in - BUT NOT AUSTRALIANS
Sydney is in LOCKDOWN Except for Jewish Hollywood: Natalie Portman, Sacha Baron Cohen Frolic
Sydney Police Announce Covid Crackdown in Migrant Areas
Trump SUING ‘Big Tech giants’ Facebook, Google and Twitter — RT USA News
Their policies are ruining US cities and killing thousands, Dems give the usual reply: ‘Shut up, racist!’
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot greets Biden to ask for help with gun violence
Chicago shootings: 97 shot, 17 fatally, in weekend gun violence across city
Choice to separate Chicago from Illinois to appear on some primary ballots
If Downstate Illinois Seceded
Meet the people working to kick Chicago out of Illinois
Bernie Sanders Submits Bill To Tax The $0.16 Saved On Barbecues
Bernie Sanders Submits Bill To Tax The $0.16 Saved On Barbecues
Thieves Robbing High End Stores During Broad Daylight in Nancy Pelosi's SF - YouTube
Senior San Francisco Official Compares Those who Complain about Surging Crime and Looting to KKK
England: NIGGER GP admits falsely accusing dead WHITE Man's son of calling him the N-word
Trump will announce class action lawsuits today against Facebook and Twitter
Trump told John Kelly that Hitler 'did a lot of GOOD things' during a 2018 trip to Europe
PIERS MORGAN: I know who killed Ashli Babbitt but you don't, and neither does her family
Two men arrested in India for saying cow urine and dung do NOT cure Covid-19
LOL @ Acrophobic Nigger as it Squeals in Panic
Report Shows How Queers Spent Years Pushing the LGBTQ Agenda in Children's TV Programs
ESPN Removes Rachel Nichols from NBA Finals Coverage After Explosive Video
Cori Bush: Those Claiming 'Black People Have Full Freedom' Reject CRT
1400 Criminal Migrants Arrested in One Texas Border Sector this Year
State Troopers Find 60 Nicaraguans in Texas Stash House near Border
Unfinished Border Walls Funnel Migrants into South Texas Neighborhoods
Open Borders Lobby to Biden: Stop Red States Deploying Police to Border
Matthew Dowd: 'January 6 Was Worse than 9/11' -- Continuing 'to Rip Our Country Apart'
MSNBC’s Watts: America's Neo-Fascism Right Like 40s Germany -- Pushing 'Race War’
Pro-CRT Ibram X. Kendi to Speak at Teachers’ Union Conference
CNN: 'Panic' over Critical Race Theory Because White People 'Afraid They Might Be Complicit in Racism'
School Board Recalls Double as Parents Fight CRT, Pandemic Policies
Seven Viking tombs discovered in a 'Christian-looking burial' in Sweden
Saudi prince investigated for claims he kept seven employees as modern-day slaves in Paris
Former Superman star blasts Marvel's decision to slate US in its latest Captain America comic 
UK World Soccer: Celebrities Allowed to Ignore Quarantine
Niggers Shoplifting/Looting is LEGAL in San Francisco
Missouri science teacher is fired over claims he used the NIGGER word
Nation's top high school is accused of purging Asian American students with new admission criteria
LOL @ Black TikTokers go on STRIKE and refuse to create viral dances as white creators 'fail to credit'
20 Years in Afghanistan Was a Waste of Lives and Money
Could a POO transplant treat Covid? Two infected men saw virus symptoms clear after procedure
Fitness coach Sophie Allen, 31, shares a full day on her plate - and why she'd never go vegan
Pentagon to Look into Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines if FDA-Approved
What Is mRNA? Here's A Crash Course On What It Does - Honolulu Civil Beat
Biden Announces Plan to Knock on Doors to Push Vaccinations
Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines work against 'more lethal and infectious' Lambda variant
Coronavirus: Now You Need a THIRD INJECTION
Girl is dragged to an abandoned house and shot by her tribe in 'honour killing' in Syria
Twitter users deliver 'swift and savage' response to National Geographic's 'racist' tweet - YouTube
Women Soccer Team Disrespect 98 Year Old WW2 Vet Playing Anthem - YouTube
