The Jewish Onslaught Rages On

The Jewish Onslaught Rages On

This article was written by Ben Klassen, the founder of Creativity in August 1983.

On the day when I was born 65 years ago in a remote little Mennonite settlement in the southern Ukraine, a chaotic battle was raging between the Bolshevik revolutionaries and fragments of the White Army of Russia. The battle was raging not on some distant front, but right in our own back yard. My mother told me that one of the cannon balls took off the end gables of our roof, another tore through the stables (our barn and house adjoined) and another shell exploded outside in the hog pen. The village in which I was born was called Rudnerweide. It was one of 50 such villages in our particular settlement called the Molotschna colony. The German speaking Mennonites had first settled in this part of Russia just north of the Black Sea when they had first come there in 1804. Like the pioneers of Western America they started to develop and till the land. The land was exceedingly fertile and the Mennonites prospered. They were an industrious, hard working group of people, practicing racial loyalty and always close to the soil. They took good care of the land and their farms, and the land was good to them. Not only was the land productive, but the Mennonites too, were fertile. Not only did they prosper, but they multiplied. They did exceedingly well what Nature told them to do – reproduce their own kind. My dad, who was born in 1878, was second in a family of fourteen, twelve of whom lived to adulthood.

The Mennonites were also extremely religious, following a Protestant creed professed by Menno Siemens in Holland, a Catholic priest turned reformer and protester in the style of Martin Luther. In the neat prosperous villages in which my people lived in Russia, the churches and the schools were centers of their social activities, which were many and colorful, since the Mennonites were a very gregarious people. There are a few tenets of the Mennonite religion that stand out. One of them that had caused them considerable problems throughout their history was their avowal of pacifism. The business of ‘turn the other cheek,’ love your enemies,’ ‘thou shalt not kill’ had made them shun military service and this in turn had caused many other countries to drive them out. One such country was Prussia where my ancestors had settled and were expelled in the 18th century because they refused to bear arms. It was therefore no wonder that when the vicious communist revolution hit them toward the end of World War I they were faced with a situation with which they were completely unprepared to cope, an assault on their way of life that not only shattered their idyllic settlement, but also most families and individual lives. By the time I was nine months old, the civil war was still raging in our village. My mother tells me that I had come down with scarlet fever or diphtheria, I don’t remember which, and was on the verge of dying while the shells exploded outside and the family was seeking shelter in the middle hallways of our brick house.

But our family survived and I survived. We not only survived the civil war, the chaos, the looting, and the murderous gangs, but we also survived two stark years of dire famine (1921-22), a famine deliberately imposed on the Ukrainian population by the communist gangsters themselves. By 1924 relative peace returned and we managed to leave Russia and journeyed on to an uncertain future in Mexico. From there on it is a long story, and I do not have the time or space to bore you with all the details. We now come to the year 1983, sixty five years later. I have not only survived the ensuing chaos and upheavals, but I am finally in a position to fight back, something my ancestors shunned from even trying, not because they lacked courage, but because of stupid self-imposed religious inhibitions to which they had been programmed. Now, 65 years later the Jewish war on humanity still rages on at a tempo and on a scale more deadly and virulent than at the time I was born. During that intervening 65 years the world has changed drastically, and thanks to the Jewish pestilence, much for the worse. In the intervening 65 years the world has been in constant turmoil. Besides World War I (which was still raging when I was born) we have seen the culmination of the (Jewish) Communist Revolution in Russia, we have seen the Spanish Civil War, the betrayal at Pearl Harbor, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Chinese people taken over by communism and in fact hundreds of wars all over the world. We have seen nothing but turmoil, chaos, depression, revolution and the communist takeover of one country after another, including all of eastern Europe.

Behind this turmoil and chaos of world destruction lies the hidden hand of international Jewry. There is hardly a revolution, a civil war, a depression, a bank failure, but what a Jew connived, planned, manipulated and/or instigated it. It is said that wars are Jewish harvests. This is true. So are depressions and civil warfare and the world today is escalated in a rising crescendo in all these destructive and nefarious Jewish onslaughts. The world as a whole is floundering in a confused and drunken orgy before the ever escalating onslaught of the Jewish powerhouse, an onslaught that during my lifetime is rapidly becoming the most horrible catastrophe to which the world has ever been subjected. For 50 years of my lifetime, I along with the rest of a confused and befuddled humanity, either would not believe, or understand, or know what to do about the cataclysm that was enveloping us. Like all the naive and gullible yokels, I could not focus the picture – a picture that was clear and obvious for all to see.

