Racial News to Use - 2021 February

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Joe Biden Has Video Conference with President of Mexico: 'We Are Equal ... I Love Tacos'
AOC Claims Racism After New York Police Deploy Robotic Dog
Biden Ends Order Requiring Classical Architecture for Federal Buildings
Now 40 Days, Biden Has Not Held Solo Press Conference
Sen. Padilla: Pathway to Citizenship for Illegal 'Essential Workers'
US Soccer Accuses Combat Vet of 'Racist Comments' After Opposing Anthem Kneeling
Watchdog: U.S. Wasted $2 Billion on 'Unused or Abandoned' Projects in Afghanistan
Report: Chinese State Hackers Target Indian Coronavirus Vaccine Makers
Churchill's Grandson Joins Historian to Slam Anti-Churchill Academics
UT Donors Threaten Boycott if School Cancels 'Eyes of Texas'
NYC Schools Chancellor Resigns After Reopening Delays
HBO Compares Andrew Cuomo Nursing Home Death Scandal to 'Authoritarian Regime Like North Korea'
Scarborough Compares Trump to Benedict Arnold -- 'He Tried to Commit Insurrection Against the USA'
Georgia Deputy Dies After Being Shot Saturday by Fleeing Suspects
EU Orders 'Right to Repair' on Durability of Consumer Electrical Goods
Judge Approves Facebook's $650M Settlement over Intrusive Facial Recognition
500 Migrants Apprehended in Single Day in One Texas Border Sector
Dem Rep. Gonzalez: Biden Immigration Policy 'Catastrophic' -- 'Tens of Thousands of People Coming'
Cotton: Dems Going to Pay the Price at the Ballot Box for Biden's 'Extremely Unpopular' Immigration Policy
Author: Regressive Left Brands as 'Hate Speech' Any Speech They Hate
Virginia School System Bans Dr. Seuss Books from Read Across America Program 'Strong Racial Undertones'
Democratic voting bill would make biggest changes in decades - Breitbart
42 Far-Left Terrorist Supporters Arrested After Storming of Greek Ministry
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Jailed on Corruption Charge
15 African Migrants Drown in Shipwreck Trying to Reach Italy
Nolte: Tina Fey Lied About Golden Globes Not Being Political
Alyssa Milano Floats CPAC Nazi Conspiracy Theory, Calls for Boycott of Hyatt
Golden Globes: Aaron Sorkin Quotes Leftist Rioter Abbie Hoffman While Condemning Capitol Hill Riots
OneFour thug who bashed random man with a hammer then stomped on him begs for less jail time 
Neo-Nazi leader films himself bashing Channel Nine security guard before report on extremist group
4 Arrested in Texas on 150 Counts of Voter Fraud
'Get rid of them all!' Trump urges Republican Party to purge those who voted to impeach him
Trump says the Supreme Court should be 'ashamed' for not having guts to overturn 'rigged' election
Abos: Raped toddler sent back to mother weeks later despite signs of neglect
AGL Energy announces its transgender employees are entitled to six weeks' paid leave
Jew Paedophile: Dylan Farrow, 35, asks for 'empathy' from viewers who watch never-before-seen home video
Japanese woman removed underwear for a Paki chiropractor - then 'he suddenly raped her on the table' 
Anti-vaxxer disruption concerns as police make watch list
Hirono: Trump's Rhetoric Responsible For Deadly Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
Salon: Conservatives Are New ‘Good Germans’ of Nazi Era
Dry Aboriginal communities don't need a Dan Murphy's on their doorstep
World’s wealthiest clash over bitcoin: Gates advises to stay away, while Musk causes cryptocraze
Carbondale police looking for man considered armed, dangerous
Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney: ‘We have a corrupt Supreme Court’ so it’s up to us to act – Nwo Report
CPAC SUNDAY: Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue Declares Trump the "Legitimate and Still Actual President"
CPAC Organizer Denounces Critics Spotting What Looks Like Nazi SS Symbol On Stage
Asian man stabbed in New York City: No hate crime charge against suspect
Protesters plaster LAPD Chief Moore's home with anti-police flyers
Syrian air defenses repel ‘Israeli aggression’ over Damascus, intercept most of the missiles - state media
President Trump Lays Out What Must Be Done to Ensure Election Integrity in US Elections Going Forward
Antifa Calls for Formation of “Red Army” to “Annihilate” White People
Antifa calls for the formation of a "Red Army" to “annihilate” their enemies - Far Left Watch
Mr. Potato Head brand goes gender neutral, sort of
Democrats Don't Trust Biden With Nuke Codes, Demand Access To Nuclear Arsenal - National File
Wage war: Biden blasted for picking a fight in Syria, letting minimum wage slide at home — RT USA News
Louisiana police officer, 38, is shot dead at a high school basketball game
Minneapolis to pay influencers to help spread city approved messaging during Derek Chauvin's trial
Diet tweaks to tackle your tiredness: Harvard doctor shares her new hormone-boosting solution
Portland police arrest two after 'destructive' protest by 150 antifa marchers who smashed windows
Scientists show pooches can sniff out the truth when their owners tell them a fib 
Now Dr. Seuss faces cancel: Virginia school system says books have 'strong racial undertones'
Mother's nightmare as 'loving' husband turned out to be conman with another wife and FIVE fiancee's
Gender neutral language debate grows as doctor says kids too scared to use 'boy' or 'girl' titles
Warning for Kmart furniture after mum finds 'wood-eating beetles' inside new table
BBC puts 'offensive language' warning on iPlayer versions of classic prison sitcom Porridge
Chinese investment in Australia crashes by 60 PER CENT as Beijing wages trade war on Australia
More than 850 cattle on ship in the Mediterranean must now be destroyed, vets say 
AstraZeneca vaccine reduces risk of serious Covid infection by 90% is MORE effective than Pfizer jab
Coronavirus jab may help fight cancer, chronic pain... and even Alzheimer's
First migrants walk across the border from Mexico after Biden administration relaxed asylum rules
Cambridge University's Churchill college should give up its name, says grandson Sir Nicholas Soames 
White supremacist jailed nearly 20 years for plot to bomb Colorado synagogue
Man gets nearly 20 years for Colorado synagogue bomb plot
Report: Facebook a 'Hotbed of Child Sexual Abuse Material' with 20M Incidents
Twitter Wants You to Pay People to Read Their Social Media Posts
'Bachelor' Star Rachael Kirkconnell: 'Please Stop' Defending Me, 'My Ignorance was Racist'
CA School Board Trustee Calls Return to In-Person Learning ‘White Supremacist,’ ‘Slavery’
Big Tech 'Aiding and Abetting' Communist China
Watch: U. of Florida Students Shocked When They Hear Biden's Excuse for China's Concentration Camps
SUNY Geneseo Suspends Education Student for Saying 'A Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman'
Capitol Prosecutors 'Reviewing' Footage of Tours Before Riot
Ben Carson: 'Child Abuse' to Prey on Children with Transgender Ideology
'Brain' of Islamic State in Germany Sentenced To 10.5 Years in Prison
Armed Migrant Arrested at Checkpoint near Border in California
CA Promising $28 Million to Care for ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Migrants
CDC COVID Order to Quickly Return Migrants to Mexico May End Within Two Weeks
DHS Prepares Legal Welcome for Flood of Migrant Child Workers
Nigel Farage Accuses British Elites of Covering up Chinese Takeover
San Francisco to Redistribute $120 Million from Police to Black Community
Supreme Court Orders 'No Regrets' Jihadi Bride Cannot Return to UK
'Was it Worth it?': Hungary Chides EU For Intransigence That Led to Brexit
Maher: We Need 'A Stand Your Ground Law for Cancel Culture'
Josh Hawley: 'Our Rights Come from God, Not Google'
Biden Transgender Health Nominee Urged ‘Accelerating’ Cross-Sex Hormones for ‘Street’ Teens
Netflix Says It Needs More Latin Programming After Launching Internal Diversity Audit
7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act
Brooks: 'Unconscious Undertone' to Tanden Opposition Is That OMB Director Is Usually a White Male
Democrats Push Gun Laws to Control Americans
Pinkerton: Tom Cotton Drafts ‘Beat China’ Plan to Win the ‘Economic Long War’ and Secure America
Biden: Won't Be Open 'Very Long,' It's 'Much Different' from Kids in Cages
Exclusive--Don Jr.: Working Class to Foot the Bill for Biden's Open Borders
Dems Block Amendment to Prevent Relief Funds from Going to China
Dobby the stray 'Chiweenie' is unrecognizable
Gary Lineker embroiled in 'fried chicken' race row for being only white man in Walkers' new advert
Megyn Kelly explains why she has taken her children out of school for their 'hard left' turn
Rooster fitted with knife for illegal cockfight kills its owner as it tried to escape
Nicola Sturgeon's official residence Bute House is dubbed a site of 'historic racial injustice'
QAnon supporters tell CNN they want a military coup 'like Myanmar'
