Racial News to Use - 2019 October

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Police Killings by Race - Image
The Color of Crime: Black People 4.46 Times More Likely to Kill a Police Officer Than Other Ethnicities
Grossly misleading claims about black teens being "vastly more likely to be killed by police than whites even after adjusting for crime rates" - Crime Prevention Research CenterCrime Prevention Research Center
Green-Face now as racist as Black-Face
Jealous Nigger decapitated his White girlfriend
Chinese farmer amputates his own FINGER after he was bitten by a venomous snake
Live pigs are used as crash test dummies and killed in China
Abo Murderer: Aiia Maasarwe's family leave The Project panel in tears after interview about her life and death
Anti-White: Press Council Adjudication 
Anti-White: Who's keeping an eye on Australia's media watchdog?
Gook Cries "RACIST!" Gets Sued for Defamation
China’s Uighur prison camps: 23 countries condemn persecution at United Nations
Body of missing UK backpacker Amelia Bambridge found in Cambodia
Trinity College Cambridge 1895 entrance exam stumps Twitter
Black Privilege: Anger as critic of Grampians climb ban banished - Google Search
Black Privilege: Anger as critic of Grampians climb ban banished
South Carolina Nigger says he stabbed woman because he was afraid she would feed him to zombies
David Cole Interviews Dr.Franciszek Piper aka DAVID COLE AT AUSCHWITZ
WhatsApp Claims That an Israeli Tech Firm’s Spyware Targeted Human-Rights Activists and Journalists
Cognizant, a Facebook content moderation vendor, is reportedly quitting the business
Evil Whitey: Australia can have a racism problem and multicultural food scene at the same time
Standard Police Treatment of White People Gets Coppers Charged With RACISM When it's Afghans
ALEX BRUMMER: Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist politics of envy would bankrupt the UK 
Man's stomach is turned into a human beer keg due to a rare condition
Wetback pleads guilty to killing his White cheerleader girlfriend, 17
Inside a city under siege where armed Abos as young as EIGHT rob and bash locals
Epstein's body had strangulation marks, claims medical examiner
FFS! Kmart announces the release of RACIST same-sex family doll sets
White teen found murdered after robbing Alabama hotel with BLACK boyfriend claimed he was abusive
Die Wetback! Police shoot up minivan after 'drunk' suspect fires first
Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy report summary is released with pictures showing his bone fracture
Batman: Hollywood Made Police Commissioner Jim Gordon BLACK
LOL! Mud woodchipper death: Ex-wife suggests suicide
Malaysian woman who blackmailed melbourne couple with pictures of dying baby girl to be deported
Videos show Abo crime spree in Northern Australia
Sydney: Dodgy Indian College hit with $4 million in penalties
Siti Kamal: Malaysian woman behind blackmail hoax fronts court
Nearly 475,000 migrant families arrested at the US-Mexico border -- up 342 percentPolitics
Nearly 475,000 migrant families arrested at the US-Mexico border -- up 342 percentPolitics
Coons: Dogs 'starving and neglected' in far north Queensland Indigenous community
Rugby World Cup 2019: New Zealand call for All Blacks to axe haka
Jeffrey Epstein’s death ‘looks like murder, not suicide’
Barack Obama doesn't like White SJW's
Pictured: Evil Whitey wanted after racist abuse in FA Cup match
Hating Whitey: Elle Germany is slammed as racist for 'back to black' issue
Internet Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for protection against Hate on the Web
Jews Bitch: Nazi war memorabilia sold at Armitage Auctions in Launceston Tasmania, including swastika medals
Princess Diana's mother called her a WHORE for dating Muslims
Bulshit! Navy SEAL demoted in rank, loses $200k in retirement after posing with corpse of captive
England FINED for V-shape response to New Zealand's haka
WGF! 5,000 infected ISIS militants in Syrian jails plead to be sent home
LOL Wetbacks: Murder & Cutting Out Fetus
Truck deaths: Police hunt Christopher Hughes, Ronan Hughes
Dave Chappelle defends freedom of speech from ‘cancel culture’, First Amendment
Rugby World Cup 2019: England fined for haka response
Swastika destroyed in Valley View case of mistaken identity
Slavery reparations poll: 75% of African Americans support reparations. 15% of white Americans do
