Racial News to Use - 2019 July

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FBI probe of 'Antifa ideology' underway, Wray tells House panel
FBI probing Antifa plot to buy guns from Mexican cartel, 'stage an armed rebellion at the border'
Antifa's planned El Paso attack is Saul Alinsky on steroids
Ex-Secret Service Agent: "People Need to Know The Real Hillary Clinton And How Dangerous She Is"
The President's Son Was ATTACKED While With Friends In Chicago — Secret Service SWARM!
Chicago Moms Who Fought Gun Violence Are Killed
Trump: 'Everybody Is Called a Racist Now'
De-Crowned Miss Michigan: Coming Out Conservative Tougher Than Coming Out Gay
Avoiding past mistakes or more imperialism? RT debates controversial UK MoD ties with universit
Boris Johnson rattles Irish peace, but his arrogance may backfire with Irish reunification
Beloved Australian brand Huggies closes factory after more than 30 years of making nappies
Metadata laws: Industry group claims local councils, RSPCA seeking access
Online scammers blackmail victims claiming they have their webcam footage of 'satisfying themselves'
Sam Newman takes BULLSHIT cultural training after comments on Adam Goodes
Muslim Abo Activist: Junaid Thorne arrested for large scale drug trafficking in Sydney
University of Queensland rally as protesters hit out at Chinese-funded education organisations
Chinese couple are called 'ching chongs' as they're brutally attacked by racist Aboriginal thugs
Push to allow government agencies, banks and phone companies use facial recognition in Australia 
Indians, Mexicans set for Aussie work under proposed backpacker visa expansion backed by farm lobby 
British Royals connected to Jewish paedophile Jeffrey Epstein
Islamophobe who abused people praying at Christchurch massacre mosque is sentenced 
Teenage boy was bashed by a Samoan gang known as the 'Greater West 2770' outside a McDonald's 
Sydney: Arab caught committing ‘disgusting’ crime against elderly woman
Marcel Sydney Geros: Black Power New Zealand gang member walks free
Prazosin - Wikipedia
PTSD Linked to Hypertension
Blacks Get Instant Welfare - Whites Commit Suicide: Single dad took own life after waiting weeks for Welfare
Revealed: Muslim, 17, who raped and murdered White girl, 14, in park is unmasked by judge - Mirror Online
Labor calls for right-wing Arab Raheem Kassam to be banned from entering country - Politics
Gun laws fall short in war on crime
Your gun laws are a mistake: National Rifle Association to Australia
NRA launches another attack on Australia's 'failed' gun laws
MI5 & FBI blame Russia for Brexit & Trump
Brother of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi is charged with aiding attack 
'NOT welcome to Bondi': Anti-White mural at Australia's most iconic beach divides residents
Teenager raped by the son of a prominent Muslim reveals that she prays for her attacker
Epstein's teenage 'victims' tell police how he asked them to perform sex acts in new videos
Jeffery Epstein messages about 'procuring two 8-year-old girls for the pedophile to sexually abuse'
Race-Traitor Prince Harry bitches about White people
Sneaky new PayPal scam leaves Melbourne University 'tech savvy' student with a $2,250 debt
Chinese student Zhenbo Gao, 24, allegedly killed an echidna at Griffith University in Brisbane
Firearms Regulations 2017
SAPOL - Firearms and weapons
Review of police use of Firearms Prohibition Order search powers: Issues Paper. Section 74A of the Firearms Act 1996. July 2015.
Register FPO Public 15.07.2019
SAPOL - Search
Tranny Evie Amati: Axe attacker in jail fight with real women
The Dilbert Blog: Holocaust or Holohoax?
People Are Worrying That Kanye West Is Getting Radicalized By The Far Right
Auction house condemned by Jewish group for selling Nazi medal - UK news
Could cheap drugs (up to a century old) be the new way to tackle cancer?
