Racial News to Use - 2021 May

From Racial Loyalty News - Headlines

ASIO warns right wing terror GROWING in Australia - Demands to Criminalise Possession of Swastikas
They Are Absolutely Terrified of the White Man Fighting Back
Evil Joe Rogan Might Wake Whitey Up - Anti-Whites Are Terrified!!
The Truth About the Australian Economy
Book Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of The Refugee Swap Deal Between Australia And The US
Fat WNBA Niggress slams Connecticut Sun coach for being a Little White Man
John Lennon's son Sean Lennon hits out at 'PC culture' in Twitter tirade
Four Oath Keepers are indicted in federal conspiracy case for their role in the Jan 6 Capitol riots
WHO renames Indian variant 'Covid Delta' with Kent strain now 'Alpha' as mutant bugs are rebranded
Daily coronavirus cases and deaths fall to their lowest levels since mid-March
Brad Cameron Smith pleaded guilty to a one-punch attack at Southport QLD
China Did It: Australia's largest meat and food processing company is crippled by a cyber attack
Unmasked: Top Oxford University professor who handed over nuclear secrets to Czech spies
Freaky bitch turned Black with 32T breasts says she'll 'pump' them until they're as 'big as the Titanic'
Lebanese-US porn star Mia Khalifa sparks fury online in tweet mocking Israel 
Jermaine Jigaboo Jenas threatens a repeat of 2011 riots if police fail to address racism
Subway crime rates up, man stabbed in neck with umbrella and two sneakerheads commit violent robbery
Homeless Nig attacks Asian cop in San Francisco
Stark photos show Minneapolis' recovery a year after deadly looting in wake of George Floyd's murder
Nigs Blame Whitey: Father of Miami concert hall shooting victim, 24, breaks down in sobs
Moment three NIG gunmen pull up at Miami rapper's birthday party before killing two and injuring 22
Nigger poacher thought to have killed 70 endangered cats in Bangladesh finally snared after 20 years
Covid victim's corpse is thrown into a river by PPE-wearing relatives in India
Antibody from cold can neutralize COVID-19 and could lead to vaccine against all coronaviruses
Scientist says full investigation of Wuhan lab leak theory is needed
If China buries the truth on Wuhan lab, it could be the death of us all 
Belgian weightlifter says allowing transgender athlete to compete in Olympics is 'bad joke'
Ocean City at DuckDuckGo
Teen reveals why you should always deadbolt your hotel room door - Nigs break in at Ocean City
World Health Organisation gives Covid-19 variants new names
Fashion - Lightford passes legislation to remove “Negro” from Illinois law
LOL! Facebook unfriends Dvir Abramovich – The Australian Jewish News
How the public helped police seek out white supremacists after mosque shootings | Stuff.co.nz
'Racist media' — Dairy company investigates Canterbury employee over far right YouTube content
Dairy company Synlait investigates employee over extreme views - NZ Herald
Texas GOP Passes Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory, Stop 'Blaming White Children' for Slavery
Pelosi 'doesn't want truth about Capitol riot' & only cares about calling GOP 'white supremacists,'
Trump appointee caught spreading white supremacist conspiracy theory about Biden: report
Race Relations Commissioner: Video threatening violence against Māori 'extreme white supremacist' behaviour
Private school teacher on leave after HuffPost alleges he wrote white supremacist articles under a pen name
GOVT BULLSHIT: Tulsa Race Massacre events could be targeted by white supremacist groups, DHS warns
Tulsa Race Massacre events to be hit by white supremacist groups, Department of Homeland Security warns
Tulsa Race Massacre events could be targeted by white supremacist groups, DHS warns
White supremacist groups to attack Tulsa race massacre anniversary events - Department of Homeland Security
White supremacist groups could attack Tulsa race massacre anniversary events, DHS warns
Tulsa Race Massacre event canceled — after DHS warned of white supremacist attacks: report
Last surviving veteran present at Dunkirk AND D-Day landings dies as memories documented in tapes
University apologises for sending a photo of 'racist, sexist' Prince Philip in email
Ministry of Defence could relaunch team of UFO hunters after US release Pentagon report
Westall UFO on April 6 1966 Melbourne teacher gagged 200 saw UFO
Joe Biden China will own America by 2035 after insisting 'they're not competition for us'
Chinese weapon scientist at the heart of UK military research
BLACK Times Square gunman who shot and injured three including a toddler is charged in NYC
British-born former Islamic extremist, 29, reports his parents to the police
ISIS enthusiast gouged out wife's eye in tortuous death to make her look like Antichrist
Australian men terrorised, bashed and raped by their female partners tell their harrowing stories 
Defund Cops Politician Dragged Down Street During Black on Black Car Jacking - YouTube
ChristInsanity: Christ-like love is more than enough to drive out racism
Biden’s $6 Trillion Socialist Budget Will Cause Even More Inflation And Even More Shortages
Tulsa race massacre commemorations could be target for White supremacists - CNNPolitics
Spain’s postal service introduces skin-tone stamps to fight racism — the WHITEST is the most VALUABLE
Spanish anti-racism stamp campaign sparks criticism - The Washington Post
This Is DNCNN: 'Breaking the News' Reveals Deep Ties Between CNN, Democrat Power Players
Kamala Harris Asks U.S. Corporations to Create Jobs -- in Central America
Watch: Georgetown Students Sign Fake Petition to Cancel Memorial Day over 'American Imperialism'
Rand Paul: Fauci Vaccine Push 'More About Uniformity of Submission,' 'Less About Science'
Muslims: 'You White Mother F*****!' – Racist Attack on UK Council Worker
Salvadoran President Bukele Warns Joe Biden: Financing Opposition Is 'Illegal'
Biden Admin Releases 10K Migrant Children into U.S. in May
Majority Backs Salvadoran President Deemed Authoritarian by Kamala Harris
French Senator Denounces 'Exponential' Increase of Minor Migrant Crime
Crenshaw Launches Whistleblower Page for Military Wokeness Complaints
Joe Biden: DHS Is for Migration, Not Homeland Security
Watch: Joe Biden Comments on Little Girls Hair, Age Mid-Speech
Chechen Migrants Arrested in France for Allegedly Plotting Terror Attack
Failure by MI5, Police Contributed to London Terror Attack Killings: Inquest
BLM: Statue Torn Down in Bristol to Go on Display Still Covered in Graffiti
Soros-Backed Group Tied to Violent Palestinian ‘Activists’ Bail Fund
Exclusive — CRT: Inside a VA County's Curriculum for Racial Indoctrination
10 Deported Sex Offenders Busted in a Week Crossing into 1 Texas Border Sector
Illegal Alien Found Guilty of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts
Hate-Crime NIGGER Who Sucker-Punched 12-Year-Old WHITE BOY Gets 7 Years in Prison
4 BLACKS Charged In Connection to Shooting of UK BLM's Sasha Johnson
You CAN beat the diabetes timebomb with 10 little tweaks to transform your health
Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a lab and then tried to cover their tracks, new study claims
Kamala Harris' woke joke about female Marines flops during her Naval Academy commencement speech
'Creepy' Joe Biden slammed for remarks about 'elementary school-aged' girl
Biden $6T budget forecasts a booming 2021 and publicly held debt climbing to $24 Trillion 
Shocking moment a Gook screams at a baby and is booted from a Sydney train
Families of London Bridge knife victims condemn security 'shambles' for leaving jihadi free to kill 
Police seek Spic who attacked elderly Asian woman in New York City as hate crime rates increase
Man, 18, appears in court charged with conspiracy to murder over shooting of Sasha Johnson
Spic found guilty of 1995 cold case murder of 14-year-old girl in Idaho
Aussie dad wrestles with an angry koala in the rain as he moves the animal out of harm's way
BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors RESIGNS after her $3M housing portfolio was revealed 
Indian YouTuber is arrested for tying helium balloons to his dog
Islam: Abducted from school by terrorists, their kidnap made headlines: why haven't they been rescued?
