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Racial News to Use May

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'Miss Hitler' beauty pageant contestant is not convicted of being a neo-Nazi terrorist
Cross found on fire at predominantly white North Carolina church where black pastor was due to speak
Convicted racist far-right Rasmus Paludan hates Islam could become an MP in Denmark
Rich white parents worried about sending kids to selective schools from fear they'll be in minority
Geert Wilders blocked from Twitter after branding D-66 'suckers... who import ever more Islam'
Dutch birdwatcher who was held for seven years by ISIS-linked rebels is killed by his captors
Jack the Ripper historian slams 'stupid' and 'offensive' trolls
Jewish talent agent Max Markson reveals the one person he will NEVER work with
Judge orders Massachusetts bar to hand over CCTV from the night Kevin Spacey 'groped a teenager'
Australian athlete weighed the debate of transgender athletes competing in female sporting events
American tourist, 51, speaks out about how she was strangled, beaten and left for dead
Mud Life: Husband walks into a police station with his wife's head and says it was 'because she was cheating'
Sand-Nigger motel owner charged with abusing 3 children including hanging a girl, 6, upside down in a fridge
Huawei orders Americans at its Chinese headquarters to pack their bags as Washington turns the screw
Cops stumble across massive cannabis crop while arresting a group of vegan activists
Two Palestinian teens are shot dead by Israeli police as Muslims flock to Jerusalem during Ramadan
Russia 'cuts gay sex scenes' from Elton John biopic Rocketman as part of 'anti-gay propaganda' laws
Chink Crime Syndicate: Who is Lawrence Ho? Hong Kong dynasty revealed as James Packer sells Crown stake
Minneapolis NIGGER'S attorneys seek no prison
Boy, 6, beheaded in front of screaming mum in Saudi Arabia 'for being wrong religion'
Muslims: Brit teen stripped of £500k inheritance by Sharia law court because she's a 'Christian'
Kellogg's factory NIGGER who filmed himself peeing onto production line jailed
Hero boy, 8, saves sister, 10, from terrifying 'kidnap' as 'Paki steals gran's car'
Muslim charged with terror offence over Manchester Victoria New Year knife attack
John Cleese sends Twitter into meltdown by declaring ‘London ISN’T an English city’
Brexit activist branded racist for saying black man, 29, looks like Diane Abbott
Labour NEC's Pete Willsman suspended because denying anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism
France News: Lyon bomb suspect 'pledged allegiance to ISIS'
‘Staged fakery’: Eye rolling on Twitter as Sky News posts video of White Helmets ‘rescuing puppies'
White Helmets and ‘Russian’ nerve gas: New Call of Duty trailer is modern propaganda at its finest
Black students cast act as slaves in New York teacher's mock auctions - CNN
Illinois nigger accused of killing, dismembering 2-year-old boy stands trial
Black students cast act as slaves in New York teacher's mock auctions - CNN
COTC: Memoir of a Race-Traitor
Meet the society sisters who sent men wild with lust
Makeup artist with a VERY dark tan hits back at critics accusing her of 'blacking up'
Aboriginal football star Chris Yarran is jailed for meth-fuelled crime spree
Hoard of Viking coins worth at least £500,000 found during police raids
Australian White male suicide rate TRIPLES as 30,000 ambulances are called out to help struggling men
Putin hands out Order Of Parental Glory to Russians who are having lots of children
Wetback father of baby found dead in LA area sought in her death
Husband strangles his HIV-positive wife amid outbreak in Pakistan
White woman is filmed pulling a gun on a black couple at Mississippi lake
Wetback who set himself on fire outside the White House dies in hospital
Pregnant White woman is stabbed nine times by Sand Nigger
Alleged ringleader of jihadi terror cell admits killing Scandinavian tourists
John Cleese defends remarks about London 'not being English city'
Horrific details of how Australian nurse dubbed the 'Angel of London Bridge' was murdered
Miss India pageant comes under fire over lack of diversity
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is criticised for her 'wellbeing budget'
R. Kelly charged with 11 new counts of sex abuse and assault
ABC Australia: Anti-White Taxpayer Funded Broadcaster Admits Biase
China denies targeting Australia with lasers in South China Sea
Online store is forced to pull a white T-shirt from sale because it says 'It's ok to be white'
'New IRA' parcel bombs sent to London and Glasgow are linked to packages sent to British Army
Wife of 'Taliban sympathizer' describes how he 'raped' her in captivity in Afghanistan
Libtard sets himself on fire and is seen engulfed in flames near the White House
White Men Kill White Men: Haunting photos capture the terror and tension of the D-Day landings
Show us yer Shovel! 20-year-old woman from outback Australia became Maxim swimwear model of the year
Jealous MUSLIM who stabbed cheating wife to death is jailed for 20 years 
CREATORS: Make religious beliefs exempt from workplace contracts
TOM LEONARD probes the troubling truth behind the shaming of MARTIN LUCIFER KOON
Illegal Aliens' bid to reach Australia thwarted boat with 20 Sri Lankans on board intercepted
Victorian assistant police commissioner slammed for calling Courtney Herron death reflection on White Men
Bitch blames all WHITE MEN for murders of women
When Doctors Go Nigger: Doctors tell a father his new freckle is nothing to worry about - terminal cancer
Indian father of coward that fled to India after killing a teenager says his SON is the victim
Jihadi Jack's parents were 'in denial' when they discussed wiring cash to their son
He Said It Again! John Cleese sparks row by saying London is 'not really an English city any more'
Three Africoons arrested over home invasion and carjacking crime spree in Melbourne
YouTube removes videos continuing to celebrate New Zealand mosque attacks
Incidents that led to probe into allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour party
Larry David to Collect $5,000 for Calling Donald Trump a ‘Racist’ on ‘SNL’
White Male suicide: Men’s mental health research reveals extent of problem
Hating Whitey: Aboriginal NRL star Cody Walker will refuse to sing the national anthem
Stick with Schick: New Gillette ad features black trannies
Samsung: New technology creates ‘deep fake’ videos from single photo
Gook Life: Japan stabbing: Kid, adult dead after Tokyo knife attack near Kawasaki City
Whiny black football player screams RACIST at coppers
London attacker 'energised' with preacher
Australia rubbish: Indonesian village being inundated with illegal plastic waste from Australia
Brexit and European elections: UK departure plan more confusing
Australian navy pilots struck by lasers in South China Sea
German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe
Darky footballer Ben Barba accuses police of being ‘racist rapists’ as he’s arrested
Trump moves to de-fang global warming science with 'climate review panel'
'Bodybuilding steroids' did not make London Bridge attackers more aggressive, inquest hears 
Australia’s plastic waste fiasco deepens as plastic shipped to Malaysia will be SENT BACK
Horrific moment a heavily pregnant woman is repeatedly punched in the head by a Pacific Islander
Irish parents made final plea to stay in Australia after son with cystic fibrosis refused residency
Scientists identify dozens of genes that could be key to our species' evolution
Paki student and 7-Eleven worker sues for more than $3million because he lost his SEX DRIVE
Honey is 'just as effective as treating cold sores as anti-viral creams'
Niggers: LOL moment a woman's leg gis repeatedly crushed by a car
White woman describes her escape from 'America's most prolific serial killer' NIGGER
Robbers execute couple after they ran out of fuel in South Africa
Australian nurse dubbed 'Angel of London Bridge' receives Florence Nightingale award
Why the authorities want to monitor your rubbish to find out exactly what you’re throwing away 
Federal election: Liberal MP Phillip Thompson tells of post-war battles
Racist Trump refuses to suck piss with Japs - WGF?
