Why Some People Dislike Jews

“I believe that I understand anti-Semitism, which is really a highly complex movement. I consider it from a Jewish standpoint, yet without fear or hatred” (Theodor Herzl – Jew and founder of modern Zionism)

Literally everywhere where there is power on the world stage we meet the Jew. Everywhere in the upper circles. It is no wonder people asks the Jewish question. How does the Jew get to these high places ? Does somebody put them there ? And if so, who are they ? When the Jew is put there what does he do there ? Whenever anybody dares to talk about or study the Jewish question anywhere in the world he is immediately branded as a “anti-Semite” or “Jew-hater”. This idea is somehow fixed in the Jew by inheritance that it is somehow improper to use the word “Jew” openly or in print.

Phony labels and smear trigger words are aggressively used against the “enemy”, which are all other races of the world, especially the White Race. Without realising what the real meaning behind the word is, people automatically associate evil surrounding anybody tagged with these words. The key to the success of these campaigns are massive repetition until the “enemy” finally succumbs by cheer exhaustion. Deceitful and destructive programs are dressed in glamorous, high-sounding labels with the emphasis on “humanitarianism”.  The United Nations “making the world safe for democracy” is such a phrase which should read : “The United Nations, a plan of Jewish world government designed to enslave the Gentiles of the world”.

The Jews complain fiercely about anti-Semitism, but they forget that they are the creators of it. There could never have been any anti-Semitism if there were not Semitism. This centuries-long tradition of separateness dictated by the disease of Judaism. But when the “goy” practise racial loyalty he is quickly branded a “racist”. The arrogance of a “chosen race” instituted by a Jewish higher power to rule and exploit the “goy”, a word meaning “cattle” referring to all other races on earth. A contempt and hatred for the non-Jew as laid down in the Talmud. I don`t see any “anti-Semitism” but a lot of “anti-goyism”. This vile poison of anti-Semitism is supposed to reside in the blood of the Gentile and for some strange reason keeps on coming to the fore. This is Jewish propaganda, their strongest tool in their arsenal.

Many Gentile clergy, writers and politicians sell this explanation while other Gentile worshippers of Jewish money openly take part in the treachery. According to some of these writers anti-Semitism always break out after wars. After wars ? Why ? During wars the real purpose and personality of the Jew comes to the fore. In response, it is not anti-Semitism that breaks out but Judaism – exaggerated Semitism. In order to control the disease of Judaism, public exposure and protest enters the equation. This the Jewish programme cannot endure.

Now that the student knows what anti-Semitism is, lets make it clear what it is not. It is not identifying the Jewish question; if it were, the bulk of humanity could be regarded as anti-Semites, for they are identifying such a question. Neither is anti-Semitism a discussion of the Jewish question for Jewish writers are forever discussing race consciousness and the contempt for other races that accompanies such works. Nor is it anti-Semitism to say that there is in every civilization today a finger that points to an active plan to control the world, not by territorial conquest, warfare or controlling governments, but by control of commerce and exchange. But when anybody looks into the program as set forth by Hitler in National Socialist Germany, he is branded a “Nazi”. The Jew realized what a serious threat these policies posed to the conspiracy and therefore frighten everybody away from even looking into, and studying the cure.

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Neither can it be anti-Semitic to present the evidence that supports this view nor to bring the proof of that. If it were not true, why don`t the International Jews disprove it ? They haven`t or may it be that they can`t ? A “light in the dark” for the goy is a strange phenomena that seem to follow all forms of Jewish supremacy. As they are about to hail the “New Jerusalem”  and “Rule from Zion” something occurs and the temple tear apart at the seams. It has occurred so often in Jewish history that they themselves are at a loss for words, or are they ? No, the exercised “anti-Semitic” explanation offers the readiest excuse !

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