Racial News to Use - 2019 March

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Brenton Tarrant: Marxist Anarchist Conspirator
Friend of Creativity - Nathan Sykes on bogus charges appears in court accused of terrorising a journalist 
4chan & Why "Learn to Code" Meme ENRAGES the Media
#MeToo Claim Against Joe Biden: He Smelled Me and Kissed My Head
Muslim Paedophiles: Child Rape Victim Claims Bradford, Rotherham, Rochdale Gangs 'Linked'
Denmark to Refuse Citizenship to Children of Islamic State Members
Macron's France: Average of Three Church Attacks Per Day
Bustted Jussie Smollett Loses NAACP Image Award for 'Outstanding Hatecrime Hoax Actor'
Nolte: BBC Ordered to Pay Damages for Fake News About Trump and Ukraine President
Grovelling Race Traitor Liam Neeson apologises for admitting he wanted to kill an innocent black man
Chinese authorities accused of intimidating Uyghurs in Australia
Man allegedly attempts to set fire to gas bottle before throwing it at police patrol car
Leader of Black Supremacist NZ Mongrel Mob gang reveals his members WON'T hand in their guns
Gook predator exposes himself to a 20-year-old girl on a Sydney train and performed a sex act 
Brooklyn Nig Life - Pants down & shot dead
Members of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish cult have been charged for plotting to re-kidnap two children
Pope allows himself to be used for Islamic Propaganda
LOL Faggots! US orders Chinese to sell the gay dating app Grindr over security concerns
Pope is traitor to White Race slams Trump's wall plan on visit to Morocco
Police warn that picking up money off the street is THEFT if you don't hand it in immediately
Donald Trump: Mueller findings make POTUS untouchable
Fraser Island: Gooks Dead - Looking to Blame White People
Nigger Life: Tyler Barriss imprisoned for 20 years over hoax call
Facebook will tighten live video streaming after the New Zealand mosque attacks
Social media giants could face three years jail and huge fines under new law
Muslim Paedophile jailed terrorist pays tribute to his 'young and innocent perfect wife'
Joe Biden kissed young politician Lucy Flores: politics news
Refugee, 24, stabbed to death by pair of knifemen who then fled to Central London Mosque
Suburban widow and Soviet spy Melita Stedman Norwood gave Russia the keys to the atom bomb
Council removes SWASTIKA ART painted on the back of a Thai restaurant after a MONTH of outcry 
Man dressed as Batman is turned away by police in British Columbia after he offers them his help
Faggot, 75, arrested for murder after fatally stabbing man who called him gay slur
Russian model fights for life after contracting meningitis on 'white slave trade' contract in China
Instagram nigger, 26, avoids prison after stamping on her dog's head
Nigger Life: Murdered family of five died of strangulation and suffocation 
China city offers cash for information in religion...
Niggers terrorise South African hospital while stealing food from patients
Abos: Two boys are missing after fleeing from police and into mangroves in the Townsville area
Email addresses of almost a BILLION  people are leaked in one of the biggest data breaches ever
Texas teacher receives death threats after giving assignment called 'Trump Against American Values'
Nigerian brothers' lawyer says they were blindsided by Jussie Smollett decision
Nigger Life: Mother of woman who died from butt lift injection at back-alley clinic yells in court at fake nurse
Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event
Border Patrol orders quick release of immigrant families who illegally crossed Southern U.S. border
Mexico claims 20,000 migrants are heading for the border - but activists claim there is just 206
'I'm proud of you': What Barack Obama told Democratic congresswoman accused of anti-Semitism
Infamous civil wrongs group Southern Poverty Law Center accused of 'systemic racism and sexism'
Mixed Race activsts Proud Boys members plead guilty to their role in the violent brawl with Antifa members
Tributes paid at funeral for Hispanic cop shot dead while off duty in 'random race revenge attack'
Moment Mexican owner threatens to call immigration on cook who came to claim unpaid money
Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico NEXT WEEK unless it stops 'all illegal immigration'
Grovelling coward Liam Neeson 'profoundly apologises' for his 'black b*****d' rape revenge comments
Empire ratings plummet a day after Jussie Smollett had 'hoax' hate crime charges dropped
Yet ANOTHER Google scandal: Search giant is accused of making money from antisemitism
Australian jihadist gives ISIS salute as he's sentenced to 18 years behind bars
Scott Morrison to spend $570MILLION on counter-terrorism in upcoming budget
Victoria cracks down on gang violence and looks to deport thugs
Christchurch shooting: Electrical lock system may have trapped victims
Australia’s gun laws are not as strict as they should be
Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event
German police target far-right extremists in raids
Libtard News: Leaks reveal white nationalists active at San Diego colleges
Libtard News: Why white nationalist terrorism is a global threat - Far right and very wrong
The FBI’s New U.S. Terrorist Threat: ‘Black Identity Extremists’
Mechanic attacked with hammer after horrific racist abuse from driver
EU Demands Reparations to Counter ‘Structural Racism’ Against Africans
Smollett Lawyer: Nigerian Brothers Could Have Attacked Jussie Wearing 'Whiteface'
Poll: Doomsday Clock Democrats Oppose Safe, Clean Nuclear Power
Activists who 'wanted to throw maggots' at royal couple lose case
Bullshit: Hate speech (by White people) makes democracy fragile: Wong
Why do some Chinese-Australians feel targeted by the Government's new foreign influence laws?
