We Are Not Nazis … We Are Creators

Creativity defies classification into any present categories of racial, political, or religious movements. It is not similar to, or a copy of any other movement, past or present. It is not a re-tread of Hitler’s Nazi movement, nor are we “Neo-Nazis.” It is not a White Supremacy group, and we will clearly explain why not in the following discourse. First of all, we want to make this point crystal clear : we are unique, in a class all by ourselves, a movement, a philosophy and a religion such as the White Race, unfortunately, has never had in all its history. Since it is extremely important to keep re-emphasizing that we Creators are in a class by ourselves, let us first brush aside some of the lesser comparisons before we come to the crux of our article. We are not a White Supremist movement such as most liberal newspaper reporters neatly and quickly like to box us into. As I understand White Supremacy, it historically has represented the White Race as the ruling power over an inferior race. The Church Of Creativity wants none of this. In fact, Creativity deplores and denounces such a stupid slave philosophy, not because of humanitarian reasons, but because history has proven that in the end such policy is highly destructive to the White Race Itself. We can and have quoted example after example, both in Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible – Egypt, India, Haiti, Portugal, Mexico, South America, the American South with its slave economy, and numerous others.

The Church Of Creativity states clearly and unequivocally : We want none of this ! It is the most dangerous and destructive philosophy the White Race has (with Jewish manipulation) pursued throughout its bumbling history. Such policy always leads to race mixing, to mongrelization, and finally, destruction of the White Race. We have demonstrated this so overwhelmingly and repeatedly that we need hardly go into it again. So let us say it again, loud and clear. We don’t want to enslave anybody; not dark races, not mulattoes. We don’t want to lord over any other race. We don’t want to control anybody. On the contrary, we want to do only that which Nature tells every other species to do, and that is just take care of your own, namely, our own Race.

In so doing we will clearly see the light. We will realize that subsidizing our inferiors is in direct violation of such basic rule. You cannot take care of your own if you subsidize your enemies to breed, to multiply, and to crowd our own off the face of the earth. I know of no other creature that has pursued such a stupid, self-destructive course, except the White Race under Jewish tutelage. So the policy of the Church Of Creativity clearly is not White Supremacy which entails geographical (and sooner or later, racial) mixing, but absolute geographic separation. We want no negroes in our midst, no Jews, no Mexicans, no Hindus, Orientals or any other dark race. We not only don’t want them in our midst but we want them out of our countries. Our policy is this : take care of our own; stop subsidizing Jews, negroes and other inferiors; boycott in trade and commerce, politics and social intercourse any dark race, whatever their particular stripe. Practice Racial Loyalty.

If we did this religiously as the Jews now practice racial loyalty, the dark races would soon shrink in numbers and influence to a position similar to, and soon less than, when White Rome was supreme and at its peak, and this despite the Romans having known very little about racial loyalty. If we then continued this same policy of racial loyalty and racial boycott, the dark races would not only wither on the vine, but soon become obsolete and extinct. They would become a species of the past, a species which, in conformity with Nature’s laws, just plainly couldn’t cut it. They just couldn’t compete against the superior abilities of the White Race and as a result, withered in-to oblivion. This, I believe should clarify for all time our parting of the ways with the White Supremacy groups and their inherent philosophy. But, the naive and uninformed will cry, isn’t this the same philosophy as Hitler pursued ? Up to a point, yes, but we now come to the crux of our whole presentation, which is not at all to downgrade Hitler, but to point out the differences between the Nazi movement and Creativity. These differences are not small and superficial. On the contrary, they are major and fundamental.

Before I list these basic differences let me again repeat what I have said many times before. I regard Hitler as the greatest man the White Race has ever produced, and the greatest leader the White Race has ever had. Like Columbus in the realm of discovery, he made a great breakthrough in the realm of racial realization for the White Race. Like Columbus, he was a great pioneer, but also just as Columbus did not complete the discovery of all new territories then unknown to the White Race, so too Hitler did not in his life time complete the racial struggle, nor even formulate the correct course for its survival. In fact, now, today, (2010) more than 91 years after the founding of the Nazi movement and 65 years after Hitler`s death, the White Race is numerically, politically, economically and morally relatively weaker than it was 70, or 100 years ago. We can categorically say, in fact, that never in all its history has the White Race ever been weaker or in a more precarious position for mere survival than it is today.

