The Debt Swindle

There are two basic points I (Ben Klassen) want to drive home in this article. The first point is that we, the White Race, are being totally enslaved by the JOG. Secondly, nobody can be enslaved unless they willingly cooperate with their slavemasters. Therefore the first step in our liberation is the straightening out of our thinking through a Revolution of Values. Right now, the Jews control the money creating machinery in the U.S. (FED) and all other White countries (Central or Reserve Banks), and it is probably the most powerful and significant weapon of all in the arsenal of the worldwide Jewish Conspiratorial Network that is slowly but surely tightening the noose around the necks of the working White taxpayers of the world. At the heart of this Jewish monster is the Federal Reserve System (FED), which has acquired for itself the powers to print unlimited quantities of money out of thin air and paper, and thereby control the finances of the world and all the accoutrements of power that go with it. (Read again “The Federal Reserve Board – The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World,” C.C. No. 40 in the White Man’s Bible.) Through this power of manufacturing its own money, then lending it out to the government and the people of the world with interest, the Jew-controlled Federal Reserve System has been able to put the working people into a tighter and tighter noose, tightening the vise in which they have us clamped as the mountain of debt grows ominously larger daily. What does all this mean? It means, we, the White working people, who built it all through sheer labour now owe more than all the combined real wealth (real estate, machinery, land, housing, etc.,) in the United States is worth. It means every baby that is now born is already saddled with a debt the day it arrives. By the time that baby is an adult, that debt may be five, ten or twenty times as large. It means we are enslaved in a Jew-created mountain of debt that grows ominously larger by the minute. (Read again “Operation Rip Off,” p. 172 of Rahowa! This Planet is All Ours.)

Now let us stop and think a minute. Debt has two parties : the debtor on the one side and the creditor on the other side. We hear incessantly of the astronomical amounts we owe. But strangely, never a peep as to whom we owe all these trillions, more than all the real combined property is worth. To whom do we owe such huge sums? When you ask the average person that vital question, they act dumb, confused,  ...

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