Two footy stars apologise for dressing in blackface at an end-of-season celebration
LOL moment wannabe rapper hurls racist abuse at passengers on a Sydney train
Outrage as one THIRD of arrivals revealed as visitors - despite 40,000 Australians stranded overseas
Outback road sign with Alice Springs replaced by the Indigenous place name sparks furious debate 
Lady Gaga dognapping: LAPD releases description of suspects
China’s master plan is bleak for Australia, ANU experts warn
Alice Springs: Outback sign painted with traditional Indigenous names sparks Aussie debate
Mr Potato Head Rules! HASBRO Was No Match For Our Meme Cannons
NorthJersey: White Girls Thrown Out of Catholic School Refusing to KowTow to BLM
Breaking: Biden Bombs Syria to Punish Iran for Attacks on US in Iraq
"We Don't Find It Safe Enough" - EU Lawmaker: Mail-in Ballots and Voting Machines Banned in France
'Frasier' Reboot Coming from Paramount With Kelsey Grammer Reprising Title Role
Asian-American Hollywood Writers Blame Studios for Growing Anti-Asian Sentiment
Sen. Rick Scott on the Democratic Party: 'It's a Socialist Party Now’
UN Begins Effort to Transport 300 Asylum Seekers to U.S. Per Day
7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act
Democrats Rebuke Rand Paul for Defending Children from Transgender Knife
Oreo Cookie Brand Declares 'Trans People Exist' as Anti-1A ‘Equality Act' Works Through Congress
Gender Reveal Parties as Transphobic: 'There Are Boys With Vaginas and Girls With Penises'
House Passes 'Equality Act' to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex
Biden Nominee Will Not Rule Out Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare for Illegals
DHS Officials Warn of Migration Crisis: 'Prepare for Border Surges Now'
Dems: Free Migrants into U.S. to Stop Coronavirus in Foreign Countries
Anti-Trump Professor: ‘Dying’ GOP ‘Replicating’ Soviet Communist Party
China: Our Concentration Camps Are Like U.S. ‘Community Correction Centers’
VIDEO: Man Throws Hot Liquid into NYC Bus Driver's Face
Police: Armed Conmen Posing as Plumbers Break into Home, Torture Victims
Ted Cruz: 'Criminals, Murderers, Rapists' Entering U.S. on Biden's Watch
Jen Psaki Blames Trump Administration for Current Migrant Crisis
Feds to Bus, Fly Surge of Biden's Migrants to U.S. Homes
Bokhari: Microsoft and Friends Want to Destroy Online Privacy
Report: Google Attempts to Quell Internal Revolt by AI Researchers
Texas AG Ken Paxton Confident Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Will Succeed
Nolte -- Poll: Republicans Care About Issues, Democrats Just Hate Republicans
Report: Under Armour Forced White Employees to Undergo 'Antiracist' Reeducation Program
California School Board VP: Parents Want Schools To Reopen Are Forcing A "White Supremacist Ideology"
White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Becoming A ‘Transnational Threat’, UN Secretary-General Says
Tucker Carlson’s false claim downplayed role of white supremacists at Capitol riot
Fox News' Tucker Carlson blasted as a 'bigot' for denying white supremacists were involved in Capitol attack - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism
Pentagon report warns of threat from white supremacists inside the military
Pentagon report reveals details about White supremacists in the ranks
America's White Supremacist Problem Risks Feeding Next Global Terrorism Wave
Pentagon Report Warns of Threat From White Supremacists Inside the Military
White supremacist presence within military ‘detailed in new Pentagon report’
Creativity: Spread of white supremacist propaganda in Cadillac has many concerned
Facebook news back in Australia as pages reinstated
Chinese state media calls Australia a ‘gangster’ as trade war flares
Marjorie Taylor Greene hangs sign outside office of colleague with transgender child
Criticism of Attempt to Censure News a Red Herring
Black student was not victim of racism for 'eating while black' at $80k Smith College
Foreign killers and rapists living the life in Christmas Island luxury waterfront apartments
Man charged after allegedly attacking Indigenous mother with makeshift flamethrower in Perth
Laughing private schoolgirls lynch a black doll from a tree
Ricky Gervais claims TV is being 'watered down' as fearful execs
Dinosaurs WERE wiped out by asteroid 66m years ago, dust found in a crater confirms
CEO says billionaire's giving to charity is 'one of capitalism's biggest PR scams' 
Utah Calls for Non-Citizens to Become Cops
China Assails Five Eyes Intelligence Network ‘Axis of White Supremacy’
Project Veritas: Salesforce Plans to Blacklist Clients for Political Speech, Citing Capitol Riot
1986 Amnesty Invited a Surge of Immigration, Terrorism, Fraud
Dems Pressuring Companies to Censor Outlets: 'Like CCP'
Democrat Efforts to Censor Dissident Media 'Eerily Similar' to Communist China
NBC Pulls 'Nurses' Episode After Massive Backlash Over 'Jew face,' 'Anti-Semitic' Scene
Biden Administration Continues Holding Migrant Children in Border Patrol Custody
White people BAD (the media says so) part 1 - YouTube
Security Attacks Trump Supporter on Trump-Run Ice Rink as Crowd Cheers - YouTube
White people BAD part 3 (apparently we can't experience murder???) - YouTube
Virginia Senate votes to make racism a public health crisis. What now?
Oklahoma Nig accused of cutting neighbor’s heart out, feeding it to his family
Media code that prompted Facebook to declare war on Australia passes the Senate
Government slammed for backing down to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg over news media bargaining code
Four people accused of trying to extort $10million from a member of the Iraqi parliament
Bloodshed at a Sydney apartment after a screaming teenage boy was brutally stabbed with a machete
Sydney school principals BAN students from getting 'bogan mullet' haircuts
Grandmother who bit off her friend's finger in a drunken brawl is spared jail term
Mother of three allegedly poured HOT curries over the head of suburban Melbourne slave
Tourists could be BANNED from parts of Moreton Island because of its Aboriginal heritage
Australian man believes he has spotted a family of Tasmanian Tigers - but experts say its unlikely
Vegan is slammed for comparing farming to the Holocaust by Attention Seeking Feminist Clementine Ford
Golden Globes admits there’s no black judges on winner voting panel
Sydney Muslim gangster family convicted for court fracas with journalist Robert Ovadia
Old Town Grope ~ Joe Biden Feel Muffins - YouTube
Educators Fired For Not Doing "Wakanda Salute" at Anti-White Trainings - YouTube
Official Says She Was Fired For Not Giving 'Wakanda' Salute – PJ Media
NYC educators sue: Fired for not participating in ‘Wakanda Forever’ salute
TWO New York school administrators fired… after refusing to give ‘Wakanda salutes’?
NYC educator fired for refusing 'Black Panther' salute: suit
NYC educator claims she was fired after sharing Holocaust story
TWO New York school administrators fired… after refusing to give ‘Wakanda salutes’?
Joe Biden is 'obsessed with identity politics' - YouTube
Tranny 'Oath Keeper' leader jailed over Capitol riot there to provide security at rally
Nig steals shopper's firearm from his back pocket at Detroit gas station
Nig started 'battle' at gun shop after killing clerk, 47, when he was asked to unload pistol
Niggers: One person is shot dead and four injured in shooting at American Legion in Missouri at private party
Ohio bomb squad discovers 'suspicious' bag full of abandoned KITTENS
Families claim thousands of dead or dying veterans were killed by overseas burn pits
NFL legend Herschel Walker says black Americans should not get reparations 
SNL Nig slammed for 'anti-Semitic' joke about Israel vaccinations
White Miami doctor is charged with hate crime after using racial slur
GOP Plan to Accept Anti-White Garland as Fed AG
Female panhandler punches toddler in the head on the subway in NYC as NIGGER CRIME soars
New legislation would protect drivers who hit protesters amid effort to stop road-blocking tactics
George Lincoln Rockwell too? Malcolm X's family claims FBI and police conspired in his 1965 assassination
Jewish Paedophile Woody Allen calls HBO docuseries a 'hatchet job with riddled with falsehoods'
IT'S A JEW -- Educators Fired For Not Doing "Wakanda Salute" at Anti-White Training - YouTube
Official Says She Was Fired For Not Giving 'Wakanda' Salute – PJ Media
NYC educators sue: Fired for not participating in ‘Wakanda Forever’ salute
TWO New York school administrators fired… after refusing to give ‘Wakanda salutes’?
NYC educator fired for refusing 'Black Panther' salute: suit
NYC educator claims she was fired after sharing Holocaust story
TWO New York school administrators fired… after refusing to give ‘Wakanda salutes’?
