Uniting The White Race World Wide

Uniting The White Race World Wide

We want to make one thing clear. Creativity is neither a foreign import nor of alien origin. It is a genuine native American phenomenon. It is not a rehash of the National Socialism of Hitler’s Germany, nor is it another offshoot of Jewish Christianity. Its roots are firmly planted in American soil. It is a White Man’s religion, a racial religion, as American as apple pie, as motherhood and the Fourth of July. It originated in America, and carries forward the pioneer spirit as exemplified by “the Winning of the West” and the idea of “Manifest Destiny” that drove the White Man forward with zeal and exuberance in the 19th century. It won for the White Man a great continent. But this is South Africa, I hear you say.

Read again Creative Credo No. 32, ‘The Winning of the West” in the White Man’s Bible, and Chapter 10, “Manifest Destiny”, in Nature’s Eternal Religion. It is the same spirit of adventure, conquest and creativity that propelled the White Man forward to not only conquer a continent but build a great home and empire for the White Race that is at the heart of Creativity. What we are saying is this : If the White Man’s drive in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to colonize the North American continent was so constructive and productive in terms of freedom, land, wealth and empire, why not pursue that same course on a worldwide basis, in a world that is now rapidly shrinking and crumbling before our eyes, a world that is stridently hostile to the White Race and hell bent on its utter destruction.

We Creators say it is a magnificent idea to pursue the course of our pioneering forefathers, and we regard failure to do so as a miserable crime of omission. Such crime will most surely result in the death and oblivion of the White Race itself, and is a dastardly crime against our ancestors, against our future progeny, and against the present generation of the living. In the 1930’s, Hitler succeeded in uniting the German peoples. The unification of Germany was a monumental accomplishment, creating the foreground for total White unification. To unite the entire White Race under his capable leadership was a goal which Hitler never envisioned.

The sacred mission of the Church Of Creativity is the uniting of all the peoples of the White Race. The Jews openly brag that they spawned the world’s three major religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism, to list them in chronological order. The Jews, who are master mind-manipulators, the master sneaks of all time, have some valid arguments for making such a boast, to their credit and to the detriment of their victims.

Out of Palestine, from this small desert pesthole of the world, has spewed forth more destructive poison to derange and warp the minds of men than all the rest of the world combined. Palestine, we must remember, is not in Europe, nor in Africa. It is in Asia, and its peoples are Asiatics. We must also remember that the Jews were, and are, Asiatics. They are not White, but yellow Semites, as are the Arabs. The Jews, who are not creative, did however, early in their history recognize one thing : the vital importance of Racial Loyalty. They designed a racial religion around the cock-and-bull story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as being their common ancestors. There is absolutely no historical evidence whatsoever that such repugnant characters ever existed, any more than there is any evidence that Mother Goose or Santa Claus ever existed. For the same reason I doubt that Moses, Joshua, Jonah, his whale, and a host of other mythical characters ever existed. There is not a shred of evidence that they did. There is only a much touted collection of Jewish claims. Since the Jews are the world’s most accomplished liars, such claims impress us Creators very little.

One aside about their mythical ancestors of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is worthy of comment. According to their own story as set forth in the Old Testament, every one of these characters (and most of their future offspring) was a reprehensible, repugnant scoundrel, a whore-monger, a murderer, a thief, a liar and a cheat. If you don’t believe me, read again the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Lot and his incestuous daughters, Judah and his daughter-in-law, and all the rest of this shabby tribe. (Also read Chapter 10, Book I, of Nature`s Eternal Religion, “The Old Testament”). Which brings up a few questions : With a background like that, mythical or otherwise, why would anybody want to brag about having such repugnant reprobates for ancestors, and then want to build a religion around it ? This is a question not only the Jews should ask themselves, but a lot of White Christians who wish they were Jews. Included among the latter are all those of the Identity movement, the British Israelites, and a whole passel of other related groups who have fallen for that silly nonsense and stupidly claim “we are the true Israelites”!

The other question is this : With such a collection of repugnant cut-throats and criminals running loose and supposedly recording their shabby “history”, why would any God or god lay claim to such people as being “his chosen”? Stupid, stupid, stupid. But then we must remember that the Jews are the world’s most notorious liars, and gullible fools are born every minute. All that be as it may, there are some sinister reasons for the Jews doing what they did. What they did had profound ramifications on their own history, and more tragically on the history of the White Race. These master mind-manipulators, through their sleazy concocted religion, strange as it may seem, did accomplish the following :

1] They united their own miserable band of cutthroats into a solid battering ram that over the last 3000 years has conquered, and now dominates, the world.

2] Out of this concoction of lies about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they forged a religion, a race and a nation whose core polarizes around the central idea — What’s good for the Jews is the highest virtue; what’s bad for the Jews is the ultimate sin – based on their idiotic claim that they were “God’s Chosen.”

3] As a secondary offshoot of the Judaic religion, the Jews concocted Christianity for the Gentiles, and specifically for the destruction of the then dominant White Roman empire. This religion taught just the opposite to the White Race, namely, blessed are the meek, sell all thou hast, love your enemies, turn the other cheek, judge not, and a lot of similar suicidal nonsense. The spokesman of this poisonous diatribe was the Jew, Saul of Tarsus, later to become the Christians’ St. Paul. Again, due to the solidarity, aggressiveness and fervor with which the Jews pushed this teaching, strangely enough, the Romans bought this poison, and a few centuries later their empire, their race and their beautiful civilization collapsed miserably and the Dark Ages with its ignorance, superstition, crime and poverty ensued for the next thousand years.

