Racial News to Use - 2019 February

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Chicago To Permanently Delete Gang Database Because... Racism - Big League Politics
2020 Dems back idea of reparations for descendants of slaves | PBS NewsHour
Uber driver accused of raping 16-year-old girl is found not guilty
Conspiracy theorists are more likely to engage in petty crime
C-Rapper Flavor Flav tricked into giving Cardinal George Pell a shout out for his 'retirement' 
Facebook is 'actively suppressing posts from anybody not LEFT WING
IBM online job applications page asks if applicants are ‘yellow’ or ‘mulatto’
Foreign Slaves: Big W, Cotton On, Target, Kmart singled out in report for underpaying workers
Jussie Smollett and Jewish Hoaxes, by Israel Shamir
MORE Race Denialism The Poor Old NYT? They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, by John Derbyshire
The Growing Anti-Semitism Scam, by Philip Giraldi
Forget Jussie Smollet, Here Are the Real False Flags, by Kevin Barrett
Black employee sentenced to community service for stealing nearly $50,000 from asbestos charity
Facebook Engineers Proposed 'Troll Twilight Zone' to 'Confuse and Demoralize' with Purposeful Glitches
Monica Crowley: AOC-Style 'Equality' Requires 'Police State'
Israel’s Elections Body to Weigh Barring ‘Racist’ Jewish Power Party
FBI Arrests “White Supremacist” Terrorist After Smollett Fail
Why The Truth About Britain’s Role In Fomenting WWII Will Remain Hidden
Golliwog-like balloon banned from the skies in Canberra Balloon Spectacular
White Privilege=Homeless: Push to help homeless pet owners forced onto the street by their animals
Muslim child grooming gang jailed for more than 130 YEARS for sexual abuse of two young girls
You Cannot Please Jews: Labour MP Chris Williamson suspended over anti-Semitism row
Michael Jackson 'made victims bend over and pull his nipples in grim sex sessions'
Michael Cohen brands Donald Trump a 'racist,' a 'conman' and a 'cheat'
Wetbacks: Baby girl found dead after mother, son plunge from balcony
Black Bullshit: School students will soon be taught 'Aboriginal English' and learn phrases such as 'sista, brutha'
Mohamed Ghanem: Skaf pack rapist in sentencing delay as he faces drug jail time
Black student filmed attacking white classmate who was wearing a MAGA hat in school hallway
Sea Niggers: Defenceless elderly man relives the terrifying moment a gang stole his vehicle in carjacking
ISIS suspect attacks judge with his own gavel during trial over Tunisian beach massacre
Hatecrime Hoax: SPLC, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence Agree To Believe A Hate Hoax...It's Still A Hoax
The Fulford File| Grim Sleepers? MSM And Hollywood Shut Eyes To Black Serial Killers
"America's Deadliest Serial Killer" (90 Victims) Is Black—Many Of His Victims Were White Women
Tucker Carlson Calls Out PayPal For Deplatforming, Names VDARE.com Among Victims
Latest Posts - MSM Not Reporting Race
Sandniggers: SAS troops find severed heads of 50 Yazidi sex slaves dumped in rubbish bins
Nigger'killed in exorcism attempt restrained after threatening to cut off his penis'
Paki surgeon who held a knife to a taxi driver’s throat is sentenced to home detention
Afghan asylum seeker who made car noises as he raped backpacker is jailed for seven years
Jewish Michael Cohen testimony: Lawyer calls Trump ‘racist conman’
Shopper captures an unbelievable line of Asian customers queuing for baby formula at Woolworths 
Australian Abo is kicked out of court after declaring the constitution doesn't apply to grandson
The ten pieces of evidence George Pell used in his defence
Paedophile priest George Pell arrives for pre-sentencing hearing
George Pell guilty: Australian Prime Minister moves to strip cardinal of Order of Australia
George Pell guilty: Cardinal’s lawyers push for retrial
George Pell guilty: Child sex crimes leave world reeling
Muds: Indonesian tribes: Inside the Dani tribe finger amputation rituals
Nigger Mass Murder: Mum, daughter arrested over deaths of five family members
Libtards: Serena Williams cartoon: Mark Knight gets Press Council ruling
LOL: ISIS bride Shamima Begum faces tent arson threats in backlash for showing face on TV
Forget about Jussie Smollett's Fake Noose Lynching, the NYT has just gotten word of stunning late-breaking news: Emmett Till has been lynched!, by Steve Sailer
Anti-White: John Wayne Airport should be renamed after screen legend’s 1971 Playboy interview sparks controversy
Explosive fresh claims argue Michael Jackson was 'without a doubt' a child sex predator