Joe Biden is 'obsessed with identity politics' - YouTube
Tranny 'Oath Keeper' leader jailed over Capitol riot there to provide security at rally
Nig steals shopper's firearm from his back pocket at Detroit gas station
Nig started 'battle' at gun shop after killing clerk, 47, when he was asked to unload pistol
Niggers: One person is shot dead and four injured in shooting at American Legion in Missouri at private party
Ohio bomb squad discovers 'suspicious' bag full of abandoned KITTENS
Families claim thousands of dead or dying veterans were killed by overseas burn pits
NFL legend Herschel Walker says black Americans should not get reparations 
SNL Nig slammed for 'anti-Semitic' joke about Israel vaccinations
White Miami doctor is charged with hate crime after using racial slur
GOP Plan to Accept Anti-White Garland as Fed AG
Female panhandler punches toddler in the head on the subway in NYC as NIGGER CRIME soars
New legislation would protect drivers who hit protesters amid effort to stop road-blocking tactics
George Lincoln Rockwell too? Malcolm X's family claims FBI and police conspired in his 1965 assassination
Jewish Paedophile Woody Allen calls HBO docuseries a 'hatchet job with riddled with falsehoods'
Joe Biden says white supremacists are 'demented,' wants study of veterans' role
Biden Says White Supremacists Are The Greatest Domestic Terror Threat In America
Defeating domestic terror requires confronting white supremacy across the globe
When white supremacist governments proclaim themselves anti-racist allies
Right-wing extremists and white supremacists targeting QAnon LOONIES for recruitment
Debate: Was it right to declare the Proud Boys a terrorist group?
DCCC advisor deletes tweets trashing Biden and Harris, says police are white supremacists
Bill O’Reilly Gets Backlash for Questioning Biden’s Warnings About White Supremacists
Liz Cheney: Both Parties Have White Supremacists
Stop Domestic Terrorism - But Only By White People
Joe Biden's attorney general pick vows to prosecute the 'white supremacists and others' who stormed the Capitol
Merrick Garland vows to target white supremacists as attorney general
Merrick Garland to Tell Confirmation Hearing He Will Prosecute 'White Supremacists'
Merrick Garland vows to go after white supremacists as attorney general ahead of confirmation hearing
Boris Says 'America Is Back' with Biden, 'Gloom' of Trump Era Over
Every State Should Ban Private Election Funding
Farage Slams Coca-Cola for Alleged 'Try to Be Less White' Training
Joe Biden's DHS Protects Most Illegal Aliens with 'Sanctuary Country' Orders
Big Business Lobbies for Foreign Workers as 17M Americans Remain Jobless
Biden Can Make Gun Grabber Dreams Come True
National Security ‘Experts’: Republican Party ‘Like a Terror Group’
Wikipedia Editors Label Capitol Riot as ‘Coup’ Attempt, Slant Election-related Content
Kevin Sorbo on Facebook Blacklisting: Zuckerberg Has More Power Than Our Government
More Than One Million Migrants to Hit Border This Year
ICE to Release Illegals Further into U.S. — Away from Texas Border Cities
Trump Was 'Not Only an Instigator But a Planner' of U.S. Capitol Attack
Schiff: America Has One 'Functional Party and a Cult of Personality Around Donald Trump'
UK: 'Far Right' Patriotic Alt pushing 'hateful and poisonous' home schooling with racist songs
Just Niggers: Boy, 16, chased by group of four and stabbed to death after car is driven at him
Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger slams site's leftist bias and claims 'neutrality' is gone
The Muppet Show now comes with an alert about 'offensive content' on Disney 
Justice Department investigating possible ties between Capitol rioters with Roger Stone, Alex Jones
Alex Jones, Roger Stone could face charges over Capitol riots
Arizona Senate Passes Bill Strengthening Its Investigative Powers Amid Maricopa County Vote Audit Dispute
Nordic Resistance: Bridge Actions in Norrköping and Finspång
Russia Blasts Biden Regime For 'Persecution' Of Trump Supporters, Political Dissidents
BREAKING News Out Of TEXAS- Greg Abbott Just Told Biden To F*** Off By Doing THIS
Hundreds Gather at National Socialist Rally in Madrid
Racially Insensitive Menu Item At Lennie’s Hoagies Sparking Outrage In Philadelphia’s Asian Community
Case dropped after woman in racist NYC run-in gets therapy
Germany bans pro-Nazi group that ‘wants to re-establish dictatorship'
Mr Bond: Austrian rapper arrested over neo-Nazi songs
Anti-Whites: When The Mask Slips - YouTube
Trump-supporting Florida woman, 58, films herself threatening to 'shoot' FBI agents
Facebook now dominated by conspiracy theories after news ban
Coronavirus: German scientist says he is '99.9 per cent sure' it leaked from Wuhan lab
Convicted Murderer Turned Activist in Baltimore Wants the City to Pay Criminals Not to Kill
Arizona Senate Passes Bill Strengthening Its Investigative Powers Amid Maricopa County Vote Audit Dispute
Italy: Holocaust survivor's plug for vaccine sparks hatred from MIGRANTS
‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised’ - YouTube
Biden's America: Feds Order Illegal Aliens With Multiple Convictions, Prior Deportation Released From
Homeland Security Hid Release of Violent Criminal Illegal Immigrants From Local Law
Illinois FOID card, concealed carry license delays leave residents on edge as carjacking cases surge
slow factory barnor hesse at DuckDuckGo
Slow Factory on Twitter: "The 8 White Identities by @barnor_hesse - a guide to identify where those around you (and you) truly stand. https://t.co/DufiKHiiZ5" / Twitter
Slow Factory Instagram: “Re-introducing The 8 White Identities by Barnor Hesse. "Regime of whiteness"…”
NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness' - DUK News
NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness'
School principal asks parents to rate their 'whiteness' and urges them to be 'white traitors' who 'dismantle regime'
NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness'
NY principal asks students’ parents to reflect on their ‘whiteness’ - syracuse.com
New York School Principal Urges Parents To Become ‘White Abolitionists’ With Propaganda Graphic
The eight ways of being white - Thought Leader
Young children are being taught ‘utterly inappropriate’ content - YouTube
Don Cheadle finds out Native Americans owned his ancestors - YouTube
Short Version: Marvin Humes STUNNED in family reveal 'This has taken a turn' - YouTube
Black Marvin Humes - Black 3xGreat Grandfather was a Slave Owner
ABC gives thousands of taxpayer dollars to Capitol Hill rioter for footage - YouTube
Government must cough up more funding for journalism: Fels
Removing the Scammer’s Boot... FAST - YouTube
Feds Order Illegal Aliens With Multiple Convictions, Prior Deportation Released From Virginia Jail
Homeland Security Hid Release of Violent Criminal Illegal Immigrants From Local Law
Illinois FOID card, concealed carry license delays leave residents on edge as carjacking cases surge
slow factory barnor hesse at DuckDuckGo
Slow Factory on Twitter: "The 8 White Identities by @barnor_hesse - a guide to identify where Whitey stands
Slow Factory on Instagram: 8 White Identities by Barnor Hesse. Regime of whiteness - A Call for Genocide
NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness'
NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness'
School principal asks parents to rate their 'whiteness' and urges them to be 'white traitors' who 'dismantle regime'
#childsafety | NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness'
NY principal asks students’ parents to reflect on their ‘whiteness’
New York School Principal Urges Parents To Become ‘White Abolitionists’ With Propaganda
The eight ways of being white
Young children are being taught ‘utterly inappropriate’ content - YouTube
Don Cheadle finds out Native Americans owned his ancestors - YouTube
Short Version: Marvin Humes STUNNED in family reveal 'This has taken a turn' - YouTube
Black Marvin Humes - Black 3xGreat Grandfather was a Slave Owner
ABC gives thousands of taxpayer dollars to Capitol Hill rioter for footage - YouTube
Government must cough up more funding for journalism: Fels
Removing the Scammer’s Boot... FAST - YouTube
Leftists Mock Rush Limbaugh, Celebrate Passing with ‘#RestInPiss’
MSNBC: Limbaugh's Legacy Is 'Hardening Rural White Listeners and Weaponizing White Male Grievance'
Ron Perlman Expresses Sympathy for the Devil Because Rush Limbaugh Will 'Spend the Rest of Eternity' in Hell
Watch -- Herschel Walker: 'We Use Black Power to Create White Guilt'
Biden Admin Ignores State and Local Consultation with Refugee Surge
Biden Prioritizes Illegals After Black Voters Propelled Him to White House
New York City School Asks Parents to Rank Their ‘Whiteness’
Mace: Congress Won't Fund a Border Wall, But Will Fund Fencing to Keep People Out of Capitol
Biden Admin Suggests Foreign Workers Have a Right to Take U.S. Jobs
Jen Psaki: Joe Biden Backs Study of Slavery Reparations
Larry Elder on Slavery Reparations: You Can't Get Something for Nothing
Gretchen Whitmer Commission Probes 'Systemic Racism' in Foster Care
'Respect Through Meritocracy': Burgess Owens Rejects Slavery Reparations
Rihanna Accused of 'Cultural Appropriation' for Hindu Pendant in Topless Photo
'Leave Her Alone': UFC President Dana White Blasts Gina Carano’s Firing