LOL: Adelaide Oval staff told 'not to sell tickets to any more Aboriginal people' at NAIDOC week AFL game
Maori: Melbourne crime police video Fountain Gate Shopping Centre
Vile neo-Nazi symbols and racist graffiti is sprayed on the back of Asian restaurants 
Donald Trump calls on FBI, DOJ to review 'outrageous' Jussie Smollett case
Father accused of forcing daughter, 15, into marriage with man, 22, claims it was an 'engagement'
Alan Jones: ‘This phrase does not belong on our airways’
Christchurch attack: Calls to deny visa for Palestinian poet, terrorist supporter
New Zealand tourism board pulls marketing promoting international travel
Jussie Smollett: Chicago set to bill Empire actor over investigation
German Migration Head: Asylum Application Numbers 'Too High'
German Pensioner Dead After Alleged Assault By Migrant Teen
Bloomberg: Immigrant Soldiers, Workers Needed for Geopolitical Power
Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism
Facebook Bans Jewish Veteran After Exposé of Jim Jefferies' Deceptive Editing
Jussie Smollett Lawyer: ‘We’re Weighing Our Options’ on Suing Chicago Police
25K Evaded Apprehension in Rio Grande Valley Sector, Says Border Patrol
Biden: 'White Man's Culture' Has 'Got to Change'
Biden Cites Debunked 'Rule of Thumb' Myth to Challenge 'White Culture'
Kim Foxx Never ‘Formally’ Recused Herself from Jussie Smollett Case
'Avengers' Star Chris Evans: I'm Willing to Alienate Half My Audience to Trash Trump
'Us' Director Jordan Peele: I Don't Want a 'White Dude As the Lead in My Movie'
U.S. Border at 'Breaking Point' Says Border Protection Chief
Kennedy: Dems Won't Acknowledge Border Crisis Despite Danger
U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population This Year
Girl, 13, fighting for her life after ex-boyfriend, 19, 'set her on fire'
South African bottled water company It's not made in China angers Chinese consumers
Pauline Hanson sticks by One Nation staffers caught in NRA gun lobbying sting 'Islamist' plot by Al Jazeera
News World: Migrants hijack rescue ship, head to Europe
National news: Australia's controversial encryption laws under independent scrutiny
Pauline Hanson decries 'day of shame' from media: politics news
NRA's propaganda campaign slamming Australia's gun laws after One Nation's secret recordings saga 
Facebook BANS white nationalism and white separatism from its platform and Instagram
Woman whose abusive husband was jailed reveals how she retrained as life-coach to save women's lives
Florida man slugs female public defender in the side of the head in Fort Lauderdale court
Former Melbourne university student who fled to join Islamic State is captured by Kurdish forces
Kim Foxx defends dropping all 16 Jussie Smollett charges as FBI 'review the circumstances'
Jewish history lecturer accuses the Australian War Memorial of LYING about the Anzac spirit
Aussie nurse killed in London bridge terror attack to be honoured with bravery medal
Islamic State sympathiser who mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne is sentenced to life behind bars 
Bill Shorten promises Chinese voters he would make it easier for them to bring elderly parents over
New Zealand women face praise and protests for donning hijab
Why a bible verse scrawled on a Christchurch tribute wall was immediately removed
Piers Morgan slams Fraser Anning for blaming Muslims for the Christchurch mosque massacre 
One Nation New South Wales leader Mark Latham slams Al Jazeera hidden camera investigation
Saeed Noori sentencing: Flinders Street attacker gets life imprisonment
One Nation: NRA’s propaganda campaign to rubbish Australia’s gun laws
Pauline Hanson ‘unrecognisable’ after tick bite amid One Nation scandal
Christchurch shooting: Tradie fired over Muslim, Islamic state comments
Chinks: US island invasion: ‘message’ to Beijing over South China Sea
AC/DC's Bon Scott letter bought by WA government
Rapper Tone Loc detained after confronting white teen wearing a Confederate-flag hat
Horrific footage captures aftermath of jihadist's bloody jail attack
Man who murdered his wife of just four months in a frenzied stabbing attack is jailed for 25 years 
George Pell child sex case: DPP wants media jailed for its reporting
Did an elite Melbourne private school give Australia the word 'bogan'?
News World: French Muslim group sues Facebook and YouTube over Christchurch video
Pederast Priest: Paul Pavlou student priest pleads guilty to rape charges
AI app transforms black and white photos into colour
The brain keeps growing new cells all the way into your 90s
Govt Killing Witnesses: Father of Sandy Hook victim is found dead from apparent suicide
Inside the last scrap of the ISIS 'caliphate'
Death toll from central Mali massacre up to 134, says UN
Police hiding mud attacks: Teenager is dragged out of Perth nightclub after 'date rape drug attack'
Australian jihadi bride says she doesn't regret joining Islamic State
Libtards v Leftards: Q&A: Teena McQueen on white supremacy: “I don’t see it”
Quit Yer Bitchin Nig: Nick Kyrgios slams ‘racist, homophobic hater’: Miami Open 2019
Mud attacker: Perth Teen Paralysed After Being Stabbed With Date Rape Drug In Nightclub
Jeremy Richman, father of Sandy Hook shooting victim, found dead
Donald Trump warns of retaliation after Mueller probe ends
Donald Trump signs Israeli executive order as conflict with Hamas escalates
Man circumcised by mistake after hospital mix up
News NSW: Salim Mehajer to face trial over allegedly staged car crash
A Current Affair: Family claim Maronite priest kept $1m after selling their Lebanon land - latest news Australia
Leafy green vegetables improve strength and function in old age - 9Coach
Brexit: Theresa May urged to resign as latest EU deal seems doomed
Anti-Trump celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Bette Midler tweet displeasure at Mueller findings
Jihadist dubbed The Carver after he sliced a terrorist slogan into a cellmate’s head
Chinese driver who couldn’t read a stop sign blames GPS for causing crash that killed a father
Islamic State: Caliphate defeated but terror group lives on
Fraser Anning says he 'couldn't care less' about his job in politics
Swastikas R the New Black: Never Mind Bohemian Rapsody, Here's The Sex Pistols: Next band to hit the big screen in new biopic
Virgin Australia training the next generation of Chinky Terrorists
Lazy nigger sleeps 3 weeks at a time
Secret 'James Bond' gadgets used by ASIO to spy on KGB agents and ordinary citizens during Cold War
Cannabis fucks up kids