So let us make this point clear. Hitler did not win the war. He did not win the racial and propaganda struggle against the Jews. The Nazi party did not even lay out a viable blueprint for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Having given credit where credit is due and also taking a realistic look at Hitler and the Nazi movement, let us now delineate how we fundamentally differ.

1] The first fundamental difference is one of identity. Just whom are we trying to save, whom are we fighting for, and who are “we”? This difference is of major importance. Simply stated it is this : whereas the core of the Nazi movement was Germany and the German people, the prime concern of the Church Of Creativity is the White Race. Whereas the cry of the Nazi Party was Deutschland ! Deutschland ! Deutschland uber alles ! and completely nationalistic, we Creators denounce and deplore nationalism and seek instead to build a Whiter and Brighter world for all the White peoples on this Planet Earth, including, but not limited to, the Germans.

In short, whereas Hitler sought to expand the territory, the power and the influence of Germany and the Germans at the expense of the French, the Poles, the English, the Russians and dozens of other nationalities, we Creators have no such designs. Instead, we seek to wipe out nationalism and promote and practice racial teamwork. We deplore all wars between White peoples, whatever their nationality, and seek to unify their strengths and solidarity so it can effectively be directed against the Jews and other dark races instead. To us it makes a hell of a lot more sense than falling into the treacherous Jewish trap of “divide and conquer.” The whole program of the Jewish climb to power has been based on this sinister policy of goading the superior White Man to kill and decimate each other in the name of nationalism. Of course, nationalism is not the only issue the Jew has cleverly utilized to divide us, the White Race.

Religion is another, as witness the Thirty Years War, or the festering genocidal warfare in Ireland for over 400 years, and hundreds of other wars that have been fought in the name of Jewish Christianity. Language is another divider, as are several other lesser issues the Jew uses to goad, to agitate, to divide and to conquer. The Church Of Creativity, instead of promoting divisive nationalism and closing its eyes to the deleterious effects of Jewish Christianity, has taken a positive course of action. It has tackled all these issues (and many others) head on, and instead has set a course for the elimination of differences in nationalism, in language and the pursuit of religious ignorance and superstition. It focuses its goal not on nationalistic rivalries but on racial solidarity, racial unity and racial teamwork. We contend that aroused and united the White Race is ten times more powerful than all the Jews and dark races of the world combined. The White Race in its present precarious position needs all the help it can muster in order to survive, and nationalist wars between White nations must never happen again. We also promote the shift to one basic language for the White Race and thereby promote unity and more superior communication between the White Peoples of the world. Then we come to religion, an idiotic issue that has torn the White Race asunder for dozens of centuries. But since this is a main issue in itself we will make this the next point.

2] Hitler has stated repeatedly in his book, Mein Kampf, that the Nazi movement was a political movement, that it was for the German people only, and that it was not for export. He also stated that founding a religious movement was of much greater historical consequence than starting a political party, that religious movements by and large have a much more profound and lasting influence than transitory political movements. Whereas we agree wholeheartedly with these astute observations, we also want to make this major distinction between the Nazi movement and Creativity. The Nazi movement was indeed, as Hitler himself stated, a political movement. The Church Of Creativity and Creativity do not constitute a political movement but a religious movement. Creativity is a racial religion, a racial religion exclusively for the White Race and the White Race alone. As a religion it has many extremely important advantages over a political organization. To list a few :

a] a religion evokes a stronger and more basic loyalty than any other type of human organization. It has more influence in orienting motives, goals and human customs than any other form of association. When it is combined with racial instincts, it is unbeatable, as the Jews have proven over the thousands of years

