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Malnourished and brutally beaten POOR WHITE CHILDREN in Britain
Blood Drill Killers, Apex, MTS: New gang Blood Drill Killers in Melbourne’s west
Women's March event canceled because rally-goers fear event would be 'overwhelmingly white'
David Walliams accused of racism over children's book character Raj
Moroccan authorities arrest a Swiss-Spanish national on suspicion of killing two Scandinavian women
Is the net closing in on the African youth gang, Blood Drill Killers?
Fears over ‘Blood Drill Killers’ - Google Search
Uber: Australians hit by ‘Christmas bonus’ scam on rideshare app
Armed gangs charging £5,000 a head to smuggle desperate migrant families to UK
Al-Qaeda terror boss with links to 7/7 could be released from jail within months
'Scouser Lee' who vandalised historic fortress is back home after family pay £2,400 fine
Gang of African teenagers known as the 'Blood Drill Killers' causing chaos in Melbourne
Wild brawl breaks out in Adelaide – as at least four punters are seen throwing chairs
A mysterious west African, three Poles and a Russian conspire to smuggle $1million worth of drugs
Egypt security forces kill 40 suspected militants amid attack fears
Vape shop worker launches furious rant against Trump supporter
Attul Kumar Patel found guilty of groping young women and girls in Auckland New Zealand cinemas
Mysterious Australian 'emir' rises to the top of ISIS's propaganda unit
Female German ISIS 'morality policewoman' charged with letting 'slave' girl die of thirst
Malaysian migrants ring alarms - Google Search
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Unsolved murders Australia 2018: Toyah Cordingley, Nicole Cartwright
davidthompson: How To Impress Your Boss, An Intersectional Guide
davidthompson: Unlearning Whiteness
davidthompson: How Dare You Not Feel Oppressed
Notorious far-right group clashes with African youths in Melbourne
Police step up patrols after beachgoers at Chelsea foreshore attacked, robbed by youths
Mohamed Noor's lawyers request police vehicle involved in fatal shooting of Justine Damond Ruszczyk - World News
Huawei lashes out at 'malicious' and 'unfair' treatment by Australia and other nations - Business
The millionaires building private police forces in the US: Vigilantes or neighbourhood watch?
Donald Trump threatens to close Mexican border if he doesn't get wall funding - Donald Trump's America
Racist slur allegedly hurled by Adelaide fans at soccer player Roly Bonevacia being investigated
Far-right activist refuses police requests to stop filming group playing soccer at St Kilda Beach
Jordan Peterson: Alt right? Not me, says anti-political correctness warrior
Neo-Nazis get a makeover as Germany's far-right goes hipster
Facebook's secret rulebook to police users' politics revealed
Chilean crime syndicate that 'stole $1.2million worth of luxury items is brought down by police
Missouri University says a man asking out a woman who's smaller than him could be SEXUAL HARASSMENT
Melbourne beachgoers attacked by gang of African youths who assaulted a teen and stole belongings
Ex-college student charged with poisoning black roommate tried to get deported back to China
Brazen daylight robbery as man armed with a hammer threatens pharmacy workers
Two-month old baby girl born with three hands is worshipped as a god in India
Mother is 'smacked in the face with a tin' by baby formula hoarders
Egyptian woman is imprisoned for three years for 'sexually harassing' a monkey 
Mohamed Noor's lawyers plan to re-create shooting of Justine Damond under same moon phase
Furious transgender woman rages at store clerk after he calls her 'sir' instead of 'ma'am'
Notorious ISIS terrorist Neil Prakash is stripped of his Australian citizenship
Fears Melbourne's St Albans Lunar Festival will be turned into a war zone
Stock market: Australian commodities trader guilty of ‘spoofing’
Morocco tourist beheadings: ‘Lone wolf’ killers stalked victims for two days
Neil Prakash citizenship revoked: Peter Dutton intervenes in case of Islamic State fighter
Two Female Backpackers Beheaded On Camera In Horrific Attack
Emily Thornberry: Jeremy Corbyn didn't address Labour antisemitism crisis because he was 'too upset'
Send Channel boat migrants straight back to France to avert a tragedy, says ex-Home Office official
John Major relished opportunity to read secret files on Profumo affair
Sir Ian McKellen spurred Major into lowering age of consent betweeen homosexuals
Mrs Thatcher told aides of her disappointment with Nelson Mandela
How Thatcher told Irish PM she wished the Irish wouldn’t come to Britain
Horrific moment a gang of African youths bash rivals in front of hundreds of shoppers
African thugs hurl rocks at police as officers arrest six youths over brawl with shop owners
Anglo-Saxons were WORSE than the Vikings and carried out 'ethnic cleansing'
Racist customer tells Arabic-speaking Macy's employee to 'Go back where you come from'
African soldier sues as army 'failed to protect him' from UK winter
Cricket star Usman Khawaja's brother has breached bail after trying to influence a witness
Man suspected of trying to snatch a girl wanted to teach the family a lesson
Brazen baby formula shoppers are caught on camera blatantly avoiding Woolworths tin limits
US cop plans to re-create Damond shooting
Queen’s Christmas message criticised online for featuring gold piano
Shocking video shows white man berate black tenant in his own apartment building
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt orders review into persecution of Christians around the world
Hezbollah leaders injured as Israel launches Christmas Day airstrikes in Syria
Sick thugs savagely beat a pet dog leaving her with a broken leg
Christmas holidays gripped with violence in the Northern Territory
Corinna Slusser looks almost unrecognizable Instagram photo 
Waleed Aly sparks a viewer backlash for saying he 'doesn't understand' Boxing Day sales
Jamboree Heights road rage attack terrifies couple after man chases them with meat cleaver
Six-year-old twins get MARRIED because their parents believe 'they were partners in a past life' 
Children’s doctor, 40, struck off after hiding £100,000-a-year salary to avoid paying child support
Car parking spaces in Westfield London aimed at promoting diversity left shoppers baffled
Vietnamese community rallies together to fight back against Sudanese gangs terrorising their shops 
Notorious ringleader of 1998 Texas 'dragging death' of black man James Bird finally faces execution
Asian shopkeepers in Melbourne take matters into their own hands after African gang robbery
New South Wales police officer filmed telling an Asian driver in Sydney to 'go back to China'
Syphilis outbreak: Reason why seven babies have died from disease
One punch death: Patrick Tarawa sentenced for killing Chris Vujcich
Racist North Dakota woman dubbed Virgin Island Vicky shares hate for 'n****rs' while praising Trump
Huawei is a spy agency of the Chinese Communist Party, expert says
Two Detroit women arrested after trying to steal from Target while store hosted 'Shop with a Cop'
LeBron James blasts NFL as run by 'old white men' with a 'slave mentality'
White ref investigated for ordering black high school wrestler to have dreadlocks cut off
Australian tourist battling for his life in Bali hospital
Sacha Baron Cohen: Who Is America? deleted scene too disturbing to air
Indonesia tsunami: Dozens dead in Sunda Strait region
‘Your house is burning. I’ve set it on fire. Bad luck’ Mum-of-13 jailed for burning boyfriend’s home and dousing him in petrol, after he woke her at 5am with loud TV
Syrian-born US father accused of Lockerbie 'bomber' is discovered living in Washington DC suburb
Sexual assault case against Steven Seagal dropped
Spending on government ads grows by $57million – campaigns slammed for 'p**sing away taxpayer money'
Two British 'Beatles' jihadists could be FREED' in wake of Trump's troop withdrawal
Footage shows the moment a white man spray painted racist remarks on houses
Anti-Semitic abuse hurled at Melbourne driver in road rage attack
New Jersey high school wrestler forced to cut off his dreadlocks before match by 'racist' referee
NBA: LeBron James slams NFL on ‘The Shop’, Todd Gurley, Anthony Davis upset GMs
Google, Apple pull sneaky move against Aussie phone, tablet repair companies
Supreme Court rejects Trump asylum ban
ISIS images of a beheaded Scandinavian tourist were sent to victim's MOTHER
Morocco tourist murders: Decapitation video, severed head images distress Jespersen and Ueland families
Huawei CFO arrest forces 'Five Eyes' alliance turn on Chinese tech giant
U2 pulls plug on Berlin concert after Bono vocal problem
Australian tourists travelling to the UK fear for their safety due to soaring crime rates
Mother of baby girl found dead on a beach had tried to flee with children weeks earlier
Thousands of Australian's information possibly stolen by Chinese hackers, cybersecurity boss says
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova is accused of being 'transphobic'
Vile husband and wife who sexually abused their five year old daughter jailed over disgusting 'game'
Woman of Asian descent stunned after worker at hair salon describes her as 'c****y e**s'
Australian Government joins global condemnation of Chinese hacking - Business
George Soros crowned ‘person of the year’ by Financial Times, but not everyone is cheering
‘Organ traders, terrorists & looters’: Evidence against Syrian White Helmets presented at UN
KKK recruiting in Pittsburgh neighborhood where synagogue shooter murdered 11 Jews — RT USA News
US passes anti-lynching bill, over a century after it was needed — RT USA News
‘Possible suicide attempt’: Car rams into crowded bus stop in Germany leaving 1 dead & 9 injured
Australia hates accepting refugees, but appears to love creating them
Cyber theft: Australia joins coalition of western nations in naming China as being responsible
College chemistry student, 22, charged with attempted murder for slowly poisoning his black roommate
Bizarre moment brother of slain Islamic terrorist rides Arabian horse along Sydney promenade
Catholic priest sentenced to 25 years in prison for child pornography
Why Brexit GOOD for Australia: New immigration rules Aussies planning trip to Britain will be happy
Morocco backpacker murders: Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland killed by ‘terrorists’
Chinese hackers slammed for stealing Australian company secrets
Hong Kong, Kevin Carrico: Creepy front page exposes big problem
Police are worried about African youth crime after spate of violent carjackings in Brisbane 
African violence worries police - Google Search
Brutal moment a man was bashed with a plank of wood by hoons
The Project's Waleed Aly becomes emotional as he describes 'horrific' overseas experience- JEWS DID IT!
