Racial News to Use - 2019 September

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Neanderthals perished because human invaders had better weapons
Mestizo serial killer couple who fed the hearts of their victims to dogs are convicted of ANOTHER murder
Bill Barr flew to Italy to listen to a tape of vanished 'spy' Mifsud
Fag Agenda: Qantas boss Alan Joyce, 53, announces he's set to marry his partner after 20 years together 
White Guilt: Britain's envoy to New Zealand rubs noses with a Maori leader
LOL: Sydney mud allegedly murdered by her husband had set her body on fire
Teacher sacked for refusing to use transgender pronouns sues
Royal Parasites: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry take legal action against British tabloid, press responds
Amber Guyger, Botham Jean: Dallas cop gets 10 years in prison for being WHITE
Malka Leifer wanted in Australia is released on bail in Israel after molesting female inmates
Accused child sex abuser Malka Leifer granted bail in Israel
UN orders illegal Tamil family to be released from detention
Don't be fooled by China's show of military strength - it is a wounded behemoth 
Killer cop Amber Guyger convicted of being WHITE
Thousands flock to Uluru before climbing is banned by coons
Florida teachers to carry guns in new laws after school shooting
Hungry Jack’s menu: New v2Food vegan meat coming to burgers
NERD NEWS: How To Properly Shut Down A Windows 10 PC
Trump & Brexit Send Niggers Loony
Trump demanded border wall get an alligator or snake moat - and wanted immigrants shot in the LEGS
The secretly healthy food parts you're throwing out without realising
Physicist suggests orbiting objects are stakeouts for Martian probes to observe Earth
NASA fears if they find proof of inhabitants on the planet people may not be mentally prepared
Transgender children should undergo surgery without parents' permission, according to psychologists
Mark Zuckerberg says he will 'go to the mat' to stop Elizabeth Warren from breaking up tech giants
Queensland protests: Indigenous woman loses Centrelink Newstart payments for being an activist
Harvard did not discriminate against Asian students, court rules
Great apes smarter than niggers
The Sydney restaurants fined for failing food safety
Black high school student who said bullies cut her dreadlocks off admits she made it up
Gallery: Today in history – World news
Of all the Brexit conspiracy theories, the claim it's a plot by evil bankers is surely the loopiest
New York bans derogatory use of ‘illegal alien’ with fines of $US250,000
Tory Matt Hancock suggests MPs get 'far more' threats from left than right
Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes team axe four staff for racist bullying
Families of British jihadis are plotting to smuggle them back to the UK
Sydney running out of water thanks to immigration
Federal Government urged to ban Facebook and Google from using news from Australian publishers
Sydney siege: Lindt cafe sniper said victim Tori Johnson could have been saved
Four Corners: Islamic State women Australia doesn’t want back
White supermarket worker sacked for ‘not being Asian’
Edinburgh University accused of 'racism' for conference where white people cannot ask questions
'OK' hand gesture, 'Bowlcut' added to hate symbols...
White costume designer who launched into a racist rant at a California CVS claims she was drunk
Joker director Todd Phillips criticizes outrage of his film amid fears it will incite violence
Gook driver hits White Biker - MSM Feel Sorry for Her
Intelligence whistle-blower is revealed to be male CIA AGENT who worked at the White House
Saudi Arabia attacks Australia calling it racist for being sympathetic to Christchurch mosque killer
Freaky tranny named baby’s registered mum not dad
Saudi Arabia slams Australian government in United Nations speech
UK: Defiant National Socialist Jailed for “Stirring Up Racial Hatred” with Stickers
Police Warn that “Accused Neo-Nazi” Canadian Soldier Could Have Fled to U.S.
