The IED in our Midst: When Disorder for Whites is the Norm for Blacks

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) – which includes impulsive attacks on others and property, causing injury and damage – has replaced Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as the excuse of choice used by the medical profession and incompetent parents for misbehaving children.

As always, the argument is Nature or Nurture. Is it a lack of parental supervision? Do you punish the child for misbehaving, allowing it to learn and eventually grow into a mature, well mannered and? Or is it a natural deviation from the norm requiring you to pump your child full of prescription drugs to bring him or her under some semblance of control? According to the medical community, that is exactly what you do, ensuring that your child is set as a lifelong, prescription dependent junky. But since the medicos are the proclaimed experts on the matter, let us in this instance accept their argument at face value and go along with their diagnosis of unruly children.

Now we come to the big question: When a White child or adult deviates from what is expected in polite society, it is considered to be the product of a mental disorder. Yet, when a black child or adult – of any of the black or brown skinned races – deviates from the norm, it is called culture. Which places clearly places their behaviour within the realm of Nurture. However, if you take a newborn black child and place it in the care of a well-to-do, socially acceptable, caring White family, that child invariably grows into adulthood following the same behavioural cycle as its brothers raised in what society tells us is its rightful cultural heritage. The black child raised in a White family is probably diagnosed with ADHD – now IED – while his black brothers are considered to be perfectly normal. Basically, what is abnormal for one race – Whites – is normal for other – black and brown – races. Therefore, by modern societal standards, the black and brown races have a built in genetic disorder that makes them incapable of living within decent, White society.

With an almost total lack of both empathy for even their own kind, and guilt for their own misbehaviour, the black and brown races are virtually holding White civilisation hostage, while they – the black and brown races – pillage, rape and murder at will. And good ol’ Whitey continues to find excuses to justify and reward the misbehaviour of what are essentially genetically substandard people. And there you have the prime reason why we must separate the different races and each go our own way alone.

But what if the proclaimed experts are wrong, and this is a case of Nurture rather than Nature? In that case, we must also accept that there will always be children and adults of all races with varying forms of mental disorders: just not at the high rates that the medicos lay claim to.

Let us once again take a look at that little black child adopted and raised by a well-to-do, morally upright White family. So the black kid really is a bit of a loony and needs to be permanently medicated. And even when compared to his black brothers back in the ghetto, he’s a bit of a fruit-loop; but oddly enough, his behavioural patterns mirror exactly those of his brothers. Not only that, but his siblings are encouraged to misbehave in that same, disorderly and often violent manner. They and their fathers and mothers before them were raised to believe that White people are demonic creatures hell-bent on keeping the black man down. Which to them translates as anything that seems remotely connected to Whitey is theirs for the taking … “Kill Whitey!” Once again, this behaviour is considered to be a cultural standard amongst the non-White races. Naughty niggers are the norm.

Sure, if it is just cultural behaviour and not a genetic flaw, you can change their behaviour. All you need to do is cease treating non-Whites as if they are naughty children that need a hug, and treat them like you would any White who behaves in the same manner. In short, treat them how they deserve to be treated based on their behaviour. Stop all race based incentives – often known as “affirmative action.” Put a stop to mainstream-media and Hollywood production proclaiming the black/brown/whatever man as a victim of White oppression … but that will never happen, will it? Even the thought of deliberately making changes to an entire culture is considered to be racially insensitive these days – unless of course it’s White culture.

The IED in our Midst: When Disorder for Whites is the Norm for Blacks But, what if the problem really is Nature rather than Nurture? Is mass drugging through the water and food supply, mass lobotomies, genetic manipulation or mass sterilisation the answer?

The answer to both is simple and definitive: Separate the Races! The non-White races do not need us Whites to hold their hands. They are supposed to be intelligent people, so treat them as such and let them find their own way, in their own homelands. Let them build their own civilisations, let them create their own technology, and let them come to us on equal terms … not with an outstretched hand as is the case today.

I say let non-Whites Nurture their own and prosper or fail as Nature has determined. If we fail to recognise our inherent differences and neglect to go our own separate ways, we are all doomed by the IED in our midst.


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Author: CailenCambeul

Updated: August 19, 2012 — 7:37 am

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