Five-month-old nigglet dies after botched home circumcision performed by his parents in Italy
Oprah: America's Richest Woman Bitches About White People
Planning expert wants Australia's population to double to 60million because 'growth is healthy'
Sudanese-born Australian model faces up to 21 years behind bars
Ardern announces a royal commission into whether the Christchurch massacre could have been stopped
Venezuela crisis: Russian troops land in Caracas
AG, department of civil rights to document, prosecute hate crimes
Mooroopna african at DuckDuckGo
News Melbourne Shepparton Victoria police
US News: Australian model Adau Mornyang faces jail over drunken plane attack
Donald Trump: Mueller report finds no evidence Trump campaign conspired with Russia
Mali violence: Men disguised as hunters kill at least 134 Muslim farmers
Scott Morrison wants crackdown on social media companies after sharing of Christchurch shootings footage
New Zealand shooters' lobby gearing up to fight Jacinda Ardern's gun laws in wake of Christchurch massacre
More than 130 people from Muslim ethnic group killed in Mali after gunmen disguise themselves as hunters
Liverpool riot of 1916 - Wikipedia
Nig-Nog Life: Luton teen Azaan never met the boys who killed him. But that's the reality of Knife Crime Britain
Nig-Nog Life: Mother, father and their son are accused of running a drug syndicate in Sydney
School principal is slammed for using the N-word during speech about racism
Man is fighting for his life after being attacked by armed African men
West Melbourne: Man critical after being attacked by African gang
Cops bust nigger seen kicking elderly woman in the head
Father of slain-by-nigger journalist Alison Parker is fighting Google to remove daughter’s death video
These Hollywood Celebrities Fantasized About Robert Mueller Indicting Donald Trump
WATCH: 20 Migrants Run from Cops in Failed Smuggling Attempt 70 Miles from Texas Border
GRAPHIC -- Another Headless Body Found near Texas Border in Mexico
Fewer Illegal Aliens Arrested Due to 'Alarming Rates' of Illegal Immigration
Illegals to Get Early Release After Killing Two Americans in Hit-and-Runs
Barbra Streisand: Michael Jackson’s Alleged Child Molestation Fulfilled His ‘Sexual Needs’
Bernie Sanders Visits Mosque in Wake of New Zealand Shooting
Barbra Streisand Demands to Know 'Why Can’t Our Country' Enact a New Zealand-Style Gun Ban
Garbage Bags with Guns: US-backed Syrian forces say caliphate has lost last stronghold
Slutty Stunt: hijab-wearing female police officer whose striking picture of her holding a rifle went viral 
Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accuser's parents 'were seduced by fame'
Shooters party take two seats with MASSIVE swings and more than 100,000 votes
How hate crime officers came knocking at the door of a devout Catholic
Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali says shut down Muslim schools
Hatecrime HOAX: Teacher at Sydney Muslim school has garbage tipped on car
Taxi used for coke runs: Four muds arrested in Sydney
NSW election: Mark Latham’s likely return to parliament as One Nation member in upper house
Brenton Tarrant: No interaction with "Far-Right" but anonymous comments to cause pattern
Meet the Indonesian girl who convinced her entire family to move to Syria to join Islamic State
Louis Theroux: Dark States - Murder in Milwaukee : ABC iview
Like Michael Jackson and R Kelly's songs but not them? Ethical approaches for how to deal with it
Singer Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson's sexual abuse accusers 'were thrilled to be there'
Turkish president Erdogan shows Christchurch shooting video again
French soldiers will be allowed to 'OPEN FIRE' if lives are threatened by Yellow Vest rioters
Montreal HATECRIME stabbing: White priest stabbed during morning mass at church
LOL: Muslims forced to eat pork, speak Mandarin in China's re-education camps, former detainee reveals
Hatecrime HOAX: Jacinda Ardern received vile death threats in wake of Christchurch mosque attack
Hatecrime HOAX Wave: Reports of Islamophobic hate crimes have soared after Christchurch terror attack
Blaming Whitey: Man stares down bystander wearing MAGA hat at vigil for Christchurch terror victims
How stadiums and delayed tram lines could decide the New South Wales election on Saturday, March 23
Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’
Piers Morgan 'reports' Jameela Jamil to the police for 'mis-gendering' him amid furious row
Australia: Chinky Paedophile Priest kills himself after accusations of sexually abusing a young girl
Leaving Neverland: Director says police are convinced of Michael Jackson’s guilt
PM receives death threats on social media
Race Traitor Jim Jefferies Gets Busted Editing The Shit Out Of An Interview And It's No Bueno
LOL Video shows driver slamming on brakes and injuring nig-nog cyclist
Chaos erupts in court after killer's nigger family says 'at least he's still alive' after his conviction
'Professor against political correctness' slams Cambridge University 'cowards'
Syria slams Trump statement on Israel sovereignty in Golan
Muslim Baby Born Without Nose Smells Badly
Backstreet Boys, NSYNC tell of Jewish scammer manager Lou Pearlman in documentary
Lou Pearlman jewish businessman at DuckDuckGo
Indoctrination: 2 minute silence held for mosque attack victims
Christchurch shooting: Accused gunman Brenton Tarrant visited Austria
Arab smuggles wife he met on the internet into UK in van engine through Euro tunnel
Police complaint against mum for 'misgendering' transgender child on Twitter withdrawn
Turkey's President Erdogan shows mosque massacre livestream footage AGAIN
Golan Heights: Donald Trump’s inflammatory Israel decision
Kiwis forced to wear headscarves to show support for Muslims following the Christchurch mosque massacre
Pregnant Muslim woman has hijab torn off and is thrown to the ground in carjacking by Maoris
Libtards Bitch: New Zealand school BANS Muslim students from wearing the hijab
Somali refugee, 45, becomes first person in Queensland to be jailed for female genital mutilation
Selfies Are Anti-Semitic LOL: Auschwitz Museum slams tourists for taking ‘balance beam’ photos
Christchurch shooting: NZ Government’s campaign to remove video from internet
Star Chamber Trial: Brenton Tarrant’s trial could be behind closed doors
WGF:Close the Gap day: Shock statistic on indigenous life expectancy
Muslim Waleed Aly takes on Aus. PM Scott Morrison in testy interview on The Project
News Links: Racial News to Use