4] As a further weapon to counteract and destroy the White Race, Mohammedanism emerged out of this same small pesthole of the desert (Palestine) in the seventh century. It did for the Arabs, Semites and other black peoples, what Judaism had done for the Jews. It polarized and solidified these Semites into a solid battering ram that became a major threat to the White peoples of Europe and the world. Whereas the Jews did not invent the Moslem religion, they had a strong hand in promoting it, and its basic roots also derive from Judaism, Christianity and the Old Testament (For further information see Ch. II, Book 2 of Nature`s Eternal Religion, “Mohammedanism, the Power of a Militant Religion”). I give this short review to remind my White Racial Comrades that the origins of Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism are Asiatic, a product of a hostile and alien race, and have been imported into Europe, into America and the rest of the White Man’s domain. (Read also Ch. 9, Book I of Nature`s Eternal Religion, “Five Jewish Books”.)

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When Columbus again discovered America in 1492 (The Norsemen had been there 500 years earlier) it released a veritable flood of White European colonization over the next 400 years. The most constructive, the most productive of that drive was that of the building of the United States of America. What the White Man accomplished especially in the 19th century in forging a home for the White Race by building a White empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific is a glorious epic that has never been equaled in the history of the White Race, or any other race.

How did the White Man achieve this tremendous accomplishment ? The answer is simple.

1] He did it by colonization and conquest – the same process as by which all other empires in all history have been built; first, the conquest of land and territory itself, and secondly, by doing that which the White Man does best – building a constructive country, government and homeland.

2] In order to do so, he had to rout the savage peoples who then inhabited the land, and clear it for the colonization of his own. This he did in a sporadic and disjointed, but nevertheless relentless program, until he was master of all the territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Had the White Man then had a racial religion instead of being obsessed with Asiatic Christianity, he would have done it faster, more effectively, and much more permanently.

3] In pursuing his program of “Manifest Destiny” he built on the American continent the greatest, most productive, most affluent society the world has ever seen. It is a society that now, due to lack of purpose and cohesiveness, is rapidly falling to pieces as did the Roman Empire 1500 years earlier, and for the same reason. The White Man has lost his soul, due to the Asiatic Jewish poison with which his society is pervaded. This Asiatic Jewish poison is being spewed upon the White American people today with a new virulence unequalled in all history. This takes not only the form of religion, but every other stop is being opened to destroy the White Race, not only in America, but on this whole planet Earth. The Jews have openly bragged that in another generation or so, not another unpolluted White baby will be born.

4] Contrary to the Christian admonition that the meek shall inherit the earth, history repeatedly has shown otherwise. History clearly teaches us that all great decisions were made by force of arms. That is how the American Revolution was decided and American independence from Britain was won. That is how the Civil War was decided. That is how the War with Mexico (1846-1848) was decided. That is how the West was won. As Gen. Douglas MacArthur stated so succinctly, “There is no substitute for victory”. Race mixing is now the official, virulent dogma of the U.S. government, of the Jewish power establishment, and even the Christian churches, world wide. (Race mixing, not for the Jews, but for blacks and other races with the White Race.) With the means of propaganda firmly in their hands, TV, newswires, newspapers, book publishing, magazines, etc.; and with the government firmly in the hands of the Jews; with education and religion also firmly in their slimy hands, the Jews are having a field day. Meanwhile the White Race is stupidly floundering, confused, disorganized and willing to help their enemies. It is rapidly falling apart and helping to commit its own genocide. (Read Creative Credo No. 41 “The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race” in the White Man`s Bible.)

Into this murky and seemingly hopeless picture now has emerged the Church of Creativity, an island of Hope and Sanity in a world gone stark raving mad. It has thrown overboard all the insane, suicidal shibboleths of the Asiatic Jewish religion this parasitic race has foisted on the brain of the White Race and started with a clean slate. It has started with a slate made in America, back in 1973. It has regenerated those basic drives of the White pioneer that carved a great empire out of the wilderness. It is an extension, expansion and continuation of the great American Dream – the dream of the hardy American pioneer. That dream is to build a home for the White Race on this Planet Earth where the White Man can live and prosper in all perpetuity.

The Church of Creativity takes the position that if the American Dream was so productive and beneficial to the White Man in America in the 19th century, why not apply that same approach for the White Man on a worldwide basis ? This we applaud, and we supply not only the creed and the program, but also the religious and moral basis for doing so. To support our approach to the problem we point to the Eternal Laws of Nature – which say – take care of your own. Our own is the White Race, and in our every action, our every attitude, our yardstick is – what is the best for the White Race.

We go further than that. We not only intend to see the White Race survive and expand, but we want to inculcate into its creed and religion the perpetual and relentless advancement of its genes to higher and higher levels — physically, mentally and genetically. It is now not only an American Dream, but it has become the dream of the White Race on a global basis. It is summed up in our statement of faith – a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. It is an extension and expansion of the American Dream of our hardy pioneers. In the 1930’s, Hitler succeeded in uniting the German peoples. The sacred mission of the Church of Creativity is the uniting of all the peoples of the White Race.

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