White Farm Laborers Appointed For Less Than Minimum Wage

White Farm Laborers Appointed For Less Than Minimum Wage

Unemployed white men now have the opportunity to be employed as laborers on farms for less than the minimum wage – if they are willing to work. After Mildred Oliphant, minister of agriculture, announced last week that the minimum wage for workers will increase to R105 from 1st of March,  a Limpopo farmer decided to make a plan. The farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, made contact with a few other farmers from across the country because they can not afford the new wage for farm workers. He placed an ad on Face book, in which he invites white men and women to apply for jobs on farms, “accommodation and other benefits”.

Within a few days, and with only an advertisement on Face book, he was inundated with applications. “More than 500 applications were received,” he said. “It looks like we will employ about 100 of these people on farms across the country. All these people are willing to work for much less than the minimum wage. “This project was just an experiment, he says, and they did not expect to get such a response. The ad was particularly aimed at men in white squatter camps who’d like to earn an income. “We appoint only men this time ,” he said. “If we continue with the project and advertising, we will try to appoint women and children along with the men. We do not want to separate families. “In response to the announcement that the minimum wage for workers rises to R105, Agri SA and TAU SA issued statements suggesting that some 100 000 black workers will lose their jobs and housing.

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