Japan forced to confront resistance to immigration amid desperate labour shortage
Parts of France are now 'unliveable' due to migrants says Brazil's 'Tropical Trump' president 
Shopper's painful contortions as she falls over while trying on a pair of towering red platforms
Mother who sold her teenage daughter for sex more than 1000 times is handed a lengthy jail sentence
Forever 21 draws outrage by using a white model to showcase Black Panther sweater
Expert reveals how Meghan is trying to ‘bring the royal family into 21st century'
Hardline Sydney Muslim declares celebrating Christmas will see someone go to hell for eternity
Maren Ueland, Louyisa Vesterager Jespersens murders: Moroccan four 'swore allegiance to ISIS' before decapitating female tourist
Brother of Moroccan fanatic who beheaded Scandinavian tourists says he was 'brainwashed' by ISIS
ISIS fanatics take to social media to share video of Scandinavian tourist's beheading
'ISIS terrorists' branded two Scandinavian women 'enemies of God' as they decapitated one of them
Morocco suspects 'linked to Islamic State'
Pictured: Tent where Scandinavian women were murdered in 'sexually motivated' attack in Morocco
Morocco killings: Men arrested after backpackers found dead
Facebook ‘shared users’ private data’ with Netflix, Spotify
James ‘Tiger’ Maxwell: More charges for accused pervert landlord
Man performs sex act in front of kids in public Dubai hotel pool
'Step in right direction': Trump lauds Australia's move on Jerusalem
Strasbourg shooting: Death toll climbs to five as two arrested for 'playing role in supplying firearm'
Female sex monster forced teen to eat DOG food while partner soiled himself
Man found 'murdered' by remote South Australia highway identified
Man, 32, hit with murder charge after police discover his blood soaked vehicle
Sydney researchers claim there is a growing risk of pandemic in cities
John Ibrahim's younger brother Michael pleads guilty to running global drug and tobacco syndicate
Antipsychotic drugs, medication: Spike in prescriptions for Australian children
Subway rider speaks out after being attacked by Brooklyn lawyer
Teenage girl threatens youths with baseball bat after they 'terrorise Perth neighbourhood'
Hardline Muslim preacher says female singers cause earthquakes, declares musical instruments as sin
Vital Lockerbie evidence ‘was made AFTER the doomed flight’:
Asylum seekers flown to Australia for medical treatment put up in hotels and townhouses
Labor will take 4,000 MORE refugees if Bill Shorten is elected in 2019
Muslim sect which built illegal religious retreat loses charity status after secret investigation
Forget Me Not Australia: Nepalese orphanage coerced children from families
UK primary school teaches ‘boys can have periods too’
AFP investigation into Narre Warren mansion of Ngouth Oth Mai
Prada racism: Italian brand pulls Pradamalia products from sale amid backlash
Family of 'person of interest' in Toyah Cordingley's murder plead with him to come home from India
Facebook, Google and Twitter could be liable for harm caused by cyber-bullying
Four teens are robbed at knifepoint after a Airbnb party is crashed by more than 200 African youths
Tourist is caught trying to smuggle four kilograms of meth hidden inside the walls of an esky 
Teachers rip down statue of Gandhi saying the independence leader was 'racist'
Migrants attempt early-morning clamber over Mexico border after Trump shut crossing
Miss Universe Australia Francesca Hung defends 'racist' video after speaking about competitors
Mother of 'sacrificed' baby is charged over the death
Brooklyn straphanger makes citizen's arrest after subway rage attack
'America's most prolific serial killer' Samuel Little definitely killed more than 40 victims
Shocking moment racial abuse hurled as two couples fight over a parking space during Christmas rush 
Secular Party of Australia fears Religious Discrimination Act could embolden hardline Muslims
African teens bash and rob four teenagers after a rowdy party - Google Search
Florida man executed for fatally stabbing woman in 1992
Death row killer got sandwich, eggs before lethal injection, execution
Religious freedom: Scott Morrison defers action on gay students being kicked out of school
Bringing race into the religious freedom debate could make for an ugly election
Religious Discrimination Act set to be an election issue - PM - ABC Radio
South African cannibals 'tired of eating human flesh' sentenced to life in prison for murder
Protective wall installed on Great Ocean Road
Religious freedom: Prime Minister will announce plans to make it illegal to discriminate based on religious beliefs
Election fight looms on religious freedoms
Strasbourg Christmas market attack: Wanted poster issued as gunman remains on the run
Cherif Chekatt: More than 700 officers hunt Strasbourg Christmas market shooter
Black South African Andile Mngxitama politician says 'kill whites'
Lesbian couple are charged after allegedly poisoning their four-year-old son with sleeping pills
Australian government is paying 6,000 pensions to DEAD PEOPLE
Reuters unveils its Pictures of the Year
Teacher whose penis was cut off by Yemen extremists has new one made in India
PICTURED: Indian delivery driver and married father-of-one, 44, charged with sexual assault of girl
Moud Nuri walks free on bail for a third time after he allegedly had non-consensual sex with a boy
Miss Universe contestants from Australia and the US are embroiled in ‘racist’ bullying scandal
PM’s stand for religious freedom - Google Search
Moud Nuri court appearance on child rape charge: Bail continued
Nowra High School investigates 'highly inappropriate' online survey ahead of year 10 event
Spy chief argues encryption laws target terrorists, not everyday Australians, in 'myth-busting' missive - Politics
Nick Cave emails Brian Eno about Israel, saying 'scaring off' artists with boycotts is not helpful
How Google maps image helped police jail a meth queen and her deadly hitman over two grisly murders
Ice addict who stabbed father over argument about spilt milk pleads for a reduced jail sentence
France: Strasbourg Christmas market jihad mass murderer is Muslim named Cherif Chekatt
Three dead and 12 injured in Strasbourg shooting
Aboriginal father, 38, faces being kicked out of Australia
Engineer who was jailed for bashing first wife admits to hitting his second wife with metal object
‘The Racist Christmas Tradition I've Given Up For Good’
Hot bargain: Backlash over ‘disgusting’ figurines
St Kilda bashing: African leader speaks out after latest attack
Labor’s asylum vow: you can stay - Google Search
St Kilda foreshore brawl: 2 men left unconscious after wild group assault
Sydney woman posts disgusting photo of ‘brains’ in KFC chicken
Starbucks: ‘Free bathroom use’ tainted by lack of usable stalls
South Africa 'sets date for white farmers land grab' months after announcing 'test case'
Number of Chinese applying for refuge in Australia TRIPLES in just one year
Shoppers stock up on baby formula as they make their kids stand guard over their trolleys 
Muslim preacher Um Jamaal ud-Din claims women are too 'sensitive and delicate' to remember things
Transgender rights reforms: How it could be ILLEGAL to say 'he' or 'she'
Wife of ISIS recruiter appeals against her conviction for refusing to stand for a judge
Pictured: Indian nurse who vanished overseas the same day slain Toyah Cordingley's body was found
Video: Subway rider punches a woman because he thinks she's gay
Unis declare war on free speech - Google Search
Santa fined: Driver in Morgan Christmas pageant fined for unsecured load
NZ woman claims being called ‘Kiwi’ by Aussie boss ‘ruined her life’
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Vietnamese refugee who claimed $23,000 worth of welfare payments guilty of defrauding Centrelink
Peter Dutton slams Bill Shorten over border protection. saying Labor will 'restart boats'
Universities are setting targets to recruit more white male students after numbers fell
Security chiefs believe Jihadis are plotting a devastating chemical weapons attack in Britain
New Zealand mother who sued her boss after he called her Kiwi says the incident has ruined her life
New revelation made in Toyah Cordingley's murder as prime suspect Indian male nurse flees country
Europe’s backdoor blasphemy laws
Victoria election: Bourke Street attack prompts CBD extremists ban
James Fields Guilty of First-Degree Murder in Death of Heather Heyer - The New York Times
Justine Damond: Cop accused of killing Australian’s charges upgraded
Pitch-siding: Man evicted from Adelaide Oval for illegal betting practice
Man is savagely 'bashed by two African men' he met while trying to sell his iPhone on Gumtree 
Police have taken in a 9-year-old boy who terrorised an Ellenbrook neighbourhood
British beauty queen was 'raped every single day' after being forced to marry a Bangladeshi man
The horrifying moment a taxi killed boy, 1, who was being cared for by his aunt on the Gold Coast
Taylor Swift stalker gets six months in prison
Charlottesville rally Heather Heyer murder: James Fields guilty
Hotel staff create ‘horrifying’ effigy tribute to couple’s dead son
Nurse, 72, who ran over and killed a three-year-old boy is jailed for at least 18 months
Footy star accused of indecently assaulting a woman in a pub in an affluent beachside suburb
Perth residents move out of crime riddled suburb as kids run riot
Minnesota State professor accuses God of sexual misconduct
Children left in tears after being told 'Father Christmas isn't real' by Christian charity worker
More than 200 academics sign open letter accusing Cambridge don of publishing ‘racist pseudoscience’
Experts slam new laws scrapping end-to-end encryption and allowing the government to spy on you
Margaret River Moai head sculpture destroyed after bureaucrats decide it is 'culturally offensive'
Landlord, 49, who calls himself ‘Tiger’ ‘hid secret cameras in tenants bathrooms'
Donald Trump and Melania put on loved up display at Hanukkah ceremony
Detectives hunt man wearing a straw hat in relation to horror hit and run car crash 
Muslim who plotted terror attack with her husband claims she has converted to Christianity
Gavin McInnes visa decision: Penthouse publisher refers Home Affairs to AFP
Dashcam video captures gang with machetes attacking CrossFit couple in Kenya
Encryption laws: What is Australia’s new encryption bill?