Joe Biden Publicly Ignores Texas Winter Tragedy
Biden: ‘Everyone Knows I Like Kids Better Than People’
Leading Archbishop Says Joe Biden Is Not a ‘Devout Catholic’
Cartoon Network Releases 'Anti-Racism' Ad Teaching Children to 'See Color'
L.A. School Board Approves Plan to Cut Police, Shift Funds to Help Black Students
California: Chinatown Shop Owner Arrested for Firing Shots to Save Woman
Bill Gates Wants You to Eat 'Synthetic Beef' But Loves Cheeseburgers
Nolte: New York Sent Birdwatching Karen to Racial Reeducation Camp
Joe Biden Recommits to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens as 17M Are Jobless
GOP Rep. Owens: 'The Greatest Threat to the Left Is the Middle-Class Black American'
Museum Hires ‘Curator of Discomfort’ to Confront 'White Supremacy'
Thug Qamran Ali Choked Chicken, Stamped on Child in Crack Rampage
Accidental Blast During Bomb-Making Class Kills 30 Taliban Fighters
Covid: NEANDERTHAL DNA stretch slashes risk of severe illness 22%
Black Australia: Woman charged after brawl involving 20 Abos in Dubbo, NSW
Staff at the Governor General's office will participate in a 'privilege walk'
NYC principal sent parents pamphlet asking them to rate their 'whiteness'
Fury as anti-monarchy group release video titled 'It's Time' when Prince Philip's in hospital
British Museum should 'return the Elgin Marbles to Greece', Sir Antony Gormley says
Liberal trolls rejoice over Rush Limbaugh's death with foul tweets
First Indian female Oxford SU president QUITS amid free speech row
Rihanna accused of 'cultural appropriation' for wearing Hindu pendant in topless photo
The deletion of womanhood: New age of intolerance threatens our very identity
Minneapolis unveils security plan before trial in George Floyd's death
Afghan War Was a Waste
US second-most surveilled country after China, with one camera for every five people in big cities
CNN is slammed over Biden's 'softball' town hall
Trumps says Biden either 'lying or mentally gone' after claiming NO COVID vaccine when he arrived
Facebook threatens ban of Black Country fans over 'homophobic' posts on local delicacy 'faggots' 
"RACIST" cashless welfare card is a failure, inquiry finds 
California realtor is fired after shocking video shows him berating an Asian girl
Australia: It's RACIST to Question Aboriginality - Even if they Look 100% White
Paul Fletcher says Facebook must abide by Australia's laws
Even sites including The Shovel and The Chaser are blacklisted from posting on Facebook
Facebook bans Australia: Inside story of how tech giant plotted against media bargaining code
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is accused of acting like communist dictator Kim Jong-un over news ban
Facebook in another embarrassing blunder as it bans its OWN PAGE from social media
Facebook bans Australians from viewing news on its social media pages
Emergency services and even the WEATHER caught in the crossfire of Facebook's war on Australian news
Australian Facebook users react with horror at provocative move to ban news Down Under
Facebook allows WA premier Mark McGowan to keep his page but bans his opponents 
Minister concerned for the NORTH SHORE MUMS page shut down amid Facebook news blackout
Facebook is SLAMMED by Josh Frydenberg after it banned Australians from sharing news
Facebook news ban ‘backfired dramatically’ say Curtin Uni, Monash experts
Facebook news ban’s shock casualties include Australian weather, emergency, business and government pages
Facebook blocks Australian users and publishers from sharing news in response to Media Bargaining Code
Hebe paedophile Woody Allen documentary titled Allen v. Farrow premiering
Jeopardy contestant Karen blasted for ‘racist’ anecdote
"RACIST!" Camilla Franks under fire for Mad Manor fashion line and Union Jack party
Fans slam Camilla Franks' collection featuring the Union Jack for 'glamorises colonialism'
White-Hating Racist Serena Williams Loses Game & Chimps Out
ANU gender-neutral language rules, gestational parent, chestfeeding
Border agency reports spike of nearly 6,000 immigrant children crossing into US alone
Eddie McGuire slammed over supporting Sam Newman’s blackface stunt
Montana bill would designate antifa as domestic terrorism
Montana bill would designate antifa as domestic terrorism
Montana bill would designate antifa as domestic terrorism
Pentagon report reveals inroads white supremacists have made in military
Pentagon report reveals gains white supremacists have made to infiltrate the military
Biden says his administration will focus on 'demented' and 'dangerous' white supremacists
CNN, NBC Paid Left-wing Capitol Rioter $35,000 Each for Footage of Violence
Chindians! Fake Amazon Reviews Are Being Sold 'in Bulk'
Hasbro Stops Making Trump Voter Gina Carano's ‘Star Wars' Action Figure
Call 'Bulls**t' to Kamala Claim Biden Admin Started from Scratch on Vaccine
W.H.O. Defends China from Accusations of Hiding Coronavirus Data
Trump Lawyer Believed 'Very Fine People' Hoax Until Trial Prep
DCCC Hire Referred to Police as 'White Supremacists," Defended Looting
Pentagon: Plan Is to Keep National Guard in Capital Region
NAACP and Rep. Bennie Thompson Sue Trump, Giuliani over Capitol Riot
Joe Biden's DHS Blocks Use of Terms 'Illegal Alien,' 'Assimilation'
PA Democrat Who Bullied "Old White Lady" Running for Lt. Governor
Biden: Former Military, Police Fueling 'Growth of White Supremacy' Groups
Classical cookbook shows ancient Romans and Greeks liked crepes
Google and Facebook rush to secure deals with media companies
Covid Australia: Quarantine system in chaos as hotels QUIT
Snowy the adorable cat is found with tail and front legs chopped off in sickening act of mutilation
Prince Charles is blasted by animal rights activists over the use of snare traps on Sandringham
California WETBACK charged after 'slitting the throat of a Chihuahua puppy'
North America's megafauna made extinct by cold snap 12,900 years ago
Joe Biden Order: 'illegal alien' replaced with 'non-citizen' in documents
Top colleges at Oxford are in the grip of 'unconscious bias' training
NY Times reporter Donald McNeil said students on the Peru trip may have had 'false memories'
'Central Park Karen' still hasn't apologized directly to the NIGGER she called 911 on
Australian defence force stores secrets with Chinese-owned company
Florida teacher tells class slaves weren't whipped and the n-word 'just means ignorant'
French parliament APPROVES law to fight 'Islamist separatism'
Turkish husband poses with pregnant wife 'moments before he threw her to her death'
Creepy AFRICAN hits on a teenager, 19, and refuses to take no for an answer
New Zealand Bitches at Australia for cancelling the citizenship of ISIS terrorist
Serena Williams’ husband screams "RACIST! SEXIST!" at Australian Tennis
Penfolds imitation Australian wine ‘Bedfords’ being sold in China
Belt and Road Initiative: Scott Morrison to tear up Dan Andrew’s China deal
ASPI report warns about China’s maritime and port expansion
Northern Virginia Task Force Gets Rid of Gang Database Due to Gangbangers Being Mainly Non-White
The ‘woke society’ has claimed ‘another victim’: Mother of the Year Award Axed - YouTube
Jews Give Fauci $1 Million Dollar Prize for Fucking Up America - YouTube
Vote Could Force Police to Publish Nationality, Background of Criminals
Surveillance State: British Police Deploying Drones to Monitor Protest
English Football Club 'Will No Longer Take a Knee' Before Matches
UK Blocks Black Lives Matter Registering as Political Party
France Votes on Govt Oversight of Mosques Law, Islamism Crackdown
CNN: Harris Didn't Bail People in Minneapolis Out, She Just Tweeted about a Fund to Help Post Bail
Educators: Making Math Students Show Their Work Is ‘White Supremacy’
Honduran Migrants Assault Mexican Authorities, Escape into Border City
President Biden to Introduce Renewed Push for Amnesty
Conservative Lawmakers Launch Legislative Blitz Exposing Biden’s Weakness on Communist China
Girl Bike Racer (1962) Women the Weaker Sex - YouTube
An 'incredible brawl' has broken out after Captain Sir Tom Moore's recent passing - YouTube
The Woke Force: Biden Pentagon Pursues Leftist Domestic Agenda
US Chamber of Commerce Cheers New China-Backed Head of WTO
62% of Americans Support Third Major Political Party
State: Houthis 'Diverting" Aid for Starving, Famine-Stricken Yemenis
Democrat Adviser Backs Defunding the Police, Releasing Criminals
Biden Order Helping Criminal Illegal Aliens Evade Arrest by Feds
Pollak: What the Left Doesn't Understand About 'Truth Commissions'
Blumenthal: We Need 9/11 Type Commission to Stop Future 'Would-Be Trump Tyrants'
Nancy Pelosi Plans 'Independent 9/11-Type Commission' on Capitol Riot
Swalwell: In Wake of Capitol Riot We Need ‘9/11 Commission,''White Nationalism Task Force'
British people ‘uncomfortable’ with ‘grotesque moral cowardice’ of academic elites - YouTube
Systemic 'bogan' racism is on the decline in Australia
House Dems' new hire slammed Capitol Police as 'white supremacists' after riot
Washed Up Hollywood Losers Meltdown as Trump Defeats Sham Impeachment - YouTube
Biden Turns Racist Against Indian People in Very Racist Way... (comedian K-von was shocked) - YouTube
Department of Justice will charge Google with multiple violations of federal antitrust law today
Pizzagate Lives!