Anti-White: 'This ad is for white people only.': The provocative ads to be broadcasted in Australia
Wheelchair-bound granddad is brutally bashed by two 'African cowards'
IS threat hovers over Syria camp as militants fly black flag over Al-Hol
Predator priest tells his terrified victim 'he enjoyed it' when he molested him
Niggers: Police release CCTV at Sydney train station in a sexual assault investigation of 15-year-old girl
Muslims: Britain's youngest terrorist should remain anonymous for the rest of his life, High Court rules 
Jeffrey Epstein had photos of his naked underage victims displayed throughout his Palm Beach home
Aboriginal activist and serial cop attacker assaults a paramedic and police
Ice binges in Aboriginal communities are being blamed on White people
Niggers: Star Trek Klingon star 'is accused of raping and sexually assaulting six female students'
Non-White Immigration to Blame for White Poverty
Nigger Amazon driver busted after stealing dog from family's front yard
Nigger Amazon driver busted after stealing dog from family’s yard
Woman roasted for saying university doesn’t teach women to be ‘mothers’
Donald Trump: Reverend Al Sharpton a conman that hates Whites
Christchurch shooting: Identitarian Movement of Austria and Brenton Tarrant
‘Day-X’: Inside the rise of neo-Nazi doomsday cults, extremist terror groups | Adelaide Now
The Nigger murder factory which stuffs 6,000 animals a year
Ken Wyatt: a snake in the grass? - News
Rod Ansell was the model for Crocodile Dundee but became a drug-crazed cop killer 20 years ago
Rag dolls meant to be abused are pulled from stores
Notorious Mohamed Skaf gang rapist says he has no empathy for victims but wants to be released
Cardi B launches bizarre rant at Trump
Joe Hildebrand: Who really cares if Trump is racist?
U.S. Blocks UN Draft Condemning Israeli Demolition of Illegal Palestinian Home
Moment woman and man 'assassinate two Israeli men with ties to organized crime at Mexico City mall'
Female assassin is arrested after Killing Eve-style execution in high-end Mexican restaurant
President Trump celebrates 'big VICTORY' after US Supreme Court grants $2.5BN for border wall
A$AP Rocky and his niggers kicked a Muslim and hit him with a bottle, but Trump wants him free
Bisexual Indian immigrant, 52, touched a 14-year-old girl on Sydney bus
How Crown Casino enabled Chinese gangs to launder money
‘Day-X’: Inside the rise of neo-Nazi doomsday cults, extremist terror groups
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Scam Alert - NBN robocall scam threatens to disconnect households from the internet - Royal Australian Regiment Corporation
australia nbn scam alert at DuckDuckGo
Duncan Lewis warns that Australia faces 'unprecedented'  threat
Teens who terrorized homeowners are arrested
Jeffrey Epstein's famous guests on Lolita Express may be exposed as the pedophile's pilots summoned
Trans freak who claims salons discriminated against her is accused of child sexual exploitation
'Once Upon A Time in PEDOWOOD': Vandals swap faces of DiCaprio and Pitt for Epstein and Polanski
Muslim police worker is beaten to the ground by gang of niggers
Cartoon depicting a white character being turned black to take away her beauty sparks fury
Chinese daigou shoppers and organised crime syndicates are behind massive spike in shoplifting
'North African thieves' stab cop to death on the streets of Rome
Boris Johnson lays down the law to Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Claude Juncker AND Angela Merkel on Brexit
Jeffrey Epstein ripped off model's skirt and groped her while posing as scout for Victoria's Secret
Jeffrey Epstein spends 23 hours a day in a moldy prison cell with rats at New York jail
Facebook, Google face changes from ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry
Woman verbally abuses black diners with racist slurs | Video
Angelo Ziotas accused of setting fire to Surry Hills restaurant
Boris's ancestral Turkish village abuzz
An apple, and a few bacteria, a day | Cosmos
Eating 60g of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds each day 'gives men better orgasms' 
Google whistleblower is put on administrative leave after claiming the company IS biased
Wetback 'drunk driver' crashes into car killing father-of-five
Ole Miss students suspended from frat after they posed with guns in front of Emmett Till memorial