Man claims to have infiltrated Jeffrey Epstein's private 'Pedophile Island'
Bill Cosby's petition for parole denied after he refused sexual predator rehabilitation
Cops spark outrage by posing for photo with NIG bank robbery suspect after manhunt in Mississippi
Giuliani lawyers ask judge to dismiss Capitol riot conspiracy case 
West Australia: Abo rams a stolen car into a police vehicle before crashing into a tree
Just Abos: Darwin Karama Shopping Plaza: Two men are charged with murder
Abo school fight ends with six students being suspended
Cashed-up Chinese buyers swarm Australia's housing market with buyers rocketing by 50 per cent
Diane Abbott Calls Alex Belfield About Race 'Misunderstanding' On Iain Dale & Newsnig
Pelosi lied to her own donors about fundraising matching at least 50 times
Texas Ranchers Live in Fear as Encounters With Illegal Aliens Increase
Portland police declare riot on George Floyd death anniversary as fires set, windows smashed; arrests reported
Belarus threatens to flood Europe with migrants and drugs in response to sanctions
Personal trainer Rachael Attard reveals what happens to your body when you don't exercise
Have scientists cracked nuclear fusion? Eggheads discover method of dealing with exhaust gases
Tasmanian devils are born in the wild for the first time in 3,000 YEARS on Australia's mainland 
Bikini-clad woman body slammed and knocked unconscious after 'queue jumping' row at Ohio water park
Jews Release a New Holohoax Doco ‘Final Account’
Israel carries out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and robs them of their homes, yet it pretends it’s the victim
‘Snowden was right’: Celebration and calls for pardon after European court rules UK spy agency GCHQ’s online snooping was illegal — RT World News
Trump responds to insurrection lawsuit by claiming immunity
Tucker Carlson blasts big tech for giving Americans a barrage of 'propaganda' on transgender youth
Biden shut down effort to prove theory COVID originated from Wuhan lab over concerns about RACISM
Patients with mild cases of COVID-19 may have LIFE-LONG protection, study suggests
Why Are Dead Niggers Always the 'Kindest Soul'?
Walmart apologizes after email with NIGGER is sent on George Floyd anniversary
LOL @ Sikh boy, has 'sacred hair cut by bullies' in shocking attack at his school
Portland in flames AGAIN: BLM rioters hurl frozen bottles, launch fireworks and torch dumpsters
Drunk NIGRESS who 'killed NYPD traffic cop' in hit-and-run faces 15 years in prison
"Give Me Five!" Apes slap hands while grooming one other
Niggers Hate Whitey: Diversity stage activists bitch about racist hate for George Floyd BGT show
127 US Made TV Episodes Pushed Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police in Year Since George Floyd’s Death
Joe Biden ‘cognitively gone’ amid meeting with Floyd family - YouTube
Joe Biden Said George Floyd's Kid Wanted to Sit on His Lap During Visit - YouTube
Black Power: George Floyd's Family Demands MORE 'Federal Laws to Protect People of Color' After Meeting Joe Biden at the White House
'George's blood is on this bill': Floyd's family demands police reform after relatives met Biden
Rep. Pressley: We Need Many NEW Laws to 'Affirm Once and for All that Black Lives Matter'
Gunshots Ring Out Near Minneapolis' George Floyd Square
Kevin McCarthy Unveils Bill to Crack Down on Antisemitic Hate Crimes - by WHITES
JSOC Personnel Encouraged to Attend ANTI-WHITENESS Conference
SNP Tyrant Screws Himself - YouTube
12 Mass Shootings: America Is Gearing Up For George Floyd Day With A Bang | Blog Posts | VDARE.com
Well, I Never! Education Bureaucrat Shocked To Find Blacks, Hispanics Score Lower, Assumes TEST Is Flawed | Blog Posts | VDARE.com
Woke Whine Generator App: "It’s Time For Cycling To Think Beyond White Fragility, White Privilege, Implicit Bias, And Microaggressions, And Begin To Think About Its Root Cause." | Blog Posts | VDARE.com
Michelle Malkin: Shut Down the January 6 Gulag | Articles | VDARE.com
John Derbyshire: Organized, LEGALIZED Shoplifting In California Will Lead To "Pharmacy Deserts" | Blog Posts | VDARE.com
Inquest into death of Indigenous man Mr Riley hears police were 'justified' in using taser
Devastated family of violent criminal Indigenous man who died after being tasered cry in court, Perth, WA
Operation Unthinkable: Churchill's plan to launch surprise attack on Stalin after defeating Hitler
Fat Black WNBA star Liz Cambage branded racist on Twitter for calling coach 'little white man'
White Australians urged to feel guilty & remember 'Sorry Day'
Woke teen says she's going to sue her LI school district for refusing to publish George Floyd sonnet
State Department encourages embassies to fly BLM flag on anniversary of George Floyd's death
Chimp-Out damages police car and TWERK on it after St. Louis cops dispersed large party
Andrew Yang's wife slams New York Daily News for 'racist' cartoon depicting him as tourist
British spies DID breach public's privacy by harvesting vast amounts of communications data
First man in world to get approved Covid jab is dead: Brit William Shakespeare has died at 81
Fauci and NIH confirm that $600,000 of public money went to Wuhan - two weeks after Rand Paul row
Donald Trump slams liberal US media over Wuhan lab flip-flop
How Meghan does magic healing on Archie and herself and promotes voodoo 'tapping therapy'
National Trust chairman QUITS amid revolt over his 'woke' policies
Australian accused of fighting for Islamic State in Syria to be extradited to NSW
Two Black jail guards who failed to monitor Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself rewarded with no jail time
Neighbors of Cash Gernon say they reported 'killer' NIGGER to police before 4 year old died
Iron ore price: China warns export plan could wipe $32 billion from Australian economy
John Cena is slammed as 'pathetic and spineless' for groveling in Mandarin and declaring his love for China
WWE star John Cena apologises to China in Fast & Furious promo
Illegal Alien Accused of Stabbing Mollie Tibbetts Potentially 12 Times
Clarke's Past 'Far-left' Statements Make Her Unfit for DOJ
Leftists Discriminating Against Asians in School 'Now Acting Like They're the Authorities on Asian Hate'
DHS Ends Program that Helps Arrest Illegal Rapists, Attempted Murderers
Cancel the New York Times’ ‘1619 Project’ for Disinformation
NYT Used 1619 Racial Panic to Deflect from Russia Hoax Fail
‘Breaking the News’ Reveals: Amazon’s Black Lives Matter Donation Tied to Convicted Jewish Terrorist
China Seeks to Override Washington with ‘Subnational’ U.S. State Deals
Chinese Communists ‘Sense Opportunity’ in Biden Era
Fauci Had the Same Information I Had When He Dismissed Lab Leak Theory
Leaks Show Mystery Disease Outbreak at Wuhan Lab in 2019
NYT Blames Trump Admin for Media Discrediting Theories of COVID-19 Origins -- 'Made This Political'
WH Will Not Support U.S.-Led Investigation of Coronavirus Origin
Fauci Changes Mind 2nd Time: Chinese Coronavirus Developed Naturally
Diane Abbott accused of 'inflaming racial divides' on 'Black Panther of Oxford' Sasha Johnson tweet
A year after left-wing news TRASHED theory that COVID originated in Wuhan lab outlets now BACK idea
White Louisiana high school student dies of fentanyl overdose - Nig Drug Dealer Arrested
USA: Catholic Pedophile Priest dies before police were set to arrest him for 1972 murder of altar boy
Jewish Drug Addict Seth Rogen stuns on GMB and leaves host Susanna Reid to apologise
Ancient Judeans often ate non-kosher fish thousands of years ago
National Guard exits US Capitol after January 6 attack
Jon Voight blames 'liberals' for attacks against Jews - Does not break Jewish Neo-Nazi Narrative
Rudy Giuliani Loves Jews - Refuses to Mention Black Attacks
Facebook 'tried to censor posts about vaccine hesitancy', according to leaked documents
Trump says he is now CERTAIN COVID came from the Wuhan lab
Tucker Carlson blasts Fauci, the WHO, and mainstream media for LYING about COVID origins
Prosecutor on Daunte Wright case quits citing 'vitriol' and 'partisan politics'
Family of graduate killed outside nightclub demand an end to violence as Minneapolis shootings rise
Senator Rand Paul receives death threat package with white powder
After Killing Fauci's Credibility Rand Paul Gets White Powder Death Threat - YouTube
Read the sick words a Catholic Paedophile Priest told a 13-year-old boy before 'sexually abusing him'
Mother Teresa a cult leader! Nuns reveal what her Missionaries of Charity was REALLY like
UK: Darky footballer allegedly racially abused by Wolves supporter during game against Manchester United