Texas Taco fractures mother’s skull with 10-inch crucifix: police
Migrants in tractor-trailer can’t hide from alert U.S. Border Patrol canine
Pride of lions killed poachers who chopped them up for their body parts in South Africa
The unsuspecting places covered in drugs - after Adelaide was named meth capital of the world 
Delivery driver is captured on camera destroying what he thought was a swastika outside a home
Amelia Bambridge: 6 men arrested over missing British backpacker of in Cambodia
Ricky Gervais to pay compensation for using an unauthorised Aboriginal artwork in Netflix show
Abo Crime: Codey Herrmann is jailed for raping and murdering student Aiia Maasarwe in Melbourne
Truck deaths: Gook previously deported from UK
'No Safe Spaces' Film 'Wake-Up Call to the Greatest Crisis in American History Since Slavery'
NYC Exports Homeless Without Telling Receiving Cities
74 Miles of Border Wall Completed, 158 More Under Construction
Nolte: 'Experts' Wrong Again as 'Joker' Becomes Biggest R-Rated Movie Ever
Biden Falsely Claims He ‘Got Started Out’ at a Historically Black University
Thomas: 'Different Sets of Rules' for Criticizing Black Conservatives
Thousands of Children Subjected to FGM in Ireland, Experts Warn
Good News! Antisemitic Beliefs Rising Among German 'Elites'
Khan's London: BBC Anchor Has Home Invaded While at Home with Wife
Nigger Charged with Assault After Punching Man Outside Trump Rally
Alan Jones attacks Meghan and Harry over documentary where she admits struggling with the spotlight
Hundreds of Commonwealth Games niggers who refused to return home have asylum applications rejected
How Australia's political leaders are keeping public in the dark about Chinese warships in Sydney
Professor lashes out as Oxford becomes latest university to insist on 'jazz hands' at student events
Hating Whitey: Aboriginal activists demand rename Australia
Dumb wetback hiding meth in car tire after he said he'd seen YOGI BEAR in Yellowstone Park
Germany's far-right AfD party beats Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats in regional election
French police arrest two Romanian lorry drivers
3 arrested in Philadelphia shootings of 2 children
Nigger Crime: Bride-to-be stabbed days after proposal, then buried in her unworn wedding dress
Mud Smugglers: Eight hypothermic Afghan migrants rescued from refrigerated UK-bound lorry
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead: ISIS leader killed in Syria, Trump video
The great hate crime HOAX
Mud Life: Sickening people trafficker offers to smuggle an undercover reporter to London for £14k
How to eat right for YOUR age: What's good (or bad) for you all depends on your stage of life
Muslim researcher has 30 papers retracted, loses job
Marijuana has been legal in Canada for a year. So why are most users still buying it from criminals?
Tourism pioneer Peter Severin laid the chain up Uluru. He predicts it will return
Muslim's abuse at police and paramedics before he 'assaulted a cop'
Bed Bath and Beyond pulls ‘blackface’ Halloween pumpkins from shelves
Uluru: Elders reflect closing Uluru climb battle
Muslim Bastards: Visually impaired woman refused Uber trip
How to perform the life-saving Heimlich Manoeuvre on your choking dog
Grotesque life-size model reveals side effects of office work | Photo
Uluru climb: The world is Anti-White - NY Times, BBC
Shoplifting nigger gang Steals Purses, Robs Shopper At Northbrook Court
Second nigger charged in connection with Illinois trooper shooting
House where Illinois State trooper was shot had drugs, guns
Nigger Sought in Weekend Shooting in Carbondale | WSIU
Nazi menace has returned to Europe with rise of far-right extremism
HoloHOAX: Nazi, 93, facing war crimes watched prisoners being led to death in gas chambers
Mud Life: Jealous Muslim beat sister's admirer to death in 'honour killing' then fled to America
Girl, 15, missing for a year is found alive after her mother discovers porn videos of her online
Ray Romano expresses concern over state of politically correct comedy
Police wont charge wombat murrdering Abo cop - Black Privilege
China says its Muslims 'are enjoying unprecedented human rights and freedoms'
McDonald’s slammed for Halloween decorations showing man hanged from tree
China nationals: Bodies found after journey from Belgium to UK
UK truck deaths: Fourth person arrested as Mo Robinson remains in custody
Mike Pesca on how Mark Zuckerberg should spend his time.