Three niggers charged in Chicago for the brutal beating of a 15-year-old special needs girl
Gang of 14 nigger boys and girls brutally beat tourist outside famed hotel in Washington, DC
Florida minister and registered sex offender charged with 500 felony counts of child porn possession
Footage emerges of argument between lawmaker and shopper as witness confirms SHE used racist phrase 
Wetback arrested over deadly shooting rampage in Los Angeles
Active U.S. troops are 'standing guard over migrants' in Texas
Bette Midler called 'racist' over Trump rally tweet that African Americans were 'paid to be there'
Jeffrey Epstein called his victims 'drug addicts' and 'prostitutes' looking 'for a meal ticket'
MGM to remove six-pointed star from security uniforms
Brutal moment child is kicked and punched in the head by three niggers
Ilhan Omar says people should be 'more fearful of white men' in resurfaced interview
White diner calls black woman a 'STUPID NIGGER' in a restaurant in row about the noise
Hate Crime: White California couple attacked in their own driveway
Sam Newman compares Sun Yang to Adam Goodes
U.S. Presidential Candidate Loves Spreading Fake Quotes From Albert Einstein | Gizmodo Australia
Jeffrey Epstein: Holiday photos of alleged victim Virginia Roberts
Grandad hit with ‘trivial’ parking fine vows to go to jail instead of paying
Melbourne mosque bombers jailed for Victorian terror attack
Jojo Rabbit trailer: Taika Waititi reveals teaser for Hitler comedy
Sun Yang scandal, Mack Horton, Duncan Scott protests, in Gwangju world champs, Chinese doping
World reacts to Sun Yang, Duncan Scott protest controversy
Spectacles make the wearer undetectable to facial recognition software
Paki burglary gang jailed for more than 48 years
US diplomats exposed to 'sonic attack' in Cuba DID suffer brain damage, new study finds 
Chinks in Melbourne: Secret surgery infested with cockroaches and former patients might have HIV
Coon Bullshit for a Rock: Uluru climb closure: Racists encourage others to hike the monolith
Migrant receives chilling warning: 'We can find you. We are in New Zealand' - NZ Herald
Pictish skeleton dubbed the 'Rosemarkie Man' may have been royalty
Good Ole Boys: Hundreds of niggers were shot, beaten and lynched by white mobs in Red Summer of 1919
Never Relax Around Blacks: Melbourne train station Yelp and Lonely Planet tell tourists they MUST avoid
Tranny: Paedophile faggot had sex with little boys despite knowing IT had HIV
World's best AI hates niggers
Georgia Niggress charged with murder after dropping pickanini during fight
Mexico sets first half murder record with 17,608 homicides reported - almost 100 killings per DAY
Intimate photos Jeffrey Epstein took of his underage sex slave in NYC, New Mexico and London
Donald Trump outed Jeffrey Epstein to cops after stealing $125M mansion out from under him
70 boat people who tried to make it to Australia is the fault of Bill Shorten, Peter Dutton claims 
Boris Johnson named Britain’s Prime Minister after leadership vote
Cricket: England's NIGGER bowler Jofra Archer parties down in Barbados
Amber Holt: Egg girl avoids jail after ScoMo attack
City of Sydney links to Chinese porn site in pest control fact sheet
Chink Abuse: Swimming world championships, Sun Yang protest, Duncan Scott
LOL Muds: US judge Tracie Hunter dragged out of courtroom for prison sentence
Why White People Die in Third World Holiday Destinations
Laughing Mexican Guy - Six Million Jews - Streamable
Adorable puppies are thriving with British families after being saved from becoming dog meat
Niggers in Chains - The Good Ole Days
Chatswood stabbing: Father had 'fought with her on Chinese tradition'
Chink Racists: Mack Horton receives death threats after protest against Chinese rival Sun Yang
Airport employees 'saw girls en route to Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island'
Indian man, 22, streams his own suicide his Facebook Live
How cigarettes could be BANNED in major North Sydney CBD in plan to 'claim back the streets' 
Boat carrying Sri Lankan asylum-seekers headed for Australia is seized in Indian Ocean
IQ test: The hardest quiz that 80% of people fail
Mosman animal activists’ ‘rescue’ goes horribly wrong
Vegan protest: Hefty new punishment for vegan activists
Bullshit! Hitler-Trump call ‘troubling’ - Google Search
Seriously Bullshit! Donald Trump: Compared on QandA to Hitler in the 1930s.