Geert Wilders Slams Dutch Open Borders After Utrecht 'Terror' Shooting
Man with 'Jihadi Armband' Storms French Police Station Attacking Officers
Report: Christian Persecution in India Jumps by 57% in 2019
400 Migrants Apprehended Within Five Minutes in El Paso Sector
WSJ Says Guards to Release Migrants Without Detention, Ankle Monitors
Delingpole: RIP the British 'Bobby' - Murdered by PC Lunacy
Illegal Accused of Killing Mollie Tibbetts Granted $3.2K in Taxpayer Money
Kirsten Gillibrand: Expand Social Security to Illegal Immigrants
New Zealand prime minister announces semi-automatic weapons ban after Christchurch attack
Female HS student files complaint: 'I felt very violated' changing when transgender student was 'looking at me'
Nigger's shocking racist rant on London train over New Zealand mosque attack
New Zealand mass shooting reignites debates on what constitutes a 'lone wolf' terrorist attack
Mud pilots were praying in final moments before plane crashed
Federal Politics: Scott Morrison hits 'pause' on Australia's annual migration intake
Christchurch mosque attacks: Turkish president's Gallipoli comments 'out of context'
Boycott This Libtard: Aussie politicians accused of being 'complicit' with Anning
Unmarried couples are whipped for breaking Sharia law in Indonesia
Boy, 13, hacks his mother to death 'with a cleaver after she killed his beloved pet dog'
Nearly 70% of fruits and veg have pesticide residue on them even AFTER being washed
University wants to give animals and plants legal rights in ‘multi-species justice’ project
Libtards & Traitors: The Project hits back at Scott Morrison over anti-Muslim sentiment allegations
Brexit: Theresa May 'WILL ask for three month delay and NO LONGER'
Race War: A black spotted snake starts to EAT a red-bellied black snake
Grafton rallying against being forever known as the birthplace of a monster 
Footage of six Arabs running down an alleyway after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Melbourne
Shave Your Head! When hair transplants go WRONG
Australia to review travel advice for tourists travelling to Gallipoli for Anzac Day
Poor White & Dying: Final five residents who refused to leave Outback ‘ghost town’ are forced out by the government
Indian girl, 12, 'raped and killed' by brothers, uncle
Antis Opposed to Zio Right MSM: HOW Zogbots LAUGHED
Driver sets bus full of kids alight in Italy
Libtards & Traitors: The Project hits back at Scott Morrison’s ‘ugly’ claims about Waleed Aly
Muslim: White People News is Bad News
The Christchurch shooting was streamed live, but think twice about watching it
New Zealand Muslims want security agencies to target right-wing extremists
New Zealand shooting comments spark diplomatic row as Scott Morrison calls in Turkish ambassador
Hotel Mumbai pulled from New Zealand cinemas following Christchurch mosque shooting - 9Celebrity
Christchurch man 're-posted mosque massacres live stream'
Kushners refused to meet Josh's wife Karlie Kloss for six years because she wasn't Jewish
Egg Boy is released without charge after being interviewed by police
Former American Taliban to be released from prison still supports extremist group
Egg Boy WON'T take legal action against Fraser Anning after the senator hit him in the face
Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman barred from New Zealand because of Denmark ban
Police swoop on a New Zealand town after reports of a ‘man with a rifle’
Turkish President shows footage of the Christchurch mosque massacre to incite hatred
Mongrel Mob biker gang vows to protect New Zealand mosque during Friday prayers
Workers are SACKED for viewing the Christchurch gunman's video and sharing it with colleagues
Muslim sheikh Jamil El-Biza accuses Scott Morrison of shedding crocodile tears over Christchurch
Lee Lin Chin fires back at Michael Daley after he claimed Asians are forcing people out of Sydney
Controversial businessman faces court charged with sharing footage of Christchurch mosque massacre 
Scott Morrison takes on Waleed Aly after The Project host claimed the PM
Sunrise fans want David ‘Kochie’ Koch fired after Pauline Hanson debate
Christchurch shooting: Workers lose jobs for watching mosque attack video
Christchurch shooting: Scott Morrison slams Turkish President’s ‘vile’ comments
Christchurch shooting: Woman arrested for Facebook post after mosque attack
Christchurch shooting: Brenton Tarrant’s hidden message in manifesto
Scott Morrison accuses Waleed Aly of lying after Christchurch shooting
Christchurch shooting: Jacinda Ardern’s message to Australia
Christchurch mosque attack: How mass shooting will impact tourists
Christchurch shootings: Pig heads delivered to mosque in 2016
Christchurch shooting: Accused gunman Brenton Tarrant from ‘ordinary’ family
Christchurch shooting: Brenton Tarrant’s life in Dunedin
Brexit: Legal technicality could prevent vote on UK-EU deal
Social media deserves blame for spreading the Christchurch video, but so do we
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern leans on Facebook to drop Christchurch shooting footage
Intelligence services believe Christchurch gunman was supported by larger organisation
Christchurch ‘copycat’ threatens to murder Muslim worshippers at a Geelong mosque 
Comedian John Oliver tears shreds off Senator Fraser Anning and defends of Egg Boy
Scott Morrison's office blasts Waleed Aly over 'defamatory' Christchurch editorial
Terror attack supporter, 37, who kept weapons in shed cries in court
Pauline Hanson takes aim at David Koch for blaming Christchurch terrorist attack on One Nation
Federal election 2019: Scott Morrison pressured to preference One Nation last
Fraser Anning: Qantas reviewing senator’s Chairman’s Lounge membership
Waleed Aly is accused of 'defaming' Scott Morrison on The Project after claiming the Prime Minister once encouraged 'anti-Muslim' feelings as a political strategy
NSW Labor leader Michael Daley says Asian immigrants are taking jobs from young Australians
Erdogan shows Christchurch terror footage at election rally
Darky murdered his ex-girlfriend warned he would stab her to death over her new man
Libtard: John Oliver defends Egg Boy against Fraser Anning
Christchurch mosque attacks: Brenton Tarrant could use trial for more evil
Reddit bans 'Watch People Die' forum which contained murder videos after New Zealand mosques attack
Mastermind of college admissions bribery scheme 'faked students' ethnicity'
Michael Jackson's empire is in financial freefall– but are family members using his children's pain?