California Skinhead’s Death Sentence Overturned After Court Says His White Power Tattoos Were Irrelevant
D.C. Man Who Identified as a “Neo-Nazi” Will Be Released from Custody
Sweden: Racist Migrant Gang Films Ruthless Beating of Young Swedish Schoolboy
UK Police: “Fastest-Growing Terror Threat from Far-Right”
Man Facing Weapons Charges Is A "Neo-Nazi Terrorist" Says FBI (But Antifa Okay) - White Nations Forum
Virginia Man Facing Weapons Charges is a “Neo-Nazi Terrorist”, FBI says
Mini-AOC: Left Now Silencing 8-year-old Girls — With Doxxing and Death Threats
The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History - The David Icke Videocast
How Terrorism Created Modern Israel – Book Review - Comment
How Terrorism Created Modern Israel – Book Review - Article
Just as we suspected, climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George Soros
America's white working class is shrinking
Inside South Africa's post-Apartheid 'white squatter camps'
Racist Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex makes speech honouring her African heritage South Africa
Muslim Rapist: Young mother is raped twice in her hotel bathroom in Sydney's south west by sex monster
China 'is harvesting organs including hearts and eyes from minorities including Uighur Muslims'
US army warns of possible violence at Joker screenings
US soldier arrested for plot to bomb news network planned to fight with Azov Battalion in Ukraine
US soldier planned to bomb media, join Ukrainian far-right - FBI - YouTube
Not enough niggers? Joaquin Phoenix defends his controversial new film Joker against claims it will incite violence
Family cry RACIST! Muslim accidentally killed by thrown wine bottle
Jay walkers and litter bugs could be targeted as new facial recognition laws loom
Locksmiths' top tips on how to keep your home safe
Jewish supremacist slams Nazi memorabilia trade saying people profit from 'instruments of death'
San Francisco residents put two dozen boulders along sidewalk to keep homeless niggers away
Franco's remains WILL be exhumed from his mausoleum against his family's will after appeal quashed
Anger as crowd of transgender-rights protesters intimidate meeting of women's rights group
Democrat Privilege: Two Months after Hunter Biden Dishonorably Discharged from the Navy for Cocaine Use, He's Put on Board of Largest Oil and Gas Company in Ukraine!
Donald Trump impeachment: Why Nancy Pelosi stunt will backfire
Donald Trump Ukraine phone call transcript
Giuliani: Democrats stepped into more than they realize - YouTube
White House reacts to Congress' Trump impeachment inquiry - White Nations Forum
Donald Trump uses UN speech to warn social media giants against 'blacklisting' conservatives
Nancy Pelosi WILL impeach Donald Trump over Ukraine call
Donald Trump impeachment proceedings: Nancy Pelosi announcement
Choco-Pyro Starts Multiple Wildfires in California
California nigger, 32, charged with 15 felonies for California fires
Population growth in NSW, Victoria and QLD putting Australia on course for megacity debacle
Islam: Pakistan Should Abandon its Glorification of Temple Vandalizers – The Diplomat
Mass migration costs taxpayers more than $4.5billion as Australia struggles with 160,000 a year
Two brothers plan to bomb an Etihad flight before the bag carrying their bomb is deemed too heavy
Inside the new wave of violent street gangs in Melbourne who are armed to the death
Teenager opens up about life in a Melbourne street gang
Aboriginal groups slam 'dangerous' cashless welfare cards as government pushes for national rollout
New Zealand nig could face deportation after robbing BWS in Queensland
Eating half an ounce of nuts each day 'cuts your odds of gaining weight'
LOL Kyle Sandilands: Hundreds call for him to be sacked over Virgin Mary joke
NA Nig 17, tortured and murdered in Auckland by transgender woman and man
Jew wanted in Australia over child sex charges accused of molesting in prison
Scientists map the Denisovans, an ancient ancestor to humans
SPLC: America’s Left-Wing Hate Machine - White Nations Forum
Mother shares her ingenious $5 trick that instantly gets rid of her son's headaches
Man 'stabbed his girlfriend to death then called her dad over FaceTime as she lay bleeding'
Ex-Nazi SS soldier facing charges over deaths of 86 French people has died aged 96 
Accountant Mina Saad steals $250K of his boss's money and blows it on meth, coke and casino gambling
H&M comes under fire for new ad that features a young Black model with 'messy' hair
Outlaw bikie gangs to be banned from hiring party boats
Two taxi drivers caught feuding on Chapel St, Melbourne after jumping the cue
Gay rights group Stonewall may split as activists say its transgender policy puts women at risk
Australian veterans are living on the streets at a rate three times higher than the national average
New Zealand, muslim convert rams into police car and attacks officer with axe yelling 'allahu akbar'
60 Minutes: Decorated soldier Ben Roberts-Smith in AFP investigation