China Blames Whitey: Illegals dead in truck container
Brexit: Northern Ireland could be in a different time zone to Great Britain
Lazio fans make fascist salute as they march through Glasgow ahead of Celtic match
Nando's customers blast restaurant over 'racist' picture by BLACK artist
Chinese 'snakehead' gang hunted over deaths of 39 migrants in Essex lorry
Muslim rapists groomed young girls who they 'used and abused at will' - Examiner Live
Antarctic ice shelf collapses may be inevitable as they have been melting too quickly for 300 years
Report documents decades of abuse by Colorado's Catholic priests
Judge rules James Younger's dad can have say in transition
Franco's supporters throw fascist salutes as dictator's body is exhumed
Gangs smuggle people in refrigerated lorries to beat thermal cameras
Muslim pervert posed as a modelling scout using the name 'Hijab House' tricked girls
African children found in Belfast 'had travelled to Northern Ireland in a shipping container'
PAUL BRACCHI reveals how ruthless criminal gangs exploit China's poor
Shocking photos of Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill revealed
Majority of Americans 'think the country is on the brink of civil war and blame Trump' for division
Muslim, 16, is charged with threatening to kill Jewish boy forced to kiss Muslim's shoe
Britain lorry deaths: Properties raided in Northern Ireland
Jewish schoolboy bullying case: 16-year-old Muslim charged
Franco exhumation: Spanish dictator's remains being moved - BBC News
Adelaide has the highest use of methamphetamine out of any city in the WORLD
LOL! Thunberg mural defaced by pro-oil fan who declared that 'foreigners should just shut up'
Nigger charged in church shooting accused of assaulting lawyer
Aboriginal actress targeted in racist outburst at supermarket slams 'whitefellas' who criticised her
Police raid homes in Northern Ireland as detectives probe journey of lorry driver
Facebook: AOC grills Mark Zuckerberg over Cambridge Analytica
Pronoun plods cross (thin blue) line - Google Search
Pronoun plods: virtue-signalling police force crosses (thin blue) line
Uluru closure: $10,000 fine for climbing after ban | Video
Student’s ‘Satanic’ art project draws outrage from Christians
Ahmad Al-Rashid, BBC: Syrian man travelled in refrigerated truck to UK
Adelaide records highest level of meth use in worldwide study
Truck driver arrested after 39 found dead in refrigerated lorry
Judge apologises to father as he bans him from seeing his children
Ethiopian refugee rapist who 'roamed UK for victims' jailed for life
Man arrested at museum in southern France | Saint-Raphael
Uluru’s owners face future without climb
Norway plays down terror fears
The British Tribe Next Door reality show accused of racism
Michael Leunig: Outrage over cartoon showing mum looking at her phone
Essex: 39 bodies found in truck in UK, driver arrested
Quentin Tarantino shows how to get past China's CCP censors
California High School Students Appear To Sing Nazi Marching Song, Give Sieg Heil Salute In Instagram Video
Pacifica High School Students Sang Nazi Song and Gave Hitler Salute
David Koch Inherited His Millions From His Pro-Nazi Father, Who Helped Adolf Hitler Build An Oil Refinery
China trumpets tech power at 6th World Internet Conference, signalling a 'digital arms race'
Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo says 'dark forces' behind his $141m tax bill
Peter Dutton: Home affairs minister takes aim at Victorian premier over China discussions
Preschool 'brainwashes' children to demand Aboriginal flag to be flown on Sydney Harbour Bridge
Islamic State brides in Syria are claiming to be Australian so the can move to the country
Most Australians say ISIS brides and their children SHOULDN'T be allowed to come home
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg condemns Vickers an Hoad's auction of Nazi-era memorabilia
Melbourne and Geelong mass arrest leads to 40 niggers charged with high-impact crime
Tamil family are costing Australian taxpayers $30MILLION
LOL! Asylum seeker dies by suicide at Lakemba's Darul Ulam mosque in Sydney's south-west
Canberra Olympic Pool introduces program for men and women only sessions 
Asylum-Seeking Mexicans Are Increasingly Replacing Central Americans at U.S. Border
Clothing co. gets attention with billboard of hog-tied...