Pictured: Man, 34, accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl
China says nearly 13,000 'terrorists' arrested in Xinjiang
Accused New Zealand shooter could be deported back to Australia
Aboriginal youth suicide rates continue to soar as four people aged 15-23 die in two days
Passenger on Qantas flight lashes out at crew mid-air ‘after drinking a bottle of vodka'
Man wielding a knife is tasered and arrested outside of a police station in Granville
Muslim brothers plotted poison gas terror attack when plan to bring down Sydney flight failed
Self-confessed terrorist Brenton Tarrant ‘beefed up’ for mosque massacre
Man, 37, who posted social media comments in support of Christchurch mosque massacre weeps in court
Brenton Tarrant's mother is seen for the first time since Christchurch massacre
Jewish Polish barber, 23, WAS Jack the Ripper say scientists after they conducted fresh DNA tests
Insiders say Christchurch massacre 'shooter' would be 'the most targeted person' behind bars
Facebook scrubs 1.5mn Christchurch attack videos but...
Terrifying moment mother, 52, is carjacked as she packs her shopping bags into her Porsche 4WD
Utrecht shooting: Gunman opens fire on tram in Holland
Bitching Mud: Why was I asked to condemn Islamist violence days after Christchurch?
LIbtard: White entitlement is part of the very structure of Australian society
Utrecht tram shooting: armed police hunt suspect | World news | The Guardian
Indonesia summons Australian ambassador over Fraser Anning's Christchurch remarks
Scott Morrison attacks 'mindless tribalism' after Christchurch massacre
Christchurch mosque shootings: Brenton Tarrant in solitary confinement, reports
Christchurch shootings: Liberal MP slams ‘tacky’ question after tragedy
Christchurch shooting: Incels refuse to surrender data on Brenton Tarrant
Christchurch shooting, Fraser Anning: Egg Boy isn’t a hero
Netherlands shooting: Utrecht tram incident possible terror attack, police say
REVEALED: New Zealand Attacker WASN'T 'Far Right', He Was Linked To Left-Wing Groups
Three People Arrested In Manchester For Comments Relating To NZ Terror Attack - LBC
Far-right extremists on Australia's radar
Christchurch mosque shooting latest: At least 49 dead, 4 in custody
Christchurch massacre: Two NSW homes raided by police
Fraser Anning, Egg boy: Egged senator faces unprecedented pressure
Christchurch mosque attacks: Jacinda Ardern seeks advice on deportation options for accused Brenton Tarrant
Christchurch mosque shooting: New Zealand mobilises in anti-terror fight
Christchurch mosque attack: Accused gunman makes OK symbol in court
Brenton Tarrant’s family speak, ‘gobsmacked’ by alleged murders
Homebush West stabbing: Man critical after armed robbery over mobile phone
Donald Trump: White House backs president over ‘white supremacy’ claims
Christchurch shooting: Man 'rams car into gates of Queensland mosque'
Milo Yiannopoulos banned from coming to Australia
$250,000,000 in Taxpayer Money Spent on Health Care for Illegal Aliens
Hawkins: NZ Attack Reminds Us Being Armed Part of Being Prepared
Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks
Turkey: Christchurch Protesters Want Hagia Sophia Turned Into Mosque
Teen Smashes Egg on Lawmaker Who Blamed Immigration for NZ Attack
Shannon Watts Presents New Zealand Gun Control as Model for U.S.
New Zealand Suspect Toured Christian-Ottoman Battle Sites
New Zealand Bishops ‘Horrified’ over Mosque Shootings
Reddit Bans 'Gore' Subreddits Following New Zealand Massacre
Jacinda Ardern's office received manifesto from Christchurch shooter minutes before attack
Man 'crashes his car into the gates of Queensland mosque' before abusing worshipers
Christchurch shooting: Australian alleged gunman to face more charges
Video: Woman Cries HATE CRIME Over POLLEN On Car - YouTube
Pictured: Brenton Tarrant's Dunedin lair as neighbours reveal he was a loner
Prominent Sydney lawyer demands Senator Anning is charged for lashing at out egging protester
Teenager who smashed an egg on Senator Fraser Anning’s head warns others not to do the same in video
From sick racist rants to a manifesto for murder: Inside the twisted mind of New Zealand mosque gunman
‘Darkest day’: 49 dead in NZ mosque shootings, gunman an Australian
Brenton Tarrant: ‘A regular white man’ who wanted to rid Europe of immigrants
CNN's Bash Blames Trump, Breitbart News for New Zealand Massacres
CNN: Mosque Attacks Show New Zealand Gun Control Too 'Lax'
**LIVE UPDATES** Mass Shootings at Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand
Dem Rep. Carson: 'Deeply Disappointed' in Trump's 'Hurtful' 'Dismissal' of Threat of White Nationalism
Dem Rep. Castro: 'Cost' of Trump's 'Intolerance' Is 'Part of What We See Today' with NZ Terror Attack
Christchurch Killer: Nation with Closest 'Values to My Own Is the People's Republic of China'
Trump dismisses white nationalism threat after NZealand killings
Australian man is arrested after posting comments about the New Zealand terror attack which led police to seize weapons at his home
Police probe 'hammer' attack outside east London mosque
Do the Christchurch shootings expose the murderous nature of ‘ironic’ online fascism?