Finally, by 1969 or 1970, slowly, imperceptibly, the picture began to focus. As I took an agonizing reappraisal of my own life, of world history and especially the history of the Jewish parasite, I realized that this war did not begin during my lifetime, nor with the Russian revolution, nor even with Karl Marx. I began to see that the Jews had been carrying on a sinister and relentless war of destruction and enslavement not only for 50 years, nor 100 years, but for thousands of years. Read again Ch. 6, “Masters of Deceit – A Short History of the Jews” in Nature`s Eternal Religion and Creative Credo No. 35 “Unrelenting Warfare between the Parasitic Jews and their Unfortunate Victims” in The White Man`s Bible) I also began to realize that the main victim of the Jewish onslaught was the White Race, Nature’s Elite, of which I myself was a proud member. They say once you have a problem properly analyzed, you are also half way along to the solution itself. Along with the realization of the Jewish menace also emerged the answer as to how we could get this dreaded plague off our backs. When you ask the question – how did the Jews manage to get such a powerful grip on the lives of all the peoples of the world – their finances, their government, their propaganda, their religion, and in fact their total minds, the answer begins to emerge. And the answer is this – they did it by means of their racial religion, Judaism. They did it by fanatically clinging to their religious program nefarious and sinister though it is – and by practicing racial loyalty and racial teamwork.

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When this realization came home to me about 13 years ago, this discovery intrigued me immensely. If the Jews could accomplish such miracles with their racial religion, I reasoned, why couldn’t the White Race, which has so much more to work with, so many more natural advantages and attributes, do the same ! In fact, with all our advantages, why couldn’t we do a thousand times better ? Why couldn’t we, too, practice Racial Loyalty and Racial Teamwork and build a Whiter and Brighter world for ourselves ? I came to the conclusion there was no reason in the world why we couldn’t. All we needed was a racial religion for the White Race, a religion that took the same self-interest in our own race as the Jews have so successfully demonstrated with theirs – a White racial religion that said : What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We now have such a White Racial Religion in Creativity. In it we have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. We now also have our White Man’s Bibles that spell out for all time that program, solution and creed. We now also have a monthly paper – Racial Loyalty.

We now come to the present, specifically June 15, 1983, when a dastardly sneak attack was made on our church headquarters in the middle of the night, at 1:45 AM, to be exact. A Molotov cocktail was hurled at the corner of the church, and at the same time a shot gun blast was unleashed at our 7 1/2 foot logo sign on the front of the church. We don’t know who did it, but we will find out, and when we do I believe we will find that the sinister hand of the Jew was behind it. It is a pretty safe bet that either the ADL, or the JDL or the Mossad itself was involved. We will find out. In the meantime, the official authorities are pursuing the investigation of this dastardly crime with less than great enthusiasm, nor are the (Jewish) controlled news media overly disturbed about it. Both would just as soon sweep it under the rug and forget about it. Imagine the uproar, the headlines, the army of investigators that would have swarmed all over the place had such an assault been made on a Jewish synagogue. The FBI, the Army, the Navy, and the Marines would have been called out, to say the least.

Be that as it may, nevertheless, again we have survived, as we have over the last 65 years. Actually, very little damage was done, but this does not lessen the crime and we will not forget, nor will we be intimidated. We will not be frightened off, and we will not be slowed down one damn bit. In fact, we consider the shotgun holes in our logo as scars of honor and intend to leave them there for all the world to see. I repeat, it will not slow us down, but on the contrary, it will steel our resolve to fight even harder, to rally the White Race to the banner of their true racial identity, and build a racial movement so powerful it will sweep the Jews and other enemies before us like a huge tidal wave. We now have the weapons with which to fight this monster and come hell or high water, we will subdue it. We will build and expand and build and expand. We will propagandize, proselytize and organize. We will fight on until we have gotten the Jews off our backs and have achieved in building what we set out to accomplish in the first place — a Whiter and Brighter World.

In order to do so we need millions of members, supporters and workers. We need people like you. We need you to get busy, to distribute copies of this paper, to place our Bibles in the hands of our White Racial Comrades. We need people like you to promote, to speak, to organize. Why not get with it right now ? Meanwhile, the Jewish battle rages on, as it has for thousands of years, but now we have the means to crush those foul destroyers once and for all. Remember, until and unless we do, and in fact solve the racial problem in its entirety, no other problems, be they inflation, unemployment, communism, crime, insurrection or whatever, none of these problems will be solved. I repeat, until the White Race solves the racial problem, the White Race itself is doomed to mongrelization, genocide and oblivion. So don’t just sit there and pontificate. Get busy and do what must be done. Save the White Race and build a Whiter and Brighter world for yourself, your family and all those wonderful progeny whose precious future is now in your hands.” >Print Friendly Page