White policeman 'repeatedly punches nigger in the head' during arrest
Kyle Sandilands investigated by human rights commissioner after Virgin Mary joke
Maythem Kamil Radhi charged over allegedly smuggling people on Siev-X boat where 350 died
Terrifying moment savage NIGGERS smash up a bottle shop in Melbourne
Quentin Tarantino REFUSES to recut Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for Chinese censors
Racist Irish fans sing through All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup in Japan
Dykes Hate Men: Australia’s ‘lesbian vampire killer’
Phillip Galea: Court hears claims he planned to target police with snake venom-dipped arrows
Uluru climb ban: Tourists question controversial rule change
Mobster Anthony Raimondi claims he helped kill Pope John Paul I
Rugby World Cup 2019 New Zealand vs Ireland, fans sing through haka video
"British" Muslims Demand Removal of BBC Documentary on Islamic Sex Trafficking.
How to delete your Google Assistant recordings
star wars stormtrooper costume banned at DuckDuckGo
Nearly 1/5 of Sweden's population is now foreign-born
Utrikes födda i Sverige
Video: Gender Studies Professor Blames Trump For Black Female Obesity
South Park takes aim at LeBron James and pokes fun at his controversial comments about China
White woman dubbed 'Swing Set Susan' hurls profanities at a group of Hispanic teens
Mexican president says the army released El Chapo's son to prevent all-out war
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: White Activits = Hate Speech. Kill Whitey = Free Speech
Texas home invasion, US: Niggers murder Australian father
Minoans wiped out by immigration and cultural genocide
NBA boss Adam Silver 'refused China's demand to fire Rockets GM Morey over Hong Kong tweet'
Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre's defamation case to proceed
Mel Gibson goes shopping in Australia - After donating MILLIONS to Jewish Charity
Manodh Mud appealing sentence after holding passengers hostage with a fake bomb
Identity of nigger that fell from plane over London still unknown
Uluru climb ban: White Privilege vs Black Ownership
ABC News’ ‘slaughter in Syria’ footage is really from a Kentucky gun range - YouTube
ABC Apologizes for Showing Video From U.S. Gun Range in Report on Syria - The New York Times
New Hampshire church shooting: The accused nigger is facing more charges, prosecutors say
WHITE GIRL named ‘most beautiful in the world’ | Photo
Nigger: Brisbane car crash: Fatal crash driver accused of dog act charged
Nigger mother of 44 kids banned from having any more children
Melbourne terror plot: Islamic State devotees shop at Bunnings
Victor D. Hanson: What to Do Against the Intolerant Left - YouTube
Oded Yinon at DuckDuckGo
Beware solar storms, scientists warn
"Gangs" Of "All-Male" Muslim Refugees “Take Over” Stockholm Train Station; Steal, Grope, Beat Women
Nigger Crime: Britain’s first acid killer doused mum just weeks before deadly attack on nurse
Inside Bulgarian neo-Nazi plot to 'ambush' England players with vile race hate
Asian tax office scammers with eftpos machine and fake 'Federal Police' jacket knock on man's door
Gook supermarket worker stole hundreds of tins of baby formula worth $15,000 to fund gambling
Australia's conservative movement leader Liz Storer vows to take down Extinction Rebellion activists
NBA Niggers Pander to China
Sand-Nigger shows up at police station with a body in his car and confesses to killing FOUR relatives
Google chief says people should warn visitors of smart speakers in their homes 
University of Manchester students want Gandhi statue to be scrapped
Inside Bulgaria's 'Lauta Army': The radical hooded hooligan gang who abused England's black players
Dumb niggress Atatiana Jefferson grabbed her gun because she feared white cop who shot her dead
Gook brain surgeon Charlie Teo's daughter, 24, banned from driving over car crash
Anti-White Social Media: Facebook's online workers are sick of being treated like bots
Black woman tells Jewish Men in Black writer not to 'mansplain' when offering to clear up a film question
Jewish Nigger Zoe Kravitz cast as Catwoman in Batman
Sand-Nigger terror plotter's father told him 'you are not my son', court hears
Aged care Australia: Drugs used as ‘chemical restraints’ to control seniors
LOL @ Faggots: Mother of man, 28, who died after injecting his scrotum with silicone sues his five boyfriends
Australian universities are helping China build surveillance state
British family are held in US jail after they accidentally drove through Canada border
Mark Zuckerberg has off-the-record talks with conservatives after Trump threatens to sue Facebook
England's Euro 2020 qualifier in Bulgaria halted due to alleged racist abuse
Right wing extremist accused of terror plot 'wrote online guide to incite anti-Muslim attacks'
Babysitters share secrets about 'seemingly normal' families
The Porno Jew Revisited - White Nations Forum
Mexico military police halt migrant caravan on its way to U.S.
