The Battle For The White Mind

By Ben Klassen


In the field of propaganda, programming, education and enlightenment, certain key rules come into play. The battle in which the White Race is now involved and in fact, is fighting for its very survival, is basically a battle for the mind. Overwhelmingly, it is a battle for the White mind, a mind that is now sorely polluted not only with chemical drugs but psychological mind benders as well.

We are sorely besieged not only with drugs but even more so by a poisonous onslaught of ideas. We are at the mercy of a deadly siege of psychological warfare, yet, the White Race is hardly aware of it. Call it propaganda, mind warping, mind scrambling, programming or whatever you like, the White Race is mostly on the receiving end, practically defenseless and not returning so much as a volley. It is the psychological warfare I want to zero in on in this treatise, and the fact that the main issue of this warfare is racial. In short, we are at the losing end of a psychological war that is being waged against us, the White Race, by our deadly enemies, the dark races in general led by the cunning Jew.

In this field, these master sneaks of all time are the unchallenged experts and have been such from time immemorial. No other race has even come close. They have been overwhelmingly successful and although inferior in numbers and creativity, they now control the human and material resources of the world.

As in every other endeavor there are a number of key ground rules that must be followed that spell success, and certain boo-boos that are just plain dumb that must be avoided. This applies to sport, to business, to education, to politics, or to our subject at hand, propaganda and enlightenment. You have to follow certain ground rules to be effective; you have to avoid known pitfalls or else fail. All this brings us back to our main subject at hand : effective psychological tactics in the racial warfare being aggressively pushed upon us by our enemies – a war we are losing.

I am now going to list some of these basic ground rules that apply to this particular warfare, though some of these apply equally to any type of warfare.

1] Clearly identify your enemy. You can’t fight an abstraction or a ghost.

2] War against enemies can only be successfully waged if it is first preceded by a successful propaganda campaign of contempt for the enemy, implicating them of all the sins and transgressions that can be brought against them. The Jews spent thirty years aggressively conditioning the British people to hate and loathe the Germans before they were ready to fight World War I. After World War I was over they feverishly continued that program of hate and vilification, changing their theme only slightly, from the Kaiser to Hitler as being the villain of the peace.

3] All is “fair” in warfare. Only survival matters. This is stated in a different manner by General Douglas MacArthur who said : “There is no substitute for victory”. But we Creators have even stronger justification for our position, and we go back to fundamentals : The Eternal Laws Of Nature. And Nature says loud and clear : Take care of your own, no holds barred. The bottom line is survival of your own species and Nature ruthlessly punishes those too stupid or too laggard to obey that law with the ultimate punishment : extinction. (For further details on this subject see Creative Credo No. 61, “The Guilt Complex and the Fairness Neurosis – Two Fatal Foibles in the White Man’s Makeup” in The White Man’s Bible.)

4] Organize and polarize your own forces to prepare them for the oncoming (or on going) battle. In order to do so you have to have an entity, a treasure that you love and cherish that you want and must protect from a vicious and loathsome enemy. This entity, too, must be identified and Creativity clearly do so. To us the most precious treasure on the face of the earth is the White Race, and the White Race alone. To it we give our total allegiance, our total loyalty, our total love. We state further that protecting our White gene pool is our highest obligation, and failure to do so is the ultimate crime. This means protecting it not only from threat of extinction, but also, and perhaps even more so, from pollution and contamination. Under no circumstances can we any longer tolerate the enemy sitting arrogantly at the master switch and pumping multiculture into the White Race.