Michael Jackson abuse allegations: Former staff, Neverland boys address rumours
Black Footballers R Pussies: Adelaide Crows condemn racist Instagram comment aimed at Eddie Betts
LOL: Family left stunned over murder of nigger teen who police say may have been shot by mistake
Wetback Massachusetts woman assaults man wearing a MAGA hat at Mexican eatery - then claims she's the victim
NiggerR Kelly bond set at $1M after court hears excruciating details of sexual abuse against four victims
Polynesian Armed robbers pull out a machete and force a Paki store worker to hand over alcohol and cigarettes
Chinese and Malaysian crime syndicate smashed at Robinvale property
Wetback 'Cannibal' waiter, 26, 'cut up his 66-year-old mother into more than 1,000 pieces
Stupid Nog Tricks: Woman, 30, falls to her death from a 100ft high tower block window
Jew: Woody Allen is making a new movie despite allegations he molested adopted daughter Dylan Farrow
Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Falling Apart - Seeking Insight - YouTube
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smollett told cops he had an untreated drug problem
Hatecrime Hoax: Chicago police were suspicious of Jussie Smollett from the very START
Sand Nigger Pregnant at just 10, girl is trapped as sex slave in ISIS capital
Every Catholic Priest is a Pederast: Vatican summit: Cardinal admits Church ‘destroyed’ files on paedophile priests
Michael Jackson Sunday Night investigation: Trusted insider speaks
NT Abo News: Teen jailed over $130,000 theft from luxury Darwin mansion
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smolletts character off Empire for end of season
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smollett apologises to Empire cast over alleged hoax
Hatecrime Hoax Check (Image)
Hatecrime Hoax: Charles Barkley mocks Jussie Smollett for 'staging racist attack'
Niggers: Horrifying moment convicted killer stabs a man to death in shoe shop
Muslims: Four men of 'Tinnie terrorists' jailed after plot to overthrow Phillipines government foiled
Ardern delivers stunning spray - Google Search
The Australian - Jacinda Ardern has lashed out over... | Facebook
Abo Crime: Jaboo the dog who was filmed being bashed is seized by RSPCA
Michael Jackson's estate files $100M lawsuit against HBO to halt release of Leaving Neverland
Rapefugees: More than 60 Nauru and Manus Island asylum seekers failed criminal tests
Niggers: Man, 41, accused of beheading a 71-year-old 'ghetto' taxi driver and drug dealer
Sandnigger Life: Syria, Islamic State: Militant group losing ground, images show shocking aftermath
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smollett is released on bail
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smollett lynched the truth and betrayed every black and gay person in America
Hatecrime Hoax: Empire star Jussie Smollett ‘staged attack’ for pay rise
Muslim Gargasoulas sentenced to 45 Years
Wetbacks: Animal Abuser Thought Dog Was Spy for Cops
Wetbacks: Woman dead after driver plows into family in suburban NY
YouTube Pedophilia: Nestle pulls YouTube ads over abuse claims
Stop the Asian Invasion: Rubio: ‘The Chinese Effort to Supplant America Has No Precedent’
Stop the Asian Invasion: Dollar tumbles as Chinese officials ban Australian coal imports
Stop the Asian Invasion: China port bans Australian coal imports
'Michael Jackson abused me when I was seven - but he was also so kind to me'
Twisted mum 'lets black boyfriend rub hot pepper on her kids' genitals as punishment'
Hatecrime Hoax: Empire star Jussie Smollett 'named as suspect for filing false police report'
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smollett charged with filing false police report - 9Celebrity
Sand Niggers: People flee for their lives as brothers launch terrifying machete attack
Black Teenagers sniff WHEELIE BINS in dangerous new drug craze sparking police warning
Once You Go Black: Louella Fletcher-Michie trial: 'Killer' boyfriend refuses to give evidence
Herb leaf eaten by Japanese SAMURAI found to slow down ageing by clearing out disease-causing cells
Never Relax Around Blacks: Moment Ohio man, punched his OWN lawyer in the face after being sentenced
Departments of health and defence spend $350,000 paying social media influencer to sell message
Never Relax Around Blacks: Shopkeepers say they're fed-up with youth terrorising their neighbourhood
Michael Jackson’s maid breaks her silence on what really went on
Will ISIS bride Shamima Begum use her BABY as a back door into Britain?
