Racial News to Use - 2020 February

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Pet owners share heartwarming transformation shots of emaciated rescue dogs
Aliens stole my bog-roll: Astronomers find the first evidence fast radio bursts follow a set pattern
OK to abuse Whites: Calls for Raptor 13 to be sacked after abusing Muslim women 
NZ Nigs: Cheer team is suspended for the rest of the year after getting into a brawl with another squad
Paki quack, gets three life sentences for 90 sexual offences
Mother-of-two 'called a transgender woman a man and a racist in a series of offensive tweets'
Patients at Wuhan's coronavirus hospital are given TURTLES for dinner
My life in 'Camp Corona': Teacher who was stranded in Wuhan tells of reality of life in quarantine
Is coronavirus ten times WORSE than feared?
Pangolins could be the link that enabled coronavirus to spread from bats to humans
Australian couple are stranded at sea on ANOTHER coronavirus cruise on Holland America vessel
Journey of cruise ship passenger who was infected with coronavirus
World is facing a 'chronic shortage' of protective equipment in the fight against coronavirus
China orders Wuhan to round up ALL suspected coronavirus patients in quarantine camps
Racist Abuse: Liam Gallagher's son and grandson of Jewish Beatle Ringo Starr in court
Plane set to fly hundreds of Australians home from coronavirus-stricken Wuhan is delayed
Blame Whitey: Court told racist Instagram comment sparked alleged bashing of student at McDonald's
Coronavirus: What the virus does to your body
Why wearing jeans on planes could help during a plane crash
Coronavirus cases in Australia: Latest evacuees headed for Darwin camp as cruise ship remains in quarantine
Coronavirus: Secure quarantine camps worldwide where evacuees are housed
Coronavirus: China cases to ‘double every six days’
Coronavirus in China: Doctors warned to protect eyes as researchers blame pangolin for spread
Coronavirus: Racism towards Chinese spreads alongside virus
Virginia lawmakers pass protections for LGBTQ people
90 federal charges filed against El Paso Walmart mass shooting suspect
Melbourne council to spend $20,000 of ratepayers' money on Australia Day 'mourning ceremony'
The Truth: Ethics teacher tells students the Stolen Generations was a result of poor parenting 
KILL THESE FUCKERS! Couple adopt 'lovable' dog from Russian animal shelter - then 'beat it to death and COOK it at home'
Live exports will GROW despite summer ban on voyages triggered by horror footage of sheep dying
Abo thug who 'attacked a schoolgirl outside McDonald's' posts sick Facebook rant
Nigger parasite hates White men begs strangers for money so she can fly to the U.S and be niggers
Bill Cosby tweets Snoop Dogg from prison in defense of the rapper's criticism of Gayle King
Not a White Statue: Aboriginal Stolen Generation Memorial vandalised in vile attack
Parents left fearful after HUNDREDS of children might have been exposed to deadly coronavirus
Next group of Australians evacuated from coronavirus ground zero Wuhan will go to MINES near Darwin
Coronavirus China: Cases of infected being locked up or beaten
Coronavirus Dr Preeya Alexander reveals whether you should really wear a mask
WHO says coronavirus has NOT peaked in China despite first drop in new cases
New push to set up English classes for refugees 70 per cent jobless year after arriving in Australia
US to Track White Dissenters World Wide
FBI: Peaceful Dissenting Whites Same Threat as ISIS
Coronavirus China: 70 more deaths in Hubei province
Coronavirus: Video claims to show Chinese police forcing a person into a van
Coronavirus: Students in isolation at the University of Sydney
Coronavirus cases in Australia: Fifth case confirmed in Queensland
Coronavirus in China: ‘Hero’ doctors, nurses thanked as hospitals scramble for supplies
How can coronavirus spread? Scientists face five key questions
Nigger Fag: Civil rights icon Bayard Rustin posthumously pardoned after conviction on sodomy law
Black supremacist rugby league players force national anthem to be SCRAPPED
Melbourne Uber driver refuses to pick up Asian passenger over fears of coronavirus
World's peak health body is worried Indonesia isn't doing enough to guard against disease 