Christchurch killer had weapons that authorities had ‘never seen’ used in Australia or New Zealand
Dramatic video shows dozens of migrants shoving their way through a hole in California border fence
Mulatto Murder arrested in 1984 cold case murder of White Navy grad thanks to genealogy website match
New Mexico compound suspects face new 'jihad' conspiracy charges
New Zealand terrorist compared himself with Nelson Mandela and said he would win Nobel Prize
Chelsea Clinton is berated by Muslim students who blame her for New Zealand mosques attack
Grieving man threatens 'to knife' Christchurch mosque shooter as it's revealed family went to police
Dramatic moment Fraser Anning punches young man after being egged at a protest rally
Right-wing speaker banned from Australia after calling Islam ‘barbaric’ religious culture
Non-Whites Rallying to Islam: Gangs console each other after Christchurch terror attack
Christchurch mosque killer’s mother is in police hiding in case of revenge threats
Australian man arrested after posting comments about New Zealand attack which led police to weapons
Brenton Tarrant faces court charged over Christchurch terror attack
Christchurch mosque shooting: Killer’s military style weapons
Christchurch mosque shooting: INNOCENT WHITE MAN arrested for wearing camo
BLAME WHITE PEOPLE! NZ mosque massacre: 49 dead after terror attack in Christchurch
Adelaide pays tribute to sister city Christchurch in wake of mosque shootings
Christchurch shootings leave 49 people dead after attacks at two mosques. Here's what we know
Fraser Anning punches teen after being egged while speaking to media in Melbourne
Christchurch mosque shootings will spark New Zealand gun law changes, Jacinda Ardern says
New Zealand's gun control laws scrutinised after Christchurch mosque shootings
Christchurch mosque shootings accused Brenton Tarrant appears in court on murder charge
Christchurch shooting accused Brenton Tarrant was a personal trainer in Grafton
Hatecrime Hoax: A student nurse in the UK has become a victim of bigotry hate being targeted at her university
Christchurch mosque shooting - live updates: Multiple fatalities, one in custody
Christchurch attack: Fraser Anning will be censured over comments
New Zealand shooting gunman's rifles covered in white supremacist symbols popular online
Australia Senator Fraser Anning blames New Zealand shooting attack on mosques on immigration of "Muslim fanatics"
Senator Fraser Anning – Parliament of Australia
Christchurch mosque shootings: Police respond to New Zealand incident, 49 dead
Christchurch mosque shooting: Waleed Aly’s message
Christchurch shooting: heroes help victims at the scene of the New Zealand massacre
Christchurch mosque shooting: Gunman posts manifesto detailing reasons for attack
Blaming Trump: Christchurch massacre: World leaders send New Zealand support
Christchurch mosque shootings: Senator Fraser Anning slammed
Christchurch mosque shooting: Gunman livestreams New Zealand massacre
The moment a hero cop takes down terror suspect in Christchurch
'They're being used by left-wing activists': Mark Latham on kids wagging school for climate protest 
Christchurch shooting: Terrorist told viewers 'subscribe to PewDiePie' before launching attack
Mosque shooting victim tackled the shooter and stole his shotgun
'We utterly reject you': Emotional New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern issues stinging condemnation
New Zealand killer scrawled 'inspiration' for his shooting spree on his guns
New Zealand shooting survivors prayed gunman would run out of bullets
What is Blexit? Candace Owens explains plan to lead ‘black exit’ from Democratic Party, impact 2020
Inside the life of New Zealand’s worst ever terrorist 
New Zealand shooting: Christchurch mosque attacks leave 49 dead
New Zealand shooting video: Gunman shoots people dead at mosque
Waleed Aly calls for unity on The Project in wake of NZ shooting
Outrage as Australian politician blames immigration for Christchurch mosque shooting
Christchurch shooting: Candace Owens eviscerated for putting a LAUGHING emoji in post about attack
Christchurch terror attack: Shooter published manifesto online hours earlier
Why you SHOULD blend up the avocado stone: Study finds it does wonders for reducing inflammation
Once You Go Black: Criminal shot dead by police was on a four-day drug bender when he murdered ex-girlfriend
3rd World Immigration: Motorist, 59, dies after another driver, 75, sinks and AXE into his head
Zehra Duman: Menacing Facebook message of jihadi bride in Syria reveals stunning hypocrisy
Billionaire George Soros warns the EU is ‘on the verge of collapse’
Jussie Smollett's alleged co-conspirators 'fear their actions have hurt real hate crime victims'
Fuck the IRA: Northern Ireland Bloody Sunday ruling due
Zali Steggall calls on Tony Abbott to denounce 'trolls'
Jews: Rabbi pushed to the ground by accused paedophile's brother in Israel
Once you go Black - Nigger who murdered his is gunned down and killed
ISIS bride who fled Melbourne to fight in Syria begs to return to Australia
George Pell: 60 Minutes interview that exposed Cardinal’s lie
Michael Jackson: Before Wade Robson and James Safechuck, there was Terry George
Newcastle shooting: Nigger wanted over fatal stabbing of woman shot dead
Scientists call for pause on gene editing over human sub species fears
Simpsons producer’s grim theory why Michael Jackson really did the show
Brexit: UK rejects no-deal Brexit vote
Italian schools ban unvaccinated kids, threaten anti-vax parents with fines
Michael Jackson's twisted pornography collection and young male erotica pictured
Uni students outrage colleagues with VERY politically incorrect sign on campus
Jewish Privilige scandal renews attention on Jared Kushner's admission to Harvard after 'father donated $2.5million'
Defiant Pell shows first signs of cracking
George Pell: Unredacted royal commission report likely to be released after Cardinal's appeal
Michael Jackson 'never loved Lisa Marie Presley and was using her to acquire Elvis' music'
Inside Michael Jackson’s mysterious Australian wedding with a nurse – which ended in turmoil
Mike Tyson 'wouldn't have let Michael Jackson hang out' with his eight-year-old son
Princess Beatrice makes appearance in dress costing taxpayers THOUSANDS of POUNDS
Hanson cyber-squats on enemy's domain
George Pell sentencing: Courtroom details the public didn’t see
George Pell sentencing: Judge’s six-year prison sentence sparks outrage
George Pell sentencing live: Cardinal sentenced over sexual abuse
Newspoll shows eight in 10 Sydney and NSW voters are opposed to higher immigration
How indigenous students get $2,470 extra a year from taxpayers to go to university
IRA claims London, Glasgow parcel bombslaims London, Glasgow parcel bombs
Google creates ‘shadow profiles’ on Android users, Oracle says
Brexit: House of Commons to vote on Theresa May’s plan to leave the EU
Two boys are caught on camera smashing cars with their feet and brick pavers at a Toyota dealership
Alice Springs KFC store is forced to close two hours earlier each day
Theresa May secures 'legally binding' Brexit deal changes from EU at Strasbourg meeting
How and why did the Northern Territory lease the Darwin Port to China, and at what risk?
Fox News host Tucker Carlson rejects 'ritual contrition' over sexist, racist leaked audio
Photographs taken in Ireland at the turn of the 20th century are brought to life
Waleed Aly's wife Susan Carland pleas for Logie votes so she can annoy One Nation's Pauline Hanson
Taliban leader Omar 'lived next to US Afghan base'
Defiant until the end: Video shows evacuated jihadi brides proclaim loyalty to ISIS
‘Notorious female child pornographer, 29, flees Australia’ after a bureaucratic bungle 
Driverless cars are more likely to HIT people with darker skin
Alyssa Milano is slammed for calling herself transgender, disabled
Japanese don't have health problems of a 65-year-old until they are 76 (how does your country fare?)