LOL! ’Slaughter the Jews’ spray-painted in Arabic on holy wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, 2 girls arrested
ISIS takes extremist mission to Philippines
Prisoner Riot NSW: Sex Offenders Targeted LOL!
Anti-ICE protesters pull down American flag, raise Mexico flag, vandalize 'Blue Lives Matter' flag
An ultra-violent MS-13 gang entered the U.S., then stalked L.A. with blades and bats - Los Angeles Times
Florida woman accused of aggravated assault after being refused pizza slice
The shameful truth: America only put a man on the moon with the help of Nazi monsters
Satellite images show items left behind at Apollo 11 moon landing site 50 years later
British woman, 19, 'gang raped in Ayia Napa' is to take part in identity parade
Trump says the 'weak' and 'insecure' members of 'the squad' aren't capable of loving the U.S.
Man leaps onto wing of plane as it tries to take off in Nigeria
Extinction Rebellion founder in race storm: Vile anti-Semitic posts found on Facebook page she runs
'I see the face of a terrorist in my daughter': London Bridge attacker's widow reveals her struggle
Female suicide bomber kills eight in northwest Pakistan
Spanish police arrest Pakistani man for 'kidnapping Slovakian woman'
Muslim woman kicked out of Auckland swimming pool for wearing a burkini
Ayia Napa alleged gang rape: British teen to pick Israelis out of line-up
Rape suspects allegedly 'laughed and recorded on their phones' (Update 2) - Cyprus Mail
12 Israelis held in Cyprus on suspicion of raping British tourist | The Times of Israel
Three Israelis admit sex with 19-year-old in Cyprus, nine deny allegation - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
Brit Ayia Napa rape victim, 19, tells how she ‘fainted’ after 12 Israelis ‘attacked her one-by-one for an hour’
Ayia Napa rape: Victim tells how she ‘fainted’ after 12 Israelis ‘attacked her one-by-one for an hour’
Need to stop return of IS fighters: MP Karen Andrews
Scott Morrison baffled as to why 45% of schoolkids can't name where bananas, bread, cheese come from
Google says it will stop websites from checking if you're browsing using incognito mode
Furious fans hit back at Adam Goodes documentary accusing them of racism
Aboriginal vandals trash Rockhampton Stocklands forcing staff to fear for their safety
Mexican president calls El Chapo's life term 'inhumane'
Towelhead Hugger Jacinda Ardern bitches about Australia's deportation policy
Jews: Epstein's ex-lawyer Alan Dershowitz boasts of his 'perfect sex life'
Muslims who gang-raped teen and forced her to take drugs in 14-hour attack are sentenced
Kosovo's Muslim PM resigns before questioning at The Hague | World news | The Guardian
The Sahara will be fertile in 10,000 years
Mexican dykes sentenced after importing ice to Australia
Cheating Chinks: Mack Horton, Sun Yang separated at swimming world championships
Paki Paedophile Vengata Radhakrishnan: Tools man used to lure teen to McDonald’s for sex
City council bans gendered words like ‘manhole’ and ‘manpower’
Asian Trump supporter, beauty queen Kathy Zhu stripped of title over ‘racist’ tweets
Adam Goodes documentary: The Final Quarter, Sam Newman hits back
Indian gets 10 years over death of UK teen
Dutton, Albo unite against Ardern - Google Search
The Australian - Peter Dutton, Anthony Albanese unite... | Facebook
Peter Dutton, Anthony Albanese unite against Jacinda Ardern
Cyprus: Twelve Israelis appear in court accused of gang-raping Briton - Claim to be Victims
Sydney bottle shop owner is left battered after three niggers rob his store
Farmer and his wife are tied up, brutally beaten and shot dead 'by gang of attackers'
Google and Facebook are tracking users as they watch PORN