Iranian refugee who starred in national TV campaign charged in $36million ice importation conspiracy
A white child's eye view of the past: Fascinating photos show how the 1950s looked for youngsters
National Action trial sees Jack Rensaw accused of plotting to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper
Thousands demonstrate against anti-Semitism in France following a spike in hate crimes
Mother whose daughter was killed in Manchester Arena bombing leads backlash against ISIS bride
Jewish Labour Movement could quit the party after 99 years amid new anti-Semitism storm
Johan Scwartz will likely NOT face charges over fatal struggle with Bradley Soper home intruder
John Wayne interview with Playboy in which he makes racist and homophobic comments resurfaces
Indian father is to be deported and his ex-wife is jailed for abusing their toddler daughter
Jussie Smollett attack: A brief history of hate crime hoaxes
Facebook and social media giants could face criminal sanctions over online harm
Nigger Pedophile: R Kelly could face criminal charges over sex tape of 'him and 14-year-old girl'
Hatecrime Hoax: Racist thugs daub 'no blacks' on front door of boy who just started in new school
Niggers Blame Whitey: Stephen Lawrence's brother on heartbreaking conversation he's dreading having with son
White Privilege: Six-stone man wrongly denied benefits finally gets everything he deserves as DWP admits mistake
Wisdom of the White Wolf: Care for their elderly and always put family first
Hitler ist Todt: Bruno Ganz who starred as Hitler in Downfall movie has died aged 77
Supermax/Supermosque: Australia's most secure prison where Islamic terrorists outnumber murderers
Trump demands Europe 'take back' and lock up 800 ISIS fighters captured in Syria
Turd World Tourism: Cuba holiday is 'stuff of nightmares'
Two young WHITE men clean up dozens of bins after ABOS tipped them over and dumped garbage in street
Aboriginal children under the age of 10 are sexually assaulting kids in Northern Territory towns
Aboriginal crim Tim Galvin faces being deported to New Zealand despite having no ties to the country
CREATIVE NATION: Principality of Hutt River promises to carry on Prince Leonard's legacy
Titanic Chink: Aerial photographs reveal how the £125m Chinese replica of Titanic is taking shape
Wetback Parents of three-year-old girl charged after her remains were found in bucket of acid in a closet
Freaks: Former tennis player Martina Navratilova says male-born transgender athletes are cheating in sport
Africans: Woman violently beaten during mass brawl involving up to 40 youths outside a Melbourne train station
Shamima Begum: Bangladesh and the Netherlands say ISIS bride 'won't be allowed in'
Whoring 4 Islam: Shamima Begum: British ISIS teen gives birth in Syria
Whore 4 Islam: British ISIS bride Shamima Begum gives birth to her baby in a refugee camp
Masked illegal Iranian asylum seeker blasts man in the back with a 'Terminator 2' style rifle
Racist Meghan Markle backs campaign to 'decolonise the curriculum' in UK universities
South African businessman who confronted a barefoot intruder after waking up to find him in his home
Homeowners can use reasonable force: cops
Harrington Park: Intruder dies after struggle with resident
Hatecrime Hoax: Furious Jussie Smollett DENIES he PAID two Nigerian brothers $3,500 to attack him
Hatecrime Hoax: Empire star Jussie Smollett allegedly REHEARSED hoax attack with two Nigerian brothers
Hatecrime Hoax: Jussie Smollett: Friends allegedly rehearsed and staged attack
Hatecrime Hoax: Two Nigerian actor brothers detained over Jussie Smollett attack
Hatecrime Hoax: Empire actors Abimbola 'Abel' and Olabinjo 'Ola' Osundairo face charges over Jussie Smollett attack
Hatecrime Hoax: “Hate Crime” against Jussie Smollett, by Robert Hampton