Dawn Butler tells Labour 'get s**t together!' as she likens PM's backers to KKK
Woman calls man a "CHINKY CUNT" in racist rant over parking space outside Co-op
'Toyboy on Facebook stole £40,000 from me - but my husband is standing by me'
Greek police make arrest in 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847
Illegal aliens set up camp in middle of wealthy Mayfair despite police clearing the settlement
Louisiana nigger lover drowns after proposing UNDERWATER and his girlfriend posts the proposal video online
Vogue editor hits out at 'racist' criticism of Meghan Markle after Duchess of Sussex guest edited
Pregnant mum, 31, begged her wounded husband to check their two-year-old son was dying
Left driving us all to brink of savagery - Google Search
Left’s ‘civilising’ impulse driving us all to the brink of savagery
LOL! Nigger loving Steven Weber Jr drowns proposing underwater to girlfriend Kenesha Antoine in Tanzania
Image of nigger police want to speak to after woman 'wakes up with a home invader lying on top of her' 
Eva Braun's knickers sell for £6,000 at auction
Christian 'prophetess' missionary converts superstitious Aboriginal community
Captain Cook's Endeavour is BANNED from visiting a second New Zealand town due to Maori protests
Report: Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook's 'Clear Bias,' Dependence on 'Activist' Fact Checkers
Homeless nigger raped woman as she walked to work through city centre
Propaganda: 'My father Heinrich Himmler was not a monster' insists daughter of Nazi chief
Neo-Nazi group publishes online threat to kill 'race traitor' top police officer
Nig Life: One killed and five injured in Washington, D.C. shooting
Shocking pictures show appalling abuse of animals in Bali centres claiming to HELP conservation
LOL! Kyle Sandilands outrages Christians and Muslims over Virgin Mary joke
Video shows synagogue gunman was a terrible shot
School children admit that they don't care about climate scam and just want the day off
'Brady Bunch' star Susan Olsen breaks it down; says Trump is the only man that will stop radical Islam
Brady Bunch: Susan Olsen fired after anti-gay rant
Before Santa: The Secret Psychedelic Origins of Santa Claus
'Extreme racism': TV host's shocking on-air comments about Serena Williams
Indonesia to outlaw sex outside of marriage, hitting Bali tourists
Scientists recreate the face of a beautiful Neolithic woman from Gibraltar 
Mud man's penis rots after the 45-year-old injected VASELINE to try and make his member bigger
Some ancient human relatives had a 'relatively easy' time giving birth compared to women today
Fury as viral 'ImageNet' app gives racist labels and calls people a 'rape suspect'
Winston Churchill enlisted Laurence Olivier to lure America into the Second World War
The real Peaky Blinders scenes that show an unvarnished view of Edwardian Birmingham 
Peter Dutton says Tamil family facing deportation must be kept offshore for their own safety
Australian brothers are found guilty of plotting to blow up a packed Etihad plane with a bomb
PIERS MORGAN: Blackface Justin Trudeau should demand his own racist head on a plate
Justin Trudeau apologizes for wearing blackface three times
LOL: Ilhan Omar’s life ‘at risk’ after POTUS tweets fake 9/11 video
Killed Because They're White: Couple attacked on holiday in South African resort
White woman, 81, fights off nigger who tried to steal her bank card
Massachusetts University Sci-Tech Symposium Bars Whites
EVERYONE is on the list: Snowden says no ‘innocents’ in mass surveillance world — RT World News
Netanyahu lost Israeli vote, but Palestinians were bound to lose whoever won (by George Galloway)
Stabbing Hando: Great Ocean Road Australia's most recognisable tourist attraction turns 100
Moment Nigger, 16, pushes girl, 15, into a pool in the Dominican Republic before he 'drowns her'
GTFO: Priya and Nades Murugappan are given a final 24 hours to plead their case
Nigger, 16, is stabbed to death in violent after school brawl over a girl while 80 other kids FILM it
Dog Saves Nigger Family - Niggers Leave Dog to Die
Teenager admits to the Islamic State-inspired stabbing murder of a Caltex service station worker
Police officer who shot knife-wielding Aboriginal mother stood down in Geraldton
Blaming Whitey: No justice for mother glassed in Perth pub as attacker walks free
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore brownface to 2001 party
Gladys Liu: Chinese state media slams Andrew Bolt for ‘TV lynching’
Niggers: Dutch lawyer’s murder sparks ‘narcostate’ fears
Kevin Spacey: Man that accused star of sexual assault dies
Karen Turner murder: Couple attacked on holiday in South African resort because they are WHITE
'Blackface' performance at Exxon Mobil Independence Day event in Papua New Guinea causes controversy
Chinese national admits to money laundering over 'large-scale prostitution' ring in SA
Freud thought philosophers were deluded. But was he one himself?