Marcia Langton explains why she'll NEVER back Pauline Hanson's 'it's OK to be white' resolution
NOT ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE: Q&A slams Australia’s politicians for allowing “filth” in parliament
European election results: Brexit party dominates UK
Mud Life: Teen killed in violent brawl ‘karate-kicked from behind’
Gang of knife-wielding AFRICANS go on wild crime spree
KFC scam alert: Immigrants are being offered fake six-figure jobs with the Colonel
Banks who used secret chatrooms to fix currency markets targeted in major class action lawsuit 
Police arrest suspected Lyon 'nail bomber' after attacker wounded 13 people
Mud Life: Accountant who bludgeoned and strangled his wife to death is jailed for 23 years 
Libtard claims she was banned from Facebook for turning MAGA hats into KKK hoods and Nazi armbands
Refugee is found hiding in car's GLOVE box in a desperate attempt to sneak into Europe through Spain
FBI tapes show Martin Luther King Jr had 40 affairs and 'laughed' as friend raped parishioner
Feminist author Naomi Wolf learns her new book contains crucial factual blunder
Christian 'missionaries' accused of posing as Orthodox Jews by rabbis in Chicago and Brooklyn
Gook swim school owner is charged for 'sexually abusing two female students during lessons'
Muds: Two teenagers, 17 and 18, charged with murder after a wild brawl at a 16th birthday party
Footy star Mal Brown refuses apologise racial slur against former teammate Kevin Bartlett Footy Show
Killed by Abos: How two boys, 16 and 17, disappeared from an Outback cattle station in 1986
EU election: Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage to wipe the floor
Nigger, 18, killed in wild brawl of 50-80 teenagers after 16th birthday party turns violent
Nig Life: Investigations continue into Sydney house party brawl, one man dead
Race Traitor US judge blocks funds for Trump border wall plan - BBC News
Fear of Whites: European election results: Populist, green, liberal, Brexit parties set for success
Sir Robert Menzies on the White Australia Policy - Classic Australian Television - YouTube
Voice of the People: The White Australia Policy (1962) - YouTube
Racial Troubles In Notting Hill (1959) - YouTube
Disney's Aladdin live-action remake replaces the dated, RACIST animation
Banned: The Song of the South (1946) at DuckDuckGo
Goodbye Gook: Australia's regional migration program failing both migrants and communities, expert says
GP who asked a mother in his surgery to lift her veil may no longer have a career
Suspected parcel bomb explodes in Lyon, France
RACE TRAITOR! Jacinda Ardern mural Brunswick: Loretta Lizzio responds to hate
Double killer nigger with ‘violent impulses’ is jailed again for stabbing a stranger in a shoe shop
Self-help guru Tony Robbins is filmed repeatedly using the N-word
Playboy model is chased out of ultra-orthodox Jewish area in New York
Nig Life: Shocking moment Dairy Queen manager throws vat of hot oil at teen employee
Thousands of ANTI-WHITES wave ‘Abolish Australia’ signs at a Sorry Day rally in Sydney
Anti-terror police hunt man seen leaving parcel bomb in Lyon that left 'at least 13' injured
NO DEAL! Get out Bitch: Theresa May’s resignation and Brexit
YouTube LOSER CAMP: Parents pay $1500 a week to send kids to camp
Toilet delays on Mt Everest
Triple murderer dies aged 67 after spending 35 years in solitary confinement
Sand-Nigger security guard who masturbated in front of a girl, three, for 11 minutes is found guilty
Christians face EXTINCTION in Iraq after ISIS forced 125,000 to flee their homes, Archbishop warns
Slain CIA agent's family oppose American Taliban John Walker Lindh's release
Home and Away actor-turned jihadi terrorist who opened fire on police complains about being in jail
Grandfather repeatedly stabbed by an ISIS-inspired student
Wouldn't Happen to Niggers: Irish couple face deportation after son’s cystic fibrosis drugs are deemed a burden
Did Leonardo da Vinci have ADHD?
Policeman describes Australia's worst ever paedophile - A GOOK!
Facebook removes 3 billion fake accounts
Islamic State Sand-Nigglets: Australian children to be returned home
That's RACIST! Aladdin 2019 remake
Saudi Arabia executions: Moderates Awad al-Qarni, Ali al-Omari and Sheikh Salman al-Odah to die
Libtards Plan to become more Disruptive
The internet is dividing, and the choice boils down to China or the West
Traitors to the Cause: Married to the alt-Right
Adelaide ape charged with conspiracy in the US drops extradition appeal
Family of criminal Africoon shot dead by US police say murdered White Australian was treated differently
Turd World: Bali travel alert: Australian tourists are warned over travel to Indonesia
Out of touch? ABC claimed the environment was voters' number one issue
Climate Chinks: Gas emissions from China prevent closing of the ozone
Bastards! Healthy dog put down after dead owner requests both be buried together
Nigel Farage ilkshake attack: Latest Brexit news, Theresa May coup, EU election
Australian doctor busts the most common cold and flu myths - and reveals what to trust
Toy gun sparks Melbourne school alarm
Yassmin Abdel-Magied Bitches about bad book reviews - claims they are written by White trolls
Islam: Australian IT geek charged with terrorism for giving software to a relative who works for ISIS
Catholic pederast priest known as the ‘Monster of Merewether’ is jailed for three more years
Darky Dylan Voller pleads guilty to a bomb hoax at the Commonwealth Games but blames his actions on PTSD
Dutch minister quits saying department 'downplays murders and sex attacks by asylum seekers'
Nun found ‘beheaded’ in Central African Republic in suspected organ trafficking
Woman who called a former neighbour a ‘busybody’ in an email is forced to pay him $120,000
Bitch Kills Kid: Chilling detail behind mum and child’s cliff plunge: It was her ‘favourite place’
South Africa elects Ramaphosa & Blame Whitey
Melbourne school incident: Police respond to toy gun report
Video: Sweden Investigating Criminalizing Runes, Thor's Hammer & Other Norse Symbols - YouTube
Election results 2019: China bitches about Scott Morrison’s election win
Fucking Reds! Labor leadership: Anthony Albanese could be elected unopposed
Portugal arrests 17 Hells Angels after they attack neo-Nazis
Former Catholic Paedophile Priest Vincent Ryan to return to jail for sexually abusing two boys
LOL! Suicide crisis on Manus and Nauru island as six people make attempts on their lives
Police officer describes moment he shot dead a crazed GOOK outside Sydney's Central Station
Office worker captured by police facial recognition camera launches first major legal challenge
Christchurch 'attacker' charged with terrorism for the first time
Lawyer for Nigger nurse accused of raping a helpless patient has appealed an HIV testing order
Manipulative Mud 'catfish' who pretended to be a famous soap star to get women to fall in love with her
Vietnamese restaurant fined $25,000 for greasy dripping gas pipes and cockroaches faeces in kitchen
Sperm banks in the UK and Australia 'play on men's masculinity to coax them into donating'