Man pushed in front of truck in sick unprovoked attack
Three arrested over Neo-Nazi group 'that called for Prince Harry to be shot'
Man who had sex with pregnant goat has sentence extended to 15 years
Flinders Street attacker who mowed down Christmas shoppers in central Melbourne pleads guilty
Australian passes world-first laws force WhatsApp include spyware letting spies snoop on messages
Sixteen arrested on Melbourne’s St Kilda beach just a day after police brought in a summer booze ban
British Neo Nazi group calls for Prince Harry's assassination for marrying mixed-race Meghan 
Melbourne club is slugged with a $3000 fine for racial discrimination for refusing entry to man
#MeToo movement: Men ‘scared’ to interact with women after cultural reset
St Kilda beach alcohol ban: Police arrest 16 people during Melbourne riot
Pictured: Male lover of 'killer pharmacist with whom he planned "new life"'
Dramatic moment four-hour Melbourne siege ends in the arrest of two teenagers
Nigerian carer is acquitted of sexually assaulting a disabled woman
Government to read your WhatsApp messages under world-first legislation
PIERS MORGAN-Ex friend Meghan Markle is ruthless social climbing actress used to getting her own way
Usman Khawaja learned his brother had ‘faked a terror plot'
Colombian woman confronts businessman she claims squeezed her bottom on a packed Sydney train 
African footballer accused of bashing policeman with a rock could avoid jail
Shocking moment a woman pushes a 94-year-old man to the ground
David Leyonhjelm sparks controversy by thanking young brown men in low-paid jobs in Senate speech
‘Bringing home the bacon’: Phrase now deemed offensive to vegans
Meghan Markle: Piers Morgan accuses Duchess of Sussex of ‘acting her way to the top’ in latest rant
10 Uncomfortable Truths About the American Revolution - YouTube
UK To Jail Viewers Of "Far-Right Propaganda" | Amber Rudd - YouTube
Toddler Bitten 15 Times by 'Somalians' at Play Centre - YouTube
Muslim woman online jihadi brides knew terror attack BEFORE 'didn't understand' was member ISIS
Muslim imam who married a 14-year-old girl to a 34-year-old man loses appeal
What does a secure web connection actually do?
Three Reasons Why the "Nothing to Hide" Argument is Flawed
Three hundred pound woman pleads guilty to murdering 120 pound boyfriend by sitting on his chest
Billy Connolly reveals wife is 'more like my nurse' and trying cannabis 'just got him stoned'
Newlywed accused of framing husband for assault by punching herself
Usman Khawaja's brother 'arrested over ISIS terror hit list'
One factor driving young Muslims into extremism revealed – it’s NOT hardline preachers or mosques
Growing concern about immigration in Scanlon Foundation 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion Report
Aussie wants Moroccan wife deported after she’s caught on camera beating herself
Populists with Make Spain Great Again slogan win seats in regional parliament
Christmas float featuring a Maori Santa instead of the traditional festive figure divides revellers 
Nigeria's president is forced to deny he has died and been replaced by a CLONE 
More than 100 teen brawlers throwdown on beach as fight sparks calls to BAN booze from foreshore
Paris riots: Cops fire tear gas, city descends into mayhem
Police Deploy Extra Forces in Freiburg After Girl Allegedly Raped by Migrants - Sputnik International
Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Investigates Migrant Caravan: Organized, Well-Funded | Video | RealClearPolitics
White Dems dumb down speeches for racial minorities, Yale study shows
‘They are criminals!’ Tijuana mayor threatens to sue migrant caravan organizers
260+ arrested, nearly 100 injured as Paris descends into chaos amid Yellow Vest rallies (VIDEOS)
Mike Pence sparks QAnon theories after deleting tweet featuring badge
Is a 'Cowboys & Indians' party for 1yo a celebration of genocide? RT debates backlash (VIDEO)
Population growth fuelled by migrants, 'putting even more pressure' on parts of Sydney
World War II auction that included portrait of Hitler has drawn criticism from the Jewish community
Google maps users spot swastikas appearing on points of interest around the world
Driver charged with Charlottesville rally murder posted memes of running over protesters
Black woman accuses New York City coffee shop The Bean of racism after being asked to buy something
TV channel shows image The Simpsons shopkeeper on a report about the Indian Prime Minister
Political dominatrix uses mind games to turn right-wing men into socialists
Black college lacrosse player is arrested for racist N-word and swastika graffiti
Trans activists send out free breast binders to 13-year-olds
Preschoolers as young as four are being encouraged to embrace political advocacy
Smiling thug who claimed servo robbery was a JOKE walks free on appeal despite begging to be jailed
'Hot chocolate rapist' died of an overdose with his head jammed down a prison toilet
Kansas City Chiefs RELEASE running back Kareem Hunt
The fact that we're considering making misandry a hate crime should concern everyone who believes in equality | The Independent
Do men hate us that much? - Google Search
Enough playing the victim - Google Search
Defining Aboriginality in Australia – Parliament of Australia
We must adapt Aboriginality - Google Search
NFL 2018 Kareem Hunt video: Chiefs star filmed attacking woman
Anthony Mundine vs Jeff Horn fight: Star’s desperate final plea to Australia
Kate Iselin: The sex industry’s one big problem
Maurice Vidal Portman, John Chau, Sentinelese tribe: Man who made lost tribe hate the world
Australia’s tragic beginnings: The grotesque story of the the Second fleet
Murder charge for former US cop who shot her unarmed neighbour after entering his apartment
In Baton Rouge, the fight for a new school district shows segregation isn't in the past
China's Belt and Road initiative and just what it means to sign on - China power
Children scarred with razor blades and glass in ancient African tribal ceremony as a sign of beauty
First Kiwi jailed for possessing and distributing extremist ISIS propaganda granted early parole
Boy, 11, is charged with throwing a 12kg rock from an overpass onto a highway
Sudanese thug who pleaded guilty to home invasion begs not to be deported from Australia
Jeff Horn ends Anthony Mundine's career in only 96 seconds, as fight fans vent their anger online
Schoolies riot is caught on camera as teenagers taunt police officers during wild scenes
Anthony Mundine vs Jeff Horn: Anthem protest stopped by Suncorp Stadium
North Sentinel: Australian link to North Sentinel Island shipwreck|John Chau
Tattoo disaster: Woman's Chinese symbol doesn't mean what she thought it did - Kidspot
Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine reaction: The Man knocked out, KO, results, updates
Jeff Horn KOs Anthony Mundine: video, updates, result, winner | ‘It was scary’
Attorney General reviews sentence of Drill rapper 'zombie knife' thug
Muslim mugged assaulted Leytonstone High Road post office by female attacker
Holocaust survivor, 96, is cleared of sexually assaulting his young carers on mental health grounds
Bassam Hamzy's deprived life behind bars laid bare
Ben Roberts-Smith investigated over alleged war crimes in Afghanistan
Revenge of Raptor 13: Elderly motorcyclist who was SHOVED by no-nonsense cop is charged
Imprisoned man, 78, confesses to longest running cold case in Maryland county plus 89 other murders
Shopping centre installs a gender-neutral Father Christmas holding a Mary Poppins-style umbrella 
Around 1,500 foreign nationals have tried to dupe Australia’s visa system in just four years 
Wannabe jihadis to be given free tours of Australian landmarks to stop them becoming radicalised 
Gay rugby player is granted bail but warned he may still be booted out of UK 
‘He’s the cracker they want him to be’: Anthony Mundine uses a racist slur to describe Jeff Horn
Centrelink crackdown: Immigrants will have to wait up to four years to get full welfare payments
Shameless 'bully' who 'waterboarded' Syrian classmate blames the VICTIM and says he's not racist
School bully caught on camera pouring water over Syrian refugee’s face
Man confronts a couple who purchased 30 tins of baby formula outside export shop
‘Museum tours’ so wannabe jihadis respect Australia
Petition launched to help solve mystery surrounding death of Elly Warren, 20 in Mozambique in 2016
Andrea Dorothy Chan Reyes, who 'fled Los Angeles after cyclist crash', found in Adelaide, Australia
Fury as sex predator who abused girl, 12, posts a video on CELEBRATING after home detention sentence
Middle Eastern rapists finally jailed after ‘racist’ remarks from prosecutor resulted in retrial
Rotherham Asian sex gang victim made pregnant at 15 speaks of horror at father given access
Terror accused brothers remain together in prison as family pleads to visit
Gold Coast baby was alive when she 'was thrown into the water', autopsy revealed
Baby formula rort: Footage of Hurstville confrontation emerges
Woman survives being sent flying out of the window of a car in drink driving high-speed crash
Heroin addict mother begs not to be deported to New Zealand after a string of criminal convictions
2GB shock jock Alan Jones slammed Australia's education system
Pauline Hanson moves Senate motion praising Sentinelese tribe which killed American missionary