Hatecrime Hoax: ‘Go back to your own country!’ Racist skinheads try to rip off three Muslim women’s hijabs
Every Catholic Preist is a Pederast: US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick defrocked for sex crimes
Bill Shorten: Asylum seekers campaign is ‘nightmare’ scenario for Labor leader
Farmers’ fury after Labor MP blames ‘meat-eating men’ for climate change
Gooks: Woolworths shopper films Asian baby formula hoarders grabbing ‘more than 80' tins
Gooks: ‘Depraved, and predatory’ Thai masseur who sexually assaulted 16 women, jailed and will be deported
Pensioner faces charges for turning Belgium home into the Fuhrer's Eagle Nest with Nazi banners
Illinois warehouse shooting leaves six dead including gunman Gary Martin
Arizona cop shoots 'ISIS-supporting terrorist' after the 18-year-old charged at him with a knife 
Backpacker, 21, from Britain is raped 'by taxi driver' in the Philippines
Man fishing at Riverside River found not guilty over screwdriver stabbing death of man
Trump is eviscerated for 'mimicking' Chinese President's accent
Captain Cook statue defaced as Abos mark anniversary of pioneer's death
Illegals: Timor Island fisherman claims Australia's medivac bill has reopened the borders for people smugglers
Freaks: Transgender women could give birth for the first time thanks to pioneering womb transplants
Passengers confront nigger who  refused to move her purse from a train seat
Trump announces 'national emergency' on the border
Abos Blame Whites: NRL Indigenous All-Stars refuse to sing Australian national anthem
Australia risks being ‘overrun’ by China amid foreign investor interest
Donald Trump: National emergency declared to free up funds for wall
Fake Melbourne council letter about sharia law sparks resident panic
Sonia Kruger: Tribunal says Today host ‘vilified, stereotyped’ Muslims
Letters promoting fake Muslim laws being delivered to Melbourne homes
Australian dive instructor almost dies after being hacked with a machete by an attacker in Borneo
Practice Australian Citizenship test to check just how Australian or un-Australian you are
British 'gypsy' tourists banned from Burger Kings across New Zealand
Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Ghanem exposed as fumbling drug dealer
Gypsies: Elderly fall victim to roof scam run by Irish gypsies
Asian Filth: Urgent Salmonella warning after a spate of cases are linked to a string of Vietnamese bakeries
Every Catholic Priest is a Pederast: Catholic school rocked by sexual abuse claim
Gang of six Africans break into a Melbourne home at 4am
War For Israel: Jewish leader sees 'common interest' in confronting Iran, latest
Radio host sacked for ‘black b**tard’ on-air gaffe wins $30,000 payout
Australia 14000 Illegals: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Warns of Weakness
Sand Nigger Stalker: Sydney: CCTV of Belmore train station stalker released
NZ Niggers: Brawl between bikie gang and Black Power group ends with car ploughing into one of the fighters
Hindu student, 15, kicked out of Catholic college for wearing a nose piercing
Once You Go Black: Ex-boyfriend sent chilling 'I warned you all' text before slaughtering White lover
Muslim Takeover: Nomads MC president and the ex-husband of Salim Mehajer's sister reveals his bizarre initiation
Afghan asylum seeker who raped a university student he luring through a Gumtree ad BARKED like a dog
China news: Huang Xiangmo stripped of visa calls Australia 'a giant baby'
Australia news airline Islamic State bomb plot Etihad domestic flight sydney brisbane melbourne
Monkey KIDNAPS a toddler from a village so it has someone to play with on the roadside
Whore 4 Islam: ISIS bride tells the West: 'Don't judge us too harshly'
Bill Cosby thinks prison is an 'amazing experience', his spokesman says
Asian student tortured kitten, placing her in an oven and ripping out her teeth and claws spared jail