Facebook 'is helping select companies to use your data and target ads based on your credit score'
Eight men are charged with smuggling 475,000 packets of illegal cigarettes into Australia
Inside Labor's lavish pre-election party
Perverted Paki, 30, suffers exploded colon when his 'perverted friends' put an air compressor into his anus
Vision-impaired woman left disgusted after Muslim taxi driver asked her to put her guide dog in the BOOT
News Sydney: Eight Muslims arrested by anti-terror police in multi-million-dollar illegal tobacco import sting
Abo News: Men charged over 2016 Australia Day murder lose appeals
UK news London Bridge terror attack Australian man stabbed
Christchurch shooting: Alleged killer Brenton Tarrant gets terror charge
Mud paedophile who raped a FIVE-year-old girl to be FREED from prison after just seven years
Trannies R Men: Controversial cap on testosterone levels in female athletes IS fair, rule scientists
Nig Life: Three-year-old girl dies 'after being raped and beaten by her stepfather'
Post-election surge in Aussie Libtards pissing off to NZ
LOL! Labor mocked by Liberals over Chris Bowen's Suits-style photo
Gang of coon children as young as 12 'storm a 91-year-old’s home armed with golf clubs and threaten him'
Member of Vibe Church jailed over sexual assault against four teenage girls
Toxic Feminist Libtard Clementine Ford says woman should be ‘ashamed’ of voting Liberal
LMWAO! Manus, Nauru: Heartbreaking reaction to election result
Police use of 'intrusive' and 'inaccurate' facial recognition tech challenged in UK court
Google has secret log of every online purchase you've ever made - how to find it
Hundreds involved in foiled terror attacks - including plots to kill Labour MPs
Mud Culture: Man whose sister was butchered by husband takes aim at ex-boyfriend who 'murdered dentist'
Killing Women is Part of Mud Culture - But Muds Blame Whitey
Documentary: Little White Girl Cut Up by Pakis & Used as Kebab Meat
Upper class people really DO think they are better than their equally capable peers of lower class
Paki Quacks: Scottish teenager dies after cancer misdiagnosis
Nigel Farage hit by milkshake on walkabout
London Bridge terror attack inquest: Paramedics response questioned
New video reveals Arnold Schwarzenegger barely budged by NIGGER who drop-kicked him in back
Abo Life: Father bashed innocent man he thought was a paedophile trying to tempt his daughter into a bathroom
'Drunk' female tourist attacks passengers after 'racist rant' at 'foreigners' on flight
Bill Shorten spent end of campaign drinking while 'Trump-like' Scott Morrison campaigned
IVF 'will alter human evolution' by allowing disease-prone people to have babies
Huge passport changes for Australians heading to the UK
Missouri Taco Bell manager-in-training fired after Islamophobic conversation with customer
LOL moment 'Heathrow worker' tells a Muslim motorist 'Allah was a paedophile'
Video: Man mocks motorist for being Muslim after road incident
'Go to New Zealand': David Koch delivers a blunt message to moaning Libtards
Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris: Hundreds of illegals aliens riot
Psychotic Gook not guilty for murder of Australia Post worker Klaus Petr
Nigger Life: Detroit woman found dead in dumpster ‘wanted to save lives’
Alleged 'Mother of Satan' explosives maker had 'anti-Islamic' images on his phone, court hears
Libtards: Tens of thousands rally against nationalism before European Parliament elections
South African tourists targeted in blast near Egypt's Giza pyramids
One Nation truck torched in Hobart shopping centre deemed 'suspicious'
Ex-CIA boss who helped kill Jihadi John says 'ISIS Beatles should be HANGED'
Jihadi John made British hostage 'fight in sick WWE Royal Rumble-style game'
Unite launches voter turn out campaign to stop Tommy Robinson in EU elections
Once You Go Black: Reality TV bride bludgeoned to death with hammer – for ending secret affair
Girl, 8, snatched off street is found in hotel room with 51-year-old nigger
Church offers to 'cover up' cross and image of Jesus for Ramadan
Doctor who asked Muslim mum to remove niqab says he will quit over racism claim
WHITE Texas girl snatched off street in front of mother is found safe in hotel room of 51-year-old NIGGER
Daughter of Jihadi John victim vows to go to Syria to find her dead father's body
Doctor who faces inquiry for asking a Muslim to lift her veil says he will quit after 23 years as GP
DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Can electric shocks to your brain give you the memory of a 20-year-old?
Public register to name and shame sex offenders set to become a reality after Coalition’s shock win 
One Nation billboard truck set on fire in Tasmania  
McDonald’s restaurants in Austria to function as US embassies
Pauline Hanson votes being counted: One Nation’s anxious wait
'Hang the ISIS Beatles' claims former CIA chief
Mud Life: Camel Jockey, 60, is charged with murder after a woman, was stabbed to death
Police hunt for 8-year-old girl pulled into a nigger's car in Fort Worth 
Iceland’s hard-left bondage punk Eurovision group faces punishment after displaying Palestine flags
Miracle dog swept away by river and trapped in cave for 24 hours SURVIVES
Grooming gang victim: "I was raped by more than 100 men but police arrested me not them"
Tommy Robinson event erupts into violence as 'bricks and eggs thrown into crowd'
Manchester bomb victim has PTSD and lost finger but is still awaiting compensation
Glad She's Gone: Julie Bishop gives Tony Abbott the Bish Boot
Jew on the Edge: Dave Sharma and Kerryn Phelps battle for Wentworth
My Great Grandfather Farted When Victoria was Queen - It's Amazing!
Dog saves newborn buried alive by Gook mum
Australian comedian Jean Kittson discusses her mother’s macular disease - 9Honey
Scott Morrison wins the election
2019 Australian Federal Election: Waleed Aly clashes with Chris Pyne during 'right-wing party' row
Australian election results: Fraser Anning FAILS to win a Senate seat; Jacqui Lambie to return
Barnaby Joyce unleashes on Labor after keeping his seat in 2019 Federal Election
Stephen Fry threatens to 'kill' audience member as their phone interrupts FAGGOT Awards speech 
Israeli firm behind WhatsApp spyware hack faces lawsuit from Amnesty International
Arnie in South Africa: Schwarzenegger Meets Nigger - Never Relax 'Round Blacks
Isaac Israel Warriner: Son ‘cuts off mum’s head with hacksaw’
Paedophile & FAKE Neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw jailed for life for attempted murder of MP
Federal election 2019: What happens if I don’t vote, penalty, how much is the fine?
Anthony Mundine brands Israel Folau’s sacking RACIST as his former teammates show support
Duchess of Niggerdom accused of 'personally approving' Hollywood guests for new US documentary
Father of man, 27, who was killed by Rwandan militia is devastated the men moved to Australia
Rwandan massacre victim's Australian parents kept in dark on suspects' resettlement from US
‘That’s Just Insane’: Australia’s Secret Deal to Take In Rwandan Guerrillas From the U.S.