Fireworks and entertainment to be removed from Australia Day celebrations
Scott Morrison tells high school students on climate change strike to stay in class
Mark Zuckerberg slammed by global politicians for refusing to give evidence in UK Parliament
Dutch church has held non-stop service for a MONTH to protect refugee family from being deported
Police hunt African teenagers who ‘stormed an elderly couple’s home in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne'
Fury as cyclist thug, 18, who pulled zombie knife AVOIDS jail
JLS star Oritsé Williams lets £3million London home fall into disrepair following rape charge
Shocking moment a tradesman sprays graffiti on a path after making a delivery
The controversial history of four male politicians named and shamed by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Perth father who was 'bashed by intruder' says son hasn't been the same since witnessing the attack
Father left for dead after being struck with a shovel still no closer to finding the attackers 
Google blocks gender pronouns including 'him' and 'her' from its AI tool
Anger over N-word funeral post - Google Search
Donald Trump and Mississippi vote: Cindy Hyde-Smith race row
Andrea Dorothy Chan Reyes facing extradition from Adelaide over alleged Los Angeles hit-run that killed cyclist
Australians to select from 33 different gender labels under radical new proposal 
Melbourne apartment destroyed after more than 50 teenagers stage party
The orangutan sex slave forced to work at a BROTHEL
When you die you know you're dead as your brain keeps working for some time
Scientists discover the brain still functions after death
Migrant caravan: Trump says tear gas at US-Mexico border was necessary
San Ysidro: Hundreds of migrants storm US border from Mexico amid tear gas fire
Plans to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 16 could see offenders escape justice
Islamic State recruiting in Australia: How it effectively radicalises young men
Trump tweets: Donald Trump thanks ‘President T’ for falling oil prices and takes aim at migrant caravans
Inside the Goulburn maximum security jail housing Australia's worst serial killers and gang rapists
Schoolies mayhem in Melbourne as revellers fight before riot police break the party up 
Labor and Daniel Andrews win Victorian election in bloodbath
Paris Riots: Protests over rising fuel taxes have grown violent
Beyond Dylann Roof: Why White Supremacists Want a Race War
The re-emergence of white supremacist pop | Financial Times
rahowa - Google Search
rahowa - Google Search
Remembering RaHoWa violence: Ottawa's own Charlottesville | CBC News
Terror accused 'downloaded extreme songs' - BBC News
It’s a Danslide: Andrews hails ‘progressive’ win - Google Search
ABC executive criticises Chaser after satirists cut from election coverage
Obama on Change: We Are Still Confused, Blind, Shrouded With Hate, Anger, Racism, Mommy Issues | Video | RealClearPolitics
Black Leaders Issue Powerful Message to CNN over Don Lemon's Anti-White Comments
1.8 Million Asylum Requests in Germany since 2013 | Newsmax.com
WATCH Indian Man Posing With Cobra Seconds Before Deadly Bite - Sputnik International
Russophobia, It's Child's Play - Sputnik International
Professor Has an Idea To Fix Free Speech on College Campuses and It's Brilliant
First picture of '30-year-old' GCSE pupil in Ipswich school CONFIRMED to be adult
Inside the abandoned hotels of the Borscht Belt: Where American Jews traveled to escape Antisemitism
Australian-born Samoan thug jailed for mowing down seven kids and a mother in a stolen ute
Chinese investment company buys two of Australia’s biggest watermelon farms for $27.5million
Michelle Foster named as murder victim of 'random attack' at shopping centre
Mother, 36, bashed to death in a random attack outside a shopping centre
Muslim sect leaders face jail for contempt over building illegal religious retreat
Europe needs to get a handle on immigration or it could elect its own Trump, Hillary Clinton warns 
Vigilante who confronted a man accused of abusing children in Tennant Creek is jailed
Could using the n-word cost Viggo Mortensen an Oscar?
ISIS supporter, 22, refuses to stand and screams at a judge
Man in burqa, woman in motorcycle helmet walk into Melbourne ANZ bank to test political correctness
UK woman spends $160k life savings on Sri Lankan toy boy, ends up heartbroken
Former soldier jailed for 5,160 years over massacre
Man refuses to stand for Supreme Court Justice as he is sentenced for role in Curtis Cheng murder
U.S.-Israeli man sentenced in Israel over global bomb threats
US-Israeli man sentenced in Israel over thousands of worldwide hoax bomb threats
How groups like Proud Boys have a lot in common with radical Islam
Law Council criticises Federal Government's anti-terror citizenship laws, arguing overreach
UK security services 'missed chances' to stop Manchester Arena attack
Strip terrorists of their Australian citizenship, says Scott Morrison
Accused Melbourne terrorist's wife claims her husband is the victim of a political conspiracy
Hundreds of a2 baby formula boxes hoarded at Kennards Self Storage warehouse in Sydney's west
Body-in-a-suitcase killer and his daughter jailed for murdering ex-wife and dumping her in a river
One Nation candidate Mark Latham wants to ban Muslim-only swimming pools and university safe spaces
Strawberry farm worker who sabotaged fruit with needles mentioned the idea years earlier
Australian-born terrorists could be stripped of their citizenship
Final seconds of teenager Ozell Pemberton's life before he's stabbed to death in Birmingham
‘He sung her’: The bizarre theory of how woman, 23, fell for man, 48, accused of murdering baby
Leaked sex tape shows Taiwanese Buddhist master having drug-fuelled gay orgy
Sydney terrorist Ahmed Merhi is sentenced to death by hanging in Iraq as he begs Australia to help
British woman, 60, who spent her £90,000 life savings on Sri Lankan toyboy returns to UK
British Jihadist orchestrated cyber attacks on US Government for 'revenge' on Western Society
Donald Trump warns of ‘bedlam and death’ in fight with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
China: What America, Donald Trump can do to contain rising superpower
Scott Morrison announces plan to strip convicted terrorists of Australian citizenship
Tommy Robinson Australian tour: Islamic terror ‘Australia’s future’
Surfers Paradise dead baby: Reason beach baby’s mum wasn’t charged
The Love You Give movie: Why you shouldn’t volunteer at orphanages on holidays
Viking sword found in Turkey
Richard Moananu refused bail over Orchard Hills crash
Paedophile serial killer ‘aroused’ by breaking little girls’ legs
John Chau: Slain missionary’s final hours with North Sentinel Island tribe
First World War soldier's family finally learn of his act of kindness to enemy
Inside austerity-hit Jaywick as UN inspector visits to learn about UK's extreme poverty - Ros Wynne Jones
Four men 'gang-raped dog leaving him in pool of blood after mutilating genitalia'
Town where residents solve crimes themselves 'because police have given up'
Harlesden bombs: Improvised explosives found in London flat being renovated
Terror warning in wake of charges for alleged Melbourne plotters
UAE jails UK academic Matthew Hedges for life for spying
Widows: Steve McQueen's all-female heist movie takes aim at the patriarchy, racism, dirty politics
Wife of accused terrorist speaks for the first time and claims he is innocent of plotting massacre 
Muslim leaders boycott Prime Minister Scott Morrison's proposed round table to discuss extremism
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says he is NOT resigning despite mounting pressure
South African cyclist with knife buried in his head calmly asks for help after riding to surgery
Conspiracy theories swirl as it is revealed NONE of our gold reserves are held on home soil
Serial killer who broke little girls' legs before raping and murdering them is arrested in India
American missionary killed by protected tribesmen on North Sentinel Island
Middle-class past of mother revealed as father extradited to NSW over death of baby
Abbott slams Muslim boycott - Google Search
Dolce & Gabbana racism storm: Fashion brand cancels show
American ‘adventure tourist’ killed by remote tribe
Gold selling price, conspiracy theory: Is Australia’s gold sold in secret?
Gold Coast baby death: Mum's desperate plea to partner before he 'sacrificed their daughter'
Chipotle backtracks after firing manager accused of racism
Serial killer Samuel Little é condenado pelo assassinato de três mulheres
Serial killer Samuel Little confesses to 90 murders
Judge calls female genital mutilation ‘despicable’ – then issues a stunning decision | TheBlaze
NBC Hosts Lester Holt and Hoda Kotb Dressed In Whiteface for Halloween - The Political Insider
Donny Deutsch Suggests Trump Would Engage in a Military Coup If He Loses in 2020 :: Grabien News
Obama Goes Low, Hints at Trump Having 'Mommy Issues'
Ben Stiller Apologizes for Character He Played in a Movie 10 Years Ago After PC Backlash
Honduran Migrant Complains About Free Meals Provided by Mexico - Calls it 'Pig Food' (VIDEO)
Nine More People Arrested for Voter Fraud in Texas
Obama Calls Out Unprecedented Lying in Politics: Here Are 3 of His Biggest Lies
MAGA Hats Vs. Swastikas: Which Is Worse? We Asked And They Compared Trump To Hitler
Is Thanksgiving A Racist Holiday?