b] By having a racial religion for the White Race we are eliminating in one master stroke the eternal problem the White Race has been saddled with for centuries : namely split loyalties, or dual loyalties. Once and for all, we are solving the problem that all Christians are repeatedly faced with, namely, in a crunch, would their loyalty lie with their race or with Jewish Christianity ? Christians deny there is a conflict, but the conflict is overwhelming. It is built into the religion, as the Jews cleverly intended it to be, and no amount of denial will ever erase it. For a Creator, there is no such conflict. Loyalty to his race and loyalty to his religion is one and the same, and the need to be a hypocrite or a schizophrenic no longer exists. In any showdown, a Creator can be depended upon to be loyal to his race, without conflict, without reservations.

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3] The third major difference to which we point with pride is the issue of Judeo Christianity. Whereas Hitler never really addressed the issue of Jewish Christianity, we in contrast examine its (Jewish) origins, its suicidal teachings, its unnatural (in fact, anti-Nature) approach to life. Not only does Creativity expose the deceit and hypocrisy of this Jewish brain-scrambler, it confronts it head on, denounces it and replaces it with a racial religion of our own for the White Race. It gives the White Race a fundamental and meaningful philosophy and creed that is based on reality, on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on the lessons of history, and on logic and common sense. It does not leave the White Race in a vacuum. Instead, it gives the White Race a creed and program by which it can thrive, prosper and advance for the next million years.

4] There is one other legacy that Hitler has left us, the White Race, that is a heavy burden to overcome and will continue to plague us for some time. That legacy is the idea that the Jewish problem is mainly a political problem and can best be solved by political means, which he tried to do. This idea is concomitant with the fact that Hitler never attacked, nor addressed, the Judeo Christianity issue. We Creators say not so, wrong analysis, wrong approach. The Jewish problem is an overwhelming problem that extends into all phases of our life — morally, economically, racially, politically and into all other aspects. But we say that in essence it is a religious problem which the White Man in the past has failed to solve. We contend it can only be solved by a religious approach — by the White Race having a racial religion of its own that is more powerful than Judaism and directly hostile to it.

Standing directly in hostile opposition to such a racial religion for the White Race is Jewish Christianity. Since Hitler stands head and shoulders above any other fighter against the Jewish menace and since he condoned, or at least tolerated Judeo Christianity, he has thereby left a deep-rooted impression with the present generation of admirers that Judeo Christianity is not of any consequence in the struggle. We say this is completely unrealistic. We say that Judeo Christianity is not only of major consequence in the struggle against the Jew, but that Judeo Christianity is the most powerful weapon the Jews have had on their side for nearly 20 centuries. In fact, without it, Judaism would have faded from the scene, and the Jews along with it, a long, long time ago. (See “Confessions of a Jew”, Creative Credo No. 43 in the White Man’s Bible.) No, Judeo Christianity is not of minor consequence in this struggle. It is, I repeat, the most powerful weapon in the Jewish arsenal with which to clobber the White Man’s mind. It has stood there for nearly 2000 years as an impervious road block to the White Race in finding a racial religion of its own. In leaving the impression that the Jewish problem can be solved by political means, Hitler has created a misconception of major dimensions in the minds of our White Racial Comrades, a problem Creativity must now overcome.

5] Whereas the Nazi movement took a harsh and hostile attitude towards many of our White racial neighbors, we do just the opposite. We are not hostile to the French, to the Poles, to the Czechs, to the Russians or a multitude of other White Racial Comrades that were regarded as arch-enemies to the expansion of Germany and the Germans. On the contrary, we regard them all as our racial brothers. Whereas we do not contend that all White nationalities are “equal”, we nevertheless take in all White groups as our base — and this includes some fringe elements of which we are not necessarily proud.