8 Tourists Slain in Uganda, Including U.S. Couple - The New York Times
Mud Life: Father faces murder and arson charges over death of three-year-old daughter
Mud Life: Sickening new details of womb raider murder plot
We are shamefully ignoring the plight of WHITE middle-aged men 
UK Taxpayers foot the bill for Meghan's foreign clothing extravigances
Independent candidate is filmed unleashing shocking racist rant
Video: Muslim who Spat in Baby's Face is LET OFF - YouTube
Anti-White News: Muslim Spits in Baby's Face Shouts "White people shouldn't breed" at DuckDuckGo
Race-Traitor Bob Hawke Grants Permanent Residency to 40k Chinks at ONE SIGNING
Tax $$ at Work: Nigger Shaman boyfriend of Princess Martha Louise will lead spiritual workshop in London
Racial Loyalty News - She Has Given Us a Sign
Graphic designer reveals hilarious responses to Photoshop requests
Darky's emergency call after stabbing two students and a teacher as he is sentenced to jail
Viking Kittens - YouTube
Grumpy Cat - YouTube
Internet sensation Grumpy Cat passes away
2 Years Prison for Dumping Rubbish - 6 Months, Court & Free When Black & Killing a White man
New Zealand boy sent home from school for 'not wearing enough pink' on an anti-bullying day 
Darky Fools: Grieving family call for driver who hit and killed their drunk 13-year-old daughter sleeping on the road to come forward
Libtard Alert! Manhunt as Tony Abbott volunteer is 'stabbed with a corckscrew at a school'
UK news Labour Jeremy Corbyn declares fresh Brexit talks dead
Good Riddance Mudshark
Mudshark carks it
Gotta Be a Nigger: Police fine driver for insanely messy car
Trolls picking on Ariel Winter - Loony Toons Pamela Anderson blames Trump
Child marriage in the US: ‘I was exploited by legal rape’
Ruecha Tokputza: Adelaide's gook rapist sentenced to 40 years in jail
Gook sex tourist branded 'every child's worst nightmare' as he's jailed for 40 years in Adelaide
Gook fucker who killed his family accidentally killed himself
The shocking consequences of NOT voting
Mud punches man in unprovoked attack outside Melbourne laundromat leaving him clinging to life - Deportation!
Aboriginal man sleeping in a bin gets dumped inside the back of garbage truck and gets trapped
Ook Gook! Giant RAT is seen running through a Perth sushi restaurant 
BLOW IT UP! Mural of hijab-clad Jacinda Ardern hugging a Muslim woman after Christchurch massacre
Monocultural multiracialist Pauline Hanson is taught how to dance to rap song Old Town Road 
Emily Ratajkowski poses naked to decry '25 old white men' who voted to ban abortion in Alabama
Manchester Arena terror survivor still haunted by bomber who was just yards from her
Nigger poachers laugh as they show off corpse of rare clouded leopard after it was killed in Malaysia
Comedian has his Netflix deal cancelled for a Holocaust joke
Fraser Anning supporter Max Towns pleads not guilty to assaulting a photographer
Mud Life: Missing pregnant teenager's baby cut from womb after she was strangled to death
Race-Traitor Bob Hawke forced woman to abort his child
Bringing Down the Neighbourhood: Four-bedroom house just round the corner from Harry and Meghan's Frogmore Cottage goes on sale
Potential Immigrants tie man and his cousins to tree and thrash them and molest the women
Extremely young? Europe's extreme-right wants your vote
Monkey jailed and faces deportation to India after proposing to woman who served him in shop
White Privilege: Harrowing images capture the plight of the poor in Victorian Britain
Protests against LGBT lessons spread across the UK as Christians join conservative Muslims
Austrian lawmakers approve elementary school headscarf ban
Germany's top court orders public broadcaster to air neo-Nazi party election
Race-Traitor Bob Hawke dies aged 89: Former Australian Prime Minister passes away at home
Former soldier MP's fury at fresh round of 'witchhunt' probes into Northern Ireland veterans
Pederast Priest: Bishop of Lincoln is suspended from office by Archbishop of Canterbury
Police fine pedestrian £90 over facial recognition camera row
JOG/ZOG - JEWISH WORLD DOMINATION: Facebook blocks dozens of accounts set up to influence elections around the world by Israeli company
Former MI6 chief joins calls to bar Huawei from UK's 5G network
China formally arrests two Canadian citizens for endangering national security
A look at the U.S. first abortion law spurred by the scandalous love affair
London Bridge terrorist smiled as he stabbed a waiter to death
Head of Scottish Refugee Council's father is banned from entering UK
MPs rail against plan to define Islamophobia in law that would 'divide the country'
Palestinian terror group Hamas THANKS Jeremy Corbyn for his support
Nigger Caught Sniffing Seats: Died of 'catastrophic' injuries after his neck became wedged under leg-rest
Fake Tits 37? Looks 67! American woman Jenny Jacobs explains why she 'vowed off' dating British men
Gucci slammed for selling $800 'Indy' turban in latest cultural appropriation and racism charge
Racist Anti-White MSM: Alabama abortion laws: Powerful cartoon highlights sad reality
Illegal Alien, Tranny & Fag: Devon Erickson, Maya McKinney charged with murder - Colorado school shooting
Donald Trump: Immigration plan will be ‘envy of world’
Race-Traitor Bob Hawke dead at 89: Australian prime minister
Greens candidate hates WHITE AUSTRALIA screamed foul abuse at Christian university students
London Bridge victim's heartbroken mother reveals the last thing her daughter said
Campaigner draws a giant penis over bump to force the authorities to fix it – and it WORKS
Africans: Four girls arrested after brawl that left two stabbed near 'dangerous' Westfield mall
The one type donkey vote WILL count election - so write WHITE POWER
A violent New Zealand thug has dodged deportation after a tribunal ruled in his favour
Gook Life: Drunken coward bashes a pregnant woman and rams his car into a servo
Modern humans diverged from Neanderthals much sooner than believed
Australian Federal election: Fuck Off Al Gore
Attention Seeking Bullshit on Reddit: Old Abo Donates $20 to Strangers
Rwandan murderers: ‘Secret deal’ took in accused jungle axe murderers
Agim Kruezi: Dispute over halal meal sparks prison fight
Australia's booze problem revealed: Aussies get drunk once every eight days
Abo mum attacks female police officer after she was caught stealing a phone in a pub
When you let the BLACK youth rampage, the WHITE you want to party
Pauline Hanson lays into Deborah Knight and says the Today show was better with Karl Stefanovic
Federal election 2019: Pauline Hanson on Today says Karl Stefanovic should come back
The dark triad sums up psychopaths, but the light triad defines saints - Science News - ABC News
How Google could be forced to remove you from the internet
Emerging adult reactions to labeling regarding age-group differences in narcissism and entitlement
Millennials and Gen Z really ARE snowflakes
Tech giants promise clampdown on WHITE extremism – but fail to say how or when
White Australia: Amazing footage reveals how Melburnians lived in 1967 
White Privileg? Great Depression images show squalid conditions faced by families  
Islamist claims he has arrived in Canada to give devout Christian Asia Bibi a 'terrible death'
Brother of Hassan Khalif Shire Ali admits plotting terror attack in Melbourne's Federation Square
LOL: Malaysian teenager, 16, killed herself after conducting Instagram poll
Islam: Sex slave driver, 57, is found guilty of keeping two Thai woman as prostitutes against their will
Shocking moment nigger violently shoved 74-year-old man off bus as woman faces murder charge 
Last moments of London Bridge hero stabbed to death while helping Australian au pair, 21
South African farmer killed and wife stabbed and burned with boiling water in attack by four robbers
Mud Life: Man arrested after suspicious death at Surfers Paradise
Brits get drunk the most in the world, Australia close behind
Jewish Columbine killers inspired teens Alfred Dupree and Victoria McCurley - 40 years jail
Anti-White Facebook Live changes after Christchurch terror attack | Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron
Anti-White Leaders, tech giants vow to curb violence
Mustafa Kayirici: Shocking details of 4-hour alleged rape ordeal of girl, 13
Abos & Filth: Mud arrested after woman followed off tram, sexually assaulted
How Islam Fucked Up Australia: How police thwarted a gangland hit between two infamous crooks
Elite cop who shot Gargasoulas to face court over 'kicking' innocent student
Carl Bernstein: Barr Abetting 'Authoritarian' Trump In a 'Cover-Up'
Gunmen storm five-star hotel in Pakistan, killing at least one
'Biggest ever' treasure trove of Roman coins found in Britain
Held in contempt: what does House committee's vote mean for William Barr?