Belgian knife attacker shot by police shouted 'Allahu akbar'
Jane Britton: DNA of convicted rapist links him to cold case murder
Man found guilty of killing Melbourne surgeon
Town where the police have GIVEN UP: Hartlepool has ten officers for a population of 90,000 people
Neighbours of one of the Melbourne ‘terror’ trio speak out
Police ask for more time to build case against Melbourne terror 'trio'
The rantings of the father of two alleged terrorists accused of plotting a massacre
Melbourne's African gang crime hotspots are revealed by Victoria's Crime Statistics Agency
Terror defences for Sydney South East Light Rail won't be in place until year after opening in 2020
Melbourne terror attack: Counter-terrorism agencies tipped off
Melbourne is not 'terror central':Vic govt
'Fair dinkum process' on migrant cuts: PM
Gold Coast baby death: Police believe baby died in NSW and washed ashore in Queensland
Riot police, confront youths on St Kilda foreshore - Google Search
Flu symptoms: Man’s runny nose found to be leaking brain fluid
Prime Minister Scott Morrison vows to cut number of migrants coming to Australia
Controversial cartoonist Larry Pickering dies aged 76 following a long illness 
American rapper YG sparks outrage for harassing women at Spilt Milk festival 
Spilt Milk Festival apologises for rapper YG’s behaviour
Scott Morrison plans to cut Australia’s migrant intake
Melbourne terror attack: Police arrest three men allegedly planning act
Sydney father faces life in prison after 'importing 57kg of cocaine'
University bosses order lecturers to stop using capital letters
Rejected asylum seeker 'murders father, 85, of refugee worker' in Germany
Broadcaster Alan Jones slams Australian security agencies for failing to stop Melbourne terrorist
Indonesia mosques spreading radicalism to government workers
US closes busiest Mexico border crossing for several hours
Indigenous activist who assaulted four police claims she's the victim of 'colonial oppression'
Three people are arrested in counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne
Woman, 37, is sexually assaulted in a McDonald’s bathroom
Foreign postgraduates outnumber Australians at Sydney University as fears grow on Chinese influence
APEC Summit 2018: ‘Road to Nowhere’ a sign of China’s Pacific influence
Defining Anti-Semitism, Threatening Free Speech
Criticism of Jews ‘free speech’ - Google Search
Birthrate in Western nations in decline, leading to baby bust
Free speech for CNN, but not for Assange: The media’s double standard
Rotherham grooming gang jailed for 101 years after one girl 'raped by 100 men'
Jilted ex who threw acid over Miss Italy beauty queen has jail sentence REDUCED
British thug repeatedly stabs US tourist eight times in takeaway in shock CCTV
Strawberry needle contamination: Accused woman motivated by spite, court hears
Police who bailed the Bourke Street jihadist before his attack were unaware he was a terror risk
Bridal magazine that refused to feature gay weddings closes after advertisers withdraw sponsorship  
Vile Adelaide paedophile pleads guilty to 51 charges after abusing 11 boys and babies
World War II: Japan's Prime Minister visits the Darwin Cenotaph 77 years after bombing
Mike Pence Cairns visit: Parts of city under lock down as US Vice President arrives
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visits Darwin commemorate Darwin bombing killed hundreds during World War II
Inmate confesses to 90 deaths; investigators corroborate 30
Melbourne terrorist was on BAIL when he went on knife rampage through Bourke Street 
Australian is left with a broken jaw and blood pouring from his mouth
Ex-Israeli defence minister lashes truce
Americans mock the Bunnings sausage and onion scandal with withering article in the New York Times
Two men dressed as 'ninjas' throw pig's head at Samoan Prime Minister
How three terrorists who fought to keep verdicts secret
ISIS releases propaganda with images of the Bourke Street terrorist trying to stab a police officer 
Facebook vied to conceal Russia meddling: NYT
ISIS terrorist assassination of Curtis Cheng WITHDRAWS 'bulls***' apology and says he ISN'T sorry
How a 10-year-old child was repeatedly beaten and tortured by her sadistic African step-father
Paris holiday: Tourists warn of airport taxi fare scam, dangerous driver
Instagram model says she’s not trying to be black after online backlash
Refugees pick Nauru over the US - Google Search
Greenland impact crater and the Younger Dryas theory
How anti-Semitic stereotypes from a century ago still echo today
IS fighter with strong family links to Australia is sentenced to death
Kick boxer knocks out Taichi expert with ONE BLOW
South African robbers shoot dead man to steal his car
Video: South African man is shot dead in cold blood during carjacking
Schoolies: Australian Border Force issues warning to teens in Bali
Anthony Mundine vs Jeff Horn fight: Twitter twist in transgender controversy
Relatives and friends of Bourke Street attacker keep a vigil at the family home
Muslim Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed blames government for Melbourne Bourke Street terror attack
Irish woman's rant after denied drink on Air India flight to Heathrow
New Zealand newspaper accidentally pays tribute to Spike Lee following Stan Lee's death
Sheikh who said blame police not Islam for Melbourne attack reveals son was killed by missile strike
The NINE tourism hotspots in Melbourne that could be targeted
Twister terrorist trio LAUGH and pull faces as they are found guilty of plotting ISIS attack
Silurian Hypothesis: Seeking evidence of civilised life on Earth before humans
Australia-Indonesia trade deal threatened by Israel embassy move
London stabbings: Fear grows in British capital as knife crime escalates
Pregnant mum killed with crossbow, C-section baby fighting for life
USA, Japan, France holidays: Most dangerous countries to travel to
Muslim leaders demand apology from PM for 'divisive' speech | Pauline Hanson responds | Bourke St
Armed gang who terrorised travellers site in late night raid jailed for 202 years
Neo-Nazi mum who called baby Adolf was 'born racist', childhood friend reveals
Neo-Nazi dad who called son Adolf secretly tried to become Jewish as teenager
'Neo-Nazi' couple who named son Adolf GUILTY of being National Action members
Hannah Cornelius: Men who gang raped and murdered student jailed for life
British Army soldier was 'recruiter' for National Action who wanted 'race war'
Students investigated after they 'perform Nazi salute' in prom photo
Bourke Street attack: Morrison visits Bourke St, urges Muslim leaders to keep 'wolves' out
Shocking moment pedestrian is swallowed by a 10ft deep sinkhole
James Gargasoulas is found GUILTY of murdering six people in Melbourne's Bourke Street rampage
Man's body found in Northern Territory town that police have swarmed after a riot broke out
Jealous husband who stabbed his wife found guilty of murder
Reporter clashes with far-right activist who interrupted broadcast after Melbourne terror attack
What Hassan Shire Ali's father told wife after Bourke Street attack as high-profile Muslims react
Imam jumps to PM's defence after he said Bourke Street jihadi was a 'radical, extremist terrorist'
Australia does NOT have a terror watch list despite politicians' claims
Newspoll: Scott Morrison's popularity sinks to record low after horror week
Public gallery erupts into cheers as gang-rapists who killed Hannah Cornelius are jailed
Bourke Street terror attack: Was Trolley Man making it worse?