FUCK OFF NIGGER! Waleed Aly weighs in on Adam Goodes documentary
Jew Jeffrey Epstein's pilot poses in front of his $80M fleet of planes as new pics of Lolita jet emerge
UK-Australian free trade agreement: Key fears revealed in consultation
Burka Bitch Jacinda Ardern in Melbourne: ‘Corrosive’ policy hurting NZ relations
ISIS fanatics who beheaded Scandinavian hikers face firing squad in Morocco
Cyprus rape: 12 Jews arrested - Claim to be VICTIMS
Atlassian: One of Australia's biggest companies ditches "White Men"
Mud Perversion: Tinder rapist, Ratu Bose: Tinder rapist’s sick web of lies exposed
Blaming Whitey: Adam Goodes: What to expect in bullshit doco
LOL @ Greens senator facing deportation from PNG after trying to visit Manus Island asylum seeker camp
The Dish made Parkes famous, but the Moon landing vision actually came from Honeysuckle Creek
Trump blasts 'ridiculous' impeachment vote and tells Democrats to get back to work
Muslims who 'abused woman' before she crashed in Melbourne road rage attack say THEY are the victims
Moment five grinning suspected migrants jump out of the back of lorry on the M25
British woman, 19, 'gang-raped in Ayia Napa hotel' as 12 arrested - World News - Mirror Online
British woman,19, alleges she is raped in Ayia Napa, Cyprus as twelve Israeli tourists arrested
12 Israelis arrested on charges of gang-raping 19-year-old tourist in Cyp - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
British woman, 19, 'gang raped in Ayia Napa hotel' police say as 12 Israeli tourists arrested
Cyprus: 12 Jews arrested after British tourist gang raped
Racist white woman goes on Tinder date with black man
Victoria Police issue arrest warrant for shirtless man called Chang Lol
Four Sydney teens are arrested in relation to string of robberies across city
Trump says he's 'not unhappy' with racism fight's results: 'Race card' is 'the only thing they have'
Spokesman BLASTS Disney heiress after she went undercover at company theme park
Browserling - Cross-browser testing extension - Opera add-ons
Face App: Viral ageing technology’s terms and conditions
Facebook Patents Shadowbanning | Gizmodo Australia
From the Archives, 1986: How niggers hijacked the British Commonwealth
Police tackle Arabs accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint in Sydney and he asks for cigarettes
Rugby Australia accused of hypocrisy for signing James O'Connor
Christian doctor who refused to call ' 6ft bearded man' madam tells determined to fight legal case 
Asian Ass Bandit: Hunt underway for paedophile with a distinctive parrot logo on his shirt
Sydney woman takes her boyfriend to a nail salon so he can decode what workers are saying
Chinese paedophile who touched a toddler's penis avoids conviction because it's a 'sign of affection'
London Bridge terrorists were lawfully shot dead by police, jury says
Neo-Nazi blogger should pay $14million to Montana realtor for anti-Semitic 'troll storm', judge says
Woolworths chinks stripping supermarket shelves bare of baby formula caught on camera
Killer Minnesota cop Mohamed Noor APPEALS Justine Damond sentence
Murder of Jewish woman in Paris flat being treated as anti-Semitic
LOL! Muslim who murdered Jewish woman might not be criminally responsible he was high, French judge says
Hollywood stars including Captain America's Chris Evans hate White people
Gun City Christchurch sparks outrage with plans for new firearms mega store
MS-13 cut out LA rival's heart, chopped up corpse with machete and threw body parts into canyon
Meet the dogs of Chernobyl – the abandoned pets that formed their own canine community
Do our pets ever really love us – or do they just stick around for the food?