Putin Announces Total Independence from ‘Rothschild-Controlled’ US Dollar - Mondestuff
GOP Ranking Members Demand Pelosi Explain Why She Refuses to Turn Over Documents on US Capitol Security and Why She Delayed National Guard Response for One Hour During Siege
Valparaiso University retires 'Crusader' mascot, citing legacy of hate
Support for Third US Political Party Reaches High Point: Poll
COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan much wider than previously thought, WHO finds
Olympics news: Athletics Australia selection problem after Oliver Hoare breaks national 1500m indoor record
Auburn: Nurse injured in suspected gangland shooting
If police stop and search you, do you know your basic rights? - ABC News
Influential German dictionary axes general masculine job titles to make language more gender neutral
Evil White Grandparents Caught Trying to Assassinate Biden
Kamala Harris' niece Meena, 36, is still using the VP's name flog merch from her clothing line
LOL! LAPD officers 'shared image of George Floyd captioned "You take my breath away" for Valentine's Day'
Protesters in Seattle barricade a police precinct with SNOW & ATTACK police - NO ARRESTS
Rep. Ilhan Omar's 'anti-American' 9/11 remarks resurface as Republicans call her promotion 'absurd'
Minneapolis to spend $6.4M to recruit more police officers
Kamala Harris is Furious About Biden's Racism... (comedian K-von exposes the facts) - YouTube
The staggering number of British people officially in hunger - and the charity fighting back - Mirror Online
Pet iguana baffles vets by coming back to life at crematorium hours after 'dying' - Mirror Online
Hero dad dies after plunging through ice to save family dog from frozen water - Mirror Online
Nancy "Piss Pants" Pelosi Breaks Down After Failed Impeachment 2.0! - YouTube
Swedish Students Put Limits on Daily Lives Due to Fear of Immigrant Crime
EU Solidarity Cracks as Germany Tightens Borders Against Neighbours
British Judge Blocks Deportation of Somali Double Rapist
UK: MP Under Threat After Calling Out Pakistani Grooming Gangs
UK: 'I Know Survivors Who Are 70' – Labour MP Extends Muslim Rape Gangs Timeline
Belgium: Paedophile Who Abused Sister, 8, Says Charges Motivated by Racism
Farage: Sadiq Khan's Anti-British Heritage Attacks Will Sink Labour Party
Biden Bitches About Trump Acquittal: 'Substance of the Charge Not in Dispute'
Using Democrat Model, 'I Don't Know How Kamala Harris Doesn't Get Impeached'
Kevin Sorbo Highlights Disney Hypocrisy: Ignored Producer's 'MAGA Kids into the Woodchipper' Post
UConn Pairs Students with Activist Groups for 'Immigrant Justice'
Dershowitz: 'Cancel Culture Is Quickly Becoming American Culture'
Coons: 'We Need to Spend Months and Months' on a 9/11-Style Commission on Capitol Hill Riots
Biden Policies Force Release of 200 Migrants into West Texas Border Community
Democrats Promote Ilhan Omar to Vice Chair of Africa Subcommittee
Foreign Nationals Getting Coronavirus Vaccine Before Americans
Biden's DHS to Release 25.6K Migrants into Texas, California Communities
Texas Sheriff: 'Clear Evidence' Illegal Immigration Soaring Under Joe Biden
Biden Marks 3rd Anniversary of Parkland Shooting with Gun Control Push
Archaeologists discover 5,000-year-old BREWERY in ancient Egyptian city of Abydos 
Royal Mint marks 50th anniversary of Decimal Day
Irish PM claims neither Britain nor the IRA want 'truth to come out' about Troubles
Half of Britons fear freedom of speech is under threat from the rise of 'cancel culture'
Graham predicts House Republicans will impeach Kamala Harris over Black Lives Matter support
Trump attorney Mike van der Veen puts on silly voice to MIMIC female anchor before ripping off mic
Biden calls on Congress to reform US gun laws
Biden says WHITE violence and WHITE extremism has no place in America
What does a healthy poo look like, how often you should go to the toilet, what to look for
Churchill Branded 'Embodiment of White Supremacy' – at Churchill College
The Racial Consequences of Mr Churchill - YouTube
Secret bat cages at Wuhan lab where researchers planned to breed animals for virus experiments
Trump is worried about criminal charges over Capitol riot after his acquittal in the Senate
Biden Insists Trump IS Guilty
The Bachelor's Chris Harrison stands down from TV special after he defended race row contestant
FU Jew! Biden is snubbing Israel's Netanyahu | LOL!
'Subway Stabber' Nigger who 'killed two homeless people' arrested while still covered in blood
SNL skewers Trump's impeachment attorneys in new cold open
Ex-NYT editor says NYT is too WOKE
Rep. Pressley says hiding from 'white supremacist mob' on Jan. 6 was familiar in 'ancestral way'
Ayanna Pressley felt 'ancestral' terror during US Capitol siege
Police forces deny White supremacists have co-opted ranks - Washington Times
Controversial black studies professor who claimed British Empire was 'worse than the Nazis'
Kansas City Proud Boys arrested by FBI
ADL: YouTube Still Pushing White People Videos
Bullshit! Former GOP congressman: At least 7 white nationalist groups involved in January 6 insurrection - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism
The "Pretending to Be Black" Trend - YouTube
China Used Computer Chips to Spy on American P.C. Systems
GA Weighs Banning Zuckerberg Private Funding of Election Administration
Malliotakis: Cuomo Aide Who Knew of Nursing Home Cover-up Appointed as Biden Adviser on Virus
Dems Cave on Impeachment Witnesses, Clearing Way for Biden Agenda
Biden's HUD to Expand Fair Housing Protections for ‘Gender Identity’
Billionaire-Funded Initiative Paved Way for Biden's Refugee Surge
Poll: Majority Say Public Officials Shouldn't Be Punished for Saying Election Was ‘Stolen’
Jay-Z Rips 'Crackers' Who Stormed the Capitol in Political Song
Hollywood Celebrities Melt Down After Trump Acquitted, Declare 43 Republicans 'Traitors,' 'Fascists'
Media Rage over Democrats Not Calling Witnesses in Impeachment
Donald Trump Acquitted In Second Impeachment Trial
Cruz Asks Impeachment Managers if Kamala Harris Incited Riots from BLM Protests
Trump Lawyer Van Der Veen: 'My Home Was Attacked,' 'My Entire Family, My Business Are Under Siege'
Trump Lawyer Van Der Veen: 'We Demolished Their Case --- They Were Like a Dying Animal Trapped'
Trump Acquittal Shows Congress Is Not Exempt from the Constitution
Trump's Lawyers Beat the 'Cancel Culture'
Trump Hints at Political Future and Celebrates Impeachment Acquittal
Louisiana GOP Unanimously Votes to Censure Sen. Bill Cassidy
Seven Senate Republicans Vote to Convict Trump, Two Flip
Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckage from UFO crashes
Cruel NIGGER, 20, who 'sprayed perfume in her puppy's eyes to gain more followers' is arrested
Go Woke Go Broke: The King And I movie made famous with Yul Brynner getting a WOKE remake
"Racist" Anna and the King of Siam (1946) - IMDb
Vilified by the armies of woke... for being a woman 
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused of being 'too soft' on Islam in election debate 
Gina Carano CANCELED | Disney Star Wars BACKLASH #CancelDisneyPlus - YouTube
Gina Carano BACKLASH! Disney executives SHAKEN by subscription cancellations! - YouTube
Mandalorian star Gina Carano is fired from the series over Instagram post
New York Magazine writer bemoans McCarthy-esque silences of conservatives after Gina Carano's firing
Study finds Vitamin D reduces Covid deaths by 60%
China 'refused to give WHO scientists raw data on the first 174 Covid cases identified in Wuhan'
Trump is acquitted 57-43 of inciting MAGA riot
Nancy Pelosi crashes press conference to rage at 'cowardly' Republicans for voting to acquit Trump
Mitch McConnell claims Trump was solely responsible for MAGA riot AFTER voting to clear him
Meghan McCain tears into 'despised' Lincoln Project co-founders John Weaver and Steven Schmidt
Michigan Senate Majority Leader Says Capitol Takeover Was 'Staged' and a 'Hoax'
Americans have discovered Australia's Nutbush dance and they have questions
Gorilla Glue girl Tessica Brown slams trolls who claimed she staged hair disaster for social media
Disturbing call prompts search for 80 illegals trapped in truck in USA
Can work require you to get the coronavirus vaccine?