Tucker to the NSA: You didn't answer the question - YouTube
Is White House pushing VP Harris aside in favor of Jill Biden? - YouTube
US Vice President Kamala Harris 'is such a hoax' - YouTube
Tucker investigates the reason Kamala Harris is always cackling - YouTube
Gary Sinise: Independence from tyranny needs to be fought for and protected - YouTube
The Purge Movie Franchise Goes Anti-White
House votes to remove statues of white supremacists from US Capitol
Canada Designates More US Extremists As Terrorists
US 'white supremacist' shoots two black bystanders - BBC News
'Swastika-loving white supremacist' 28, who killed two black bystanders 'had written racist and anti-Semitic bile'
Wilmington 1898: When White Patriots overthrew a traitorous US government - BBC News
Juror Hit With 'Extreme' Fine After Using Google for Research
Beijing: US COVID-19 source - Says ‘WHITE SUPREMACISTS’ bullying anti-lab leak scientists
Black Supremacy in the US: The inside story of the 'Rise of the Moors' militia nine hour stand-off with Massachusetts cops - MAINSTREAM MEDIA Loves the Millitant Nigger - Hate's Peaceful Whitey
Retard Alert! White former beauty queen inherited Georgia farm mulls reparations due to family owning slaves
MAGIC MUSHROOMS could work as antidepressant, study finds
Local Afghans hawk basketballs, stereo speakers, laptops after US troops leave base
Niggers - Independence Day bloodbath: 379 are shot - 142 fatally - across US over July 4 weekend
Islam: Armed attackers kidnap 140 students from a boarding school in Nigeria
Australia: Indian who scaled balconies and broke a door to escape quarantine in Cairns slapped with a fine
Children wearing masks could be exposed to dangerous levels of carbon dioxide, study finds 
Carson on Critical Race Theory: 'It's a Bunch of Garbage'
Activist Teachers Brag About Injecting Race, 'Equity' in Elementary Classrooms
Chicago Alderman Sounds Alarm About Bloody Fourth of July Weekend
Kobach: Biden Helping Free Illegal Alien Child Rapists, Domestic Abusers
Looters Ransack Air Base After U.S. Hands It Over to Local Afghan Forces
The World Braces for the Wokest Olympics of All-Time
WATCH: Members of U.S. Women's Soccer Team Turn Away from the Flag as WWII Vet Plays Anthem
China's July 4 Message: America 'Selfish,' Racist
Canada to Make Online Hate Speech a Crime Punishable by $16,000 Fine
Arrests of criminal migrants, including convictions for sex, drug and homicide crimes, up in FY 2021
China prepares to move into Afghanistan following America's departure with 'Belt and Road' program
Bring Back Adolf! Start-ups explore bringing giants of history 'back to life'
Wetback who killed pro-golfer, 41, at Georgia country club had two other bodies stashed in his truck
White ESPN reporter said colleague got to host NBA finals because she is black
15 shot in Chicago - 6 fatally - over weekend days after Mayor Lightfoot branded critics 'racist'
More chaos unfolds at Washington Square Park as NYPD are forced to remove rowdy revelers
REvil ransomware hackers demand $70M in Bitcoin for decryption key
Cori Bush sparks outrage by saying she wont celebrate Independence Day
Americans July Fourth with a bang as fireworks light up the night sky in New York and Washington DC
America's largest teachers' union says it supports teaching children critical race theory in schools
Police launch bid to find hero skaters who used boards to 'subdue' suspected Oxford Circus knifeman
Female tourist is slashed near Times Square after ignoring Nigger's cat calls as NYC crime soars
LOL @ Jewish man abused TWICE in the space of an hour on public transport in London
Ex-South African President Jacob Zuma REFUSES to hand himself in to begin 15-month jail term
Washington Post writer claims Statue of Liberty is a 'symbol of hypocrisy'
New York Times blasted over 'divisive' story that says flying American flag shows GOP allegiance
Woman says a person 'with a beard and a penis' got into hot tub with her daughter, 6, at LA spa