Why you can’t sue a political party for misleading advertising in an election
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Does 'Not Understand' U.S. Resistance to Gun Control
Nigger illegally enters Tower of London - home of the crown jewels
Mud drug dealers jailed for 12 years in first ever modern slavery prosecution
Nigger driver who stole £1m from security van spent £1,400 on sportswear the next day
Mixed Race moped gang exposed by Amanda Holden caught in dramatic CCTV as they're jailed
Nigger, 44, who shouted 'I'm pregnant' before being shot dead was NOT pregnant & grabbed TASER
Tommy Robinson to face fresh contempt of court proceedings for doing what MSM did
UK veterans to get new protection from prosecution over past offences
Nigger, 25, shoves elderly White man off bus so hard it killed him after he asked her to be nicer
The re-birth of Lake Eyre
Doc Martin star Martin Clunes dropped as animal welfare charity patron for riding elephant
Catholic school model paid for by taxpayers includes motivational coaches, but no exams
Maha Al-Shennag pleads not guilty to manslaughter over fatal Sydney school crash
San Francisco becomes first US city to ban police use of facial recognition technology
Brother of Bourke St attacker pleads guilty to terrorism charge over Federation Square gun plot
Police officer found guilty of tasering motorist in Fremantle during random breath test
Alabama Senate bans nearly all abortions, including...
Potty-mouthed 14-year-old anti-PC YouTuber comes under fire
Mud mother-of-four pleads not guilty to killing two children
Mud Taxi driver asked a blind person for directions, couldn't use a GPS and ignored red lights
Everything's RACIST: AFL star mocked after posing in new jersey
Two teenage girls stabbed after Nigger brawl breaks out at park near Westfield Mall
Kerri-Anne Kennerley unleashes on Bill Shorten
Teenage girl admits lied Good Samaritan demanded sexual favours help fix her car are all LIES
Women Bitching: James Charles: Fag preying on straight men is what has caused outrage
Kenan Basic cleared: Teen made up sexual favours story
Federal election 2019: Kerri-Anne Kennerley says Bill Shorten will ‘end life as we know it’
Dog choking on cheese is saved by ex-lifeguard owner in Somerset
Asian workers brutally tear hair off goats to make cashmere, leading H&M to ban the fibre
Claw machine that grabs live PUPPIES in China is criticised by animal rights activists
Nigger crowned ‘legend’ after tasting KFC food for 2 years with fake data – Daily Active Kenya
Filipino maid tied to a tree as punishment for leaving furniture outside
Foster son of Jehovah's Witness Enice Spry describes her evil child abuse Channel 5 documentary
US cop found guilty of murder after shooting Australian woman dead in her pyjamas launches appeal
Metropolitan Police take no further action after investigating Danny Baker royal baby tweet
One Nation leader says far-right senator Fraser Anning is trying to be 'another Pauline Hanson'
Anti-Semitic fake hate crime rose nearly 20 per cent in Germany last year, the government warned
Faggots: Male model reveals disgraced online star James Charles sent him a DM saying he was 'hot'
Faggots: James Charles Morphe eyeshadow palettes are being destroyed by enraged fans
USA News: China tariff war a little squabble Trump says
Anti-White Ardern 'doesnt' understand' why US hasn't passed stronger gun laws
UK news London Bridge attack knifemen well drilled team inquest hears
GTFO! Tamil asylum seeker family loses High Court appeal
Justine Damond: Police officer Mohamed Noor appeals conviction for killing Justine Ruszczyk Damond
News Middle East: Top general says no rise in Iran threat to US-led coalition
Donald Trump blasts Xi Jinping as China trade war drags on
Westfield Fountain Gate, Narre Warren: Two people stabbed in African brawl
South Australia records more than 12,000 influenza in one of worst possible influenza seasons
Nigger arrested after eating free KFC for a year by posing as a boss from 'head office'
Norwegian backpacker, 26, was 'raped in an alleyway on Thailand's notorious Full Moon Party island'
Jacinda Ardern and Emmanuel Macron to pressure G7 over extremist content
Mom forcibly separated from baby after eating a poppyseed bagel
WhatsApp rolls out security fix amid ISRAEL spyware fears
Explosive-laden drones attack oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia in 'act of terrorism'
Mud real estate agent admits peeping through a girl's window after trying to sell next door
Grieving mother who lost her 20-year-old son to suicide finds Jehovah's Witness pamphlet on grave
Black gang Mongrel Mob ran $2.6million ice ring in a tiny impoverished New Zealand town
Muslim man is hacked to death by an angry mob in Sri Lanka
Vet says chickens prefer tight spaces and not free range
Part Indian Elvis Presley was a pedophile and had girlfriends as young as 14, claims shocking new book
Man who claimed to be the oldest in the world dies 'aged 123' in Russia
Man stabbed in the face by darky in shocking random attack - as police hunt the knifeman
Sydney doctor is found guilty of having sex with patients and giving them 'unnecessary examinations'
Flightless bird reappears 10,000 years after extinction
White children as young as FOUR working in mines, farms and factories at the turn of the 20th century
Video shows 55-year-old man being beaten with a belt by staff at care home
Champion powerlifter is stripped of titles because she was 'still a man' when she won
London Bridge terror attack inquest youngest victim Sara Zelenak 21 had no chance Old Bailey told
Mohamed Ghanem: Skaf rapist's lawyer seeks leniency from NSW District Court judge
Liberal MP accuses Labor of voting "for pedophiles, sex offenders and rapists"
Sara Zelenak and London Bridge terror attacks: Aussie fell before stabbing
Federal election has Peter Dutton and Ali France in Dickson divided by politics, but united by trauma
Foreign university students need help to learn English, not criticism
Spotlight on fake Indigenous Australian art amid new calls for a clampdown
A mixed race royal - Afternoons - ABC Radio
When the lines between offensive comedy and off-limits jokes are blurred
US News: ‘Decay’ smell in ex-fiancé’s car linked to missing US girl
US News: Uber driver Richard Lomotey charged with kidnapping Pittsburgh
Federal election live updates: Final week of campaign underway
Danny Baker insists he 'won't be forced to retire' following BBC sacking
Crystal Palace doctor 'racially abused' in front of his kids - by a THREE-YEAR-OLD
Fury over 'No Japanese customers allowed' sign outside a bar - but manager says it's just 'for fun'
British spies identified Jihadi John within hours of beheading video by veins on his knife hand
Minnesota middle school teacher is caught calling black students 'f*****g n*****s'
Gunmen kill six worshippers in second attack on Catholic church in Burkina Faso in just two weeks 
Danny Baker tells his first live show since BBC sacked him that he's refusing to retire
Three-year-old changes from boy to girl living with foster parents whose son transitioned aged seven
United Flight 93 phone calls to loved ones revealed in new Mitchell Zuckoff book