Racists Are Recruiting - Watch Your White Sons
America's Coming Mirror-Image Pavlik Morozov Cult: Parents Turning In Their "White Sons" For Racism
Al-Hawl, Syria: IS brides and soldiers threaten to escape camps
Scott Morrison in Fiji: Bob Hawke’s daughter weighs in on photo
Nigger: Samuel Little named the most prolific serial killer in US history
Peter Dutton’s China attack: “Just stating facts”, Matt Canavan says
Anti-Woke Students Burn SJW Book on White People
Five stabbed in ‘random’ shopping centre attack in Manchester | NT News
Maryland MS-13 members, illegal immigrants plead guilty to 2 grisly murders
Disabled teen allegedly raped by employee at her Massachusetts school
ICE: Illegal immigrant targeted alleged rape victim again after release
Hanoi Jane Fonda arrested
Peter Dutton rips into China over university influence, intellectual property
Five stabbed in ‘random’ shopping centre attack in Manchester
Dead Jew: Anti-White hate-crime psychologist is brutally killed in her South African home
‘A mass migrant invasion awaits A - Google Search
Climate change ‘will induce a mass migrant invasion of Australia’
Australian Native Mud Crime
Germany synagogue shooting: Gunman kills two in attack
Satellite images show China has destroyed dozens of Muslim graveyards
Disgusting moment a PIGEON is filmed eating off counter of a popular Vietnamese restaurant
Leave.EU apologises and deletes 'racist' tweet of Angela Merkel calling her a 'Kraut'
Black Privilege: Abo found guilty of hacking meat off a LIVE COW in Darwin
Breaking News: Fat Ugly Nigger Gets a Job
Convicted BLACK rapist David Gundari arrested after going on the run in Northern Territory
Black Privilege: Father who jabbed another parent in the face during a kids' footy game AVOIDS jail
New signs on Bourke Street Melbourne warn pedestrians of smoking ban
Yom Kippur gunman kills two people in attack on German synagogue
Woman discriminated against for being White at work
Girl dies from E. coli poisoning after staying at ‘disgusting’ Turkey hotel
Indian busted trying to cheat in Skype job interview | Video
United Nations could run out of money by November, Secretary General Antonio Guterres warns
Climate freaks ‘hurting’ their cause in Australia with disruption
TV shows will have to meet racial quotas to win Baftas
Black Privilege: Wombat killing cop Waylon Johncock still on duty a week after disturbing footage
Felicity Huffman's Desperate Housewives castmate Ricardo Chavira SLAMS sentence as 'white privilege'
The Bachelorette: Kyle Sandilands asks Angie Kent if there are any 'blacks'
Kerri-Anne Kennerley rants about Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters on Studio 10
Extinction Rebellion: Kerri-Anne Kennerley says use protesters as ‘speed bump’
Trump impeachment: White House won’t comply with ‘illegitimate’ inquiry
Sport: All Blacks Are Cheats
6 new alleged victims of Dallas senior living serial murder suspect named in suit, bringing total to 18
Worst Serial Killers in U.S. History? BLACK Man Admits to 93 Murders -BLACK Illegal Killed 750 More
NIGGER serial killer Samuel Little’s disturbing TV interview
China bans South Park over episode mocking government censorship
Farm murder: Farmer gunned down, attackers wearing police gear, Hoopstad | Main News
Swedish king strips five of his grandkids of royal status