Virgin Australia drops services to Hong Kong as protests, coronavirus bite
Coronavirus is far from under control, and the threat to the global economy is growing
When Niggers Attack: Teenage student has teeth knocked out in alleged bashing at McDonald's outlet
When Niggers Attack: Mother pleads for help after daughter viciously beaten outside a McDonald's in Adelaide
Facial Recognition Technology: All Niggers Look the Same
Model who claims Harvey Weinstein masturbated in front of her takes witness stand
Alan Jones accuses new Greens leader Adam Bandt of having 'PhD in hate speech and personal attacks'
Catholic woman is acquitted of blasphemy for taking a dog into a mosque in Indonesia
White Canadian woman moved to Cuba with Mestizo boyfriend found dead in a suitcase
Acquitted! Donald Trump is not guilty on impeachment charges
Racist coronavirus event at Melbourne nightclub Pawn & Co cancelled after backlash
More slant-eyed coronavirus evacuees arrive on Christmas Island after Air New Zealand flight from Wuhan
Coronavirus victims attended Adelaide auction, real estate office closed as precaution
Tokyo Olympics organisers have 'serious concerns' over novel coronavirus threat
China coronavirus fears prompts desperate tourists to try and extend their Australian holidays
Have 'real' coronavirus death figures been leaked? Chinese conglomerate lists death toll at 24,589
FOURTEENTH coronavirus case in Australia is confirmed in Queensland
Chinese baby born to a Wuhan coronavirus patient is diagnosed with the disease
Australian real estate agent details his escape from Wuhan
Coronavirus exposes Australia's racist underbelly
Chinkytown: Sydney streets and restaurants are deserted as businesses close for good amid coronavirus
Melbourne CBD: Sand-Nigger incident on Flinders Street delays trams
Coronavirus Australian cases: Five isolated in Gold Coast hospital as government prepares for more evacuees
Coronavirus official tally: Tencent deleted image sparks doubt about cases
Coronavirus map: How misinformation about virus spread
Police searching for two niggers accused of spitting on, robbing a 60-year-old man on CTA bus
Scott Morrison will set up a veterans suicide commission
Here's the story of Mad Mike, the 'wild goose' who crashed to earth 
The ludicrous woke luvvies can lecture us all they like
Jew Epstein's net worth is estimated at a whopping $634 million
Jewish ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff says that he is dying from kidney disease
Fourteen children are killed and 39 injured in a STAMPEDE at their primary school in Kenya 
Tourist in Bali warns of terrifying trap that saw him lose $300 while getting a massage
Canadians opposed to paying for Sussexes´ security
Aya Hishmeh is accused of 'seeking revenge' by murdering a teenager and injuring four others in WA
Millions of rabies-infected dogs being slaughtered for meat in 'drowning pits' in Cambodia
Police destroy shelters and move on 427 illegal aliens from city's last makeshift refuge 'overrun by rats'
Horrifying images show devastating health effects illegal tropical nut boom Australia black markets
Chinese student lied to enter Australia defying coronavirus ban
Chinkytown/Eastwood in Sydney's north west has become a ghost town amid fears of the deadly coronavirus
Wuhan medic: there are more coronavirus deaths than reported
Eight-year-old boy becomes the THIRTEENTH confirmed coronavirus case in Australia 
Asian woman wearing a face mask on a packed Sydney train is blasted for putting her bare feet on the seat 
Australians evacuated from Wuhan to Christmas Island say rooms are cockroach infested
Chinese students at Australian schools are being segregated to prevent coronavirus outbreak
Sydney Chinky chemist jacks mask prices up to $400 for a pack of 50
Michigan State University apologizes for display of black figures hanging on tree
Illegal Dot Heads Coming to America
Twitter admits Israel exploited phone number matching feature | Engadget
Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of helping Epstein, reportedly hides in Israel - The Jerusalem Post
China accused the US of spreading global 'fear' over the Wuhan coronavirus, which has now killed 362 people | Business Insider
Borders are Racist: The Supreme Court made the African ban possible.