Everything's Racist: Teachers placed on leave after noose photo
Riding in a Huey over College Station - YouTube
The BBC Is Propaganda | Smears Right-Wing Parties & Supporters In Europe - YouTube
White Power, swastika graffiti found in West End neighborhoods - YouTube
Racist flyer left on car windshields at One Hundred Oaks Mall
Black Privilege: White Met police officer faced TWO YEAR investigation after he took down a moped mugger
Good Riddance: Man accused of torturing girl, 2, with shock collar, blowtorch, dies 6 days after hanging himself
Nigger charged over fatal M4 crash that killed tradesman and led to car pileup
Is the Cubs “W” flag going to be our next symbol of hate? | Chicago History Cop
Cubs investigating fan who 'more likely than not' used racist hand gesture on TV | Chicago Sun-Times
University 'secret society' kicked out of Asian restaurant then trashes Indian one
Denver school gunman allegedly bullied younger students
Google rolls out 53 gender fluid emojis in Android Q to make it 'more inclusive'
Father of Colorado school shooter Alec McKinney is serial felon and illegal immigrant
Mixed Race LOL: IT consultant who stabbed wife with bread knife 59 times is jailed for life
9/11 through the eyes of its victims: Farewell calls from the planes
Danny Baker tweeted about royal baby two days before posting 'racist' monkey tweet
Cultural assassins lie in wait - Google Search
Cultural assassins lie in wait
Federal election 2019: Jewish Candidate Pushes Jewishness in Jewish Area
Future of fuel could lie in methane-consuming bacteria
Grinning alleged Iraqi "refugee" mastermind of Red Roses Day Care plot
Muds: Horrified mother spots a man ‘sexually assaulting her 10-year-old daughter'
Fuckwit: Hero tradie stands guard outside a mosque to protect Muslims after the Christchurch massacre
Cannibal Aztecs sacrificed Spanish conquistadors prisoner in reenactments of mythology
Norwegian tourist, 24, dies of rabies after rescuing a street puppy on a Philippine holiday
Pakis: Schoolgirl, 16, is doused in oil and set on FIRE by man after she refused his proposal in Pakistan
LOL: Penis enlargements do NOT work and can make it SMALLER
The Jewish Wolf of Wall Street: 'Rabid' real estate mogul 'bit former business partner's calf'
Gumtree petsitter nightmare: She said, ‘Have this one instead’
Rio Vista Nigga: Californian police officer brutally body slams woman over $14
8 Chinese men are denied entry to Australia after they are caught with 177,000 undeclared cigarettes
Mysterious roadside symbols spark fears a quiet neighbourhood is being targeted by burglars
Piss off you Red Bastard: Workers snub Bill Shorten
Facebook, France haggle over hate controls
Anti-White: Femail speaks to mixed race women about their experience following birth of baby Archie
Giant cockroach runs across Duterte’s shirt as the Philippine President tries to give a speech 
Mystery of the Spanish coins found in Utah desert that predate Columbus by 200 years
Eating junk food causes fat to seep into the brain through your bloodstream and trigger depression
Islamic State terrorists who tried to burn down Melbourne Mosque lash out at jury after found guilty
Danny Baker: BBC fires Radio 5 Live host over 'racist' royal baby tweet
Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes says Mark Zuckerberg is too powerful
Charcoal-based toothpastes do NOT whiten teeth
PIERS MORGAN: It's time for Muslim-mocking Madonna to act her age
Hatecrime Hoax: Gunman opens fire outside mosque after being chased out by worshippers
White Pensioner, 81, leapt 40ft to her death at quarry
Arab man wanted for questioning after women report sexual assaults while queueing in Sydney’s Chinatown
None of the Above: Jacinda Ardern tops the list of most trusted politician
Mud Childcare 'scammers held a fake graduation ceremony' to sell the con
Black Privilige: Aboriginal activist ,21,who spits at police is charged with assaulting a paramedic
Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes slams Mark Zuckerberg
Mosque fire, Melbourne: Abdullah Chaarani, Ahmed Mohmed, Hatim Moukhaiber guilty
Prince's support for bishop 'misguided'
Royal baby firing: BBC’s Danny Baker’s ‘racist’ tweet on Meghan’s son Archie
Sri Lanka attacks — UK preacher linked to suicide bomber had Lee Rigby killers inside his mosque
Who are the Muslim extremist terrorists who killed 290 people in Sri Lanka?
Neo-Nazi fliers resurface on Illinois college campus
Jussie Smollett's lawyer says he thought brothers were white because they 'were wearing make-up'
Rotherham: 40 Arrested in Latest Child Sex Abuse Probe
Juncker: EU Should Have 'Interfered' in Brexit Vote
South African Election Kicks Off with Torching of Election Official’s Car
India: Father Sets Pregnant Daughter, Husband Ablaze
Delingpole: UN's Species Extinction Report is Hysterical Nonsense
Report: Flint Gave Pipe-Repair Contract to Incompetent Firm After Rejecting White-Owned Contractor
Ramadan in China: Razed Mosques, 'Concentration Camps' for Muslims
Report: Alleged CO Juvenile Shooter Female ‘Transitioning’ to Male
CNN Asks 'How Black will the Royal Baby Be?'
Seattle School District Urges Teachers to Follow CAIR Guidelines on Muslim Students During Ramadan
TPUSA Rep on Campus 'Mob Mentality': They're Trying to Shut Down Our Freedom
Jasser: 'Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Are Normalizing' Radical Islamism
London Bridge terror leader Khuram Butt 'washed blood off knife with his beard'
Backlash as Adam Boulton describes London road as ‘Middle Eastern quarter’
Jewish Brexit Party candidate has 30ft swastika painted on his wall
Nigger Lips: 'Wind was too strong for my lips': Skydiver hilarious photo goes viral
White Australia: Historic footage shows Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay 50 years ago
Female Privilige: Party girl stabbed a stranger in the head with a STILETTO in a random and unprovoked attack
Numerologist claims what Baby Sussex's date of birth means but she got her sums wrong 
Older of two students arrested in Colorado shooting appears in court
Accountant may have buried his wife ALIVE
Donald Trump asserts executive privilege over unredacted Mueller report
Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah
Federal election: Liberals not disendorsing Gurpal Singh, who linked same-sex marriage to paedophilia
NSW Police arrest 18 over alleged childcare racket that stole millions of taxpayer-funded subsidies
News Victoria: Meth Mean Jury convicts over cold-case Melbourne murder
London Bridge attack inquest hears 8 people died in massacre lasting 3 minutes
White designer 'sees world through African eyes' despite never having visited continent
How many words your toddler should speak at ages one, two and three revealed - and vocab size DOES matter
Blogger horrified after octopus SUCKS onto her face as she tries to eat it alive
Brit waitress stabbed by gypsies and has hair hacked off in 'sick jealousy ritual'
The seven everyday items that could be making you sick
Australian online marketplace is forced to remove items emblazoned with images of Auschwitz
Denver shooting: Devon Erickson identified as one of two teen shooters.