Orleigh Park, West End: Woman savagely bashed over iPad
Scott Morrison: Muslim religious leaders slam imams comments
MSNBC's Eddie Glaude: "I Overestimated White People," I Didn't Think They Would Put Trump In Office
Illusion of democracy: If US elections could change anything they wouldn't be held
‘I didn’t want to break up, so I killed him’: Japanese woman fatally stabs US soldier
Make police states hip again? Google offered STASI HQ for new Berlin office
Melbourne terror: Why Melbourne is a new terror hot spot
Muslim Community Demands Apology as Australian PM Calls out 'Radical, Violent, Extremist Islam'
Guardian: White Women Voting GOP Embrace ‘Racist Sadism’
Gender and Racism: Voting trends show half of white women still support anti-women politicians | The Milwaukee Independent
The Conspiracy Against Field Marshal Erwin Rommel: From Greatness To Suicide
Britain's Forgotten Murder Victims
Rabbi SUED for $21million by congregation after he 'ripped out plaques for Holocaust survivors'
Karl Stefanovic slams critics who say cops shouldn't have shot and killed the Melbourne terrorist
Terrifying moment masked men beat a man with planks of timber while frozen onlookers scream for help
Antiques shop is slammed as 'outdated and offensive' for selling 'NIGGER money banks'
Outrage after supermarket is caught selling a tiny pack of meat for more than $54 
School cancels class trip to Melbourne over security fears after the Bourke Street attack
Bourke Street terror: Calls to deport Islamic extremists after Melbourne attack
Is Trolley Man entitled to $100k? Homeless hero's past revealed after Bourke Street terror attack
Cafe owner stabbed to death in Melbourne terror attack will be given a state funeral next week
Muslim leaders demand apology from Prime Minister Scott Morrison for calling radical Islam 'threat'
Leaders of reclusive Muslim sect granted bail after saying they don't comply with Australian law
Bourke Street killer's chilling Facebook rants
Alibaba Singles Day: China’s annual shopping frenzy shatters records
Melbourne terror attack: GoFundMe raises $100K for Bourke St trolley man
‘Debt Detective’ William Edgar slams debt collection industry
Bourke Street horror: Karl Stefanovic addresses Melbourne terror attack
Strawberry needle contamination: QLD woman My Ut Trinh arrested
Strawberry contamination scandal: Caboolture woman charged
Armistice Day: 100 years ago WWI ended, and Australia was changed forever - RN
Bourke Street attacker Hassan Khalif Shire Ali was radicalised and inspired by IS, police say
Bourke Street attacker identified as Hassan Khalif Shire Ali as police carry out raids in Melbourne
Bourke Street attack 'trolley man' says he's 'no hero' as Premier urges Victorians not to shun Armistice Day
Police raid terror den linked to Bourke Street Jihadi
RAF hero, 95 must sell home to pay for his care because 'he's survived too long'
Sarah Silverman compares Trump's America to the Holocaust on Real Time with Bill Maher
Jury watches chilling confession tape of man who brutally 'raped and strangled' Queens jogger
PICTURED: Somali terrorist - revealed he split with wife and had drug problems before the attack
Moment terrorist stabs security guard in the neck during frenzy one dead Melbourne's Bourke Street 
Kristallnacht survivor Andy Factor warns of rising antisemitism on 80th anniversary
Trash-talking king Anthony Mundine says he's going to 'dice and slice' opponent Jeff Horn up
California shooting witnesses tell how they broke windows with bar stools to escape
Doctors 'amputate the wrong leg' of 89-year-old Nazi concentration camp survivor
EGYPT considers banning the burqa in crackdown against Islamic extremists
Father of gang-rape victim Hannah Cornelius faces her killers in court
Roald the Rotten! The disturbing secrets of the unstoppable lothario with a penchant for cruelty 
Cricket: Virat Kohli ‘idiotic’ outburst at fan, Harsha Bogle, Siddharth
Gunman shoots 'dozens' of victims including a police officer as he opens fire at California bar
Vigilante group targeted sex offender who raped his daughter - but got the wrong house
Victoria state school employee brought firearms into class and let a student dress up as a Nazi
Aboriginal activist convicted of kneeing police in the groin was 'deescalating the situation' 
Scott Morrison: Boost to policy to counter China's expansion in Pacific
London knife killings: Aussie visitors urged to take care after five deaths in six day
Accused Bourke Street rampage driver, 27, pleads not guilty to car attack that killed six 
Aboriginal father launches campaign to act as Santa after advert said only ‘Caucasian’
Australian man and his Indonesian girlfriend ‘caught with cocaine’ in Bali could face death penalty
Hannah Cornelius: Three men guilty of gang-rape and murder of university student in South Africa
Asylum seeker who staged a hunger strike at Villawood is now being fed intravenously in hospital
Video: 'White piece of s***' Burger King worker goes on racist tirade
Pensioner, 69, 'who identifies as a 45-year-old' tries to change age
The lies corroding our culture - Google Search
US midterm election results: Democrat ‘meltdown’ if Trump does well
Q&A: Sex robots and concern around child-like sex dolls
Australian politics: Scott Morrison slams Daniel Andrews over China deal
Why Barclay Might Actually Be Star Trek's Greatest Hero - YouTube
Indian women are whipped by 'priests' during Vijayadashami festival
Pope Francis condemns anti-Semitism amid increase in attacks on...
White theatre director classes himself as a 'born again African'
Pauline Hanson says she's sick of people saying Australian land belongs to Aboriginal people 
Indian car rental owner jailed for five years faces deportation after raping one of his employees 
‘Racist, sexist, anti-queer’: Students attack Kerryn Phelps’ daughter at university council meeting
Brazen 'criminals' as young as 14 are accused of running an elaborate bank card scam
Mother-of-four was burned and beaten by her boss then sent home to die
Indian police investigate alleged gang rape of four-year-old girl in hospital in North India
Hanson blasts land rights 'bandwagon'
Anthony Mundine reveals why he refuses to stand for the national anthem
'Dude Rolex every week': IT consultants drug scales Louis Vuitton jailed cocaine 
Murder victim had PENIS chopped off and left on fireplace
Desperate mom of sex trafficked Corinna Slusser hopes to find daughter- rapper pimp is arrested
Woman who wore blackface to dress up as Bob Marley for Halloween is slammed as a racist
Kavanaugh accuser to be investigated after confessing to making up rape claims
Facebook apologises for ad category promoting ‘white supremacy’
Waco TV show: Dark side of new deadly cult show
Protesters delay Toronto debate involving Bannon
Twitter deletes over 10,000 accounts that sought to...
Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore claims Pope Francis told him 'capitalism is a sin'
Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen backs Democrat Andrew Gillum in Florida
Australian couple injured in brutal Bali mugging
Muhammad blasphemy case delivers blow to freedom of speech
Unpaid internships: IT firm slams lazy Aussies after interns complain
Trump reinstates ALL sanctions against Iran that Obama lifted after signing nuclear deal
Ross Cameron sacked by Sky News after making racist comments on Outsiders program
Chinese audiences outraged after event sponsor pays African student to lose to Kung Fu monk
President-elect says Brazil to move embassy to Jerusalem
Police launch investigation into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party
Two arrested on suspicion of modern slavery after man 'is forced to sleep in shed for four years'
Former Liberal MP Ross Cameron sacked from Sky News for describing Chinese as 'slanty-eyed'
Trump ends catch and release for border crossers claiming asylum
FBI arrests man accused of sex trafficking Pennsylvania woman who remains missing after a year
Seventy asylum seekers on Nauru REJECT chance to move to US because they won’t get free welfare 
Commuter's horror after a creep 'played porn on his phone while leaning against her'
More than half of the Afghan Invictus Games team are refusing to leave and will seek asylum
Tommy Robinson announces plans for speaking tour of Australia
Milo Yiannopoulos CANCELS his Australian tour as tour company refuses customers refunds
Harvey Weinstein accused of assaulting 16yo virgin
Diners at a vegetarian restaurant horrified to find they'd been served human flesh in their noodles
Two Japanese men charged after 'six kilos of ice allegedly found in luggage upon arrival
US Republican candidate’s children slam ‘racist’ dad
Anjem Choudary: Hate preacher one of the world’s most watched men
US pensioner arrested after sending racist letter to new neighbour
Learner driver freaks out as she ventures onto a highway for the first time
Anti-pokie campaigner calls a Melbourne country club's board a group of 'pasty, old, white men'
500 march through German town after Syrians arrested for gang-rape
Hungarian camerawoman who was seen TRIPPING refugees is CLEARED of disorderly conduct
How Beijing could plunge Australia into chaos by shutting down electricity grid and water supply
9/11 terrorist Mounir el-Motassadeq is freed from prison and back home in Morocco
Trump plans to terminate 'ridiculous' birthright citizenship
Melbourne taxi driver brutally attacks tourist after religion discussion
Halloween: Meaning of 666, the number of the devil beast
Activist Tommy Robinson joins Gavin McInnes for Australian tour
Trump wants to revoke birthright citizenship with an ‘executive order’
Almost 700 refugees have been quietly brought to Australia
Jackson Teamo faces court over alleged Hungry Jack's bashing
Kelly Rowland slams accusations that she bleaches her skin after fans criticized new photoshoot
Footage shows a man chased by a mob wielding bats and a machete before getting stabbed
Somali rapist, 29, whose deportation was halted by plane passengers has cost taxpayers £300,000
The Simpsons axes Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu after racial stereotyping backlash
Exterminate! Fans' backlash over Doctor Who's latest transformation- into TV's most PC show
Topless waitress gets caught after importing steroids for feared ex-leader of Brothers for Life gang
Jamal Khashoggi murder and Saudi Arabia: Oil and arms issues
The weekly diet of a 'fruitarian' mother-of-two who has only eaten fruit for the past 27 years
Cruel pedestrian kicks coffee cup of out of a woman's hand as she desperately tries to save it
Apul axed from The Simpsons following racial controversy
US student vows to paint over WW1 mural, because of ‘white men’
University students bribed examiner to get drivers licence because one was anxious, court hears
Daron Wint: Man guilty of beating Savopoulos family and housekeeper to death
Megyn Kelly blackface scandal: Seth Meyers and Amber Ruffin call out Today host on Late Night
Liberal MP Gareth Ward calls on federal government to ban Islamic extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir
Militant Mardi Gras activists want to BAN the police and Liberals from the gay and lesbian parade 
Southampton student union president vows to tear down WWI mural
Anti-Muslim senator Fraser Anning is kicked out of his party for 'using racist language' 
Sinead O'Connor announces conversion to Islam with video
Leading Aboriginal souvenir wholesaler facing huge fines after making Indigenous artefacts in Bali
Peter Dutton's chilling warning as Melbourne's African gang crisis spirals out of control
Parents continue to pressure Coles and Woolworths as baby formula crisis reaches breaking point
Migrant caravan, Honduras: Fake photo of Mexican policeman goes viral
Iowa school district investigating first grade teacher, 32, who wore blackface to a Halloween party
America pipe bombs: A country divided, Donald Trump’s hard task