Australia considers cash lottos to encourage Covid-19 vaccine take up
Arthritis drug can prevent COVID-19 deaths in the most serious patients, study finds 
Northern Australia: Horror as young female campers are targeted by a sick Aboriginal sex predator
Future King Prince Charles tells UK farmers trade deal with Australia will threaten agriculture in UK
How Facebook bans users from saying Covid was man-made in China
Max Mosley dead: F1 boss and son of fascist leader dies aged 81 after long cancer battle
Did COVID-19 start in a lab in Wuhan? Experts weigh in on coronavirus theory
When even the aides don't trust 'Aviator Joe', we can't have confidence in him 'leading the world' - YouTube
Tucker: Equity is racism - YouTube
St. Louis' murder rate, already highest in US, soared last year; mayor vows to defund the police
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Proves Itself Jew Central USA
Blaming Whitey: Australia's Leading Jewish Supremacist Bitches - Anti-Semitism
A White Man died in the same manner as George Floyd and nobody cared
Tony Timpa at DuckDuckGo
Dallas Police body cameras show moment Tony Timpa stopped breathing - YouTube
Blaming Whitey: Anti-Semitism on the rise in Australia as Israel conflict escalates
Sikh salesman mocked as an 'Arab shoebomber' seeks a record £6.6m payout
Whiny Nig Lewis Hamilton wears a 'George Floyd - Say His Name' T-shirt at the Monaco Grand Prix
Biden will drop student loan forgiveness from next week's Budget
Kamala Harris is condemned for wiping her hand on her trousers after meeting South Korean president
Sniffer dogs are 94% accurate at detecting Covid and could be deployed at airports
BBC journalist is blasted for online post saying #HitlerWasRight
Dr Fauci says he's 'not convinced' COVID-19 formed naturally
Cash Gernon's NIGGER 'killer' seen 'casing' WHITE boy's home weeks before abduction and murder
Police hunting a mob of NIGGERS after a 17-year-old was stabbed in Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria
China warns Australia will be the 'first hit' if it keeps meddling in military exercises in Taiwan
UK BLM COON Sasha Johnson is fighting for its life after being shot in the head
California: White 6 Year Old Boy, Aiden, Shot & Killed by Niggers
Victoria-Australia: No virus but commuters face fines for refusing to wear a mask on public transport
"Wahh Wahhh" ADL CEO Greenblatt: I Feel Scared, Alarmed by Rise in Anti-Semitic Attacks - Blames Whites
'Circumstantial Evidence Is Overwhelming' that Coronavirus Originated from Lab
Sweden: Afghani Stabber Claimed Asylum in Norway, Claimed to Be Minor
One Killed, Four Wounded in Amsterdam Stabbings; Suspect Arrested
Hundreds of Migrants Try to Storm Another Spanish North African Enclave
Spain Sends 6,600 Migrants Who Entered Ceuta Back to Morocco
Cornfield with Mollie Tibbetts' Body Shown to Jury
1,000 Migrants Apprehended in One Day in Single Texas Border Sector
One Migrant Dead, Brother Rescued in Remote Texas Border Sector
'Breaking the News' Reveals How Media Corruption Is 'Way Deeper' than 'Media Bias'
Over 300 Protesters Gather Outside Chicago Mayor's Home
Eugene Chung Says NFL Team Told Him He's 'Not the Right Minority'
ABC: Despicable 'Right-Wing Truth Assassins' Trying to Hide America's Slavery History
Biden Gives 'Temporary' 18-Month Amnesty to Over 100K Haitians in U.S.
How the Big Tech Masters of the Universe Imposed Their Will on the American Electorate
Smugglers Sell Guaranteed Border-Crossing Deal to Migrants
Democrats Pushing 1/6 Commission Because 'They Can't Impeach Donald Trump for a Third Time'
Ron DeSantis Vows Action on 'Offensive' Tax Funding of Critical Race Theory
Victims of Islamist Terror Lee Rigby, Manchester Arena Remembered
Cruz: Dem Politicians, 'Woke Media' Trying to Turn Military into 'Pansies'
AOC condemns spiraling attacks on US-based Jews after being accused of anti-Semitism over Israel
Maryland school district is condemned for spending $450,000 on 'claptrap' anti-racism audit
Militiaman Ammon Bundy is running for governor of Idaho
Joe Biden announces plans to meet with George Floyd's family at the White House
Blood-curdling screams rang out as 'dementia sufferer, 87, murdered neighbor, 83,' police say
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators take to the streets in Queens
Pro-Palestine protesters in London wave signs saying 'Stop doing what Hitler did to you'
Vogue cover model Paloma Elsesser slammed for telling followers not to post about anti-Semitism
Chauvin prosecutor Keith Ellison to take over case against police officer who shot Daunte Wright
Rick Santorum dropped from CNN commentator job after 'racist' Native Americans comments
CDC investigating heart problems in teenagers and young adults after Moderna or Pfizer vaccine
Federal prosecutor, 34, shot in Nig gang shootout
Met policewoman who shouted ''Free Palestine'' won't get the sack'
Black & Woke Australia Votes Against "Colonialist" UK in Eurovision
Roman baths discovered 'exceptionally' preserved with doors and windows were spas 2,000 years ago 
Biden confuses job titles of South Korean president and Netanyahu in separate incidents
Pro-Palestine protests erupt in Melbourne and Sydney with 15,000 taking to the streets
Three Colorado students - one in blackface - re-enact George Floyd's murder on school grounds 
Wokism, high taxes, rampant crime, streets littered with addicts are blamed for ruining the Golden State
Survivor of China's modern-day concentration camps reveals the horrors behind the walls
US & Australian military instructed to sideline national defence in favour of WOKE issues - YouTube
How Is This Not A Usurpation? Mayor Opens Government Office For Equity NonProfit
Chicago Police Union Issues Vote of No Confidence in Anti-White Racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot (VIDEO)
Joe Biden Knew Abusive Hunter Was Go-Between On Secret Deals Involving Biden Children
Fake News: Michelle Obama's Secret Service Agent Says Former First Lady Was Racially Abused Everywhere
Black 1/ 6 Rioter: US Government Seizes $90,000 From BLM-Antifa Organizer Who Sold Footage to CNN
Indiana NIGGESR Out on Bond After RIPPING A TODDLER'S HEART IN HALF During Brutal Killing
WHITE 72-Year-Old Nearly Beaten to Death After Stopping to Help BLACK Teen with Flat Tire
"How Do You Govern When You Lost?" - President Trump Weighs in On Arizona Audit Findings
Voting machines in one American county not accepting ballots
‘Weapons of the future’: Russia launches mass production of autonomous WAR ROBOTS
Biden, Rules Private Christian College Must Allow Biological Men to Shower with Women
Maricopa County's Attorney Office Writes Senate Leader Karen Fann - Requests ALL DOCUMENTS Regarding Deleted Election Database Directory
Gabe Sterling Tried to Tell Us Stuffing Ballots 2 and 3 times in Voting Machines in Atlanta on Election Night was Fine - A Georgia Judge Today Disagreed
Fireworks: Palestinians Hurl Firebomb at Jews in New York City (Video)
Racism at Chicago’s City Hall - WSJ
Border Patrol has released more than 60,000 migrants into US under Biden
CA Seeks ‘Desegregation’ of California City with Low-Income Housing
Heather Mac Donald: Police Believe 'Black Lives Matter' More Than Any Government Agency
Survey: 43% of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Care, or Believe God Exists'
Joe Biden Botches Quote from Communist Dictator Mao Zedong
MSNBC: Tucker Carlson Is the 'Spokesperson' for Movement to Turn U.S. into 'White Nationalist State'
CBP: Biden Admin Releasing Migrant Families Without Court Dates
Exclusive: Blackburn Demands Answers on Biden Flying Border Crossers into Tennessee in Middle of the Night
DHS Secretary Closing Two ICE Facilities Holding Criminal Illegal Aliens
Mollie Tibbetts Trial: Illegal Alien's Alleged Murder Confession Revealed
Joe Biden: America Is the Product of a Document -- Not a Geography, an Ethnicity, or Religion
PolitiFact Had to Remove Fake Fact-Check About Coronavirus Lab Leak
Alex Marlow Reveals Billionaire 'New Soros' Funding Left-Wing Media
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Signs Law to Stop Hormones, Surgery for Minors
NYC Education Dept. Sponsors Drag Queen PBS Series for Children 3-8
Airline Investigating Pilot Who Opposes Critical Race Theory in School
Twitter Labels Its Own Image Cropping Algorithm as Racist
Nolte: 'Out of Control' Shoplifting in Democrat-Run San Francisco Closes 17 Walgreens
35 House Republicans Vote for Bill to Establish January 6 Commission
Biden to Expand Taxpayer-Funded Attorneys for Migrant Children in U.S.