Mark Latham to introduce new freedom of speech laws in wake of Israel Folau saga
Irish family facing deportation because of their sick son with cystic fibrosis are given fresh hope
Greens candidate Jay Dessi quits race for Lalor after posting Facebook comments mocking Asians, gays
Madonna goes incognito at JFK airport in a burka... after skipping Monday's Met Gala
I fell in love with a 'billionaire's son' who I met on Tinder... then he swindled me out of $200k
Delivery driver tosses a package then trips over it 
Israel Folau found guilty: Anthony Mundine claims ‘it’s about racism’
Aldi: Muslim mum angry over vegetarian sauce that ‘tastes like bacon’
Egg Boy v Egg Girl: Commentators doubt Amber Holt will be honoured with murals like Will Connolly
Australian au-pair stabbed on London Bridge had turned back to see what happened
Female Roma gipsy convicted of kidnapping British waitress, 22, and 'ritual shaming' her in Portugal
Greens stand by candidate blasted for 'racist' social media post about opponent
Mum left outraged after Ipswich waiter calls her five-year-old daughter 'sexy'
Mongrel Mob bikie gang scares off tourists by holding patching ceremony at top of popular viewpoint
Google unveils privacy push by bringing 'incognito mode' to Maps and Search as it debuts Android Q
Furious Alan Jones slams Rugby Australia
Aboriginal father-of-five fights possible deportation from Australia to PNG
Aboriginal 'aliens' are fighting deportation after their visas were cancelled for serious crimes 
China: Mike Pompeo slams Beijing over Arctic territory pursuit
Federal election 2019: Liberal Gurpal Singh’s paedophilia comments slammed
Scott Morrison egged in Albury: 24yo Vic woman charged over alleged incident
RUSH HOUR: Fury at racist Melbourne tram commuter
Matt Lucas calls police over Michael Jackson 'paedo' death threat
Louella Fletcher-Michie killer coon Ceon Broughton sentenced to eight and a half years
White Saviour Strictly's Stacey Dooley SLAMMED by MP for her Comic Relief work
Uppity nigresse Trisha Goddard blasts White Saviour Stacey Dooley's 'disturbing' Comic Relief post in race row
Australia: Hells Angel fined $700 for number 81 on sweater
Osama Bin Laden's son has Saudi citizenship revoked after US announce bounty
Black US cop pleads not guilty to Damond murder
US offers $1 million reward in hunt for bin Laden's son
The Queen assaulted by Jordanian Muslim Royals
Faggot Kevin Spacey demands teen accusers passwords
Oprah Winfrey denounces Michael Jackson while praising Leaving Neverland
800 people pack into mosque to listen to shiek who called 9/11 a 'comedy film'
Couple who lost White son in stabbing by Niggers plead for end to 'mindless' knife crimes
Nur Islam jailed for setting fire to Springvale Commonwealth Bank, burning people inside
LOL GOOKS!: Elderly man stumbles towards a car and slowly collides into the bonnet in 'crash for cash'
Facebook Enslaving Poor Pakis
Egyptian Muslim cleric who described September 11 as a 'comedy film' is touring Australian mosques
Aboriginal AFL star Tim Kelly's bitch bitches about vile internet trolls who branded him a 'monkey'
White woman calls the cops on a black man in Massachusetts because his dog aggressively humped hers
Minneapolis' Sudanese cop who killed Australian woman 'pointed his gun at driver during traffic stop'
Aboriginal who tore plaque off Captain Cook statue for a barbecue on Australia Day faces court
LOL: Shamima Begum flees refugee camp in Syria after death threats
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu to be indicted on corruption charges
Drunk nigger who bashed a teen to death because he shot him with a water gun is jailed for seven years
Israel’s attorney general intends to indict Netanyahu
PIERS MORGAN: Michael ‘Sammy the Bullsh*tter’ Cohen a lying, self-serving rat | THE HOLOCAUST!
Libtard Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to continue to campaign on social issues
German politician is allowed to stay in far-right party despite Hitler wine bottles photo
John A. Logan College bans man who placed racist flyers on campus
African Immigration: Inside Australia's most dangerous Westfield
Racist White doctors target chief victim Meghan Markle for murder during childbirth
Mud intruder beaten with golf club and airlifted to hospital
Fountain Gate Westfield: Africans creating chaos
Vaccination: moves underway in Germany to fine parents who fail to vaccinate
Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Rockets from Gaza, Israeli army poised to invade as airstrikes continue
Shocking footage shows Sunday School children moments before Sri Lanka bomber detonated explosive
Julius Caesar 'landed in Dover and crossed Thames at East Tilbury' for Roman invasion
Hindu man accused of assaulting two women after turning up at their homes for 'prayers' is charged 
<i>Starship Troopers</i>, by Trevor Lynch - The Unz Review
Debunking Myths of ‘Red-Brown’ Alliances, by Max Parry - The Unz Review
Jim Goad's New Book: A Banquet of Anti-Anti-Whiteness!, by John Derbyshire - The Unz Review
Biden Plays the Race Card, by Pat Buchanan - The Unz Review
Are Women, Like New Zealand’s Ardern—Or Gays, Like U.S. Dems’ Buttigieg—REALLY Suited To Politics?, by Lance Welton - The Unz Review
Simultaneous Notre Dame/al-Aqsa Fires: Coincidence or Conspiracy?, by Kevin Barrett - The Unz Review
Fury as Kardashian niggers pose with elephants kept on chains in shocking photos
Vile paedophile grandad made £2,000 a night selling Telford girls at 'The Rape House'
Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold & KILLED
Huddersfield grooming gang whose court cases were protested by Tommy Robinson jailed for total 221 years
Daughter of Telford child sex victim demands investigation into dad who killed her mum
Whistleblowers silenced for trying to expose Britain's worst ever child sex abuse scandal
The Fear of Being Called a Racist Leads to Children Being Raped
'Worst ever' sex gang case cop claims his bosses thought stopping Telford child abusers was 'too much trouble'
Image: Muslim Sex Gangs 1
Image: Muslim Sex Gangs 2
Nigger who threw milkshake over Tommy Robinson says he's had death threats
Mum of youngest Manchester Arena attack victim reveals daily struggle to "carry on"
Bomb disposal dad who saved thousands of lives over 40 years killed by ISIS
Terrorist Queen used Churchill's Tommy gun to practise killing Nazis at Buckingham Palace
One Nation candidate attended extremist event, used volunteer member
'F--- Brexit': Voter anger hits home as Tory and Labour councils routed
Trump attacks social media companies after Facebook bans
Australian Labor Party praises China
Sri Lanka terror attack: Funeral service is held for Asos billionaire's three children
Illegal Alien moves into German zoo; keepers can't expel it
Hypocrite Emma Thompson spotted on carbon-spewing BA plane jetting to New York
Nepalese tourist accused of raping a woman in a Sydney apartment is extradited to Australia
Coconut shortage in UK? Where have all the swallows gone?
British schoolgirl Shamima Begum who ran away to join ISIS could face death penalty in Bangladesh, says foreign minister Abdul Momen.