That the above is now becoming a flagrant reality and that the White racial gene pool is being polluted and contaminated, of that there is no doubt. That the White Race is idly sitting by and indifferent about this calamity unfolding before its very eyes, is the unmitigated horror of our times. Creativity is in the forefront of battling this treacherous catastrophe, is committed to exposing it and reversing the tide. In listing the above four points of warfare we have, of course, only listed a few basics but these basics apply directly to the racial and psychological warfare with which we are now counter attacking and intend to wage in the future. We see the main problem in this fight is not so much the strength of the enemy, but the needless and self-imposed weakness of our own White Racial Comrades in the willingness (or unwillingness) in defending themselves. So badly has the White Man’s brain become polluted and scrambled by the enemy’s propaganda, that it seems he can’t, or he won’t think straight. This is our main problem and it is the target of our campaign.

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We are therefore giving the White Man a creed, a program, a religion he can polarize around. It is a highly aggressive racial religion based on honour, on pride, and confidence in our own race. It is a creed that advocates hostility, derision and contempt towards, and for, our enemies. And we do this for good psychological reasons. When we call the enemies of the White Race what they are, we do so not because we are uncouth and uneducated, but exactly for the opposite reasons. We are neither uncouth nor are we uneducated. On the contrary, we take this approach because on the racial issue especially we are far, far better educated than the average yokel, who doesn’t know the difference between Nature’s Finest, and other races.

We want to hammer home to the White Race a few facts that all Nature is fairly screaming at us – and they are these :

1] All men are not equal. On the contrary, there is no equality in Nature.

2] We, the White Race are at the very top of the Racial spectrum.

3] The White Race is unwittingly involved in a racial war of extinction, a war that the enemy is waging savagely and relentlessly, yet the White Race is almost totally unaware of it.

4] In order to save the White Race from uncontested extinction we must rally and polarize the White Race, we must clearly delineate the issues, and clearly identify the enemy. This we have done, over and over.

5] We also want to emphasize that it is not enough to just identify the enemy, but we must also attack, heap accusations and charges against the enemy (all of which are true) and condemn, vilify and heap contempt and derision upon our enemy, just as they are doing to us. We must arouse the emotions on our side and bring forth all the racial instincts with which Nature has endowed us if we are to survive. And we mean for the White Race to survive, at all costs. No price is too high, no road too long.

6] We realize this war involves all aspects, all resources – racial, psychological, economic, physical, mental and above all, a war of semantics. It is the psychological and semantic war that we are particularly focusing on in this examination, and in this respect cliches, slogans and catchwords are of particular importance, as the enemy have amply demonstrated over the centuries.

Just as in George Orwell’s 1984 the Establishment was surreptitiously phasing out certain, memories and events “down the memory hole”, so, too, the Zionist powerhouse is now turning our language and our thinking around and phasing out all that which would preserve the White Man’s heritage and identity. In a short period they have phased out “down the memory hole” of our language a major racial distinction that is vital to the survival of the White Race. Just think of it ! If our White ancestors had not had racial pride, recognized racial identity and practiced racial loyalty and racial segregation you and I would now be a miserable mixed breed as the enemy is viciously determined our future progeny shall be. For the above reasons it behooves us to use terms to distinguish the enemy from Nature’s Finest. Just to bring these words back into common usage by our White Racial Comrades is already a big step forward in fortifying our own ranks, polarizing the White Race and identifying the enemy. We recommend that this consistently be done among our own members and all White Racial Comrades in general.

In this respect we find that although at this time our own membership is still relatively small (but growing) we are having widespread ripple effects, and much of our verbiage, such as the usage of the words are beginning to creep into general usage in papers, magazines and literature of other White Racial groups. So take heart. What we are doing is not happenstance. It is planned, it is deliberate, and it is effective. Not only are we growing but we are influencing and setting the pace of the whole White racial movement. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and neither was the Judeo-Christian movement. Remember, we are planning for eternity, not just the day after tomorrow, and the foundations you are helping to lay are both short term and long term. So get with it. Join our racial religious movement and get involved. Remember the future – your own and that of your progeny depends on the success of what we are now doing – the success of Creativity. To say that this success will mean so much to so many is a gross understatement. Help build a Whiter and Brighter World – a world in which the enemy can no longer be a threat.