Watch: Biden Officials Flying Border Crossers into U.S. in Middle of Night
The Scarlet and the Black (1983) YIFY - Download Movie TORRENT - YTS
Killed by Insurrectionists? Jen Psaki Lies Stating ‘A Number Of Officers’ Died On Jan. 6
Unauthorized US-Mexico Border Crossings Reached 20-Year High in April
Oregon paid $50K for '1619' events where founder criticized colorblindness, said US never met founding ideals
Third Largest US Chicken Producer Runs Out Of Chicken Wings
A Great Famine is about to Begin in America due to Food Shortages as Farms Running out of Chicken
Abo Land Rights Scam - Sydney: Group claiming to be descendants of Indigenous leader demand native title
Gook whore who 'terrorised' Australian Dad jailed for five years
UK: Paki pervert who thought he was meeting girl, 14, for sex snared by paedophile hunters
LOL @ ADL/ADC bitches over pro-Palestinian protestor who marched through Sydney with Jewish flag
Police march banned from gay pride rally after two decades of taking part
Queensland will NOT offer AstraZeneca jabs in mass-vaccination hubs
South Australian man rushed to hospital with blood clots weeks after getting AstraZeneca vaccine
Killed 4 Cops: Truckie Mohinder Singh was pulled over by police day before crash with a Niggress Witch
Going Viral in Japan: Joe Biden Sent Out $1,400 Stimulus Checks to Roughly 150,000 Japanese Citizens
Atlanta to Call for a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT of Georgia's 2020 Election Results
'US Capitol rioter arrested after he bragged about the rampage during trip to his dentist'
Tucker Carlson attacks Republicans for supporting 9/11-style commission into the January 6 riots
Christopher Columbus' DNA to be study to uncover the explorer's origin
Craft Company slammed for selling 'disturbing' knitted underwear 'packers' for trans kids
Iranian film director murdered, chopped up and dumped in suitcase 'by his parents in honour killing'
Amazon's Ring is the 'largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen'
USPS uses facial recognition from Clearview AI and fake identities online to snoop on Americans
Eight Brooklyn Nigs stole $2 MILLION in pandemic benefits and then flaunted it online, DOJ says 
Nig Life: Brooklyn Nigress, 32, shot dead at memorial for her Nig friend who was executed hours earlier
Arizona Gook accused of killing her young children was previously been admitted to psych ward
When You Hang with Nigs: Georgia Niggress wanted for battery over fight in Little Caesars
New York crime: Commuter's neck slashed by NIGGER at Manhattan's Union Square subway station
ASIAN man has the tip of his finger bitten off by NIGGER who told him 'go back to your country'
Mollie Tibbetts trial: NIGGER defense cast suspicion on Iowa jogger's boyfriend
ACLU condemns 'unconstitutional' arrest of WHITE BOY asking "Why's there a NIGGER in my Home Room?"
How California's scenic Venice Beach has become a NIGGER hotspot
Paul Hogan sends a stern message to homeless outside his mansion
Mitch McConnell will OPPOSE Capitol riot commission bill
Republicans release response to Biden's spending spree that would reduce taxes by $1.9T
Obama called Trump a 'racist, sexist pig,' a 'f***ing lunatic' and a 'corrupt motherf***er'
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot faces backlash for only giving black and brown reporters interviews
George W. Bush says Iran is 'dangerous for world peace' because it is backing groups fighting Israel
Israel-Gaza: Netanyahu says he'll CONTINUE attacks after Biden demanded 'significant de-escalation'
AOC and Squad prepare resolution to block Biden selling $735 million worth of bombs to Israel
Inside the bedroom where four-year-old Cash Gernon was snatched from his bed
Illegals will keep coming from Libya to Europe unless the EU rethinks its misguided foreign policy
Israeli police chief 'terrorists from both sides' to blame for Jewish-Arab unrest
Army considering 'disciplining soldiers who refuse to have Covid vaccine'
Oxford University: Miles, Pounds & Inches are RACIST! - YouTube
Dog Surprised with Party and Adoption After Year in Shelter
Australian billionaire James Packer became Netanyahu and Mossad chief's confidant - Haaretz.com
LOL @ Argentine Jews Face Death Threats amid Gaza-Israel Conflict
DOD Counter Extremism Group Designing Program to Surveil WHITE Military
Black Lives Matter Declares Solidarity with Palestinians
CNN's Lemon: Black Lives Matter, 'White Lies Matter Too' -- GOP Whitewashing Capitol Riot
MSNBC Nigger: Huge Difference Between BLM Holding Signs, Armed White Insurrectionists Beating Police
Mitch McConnell Opposes Current Jan. 6 Commission Legislation
Biden in Michigan Ignores Record Allowing China to Buy Up American Electric Vehicle Industry
Mexican Cops Turn Migrants Over to Gulf Cartel, Sources Say
Bloomberg-China Scoop Exposes Media Corruption
Photos Reveal Years of Meetings Between Bloomberg Executives and Chinese Propagandists in Beijing
Hulu Trans Athletes Doc: I'm a Man and I'm the Female Wrestling Champ
Disney Teams with The Roots for Animated Series Teaching Toddlers About Racism and Social Justice
Hundreds of People Give Fascist Salutes in Disturbing Viral Video
Neofascism, 800 people gathered and Roman greetings to the garrison to remember Sergio Ramelli
Latest Science Now Says We All Must Wear Masks To Prevent Global Warming | Jew World Order
Latest Science Now Says We All Must Wear Masks To Prevent Global Warming
Australians could need to show vaccine passports to travel interstate
Spain says 8,000 migrants arrived in Ceuta since Monday, half sent back to Morocco
AstraZeneca vaccine: Older Australians should get jab despite blood clot fears
'Right royal pain in the a**': Hannity slams Harry for calling the First Amendment 'bonkers'
Surveillance footage captured moment Dallas boy, 4, 'snatched from his bed, stabbed to death'
Eastern Freeway crash: Mohinder Singh made strange comment before tragedy, court hears
Melbourne migrant syphilis cases: Experts warn of epidemic of sexually transmitted infection
Oxford University: The Inch, Pound & Mile Are Now RACIST!
New law makes inmates choose electric chair or firing...