Officers haul 14-year-old nigger out of his home in Sydney's west and arrest him over armed robberies 
Norway mosque shooter 'killed his step-sister with three shots to the head because she was Chinese'
Abos attack police
Teacher sacked for asking Trump to deport illegal immigrants
Emad Zarghami: Refugee caught with cocaine in Audi jailed
Pauline Hanson lashes family court 'liars'
Comedian Shane Gillis fired from SNL after videos emerged of him using racial and homophobic slurs
China says the world should be wary of Apple because it uses spyware to monitor their users
Nigger who liked to parade naked in her home charged with killing neighbor
Gook shoppers in a brawl as they wrestle to get their hands on baby formula 
Sikh leader demand exemption from wearing helmets and hard hats
'I'm 100 per cent racist': Milan landlady refuses to rent her house to southern woman
Murdered: She Went Black, She Wont be Back
Jeffrey Epstein 'tried to SUE Sarah Ferguson for calling him a paedophile'
Parwinder Kaur’s death: Man’s ‘prerogative to hit wife’, jury told
Nigger Lips: Kylie Jenner lip challenge: 12yo girl’s attempt goes horribly wrong
‘Stupid’ super glue NIGGER LIPS photo trend slammed on Twitter
Jailed Aussie ISIS member says he was convinced to fight in Syria after going to charity banquets
Townsville Abo interrupted burglar armed with samurai sword and chased him through Heatley
Niggers think Felicity Huffman's short jail sentence is typical for all WHITES
Gay leader Lewis Turtur reveals the inner workings of 'The Family' sex abuse ring
Better Burger slammed after Muslim finds pork cooked on same grill as halal meat
Valley Butchers sanctioned over 'non halal certified' sign that 'offends Muslims'
Pauline Hanson blames immigration for critical water shortage
Witch doctor Mohammad Isoof, 62, is charged with killing five relatives in Fiji
Trump Vows to Enforce anti-Christ Noahide Laws
Jewish Noahide Law and U.S. Public Law 102-14
Karla Grant: TV host asked awkward grog shop question
Pedophiles being protected - Google Search
Asylum-seeker industry protecting even pedophiles
Skin (2018) YIFY - Download Movie TORRENT - YTS
Jews, Niggers & Fags & fucked up neo-Nazi Bryon Widner in Skin
Abos arrested after allegedly using their 14-year-old son to smuggle drugs in his luggage 
Fag Hag alleges the Ballarat Christian College discriminated against her
Australian sisters are bashed and robbed by a gang of locals wielding a METAL POLE in Bali
Breeding single-sex populations
Neanderthals would have looked like they had 'been in the wars'
White Victorian London Coloured: Fascinating photos bring the city to life
Nazi intelligence documents for Adolf Hitler's plan to invade and conquer Britain
Average Nigger: Simone Biles brother appears in court in Cleveland to plead not guilty to murdering 3
Philippines hardman president Duterte urges people to attack corrupt officials
Father reveals close to finding killer Australian traveller, 20, found murdered in Mozambique
Woman, 24, is kidnapped, drugged and becomes pregnant after being repeatedly gang-raped in India
Mud Life: Albert Awad: Neurologist rejects epileptic killer’s defence
Stupid Gook: Princes Highway Sydney accident as woman is hit by a car in footage uploaded to Reddit
LOL! At least 12 Hindu worshipers drown after their boat capsizes during religious celebrations
Just Niggers: 17 year-olds found guilty of murder after stabbing university student Laa Chol
Our Chinese-born population is set to overtake the English-born population
Police are working with Border Force after Muslim Red Rose Day Care 'fraud scam'
Black Doctors: Medical Negligence: X-ray reveals Queensland hospital’s mistake
Police say Muslim Day Care fraud was more elaborate than Islamic bikie gangs
The Synagogue On Capitol Hill | Real Jew News
Florida passes law protecting Israel from criticism
Watch the film the Israel lobby didn't want you to see
The reasons behind Germany's condemnation of BDS
German neo-Nazi politician meets Hezbollah, supports terror on Israel
What REALLY irked Adolf about Ike: No, not the fact that Eisenhower was Supreme Commander
Peter Fleming - sibling of Bond creator - aimed to kill as many Nazis as possible new book reveals
Peter Dutton labels Sri Lankan asylum-seeker family as 'anchor babies'
The common phrases you've been saying wrong your entire life
YouTuber confuses tourists with Aussie slang - so how many do you understand?