Australians claiming to be Aboriginal would be forced to undergo DNA test under One Nation policy
Hindu man who claims he ate beef that was wrongly labelled as lamb asks Countdown to pay for flights
Niggers: Melbourne's Moomba Festival gang fights witness reveals what started violence
Brisbane murder: Blacks accused in shooting of White mum
Leaving Neverland: Why it’s not OK to listen to Michael Jackson music anymore
One Nation: Latham lashes at Aboriginal welfare fraud on 60 Minutes
Libtards | Edwardstown Football Club
February had highest total of undocumented immigrants crossing U.S. border in 12 years
Six African men sexually assault a woman and punch her female friend in the face after series of robberies 
Adelaide news: Two men charged after DESERVED attack on refugee
The New Fakeugees: Guards forced to isolate foreign ISIS women at Syrian camp after they attacked other occupants
Skinny B***h Collective director apologises for 'colonial minded' fitness retreat with tribesmen
Right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos is set to be granted an Australian visa
Chelsea in racism storm as IT Head quits after 'sharing "Bring Back The Golliwogs" Facebook post' 
Michael Jackson sex abuse probe was dropped 'because President Reagan was set to honor singer'
Rapper TI brands Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary RACIST
Jussie Smollett attorney says the 16 count indictment is 'OVERKILL' and 'vindictive'
Never Relax Around Blacks: Heroes collar thug who dragged woman out of her car, bashed her and stole her phone
Muds: Two 'balaclava clad, shotgun wielding men' are on the run in Sydney while another two are arrested
China, Xinjiang: How Xi’s ‘Belt And Road’ initiative impacts Uighur people
Muds: Arrests following home invasions, carjacking
Michael Jackson: Leaving Neverland could decimate star’s fortunes
Babies of refugees on Manus Island eligible for transfer under medevac bill, but confusion reigns
Adelaide mud driving examiner accepted bribes to fund 'hedonistic' lifestyle, court hears
Jussie Smollett Indicted on 16 counts in attack hoax case - 9Celebrity
Sandniggers: Two men charged with murder over boxing match shooting
Sufi Muslim devotees poke they eyeballs out with sticks and swords during holy festival
Grand jury charges Jussie Smollett with SIXTEEN felony counts of filing a false police report
Daughter of evil Hermann Goering dies aged 80
The iron-clad NDA contracts Micheal Jackson used to silence employees
Abdullah El Nasher and Mikhael Myko arrested over shooting at Melbourne pavilion 
Leaving Neverland: LaToya Jackson said Michael Jackson was a paedophile in a 1993 interview
Going Gook Details of 9000 texts she sent after failed Tinder date
CERN scientist is SACKED for ‘sexism’ six months after saying physics was 'built by men'
Dozens of hospital nurses are fired for looking at Jussie Smollett's medical records
Labor minister Ian Macdonald, 70, tells of treats by Nazis in jail
Abo alcoholics keep downing mouthwash and vanilla extract to get drunk 
The Simpsons announce they'll cut their Michael Jackson episode
One Nation wants immigrants stripped of welfare after 18 months if they fail to learn English
Bizarre argument about whether Muslims and Christians should marry sparked Melbourne café shooting
African, 17, to stand trial after stabbing brave university student to death
Ehud Arye Laniado jew at DuckDuckGo
Jew LOL: Ehud Arye Laniado: Billionaire dies during penis enlargement surgery
News online GoDaddy hosts website terrorists killed hundreds US soldiers Iraq
Siege: The neo-Nazi book that YouTube refuses to remove Google news
Telstra scam: (02) 8003 3447 Indian call centre scam targeting NBN customers,
Facebook concerned by 'news regulator'
Jerusalem court told Melbourne school head Malka Leifer 'unfit' for extradition
Finding Neverland: Michael Jackson songs banned from radio
Sri Lanka advertises for hangmen, gets more than 100 people apply
George Pell appeal: Factors that could see Cardinal freed
Hatecrime Hoax: SC Mayor Charges Racism After Car Defaced, Then Police Find the Facts
Khan’s Halal London: Bacon, Jam, Butter Ad Banned from Public Transport
76K Migrants Entered Through Southwest Border in February -- Most in 12 Years, Says CBP
Illegal Immigration Under Trump Projected to Surpass Obama Era Levels
Nick Sandmann's Lawyers: WaPo Correction After 41 Days Too Little, Too Late
French prison stabbing: Inmate screaming 'Allahu Akbar' stabs guards
Chinks kill world wide recycling industry
Rapefugees Behind 70 Percent of Violent Crime in Oslo
Rapefugees: Denmark suffers from a 'pervasive rape culture' masked by reputation for equality, Amnesty claims 
A gang Irish 'gypsies' posing as tradies are offering to fix damaged roofs in 'today only' deals
Milo Yiannopoulos banned from entering Australia as Morrison government rejects visa application
Milo Yiannopoulos banned from Australia by Morrison government
UK police have open mind on devices
Conservative Party suspends 14 members over Islamophobia
LOL: Student standing for election sparks giggles because of her unusual name
Black paedophile filmed himself raping baby in bid to join sick online sex club
New IRA 'has recruited dozens of dissidents and has locations of old arms dumps'
Michael Jackson's songs pulled from radio stations as Leaving Neverland documentary airs
The cancer patient who accused Michael Jackson of criminal sexual assault speaks to police
A priest who raped me changed my life. My daughter inspired me to jail him
Legally blind woman Rachael Leahcar denied Uber ride in Adelaide because of her guide dog
Dozens of men drugged abducted and assaulted by FAGGOT
Christmas Island facility to reopen
News Europe: Anti-semitic chants shaming Dutch football
News Melbourne: Andrews Government to remove church confessional defence for not reporting child abuse
Man, 29, accused of importing ice into Australia suddenly vanishes despite wearing an ankle bracelet
Horrifying video lays bare the suffering of dogs slaughtered in Indonesian markets
Ex-boyfriend suspected of murdering dentist and stuffing her body into a suitcase in Sydney
Four men are shot dead just days apart in a string of attacks linked to gang wars 
The cost of catering for individual Manus Island refugees is $1,400 a DAY 