Islam: London Bridge attack: police lawfully killed terrorists, inquest finds
Marshall Islands radiation: Nuclear zone worse than Chernobyl
Teeth 'time capsule' reveals that 2 million years ago, early humans breastfed for up to 6 years
Home Affairs floats making telcos retain MAC addresses and port numbers
Southeast Asia was crowded long before we turned up | Cosmos
LOL moment Indian funfair ride crashes down, killing two people and injuring 29 others
Ancestors of modern humans had sex with at least FIVE different archaic human species
Cleaning expert insists bras need washing EVERY DAY
R. Kelly 'paid girl seen in rape tape $2M not to testify at his trial, assaulted a drugged woman
Islam LOL: Month-old baby has penis amputated after it became gangrenous 'following botched circumcision'
Gangsters' Paradise rapper Coolio says that Alice Springs reminds him of American 'ghetto'
Blair Cottrell fails to have racial vilification conviction appeal heard in Supreme Court
Cowardly hit-and-run driver Puneet Puneet who fled to India after killing a student pushes for deal
Black Privilege: Nigger who drunkenly attacked a flight attendant AVOIDS jail
Indonesia a bigger military threat to Australia than China says futurist who predicted 9/11
Mark Latham interview on Sydney's population disaster with Daily Mail Australia
Group of rugby players dressed in blackface during a pub crawl made to wash their faces
Toy gun used in road ‘altercation’ | The Pulse | The Advertiser
Fury at anti-Israel papers - Google Search
Anti-Israel Year 12 assessment task angers Jewish community
Q&A: Senior Labor figure Linda Burney defends BLACK PRIVILEGE
Queensland boaters may have spotted the Chinese spy ship: Video
Black Privilege: Adau Mornyang will appear in court this week over air-rage incident
Sudanese-born top Australian model appears set to avoid a 21-year prison sentence
Hamas leader Fathi Hamad calls on Palestinians to murder ‘all the Jews in the world’
Jeffrey Epstein bail hearing: Sex trafficking charges New York Jew
Puneet Puneet extradition demands: Dean Hofstee killer in court
Camel traders use mobile cranes to move animals onto trucks after being sold at market in Sudan 
New Zealanders queue to hand in their guns in buyback scheme to rid nation of semi-automatic weapons
Students from New York's Dalton School recall how Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher in 1970s
Kuwaiti playboy Yousef Alrasheed to get off scot-free because cops refuse to grant him justice visa
Vice President Mike Pence visits overcrowded Texas facility where 400 migrants are held
Feds investigating R Kelly allegedly uncovered more than 20 sex videos
Paris: Hundreds of illegal immigrants storm Pantheon demanding ‘papers’
Single mother's terrifying encounter with a yowie 
How going cashless allows Big Brother to spy on your every move: Sweden faces a backlash
Bullshit for a Rock: Upcoming closing date sparks new array of problems
Bones found in Vatican could be those of missing teenager Emanuela Orlandi
Jailed Jew Epstein applies for house arrest
Mystery of missing girl feared buried in Vatican tomb deepens after grave search finds no trace
Policewoman who revealed the truth about Rochdale sex gangs breaks her silence
Jew's News: Inside Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' where he allegedly flew underage girls
Anti-LGBTQ group calls for a boycott of Toy Story 4 over 'lesbian scene'
Arab Husa Hasanovic accused of raping girl, 12, claims the child told him she was 16
Islam: Sydney schoolgirl is saved from a hellish arranged marriage to her own cousin
Abo's make up cultural rules to prevent tourists climbing Uluru/Ayres Rock
Australia's first ever set of Indigenous emojis/Abojis are revealed - but do YOU know what they all mean?