Melbourne Islamic State Terrorist Yusuf Yusuf says he was too overweight to fight
UN Human Rights Council: Black youth demand raising age of criminal responsibility
Sydney Muslim women arrested over $4 million ‘fake’ family daycare scam
Gladys Liu: Andrew Bolt slams Scott Morrison’s ‘race card’
Dumb Jew thinks 9/11 and 7-Eleven are same
Merkel Fears Brexit Britain Becoming ‘Economic Competitor’ at EU’s Door
NLRB: Google Must Let Employees Speak Out on Political, Workplace Issues
Business Owners: Google 'Killing' Companies Using 'Shakedown' Ad Tactics
Online English teacher reveals the TWO things that will make you look stupid
Fertility clinic to hand over list of sperm donors after white couple gave birth to an Asian baby
Indian Uber driver who brutally raped a drunk woman is jailed for three years
Croat vandals paint the Christchurch shooter's name, swastika and an anti-Muslim song on mosque
9/11 anniversary: September 11 victim’s son blasts Ilhan Omar at memorial
An ancestor ‘modern in many ways’
Historical Exactitude - Private Gathering 2018
PC policing would make ‘Monty Python’ and other comedies ‘crimes’ today
Far-right terrorist praised Christchurch gunman hours before trying to kill teen
Far-right terrorist who tried to kill teen after Christchurch massacre jailed
Muslim gang of '9 men and a woman groomed girls to be used as sexual commodities'
Devout Muslims slice open their heads with swords during Ashura festival ritual - World News
Muslims go on huge 'shopping spree' after stealing £76,000 from co-workers
Evil Whitey: Louisiana State University investigating alleged racial slurs used at football game
Naked nigger arrested after stealing items from college student’s home: police
Toy guns sold in Gold Coast store – should it be legal?
Mud Quacks: Thumb amputated and replaced by toe in botched surgery
Mud Quacks: Furious parents describe how their high-achieving son was left quadriplegic and BLIND
NZ Nigs: Dimetrius Pairama torture trial: Immunity witness says teen ‘begged’
Gook charged another taken to hospital after brawl over baby formula at Woolworths
Woman who was abducted and held captive by Islamic State thugs makes new life in Australia
Emmerdale's Asan N'jie threatens to KILL Jamie Lomas as he throws punches at TV Choice Awards
Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex part of...
MALWARE ALERT: 'Joker' Infiltrates Google Play Store
Muslim who mowed down brave police officer with own patrol car pictured
Police advise people to not leave home without 'emergency bag' - and get called 'crass'
Scientists reveal why people gain weight with age - even if they don't eat more
Vegan diet: The truth about veganism and plant-based dieting trends
Hong Kong protests signal opportunity for Australia like no other
Mud says we have to have quotas in politics
Fat Liberal Stabs 3yo Blond Children in the Face in Tbilisi Georgia because they are White
Coons: Territorians deserve to feel safe in their own homes
Adelaide butcher's "non-Halal" sign found to breach discrimination rules - SmartCompany
Hatecrime Hoax: Noose found at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Allen Hall, student arrested
Chimpout: Illinois man left seriously injured after vicious bowling ball attack
Actor Anthony Ekundayo Lennon insists he's 'NOT a white man' despite parents being white
Chinese mother sells her twin sons for £7,400 to pay off her credit card bills
Air NZ passenger convicted after racist attack on flight attendant
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry: 60 Minutes segment slammed for being RACIST
Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe links high immigration with high house prices
US officials discuss slashing refugee cap
Harvard scientist Dr WILLIAM LI reveals the foods that could save your life
Ethics teacher tells students the Stolen Generations was a result of poor parenting 
Sinead O'Connor issues apology for racist comments following conversion to Islam
Nigger hanged his four children after being served divorce papers, court in South Africa hears
It's the Holohoax: Fury at Barbie 'death camp' display at Burning Man featuring naked dolls forced into ovens
'Let girls be girls, and boys be boys!': Piers Morgan stands up for protesters at his former school
How Robert Mugabe turned from freedom fighter into bloodthirsty tyrant who murdered thousands
Jeffrey Epstein's former lawyer Alan Dershowitz confronts protesters at his book launch
Homeless man arrested after Facebook posts lead him to 'plan a mass attack at local mosque'
Brenton Tarrant sent letter to his mother before allegedly carrying out Christchurch massacre
Muslim Social Security cheat Rebecca Assie taught people how to rort system and is jailed for five years
Chink father sells his three-day-old daughter through social media for £5,700
Muslim who killed kid was serving community sentence
Robert Mugabe dead: Zimbabwe dictator dies aged 95
Rungnapha Kanbut: Two women sex workers held as slaves
Russia Insider on List of Censored Sites Leaked by Google Whistle-Blower
The Alternative Media Can Defeat the Mainstream Media - Here's the Game Plan
Six Illegal Aliens Accused of Stabbing 21-Year-Old Man to Death Maryland
Authorities Suspect Gun Used in Midland Was Illegally Made and Sold
Actor Robert Davi: I’ve Been Offered 'Everything' By Hollywood to Denounce Trump
Donald Trump Slams 'Debra The Mess Messing' as 'Racist'
Jemele Hill: Black Athletes Need to Leave White Colleges
Seb Gorka: Killing 40% of Blacks with Abortion not Enough for Bernie
Report: Obama Admin Spied on Israeli Military Using American Satellites
Alleged ISIS Sniper Indicted, Came to U.S. on 'Diversity Visa Lottery'
Dan Rather: America ‘Sliding from Extreme Nationalism into Tribalism’
Is NRA Domestic Terrorist Organization?