Australia: Thieving Darky Shopper and Africoon Security Guard filmed in a tug-of-war over unpaid groceries
TV debate on whether kids should be allowed to take religious weapons to school
WHITE BOY 4 found stabbed to death on Dallas street 'was KIDNAPPED BY NIGGER while he slept'
Just Dune Coons: Sydney woman who lured man to a car park where he was fatally assaulted avoids prison
Antony Blinken says he's 'seen no evidence' Hamas was operating in Gaza building used by AP
Israel Palestine conflict: Senior militant commander 'killed in airstrike'
Prince Harry's attack on free speech makes HIM look bonkers not the US Constitution 
Prince Harry takes heat for calling First Amendment ‘bonkers’
Almost one quarter of Australia's Covid jabs are sitting unused
Brisbane trainee nurse hospitalised with three blood clots after getting AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
AstraZeneca vaccine: Australian trainee nurse suffers blood clots after jab
Australian neo-Nazi leader Thomas Sewell charged over alleged armed robbery
UK: It's Coon Hunting Season for Pervert who 'Lunged' at 3 Women in Just Minutes
Biden's 'medical condition cannot be ignored': Ex-officers warn president is not fit to hold office - YouTube
Neo-Con News: Biden in ‘cognitive decline’ - Israel Israel Israel Jews Jews Jews
Race Traitor: Johnny Cash Married a Nigger
Picture Search: Johnny Cash Wife Vivian
Jews No Longer Enough: 'Friends: The Reunion' Under Fire for Lack of Black
Joe Biden Diverts Healthcare Cash to Help Illegal Migrants
First Active Duty Service Member Charged in Capitol Breach
FBI Dubs Congressional Baseball Shooter a 'Domestic Violent Extremist'
'Breaking the News' Reveals Media Corruption Beyond Bias
NYC: Jesus Statue Smashed, American Flag Burned at Catholic Church
Sanders: Israeli Gov't Includes 'People Who Are Overt Racists' -- U.S. Demands Palestinian Rights Respected
Christians Donate Portable Bomb Shelters to Israeli Communities
'Allahu Akbar!' — Anti-Israel Protesters Clash with London Police
Anti-Israel Convoy Drives Through London, Protester Yells 'F*** the Jews'
BLM Cofounder Laments 'White Supremacy' in Housing Market
Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Saying 'A Man Cannot Get Pregnant'
‘U.S. Welcome Patrol’: how some border agents are struggling with Biden’s policy shift
Federal Judge Signals He Will END Twitter’s Immunity in Censoring Conservatives | Jew World Order
Police beat Covid rule breakers in India as villagers are urged not to bury dead in rivers
International experts ratchet pressure on China to probe the Covid lab leak theory
Princess Michael of Kent suffers blood clots after COVID-19 vaccine
Australia’s iron ore price hits all-time high despite China threats
Australia’s $1.3 billion ASIO spend signals a ‘grey zone’ war with China
LOL @ 'Hitler Was Right': Neo-Nazis Arrive At Pro-Israel Rally in Van Covered With Hate Speech
Race and White Supremacy in American Policing: An Investigation - Rolling Stone
'Very dangerous' California white supremacist gang member charged in Fresno murder: report
MSM Hates Jews: "The Supremacist Movement Fueling This Conflict"
UK Rape Gangs: 29 More Muslim Scumbags Charged 10 Years After Their Crimes - YouTube
TX Sheriff: We've Never Seen Border Like This - It's 'Only Going to Get Worse' More 'Are Going to Die'
Farage Predicts 20,000 Illegal Boat Migrants Will Arrive in 2021
Police Release Illegals. Equality Before the Law Is Dead in UK
Illegal Migrants Released by Police Following Mob Violence
Pakistani Arrested After Multiple Rape Attempts Of Underage Girls
Expert: Islamic Extremists Continue to Openly Recruit in Sweden
More Israeli Flag Burnings In Germany As Israel Conflict Continues
Jen Psaki: Illegal Aliens Are Part of 'What the American Dream Represents'
Arizona AG Mark Brnovich Asks Biden to Fire Harris from 'Border Czar' Role
Apple Fires New Hire Hours After Employees Cancel Him as 'Misogynistic'
Police Lieutenant Fired for Donation to Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund
3 Women Accused of Leaving Pig's Head at Ex-Home of Chauvin Defense Witness
Australia Post NIGGER called 'lazy' after West Australia delivery caught on camera
Cybersecurity tycoon Kaspersky claims CIA hackers behind US Colonial Pipeline attack blamed on Russians
Eric Clapton after COVID vaccination: ‘I should never have gone near the needle’
Israel’s army destroys Al Jazeera, Associated Press offices in Gaza
Israeli forces destroy media outlets' Gaza base, claiming it housed 'Hamas military intelligence'
Moment building housing Al Jazeera television and Associated Press destroyed by Israeli air strike
Israeli man is killed by Hamas rocket in Tel Aviv as five-month-old boy is pulled ALIVE from rubble
Thousands of protesters march through Hyde Park in solidarity with people of Palestine
Joe Biden Supports Israel - Woke MSM & White House Staff Turn Against Dementia Joe
Nigger Bitches about Racism being Forced to Live in White Civilised Society
Nigglet softball player forced to cut off hair during game ‘humiliation’
USA says it 'will not leave Australia alone' against China economic bullying
China’s ‘warning shot’ to Australia over Darwin port
Female high school teacher storms a boys change room and accuses students of being 'misogynistic'
'Migrants' attack lorry at Calais with iron bars and breeze blocks
High school student charged with HATE CRIME after asking "Why is there a Nigger in my homeroom?"
Miss Universe Contestant for Great Britain is an African
Miss Universe Contestant Australia is an Indian Bitching about Whites
Rand Paul: NIH Funded the Wuhan Lab, Fauci's 'Parsing' Ignores that Money Is Fungible
Joe Biden Losing Control: Has Temper Tantrums; Outbursts of Profanity
LOL @ Roger Waters, Sitting by Poster Comparing America to Nazis, Trashes Israel
Americans Suffer Under 'Far-Left Radical Socialist Policies'
Army Recruitment Ads Highlight Minorities, Immigrants, LGBT Community
Texas Highway Patrolmen Detain 31K Migrants Since March
119 Migrants Pushed Across Rio Grande During Dangerous Storms
South Texas Police Encounter Pakistanis in Alleged Smuggling Stop near Border
Voters Blame Biden, not Trump, for Migration Crisis
Joe Biden's Deputies Boast of Getting Migrants into the U.S. - REPLACING WHITE AMERICANS
Penn State mocked for being woke after banning 'sexist' words 'him,' 'her', 'junior' and 'senior'
Law student, 29, who said 'women have vaginas' faces disciplinary action by university
British woman murdered in front of daughter at home in Athens by GYPSIES
India: First flight for stranded Australians since travel ban arrives in Darwin
UK: Tories would lose 287 council seats if Australian proportional voting was introduced
Dead Palimonkeys - The Jew Did It!
NBC Comedy ‘Rutherford Falls’ Says It’s ‘Not Worth Being Friends With White People’
AZ State Senate Asks Maricopa County About Deleted Data Bases
China: U.S. Minorities Should Be 'Very Envious' of Persecuted Uyghurs
U.N. Addresses China Genocide, Triggering Outrage from Beijing
Biden Crawls to Tel-Aviv
LOL @ Israeli Flag Hoisted over German City Hall Is Taken and Burned
Israel vs Palestine - Tanks vs Rocks
AOC Calls The Police She Wants Defunded When Republican Confronts Her - YouTube
Wild fox is seen in video snuggling in bed with his owner who is recovering from eye surgery
Incredible photo shows EIGHT native species sat together - so can you spot them all?