Italian woman has fingers amputated after bizarre COVID-19 symptoms cause gangrene
Donald Trump acquitted in impeachment trial, seven Republicans vote guilty
Donald Trump acquitted in impeachment trial, what does it mean
Trump Releases Statement Following Impeachment Acquittal
Senate Votes 57-43 to ACQUIT Donald Trump - Here Are the SEVEN Republicans Who Voted to Convict
Colorado's 2020 Election Results Are Also Suspect - Biden's Numbers Raise Serious Red Flags and Alleged Turnout Is More Like Saddam's Iraq than the US
Biden Threatens Sanctions Against Nigeria For Not Embracing 'LGBTQI+' Agenda
Joe Biden's welcome mat for illegals
Sayings Of Redbeard : Ragnar Redbeard : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Major leak 'exposes' how Chinese Communist Party infiltrates governments & business
SUE REID investigates the pensioner publicly shamed by a drinks giant
Trump Defense Destroys the Charlottesville 'Very Fine People' Hoax
Trump Defense Video Blows Up Impeachment Propaganda | CNN Broken - YouTube
Court Clip - Trump's Defense Dismantles Democrat Impeachment Hoax
USA Voted 2020 - Woke Voter Fraud Won
WIGGER Rachel Dolezal can't find job six years after pretending to be a NIGGER
MI5 'had intelligence the London Bridge terrorist was planning an attack' before rampage
Boxer fought off two dognapper niggers who threatened to stab him if he didn't hand over 20-week-old collie
'Miss Manhattan' reality star, 47, suffers Death By Nigger
Texas salon owner says he's used Gorilla Glue on hair for YEARS
Notorious gang rapist Mohamed Skaf seen for the first time in 20 years still attempting to get bail
Covid UK: Food poverty fears as queues mount at London food bank
Covid-19 symptoms: Mother claims her breast milk turned neon green
Covid-19 likely to be with us 'FOREVER,' EU's ECDC head admits 
WHO backtracks on Covid Wuhan lab
Trump learns fate tomorrow with senators voting after trial turns into an angry shouting match
MS and UT consider laws banning transgender girls from women's sport
James Dreyfus says trans activists are 'misogynistic guys in skirts'
ABC staff warned after attack on Eddie McGuire for 'lifetime of privilege' - but he grew up poor
MSNBC: ‘Impeachment Is Just the Beginning for Donald Trump’
Rand Paul: Democrats Never Made Impeachment Case Trump
DHS Releases at Least 2K Border Crossers into U.S. In 10 Days
Open Borders Lobby Urges Joe Biden to Free All ICE Detainees
Elitist Hollywood Hypocrites Seek to Kill Blue Collar Pipeline Jobs
Soros NGO Demands Punishment For Hungary Migrant 'Pushbacks'
CNN Calls Facebook a Monopolistic 'Clone Factory'
U.S. Sucks W.H.O. Dick as Biden Rushes to U.N. Embrace
China: BBC Poses a 'National Security Threat'
The Lancet Condemns Donald Trump’s ‘Virulent Brand of Racism’
WSJ Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers on Biden Family Business
Valparaiso to Drop 'Crusaders' Nickname Due to 'Negative Connotation'
Bluefield College Suspends Players for Kneeling During Anthem, Forfeits Game
Iran Claims America Is Rebuilding the Islamic State
Pressley: Give $2K Monthly Payments to Black Americans, Illegal Immigrants
Trump Lawyers Present Video of Democrats Condoning Violence
Joe Biden Meets with Andrew Cuomo, Ignores Nursing Home Deaths Scandal
Another Lincoln Project Adviser Bails as Sex Abuse Allegations Rock Never Trump Group
FBI Investigating Lincoln Project Cofounder's Behavior with Underage Boys
WH Suspends T.J. Ducklo 1 Week for Threatening Reporter; Media Outraged
Report: Biden Aide Threatened to 'Destroy' Politico Reporter for Story on His Relationship With Axios Journalist
International students granted exemptions to enter Australia
Cuomo Hid COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths to Avoid Investigation
59 Illegal MUDS Found in Human Stash House in Texas near Border
Psaki: 'Border Is Not Open,' Admits Biden Is Releasing Migrants into U.S.
Biden Order Halts 'Arrest, Removal of Nearly All' Criminal Illegals
Food Industry Wants Skilled Visa Workers to Operate Robots
Goal of Antifa/BLM Is to Abolish Nation States
Andy Ngo: Antifa/BLM Funded, Protected by Media, Politicians
ABC's Moran Proclaims a Threat of Domestic Terrorism 'Based on the MAGA Movement'
Two-Thirds of January Migrant Apprehensions Occurred in Texas Sectors
Democratic form of ‘silencing’ is increasing rapidly in Australian media - YouTube
U.S. border agents report rise in crossings by families and children
Australian W.H.O. Investigator: Coronavirus Originated in China
Pelosi National Guard Troops Are Still in the Garage
Impeachment a 'Circus' -- Democrat House Managers 'the B-Team,' 'Conspiracy Theorists'
Hollywood Celebrities Demand Trump Conviction During Senate Impeachment Trial
CNN: We Don't Need Evidence to Come to the Conclusion 'Trump Violated His Oath of Office’
Kevin Sorbo Calls Out Illinois Governor: '150 People Shot Since Troops Sent to D.C. Instead of Chicago'
Newsweek Columnist Says Trump's Making Him Rethink Christianity
Catholic League Decries Attempts at ‘Demonizing White Christians’
The Biden Betrayal of 'America Last'
Biden's Team Blames Crime, Disease for 78,000 Migrant Surge in January
Poll: Most Republicans, Independents Oppose Bringing More Refugees
15 Liberals Who Compared Conservatives to Nazis But Weren't Canceled for It
Disney's 'The Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Fired by Lucasfilm Amid Social Media Controversy
Gina Carano Gets Fired For Pointing Out Lefty End Game - YouTube
Republican Star Wars Mandalorian actress Gina Carano fired by Woke Triggered Disney
Liberals Remove Aunt Jemima from Syrup Bottle During Black History Month | The Red Elephants
Cannibal Aztecs sacrificed Spanish conquistadors prisoner in reenactments of mythology
Group wants Coon Rapids to change its name, saying it has a racist connotation | KSTP.com
Conquistadores butchered Aztec women and children as revenge for Spaniards being killed and eaten
Early Bronze Age people used rings, bangles and axe blades as an early form of money 5,000 years ago
Crimes that will get you LESS time in jail than term for lying about going to Covid mutant hotspots
WHO scientist: Coronavirus did start in China and 'exploded' at a Wuhan wet market
New coronavirus closely linked to SARS-CoV-2 is discovered in bats in Thailand
Indian girl is 'held as a slave for eight years in a Melbourne home'
David Schoen was observing a Jewish ritual when he covered his head every time he drank water
Woman jogger escapes from axe-wielding WETBACK
Instagram vows to get tough and REMOVE accounts that send racist messages
Collingwood racism: Heritier Lumumba listed chimp nickname in AFL record
Rape Gang Victim Names 18 Muds, Police Charge Nobody, Lose Tapes
Maxine Waters: I Have Encouraged Violence Against Republicans
Sell Starvedia Distributor , Supplier, Importer
SAPOL - Abo assault on beach near Largs Jetty
Real Mindhunter John Douglas explains why white supremacist killer Joseph Paul Franklin scared him
LOL@Gooks: Bubble tea shop owner where a female worker was slapped has received death threats
Māori Party leader is kicked out of New Zealand parliament for not wearing a tie - "A colonial noose"
Holocaust Handbooks
Race-Traitor Pauline Hanson Turns on White Rights Activists & Dissidents - Demands Ban of Nazi symbols
Capitol rioter and 'leader for Oath Keepers' is ex FBI section chief
Regularly using pot has harmful effects at ANY age a person starts
Archaeology: Room found where Roman emperor Hadrian held power breakfasts 1,900 years ago
Polish court orders historians to apologise over Holocaust book
'Out-of-control woke leftism and cancel culture' in US is a threat to FRANCE, French politicians say
School drops Winston Churchill and JK Rowling as house names after student consultation
Hospital tells midwives to use terms like 'birthing parents' and 'human milk'
Old AFL record shows Collingwood star Heritier Lumumba listed his nickname as 'The Chimp'
So-called World Health chiefs have become lickspittle witnesses in a Chinese charade
WHO investigators back China's claim AUSTRALIAN BEEF could have caused Covid-19
36 people developed rare blood disorder after covid vaccination
Democrats Demand Parler Reveal Its Investors and Creditors
Chinese Media Quote Fauci to Call U.S. Vaccine Drive Racist
Democrat Lawmakers Push Bill to Teach Children Difference Between Fake and Credible Media
Biden Allowing Illegal Aliens to Enter Country Without Testing
Deported Sex Offender Found Hiding in 138-Migrant Group at Border Checkpoint
'Mafia Methods': Pro-Migrant Protestors Target Politicians' Homes
Live breaking news: 100-year-old charged with Nazi concentration camp murders
Football: Collingwood president, racism report, press conference, reaction, parting message
Anthony Sowell: NIGGER serial killer who murdered 11 NIGRESSES dies in prison
Neo-Nazis to racist record labels: Mapping 20 years of Lehigh Valley hate group activity - nj.com
Officer Brian Sicknick was not beaten by a fire extinguisher: Why do the media continue to lie?
