The Flat Tire Syndrome

A doctor is giving a patient a physical check-up. All the while he is groaning and moaning, deploring and lamenting the bad state of the patient’s health. Finally he is finished and he reports his diagnosis. “You are a very sick man, Mr. Jones. You have terminal cancer. You probably have not more than 30 days to live.” The patient, now much alarmed, inquires of the doctor “But doc, what is the solution ?” The doctor walks off and says : “Solution ? I hadn’t thought of that. I haven’t the foggiest idea.” What would you think of a doctor like that ? If you were the patient, would you say that he has really helped you, or has he merely added to your worries and nervous strain ? Furthermore, if the “experts” don’t have a solution, would you not be inclined to throw up your hands and conclude : “If the experts have no solution, how should I know what to do ?” This little story pretty well describes the kind of “information” the White Race has been getting from the tens of thousands of professional “experts” who advise the average White yokel as to what is wrong with our economy, our society, our country and the world situation in general.

Invariably, whereas the alarm is as real as the cancer that our earlier patient was subject to, there is one all important factor missing. They fail to mention what solution, if any, they have in mind, and frankly, usually they themselves don’t have the foggiest notion. Are they of any more help to you than the doctor who walked off and admitted he hadn’t thought of a solution and didn’t have the foggiest idea ? No, they are not. They are merely soliciting your money and throwing more dismay and confusion into the ranks. Analyze ! Analyze ! until hell freezes over. Skirt around the fringes of the problem and talk it to death. But never get to the heart of the problem (basically the International Jewish network) and never, never come up with a realistic, sensible solution. But they will continually nag at you, worry you, and implore you to throw more of your money down their particular rat hole. This reminds me of another imaginary situation that is the basis of our title to this article. Supposing you were driving down the turnpike and you suddenly suspect that you have a flat tire. You pull over to the shoulder, stop, get out to look and come to the conclusion that indeed you do have a flat tire. Basically that is all the diagnostic information you need to know as far as the problem is concerned.

You don’t need to read another book or be told by a passerby that you have a flat tire. You already know what the problem is and whether you like it or not, you have the unpleasant job of correcting it. If while you are in the process of changing the tire a passerby stops and informs you “Hey, mister, you have a flat tire !” but does nothing to assist, is he of any help to you ? Supposing another, and another and a dozen more stop and tell you the same thing – something you already are well aware of, are they of any help ? I would say, no they are not, and after the first alarmist, I would say that the continual rehashing of the problem could become damned annoying. This is pretty well the modus operandi of most of the “help” we have been getting from politicians, preachers, Kosher Konservatives and a multitude of other polyglot groups. Analyze ! Diagnose ! But never get to the heart of the problem, and never come up with a meaningful solution.

Even in their diagnosis, such groups by and large give you false information, or at best, only a partial picture. This reminds me of an excellent poem by J. G. Saxe about six blind men from Industan who went to see an elephant. (It is on page 290 of the Fifth Grade McGuffey’s Reader). It tells about the interesting but partial versions of the six blind men as they “sec” an elephant. The first one touching the side concluded an elephant is like a wall; another touching his trunk thought the beast similar to a snake; another touching its ear was convinced that an elephant was like a fan; and so on down the line : six completely different versions. None of them were exactly wrong but none of them had the whole picture, and anyone not knowing what an elephant was about would certainly get a completely erroneous version from any one of the six individuals. Even if he heard all six versions he would be unable to put the whole picture together from their jumbled and contradictory descriptions.

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This is pretty well the situation the average White Man finds himself in today. With Jewish propaganda impinging on his mind with a thousand different versions of the problem being dumped on him by politicians, preachers, TV, etc., most of our good White Racial Comrades are hopelessly confused, and what with the Judeo-Christian “moral” and “ethics” that they have been brainwashed (programmed is a better word) with, they are locked into a paralyzed, no-win position. They now have, what I prefer to designate as a “polyglot mind”, which is so full of wrong or useless information and advice that they do not know which way to turn. Most of them prefer to throw up their hands, feeling that it is hopeless, they are trapped and that nobody knows the problem, much less the solution. As a result they shut their eyes to reality and prefer to live in a make-believe world in a state of hopeless desperation.

With Creativity and The Church of Creativity it is a different story. We offer an island of hope and sanity in a world that has gone stark, raving mad. We fearlessly go to the heart of the problem and shout loud and clear what the problem is and spell it out in our basic Bibles. And essentially the problem is racial, exacerbated by that master mind-manipulator of all time – the international Jew. We state loud and clear that their objective is the complete destruction of the White Race and garner unto the Jews all the control, the wealth and riches of this world. In a nutshell, that’s the heart of the problem. Have you ever heard your preacher tell you that ? No, He’ll tell you to pray to the spooks in the sky.

Have you ever heard any politician spell it out to you ? No. He’ll tell you to re-elect him. When you do he’ll help send more of your money to Israel and 120 other hostile foreign countries. Have you ever heard the Kosher Konservatives spell out the problem or the solution to you ? No. They’ll tell you the problem is socialism or communism (but never the Jew) and tell you to read another book or to write your Congressman (again and again). No wonder the White Man is confused as hell and hopelessly discouraged to the point of desperation. But The Church of Creativity does not just pinpoint the problem and stop there. We go on to spell out the solution, and that solution is to build up a massive racial religious movement polarizing the White Race into action for its own survival, expansion and advancement. We go further. We ourselves provide the framework, the leadership and the impetus to build a mighty army of aroused and united White Racial Comrades that sooner or later will engulf and encompass the entire 500 million White people that inhabit this Planet Earth. With such a force we will sweep our enemies before us, get the parasites off our back and build a Whiter and Brighter World – a beautiful world built by and for the White Race and the White Race alone.” >Print Friendly Page