The Debt Swindle

There are two basic points I (Ben Klassen) want to drive home in this article. The first point is that we, the White Race, are being totally enslaved by the JOG. Secondly, nobody can be enslaved unless they willingly cooperate with their slavemasters. Therefore the first step in our liberation is the straightening out of our thinking through a Revolution of Values. Right now, the Jews control the money creating machinery in the U.S. (FED) and all other White countries (Central or Reserve Banks), and it is probably the most powerful and significant weapon of all in the arsenal of the worldwide Jewish Conspiratorial Network that is slowly but surely tightening the noose around the necks of the working White taxpayers of the world. At the heart of this Jewish monster is the Federal Reserve System (FED), which has acquired for itself the powers to print unlimited quantities of money out of thin air and paper, and thereby control the finances of the world and all the accoutrements of power that go with it. (Read again “The Federal Reserve Board – The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World,” C.C. No. 40 in the White Man’s Bible.) Through this power of manufacturing its own money, then lending it out to the government and the people of the world with interest, the Jew-controlled Federal Reserve System has been able to put the working people into a tighter and tighter noose, tightening the vise in which they have us clamped as the mountain of debt grows ominously larger daily. What does all this mean ? It means, we, the White working people, who built it all through sheer labour now owe more than all the combined real wealth (real estate, machinery, land, housing, etc.,) in the United States is worth. It means every baby that is now born is already saddled with a debt the day it arrives. By the time that baby is an adult, that debt may be five, ten or twenty times as large. It means we are enslaved in a Jew-created mountain of debt that grows ominously larger by the minute. (Read again “Operation Rip Off,” p. 172 of Rahowa ! This Planet is All Ours.)

Now let us stop and think a minute. Debt has two parties : the debtor on the one side and the creditor on the other side. We hear incessantly of the astronomical amounts we owe. But strangely, never a peep as to whom we owe all these trillions, more than all the real combined property is worth. To whom do we owe such huge sums ? When you ask the average person that vital question, they act dumb, confused, like gee, I never thought of that. The government never mentions it. The Jewsmedia will never inform you of this vital issue. Doesn’t anybody know ? Why the big mystery ? Well, it might have been conspiratorially covered up by the Jewish power establishment but a mystery it is not. I can tell you in half a minute whom we owe it to, who is raking it in on the other side. The answer is the Federal Reserve Board, which is not at all a governmental agency as most people are led to believe, but a vile and vicious conspiracy of worldwide Jewish bankers. That is to whom we owe everything we own, and even more. How did they get us into such a stupid and servile position ? The steps leading the Jews to the worldwide dominance are : racial loyalty, racial religion and a conspiratorial game plan, surreptitiously acquiring all the world’s nerve centers of power, of which money is the key. That is how they managed to lock us in and enslave us.

So, the bottom line is we owe everything we own, and more, to the treacherous and perfidious Jewish conspiracy who didn’t earn any part of it, but through trickery and treachery have euchred and swindled us out of our property and substance. I repeat, the Jews stole our wealth through paper shuffling, through deceit, through trickery and chicanery. The Jew-controlled Federal Reserve swindle is not a legal body, nor have they acquired the right to create money. They are in violation of the Constitution of the United States, Section 8, Article 5 of which says, “Congress shall have the power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin”. This does not mean Congress can give that right and obligation away to a gang of Jewish counterfeiters, which is what has happened. So, do we owe these sinister Jewish gangsters trillions of dollars ? Not by a damsite ! We don’t owe it to them legally, we don’t owe it to them morally, we don’t owe it to them, period.

How do these Jews do it ? Well, its a long story starting back about four or five thousand years ago. But let us capsulize the important highlights :

● First came Racial Loyalty, which, by the way, is the name of our flagship newspaper.
● Secondly came their own Racial Religion, namely Judaism.
● Thirdly, they formulated a conspiratorial Game Plan, namely to acquire for themselves all the gold, money and real estate of the world.
● Fourthly, get control of all the nerve centers of power – finances, government, newsmedia, education and other peoples’ religions.
● Fifthly, destroy the best, namely the White Race, by shrinkage and mongrelization, and convert the leaderless brown zombies into docile, servile slaves, willing to work for their Jewish slavemasters.