GOP Vows to Do ‘Exact Same Thing’ to Democrats - Chuck 'em Out!
San Francisco School Board Commissioner Calls Merit-Based Education 'Racist'
The Neoracists
Americans Shouldn't Be Treated Like ISIS Insurgents
Texas AG - ‘Out of control’ Biden ‘overstepping his constitutional role’ - YouTube
Fake Hate Crime: Swastikas painted in front of California campus’ Jewish fraternity house
Football: Waleed Aly, Lumumba video, The Project, Collingwood, racism bullshit
Sydney Chink Scammer Exposed
COVID-19 vaccine Australia: Getting the Shot Puts You at Risk
IGNORED BY THE MEDIA ELITES AND FBI: List of 20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th - All Appear to be Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups
Poker Player Details - Rudy Stanko
Sen Warren Rep Pressley Push Anti Racism in Public Health / Public News Service
Cori Bush slammed for hypocrisy after defending St. Louis prisoners' 'extremely violent' riot
Australia’s Far White: They All Be Terrorists!
Racism in Australia: Abo Elder Says All Whites Are Racist
Nolte: The Gloriously Inappropriate and Problematic 'Animal House'
After Joe Biden Picked Patrick Mahomes over Tom Brady, Buccaneers Crush Chiefs in Super Bowl
WATCH: Super Bowl LV Kicks Off with' Black National Anthem'
Woke Outrage as Few Scotland Players Kneel to BLM Before Rugby Win
Millions to be Jobless as Biden Packs Labor Force with Foreign Workers
Jewish Fraternity in California Targeted with Swastikas
NY State Employees Required to Have ‘Gender Identity Toolkit’ Training
Maxine Waters: I Have Never Glorified or Encouraged Violence Against Republicans
Chiefs Under Pressure to Ditch the Tomahawk Chop Celebration
Dem Rep. Pressley: Black Staff Cleaning Up After White Supremacists 'a Metaphor for America'
French Have Most Confidence in Le Pen to Tackle Islamist Separatism
Far-Left Activists Raise Cash for Antifa Terror Suspects' Court Costs
'Ultraviolent' Underage Migrants Causing Havoc in French Prisons
Microsoft Suspends Donations to Members Who Objected to Election
Facebook Censors Female Professor’s Book Critiquing ‘Toxic Femininity’
How a new wave of 'Nike bikies' have changed outlaw gangs forever
Republicans demand Nancy Pelosi be fined $5,000 for breaking her own metal detector rules
President Biden says his son Hunter's upcoming book 'gave me hope'
Andrew Neil hits out at 'woke warriors' trying to cancel new GB News station before it even starts
Heritier Lumumba and ex-Collingwood teammate get into heated online dispute
'Rats running everywhere': Dismayed top cop reveals what officers found in Australia's meth capital
Super Bowl 55 Covid Super Spreader! Not like BLM Acceptable Riots
Creativity: Ricin charges dropped against Georgia white supremacist
Creativity: Dismissing Charge -White Supremacist, Judge Throws Enforcement of Bioterrorism Law into Chaos
Creativity: Ricin charges dropped against Georgia white supremacist
Creativity: Ricin charges dropped against Georgia white supremacist
Arrest warrant sought for Kyle Rittenhouse after he disappears on prosecutors
Violent anti-White who punched a Nazi at Charlottesville rally gets fined $1
White Supremacists' Anti-Semitic and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments Often Intersect | Anti-Defamation League
Biden’s Nigger of Defense Is Moving to Purge the Military of White Supremacists
Democracy or the white supremacist mob: which side is the Republican party on?
Threats by white supremacists in state continue to be serious, officials say
White supremacy and American policing
Jewish Supremacists - Australia
'Vaccination certificates' on phones needed for shopping, work in Australia
'Will This Cr*p Ever End?': Gardening is Racist, Claims National Trust Prof
NY Wetback Who Impersonated Officer, Abducted Teen Girls Arrested
BLM Backers Want Captain Cook Statues Toppled, Streets Renamed
China Threatens Revenge After UK Bans Communist Propaganda Outlet
Biden Plans to Fuck Israel 'Have to Recognize Palestinian Statehood'
LOL! Marvel Comics to Edit 'Immortal Hulk' After Critics Call Artwork Anti-Semitic
University Pushes 'Decolonised Curriculum' to Replace Medieval English
Woman, 30, who suffered from acne since puberty claims a shower filter has cleared up her skin
Migration-Background Lawyers Accused of Leaking Police Info to Gang
253 Migrants Apprehended in One Hour Along Texas Border with Mexico
Nancy Pelosi Fines Two Republicans $5K over Metal Detectors - But Breaks Own Rules
Has 'gymnast chalk' cured my migraines?
New York Times Reporter Forced to Resign over Use of ‘N-word’
11 Iranians arrested in Arizona after jumping US-Mexico border
Josh Hawley's wife files criminal complaint over protest outside their Virginia home
Roger Stone claims he never left his DC hotel during insurrection
Billy Vunipola leads players who chose NOT to kneel against racism at Six Nations
Evan Rachel Wood claims Marilyn Manson hurled anti-Semitic abuse at her and drew swastikas
Lily Collins caught in a race-hate storm with furious fans of snubbed Michaela Coel 
115 prisoners take over St. Louis jail
NYPD hunt for subway slasher who attacked commuter
London stabbing blitz enters a second night as two men are knifed to death in 48 hours
Ex-MP NORMAN BAKER reveals the day anthrax was released in a tunnel on the Northern Line
Moorabin market: Man’s ’sickening’ and brazen act while buying fruit
Irish, Scottish ranked world’s favourite accents while Australia, American voted worst
Romania Orthodox Church baptism death: Six-week-old baby dies following ceremony
Australians are 'losing the ability to fight back' against socialist movements - YouTube
Critical Race Theory Is Coming for the Dogs: Katja Guenther's "The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals"
Pentagon orders pause across military to address extremism in its ranks
Democrats Working to Target Americans as Terrorists
Dems Embrace 'Dark Money' to Protect Biden, Congressional Majorities
LA Times Likens ‘Aggressive Niceness’ of ‘Trumpites’ to ‘Polite’ Nazis
Joe Biden Rescinds State, Localities Ability to Refuse Refugees
Time Magazine: 'Secret,' 'Well-funded Cabal' Worked to 'Protect' 2020 Election
Time Magazine Admit The Election was Rigged - YouTube
Border Patrol Releases More Migrants Into U.S. After Mexico Stops Taking Some Back
Biden set to boost US refugee admissions after Trump cut
Far-right extremism motion 'whited-out' by government
Charges filed fatal mall shooting in Wisconsin, Nigger at large
Rep. Ilahn Omar claims 'looney tune' white supremacist movement is taking over GOP base
Billy Roper - PayPal suspends account of neo-Nazi who was using the site to sell hate speech
With coup label, Capitol rioters join communist party and White supremacists, university project says
Speier Calls for Screening of Military Recruits’ Social Media Posts
Sailor with white supremacist past to be let go by the navy
ADL - Bitcoin, crowdfunding used by white supremacists, far-right extremists
Cori Bush demands accountability for every Republican who incited 'vile white supremacist attack
Israeli hackers take down KKK website and reveal information about white supremacist founders
Israeli hackers take down KKK website and reveal information about white supremacist founders
Capitol riot was a 'watershed' moment for White supremacist movement, ADL tells Congress
Dennis Sidorski, 'American Supremacist' Rioter, Charged After Ex-Employee Contacts FBI
Germany discloses names of Dutch SS veterans still receiving pensions for serving Hitler in WWII
Britain is putting its child spies in extreme danger... by a former top undercover cop
New York Times calls for MINISTRY OF TRUTH, urging Biden to appoint a ‘REALITY CZAR’
Words are violence. Voting is terrorism. Free speech is a threat. Where MSM can’t win, they’ll redefine
The establishment wants a Reality Czar in order to crush dissent and control people
‘PUT ALL THE CHICKEN IN THE BAG’: Nigger with Gun Demands Fried Chicken
Pentagon Orders Military-Wide ‘Stand-Down’ To Address ‘White Supremacy,’ Extremism In Ranks
‘Karen’ Is An Anti-White Racial Slur?