Gook @ Lurnea, Sydney: How cops put puppy out of its misery after owner 'set dog on fire in a cage'
Gook Gonzales applies for royal pardon 20 years on from murdering family in North Ryde home
LOL Trolls: Mum of Abo boy crushed to death in South Oz industrial bin tragedy breaks her silence
Australian man told mother to get AstraZeneca Covid vaccine before she died of rare blood clots
LOL @ Gooks: Grieving friend had a tooth ripped from his mouth at a memorial over a necklace
Covid-19 Wuhan lab leak theory must be taken seriously after WHO probe, leading scientists say
Aboriginal Privilage: How a young woman took on the phone company costing them $50MILLION
Muslim Privilige: Police are called to a noise complaint about a rowdy Eid party but end up joining in the fun
Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom
Trump Responds To 17.5% Ballot Discrepancy In Arizona, Claim That Biden Likely 'Did Not Win' The State
White Supremacists Are The Biggest Domestic Terrorism Threat, Top Biden Officials Say
Northern Australian Indigenous Attorney-General Hates Whitey - Finds Racism Everywhere
Chindian Doctors - Parents of Black Girl Who Died in a West Australian Emergency Room Blame Whitey
WarHawks Promoting War Between Australia & China
Australian Phone Coy Cops $50m for Selling Contracts to Dumb Abos
White supremacist groups pose rising U.S. threat, Garland says
White Supremacists Top Domestic Terror Threat, Officials Say
White supremacist groups pose rising U.S. threat, Garland says
White supremacist groups pose rising U.S. threat, Garland says
Biden officials testify that white supremacists are greatest domestic security threat
Harris's niece urges fight against 'Palestinian oppression' - despite gays in Gaza being imprisoned
Rallies in support of Israel and Palestine held in cities across the  United States
Australia: Arrested for Burning Israel Flag
Australia Covid-19: Foreign university students given permission to fly in without hotel quarantine
China threatens Australia with 'economic carnage' over big defence spending
Italian Governor: Uncontrolled Immigration Thwarts Pandemic Efforts
Le Pen Denounces Migrant Taxi NGOs as Part of 'Modern Slavery'
Farrakhan Muhammad ID'd and Arrested for Times Square Shooting
National Toll: Four Police Officers Shot, Killed, in Less than 24 Hours
Blaming Whitey: Hate crimes see 73% rise in NYC, with Asians and Jews most targeted | The Times of Israel
Hate Crimes Explode 73% in Democrat-Run New York City
Poll: Nearly 2-in-3 Voters Say Biden is 'Encouraging' Illegal Immigration
Rand Paul: 'Dr. Fauci Came to Congress Yesterday and Lied' About Funding of Wuhan Lab
Twitter Allowed China's Army of Fake Accounts to Run Amok
Former Israeli Envoy: ChristINSANE ‘Backbone’ of Israel Support in U.S.
CA AG Announces Formation of Racial Justice Bureau to Fight Racism
NYC: ASIAN Mayor Candidate Backs Israel - Is Accused of Being WHITE SUPREMACIST
More than 120 retired generals and admirals wrote to Biden suggesting he wasn't legitimately elected
'This isn't a video game': Trump's Pentagon chief defends decisions he made on Jan 6
Drone footage shows abandoned border wall construction sites
ELEVEN states are refusing Biden's $300 a week unemployment benefit
Meghan Markle's makeup artist says 'diversity' at her wedding 'changed the world' | Bitches about lack of Gooks
How North Korea's elite cyber-attackers are wreaking havoc across the world
Colonial Pipeline begins pumping gas again after Russian cyberattack shut it down for six days
Parents seek to oust Virginia school district board over plans to push Critical Race Theory
Oklahoma City's school board criticizes law banning critical race theory
BLACK SERIAL KILLER confesses he murdered WHITE WOMEN in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina
NIG LIFE! Andrew Brown Jr was charged with 100 crimes and did eight stints in jail
Bodycam footage shows Andrew Brown Jr. did NOT drive into cops who shot him dead, lawyers say
NYPD union boss blames Bill de Blasio and police reform laws for New York City's downfall 
Times Square gunman is arrested eating fries at Florida McDonald's 'after his car ran out of gas'
Gay Iranian, 20, 'beheaded by his brother and cousins after they discovered his sexuality' 
Ramon Sosa reveals he faked own murder after his wife hired a hitman
Girl who carjacked Uber Eats driver gets maximum SIX YEAR sentence for pleading guilty to his murder
Fourth man alleges he was drugged and had $40K Rolex and $400 cash stolen
Maori lawmaker kicked out of New Zealand parliament for performing a haka
NYC commuter's face slashed in random 9am attack inside Times Square subway station
Woman, 36, is shot dead in her Orlando driveway in 'botched carjacking'
Boyfriend of mother of missing two-year-old Las Vegas boy is charged with murder
120 Retired US Military Officers Warn of Conflict Between Marxism, ‘Constitutional Freedom’
North Australia: Abos use stolen car to crash through front of a liquor store
Black Looters Matter: 25-Foot Statue Unveiled in NYC Rockefeller Center to Honor African Culture...
jhjjjkjkjjk calls for government to launch cyber attacks on China
NASA’s Voyager 1 detects ‘persistent hum’ beyond solar system
Coronavirus: Covid can cause erectile dysfunction months later, study claims
Zero cases: The COVID-19 statistic Australia has to wean itself of
India installs NET across Ganges to catch floating corpses of Covid victims after bodies washed up
WGF: Israel-Palestine conflict sparks fears of full-scale war after dozens killed
Anti-Israel protests held around the world following dramatic escalation of violence with Hamas
Blinken Will Allow U.S. Embassies to Fly Pride Flag – Foreign Policy
Hamas Leader: Buy Cheap Knives, ‘Behead Jews’
Over 1,000 Illegal Aliens on French Anti-Terror Watch List
FU Whitey: Oregon Black Parent Union Offers ‘Black Student Graduation Ceremony’
Saints' Cameron Jordan Funds Anti-Racism Training for New Orleans Cops
Libs Erupt as Tebow Gets Second NFL Chance While Kaepernick Remains Sidelined
Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo on Times Square Shooting
Poll: Swing-Voters Want Joe Biden to Embrace Trump's Border Goals
Biden Orders Releasing Illegal Armed Robbers, Drunk Drivers into U.S.
Over 120 Retired Flag Officers Warn U.S. Under Assault from Socialism
Joe Biden Releases More Than 8.3K 'Remain in Mexico' Migrants into U.S.
Migrant Encounters at Southwest Border Jump 944 Percent over April 2020
Maria Cantwell Uses Anti-China Plan to Possibly Steer $10B Moon Landing Contract to Company in Her State
Soon to be used on Declared Racists: Brain implants force mice to make friends
Paul Hogan is trapped in 'hell on earth' LA neighbourhood rife with Nigs, Drugs and Violence
Artefacts with links to slavery and colonialism could be removed from churches
Mother shows off her baby to a Gorilla at Boston Zoo
Black man 'wore life-like white man mask to diguise himself as he committed 30 burglaries in LA'
Bizarre instructions given to Qantas staff moments after passenger with Covid was about to land
Hating Whitey: Australian basketballers clash over 'whitewashed' Olympics photo 
Chinese Virus: Whistle Stop Cafe Owner arrested and taken into custody
Whistle Stop Cafe owner ARRESTED
Blaming Whitey for ... Techno-racism: People of color's new enemy
Nature: At least 65 animal species can LAUGH just like humans - including cows, dogs and seals
Israeli police fire tear gas and stun grenades at Palestinian protesters on Temple Mount
Student Bashed But Police Think Saying NIGGER is the Crime
China and Indonesia hold war games exercises one Australia's doorstep
Indian Contaminates South Australia with Chinese Virus
Candace Owens rips into Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama for acting like 'victims' - YouTube
DuckDuckGo owned by Jews | Jew World Order
Vox Popoli: DuckDuckGo selling data to Google
Jew "Iron Dome" A Scam & Video Proves It
America's Double Standard With Foreign Military Provocations
Carey Grammar student in hospital after racial slur sparks fight
Meet Australian Aborigines
Port Pirie mayor hits back at viral ‘sh*t town’ ranking
US Census Bureau Confirms HUGE CONFLICT in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election
Aboriginal supremacist Anthony Mundine calls virus vaccine ‘genoice’, COVID-19
NASA, experts criticise China for uncontrolled re-entry of rocket to Earth
Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth sails to Indo-Pacific amid China concerns
Defence presence in Northern Australia questioned as China threat grows
13 things Australians take for granted: coffee, free toilets, electric kettles
Why keeping Australia closed will boost your chance of a pay rise and an affordable home
5 Stabbed in Dunedin NZ by Attacker in Sons of Anarchy Shirt: SOA is a Hollywood Jewish Outlaw MC
Warning Australia needs to beef-up its military presence in the country's north to respond to China
Rich Nig in Range Rover mocks NSW Police cop for making only '$55,000 a year' - Screams RACIST!