Liberal candidate tipped to succeed Julie Bishop said all refugees should be welcomed to Australia
R. Kelly EXPLODES during first interview since being charged with sexually abusing underage teens
Preethi Reddy: Sydney woman’s ex-boyfriend Harshwardhan Narde dies in car crash
RSVP Matchmaking Website: Stay away from Slant-Eyes
Mohammed Khazma guilty murdering girlfriend's two-year-old daughter
Kristina Keneally lashes Howard, Abbott, for Pell support
Pederast Priest: Cardinal George Pell
‘The nation is traumatised’: Q&A counsels viewers on dramatic Pell verdict
George Pell guilty: Family of victim describes how their son changed
ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry: Google, Facebook under pressure
Free Speech: Why We Need a ‘Chicago Statement’
Aboriginal Culture and Suicide
Plans approved for 24-storey Chindian student tower in Aboriginal Redfern
Jodie Chesney: Police reveal girl scout was stabbed in cold blood by NIGGER
Muslim prisoners Tamim Khaja and Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai accused of bashing prison guards
Hunt for Asian man after a 10-year-old boy is allegedly shown pornography on a train
Edward VIII’s racism and hatred of ‘filthy, nauseating’ Australian Aboriginals is detailed
Uber driver accused of raping a woman while driving her home claims they had consensual sex
Father who called his baby son ‘the devil’s child’ admits to leaving him in a park to die
Sexual abuse survivor: Catholic Church apologises to boy raped by priest
Sandniggers & Wetbacks: AFP seize largest ever drug seizure bound for Australia
Aboriginal Culture: Baden Bond: Father ‘fried on drugs’ admits killing toddler son in 2007
Aboriginal man charged with Megan Kirley murder had no links to her, police say
Perth woman nearly loses her eyesight after racially-motivated horrifying glass attack
John Wayne's son defends his father over homophobic slur he used in 1971 interview which resurfaced 
Steven Spielberg thinks Netflicks is a threat to Jewish control of entertainment industry
Godfather actor claims Marilyn Monroe was murdered by Robert Kennedy
Aboriginal man charged with murder of a mother inside her home was 'stockpiling weapons'
Girl scout posted birthday message to father hours before she was knifed to death in east London
Former Australian Prime Minister ridiculed after saying Britain should leave the European Union without a proper deal
Black footballer hit with racist insult over photo of him touching WHITE KIDS
The first gender neutral Royal baby? Harry and Meghan plan 'fluid approach' to child rearing
Homicide cops name three SANDNIGGERS wanted for questioning over fatal shooting at Melbourne Pavilion
Freaks: Britain's first transgender hate crime trial is halted after one day
What exactly is a railgun, and do we need to start building bunkers again?
Chinks wants to make the Communist Party 'cool' again with digital propaganda, but is it working? - China power
Nigger family uses hip hop to corrupt children about same-sex marriage and mental health
George Pell: The allegations that have followed him for years
Hatecrime Hoax: Vandals target memorial to synagogue in Strasbourg after swastikas daubed over Jewish cemetery
Sydney: Black & drunk driver ‘hit five cars, drove through garden, with passenger in boot’
Muslim who went from Texas to Australia and promoted Islamic State online deserves more jail time, prosecutors say
French prosecutors call for far-Right leader Marine Le Pen to face TRIAL
Ian McKellen apologises for justifying paedophilia by being 'in the closet'
No Sandniggers in our Schools: Schools should shut down if there's a radical Islam threat
'Foreign thugs' who commit violent crimes against women and children to be kicked out of Australia
Niggers: Girl, 11, is charged over the death of a toddler she was babysitting alone
Black US cop pleads not guilty in the shooting of Justine Damond
Matt Lucas calls police over Michael Jackson 'paedo' death threat
Louella Fletcher-Michie killer coon Ceon Broughton sentenced to eight and a half years
White Saviour Strictly's Stacey Dooley SLAMMED by MP for her Comic Relief work
Uppity nigresse Trisha Goddard blasts White Saviour Stacey Dooley's 'disturbing' Comic Relief post in race row
Australia: Hells Angel fined $700 for number 81 on sweater
Osama Bin Laden's son has Saudi citizenship revoked after US announce bounty
Black US cop pleads not guilty to Damond murder
US offers $1 million reward in hunt for bin Laden's son
The Queen assaulted by Jordanian Muslim Royals
Faggot Kevin Spacey demands teen accusers passwords
Oprah Winfrey denounces Michael Jackson while praising Leaving Neverland
800 people pack into mosque to listen to shiek who called 9/11 a 'comedy film'
Couple who lost White son in stabbing by Niggers plead for end to 'mindless' knife crimes
Nur Islam jailed for setting fire to Springvale Commonwealth Bank, burning people inside
LOL GOOKS!: Elderly man stumbles towards a car and slowly collides into the bonnet in 'crash for cash' attempt
Facebook Enslaving Poor Pakis
Egyptian Muslim cleric who described September 11 as a 'comedy film' is touring Australian mosques
Aboriginal AFL star Tim Kelly's bitch bitches about vile internet trolls who branded him a 'monkey'
White woman calls the cops on a black man in Massachusetts because his dog aggressively humped hers
Minneapolis' Sudanese cop who killed Australian woman 'pointed his gun at driver during traffic stop'
Aboriginal who tore plaque off Captain Cook statue for a barbecue on Australia Day faces court
LOL: Shamima Begum flees refugee camp in Syria after death threats
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu to be indicted on corruption charges
Drunk nigger who bashed a teen to death because he shot him with a water gun is jailed for seven years
Israel’s attorney general intends to indict Netanyahu
Michael ‘Sammy the Bullsh*tter’ Cohen is a lying, sniveling, self-serving rat | THE HOLOCAUST!
Muslim sheikh Jamil El-Biza accuses Scott Morrison of shedding crocodile tears over Christchurch
Christchurch shooting: Woman arrested for Facebook post after mosque attack
Christchurch shooting: Scott Morrison slams Turkish President’s ‘vile’ comments
Turkish President shows footage of the Christchurch mosque massacre to incite hatred
Kushners refused to meet Josh's wife Karlie Kloss for six years because she wasn't Jewish