'Supermax' prison - Florence Colorado
Muslim who murdered two-year-old ‘told inmate he “only hit the kid”’, court hears
Two Indonesian students are attacked outside a Canberra shopping centre for wearing headscarves
Black Serial killer who confessed to murdering 90 women painted portraits of his victims
Tony Mokbel was walking past a 21st birthday party when he was allegedly stabbed
Peter Dutton warns boats will flood Australia after asylum seeker ‘win’ in parliament 
Cryptocurrency: SA Police mistake crypto mining set-up for drug house
‘Fake News’ T-shirt pulled from store after journalist complains
Darky Donald Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman
Nauru Manus: Scott Morrison declares Bill Shorten will be to blame for boat arrivals
What now for asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island in need of medical evacuation? - Politics
Oz Parliament Votes to Allow Doctors to Bring in NIGGERS
Police: Nigger mom killed toddler because he wouldn't eat, listen
Queensland cattle grazier Jane McMillan slams foreign aid spending following devastating floods
Racial Gangs in Australian Prisons
Muslim Saeed Noori Flinders Street attack: Killer driver blames “Allah”
Stupid Gook accidentally throws an iPhone to bears at a zoo after mistaking it for food
All You Need is White People: Nnewborn baby is pulled alive from a storm drain in South Africa
LOL: 100+ people are killed by moonshine in India
MultiCulti Pauline Hanson grills Muslim candidate Emma Eros following online backlash from her supporters
LOL: Jesus Christ 'was GREEK and not Jewish' - according to Amazon Prime documentary
Jewish Privilige: Subway pedophile Jared Fogle is living the 'high life' in prison, ex-con reveals
Jailed Niggers Attack: Tony Mokbel fighting for his life after being stabbed multiple times in chest with a homemade knife 
Australian woman sent to Middle East 'for a holiday' at age of 14 ends up a child bride
Woman rorted by a Nigerian conman comes meets the US army veteran she thought she was in love with
Scam: Warning over emergency text message scam
Encryption laws: Billionaire slams Australian internet changes
Michael Jackson: Singer’s body ‘could be exhumed’ for DNA test
Mintabie: Australians being evicted from township may sue for discrimination
Trump’s drastic border plan: Hundreds of troops sent to stop migrants
Gook? Bizarre moment a commuter is spotted wearing a face mask while riding the bus
LOL: Indonesia police admit using snake to terrorise Papuan man
Asian bus driver who crashed into Puffing -ending a century old tradition - gets a month off the road
Nigerian Patrick Nweke convinced a US pensioner to import 2.5kg worth of cocaine into Australia
Mud mother denies arranging for her two daughters to undergo female genital mutilation
'We have a Code Brown': Paki Taxi driver caught defecating on the road cops a $645 ‘poo ticket’
Woman slams ‘racist service’ after NZ cafe receipt calls customers ‘Asians’
Restaurant branded "racist" for calling a group of customers 'asians' on their receipt
Passengers fume and flight to Shanghai is forced to turn around
Air New Zealand: Flight NZ289 knocked back from landing in China
Saudi Arabia: Boy beheaded by taxi driver in front of screaming mum
The Australian - Evicted white residents of a South... | Facebook
White-hot anger as town evicted - Google Search
Canadian hero mosque shooter sentenced to life in jail after killing six in 2017
MMA nigger Cedric Marks escaped prison van denies killing Jenna Scott Michael Swearingin
Donald Trump’s powerful new weapon
Outrageous decline in reason "the australian" - Google Search
Death of Facts & Truth - Replaced with Feelings
Kyle Yorlets at DuckDuckGo
Rock star Kyle Yorlets gunned down by five kids in Nashville
Multicultural Sydney: 25-year-old bashed with knuckle dusters in Merrylands