Thank Whitey? Racist abuse inspired Nigerian living in New Zealand to UFC stardom
China calls it 'normal' after footage shows shackled and blindfolded Muslim prisoners
Norway mosque gunman gives a Nazi salute in court
Kill the Bastard: Beagle skinned alive in Missouri, $US8000 reward for info
LOL! Mixed race couple decide to leave Ireland after receiving death threat
White teacher’s terrifying rape and abduction by GOOK student made into movie
Just Wetbacks: Four people killed and five injured in shooting at Kansas City bar as police search for suspect
Sulayman Khalid COMPLAINS about Goulburn's supermax conditions as 'onerous'
Comedian slams Twitter from warning him about hateful conduct
Terrorists and paedophiles too dangerous to be freed may be given DOLE because they can't get jobs
Abuse victim, who was raped by more than 500 MUSLIMS, was the one prosecuted by police 
China’s new stealth UCAV drone GJ-11 to be used on aircraft carrier
Archaeologists discover a Bronze Age in northern Israel
Illinois Wetback drives SUV into family, killing 1 and injuring 4
Whites on the Chopping Block
Australian Woman Jailed BECAUSE she was Gang-Raped - Sharia in Dubai (1/2)
The Apprentice is plunged into race row after contestant 'tells Paki bitch to 'Shut up Gandhi'
Banning Christianity: U.S. House Passes Faux-Equality Act
Fashion victims: 5 times clothing giants profited from cultural appropriation
Internet loses its mind over ‘racist’ Dior perfume ad featuring Johnny Depp & Native American dancer
Is political correctness killing fashion? Designers are speaking up against the ‘tyranny’ of the woke
‘Mightiest army in Mideast’: Iran TROLLS IDF soldiers taking cover from Palestinian youths (VIDEO)
Russian journalist arrested in Iran on allegations of spying for Israel - YouTube
Islam in Wales: Car driven at pedestrians on prom leaving them screaming and fleeing for cover
UK granny ripped off by UK Courts & Camel Jockey
Stupid Nog festival where muds pierce faces with guns and knives to 'purify' themselves
Islam in England: Abuse victim was raped by 500 Muslim men from 11 - but cops chose to prosecute her
Alexander Downer said migrants in Australia were setting up 'Bantustan-style ghettos'
Why Australia's conservatives are finding friends in Hungary
Paris stabbing: Knife attacker Mickael H showed signs of 'latent radicalisation'
Wetback Hatecrime? Four homeless people killed in their sleep
FFS! Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand must face past after Britain made 'statement of regret'
French police worker who slaughtered four colleagues 'supported 2015 terror attacks'
The money change scam you NEED to be aware of before you go to Bali
Joe Biden berates reporter over question about Ukraine conflicts of interest
Elecction 2020 - London Mayor: BBC declares it's RACIST for Whites to stand against Blacks & Muslims
LOL! Author is accused of dragging Holocaust survivor through the mud after in new book
Newsflash! When shit turns white, it ceases to stink
Yumi Stynes fires back in fiery tweet aimed at Kerri-Anne Kennerley and reignites the racist debate 
Channel 10 has been cleared by industry watchdog on Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s Australia Day comments
NBA 2014: Jew Busted!
Rugby World Cup 2019: Streaking is RACIST!