Australia to kick out foreign sex offenders and thugs in visa crackdown involving thousands of criminals
'MAGAbomber' pipe bomb sent to CNN had ISIS parody flag reading "Get 'Er Done"
New pipe bomb fears after Robert De Niro's restaurant is sent suspicious package
Murdered student, 21, begged men to let her go after they gang-raped her, attacker tells court
David Mesher: Man questioned by police over racist plane rant
Melbourne auction showcasing 'hateful' Nazi memorabilia sparks disgust
Fraser Anning dumped from Katter's Australian Party for views on race, non-European migration - Politics
Muslim-majority Algeria bans niqab for its public sector workers
Student begged killers to let her go once they'd had sex with her
Indigenous family of AFL footy legend find vile racist note in their mailbox 
Bomb threat in New York: Explosive devices target Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN
UN declares France's niqab ban 'violates human rights'
Presidential hopeful Cory Booker proposes giving poor children as much as $50,000 EACH
Boy, nine, is decapitated ‘by two relatives as part of a human sacrifice' in India
Thousands of foreign thugs and sex offenders to be kicked out of Australia under new visa crackdown
Canadian rapper dies after plunging from an airplane during stunt
Dateline report: Rise in underage sex tourism in Dominican Republic
Hungarian Foreign Minister: We Are Fed Up With 'Politically Correct, Hypocritical' European Union - YouTube
Paraguayans: The World's Weirdest Latinos - YouTube
"it's OK to be white" at DuckDuckGo
Race commissioner grilled on 'white' vote
#MeToo’s Alyssa Milano accused of hypocrisy over links to ‘Sharia law-supporting’ Muslim activist
Photo claiming to show Russian space chief making Nazi salute debunked after social media frenzy
Mainstream media ignores death of Jewish journalist who died from alleged hate crime in New Jersey | TheBlaze
Linda Sarsour Asks Muslims To Form "Jihad" Against Trump, Not To Assimilate | Video | RealClearPolitics
White and Trashed: The collapse of American capitalism
Swastika flag, KKK outfit & ‘baby Adolf’: Couple accused of National Action membership (PHOTOS)
American decline: Open pools of raw sewage in the richest country in the world
Trump: US to begin cutting aid to Central American nations for failing to stop migrant ‘caravan’
Grandmother holidaying in Australia is bashed in the face by a stranger wanting cigarettes
Donald Trump issues threat over migrant caravan
Pelosi Mobbed By Anti-Communists In Florida
Juanita Broaddrick Furious At Hillary For Saying Trump’s Sexual Accusers Are Different Than Bill’s
Migrant caravan using women & children as human shields to break into Mexico – Pompeo
‘Migrant sodomizer, rot in grave’: Outrage over 9/11 widow abused by NYPD-hating ‘liberal’ (VIDEO)
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary released from UK prison
Eight Mile Plains: Brisbane woman assaulted by ‘property industry poser’
Trump threatens retaliation if migrants from Honduras spill into US
Buddhist extremism: Meet the violent followers of a religion widely known for its pacifism
Shocking moment a schoolgirl, 14, is mobbed and bashed by bullies in a vicious playground attack
Marc Hendrickx is pushing to keep Uluru open, claiming traditional owners were once guides
Bully boy Australia has it in for voiceless people on vulnerable islands
Train kills at least 60 people watching fireworks in India during festival
Trung Ma: Man who bashed client with hammer found guilty of murder
Netflix cancels Marvel's Luke Cage program
'Racist golly' costumes worn in town parade - Telegraph
Police are investigating after three youngsters sparked a race row by 'blacking up' as golliwogs for their town's summer parade - UK Policing News - Police Community
How fast food chains McDonald's, KFC and Red Rooster are offering halal food to Muslim customers
At least 50 people die after train runs over crowd in India
South Africa prepares to seize land from white farmers as 'test case' to see new laws are legal
A 70-year-old Australian surfer has died in the Philippines after being shot in the head.
Huddersfield Asian sex gang jailed for more than 200 years
Wentworth by-election: Malcolm Turnbull haunts Liberals
Game of Thrones: GoT Hodor’s urge for cryptocurrency investors
Trump threatens to close Mexico border
Shifting the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would be a big, cynical mistake
Scott Morrison’s accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ makes Australian parliament erupt
Majok Aneet Melbourne court rising footy star pleads guilty
Rikers Island visitor exchanges drugs with inmate by hiding the contraband in child's diaper
Woman who held a knife to throat of boy, 13, has been sentenced
Expert warns overpopulation plan to send immigrants to the country will create 'ghetto towns'
Boy, 16, ‘punched and kicked woman, 19, before she was stabbed to death
Cabinet minister slammed for shocking remarks telling Pacific nations its always about cash
Hanson laughs off neo-Nazi comparisons as she rants about her 'It's OK to be white' motion  
Pauline Hanson, Karl Stefanovic discuss ‘It’s OK to be white’ on Today
Australia’s population: Forcing migrants to live in regional, rural towns would be a disaster
How to get people to listen to you: Conversation tricks to get attention
Stephen Hawking dismisses existence of god
Bill of rights demand by Muslims - Google Search
Rachel McKinnon first transgender world champion at 2018 UCI Masters
NFL prospect Justin Crawford admits to having sex with 12yo girl
Donald Trump slams Elizabeth Warren after Native American DNA test
'Neo-Nazi' dad pictured 'dressed in KKK robes while holding baby son he called Adolf after Hitler'
Student, 21, 'kidnapped, gang raped and left to die' after offering to give pal lift home
Katie Piper's acid attacker had 'secret wedding' while in prison - and he wasn't even there
Seven offenders added to prison terror watch list as it's revealed two were radicalised in prison
St Louis woman who stopped black man entering his OWN building is fired
Donald Trump’s China policy risks ‘new Cold War’
China’s scary warning to Australia amid fears of a rising US cold war
Meghan Markle pregnant: Royal baby won’t be a prince or princess
Katie Piper's acid attacker celebrates first weekend out of jail
Who you calling chicken? Young kid terrorised by rooster as father films episode
Somali man whose deportation was stopped by do-good plane passengers is revealed to be a gang-rapist
Can you spot what’s wrong with this vending machine? Kiwis up in arms over translation fail
Deontay Wilder apologises after 'breaking mascot's jaw' with with huge punch on American TV show
Wentworth by-election candidate wants to stop 'westies' visiting Bondi and Sydney's eastern suburbs
Coca Cola: Coke’s disturbing vending machine message
Australia’s economy relying on Chinese international students too much
Jonestown massacre: Why 918 Americans died by poisoning in a remote jungle
Man who 'posted online tribute to slain bikie who was shot dead by police' is acquitted
Brothel workers are threatened with a gun as man storms a bordello and demands cash
Donald Trump on Saudi Arabia: Jamal Khashoggi disappearance
Katie Piper's acid attacker free from prison as the presenter's home is placed in 'exclusion zone'
White woman who called the cops on a black boy, 9, accusing him of 'grabbing her ass' apologizes
Transgender woman who went on a drug-fuelled crime spree walks free from prison after six-months
The Project's Waleed Aly reveals awkward incident that made WHITE PEOPLE tense on a plane
Australian woman facing deportation from the UK despite being married to a local
The transgender man who identifies as a dog
Miami Uber driver, 51, charged with raping a drunk female passenger
Police hunt Pacific Islander who twice approached young girls and exposed his genitals in Mount Isa
Two US teens accused of raping 9-month-old baby, filming the attack
Australian women will be able to have babies without males, fertility expert says
Brooklyn woman calls 911 on nine-year-old boy who 'grabbed her a**' in viral video
Masters student who took Monash University to the Victorian Supreme Court has his case dismissed
Teenage gang member rapes a mother, 23, in front of her daughter, 7, after breaking into their home
FBI Arrests White "Serial Rioters"—And Ignores Antifa, by Gregory Hood
Neil Patrick Harris: Hideous Whoopi Goldberg threatened me with sex
UK woman's experience of living under Japanese occupation in WWII
Financial advisor bashed client to death with a hammer denies responsibility for the killing 
Wentworth by-election candidate linked with brothel who wants Muslim immigration plebiscite
SA caregiver kicks disabled child in the head over soiled nappy
High-risk paedophile is on the run after giving police the wrong address more than a month ago
Party descends into violence after hammer-wielding thugs gatecrash 18th birthday in NSW
Parents line up in Woolworths to pick baby formula straight off a pallet
Two students younger than TEN revealed to have threatened to behead teachers
Government group pushes to ban the term 'pregnant women' and replace it with 'pregnant people' 
Soldier grinning in video with Tommy Robinson 'to be discharged from army' | Metro News
Three girls spark outrage after doing Nazi salutes outside Auschwitz | Metro News
Residents' disgust as vagrants have sex, defacate and even set up furniture in a public park
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson slammed for casting himself in Neflix film about dark skinned folk hero
Girls pose outside Auschwitz while making NAZI salutes 
Fury as ‘floor price’ is added to alcohol, pushing the cost of bottles of wine to $10
Tradie, 20, who beat an elderly man during a wild road rage attack won't spend a day in jail
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says anti-terror powers to read secret messages will saves lives
Guardians director James Gunn to write, direct Suicide Squad 2
Border agents can demand access to your digital device — here's what to say if it happens to you
China: Australia receives $40 billion from Chinese investors
Financial planner admits bashing man to death with a hammer and dumping his body
British trucker films migrants begging to stop because he's not UK-bound
Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos coming again down under
Tourist arrested 'trying to smuggle $3.5 million worth of ice into Australia inside luggage lining
John Hopoate lashes out at the NRL for giving Greg Inglis a ‘lenient’ punishment
Belgian beer named ‘Maori tears’ is slammed for being ‘culturally offensive’ 
From private school house captain to accused murderer of a single mum
Minster Alan Tudge says immigrants face five-year wait to live in Sydney or Melbourne but can marry
Muslim girl whipped for elope attempt with Hindu lover in India
Asia Bibi: Pakistani woman faces death penalty over cup of water
Pakistani Christian in final court appeal against blasphemy execution
China’s extraordinary blast at Australian Senator as tensions between the two countries escalate 
Ice in South Australia: Huge secret drug lab found in Morphett Vale home
China vs Australia in the Pacific: Beijing angry at ‘blatant slander’ from Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
The politics of curry
Video: Shocking moment woman launches racist rant on London Overground
Gang of thugs violently beat up defenceless victims in Melbourne council car park
Halal-friendly meat merchant charged with smuggling $57M haul of ecstasy into Australia
NSW man charged with the murder of Kristie Powell
Instagram: Taylor Swift endorses Democratic candidate in post
The Long Island Hitler: Fuhrer’s nephew is a life-long Republican but DOESN’T care for Trump 
Australian ISIS Ahmed Merhi Iraqi Court
College football player jumps 16-stores to his death to evade campus police
Tough new judge Sarah Dawes sends machete-wielding thugs to the jail.