NRL: Justin Hodges TKO win in professional boxing debut on Gallen vs Hopoate undercard
Boxing: Paul Gallen calls out Sonny Bill Williams after defeating John Hopoate
30 ASIANS are filmed frantically running in and out of Woolworths carrying tins of baby formula
Women who have WHITE kids have better kids
Caregiver at facility for people with disabilities is arrested for allegedly impregnating client
Indian teen gang-raped by six men as her father is forced to watch
Paul Gallen stops footy bad boy John Hopoate with a brutal knockout in the second round
Two paedophiles, 28 and 31, are publicly executed in Yemen for raping and murdering 12-year-old boy
Blaming Whitey: Reasons Aboriginal children are committing suicide
Crazy Rich Asians star Chris Pang reveals he hates White Australia
The White Man’s Burden, by Fred Reed
Hate Hoax Map - American Renaissance
Holy Minority Day: Holocaustianity, Hysteria and the Hotel of Hate, by Tobias Langdon
CIA Propaganda JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory Origins
Great Moments in Whiteness Awareness: Adidas pulls all white sneaker created for Black History Month in wake of Twitter backlash, by Steve Sailer
‘Making Irish Border an Issue Derailed Brexit and Put EU in Control’ – Scholar - Sputnik International
Darky taxi robbery footage released as police chase culprit
Don't Trust Lawyers: Lawyers used as informants
Lenny Henry Bitches About WHITE PEOPLE
Federal parliamentary computing network breach: cyber security ‘wake up call’
$1.29 billion ice haul bound for Australia seized by police
America’s biggest ever ice bust worth $1.3BILLION was headed for Australia
Profits über Alles! American Corporations and Hitler – A Sweet Dose of Reality | The Mad Truther
Blackface lynch pics from North Carolina Chapel Hill Yearbook emerge from when Roy Cooper graduated
Twenty criminals who were due to be deported to Jamaica given last-minute reprieve
Chinese signs are erected on Great Ocean Road to stop Asian tourists crashing at intersections
Arab Depravity: Girl, 2, burned with lighter and human bite marks on her body when she was found dead, court hears 
Michael Jackson's former maid says he was a pedophile and she found boy's underwear in Jacuzzi
Handcuffed Adelaide Abo escapes from police car
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The Australian - We live in an age where feelings trump... | Facebook
Black Panther: Michael B Jordan needed therapy after Marvel movie
Abo Woman dies after being run over twice in Kalgoorlie, WA
Hypocrisy in labelling Kerri-Anne Kennerley ‘racist’ | The Bolt Report - YouTube
Nigger who has NEVER cleaned his penis
Stupid Nig: Ohio father chases down moving train after leaving his baby alone on board to smoke a cigarette
Lily Allen covers up in a black hoodie and sunglasses as she arrives in Melbourne
White Tourism: Fascinating book Sailing To The Sun by William Miller charts the history of the cruise industry
Mauri Driver speeds across a roundabout to block ute before they engage in a brutal road rage brawl
Hate of the Union: Hollywood Explodes On 'Criminal' Trump During SOTU
Elizabeth Warren Claimed to Be 'American Indian' on TX Bar Registration
Beto O’Rourke to Oprah: Border Wall ‘A Racist Response to a Problem We Don’t Have’
Brave Bataclan terror attack survivor reveals rebuilt face as she dreams of smiling again
Lily Allen 'dedicates song F**k You to Liam Neeson' after accusing him of lying amid racism storm
Pope Francis admits Catholic priests 'abused nuns and used them as sex slaves'
SA man 'stabbed after drink invitation'
Abos: Murdered man and injured woman accepted a drink invitation before being attacked with a machete
Abos: Elzabeth Grove fatal stabbing: Adelaide man dies in brawl
Slutty Slant Eyes: schoolgirl's put on a raunchy 'Asian cultural dance' for the mayor
