The Jewish Slave Trade

It is not too difficult to understand why the Jews could be involved in the slave trade. Their Jewish Bible condones slavery. From ancient times they owned slaves – buying, selling and trading them as chattel. By promoting the importation of slaves the Jew was furthering his mongrelization plan in two ways. Firstly he was making a huge profit dealing in black flesh and secondly was destroying the White Race by implanting the black jungle blood of Africa into their veins where it could fester and grow. The Jews brought in the blacks as slaves to work for their White masters but today the Whites are the slaves working and subsidizing the black race.

Just as in ancient times, White countries today are being swamped with dark races in an attempt to hasten the process of mongrelization. By frantically promoting the importation of slaves from Africa and Asia, the Jews finally pulled down the Romans. Inter-racial marriages became commonplace and today the Romans are gone forever. The same thing happened in White Egypt, with the Jews acting as leaders, increasing the trading in black slaves and hastening the mongrelization process. And for those who have never heard of White Egyptians, hang around, all will be revealed !

Today nothing has changed. White Europe and America are next.

Another example of the Jewish slave trade in action was an organisation called The Max Hochstim Association which was formed by immigrant Jews of the shadier type. This was the first organised White Slave Group in America dealing in that lowest form of depravity – trafficking in women – today Tel Aviv is swamped with White Ukrainian girls. As the United States Government Investigation Committee revealed shuddering evidence, the New York Jewish Kehillah was born as a defense organisation to prevent the exposure overwhelming the New York ghetto. The White people of New York succeeded in  getting the forces of law to function impartially for a little while, exposing the cancer in their midst. Then the Jew played another trick as he so often does. All the implicated Jews changed their names. Does this sound familiar ? An similar organisation was organised in 1896 by a party of Jewish White slave dealers called the New York Independent Benevolent Association.” >Print Friendly Page