Controversial refugee scheme could be rolled out in Australia 
Hollyweird Profit: D.C. Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo boasts of Faggotry after KILLING WHITEY
UK: Nigger Attacks White Man with Machete - White Man wins
Australia: Safety campaigner warns Indian food delivery riders are causing 'total anarchy' for the public
French Civil War: Soldiers send Race-Traitor Macron another warning about 'concessions' to Islamism
Rice found to contain 'potentially dangerous' microplastics
Red Black Greeny: It's 'do as I say, not as I do' - YouTube
India COVID: Rise in mucormycosis infection concern for nation struggling under coronavirus
Texas House Passes Voter Bill Targeting Mail In Voting, NAACP Determined To Usurp the New Law
White-hating US JEW pays $80K for bike owned by Princess Diana that 'symbolizes white supremacy'
Nig 'attached an iPhone to a robbery victim's car and used location settings to track him down'
Three people including a toddler are shot in Times Square by NIGGER
Dad who pulled daughter out of elite Brearley School says outcry exposed 'cancer of cancel culture' 
Biden administration grants ethics waivers to two former labor lobbyists
Fears of a gas price surge after ransomware attack shuts down America's key fuel pipeline
China ‘threatens’ Australia with ‘ballistic missile strike’
Threat from Beijing to bomb Australia should Canberra support US action
China aims to bring back strategic airfield in the Pacific 'without any political conditions'
Foreigners reveal the telltale signs a traveller is Aussie
Nig: Too Many Whites in Australian Olympic Team
Mohamed Zuhbi, 30, arrested at Melbourne International Airport
Black Guy Does Crime Spree In White Face - YouTube
Two Elderly Asian Women Stabbed by Nig at San Francisco Bus Stop
France Rejects Woke Push to Feminise French Language in Schools
Biden DOJ Claims 'Weapons Parts Kits' Are 'Firearms'
Biden's ICE Chief Nominee Sought Release of 1.5K Inmates this Year
Biden Throws Out Trump Reform, Gives 'De Facto Amnesty' to Illegals Ordered Deported
Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Jackie Vigil Hit with Federal Charges
China Has 'Deputized' American Businesses to Push for China-Friendly Policies
Evidence 'Stacking Up' Supporting Lab Leak Theory on COVID
Rocker Michale Graves: Cancel Culture a 'Plague on Our Culture' a Danger to Free Society
Activists Slam Honey Bear Artist: ‘F—ing Bears' Cause Gentrification
BLM Protesters Block Major Intersection in North Texas City
Migrant Charged with Threatening Fellow Traveler with Knife to Avoid Arrest
Joe Biden Imports Replacement Migrants as Current Migrants Go Homeless
McWhorter: Race Relations Have Gotten Less Honest and Progressive Since Summer 2020
McWhorter: Black People Don't Default to Thinking We're 'Pathetic' Like 'White Fragility'
Report: Athletes Told to 'Be Quiet' About Trans Weightlifter Ahead of Olympic Qualification
St. Louis prosecutor now facing professional misconduct review
How China has bought influence in Africa as US warns of new naval base there
Antifa, BLM Activists Armed With Rifles Block Traffic, Assault Drivers in Portland
Six vaccinated travellers test positive to COVID in hotel quarantine
COVID-19: Returned traveller from India rushed to hospital in Perth
Chinese rocket set to hit Earth within hours; re-entry close to Australia
Australia scrambles to revive Pacific ties as China’s war influence grows
Politics student, 23, in dock over 'Nazi plot' to start 'white revolution'
Racist hate crimes take huge jump in Michigan as white supremacists ramp up recruitment: report
Michigan white supremacist group leader in jail after breaking bond conditions - mlive.com
Racial harassment, white supremacist propaganda on the rise in Michigan - mlive.com
Judge revokes bond for self-proclaimed leader of Michigan white supremacist group
MSM Insults 'White Lives Matter' Marches
China-Linked Secretary Fed Hunter Oppo Research to Help Father Win
Anti-Police Rioters Attack Health Workers, Historic Statues
Rebel News Blacklisted by PayPal
Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Teaching of Critical Race Theory
Meacham: Founders Wanted Critical Race Theory, '1619 Project' to Be 'Part of the Conversation'
GOP Bill Would Ban Critical Race Theory at Military Service Academies
DOJ Introduces 'Ghost Gun' Regulations: Background Checks Required
Soros-backed Los Angeles DA George Gascón Drops Death Penalty in Murder, Torture of 10-Year-old Boy
Woke Academic Complains of Racial Harassment from Migrant Youths
BBC Flagged Multiple Accounts Sharing Trump Statements to Twittter
Germany Bans Islamic NGO After Accusations of Terrorism Funding
The Who's Roger Daltrey Slams 'The Woke Generation': They're Creating a 'Miserable World for Themselves,' 'We've Seen the Communist System Fail'
Fasting could help cut your blood pressure
'Hitler Gang' TikTok sent directly to classmate showed students 'goose-stepping' in Iowa school
Men's toxic masculinity comes from a lack of strong friendships and not their fathers, study finds
Brave interpreter who risked death on SAS missions reveals he discovered Islamist extremists in UK
Americans getting more in benefits than they were in wages is stopping economic recovery
Inside the California hotels housing migrants for a $500,000 a month 
Lifeless body of Guatemalan woman, 22, dumped on Texas road by human smugglers
CDC will review report claiming more than 900K Americans died of Covid
Australian grandmother in hospital covered with bruises after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine
Hunter Biden's close relationship with Chinese-American secretary revealed
Climate change: China emitted more greenhouse gases in 2019 than world's developed nations together
How China has bought influence in Africa as US warns of new naval base there
China has been preparing for WW3 with biological weapons for last six years, US investigators say
Melbourne: Teen Nig Stabbed. Teen Nig Killer Freed Without Charge
'Build back better' Mantra is Communism - YouTube
Asian dad with stroller punched 14 times during unprovoked attack outside San Francisco supermarket
Father wants to pull children out of school after image of Prophet mistakenly shown in assembly
Alaska teacher put on leave after telling students George Floyd would still be alive if he complied
Parents who left California over 'woke' curriculum fight to keep critical race theory out of Utah
Black Mayor Bans Dancing at Weddings
Antifa is Now Removing Motorists From Their Cars at Gunpoint - YouTube
Chicago Nig bites off parts of couple’s ears, gouges eyes in ‘horror movie’ attack: report
China’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Exceed All Developed Nations
Just Do It! Iran Guards Chief: Israel Can Be Destroyed in a Single Operation
USA: Jewish Teachers Union Head Defends Indoctrinating White Children with Critical Race Theory
Tennessee Will Continue Tightening up Election Security
NJ Police Officers Fired and Suspended for Calling BLM ‘Terrorists’
Biden Administration Relaxing Trump-era Pandemic Rules at Border
Dems Work to Defund Police Program to Help Illegals Evade Deportation
180 Migrants Found in 3 Texas Stash Houses near Border
National Guard Seizes Weapons Cache on Rio Grande Riverbank in Texas
Former CBP Chief: Biden, Mayorkas 'Turning U.S. into Sanctuary Country'
FCC Received 18M Fake Comments Regarding Net Neutrality
'The Border Is Not Under Control' - They're Just Moving 'Kids from One Tent to Another'
Biden Admin. Playing 'Shell Game' on Unaccompanied Minors
Biden May Give Amnesty, Reparations to Deported Illegals Under Trump
Darrell Issa to Introduce Legislation to Allow Ride to Honor POW/MIA Veterans
Pentagon Silent After Refusing Permit for POW-MIA Motorcycle Ride
U.S. Fines Honeywell $13 Million for Sharing Military Specs with China
Rep. Andy Barr Slams Nike: 'Woke, Corporate Hypocrisy Is on the Rise'
Ivy League Professor: Teaching Identity Politics ‘Criminal Abdication’
Two Asian Women Attacked by Nig with Cinder Block in Baltimore
Soros-Linked Sec. of State Sends Letter to Audit Team In Another Attempt to Shut Down the Audit
Maricopa County Admits Voting Machines Didn't Have Password For Admin Functions
Joe Biden’s personal story about Amtrak conductor called into question
CNN backs CCP against Australia in Escalation with China
Dublin bitches at London’s plan to introduce prosecution ban for N. Ireland army veterans
London’s pitiful election to find a mayor for its nine million people resembles a D-list reality TV show