‘Karen’ is an anti-white slur
Congress holds taxpayer-funded group therapy session for AOC and pals, traumatized by Capitol raid
Politics is destroying Australian sport - It's the perfect way to ram woke views down ‘deplorables’ throats
Canada declares the Proud Boys a terrorist group, as BLM nominated for Peace Prize. Racial tensions explode
AOC compared to Jussie Smollett after her ‘near-death’ riot experience revealed as hiding from POLICE
Congress ‘QAnon’ purge is about outlawing dissent and anyone hoping to restore the Republic should hate it
I’ve been expelled from my barristers’ chambers over a tweet
India Considers Criminal Charges for Greta Thunberg over Farm Protest
Biden’s DOJ Drops Lawsuit Against Yale for Admissions Discrimination
Austin Calls for 'Stand Down' to Discuss White Extremism in the Military
Anti-White Bank of America Gave Private Customer Info to Federal Law Enforcement Without Consent
GOP Are 'Conspiracy Theorists and White Supremacists'
Refugee Contractors Cheer Biden Spiking Refugee Resettlement by 960%
CNN's Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo Defend AOC -- The Threat Doesn’t Have to Be Real for You to Believe It
Large Migrant Group in Mexico Boards Train for U.S.
Joe Biden's 'Catch and Release' Policy Opens the Southern Border
DREAM Act Would Offer Amnesty to Criminal Illegal Aliens
Biden Executive Order Gives Return to Normalcy for Cartel Human Smugglers, Says Fmr. Border Patrol Agent
Biden's Release of COVID-Untested Migrants 'Unconscionable,' Says Texas Democrat Senator
WaPo: ‘Demographic Changes’ Are ‘Transforming’ Georgia into Blue State
Biden Directs State Department to Work on Bringing More Refugees ASAP
'Paedo hunter' confronts driver he claims arranged to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex
Pub at centre of social media storm after signs were slammed as 'racist'
'Child' migrant stopped at Swedish border was actually woman, 60
AOC hits back at Republicans claiming she was never in the Capitol
Inside China's bold plan to build a $39BILLION city on Australia's doorstep
QI | What Did Mary Magdalene Do For A Living? - YouTube
'Climate Czar' John Kerry took Private Jet to Receive Environmental Award
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Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized with Paint and Feces, Say Idaho Police
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Armed Human Smuggler, 20 Migrants Arrested in West Texas near Border
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New implant could mean end of reading glasses 
Miracle as dog who was with man when he became lost in bushland for 18 days is found alive and well
Dog rescued from Chinese meat market after butcher had already cut her throat
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Democrats vote to start muscling $1.9T bailout package through without Republican support
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Jew Jeffrey Epstein cuddling a sleeping young girl
Ghislaine Maxwell gripes about prison conditions again demands access to laptop 
Jeffrey Epstein's estate has paid nearly $50million in compensation to victims
Coronavirus live updates: China 'shocked' at Canada's Wuhan Wu-Tang 'bat' T-shirt
One in four Australians say they will get COVID-19 vaccination
Minnesota police officer Mohamed Noor loses appeal over murder of Justine Ruszczyk
Fuckwit Lefty Peter Helliar sorry for damning video, reaction, The Project, Heritier Lumumba, Collingwood racism bombshell, Eddie McGuire, AFL news 2021
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Deported Sex Offender Arrested After Illegally Crossing Border into Texas
Second Wave of Haitian Migrants Arrive at West Texas Border
Texas Lawmakers File Bill to Ban Biological Males from Competing in Women's Sports
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Peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrators smash through barricade @ Rochester police station
Trump's impeachment lawyer David Schoen insists Capitol riot was 'nothing' to do with the President
Black Police officer who shot dead rioter Ashli Babbitt should not be charged, investigators say
Fuck Off! Tearful AOC is a survivor of sexual assault Republicans telling her move on from the Capitol riot
Joe Biden asks Supreme Court to put off cases on Trump's border wall and asylum policies
San Francisco teacher says Kike Bernie Sanders' mittens are a 'LESSON in WHITE PRIVILEGE'
'Conservative free speech is under attack': CEO who posted pic in front of Capitol decries boycott
Covid relief: Joe Biden seeks Republican support for $1.9T International Black Feminist Bill
Nigs: Rapper Uzzy Marcus' brother, 29, is charged with murdering two women and livestreaming aftermath
Trump-supporting Christian beauty influencer says she's been 'cancelled' by Sephora over her views
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Gooks: LOL moment female employee at an Asian bubble tea store is slapped in the face
CREATIVITY - NOT: Ex-alt right member shares story of change | News
US Border Patrol Agent Fatally Shoots Man Crossing Border Into Texas
MMA fighter Bec Rawlings says teen charged with killing couple in Brisbane crash made 'gang signs'
Sydney burger store owner forced to apologise over 'racist' Facebook post after Australia Day
Brighton Grammar deputy headmaster told students Australia Day was 'Invasion Day'
Insider slams Western Australia hotel quarantine security services
Joe Biden is considering revoking Trump's rights to be briefed on the nation's secrets
US murder rates in 2020 soar 30 per cent and have 'no modern precedent'
Black and Hispanic people are getting just HALF their share of COVID vaccines
More than HALF of Americans say they'll delay getting coronavirus vaccine or REFUSE it altogether
A few miles from Mar-a-Lago, white supremacists set up headquarters
Donald Trump did not invent far-right racism but he fanned the flames of white supremacists
Mushtaq: designate white supremacist groups as terrorist entities or curtail law enforcement power
‘You’re already labeled as a white supremacist gun person:’ Police video of Kyle Rittenhouse after he shots
Seth Rogen dubs Ted Cruz a ‘white supremacist fascist’ in Twitter clash
Proud Boys Unanimously Voted As White Supremacist Terrorist Group By Canadian Lawmakers
White supremacist Philip Arps accused of breaching release conditions
Singh's motion on designating white supremacists as terrorist passes unamimously
How Biden Is Erasing Trump's White Supremacist Legacy
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the GOP caucus has 'white supremacist sympathizers' at its core
Staff would quit if Fox News warned white supremacist terrorism is a dire threat
Terror list a ‘problematic’ way to fight white supremacists, civil society groups say
Xavier University: Black Lives Matter flag vandalized, White supremacist signs found
Patriot Front Stickers Found on Campus Where Black Lives Matter Flag Vandalized
Black Caucus to investigate 51 who ‘ambushed’ Zoom call with white supremacist language, symbols
RACIST! Apes, Robots and White Men: The life and death of the first space chimp
Unexploded WWII bombs force Germans to flee homes
Google, Facebook: News media bargaining code inquiry resumes
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Antony Blinken Orders LGBT Flags Flown at U.S. Embassies
Dems Want Big Corporations Acting as 'the Hand of the Government'
Twitter Axes Group for Hate Speech About HHS Official's Biological Sex
Sia Regrets Casting White Woman in Debut Feature Film: 'I'm Part of the Problem'
Left-wing Columnist: Put the Republican Party on Domestic Terror Watch List
The Hill: Higher Gun Sales Partly Due to 'Spotty Unrest'
Human Smuggling Effort On Texas Border Thwarted by Multi-Agency Effort
Shootouts, Armed Robberies Plague Border City in Mexico
Khan's London: Mohin Hussain Gets Short Sentence for Stabbing Police
Cheerleading Coach Quits After Being Accused of 'Microaggression' Against Black Cheerleader's Hairstyle
Prison Works: Decline in Malmo Murders Linked to Gangs Being Jailed
Brussels: 192 Islamic Terror-Related 'Entities' Shut Down Since 2014
18 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago
Texas Judge to Extend Curbs on Joe Biden's No-Deportation Policy
Large Group of Haitian Migrants Cross Border into Texas
New York Times columnist Charles Blow calls for 'reverse Great Migration'
Biden and Harris are no-Joe areas for SNL as show completely avoids them in first episode of 2021
Extradition request to be issued to India for a 'person of interest' in Toyah Cordingley murder
Calamvale park: Shocking words allegedly uttered to two 15-year-old girls 'gang raped by ten men'