'PTSD suffering veteran', 33, shoots himself in the head on Facebook live
Chinese billionaire who donated more than $2.7m to Liberals and Labor has citizenship rejected
PIERS MORGAN: Liam Neeson is a cynical opportunist and guilty of being a murderous racist
Moment a former alt-right group leader assaults his neighbour in front of the man’s two-year-old son
South African woman who held her toddler as she fended off armed robbers responds to criticism
Asylum seekers medically evacuated to Australia from Manus Island and Nauru who never returned 
Liam Neeson claimed he was a victim of 'racial profiling'
Liam Neeson called racist: People want him digitally removed from ‘Men In Black’
Liam Neeson racism row: Taken star breaks silence after shock comment
Liam Neeson film premiere appearance CANCELLED after he revealed urge to kill black man
Liam Neeson facing backlash over shocking ‘racist’ admission
Liam Neeson reveals he walked the streets with a weapon looking for a 'black b*****d' to kill
Facebook Brexit ban: Word banned from Matt Forde ad
Microsoft launches new Sydney Technology centre
‘Medieval’ leg chains blurred: Footballer Hakeem al- Araibi enters court
Queensland floods: Police probe deaths of Troy Mathieson, Hughie Morton
Gavin McInnes sues SPLC over 'obsessive, malicious' hate labels
Covington teens fight back against Alyssa Milano, Bill Maher
Pope urges 'loyalty' to Chinese communist regime
'Gas the Jews!' shouted at Jewish teens
Something quite atrocious: Now Mary Poppins 'racist'
Niggers: Racist IQ Test Dropping in Developed Countries
Gook Stalks Whitey: Sydney woman sends 9000 texts to one-time date
LOL: Aunt of one of the men killed in the Townsville floods reveals trolls have been abusing him online
Black Looters: Two bodies have been found in floodwaters at Townsville
Black Looters: Two bodies have been found in the search for two men missing in flood waters in north Queensland 
Black Looters: Townsville floods: More rain forecast as Far North Queensland weather worsens
Black Looters: Townsville flood: Looters pillage Dan Murphy’s at Aitkenvale
Aboriginal women brawl just metres from a police station
Mud: Pro-wrestler extradited from Australia over beating death of New York man
Anti-White: Adam Levine is mocked on Twitter for his 'white boy' dance moves at the Super Bowl
Child abusers and rapists are among eleven foreigners stripped of Australian citizenship
White Britain: Approaching Victoria... in 1951: Bobbies on the beat to nuns on the run
Muslim preacher Nassim Abdi slams men who use public urinals and get 'splash back' on shoes
Muds: Guests send up massive clouds of smoke as they celebrate nuptials with burnouts and motorbikes
Pakis: Man wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him 'without his consent'
South Africa: Brave mum holds onto her toddler as she tries to fend off three gunmen armed
Meghan's empowering-banana stunt was a farce that made a laughing stock of sex workers
Civil War: The United States is headed for a second split
US/Mexico border wall: Tunnel found near Hidalgo, Texas
Eternal Victim - Priviliged Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex mocked by Good Morning Britain host
Illegals: Australian Border Force officers accused of targeting Saudi Arabian women
Never Relax Around Blacks: News Adelaide: Off-duty police officer tackles machete-wielding thief
Australia news: Last of refugee children to leave Nauru
University students' grades plunge when cannabis is legalised, studies find
Conmen caught red-handed ripping off Australians as Philippines scam factory is shut down 
Man who threatened to blow up Brisbane Airport was known to police before his alleged rampage
Brexit: Nissan ditches UK amid political chaos
Sea Shepherd ship attacked with rocks and petrol bombs while patrolling protected waters in Gulf of California