This may sound like a tall order, an impossible accomplishment, but the stark brutal facts of life are these : the Jews are doing it, and the goal they have been striving for through millenniums is almost theirs, at least it is definitely in sight within a generation. Now, there are certain races that make docile slaves, and there are some who do not. Historically the negroes of Africa have made the most easily manageable slaves. The Arabs have not, the Indians of North America never did. Neither have the Japanese, nor the Chinese. The least conducive of all have been Nature’s Finest – the White Race, who traditionally have been the world’s greatest conquerors and warriors. Although the Jews are now on top of the world, the indomitable determination, resourcefulness and fighting qualities of the White Race pose a serious threat and roadblock to the Jews’ fanatical drive to enslave and dominate all the goyim (read “cattle”) of the world. True, the White Race suffers from a fatal Achilles heel. They want to be fair, they want to give the other fellow an even break, they even want to turn the other cheek and help their enemies. They seem to have no sense of racial cohesion, or racial loyalty. However, there is always a chance that they might wake up as they did in Germany years ago, realize what is happening, organize and turn their wrath on their mortal enemies – the Jews. It is this nightmare that propels the Jews to work ever more feverishly to mongrelize the noble White Race out of existence.

We, the White Race, are now at a critical point in the biological history of our species. The Jew is in a frenzy to mongrelize the White Race within this generation. It is now or never, and the Jews know it. The White Man is finally becoming acutely conscious of what the Jewish conspiracy is doing and that the Jew power is on a worldwide rampage against the White Race. We see stirrings of anti-Jewish resistance in Russia. We see it in Germany, we see it in France, we see it in South Africa, we see it in Sweden and Greece. Although we are not too well known yet, Creativity and its gospel of White Racial Loyalty is attracting more and more attention, because it has a comprehensive game plan for victory and the only true winning formula. We come back to square one. The White Race is not compatible with slavery, it cannot be permanently enslaved, but it can be permanently destroyed, which is what is now happening. Can we reverse the process and save the White Race ? Yes, we can. The most direct step we can take is to repudiate the Federal debt and all other debts that have been laid upon us through the chicanery of the Jewish bankers. If we can “forgive” African debt and Israel an even bigger mountain of money, it makes more sense to “forgive” White Nations debt, a debt that was criminally imposed on them by a gang of Jewish financial manipulators.

How can we do that ? We must get back to basics and build the powerful massive steamroller of a White Racial movement through the same steps as did the Jews thousands of years earlier – through Racial Loyalty, through Racial Religion, through Creativity. Only through these logical steps can we regain control of our own destiny and make our supine congressmen nullify the Federal Reserve Act, cancel the ill-begotten mountains of debt and repudiate the Federal debt. Once we have done that, the Jewish game is over, once and for all. We now need to adopt a more drastic approach. Like Alexander the Great, when presented with the Gordian knot which no one could untangle, he took his trusty sword and with one powerful blow cut through the whole tangled mess and the problem of the Gordian knot was solved. Let us do likewise. Only in Creativity do we have the winning formula to do the job. In order to win we need a complete revision of those values we hold dear. In Creativity we do just that. It is, in fact, a Revolution Of Values, heaving overboard the insane and suicidal Jewish values, dumped on us by Jewish Christianity, and in their place establishing new Racial Values, based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic and Common Sense. Dear White Racial Comrades, join with us now and build the necessary powerhouse with which to destroy Judaism and its adjunct, Jewish Christianity. Let’s kick the Jew out of power and out of White Nations. Let’s do what Roman Senator Cato the Elder did when, at the end of every speech he made in the Roman Senate, he would shout, “Delenda est Carthago!” (Carthage must be destroyed !) It became a battle cry of all Romans, and as a result, the threat of Carthage was totally destroyed, never to rise again. Let us likewise shout “Delenda est Judaica !” until we have destroyed these Jewish financial manipulators, until they too have been expunged from the face of the world.

Delenda est Judaica ! Rahowa !

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