Benjamin Ferencz: The man who took down a Nazi death squad
Bill Shorten’s immigration taskforce letter to Scott Morrison
Travel stories: Aussie kidnapped and sold as slave in Africa
Bellambi: Visitor’s grim discovery inside home
Lindsay Lohan: Childhood star’s decade-long fall from grace
Manhunt underway after mother found dead alongside her unharmed baby in Bellambi
Milo Yiannopoulos praises Australia for being a liberal country warns against left-wing cancers
'Jihadi Bonnie and Clyde' found GUILTY of planning stabbing terror attack on New Year's Eve 
Australian woman, 27, sexually assaulted while walking home in Brooklyn, NY
Christianity plummets in Australia as Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam grow
Ex-SS guard, 94, to stand trial in Germany
Australian raped in Brooklyn, New York
Fury over Thai sex hotel’s Nazi room with Hitler mural, swastikas
Interbreeding with Neanderthals protected our ancestors against viruses
Linda Dwire is arrested for harassing women for speaking Spanish in a Colorado grocery store
New race discrimination commissioner
Italian pro-refugee mayor under house arrest for arranging migrant marriages
Sydney private school boy Muslim convert jailed Bulgaria for terror training no show parole hearing
Moment a white woman steps in and calls out a racist shopper for hurling abuse at two Hispanic women
Melbourne train passengers terrorised by African youths
Mum’s heartbreak as man jailed for 25 years for killing Australian son is released after two years
Crowd outside court vents anger as IT expert accused of raping boy in his front yard is given BAIL 
40yo online predator allegedly raped 13yo boy in front of Sydney home
Melbourne Christmas Day terror plot: ‘I want to destroy your nation’
Mailman is caught on surveillance camera URINATING on resident's porch
Layla Leisha: New claims by father of girl missing for four years
Layla Leisha who went missing in Queensland four years ago has miraculously been found on Sunday
Black friends claim they weren’t allowed into a nightclub because of the colour of their skin
Royal Caribbean passengers demand refund over 1300 men on bender
Inside Brisbane's 'Southside' gang – two teenage members charged with 'mowing down policeman' 
Emmanuel Macron: Leader slammed over ‘unforgivable’ photo
Northside gang Brisbane, Southside gang: members charged with running down a policeman
Liberal Party powerbroker calls for Corroboree Day public holiday to celebrate indigenous culture
Brother of Muslim accused of terror plot believes Sharia Law should be implemented in Australia
Former UK top cop warns Australia about release of jailed Muslim extremist
Uluru twerking: All Aussies should be ashamed of Werkit fitness video
The Jewish War on White Australia, by Brenton Sanderson
Stabbed student reveals horrific knife wound that left him with 'one percent chance' of survival
British millionaire's wife sacks nanny she sent racist texts to 'after fearing she'd take revenge on children'
China and Sweden's diplomatic spat deepens after 'vicious' comedy skit
Manhunt for convicted killer who cut off his electronic tracker for the second time this year 
Shocking moment group grab man’s toddler daughter and shoot him on Bronx sidewalk 
Lindsay Lohan 'accuses refugee family of child trafficking' in bizarre live video on Paris trip 
Islamic sheik is reinstated as Australia's top Muslim cleric
Video: Gypsy kids run 'hugging' scam to try make people give them money
Banker's wife accidentally sends her newly employed nanny a racist text TWICE then fires her
Humiliating Rwanda officials now a crime
Instagram editing: Stop photoshopping your kids on social media
Neil Prakash: Hugh Whitfeld on covering Australian Islamic State terrorist court case in Turkey
Man who raped a 76-year-old Tasmanian woman after breaking into her home is jailed for eight years
Sydney strip club regular who shot DJ and left him to die after 30-hour bender jailed for 26 years
Chilling moment man armed with knife stalks town square after ‘three people stabbed outside German restaurant’
Sydney man confronts police as hijab-wearing woman screams in Arabic
Police want your mobile and laptop passwords and you could be jailed for refusing
Travellers to be forced into facial recognition and handing over their social media details
You can die from 'give-up-itis': Doctor warns many pass away when they simply stop trying in life
'I don't want to live in a community that's crawling with criminals': Two judges defend themselves
Volcano experts warn a massive eruption would disrupt global climate causing mass starvation
Man who encouraged killing of Jewish people on Facebook suffered paranoid schizophrenia
Jason deCaires Taylor's 'tidal' gallery at Maldives resort destroyed
Shilpa Shetty accuses airline of racism after baggage row in Australia
Senator Fraser Anning declares he is proud to be racist in meme linking Muslims to 'pile of rocks'
Anti ‘manspreading’ campaign on trains sees female law student spray BLEACH onto crotches of offenders
Waleed Aly demands the date of Australia Day is changed
Dutton rushes through laws forcing companies to give the Police your online information
Bill Cosby sentencing: Disgraced star’s ‘sinister energy’ exposed
DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Ditch that probiotic pot, get your friendly bacteria from SAUERKRAUT
Sean Price Sydney snapchat sex groomer sentenced to 35 years
Democratic candidate gets six of his Republican opponent's SIBLINGS to bash him in campaign ad 
Relationship doppelgangers: Why we date people that look like us
NYC should stop coddling young white bros on bikes
Joe Hildebrand: Serena Williams, Donald Trump and the people the Resistance forgot
Metal mosh pits mimic rituals of tribes in Papua New Guinea
Woman goes on a knife rampage at Chinese birth center in Queens
How you interpret this 100-year-old optical illusion could predict how old you are
Delta employee calls cops on black passenger who asked to speak to a manager
Muslims push for two Australian public holidays for Eid and want the day to be taken more seriously
Suge Knight to serve 28 years in prison after pleading no contest to manslaughter
Australian jihad fighters still missing in the Middle East after terror campaigns in Iraq and Syria
Twitter is hit by furious backlash over Muslim group's FGM video
At least 200 feared dead as ferry built to carry 100 capsizes 'with 400 on board' in Tanzania
Maryland shooting: Female shooter kills three at Rite Aid warehouse
Mass shooting in Harford County, Maryland
Snochia Moseley: 5 Things To Know About Maryland Shooter
Serena Williams marriage to Alexis Ohanian: Controversial article on public affection
Israel to blame for downed plane: Russia
Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie gay or not?
Tourist bashed after refusing sex at Turkish holiday resort Marmaris
ISIS: Aussie woman guilty of joining terror group
Criminals faking Malaysian identities to obtain Australia visas, exploiting cosy international relationship
New York woman arrested for fabricating story alleging hate crime by four Trump-supporting teens
'Extremist groups are weaponising Islamophobia and using human rights to promote ideology'
Coast Guard member appears to flash the white power hand signal
Manhunt for armed African teenager believed to be targeting women jogging in Melbourne
Three teens arrested for shooting dead guest outside Atlanta wedding
BBC reveals how a paedophile’s hands got him caught
Tommy Robinson's Media Manager Ezra Levant Calls Tommy Protester a "Jew Hater" | Right of the Right
Is everything you thought you knew about parenting wrong? Geneticist reveals the top secret
'Best and brightest' ONLY: Government cracks down on poorly skilled migrants and dole bludgers
Skaf gang member who raped teenage girl 40 times should be FREED, says prosecutor who jailed them
Ex-cop, Minneapolis want to put shooting lawsuit on hold
Serena Williams’s husband calls controversial Australian cartoon of star 'racist' and 'misogynistic'
Pall-bearers DROP body into a POOL after a sudden gust of wind knocks them off balance 
France: Driver targets crowd outside bar in Nimes
Thai tattooist dupes tourists into having offensive and ridiculous phrases inked
Father of boy who drowned in Perth's Swan River speaks out
Mother of Australian tourist, 23, killed while riding a bike in New York slams Manhattan prosecutor
American blogger was 'stalked, sexually assaulted and trapped in Indian hotels'
Madison Lyden’s mother brands Cy Vance a coward over tragic incident
Aged care worker who bashed elderly patient refuses to apologise
Former insurance employee lifts lid on ‘world’s greatest legal scam’
Pauline Hanson marks 20 years since her controversial Longreach speech
Swan River: Two Perth teens drowned, fifth found alive
Aboriginal teenage boys who drowned jumping into Swan River Western Australia mourned
Bettina Arndt: University of Sydney
Police called to Sydney University after protesters riot against talk by Bettina Arndt
Muslim women reveal why they chose to stop wearing the hijab
Young student refuses to stand for national anthem saying the anthem supports white colonisation
Karl Stefanovic defends artist behind racist Serena Williams cartoon