Channel 10 replaces names of Australian cities with traditional Aboriginal names
Man cleared of committing blasphemy in Pakistan hacked to death by rookie policeman
Donald Trump questions if Joe Biden is running the US - YouTube
Trudeau Says Anger 'Fully Understandable' as Churches Burn Down
Radio Host Says 'Burn the Churches' as Fires Reported Across Canada
Anthem Snubber Gwen Berry Has History of Racially Charged Posts, Joked About Rape
Aaron Lewis's Democrat Slamming Anthem 'Am I the Only One' Leapfrogs Taylor Swift on iTunes
Daughter of Bruce Lee, Slams Tarantino, Again: I'm 'Tired of White Men in Hollywood' Explaining My Father
11 Black Supremacist Insurrectionists Arrested Following 9-Hour Armed Standoff on Mass. Highway
Biden's 4th 0f July: DHS Promises to Bring Back to U.S. Deported Illegals
Sanctuary County Twice Freed Illegal Accused of Trying to Rape Teen Girl
Watch: Farage Shares Footage of Migrant ‘Invasion’ on Britain's Beaches
Merkel’s Migration Policies Have Been ‘Fatal’ to Germany: Ex-Spy Chief
Biden forced to refer to notes when asked about alleged Russian cyber hack - YouTube
Confused Joe Biden Takes out Notes to Answer Question on Russia
America’s Written Constitution in 1787 Was Revolutionary
For July 4 NPR Portrays Declaration of Independence as Racist
Illegal Beheads Man & Plays Soccer With the Head - YouTube
Illegal Alien Accused of Beheading Man, Playing 'Soccer with His Head'
Vanessa Williams to Sing 'Black National Anthem' for PBS' Capitol Fourth Celebration
LOL @ Illegal Alien from Egypt Accused of Stabbing Rabbi Outside Jewish School
Independence Day: Marvel Comics Makes Captain America Say American Dream 'Is a Lie'
Far-Left Nation on July 4: ‘Founders of Our Nation Were Colonizers’
WATCH: Texas Military Forces Begin Border Barrier Construction
DR ADAM RUTHERFORD says diagram of ape changing to man is 'so wrong'
Shocking campus video from Georgetown sees students struggle to say they are proud to be from US
Iggy Azalea furiously hits back at accusations of blackfishing in I Am The Stripclub video
BBC Bitzesize GCSE revision guide's list of 'POSITIVE impacts' of climate change is removed
Former head of Germany's spy agency slams Angela Merkel's immigration policies as 'fatal'
AOC says anti-cannabis laws are racist and calls to let Sha'Carri Richardson run in Olympics 100m 
Jewish Groups In Hungary Insist On Their Right To Show Homosexual Material To Underage Children
Red SHOCK! Brainwashing/Diversity Training is Backfiring in Whitey's Favour
Winnebago County GOP Removes Racist Facebook Meme After Drawing Criticism
Illinois trio charged with beating, strangling police officer over traffic stop
"Que Mala! We Don't Want You Here!" - Latino Trump Supporters Greet Kamala Harris in El Paso (VIDEO)
Jill Biden Met By HUGE PROTEST During Jab Tour in Phoenix, - 2 MILES AWAY FROM AZ AUDIT
Judge rules to unseal dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's relationship with the Clintons
Elon Musk slammed for praising China as 'truly amazing'
Covid-19 Australia: Daughter forced to farewell her father over FaceTime while stuck in quarantine
Prostate cancer drug could treat Covid as 'significantly' cuts virus entry into lungs, study finds
Two doses of AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine cuts risk of death by 94%
Covid-19 Australia: Huge queues at Sydney Olympic Park vaccination hub, now declared exposure site
Soho Karen Miya Ponsetto pleads not guilty to hate crime
School basketball team has championship stripped for throwing TORTILLAS at Latino opposition
Rare genetic variants protect against obesity, study says
Emmanuel Macron says woke leftist culture is 'racialising' France, causing splits in society
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insulting women for being middle aged white women is fine, under Jacinda Ardern's new law.'
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