Watch out Le Pen? TV JEW has topped French ratings with his takes on immigration, Islam and Napoleon
Brace yourself, America! Biden reportedly considering increasing domestic spying powers
Twitter BANS ‘Trump Desk’ account after Democrats demand censorship
Facebook wants you have the right friends with hyperlocal ‘Neighborhoods’ feature
The internet once offered a promise of free speech for everyone; Big Tech has since turned it into a prison
Immigration: Nearly 6,000 undocumented immigrants apprehended daily at US-Mexico border in April
Florida Governor Announces $1K Bonuses to Law Enforcement, 'We're Funding the Police, and Then Some'
St. Louis Nig fatally beat wife after non-profit paid his bail: Cops | Toronto Sun
Jews Steal 12 Million Dollars From Special Needs Children
Lakewood Rabbi Osher Eisemann Charged With Stealing and Laundering From SCHI
Suspect in Nashville Police Ambush ID'd as Salman Mohamed
Colombia: Government Identifies Terrorists Behind Anti-Police Riots
IOC Bans Athletes from Wearing BLM Apparel at Ceremonies
WH: Social Media Platforms Should Block More 'Untrustworthy Content'
GOP Wallops Facebook for Continuing Trump’s Suspension from Platform
Facebook Permaently Blacklists LifeSite News
John Kennedy Compares Big Tech to 'Bolsheviks' -- 'We Need to Regulate Them'
Rosanna Arquette: 'If Jesus Were Alive Today He’d Be Murdered by Police Because of the Color of His Skin'
MN School Board Goes 'Anti-Racist': 'Black Lives Matter' Is 'Government Speech'
Pentagon: Military Leaders Should Make Diversity a Personal Commitment
Kamala Harris Flaunts Book "White Male Rage"
Nig Flight Club! Another massive brawl breaks out at Miami International Airport 'over face mask'
Twitter account 'made by Trump's team to share his personal statements' is SUSPENDED
China cuts off all economic talks with Australia
South Carolina is set to add FIRING SQUADS to methods of execution
Desperate employer groups and universities pitch new schemes for Covid quarantine
The next Superman will be black: New superhero movie will feature black lead, director and writer
Black football superstar Jarryd Hayne is sentenced to five years jail for raping a young woman in Newcastle
Jarryd Hayne's rape victim is SPAT at outside of Newcastle court by one of his supporters
Wandavision’s Dr. Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch cut for being ‘white guy’
Father of trans boy, 4, says people insist on calling his son a girl
DonaldTrump.com If It was Pro-White It Would Already Be Removed
Trump Launches His Version Of Twitter - YouTube
Donaldtrump.com | Whois IP Lookup Domain
White South African Farmer Previously Paralyzed in Violent Attack is Tied Up and Murdered in His Wheelchair
Our Friend Glenn Miller Has Died in Prison
Man who killed 3 at Overland Park, Kansas, Jewish sites dies
White supremacist who killed 3 at Jewish sites in Kansas dies in prison
F. Glenn Miller Jr., White supremacist who killed 3 at Jewish sites in Kansas dies in prison
White supremacist who killed 3 at Jewish sites in Kansas dies in prison
It's not OK to let white supremacists take over OK hand signal - Los Angeles Times
Bidens Go Maskless During Visit with Elderly, Frail Carters
Biden Coronavirus Relief Prioritizes Funds for Non-White Business Owners
Thousands of Migrants Freed into U.S. by DHS Resettle in Florida, Texas
Immigrants Prefer to Live Among Neighbors with Same Customs, Habits
Migrant Drug Carriers Found on Air Force Bombing Range in Arizona
Biden Sending Money to Northern Triangle Will End up Sending Millions to Cartels, Gangs
DHS Mayorkas: 'Our Highest Priority' Is to Help Migrant Families
Joe Biden Details Vaccine Push for 'Less Eager' Americans
Black Parents Say Remote Learning ‘Shields Children from Racism’ in Classrooms
Democrat-Run Portland Legalizes Rioting by Not Prosecuting
Derek Chauvin Files Motion for New Trial, Citing Jury Intimidation
Coca-Cola Puts the Brakes on Diversity Plan After Top Lawyer Resigns
Biden Administration Denies Permit To Veteran Motorcycle Group For Memorial Day Event In DC
Germany sees a rise in far-right crime and warns extremists are 'the biggest threat to our country'
Marine Le Pen acquitted by French court after being accused of breaking hate speech laws
Nearly 70% of Asian Americans in NYC have had a first COVID shot
Hundreds arrive on planes from Delhi and Mumbai on day one of Biden's Indian travel ban
Unaccompanied migrant children from Texas are being shipped to San Diego convention center
Secret document reveals words that are banned on Facebook
Bollywood bitch Kangana Ranaut accuses Twitter of racism after her account is suspended
Domestic Violence UK: Husband who told his fat wife of 17 years to dress 'more like a woman' is acquitted
South African farmer paralysed by robbery 20 years ago is tied up and murdered in his wheelchair
New Jersey town fires cop who called BLM protesters 'terrorists' on Facebook
'DWI Dude' Texas lawyer sentenced to 15 years in jail after scamming $1.5m out of drug traffickers
Asian sisters injured after unprovoked Nig beating with cement block in Baltimore
Louisiana Nig school principal is arrested for 'groping student's mother'
Nigs: Baby dies in shootout between his double murder suspect dad and police in Mississippi
Meghan Markle writes children's book called 'The Bench' for release on 8 June
Piers Morgan reacts to Meghan Markle's new book 'The Bench'
NYPD cop is posthumously promoted to detective at funeral after he was killed by 'drunk driver'
Derek Chauvin's attorney files for new trial claiming jury misconduct
Big Pharma pay day: Pfizer brings in $3.5B from its shot in just three months
Xi Jinping adopts 'Helmsman' title last used by Chairman Mao
Dad who pulled daughter from 'woke' $43k-yr NYC school and moved to Florida says others must follow
'They want to teach our kids what to think': Virginia governorship candidate blasts school proposal
Tucker Carlson mocks woke CIA recruitment video
NYC schools rename Columbus Day as Italian Heritage/Indigenous People's Day
PROFESSOR ROBERT TOMBS: The daftest lecture in wokery yet
Cornell opens 'BIPOC-only' rock-climbing course to white students amid claims of racism
Louisville diner brandishes handgun after armed BLM protesters surround restaurant
Trainer Rachael Attard reveals what happens to your body when you don't get enough sleep
Psaki: Biden deserves CREDIT for 'improvements' at southern border after 'four years of destruction'
Kamala Harris blames a lack of 'climate adaptation' in Central American countries for migrant crisis
Biden repeatedly says 'vaccine.gum' when promoting new shot website 
Why the Chinese diaspora support the Proud Boys
White woman, faces hate crime charge for dialing 911 on black driver - But if the races were swapped ...
Garland: DOJ Budget Includes $85M Increase to Fight Domestic Terrorism
White House: Biden Will Announce 'Domestic Terrorism' Strategy Within Weeks
Types of Scams & Fraud
UN bitches over Australia's India travel ban
Derek Chauvin: Lawyer request new trial after photo emerges of juror
China on campus: Confucius Institutes collapse nationwide | Washington Examiner
The woke MSM in a frenzy about Justin Bieber’s dreadlocks shows how silly the idea of cultural appropriation is
Juror who vowed impartiality in George Floyd case, despite donning BLM shirt, now touts jury duty as activism
We’re in a perennial state of feminist hysteria where ‘shehadists’ hijack truth for victimhood
Why is Britain handing huge new powers of censorship to tech giants to control what we write and say?
Are chemicals shrinking your penis and depleting your sperm? Here's what the evidence says
Abos to close National Park site to Keep Out Whites
England: Nigs Pile Garbage Everywhere
'Uncontrolled' Chinese rocket falling to Earth and nobody knows where it could land
Irony: Pure-Breed Niglette Mauled to Death by Family's Mixed-Breed Pet Dog
FU Whitey! NZ Maori Separatist Agenda Being Used by All Parties
Wellington in path of China rocket's uncontrolled re-entry - NZ Herald
China: Nationalists Smash Cyber Network of Feminists and Foreign Backed "Social Justice Warriors"
Portland: Anarchist "Collective" Announces Plan To Escalate Violence In War
Proud Boys Canada dissolves, with leaders claiming it was ‘never a white supremacist group’ | The Independent
Alyssa Milano labelled a 'white supremacist' in online viral video | Sky News Australia
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