Major League Soccer Team Bans Betsy Ross Flag, Calls it a 'Symbol for Hate Groups'
FA accused of not taking racism seriously after Huddersfield fine for kit stunt
Bar slammed for dress code branded modern-day version of 'whites only' sign
Perth CBD to become 'less Christmassy' to appeal to non-Christians
Centrelink: Government urges Labor to back welfare recipients drug test plans
Tamil family can stay in Australia for another 12 days
Australia opioid crisis: Country sleepwalking to ‘nightmare scenario’
Australian security: ASIO director Duncan Lewis reveals biggest threats
Father of machete-wielding thug who chopped off teenager's hand says his son was 'already lost'
Hitler bust is found in the French Senate's cellar along with a Nazi flag
Inside the remote Aboriginal community so dangerous health workers are escorted by police into town
60 Minutes Australia is being slammed for 'racist' Meghan Markle piece
Bondi Beach being placed in lockdown over fears of attack as 80,000 revellers flock to the sand
Turkish President threatens to 'open the gates' to Europe unless he receives support for refugees
Man with Maori face tattoo turned away from a Melbourne restaurant because of a 'strict policy'
BP worker who was sacked for sharing Hitler parody video depicting his bosses as Nazis loses appeal
New child sex offender register 'naming and shaming' paedophiles could be given the go-ahead
Mexican restaurant calls woman by racist slur on takeaway receipt
Libtards Hate all Films that are Not Anti-White
Mongrel Mobster with giant swastikas tattooed on his face promotes healthy eating 
Judge tells a machete-wielding black thug who chopped off a teenager's hand: 'Your parents are to blame' 
Australian cricket fans kicked out of Old Trafford after using 'foul and abusive' language
Holohoax Porn: Audience members fight each other to escape first screening of Holocaust film The Painted Bird
Holohoax Porn: The Painted Bird: Venice Film Festival audience flees Holocaust film
Nigger: Alabama High School Shooting Highlights Deadly Silence About Black Gun Crimes, School Outcomes
Brett Guerin: racists comments Victoria police probe news Melbourne
Once You Go Black: Nigger Marvyn Iheanacho beat kid to death
PC Awards: 911 emergency dispatcher’s sick words before drowning woman dies
Tamil asylum seeker family undone by father's travel history and refugee activism, immigration
Seth Ator: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
'Straight Pride' parade in Boston draws protests
Seventh illegal immigrant arrested for sexual assault of an underage girl in the SAME county
Top tech investor claims smart assistants are being used to SPY on users by Google, Apple and Amazon
Boat with 13 Sri Lankan asylum seekers intercepted off Australian coast amid deportation scandal
Muds: Building manager arrested after police discover elaborate underground cave
Credit Card Skimming
Hong Kong national jailed after search at Perth Airport revealed he was carrying meth
Niggers: 911 call emerges after Simone Biles' brother is charged with murder
Dead and injured after Muslim rampage through French city of Lyon
The EU will SCRAP October 31 Brexit deadline to quash Boris Johnson's momentum, says Gordon Brown
Migrants storm Kent beaches! Border Force intercepts army of more than 50 intruders landing at Dover
80 Year Anniversary Since Beginning of WWII - GET OVER IT!