Uniting The White Race World Wide

Uniting The White Race World Wide

We want to make one thing clear. Creativity is neither a foreign import nor of alien origin. It is a genuine native American phenomenon. It is not a rehash of the National Socialism of Hitler’s Germany, nor is it another offshoot of Jewish Christianity. Its roots are firmly planted in American soil. It is a White Man’s religion, a racial religion, as American as apple pie, as motherhood and the Fourth of July. It originated in America, and carries forward the pioneer spirit as exemplified by “the Winning of the West” and the idea of “Manifest Destiny” that drove the White Man forward with zeal and exuberance in the 19th century. It won for the White Man a great continent. But this is South Africa, I hear you say.

Read again Creative Credo No. 32, ‘The Winning of the West” in the White Man’s Bible, and Chapter 10, “Manifest Destiny”, in Nature’s Eternal Religion. It is the same spirit of adventure, conquest and creativity that propelled the White Man forward to not only conquer a continent but build a great home and empire for the White Race that is at the heart of Creativity. What we are saying is this : If the White Man’s drive in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to colonize the North American continent was so constructive and productive in terms of freedom, land, wealth and empire, why not pursue that same course on a worldwide basis, in a world that is now rapidly shrinking and crumbling before our eyes, a world that is stridently hostile to the White Race and hell bent on its utter destruction.

We Creators say it is a magnificent idea to pursue the course of our pioneering forefathers, and we regard failure to do so as a miserable crime of omission. Such crime will most surely result in the death and oblivion of the White Race itself, and is a dastardly crime against our ancestors, against our future progeny, and against the present generation of the living. In the 1930’s, Hitler succeeded in uniting the German peoples. The unification of Germany was a monumental accomplishment, creating the foreground for total White unification. To unite the entire White Race under his capable leadership was a goal which Hitler never envisioned.

The sacred mission of the Church Of Creativity is the  ...

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