‘Mary Poppins,’ and a Nanny’s Shameful Flirting With Blackface - The New York Times
Mary Poppins branded 'racist' over scene where she's covered in soot
Mary Poppins branded racist by US academic - for 'blacking up' in iconic sweeps' rooftop scene
Mary Poppins branded racist by US academic - for 'blacking up' in iconic sweeps' rooftop scene 
‘The unsung heroes of this great nation’: Photo of three exhausted firefighters goes viral
Iranian student, 19, begs for financial help so he can finish studying in Australia
Tony Abbott claims he didn’t know hosts of a function had links to the Communist Party
Ex-Nazi SS officer involved in 1944 massacre of 86 French men and boys faces 'hate speech' 
Baby boomer men HATED the #MeToo-inspired Gillette ad but the majority of younger men embraced it
Niggers: Knives out as Waffle House employees have massive fight in South Carolina
Conspiracy theories: YouTube’s crackdown on fringe content
Ralph Northam blackface scandal: Virginia governor refuses to resign
Chinese students are stealing intellectual property: warning
CW Picks Up Damon Wayans Jr. Produced Show About 'Gender Non-Conforming Teen'
Ann Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers
Prager: 'We Are in a Dark Age' Because Left Controls Silicon Valley
Nolte: Ralph 'The Coonman' Northam Is the Media's Governor
Report: Ralph Northam Doesn't Believe He's in Racist Photo, Will Not Resign
Ralph Northam Reverses, Does ‘Not Believe’ He Was in Racist Photo
Bald is Good: John Travolta bald
INF treaty deadline: US expected to pull out of missile agreement
British woman who died in Mexico was flown home without her eyes, heart and BRAIN
Man dies in Mexico, sent home ‘without brain, stomach or heart’
Brisbane Airport lockdown: emergency situation declared
Three boys reveal the shocking abuse they received as leaders fear a growing wave of anti-Semitism
American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis questions Black Panther's Oscar nominations
Australian Navy frigate seizes 2.1tonnes of drugs in the Middle East - including 345kg of heroin
Airport panic as armed Arabic-speaking man makes bomb threats
Man who had sex with a corpse in funeral home jailed for six years
Mum is first in UK to be convicted of FGM after mutilating daughter, 3
US governor in yearbook photo of man in blackface and another in KKK robe
British mum, 22, 'stripped, stabbed and scalped by gypsy gang for having affair'
Christmas Day dinghy migrant tells exactly how he did it  
Victim of violent serial sex attacker gets revenge by posting flyers identifying man
China: Tony Abbott hits back after attending Chinese New Year function
Florida's secretary of state Michael Ertel resigns over Hurricane Katrina blackface photos
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam apologises for racist yearbook photo but refuses to resign
Inside the hell of 'communist heaven': ROBERT HARDMAN on the collapse of Venezuela
Judge who sentenced jihadi terrorists blames the Quran for inspiring Muslims to commit terrorism 
Details of Patty Hearst's kidnap revealed by SLA member Bill Harris
Mother of three-year-old girl becomes first person to be found guilty of FGM in Britain
Kerri-Anne Kennerley 'felt abandoned by Channel 10' after Yumi Stynes' stoush
What Aboriginal people think of Kerri-Anne Kennerley's row with Yumi Stynes - says she visit Outback
Nike faces Muslim backlash after sole design resembles Arabic word for ‘Allah’
Jihadi: Bourke Street rampage: Gargasoulas’ true character revealed
Toxic Feminist: Clementine Ford: Feminist writer vows to ‘curse men’ for cash
The Least Niggers: Iceland is deemed the safest country in the world, with Europe dominating the top 20 places
Unruly ‘gypsys’ who terrorised New Zealand are accused of scamming an old woman
Indian man, 32, who landed in Australia with child porn and bestiality on his phones to be deported