We do this for several good reasons. First of all, in order to survive in today’s precarious dilemma, the White Race needs all the help, all the numbers it can muster. Never again must we allow the Jew to euchre us into fratricidal wars with White brother killing White brother. Never, never again. This is a cardinal tenet of Creativity. We must Unite, Not Fight, each other. White Solidarity is the order of the day. In contrast, wittingly or unwittingly, Hitler was engrossed in the bloodiest, the most costly, the most tragic war of all time. Its cost to the White Race in lives and material wealth was astronomical. In the end he lost that war, to the everlasting shame and detriment of the White Race and to the overwhelming benefit of the Jews. Never again must we be led into such a dastardly trap. This is a Cardinal Rule of our religion, Creativity.

To those who argue that Hitler had no choice, we say : not so, it could have been done differently, on two counts. One, it could have been avoided, and two, if entered into, it could have been won. To those who argue that taking in all the “fringe” White nations will lower the quality of our gene pool, we have an answer for this. We say, one thing at a time. First of all, we must survive. If the White Race does not survive, and if we pursue the same course that we have in the past, chances are that we won’t, then the White gene pool is gone forever anyway. So, first of all, we must survive ! In order to do so we must unite the White Race and polarize it into a powerful battering ram in order to destroy our enemies. Once we get the Jews off our back and wrest control of our own destiny back into our own capable hands, then we have a different situation. We can then finally institute our program of upgrading the gene pool of the White Race at our leisure.

6] An historical fact that is related to the above and completely unacceptable to the Church Of Creativity is that Hitler formed a military alliance with one of the foremost of the dark races, the Japanese. This is anathema of the first order to us Creators. It is completely in contradiction to everything we stand for and we not only will not defend it, but utterly reject this as an act of treason to the White Race. That any White Race should ever, anywhere band together with any dark race and engage them and help them in the killing of our White Racial Comrades is in our book a sin of the first magnitude. It must never happen again !

7] Lastly, we take a position (unlike the Catholic Church, which claims the Pope is infallible) that personality cult worship is not for us. Just because Jesus Christ said so, or the Pope said so, or Hitler said so, does not necessarily make it so, and anyone who indulges in personality worship is too often led into tragic and erroneous areas of mistaken actions and causes. For instance, we consider that taking Christ’s advice to “pluck out thine eye” if it has led you “astray” is stupidity of the first order. Our position is everlastingly one of logic and good sense in every and all situations. And no matter how high the authority, our own good judgment must prevail.

This brings us back to the basics of our religion. Creativity.
1] Creativity is founded on logic and common sense. It is based on the experience of history and on the Eternal Laws of Nature.
2] We are a racial religion whose sole interest is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and the White Race alone. In this we are unique and in a class by ourselves.

To our Nazi friends we say categorically : We of the Church Of Creativity believe in honoring our White Racial heroes and we believe that Hitler was the greatest of them all. But we must face reality. Hitler has been dead for years, and outside of the legacy of history he has left us, there is nothing further he can do for us. Meanwhile, the Jewish onslaught is not only still very much with us, but it rages on with increasing vehemence, and nobody but the White Race itself will save itself from genocide. This means those of us living today have to do the job or it will not be done. So we had better get with it.

Hitler can’t do it for us. In fact in the Nazi philosophy he did not even leave a viable nor completed blueprint as to how to do it. Germany and the Germans won’t save us. This fragmented bickering between 20,000 different factions is a luxury (or nonsense) we can no longer afford if we want to survive. We contend that the Church Of Creativity has by far the most complete, comprehensive and realistic creed and program. We don’t contend that we at this point have the best leadership and we are still looking. But we will find them and build the best organization the world has ever seen, bar none. So we fervently appeal to all White Racial Comrades to join us now, regardless of what small White group you belong to. There are no meaningful large groups of any consequence. Join with us now ! Let’s get our act together ! If the Church Of Creativity doesn’t have the right creed and program, who does ? We don’t have forever to sit in arm chairs and quibble and pontificate. Never will the opportunity be better than today. Every day we delay, the White Race becomes weaker, and the Jews and dark races more powerful, in numbers, in political and economic power and every other category.

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