Convict Australia: Gruesome story of cannibal convict Alexander Pearce
Federal election 2019: Liberal candidate for Isaacs Jeremy Hearn dumped over anti-Islamic comments
Targeting of candidates during federal election campaign 'deeply disturbing' - "Boo hoo the Holocaust"
Washington DC triggered debate RACIST WHITE HIPSTER takeover of BLACK TURF
Cohen Report: From bias to brutality: How Australia is failing minority groups - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
News Adelaide: 'Mother of Satan' explosives accused Aaron Ellis defended by step-daughter
SA ABORIGINAL SUPREMACIST Greens candidate targeted by racism
Paki avoids jail over fatal SA crash
Armed Darky on the run after Gold Coast pharmacy robbery
How WHITE PEOPLE are a threat to democracy
Criminally violent Tim Simona set to be reinstated to the league - Because he's OK with fags
Trump says he is 'closely monitoring' social media sites for bias against conservatives
Hindley St Adelaide, SA: Niggers Bash Whitey - No Arrests
Piss off Gooks! Why Australia is the world's number one destination for super rich migrants
How Facebook is STILL allowing anti-Christian extremists to peddle hate despite crackdown
Cyclist is seen wearing a Nazi SWASTIKA armband while travelling through Melbourne
Paedophile priest who got a girl, 16, pregnant after two years of sex trysts will NOT lose his teaching job
Dumb Australians trust race-traitor Jacinda Ardern more than any Aussie politician
Election candidate is slammed for posting memes praising Adolf Hitler
Ouch! Nebraska Gook, 32, accidentally shoots himself in the GENITALS
Sydney Writers’ Festival: Author Ece Temelkuran WHITE PEOPLE A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY
Madonna opens up why WHITE PEOPLE should hate her
Blackadder star Tony Robinson quits Labour and brands Jeremy Corbyn 's***'
ISIS bride Shamima Begum 'will be HANGED if she is sent to Bangladesh'
At least five soldiers have committed suicide since Anzac Day
LOL: Gook nurse, 30, used Chinese thinking in botched boob job
Labor and Liberal candidates drop like flies along the election campaign
Minneapolis to pay $20M to family of Justine Damond killed by cop
Vicious MUD pirates raid the yacht of a family on a shooting a father dead and attacking his wife
Universities create hundreds of scholarships - but not for White students
Program to train Afghan attack pilots in US is disbanded after nearly half went AWOL
Trump says he will declassify 'everything' about warrants Obama used to spy on his campaign
Police stand guard outside Al Noor mosque two months on from Christchurch shooting
Mohammed was the most popular first name for boys born in Berlin in 2018, study reveals
Report claims FBI ‘spied on Donald Trump’ targeting George Papadopoulos
LOL: Israel Folau Rugby Australia hearing: Christian Tongan backlash
Scientists reveal why some people love COFFEE - and it's nothing to do with taste
Council DELAYS local election result as tide of ballot papers spoilt over Brexit
Arsenal 'utterly condemn' footage of Valencia fan making Nazi salutes and monkey gestures
VIDEO: Blackburn man throws milkshake over 'Tommy Robinson'
Tommy Robinson milkshake thrower says drink just 'slipped' out of his hand
Tommy Robinson 'supporters' swarm and beat activist leaving her face bloodied
LIVE: Piccadilly Gardens cordoned off after reports of a suspicious package, Oldham Library also evacuated
Manchester and Oldham 'bomb scares': City centre on lockdown and shops evacuated
News Australia: 'Tinnie Terror' plot leader jailed for seven years
Paul Hogan killing: Yu Tung Lo sentenced for lying about rape to get fiance shot
Almost half of Australians believe immigration should be reduced, poll finds
Facebook and Instagram ban Alex Jones and right-wing extremists for violating 'hate and violence' ban
Liberal Party set to disendorse Lyons federal election candidate Jessica Whelan
Stepdaughter of Davoren Park alleged explosive maker says he is just 'a loving grandad'
Appointing Asian-Australian Foreign Minister Sends Wong Message
Accessing your credit report| Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - OAIC
Federal election 2019: Liberal candidate Jessica Whelan facing more questions over anti-Muslim posts
Federal election 2019: Anti-Labor scare campaign targets Chinese-Australians
Alt-right to release 'avalanche' of election campaign propaganda to help Fraser Anning
Facebook page linked to Clive Palmer party candidate Tony Hanley mocked women, Muslims before deletion
Federal election campaign message shared via bluetooth on busy Melbourne train
Ship the Niggers to Space: Buzz Aldrin calls for 'great migration to Mars'
Transcontinental Railroad's expansion into the Wild West captured in new exhibition
Powerful images from the end of World War Two show the collapse of Hitler's army 
Famed author behind Dr. Seuss books wrote racist and misogynistic cartoons in his early days
Race-Traitors: Photographer Gavin Watson shows Britain's skinhead subculture of the 1970s and 80s
Xinjiang surveillance app targets legal, everyday...
Girl, 12, is gang-raped and beaten to death with rocks by two men during visit to Indian temple
Congo's Ebola outbreak 'could match the devastation of West Africa epidemic'
Biblical king was historical - Jews demand compensation
Preference for 'bitter' or 'sweet' drinks comes from the way they makes you feel rather than taste
Police are ordered to APOLOGISE for vilifying Arabs in a terrorism exercise wearing headscarves
Mud bookkeeper who stole $327,000 from autism charity first claimed money was used to pay Asian mafia
Militant fugly vegan who stormed Carey Bros abattoir said she is grateful for her government job
Christchurch Culling death toll climbs to 51 as Turkish man injured during mosque massacre dies
Backdoor to Australia: Labor hints at a handout for New Zealanders living in Australia
Tranny Caster Semenya to race in Diamond League opener on Friday
Russian mum claimed Centrelink while transferring $750,000 from offshore accounts avoids jail
Failed Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bomber stands next to mother and kids in hotel lift in chilling clip
Pauline Hanson’s emotional A Current Affair interview — reaction online is surprising
Marxist May Day protests: Effigies, cars burned and arrests in worldwide worker demonstrations
Justine Damond's family 'plans to sue city of Minneapolis for $50million'
Physicist says Nazis tried to make a nuclear reactor after receiving a mysterious cube of uranium
Shocking video shows migrants use a rope ladder to scale U.S-Mexico border
Liberal candidate denies making racist comments about genitally mutilating Muslim women
Hunt for hooded man and moustachioed hipster after vandals plaster crude posters of Tony Abbott
Sand Nigger needs bashed to death after doing the same to a puppy
Bill Shorten 'drag queen story time' billboard is banned for discrimination 
Malaysian woman accused of blackmailing grieving parents 'is wanted by Malaysian police'
Catholic Mass services in Sri Lanka are cancelled for a second weekend
Ex-CIA Gook pleads guilty to spying for China and receiving regular 'taskings' from handlers
Putin signs off new law allowing Russia to cut off its internet from the rest of the world
Indian woman 'tells group of men to RAPE girls because they were wearing short dresses'
Ihsas Khan found guilty of ISIS inspired terrorism for Wayne Greenhalgh stabbed
US mulatto Mathew Borges beheaded classmate over girlfriend
Family sues Jewy Springer for son’s death after fiancee dumped him in ambush
ATO scam: Queensland police issue urgent warning
Japan’s Princess Masako can only keep crown if she marries a ‘noble’ man
Federal election 2019: Liberal Jessica Whelan flees media over anti-Muslim post denials
Nick Sandmann: The Truth in 15 Minutes - YouTube
‘MAGA teen’ Nick Sandmann sues NBC for $392 million
News Australia biosecurity measures tough fines deportation
Abominable snowman: F-In-The-Head Indian army capture footage of mythical Yeti creature
What happens when you put a White kid amongst Blacks?
Minnesota police officer who shot unarmed Australian woman is found guilty murder and manslaughter
Vandal scribbles racist death threat across campaign poster for Aboriginal Greens candidate 
Trump demands European countries take back 1,800 ISIS fighters captured in collapse of the caliphate
Boy, eight, abducts and murders 18-month-old child in India
Woman, 20, beaten to death after she refused to marry a suitor arranged by parents in South Sudan
Indian army says 32-inch-long markings make up a trail left by abominable snowman 
New footage shows final hours of Sri Lanka suicide bomber before he killed 28 people
Man charged after he posted online that he ‘hated Muslims’
The devastating origins of the signature Wiggles finger move revealed by former member Murray Cook
Fresh milk that lasts 90 DAYS: Aussie company makes breakthrough that will shake up dairy industry
The Black Plague: Melbourne shopping centre under siege: Terrified store owners robbed by teenage gangs
Race-traitor One Nation candidate blasted over photos showing him groping Thai women
Kamahl Bamblett: Darkies murder mixed-race bastard child for being too white
Catcalling: Greens senator announces plan to make public harassment illegal
School responds after student posts ‘blackface chocolate’ cake on Twitter
Gook & Nigger scams costing White Aussies millions of dollars
Caroline Bittencourt: Brazilian model drowns trying to save puppies
Pauline Hanson Accusation: "Racists" deserve to be treated differrently
Mud Life: ‘Evil stepmum’ Tiffany Moss sentenced to death for Emani Moss starvation death