Armed niggers scramble at a Melbourne train station after 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death
Three quarters of Canadians still do NOT want to pay for parasites Harry and Meghan's security
Cruise ships around the world will ban anyone who has recently travelled to China
Chinese government 'will spray disinfectant on an entire CITY tonight'
Hundreds of animal carcasses including raccoons and EAGLES are seized by Chinese police
Chinese doctor is detained after warning on social media of 'a SARS-like flu at a Wuhan market'
China's coronavirus DID come from bats, study claims
Experts: You won't catch coronavirus from packages from China
Coronavirus: Chinese man arrested filming hospital body bags
Streatham terrorist Sudesh Amman: Beheading demand
Coronavirus: Dangerous ‘infodemic’ spreading fake information online, WHO warns
Coronavirus Australia: Qantas evacuation flight from Wuhan lands at Christmas Island
Coronavirus: China officials in Wuhan criticised for response to outbreak
Brooklyn park to be Renamed after Trans FREAK
Jewish Supremacists in a rush to ban displays of Nazi swastika
Far-left Antifa vows to bring chaos to New York in anti-cop rally - as Donald Trump Jr says 'too late, the mayor has been doing that for years'
Bulgaria is losing its identity as European nation
Nigger hired hitman to kill his mom, used her cash to customize car, gets sentenced 99 years in jail
'He was not a god': Disney heiress goes on 24-tweet rant blasting Kobe Bryant over rape allegations
Videos show armed police approach Streatham 'terrorist' lying on pavement then suddenly BACK OFF
Officials were warned in DECEMBER against freeing terrorist Sudesh Amman early
Sudesh Amman, 20, had bomb making manuals and urged his girlfriend to kill her own parents
Suspect in Streatham terror attack is named as Sudesh Amman
London terror attack: Evacuation orders rejected by woman in cafe
Parasite Prince Harry & Ho's security sent to buy watermelon & fried chicken
Prince William has a problem with White people
Parasite Prince William bitches about Whitey
Nigger Central: Mums claim teenagers are having sex and doing drugs inside parents room in Melbourne shopping centre
Mud rapist who told an eight-year-old girl to 'think of it as a lollipop' during abuse set to WALK FREE
Sydney dad whose teen daughter claimed a mud courier groped her breast speaks after not guilty verdict
Tech giants have turned San Francisco into a dystopian nightmare
Sydney hotel now a secret coronavirus isolation unit
Philippines records first coronavirus death as number killed in China rises by 45 in just 24 HOURS
Peter Dutton urges Australians to reconsider ALL overseas travel to protect against coronavirus 
Thai medics claim coronavirus break-through: Patient is declared 'disease-free' in 48 hours
Face masks DON'T protect against coronavirus, say experts
Coronavirus China travel ban to hurt Australian economy
Coronavirus outbreak: How to avoid catching the virus on a plane
Coronavirus: What Australia is doing to stop the virus
Coronavirus China: Virus claims 57 lives in one day
Abos: A Culture of Murder
Coronavirus travel restrictions block arrivals from China, as Government warns visas could be cancelled
As people resort to using bras and grapefruit, can ANY mask really protect you from the coronavirus?