Hilarious moment two niggers lunge across courtroom to get other nigger
Donald Trump’s bold plan to out non citizens amid ICE raids
Outrage over 'racist' audience goer who 'booed' during Welcome to Country at the Sydney Opera House
LOL @ Aboriginal students in tears after racist classmates LAUGHED while they performed traditional dance
UK: Perverted Paki police officer badgered crime victims about bondage and threesomes - Mirror Online
Blaming Whitey: Queensland’s Native Police – grappling with the gaps - The History Listen - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Jewish Jeffrey Epstein said he was an AIDs activist while grooming girl, 14, who lost her dad to disease
PC Bullshit: Australian archaeologists dropped the term 'Stone Age' decades ago, and so should you
Pauline Hanson worried Muslims will use religious discrimination laws to justify child brides, FGM
Niggers LOL! Surveillance camera captures moment a woman is stabbed to death at a New York subway station
Turd World: Pregnant women and children are among 20 murdered in tribal clashes in Papua New Guinea
Fresh citizenship crisis hits Canberra 
Outrage as hundreds of tourists flock to Uluru/Ayre's Rock before Abos ban White People forever
Dean Kaplan from the Emanuel Jewish School in Sydney charged with child abuse material
Iraqi asylum seeker, 22, is jailed for life for rape and murder of German girl Susanna Feldman
Mud Life: Family 'force man's Afghan wife into SLAVERY'
Mud Life: Uncle, 50, is found guilty of shooting dead his nephew, 23, in an honour killing
Chinese warship gathering information on Australian US military games
Trump can’t block Twitter critics, federal appeals court rules
Abo Abuses White People - Claims Victim: Reporter on Australia Day backlash
Alt-Light Loser in legal battle to be licensed as security guard
VIDEO RED ALERT: Jeffrey Epstein - YouTube
Turd World Scam: Bali Gates of Heaven Lempuyang Temple looks like a pristine lake revealed to be a LIE
Paedophile priest Robert Claffey who abused young boys claims he shouldn't be given longer sentence
Copycat nigger, 36, is arrested after a video showing him lick tub of ice-cream goes viral
Pictures that show why Paris is considered one of the world's most elegant cities
Killing Gooks: Horrors of the Pacific war are revealed in new images
Race-Traitor Arab Fucker: Skaf rapist psychologist now Sydney's Malek Fahd Islamic School counsellor
Gender equality putting Queensland miners' lives at risk because of a lack of female board members
Chinks: Defence expert says Australia MUST develop nuclear weapons to prevent a catastrophic attack
Chink spy ship 'hoovering up data' off Australian coast highlights growing threat of China's military
LOL: Dykes vs Trannies
Nig Life: Harief Pearson who hired cousin to kill his unborn child jailed for 11 years
Jews News: Jeffrey Epstein enters not guilty plea to sex trafficking charges despite nude images of girls
Brutal brawl breaks out between niggers at Disneyland
Nig-Land Holiday: Couple contracts parasite from food court pad thai meal on Thailand holiday
Jews News: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking
All nigs look the same: Hospital mix-up leads to wrong man taken off life support
London police feared terrorist bomb blast
King hit on Court is open warfare - Google Search
Billie Jean King hit on Margaret Court points to open warfare
Caffeine powder death warning: One teaspoon is enough to kill
AfroFuture Festival: White people charged double people of color
Michigan AfroFuture music festival ticket prices double for WHITE PEOPLE
FBI tapes show Martin Luther King Jr had 40 affairs and 'laughed' as friend raped parishioner
1,000 Haitian Migrants Apprehended Since June 10 at Texas Border
Migrants Claim Mexico Demands Bribes to Cut Asylum Line into Texas
Nolte: Hollywood's Worldwide Box Office Down 6 Percent
Mo Brooks: Healthcare for Illegals an Effort to Turn U.S. into California
Niggers Kill: Body of University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck is found
Tranny Filth: Walmart shopper gargles mouthwash, spits it back into the bottle then RETURNS it to the shelf
Muslims: Police arrest man, 28, and woman, 25, over alleged plot to attack today's Pride march in London
Good News! Irish mother breaks down in tears after learning her family will be staying in Australia
Australian driver sparks outrage over his rant after he sees a Muslims praying at a truck stop 
Paki Perverts: How safe ARE women alone in an Uber? 