South Jersey Resident Apologizes To Community After Halloween Display Depicting Man Hanging From Noose
Sign saying, "Its ok to be white considered racist propaganda"
Iran-Australia Prisoner Exchange
Bible discovery: Judas was Cool
Putin furiously denies claims Stalin started World War 2
Freaks and Nigs Love Fest on UK Throw-Up-Your-Breakfast TV
Aboriginal trio accused of assaulting several people north of Brisbane
Video shows NIGGER torturing a cat by repeatedly flinging it into a pool and beating it with a shoe
Children whose parents lie to them are 'more likely to grow into dishonest adults'
Iraqi girls as young as NINE are sold for sex in temporary 'marriages'
Paris police bloodbath WAS a terrorist attack, anti-terror cops believe
Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts reveals how workers can sue climate protesters
Kerri-Anne Kennerley cleared by watch dog after labelled racist from Australia Day debate
2 Old 2 POTUS: Bernie Sanders, 78, leaves Las Vegas hospital after heart attack
Researchers claim cannabis increases the risk of psychosis in shocking new report
Prescription opioids in Australia: Crisis sees deaths double in a decade
Witch-Hunt: Universal Studios fires Despicable Me performer for ‘white power’ photo
Chinese cyber hack on Australia risks compromising leaders across the globe
Sikh peer quits Today programme's Thought for the Day slot after 35 years
Black New Zealand gangs are 'stretching out' around Australia
Abo dad who left two-year-old Baden Bond alone to die on a bench loses his appeal
UK Question Time: Nigger labels whole country as racist
10 foods better for your health when cooked and those you should eat raw
Jacinda Ardern vows to increase New Zealand's refugee intake by 50%
Australia’s Greta Thunberg attacks WHITE MALES
MultiCULTuralism in Action: 'They don't want to call it antisemitism' – The Australian Jewish News
Dual Citizen & Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg bitches about anti-Semitism
'A rapidly spreading crisis' – The Australian Jewish News
Cheltenham Secondary College: Jewish kid made to kiss Muslim boy’s shoes
Members of LA's deadliest gangs brandish their guns in fascinating photos from the 1980s 
British-born mum-of-five faces being deported from Australia to UK after being released from jail
Police release video footage of Texas arrest where man led by rope
Thieves steal Gandhi's ashes and scrawl 'traitor' at Indian memorial on his 150th birthday 
Angry dad pulls his kid out of school accusing teachers of brainwashing after climate change lessons
Outrage as Chinese flag is flown over a Box Hill police station to honour country's 'National Day' 
Jewish students forced to leave Melbourne schools due to anti-semitic bullying
Deaf Islamic convert is named as Paris Police HQ attacker
Missed phone call scam from international numbers steals thousands from Australians
Academic tells how Eleven-plus test is directly linked to eugenicist principles
Unemployed climate activists may have welfare payments cut
Parasite Prince Paedophile Andrew’s royal Aussie tour visited by a single diehard fan
Luna Park, Sydney: Mum calls for ‘racist’ Coney Island sign to be removed
Aboriginal hunting law could be changed after South Australian officer filmed stoning wombat
Aboriginal elder Major Sumner slams actions of officer Waylon Johncock who stoned wombat to death
Off-duty cop Waylon Johncock who stoned a wombat to death in South Australia 'did nothing wrong'
Abo cop killing wombat OK 'cause he's black
Abo cop filmed stoning wombat to death in South Australia
Abo cop kills a terrified wombat by repeatedly throwing a rock at its head 
Jaycob Yarran bail: Perth Abo accused of child abuse
Appeal by Eurydice Dixon's killer against life term could decide fate of Aiia Maasarwe's Abo murderer
Neanderthals perished because human ancestors had better weapons, study claims
Mestizo serial killer couple who fed the hearts of their victims to dogs are convicted of ANOTHER murder
Bill Barr flew to Italy to listen to a tape of vanished 'spy' Mifsud
Fag Agenda: Qantas boss Alan Joyce, 53, announces he's set to marry his partner after 20 years together 
White Guilt: Britain's envoy to New Zealand rubs noses with a Maori leader
LOL: Sydney mud allegedly murdered by her husband had set her body on fire
Teacher sacked for refusing to use transgender pronouns sues
Royal Parasites: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry take legal action against British tabloid, press responds
Nigga Cop-a-Feel: Dallas cop gets 10 years in prison for being WHITE
Andrews to Netanyahu: 'Extradite Leifer' – The Australian Jewish News
Malka Leifer wanted in Australia is released on bail in Israel after molesting female inmates
Accused child sex abuser Malka Leifer granted bail in Israel
UN orders illegal Tamil family to be released from detention
GEORGE MAGNUS: Don't be fooled by China's show of military strength - it is a wounded behemoth 
Killer cop Amber Guyger convicted of being WHITE
Thousands flock to Uluru before climbing is banned by coons
When Racial Discrimination Is Legal