Coronavirus footage from inside a hospital has emerged
Genetic makeup of 12-year-old Angolan boy in dispute
Convicted Child Molester Out Of Prison Because They’re Transgender, No Longer A Threat, Government Says
36 immigrants found concealed inside Texas dump truck, police say
Trump impeachment: Senate votes to reject additional witnesses
Outrage at BBC Horrible Histories for 'trashing Britain'
French schoolgirl is told to go into hiding after she receives death threats for insulting Islam
France's left-wing elite are accused of cowardice for failing to support 16-year-old girl
Kindhearted animal lover shares astonishing transformation snapshots of stray dogs
Bernie Sanders told ninth graders that US actions in Vietnam were 'as bad as what Hitler did'
Child sex-swap cases soar by 330 per cent in just five years at Australian transgender clinic
Jews Did It: British teen 'gang raped' in Cyprus tells her full story
New book tells the story of an elite band of ex-special forces who wreaked havoc around the world
Chinese travellers BANNED from entering Australia due to coronavirus two new cases bring total to 12
Eighth case of coronavirus confirmed as man in Boston is diagnosed
China's isolation continues as coronavirus death toll reaches 259
American Airlines removes passenger wearing GAS MASK after he panicked the other fliers
China asks EU for medicine supplies to battle coronavirus outbreak
X-rays show effect that killer virus had on 33-year-old's vital organs
One of UK coronovirus cases is a student at the University of York
Worried Chinese tourists don face masks to visit Windsor Castle
British scientist, 42, races against time to invent a vaccine that will stop coronavirus deaths
Sydney restaurant slammed for 'insensitive' joke about the killer coronavirus outbreak
Queensland Government BANS children who have been in China from attending school 
China repatriates citizens to Wuhan which is in Coronavirus lockdown
Coronavirus outbreak: ‘Patient Zero’ could hold the answers to a cure
Coronavirus: China death toll rises to 259, total infected to 11,791
Coronavirus: South Australia confirms first cases
Coronavirus: Dogs and cats thrown from apartments due to rumour
Coronavirus: Qantas suspends flights; China arrivals banned, 12 cases in Australia
White House task force on coronavirus another example of Trump administration's lack of diversity
Huge neon swastika hanging from the fence of a property sparks outrage - until police step in
Revolting Jewish family kicked off an American Airline flight for body odor are now suing for discrimination
Mother trying to force transition her son into girl loses in court as judge orders parents joint custody
Virologist warns coronavirus could become deadlier as Qantas waits to fly Australians out of Wuhan 
Coronavirus: Anti-Racist Mother Turns Violent
Gook grandparents jailed for incinerating their 11-month-old grandson in stove Russia 
Chinese markets STILL sell wild animals amid coronavirus crisis
Where Australians are most at risk of being exposed to deadly coronavirus as the disease spreads
Horrific footage of a yelping dog being barbecued alive at a Chinese market is shared by activists
Communities in China threaten to kill pets due to coronavirus
Seventh American diagnosed with coronavirus as US declares public health emergency
Inside the UK Coronavirus quarantine centre on the Wirral
China coronavirus: Hong Kong unions to strike if border not shut
Chinatown to ghost town: London's famous district is deserted as coronavirus fear spreads
Asian-Australians say they have been racially abused over the coronavirus outbreak
Chinese put swastika on Danish flag after its PM refuses to apologise for coronavirus China flag
Australians pay far more than foreigners for life's necessities 
Vile prank on Katie Hopkins because she's "RACIST!"
Brexit: Visas, passports, trade, currency – What will change when the UK leaves the EU?
Brexit: UK officially leaves European Union three years after Brexit referendum
Coronavirus explainer: What we know, how it’s spread
Coronavirus: Chinese official admits remorse over virus spread
Coronavirus ‘pandemic’: Ways to stop the spread of deadly virus
Michigan nigresse who allegedly bit off part of man’s tongue while kissing gets charged
Liberal Retard Warren vows that ‘young trans person’ will choose her Secretary of Education
NZ - Nigger Neighbour: 'You're a nark, you're dead': Man threatens neighbour with spear and patu in meth-fueled rage
Religious discrimination bill gives Australians 'right to be a bigot'
Australia: Labor MP Accused of Anti-Semitism Sues Jewish Supremacist Liberal MP for Defamation
Section of Donald Trump's new border wall is blown down during 37MPH wind in Cali
Rebel bikie pleads guilty to bashing child sex offender at Adelaide Watch House
Young Australian cricket stars are accused of racism after mocking Indian fans on Instagram
Nazi-themed beer sparks fury in Germany where it is 'flying off the shelves' 
Sex monster refugee, 40, who raped a pensioner is jailed
Nigger: Horrific footage shows woman clinging to car for eight blocks before being crushed to death