White supremacist folk singer, 52, petrol bombs a synagogue in Exeter
White supremacist Ricky White charged with setting fire to a Pentecostal church
Chinese beggars in Melbourne are expected to appear in Sydney and Brisbane
Pedophiles on prison leave go shopping and eat at restaurants leaving abuse survivors terrified 
Shocking reason Australia's worst criminals including paedophiles and terrorists are roaming Sydney 
Gender identification questions could be dumped from the Australia Census
MSM Fucked Up Too: Donald Trump makes historical blunder in Salute to America speech
Comedian Simon Kingsley-Holmes attacked by audience member over white supremacist joke - NZ Herald
Miss Sea Nigger Pageant Drama Queens
Subhuman Bullshit via Manus Island: Resettled in United States, refugee battles survivor’s guilt
Fake Chinese beggars in Melbourne: How the scam works
Marxist Nervana: Venezuela releases 22 prisoners after United Nations humans rights report
Race Laws: SA ALP vows Aboriginal voice to parliament
White Australia: Incredible photographs show what school was like for Australian children a century ago
Australian movement says circumcision is genital mutilation as men are seeking foreskin restoration
Race-Traitor: Isis bride Lisa Smith denies ever fighting for group but says she wants a caliphate
Anti-White Book: 'Proud black' mother slams school over To Kill A Mockingbird
Niggers: Wife hacks off her husband's penis after he refused to have sex with her as punishment for drinking
China separates Muslim children from their parents before brainwashing them
Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog
SHARRON DAVIES: 'I won't let trans militants drown me out'
Blaming Whitey: Asian policewoman is suing Scotland Yard for 'racial and gender discrimination'
Blue Bell ice cream nigger could face up to 20 years in jail, say Texas police
Tunisia bans the niqab veil in 'public institutions'
Lab grown STEAKS could soon be on the menu thanks to breakthroughs in cultured meats, experts say
Scientists Search for a Mirror Universe with NO DARK PEOPLE!
Puneet Puneet killed Dean Hofstee after speeding, drink driving gives Australia ultimatum to return
A Victoria court has sentenced two men for selling guns to an Islamic State supporter
Globetrotting refugee Ikraam Mohamud blew $1000 a day after ripping off the taxpayer
Was Alek Sigley detained to keep him quiet ahead of the Donald Trump meeting?
My Hero 02x01 Christmas - YouTube
Girl fights off nigger who followed her home from summer school on Long Island
Accused terrorist, 20, 'tried to set up a jihadi stronghold in the Blue Mountains
Country town's annual fun run is cancelled due to costs of guarding against a terror attack 
Illegal Indian immigrant refused to leave Australia and relies on Gumtree to make cash 
Melbourne fake Chinese beggars scam busted by police
Vigilance committee - Wikipedia
The huge visa changes coming to Australia
Scientists warn against creating human-monkey HYBRIDS as calls rise to create the chimeras
Woman who went viral for licking ice cream in supermarket to face charges
Nike Betsy Ross flag sneakers: Shoes pulled over Nazi claims
China border guards put surveillance app on tourists’ phones to extract data
Ice cream man wins over internet by making ‘influencers’ pay double
Libyan migrant centre hit, 44 dead
Putin, Xi Jinping ‘eroding’ democracy with Russian, Chinese stealth warfare
Me LOL Long Time: Job recruiter accidentally sends Asian-American woman racist email
SuperMax gangster Bassam Hamzy charged after 'running meth ring from behind bars through his LAWYER'
Racist Asians: Occult and paranormal shop to sue over 'religious discrimination'
Commuters defend RACIST ASIAN woman on Adelaide tram after argument with man goes viral
Obama's Camps & Rules - But Blame Trump: AOC warns US is slipping towards Fascism
Khaled Sharrouf's surviving children arrive in Australia after they were rescued from Syria
Tourists are being scammed when using ATM machines in Bali